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2:00 PM
@OrigamiRobot Oh gods, what nearly eradicated disease is coming back now?
@KevinvanderVelden Intelligence.
@KevinvanderVelden It was actually an article supporting vaccinations from a mother who wasn't vaccinated as a child. I just scrolled down to the comments.
So, not only was the State of Michigan government closed yesterday, but approximately 25%-30% of our office has called in sick today.
@MartinSojka I said coming back, I don't see any evidence of that yet
@OrigamiRobot Save yourself and don't read it.
2:03 PM
@5pike Too late.
@OrigamiRobot This whole counter-vaccination movement is pants on head retarded. Parents who don't vaccinate their children because of it should have their children taken away.
@kalina if you're editing LoL questions, I'd suggest referencing this post so you know which abbreviations to capitalize. Also, champion names should be capitalized.
@5pike Blame Jenny McCarthy.
That tagpro game is pretty fun, stopping for now though :)
</end drama>
2:08 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Same, got our first win :)
@FAE Why are such people allowed to be on TV
@Arperum hehe
Oh, right
League of Legends questions/answers = literally every word being spelt incorrectly or an abbreviation
2:09 PM
@KevinvanderVelden I had one really nice flagrun, tricked the other dude in speeding up and then I suddenly turned.
@kalina I play LoL and thus can decipher what they're saying, but even for me, it was really awful to try to keep up with during the contest.
@Arperum ping ping ping =p
But yeah fun game
It's so cold out today. You people who live in Saskatchewan/Manitoba are insane.
@FAE I've been playing/researching Dota2 a bit recently so they make a lot more sense to me now
@kalina Why are you quoting @GnomeSlice?
2:10 PM
but EUGH
@MechanicalLoon It's warmed up to -28 this morning, though!
@JasonBerkan your definition of warmed up is... broken
@kalina Still hurts the head though.
There are only 18 alots left
@kalina jeah for DotA 2 :D
2:11 PM
out of 197
I don't think that's right.
@JasonBerkan ಠ_ಠ
@OrigamiRobot ... it's 123 celcius AND SNOWING
@kalina Preserve the alot! before it becomes an endangered species!
2:12 PM
It's -15C here today (that's 4F for sane people).
The rest of the world disagrees with you
@MechanicalLoon 11F here :(
Green is Celsius usage
@MechanicalLoon Still warmer than my freezer.
@KevinvanderVelden To be fair, F and C are both equally stupid.
They both have 0 set to something that isn't actually "lack of heat".
2:14 PM
@MechanicalLoon Start using K already!
It's no longer cold until it's colder than Mars
It's only 257K out today. I'm dying of cold.
@Arperum At least C is vaguely sensible. I have no idea what the freezing point of water is in F, therefore no frame of reference at all.
@fredley This.
@fredley that would be 32 degrees
Why? No idea but it is
2:15 PM
0 = freezing (literally). 100 = boiling (literally).
@KevinvanderVelden 32? What a stupid number
Sep 5 '13 at 15:36, by OrigamiRobot
Imperial has a better resolution, which I can appreciate.
@fredley 0 in Fahrenheit is the coldest some guy could make it in his lab at the time. 100 is the body temperature of the normal human (but he misestimated so 100 is actually a fever).
It makes perfect sense.
Sep 5 '13 at 15:39, by OrigamiRobot
in my dream temperature scale, 0 would be freezing and 100 would be a reasonably agreed upon "hot"
@MechanicalLoon So sensible
78F here today
2:16 PM
@OrigamiRobot Resolution is irrelevant, since there are number between the numbers
@EonRustedduPlessis And now in a sensible C?
15.5 is a number
@MechanicalLoon No, it really does not
15.52 is also a number
It's just some arbitrary thing.
2:17 PM
@MechanicalLoon "Well we picked the 0 on the crappy equipment we have and we were wrong about the 100, it's perfectly reasonable, right?"
@fredley 15.52 is a pain in the ass to say out loud, though.
or 14 bananas
So higher resolution is better.
@OrigamiRobot high five
@MechanicalLoon meh, if you need resolution you're going to write it down because you also need certainty
2:17 PM
@MechanicalLoon So is 59.936
@StrixVaria high five
@EonRustedduPlessis How much is that in pineapples?
Q: Understanding last hitting and freezing a lane

CrystalBlueEvery champion is going to be different in the last-hitting department, depending on their auto attack speed and animation, their attack damage, if they're ranged or melee, ect. This much I know. What I don't understand and have a hard time grasping is when I last hit, when I hit a champion, an...

