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4:00 PM
Namely, it's 2014 in: Christmas Island, New Zealand, small parts of Russia, Norfolk Island, Australia, and Japan.
Oh and China.
Just became 2014 in China, in fact.
Yup, and here too
Happy New Year! I like living in the future from all of you
@PrivatePansy Any Terminators yet?
Has Skynet taken over the future?
Not yet, but I'll keep a loo- MESSAGE TERMINATED
In the future, all restaurants are Taco Bell.
@PrivatePansy Well, at least I have 14 hours to get ready for the upcoming robot apocalypse.
4:06 PM
@Sterno There are no Taco Bells in this country. The last one closed down a few years ago
Therefore, there are no Taco Bells in the future
@PrivatePansy That's the saddest thing I've heard all day.
Q: What exactly is Boost?

Luke ZI'm a relatively new player. I received a message in my Clash of Clans inbox that said this: Boost anything for only one gem! Event lasts until January 7th. What is Boost? I cannot find a Boost option on any of my structures.

> Fallen London's newspapers take pleasure in mocking the radical scientific theories of the day. They frequently publish cartoons on the subject of 'evolution'. 'If your Grandparents were Apes,' they ask the scientists, 'why are your Arms so Short?
@Sterno Curse you, Stallone!
4:22 PM
@badp This is the best thing.
Q: How to transfer recordings from PS4 to PC without going through Facebook?

NolonarI just recorded something fun on my PS4, but the recording is ~11 minutes long and only the last 2 minutes are actually interesting. I decided to edit the video on my PC in order to cut out the first 9 minutes, but it seems the only way to get the recording out of my PS4 is by uploading it to Fa...

Q: Steelseries Apex macros

EvgeniI'm aware this question isn't very fitting for Arqade, but I simply have no other place to ask! I'm looking at the Steelseries Apex keyboard; I'd love to get it since it looks very ergonomic to my typing/gaming style but there is a but. Macros are crucial to me, I could not play most games witho...