2:19 PM
@KevinvanderVelden :(
@fredley Land of the free - still uses imperial system
@5pike Home of the brave - largest military drone programme
@MechanicalLoon It's -11F here, which is -24C
@Powerlord Yeah, I heard that the ridiculous cold is centered kind of near Wisconsin, which is closer to you.
2:20 PM
This is funny, work has a special time code for yesterday's "snow day"
@KevinvanderVelden lmao
@MechanicalLoon And it stretches all the way to Eastern Canada.
It's way too cold out today here, so I don't want to ever go somewhere colder than this.
@Arperum IDK :3 Im not a Meteorologist. I am a master debater
I don't get the weather of lately. Half of America is freezing to death, Uk is drowning in more rain than usual, spain is having winds like crazy, and Belgium is having a warm winter.
2:22 PM
@Powerlord With the wind it's like -31C here
@Arperum climate change, stuff 's fucked up and shit
It's a pretty dry and warm winter here. I like it
gamesdonequick.com is down :(
@KevinvanderVelden Clearly.
Cape Town had a drizzle yesterday. mid summer. and its a winter rainfall climate here >_>
2:23 PM
@MechanicalLoon For more then an hour now.
@MechanicalLoon go to twitch
@RedRiderX With the wind it's like -33F here. Which is -36C.
@5pike I am at work; just wanted to check the schedule.
(and by "it's like" I mean "I'm quoting the radio weatherman from 20 minutes ago")
@Powerlord Dang
2:23 PM
@MechanicalLoon Ah, Ok. I can tell you what currently runs, if you want to know.
Well the wind is piling the snow up on the windows so that should provide some insulation soon.
@5pike I'm more interested in what's going to be run when I get home from work :P
@RedRiderX Where are you again?
@Arperum it's very endangered right now
@MechanicalLoon Canadia
Afternoon, folks.
2:25 PM
Q: How to have rumble support in Mupen64Plus?

ZommuterSince the native OUYA controllers unfortunately lack force feedback, I'd like to buy either a wired or wireless XBOX360 or PS3 controller (or any other that I can then use on both the OUYA and my PC). But before I waste money on something that costs me my summer vacation to get working (if it's p...

15 mins ago, by Mechanical Loon
It's so cold out today. You people who live in Saskatchewan/Manitoba are insane.
Are you one of those?
@MechanicalLoon I'm not quite that insane no.
@MechanicalLoon Oh, found a cached version of the schedule.
@kalina Poor @Wipqozn, @kalina is murdering all of his family.
Good morning, Bridge
2:26 PM
People outside of Canada think Canada is really freaking cold. People inside Canada think the Prairies are really freaking cold.
@Lazers Avoid the wireless Xbox 360 controllers as they require a special dongle to work on the PC and likely don't work on the Ouya because of it.
@MechanicalLoon Cached schedule
> -27°C
Feels like -35
Also, people actually use the Ouya?
Huh. Was colder the last couple of days.
@5pike Kinda wrong paste there.
@RedRiderX People in the Prairies are like "Hmm nice weather to go for a swim"
@Arperum I know
@RedRiderX I lived in Yellowknife for a winter. That was cold.
@5pike Thanks!
2:27 PM
@JasonBerkan Well the people that live in Northern Canada just aren't even human anymore. :P
@RedRiderX Though the people in Yellowknife, when they found out I was from the prairies, would say - "you'll be OK, then"
@JasonBerkan Heh
@Frank 5 stars doesn't happen much on your morning wish.
@Arperum No, it doesn't.
I guess since @OrigamiRobot isn't here to throw grumpiness everywhere, people are happier.
@Frank Search tells me it's only the third time.
2:29 PM
Crunchyroll's ads are the weirdest thing ever.
@Frank I am here and I am grumpy.
That has nothing to do with your lies.
@OrigamiRobot Well, then I have no idea as to why that got five stars.
So, I see AT&T Wireless has launched a program that does exactly what the Network Neutrality movement was trying to prevent.
For fuck's sake, it's Winter, why is there sun in my face?
@Frank Because people like highlighting your wrongness.
2:32 PM
even users with >10k rep use "alot"
tut tut
It's like when we star GnomeSlice when he says things like "I'm polite"
@kalina they're just doing their job to safe an endangered species! Stop poaching the poor alot!
@OrigamiRobot We also star him when he says things like "I'm an idiot", so that's kinda giving mixed signals.
@FEichinger I didn't say we only star wrongness.
@OrigamiRobot mixed signals
2:34 PM
It's not mixed at all.
It's perfectly consistent.
@OrigamiRobot Your face is mixed.
85 minutes until hometime!
@Arperum same
I'm already at home!
And have no intention of going anywhere else today.
@Frank No fair.
@Frank Yea but you're probably wearing pants anyway because you're a monster.
2:38 PM
@OrigamiRobot I'm wearing pajamas. Does that count?
@kalina and a lot of people use #swag and #yolo. Guess "a lot" is too much to ask for.
@Frank No
So I'm not a monster. Yay!
@Frank "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster."
cc @MonsterHunters
@EonRustedduPlessis alot of people
2:41 PM
@Yuki But that Urugaan armor set is just so comfy!
@Frank You lie about mornings so why should I believe you're not lying about pants?
"And if you gaze long enough into the maw of the Deviljho, he will bite your face off."
@OrigamiRobot Ah, but I don't lie about mornings.
You say they are good when they are not. That's called lying.
@OrigamiRobot You think they are not good. I think they are.
That's not lying, that's a disagreement.
2:43 PM
No, they are objectively not. You're even lying to yourself.
It's sad, really.
You need help.
This is a safe place.
Well, maybe not safe.
But it is certainly a place.
pants are awesome but I think walking around with no pants on is a little uncivilised, you should always have pants on
take your trousers off if you must
@kalina American pants, dear.
but anymore than that is unreasonable
Hmm as I'm watching more of SAO past the ep14 fiasco I'm beginning to question my life choices...
@Frank Does it improve?
@RedRiderX You should drop that try jQuery.
2:45 PM
@RedRiderX Improve in what way?


"alot does not exist"
@EonRustedduPlessis alot does exist
I mean the really weird/creepy love quadrangle thing?
Does it get less weird/creepy?
@EonRustedduPlessis alot lives here
2:46 PM
@EonRustedduPlessis Well, an alot is an imaginary creature, so I guess it doesn't exist, if you're stringent on the definition of existing.
@kalina I have to point it out: any more*
@FEichinger buuuurn
@FEichinger jokes on you, anymore is a word
Seems the war of 2014 started :3 I was taught that "alot" is a misspelling of "a lot"
@EonRustedduPlessis Read my link.
@EonRustedduPlessis You're not getting it, are you?
I need four monitors
four web browsers
four monitors
@kalina I know full well that "anymore" is a word! But it's still wrong in that context.
"General gaming chat room, wherein everything is fireproof and LAZERS are the new fire. **Do not feed the trolls.**"

I was jesting
2:48 PM
@FEichinger your face is wrong in all contexts
@kalina So is yours.
Q: "anymore" vs. "any more"

language hacker any more requests anymore requests Are these two the same? It seems that "any more requests" is grammatically correct while "anymore requests" is not. Am I right? Why are they different?

I am an angel, my face is correct in all contexts
cc @FEichinger
@kalina Oh, screw you. I give up.
2:49 PM
I linked it to both of you...
The only context my face is correct in is my driver's license.
@OrigamiRobot That's like the complete opposite for me. shifty eyes
@OrigamiRobot LIES! Driver license pictures are always incorrect.
@5pike That's not what I said.
user image
2:51 PM
@OrigamiRobot Oh...
@kalina SnowFox has crashed.
This is why you should use reply links.
Don't judge
Oh come on, you should have left it... it was funny.
@kalina Looks edible
2:53 PM
Oh I of all people certainly don't judge when you say "@kalina is edible".
well, she is, but I don't anything that casts a shadow
or he
Dunno. :P
@EonRustedduPlessis You don't what?
> but I don't anything that casts a shadow
@FEichinger And she even didn't mention Angel cake now.
2:54 PM
@3ventic English is hard.
You don't anything.
@FEI The association is getting strong isn't it.
@Arperum No, that image formed in my head completely on its own this time. :P
This page is called "Best Horror Movies of 2013" and the first movie on the list is World War Z. Either this is a terrible list or there were no good horror movies in 2013.
@OrigamiRobot Possibly both.
2:55 PM
@OrigamiRobot Both
In fact, it's very likely it's both.
@FEichinger It keeps forming in my head too, I got rid of the terrible one though.
"@kalina looks edible" is what I read
I'm going to go back to editing LoL questions I think
the damage is already done
It may have been that. :P
well EAT ME then
2:57 PM
@kalina Well you are made of cotton candy.
Feed you to a pack of bunnies
@kalina Granted.
I'd eat @kalina.
I love cotton candy
This conversation is getting weird.
Like more-than-Bridge-default weird.
2:58 PM
@5pike well done. I totally lost it on that one in the office. My boss knows I am chatting now
@5pike Even though I know it's in reverse, that still looks disgusting.

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