Worn out... penis?
@Lazers Would this be better asked on superuser or something?
Well... I can't believe that's my first star of 2014
@PrivatePansy That doesn't bode well for the rest of the year.
4:30 PM
@PrivatePansy I just woke up and you are already in 2014. Stupid date line.
Well, Happy New Year to you, then, @PrivatePansy!
@RavenDreamer It's Yi Jiang, by the way. My last name has two words in it
Or is it first name. Can't ever get these right.
Given name, anyway
Your given name would be your first name in Western cultures. Your family name would be your last name.
Family name always comes first in Chinese, and can have one or (rarely) two characters. Given names are traditionally two characters, but nowadays a lot of people have only one.
This man knows whats up: michael.richter.name/blogs/…
@Assylum Decency linked that about 30 minutes ago.
Yeah, the differences between Western and Eastern cultures can be quite easily expressed just by examining name structure.
Or at least one big difference.
Just call any Chinese by the last two characters of their name and you should be fine
@Assylum @Decency Of course, when the community is less obsessive and more open, you just get people leaving for the opposite reason... the place is too chaotic and not "pure" enough for them. In any community, you're going to have people to not like the form it is taking. This post doesn't discuss anywhere why the "more fun" way is better.
I say this as someone who does think we're too close-happy around here and there's room for some middle ground.
The whole first half of his post I don't really agree with as it applies to Arqade. This is already a site where "expert" at a video game has a much lower threshold than "expert" at something like C#. So complaining that you can get rep by answering trivial questions here would be silly... really, most of our questions are trivial.
And again, he proposes no way to fix that. He just complains he doesn't like the scoring system and offers no suggested improvements.
I don't go for points, to be honest. Sure, the rep is a nice bonus but I ask questions because I want answers and I answer questions because I know other people want answers.
4:47 PM
What did I miss?
Not much.
Hey I just joined here / and this is crazy / but here's an answer / so flag me maybe
@Sterno See Yahoo! Answers.
It's the exact opposite of Stack Exchange, and people hate it for exactly that reason.
I do think the complaint that SE sites become less and less tolerant of newbies over time is a valid one.
@Sterno my point is rather the Petty Children and Creeping Authoritarianism part ;) As well as the part about the "cool kids table"
4:48 PM
@Sterno I agree.
face it, if you are not a cool "The Bridge" Kid on Arqade, then people will hold you down and always disagree with you
@Sterno +1
Going as far as censoring valid opinions.
@Assylum That just isn't true.
@Assylum I read that cool kids table section twice and couldn't figure out what anything in it had to do with a "cool kids table" or popularity. It just seemed like he didn't like the fact that you get rep for answering more popular topics. And again, he has no suggested improvement there.
4:49 PM
I saw it happen more than once that Feichinger or fbueckert just have to come in here, yell "flags please" and in a matter of seconds a comment is gone
@Assylum I'm not certain that is true. The views of people on the Bridge vary widely.
and that is the truth
I upvoted an answer today that was nearly identical to the 4 preceding it, just because it was a newbie who took the time to make a decent post.
@Assylum Was said comment rude?
You can be in denial as much as you like, it is the way it is.
4:50 PM
@Assylum That definitely happens, but it only happens because other people agree it's flagworthy.
@Assylum Uhh... most of time, those comments are genuinely offensive. You don't need to call someone an a--hole or d--kwad to make a valid point.
@Assylum That's because people found the flags valid. It has nothing to do with censoring, but everything to do with content not wanted (or needed) on the site.
You could accurately make the argument that they might say rude things that don't immediately disappear because no one in here is bringing it to everyone else's attention for flags.
A simple "fuck" is not offensive
and if it is to you, then get over it
4:50 PM
In fact, calling someone rude names tends to invalidate your point since you end up looking childish.
@Mana I find your sorrow offensive.
@Wipqozn lol that was you?
First chatflag I see that isn't my own :o
@Mana Nah.
Okay, let's calm down.
4:51 PM
@Assylum It all depends how its delivered. In that sentence, no. If you say "You're a fuck and I hope you die", then yeah, it's offensive.
@Assylum It is not rude. But, there are people who find it so. Unfortunately, you have to moderate to the lowest common denominator.
Context matters.
No, you guys need to get over it when people use a simple cursewords, instead you guys yell blood and murder. Stop this seriously.
If something is offensive, that is subjective
4:52 PM
@Assylum No, that would be pornography.
@sterno Are you one? If not, it's just a bunch of letters strung together to get a response.
@Assylum Yeah, to some people it is.
hey, what's with the mass flagging
10k party in The Bridge!
@Ullallulloo I think that boy bands are offensive. But do I run around and "flag" them?
4:52 PM
Yay, party
@DoorknobofSnow I'm more curious why the number of flags seems to be showing up as "0".
@DavidM Telling people what they are or are not allowed to get offended about is silly.
6 flags :/
@Assylum I consider myself an artist with the word fuck. I get yelled at by my boss for it all the time. But I think it rarely adds to a post here.
And one person who gets easily offended can't alone get anyone banned.
4:53 PM
@OrigamiRobot Well, I guess we do celebrate a New Year with lots of flags and important people
@Wipqozn not for me. idk...
@Assylum You could, but I don't think many people would agree and validate the flags.
ntss ntss ntss ntss ntss ntss ntss ntss ntss
@DoorknobofSnow Must just be me then.
@Assylum Yeah, that would be fine to do if we had auto-playing videos.
But we don't.
4:53 PM
If enough people in the community find it offensive, then you live with the consequences, adjust your behavior to not do the thing they find offensive, or you find a community that agrees with you.
Aaaand he's gone
@Sterno I dunno, people tell me that stuff all the time...
soooo... now I can leave
Huh, what did I miss?
4:54 PM
@FEichinger struts
@FEichinger More ROW ROW FIGHT DAH POWAH drama.
@FEichinger "You guys are wrong for flagging swearing as offensive. I will now prove this by swearing."
@ElfSlice People tell you what they are offended by. I haven't seen them tell you you're not allowed to be offended by something that offended you
@DoorknobofSnow Stick around! We're celebrating the new year with drama
@Sterno No one can tell what to be offended by or not. I can merely suggest that life is a lot easier when you choose not to be offended with small provocation.
4:55 PM
@OrigamiRobot Oh, so ... the usual.
I was wondering why I didn't see his chats... result that he's in my ignore list...
@OrigamiRobot I don't think you should mock their opinion
@PrivatePansy Okay then. :P
@Braiam Same here, hence why I'm asking.
wooooooo 10k party
4:55 PM
So, guys, I can see how calling everyone pussies is flagworthy, but it would be cool if we could actually have a discussion with people who are agitated and see if the situation cools down rather than moving immediately to the chat ban, which will do nothing but make sure the situation gets worse
@Sterno It's happened. It's easy to cry confirmation bias on this one, but I've seen him get upset/offended about something and others told him he was being silly.
@Mana It's not so much mocking the opinion as mocking the way they go about arguing it.
@Assylum in as friendly manner as can be: you should stop taking things too seriously and personally, and stop throwing offensive messages around. You'll accomplish nothing but suspensions that way.
I have Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate now.
@FEichinger well, can we avoid mocking, in general?
4:56 PM
@Sterno chat ban is automatic from flags. You may want to support meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/203346/… :)
@Fluttershy Well in that case I agree with @ElfSlice that it was wrong.
@Ullallulloo If I could star something multiple times, you'd have about a gajillion stars right about now.
@Sterno Maybe in some cases.
@DoorknobofSnow Flags that people have to cast.
mass flagging and now mass starring...
4:57 PM
When you make a meta post saying we shouldn't be allowed to talk about MLP then you're just being ridiculous.
And lots of people joining the chat as a result...... hi all!
@Sterno Yes, but I doubt the flaggers intended the user to be banned.
@Sterno through what you say may be true, he was rude towards the entire room, I was just looking for the context to see if validate the flag but I was like 90% sure that I would "agree" with it.
hello rolfl
@DoorknobofSnow And you get a hat, and you get a hat, and you get a hat, and everybody gets a hat!
4:57 PM
@DoorknobofSnow There is no reason to flag other than hoping to see the message removed and the user banned
@Mana l.m.f.a.o.
@rolfl Heya.
I was the other way around .... I saw the comment, and agreed with the flag, then came here to see 'what's up'?
Oh, that's actually somebody's name
@PrivatePansy I want a hat, too! :(
4:57 PM
@Ullallulloo :o Do you have a WiiU? Or did you get it on 3DS?
@Braiam I just went with "not sure" because I was fairly certain @Sterno was going to post something he should've read. But he got chatbanned before that happened.
Why am I not getting a hat?
@Fluttershy Wii U!
@Ullallulloo Yayyyy!
Got it for Christmas.
4:58 PM
@FEichinger patience young hatawan
@PrivatePansy ... Cheap.
@Sterno I agree.
All starred messages in here are now from 5 minutes ago or less... :P
Q: Minecraft Will Not Launch

user65458I am already running the latest Minecraft version, and when I log in and click play, it goes to the mojang screen as if it is loading, then it goes straight back to the play screen. I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled it and it does the same thing. Does anyone have an idea what's going...

4:59 PM
@DoorknobofSnow Not at my resolution. Liar!
@PrivatePansy I do! But not like that. Not just for ... saying I want a hat!
Sometimes people are just trolling but other times they are legitimately upset by the way they think they're being targeted or unfairly treated and it would be awesome if we could actually put up wiht some initial hostility and actually have a conversation about it with them
@DoorknobofSnow Star list revolutions happen quite regularly on the Bridge. It's like we're SE's France or something.
@OrigamiRobot sorry, using a small screen in an airport waiting for my flight home :P
5:00 PM
Or Russia?
That said, I can't tell you what you can or can't be offended by :P
@Yuki lol :D
More for doing things like linking to the new fire list that starts in a few hours!
@DoorknobofSnow ... .... xD
Stars for everyone, apparently. o_O
5:00 PM
okay really, stop
who's starring everything?!?!
That is pretty.
Is there no star rate-limiting...?
@DoorknobofSnow Only a cap.
Don't worry, there are limited amount of stars. (Or so I've heard)
In The Bridge, the stars flow as freely as the spite.
5:01 PM
Eventually each person will run out of stars.
I thought everything's ratelimited on SE :P
@DoorknobofSnow There isn't, but there is a limit that resets at 0000 UTC
Actually, there is a rate limit too
@DoorknobofSnow A daily limit is still a rate limit.
5:01 PM
But I've only ever hit that when using a script
Unless you star/unstar/star/unstar
a long-term one that doesn't prevent... this kind of stuff XD
@Ullallulloo I don't think @Frank is around to give you access, but, when he is:

 Monster Hunter

All Monster Hunter talk, all the time. Or, just about anythin...
@GraceNote Is that a new avatar? It looks the same, but darker for some reason.
@DoorknobofSnow Oh, this happens regularly. We get used to it.
5:02 PM
@Sterno I agree, but at the same time I'm not going to knock someone too much for thinking that if you want to discuss something you need to do it in a civil manner. No exceptions.
@PrivatePansy I already had a few stars earlier :P
@OrigamiRobot No, same image. I have plans to change but I haven't yet because I haven't found a suitable site.
@Fluttershy I usually tell when @Frank is on by looking on the star list for "Good morning, Bridge", but the star list has been fairly tumultuous so it's not a good tell anymore.
Room Owners might want to suppress this revolution some.
@Yuki He as on earlier today.
5:03 PM
@Assylum Sure, if you truly find mentions of boy bands offensive, you can flag them. But unless enough people agree with you that it's offensive, no action will be taken.
@Ullallulloo there's no point clearing stars during mass starring until some time has passed.
@Sterno Given this user's track record, I'd say the quicker everybody ignores him the faster we can actually have a productive conversation
@Ullallulloo How would you propose doing that in an effective manner?
@Sterno I don't know.
@PrivatePansy I disagree, and I think that attitude is exactly what causes a lot of disgruntled users here to go nuclear.
5:04 PM
@Sterno It's just like driving. If someone is tailgating you because they think you're going too slow, you're not "showing them who's boss" by slowing down. You're just making them madder.
@Sterno Pun intended?'
No pun ever intended.
@Sterno He has literally done nothing but complain in this chatroom, and in the comments section on the site. He does not listen to anything said to him. He has not said anything constructive, other than to threaten to delete his account.
@Sterno Just let them pass and you don't have to deal with them anymore. Problem solved!
5:05 PM
@OrigamiRobot I do it. Then I speed up when they try to pass me. People tailgating piss me off. <_< It'll probably get me shot one day.
17 secs ago, by OrigamiRobot
@Sterno Just let them pass and you don't have to deal with them anymore. Problem solved!
No, wait, he has threatened to disrupt the site by posting spam
Not sure about the delete account part
@PrivatePansy Not true. He has left useful questions and answers.
Oh hey is there a star party going on or something?
@OrigamiRobot I like to share the anger with them by making them as angry as me! :D
5:06 PM
Is this because of that hat?
@RedRiderX You're late.
@3ventic But we give him a star anyway. Because HAT.
2 hours ago, by Sterno
Ultimately, this is a job for mods and not standard users, IMO
@3ventic I'm always late
@Fluttershy So your solution is to make a more dangerous driving situation for everyone?
5:06 PM
@OrigamiRobot For her, it's more the "We're in traffic on the interstate and in the left lane and people in the right keep trying to cut in front of us instead of waiting their turn, so I'm going to ride super dangerously close to the guy in front of me and show them what's what!"
Unless I'm so late that I'm early.
Huh. That image is bigger than Google said it would be.
@OrigamiRobot For everyone? No. For that guy who's being a dick and riding my bumper with his high-beams on? Yes.
@Yuki Is that alot of pink?
5:07 PM
@Yuki It got me a star didn't it? ;)
@OrigamiRobot I think it's a pretty common opinion that driving slower is safer
@Sterno Nah, it's an alot of slow.
Hat achieved.
@Fluttershy When you make someone mad while driving, you are making the situation more dangerous for everyone
@RedRiderX \o/
5:08 PM
@3ventic ^^
I've just taken a peek at the transcript, and if I may: I don't think I've said "flag this" in ages. I link to the comments, and complain about them, but I don't tell anyone to flag it.
Great. Now I have a fake hat, because it is a hell of a long time until 2014.
@FEichinger It happens and I don't even think it's inappropriate to do so.
Just like we link things we think should be closed/deleted/reopened/upvoted in here
@Sterno I agree that it happens, but I don't like being called out for something I don't even do.
@JasonBerkan It's your fault for living in the past
5:09 PM
I don't think any "flag this" comments have ever been for something that wasn't egregiously wrong.
@JasonBerkan Flag this (also I agree)
@Sterno We tend to lean towards the former two with very little occurrences of the latter two.
@Wipqozn Ooh. Turtle burn.
@Yuki The last two are definitely less frequent.
@Yuki Because "upvote this" usually implies "GIVE REP!!!"
5:09 PM
The upvote one is usually reserved for excellent answers by new users
And "reopen this" can't really happen when most questions are deleted within hours.
I see Wikipedia is obnoxiously seeking money again. <_<
Seriously though, I think @PrivatePansy and @Sterno are both right. We should just ignore asslyum, and let the mods deal with it.
@Fluttershy Again? They never stopped.
@Fluttershy I like how that's getting worse every time.
5:10 PM
@Yuki I haven't been on Wikipedia in a while. :P
It started with a simple "Hey, we could use some donations." Now it's "DUDE, GIVE US MONEY. WE NEED MONEY. HEY, SEE THIS? MONEY! ALL THE MONEY! WE NEED MONEY. HELP US. WE NEED MORE!"
Oct 2 at 21:29, by Sterno
New user, good first answer deserving of upvotes: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/a/133023/3062
Q: Re-doing a MVM mission on Mann Up mode

Vishwa IyerLet's say for example, that's I'm on my second tour of MVM for the Mecha Engine Tour. If I completed the first 2 missions for the tour, and I used 2 TOD tickets, and I play the first mission again, will I use up a TOD ticket if I play the mission on Mann Up?

@Sterno Oooooh!
5:13 PM
Now I can just link to that meta instead of talking. Yay
Oh you get a hat for getting starred today
@Fluttershy I think it's been going on for well over a month.
Two months.
I'm not sure if I like the fact that Outlook.com is rendering emoji characters inside the title
It's turning them into <img> tags, which I find rather odd
Presumably to compensate for certain operating system lacking said emoji, but why is it blue, and so much bigger than the surrounding text?
5:16 PM
@Yuki the white border is weird
@3ventic It looks like it's a sticker.
@3ventic It's supposed to be a sticker. First image I could find that wasn't weird.
> tumblr_static___sticker_375x360.png
Stickers look weird.
Tonight I get to try out Eldritch Horror (board game)
Anyone play it yet?
5:18 PM
@3ventic Yeah, but so does Nigel Thornberry's face on various other characters, some of which end up just downright disturbing.
@Sterno It sounds like it would involve a lot of fhtagn.
I miss @gnomeslice.
Q: Minecraft - How can I download the 1.6.4 "minecraft_server.JAR" for Minecraft?

MorphinGamingSo im a youtuber and im thinking of making a modded series with my friend. Ive went to the Minecraft website to download it, but they dont have it. So I then searched in google "How can I get an earlier version of the minecraft_server.JAR" I saw McNostalgia or how ever its spelled {sorry} and I a...

@PrivatePansy Aww it doesn't fit. :(
@Sterno I heard he flew off to the North Pole to help Santa, but will be back shortly
Kind of like every hat but still.
5:22 PM
@PrivatePansy Bit late for helping Santa, I think...
@Yuki Shhhh, don't tell him.
in RPG General Chat, 15 mins ago, by MadMAxJr
"I find having the gun on the table by the DM screen helps."
Good times, good times...
@RedRiderX Thank you for showing me this gem:
user image
@Yuki He only has like 359 days to make presents for 7 billion people.
He has to make presents for like 20 million people daily.
@Ullallulloo As if everyone gets a present from Santa - I sure don't. :(
5:31 PM
important question to you arqadioneers
@JasonBerkan Coal mining's still hard.
if we have a question a "does something work like x"
@Ullallulloo Or you could just buy charcoal.
@Ullallulloo Especially at the North Pole, with all that ice and water everywhere.
and an answer b , but this answer is based on a bug ingame
is b the right answer
5:32 PM
@Wandang I don't know what you're talking about. I'm a Bridge Bunny.
They're a pair (or trio) of young, attractive twentysomething women
@Wandang That is possibly the worst demonym for people from this site I've ever heard
@Wandang Probably say that b is how it works, but mention that it's a bug and that it's intended to work like c.
@PrivatePansy so i am keeping my standard
@Ullallulloo well i stated that in a comment to answer b. the creator did not change his answer accordingly
so i should create a new one with all perspectives?
@Wandang I guess.
5:35 PM
@Ullallulloo k thank you sir
@Wandang When editing doesn't work, just submit your own answer and hope for the best.
@Yuki oh i forgot about editing i am dumb
Take care when editing though. Your suggestion seems like it might be a radical change.
It would therefore be rejected, no matter how accurate.
wait what
if an answer is changed to much suggestions will be rejected because it differs from the original owners opinion too much?
@Wandang You shouldn't edit for correctness.
5:37 PM
so it is encouraged to give another answer
you should leave a comment if an answer contains an error, or post your own answer.
so why should we edit then. for grammar?
@Wandang Grammar and formatting mostly.
seems like i am still an SE noob
Why the heck do I have @wandang on ignore?
And how do I get him off ignore?
There we go. Fixed!
5:39 PM
@Sterno Click on his tiny picture.
I blame the mobile interface somehow
On old answers, it is appropriate to edit them if a game mechanic has changed (i.e. if the answer was correct at the time of writing).
@Sterno it is ok to be honest
Answers are essentially opinions on questions. Whether the opinion is correct or not is determined by everyone else, but changing someone else's opinion through an edit is a big no-no.
Q: How to get to Courcle from Filia in mabinogi?

kookman98I'm coming from Filia so I can't tak the raft. I also have no bird, so I can't fly. What do I do?

5:39 PM
@Wandang Then I can honestly tell you I don't even know you well enough to have intentionally ignored you.
@Sterno When in doubt, f--k mobile chat.
I'd remember if you annoyed me!
@Sterno then i did not well enough
if there is a highscore how many ppl have me on ignore
Lunch time! And I didn't forget today!
i might alrdy won that
5:40 PM
@Sterno I didn't even realize you knew how to use the ignore button.
@Wipqozn This is why I'm blaming the mobile interface
Nov 10 at 11:48, by Sterno
People need to learn to use the ignore button.
@Yuki i need to think about this now, thx:
@Yuki Did I?
5:41 PM
@RedRiderX Scroll up a bit on that RPG chat transcript.
@Yuki Oh right, that
Like I said, good times.
so guys
thank you very much for giving me an instant feedback
wish you all the best for next year. see you, cheers
All right, what to eat for lunch? My options are: burgers, burgers, more burgers, and Mexican food (which is inevitably just taco burgers).
@Yuki Taco... burgers?
I think they're doing Mexican wrong.
@JasonBerkan You don't want to know about the culinary shenanigans they get up to in Houston.
5:44 PM
@RedRiderX That's just a flavoured burger.
@JasonBerkan Apparently.
But it's taco flavoured.
So it's different.
Replace the taco seasoning with Worcestershire, and that's pretty much exactly how I make my burgers.
Is there a time limit for self deleting a comment?
5:49 PM
@MBraedley Comments? Nope.
Not even a votelimit, I believe.
There we go, just took a minute or something.
I think questions with answer are the only thing on the site with restrictions as far as self-deletion goes.
The iPad is doing some stupid caching stuff. Even though I'm on wifi.
Q: Is there a way to remove custom designs from the ground?

Shadow ZorgonWhile I was half asleep, I had the brilliant idea to make some fancy roads with QR code paths and paste them on the ground. Now, being awake, I realized that I really messed up. After messing around a bit, I noticed that there was no visible way to remove them. Is there a way to remove them?

Q: Service for finding players and planning online game sessions?

TimI would like a good list of services for planning online gaming sessions. So far I have not even found one good service for this. Best would be if it could integrate with social accounts out there like Facebook, Google Plus Xbox Live and anything else alike. Especially I need this service for ga...

Q: Can you use single characters in the Toy Box, even if you don't have the correct play set?

Jason BerkanIf I purchase a single character when I don't own the play set that character belongs to (for example, if I purchase Francesco but not the Cars 2 play set), can I use that character in the Toy Box? Or are you forced to always purchase the Play Set first, before any of the single characters?

@JasonBerkan You apparently eat Worcestershire burgers then.
5:54 PM
@Lazers I totally bought it for my kids. Stop judging me!
@JasonBerkan trying so hard not to judge
@JasonBerkan Kids is great excuse for anything.
but failing
@Sterno All you need is a piece of paper and your bank account number.
And a signature.
@JasonBerkan routing number too, I think
Sort of saw that coming a mile away
And it's spelled cheque.
in place of the signature, anyway
5:58 PM
Interplay even had GOG give them away for a while.
@RedRiderX That would explain why they gave them away free.
@JasonBerkan Indeed

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