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1:00 PM
Awwww my sides. I think I busted my guts laughing
@PrivatePansy i haven't drunk that "Grottenbier", it translates to "Cavebeer" can't say anything else.
@badp What is this I don't even
I seem to have lost the ability to even
1:15 PM
@PrivatePansy After looking a bit around I found that it is kind of the same as "WestVleteren" beer, which is said to be really good. Specially the "abt 12" variation.
I have no idea what any of the words on the label means, because I don't speak Europe
@badp I don't get the depressing ending one
@PrivatePansy It's all in Dutch.
But I thought the beer was Belgian
1:21 PM
@PrivatePansy Half of Belgium speaks Dutch, the other half speaks French, and then there are a couple communities that speak German...
Yeah 1 more hat!
I've got like... 8 now.
St. Bernardus is a brewery founded in 1946 in Watou in Belgium. History In the late 19th century anti-clericalism in France forced the move of the Catsberg Abbey Community to the village of Watou in West Flanders, Belgium. The “Refuge Notre Dame de St.Bernard” was established, originally as a cheese production that financed Abbey activities. In the 1934 it was decided to close the Belgian annex and return all monastic activities to France. Evarist Deconinck took over the cheese factory and built a first building at the Trappistenweg in Watou where the cheese was further developed and co...
Sounds cool. I'll see if I can get a bottle
It's basically the same recipe used as a type of beer that can only be bought by 6 bottles per buyer, and that requires the buyer to basically go to the midnight sale.
The only difference is that they use a different source of water and yeast. Which causes a slightly different taste.
(there is no midnight sale, but the principle of "sold out before the end of the line of waiting buyers is gone" is the same.
Q: What are the tickets for?

Mechanical LoonOccasionally I get an email with gold or silver tickets attached. The game shows me in the top right how many of each kind I've collected. I must have missed when the game explained what they are useful for, however. What can I do with all these tickets I'm getting?

1:34 PM
1:48 PM
Unless you tell us what error message you get, what type of NAT and router you have, how your network is set up and if your friends forwarded the ports or not, we cannot help you. With 1527 Karma you should know how to ask for help. — Assylum Dec 21 at 6:24
Good morning, Bridge
AC:NL looks amazing tonight
2:03 PM
@3ventic I think it's the high chaos ending? I haven't actually played that game.
@PrivatePansy spoiler alert!!!!
@Frank Good morning sir.
post a starred message in chat on New Year's Day
This is an interesting definition of "New Year's Day"
Well, that's pretty much guaranteed with an RB link
They gave me the christmas day hat on the 23rd. SE is silly.
@badp First? FIRST!
2:06 PM
@PrivatePansy Firster
@badp Firstest
@PrivatePansy Firsterest
@badp Star this for SCIENCE.
That had should only be given to one person.
@Sterno If you bought the domain www.stackxechange.com I bet you could easily trick people into clcking RB links.
2:08 PM
@Wipqozn Buying domains for RB trolling is @fredley's thing. I don't want to take it from him. It's all he has.
If you have 200 of them, you get a free copy of Half Life 3. Gold has 4 letters, silver 6, 6-4=2+1=3. HL3 confirmed. — Assylum 1 min ago
I hate this guy.
@PrivatePansy I wonder how many people are going to livestream that countdown to celebrate the new year with their social media followers, rather than their families and friends and loved ones.
@badp It's... well, it's rather hard to livestream a 3DS game
@Sterno You're such a good guy.
@MechanicalLoon Soup is the worst in that game.
2:09 PM
@Sterno Ugh soup.
Soup is fantastic. It's so delicious.
It's so much money though.
Chicken, Fish, Salad, and Steak ftw
@MechanicalLoon Yeah, I'm not too fond of him either.
@PrivatePansy It's doable I guess, or let's plays of 3DS games wouldn't be possible
maybe with sufficiently shitty quality
2:10 PM
I think that's the first non-hostile comment I've seen him make on the site. Including chat messages.
@Wipqozn I guess hostile -> worthless is an upgrade?
@MechanicalLoon shows you the way into the secret clubhouse of those-who-hate-specific-persons
@MechanicalLoon Slightly.
21 hours ago, by Sterno
Discussing which users may or may not be jerks is probably not productive in here.
@Sterno no one said he was a jerk.
I am technically correct, the best kind of correct.
2:15 PM
@Wipqozn You're not @kalina.
@FEichinger I didn't realize kalina had ownership on a really old joke.
@Wipqozn She doesn't, but she's the only one who actually "wins" arguments that way.
... Hello to you, too, @GraceNote o.ô
She doesn't win. We just let her think she did so that she stays at a manageable level of grumpiness.
2:18 PM
@Sterno I didn't say win, I said "win".
Very well.
Anyone have snowglobe card #2 they'd be willing to trade me?
Lemme check...
HamStare @Sterno
@Sterno ಠ_ಠ
Maybe you could look at my inventory for me, because I sure as hell can't see it
@RavenDreamer Ah yes, I have extra #2s
2:21 PM
@PrivatePansy Wonderful. I have extras as well.
#7, #9 and #10 are welcome, but anything is fine
@PrivatePansy Are you in the arqade group?
In fact, I have a #10
ALso, I've been wondering how long it would take for the mod-rec debate to resurface:
Q: The community is closing "mod rec" questions?

agent86We had a discussion not too long ago about questions that ask for mods as a solution to a problem: Is "mod rec" really an umbrella category that we want to use? Or is it confusing the situation? Closed 'mod recommendation' Skyrim question - Can this question be improved and then reopened? Comm...

2:24 PM
@PrivatePansy Who am I looking for in the list?
I got spare 1, 6, 7 and 9
need 3, 5 and 8
How were those being sold on the 10th?
@PrivatePansy Friend invite sent.
@Sterno I think they started dropping from badge crafting before the sale actually started
2:25 PM
@Sterno Beta maybe?
I miss you, December 19th. You were a good day for card sales
@Sterno Badge crafting dropped cards quite a couple of days ahead of the actual sale.
@PrivatePansy Soon as you accept, we can initiate a trade.
There. The invite wasn't showing up on the friends list, but I guessed who you were on the members list
2:29 PM
I, at least, am at the top of the list, since I'm a group admin. :D
Steam's trading interface seems pointlessly complex
Thanks, Mr. Jiang!
And yes. Yes it does.
@PrivatePansy it seems pretty simple to me
your  | what you give
stuff |-----------------
here  | what you get
...and it's much better than their first iteration
So many people got scammed by/while trying to trade more than 4 items at once.
...and then 8 items
...and then the amount of items they wanted with the right icons but the wrong qualities
etc. etc. etc.
it's not clear to me why this is a dupe:
Q: What do houses require to advance?

Pvt. GrichmannI seem to be missing something about how the house upgrading system works. I seem to have fulfilled all the obvious requirements: both population classes' needs are fulfilled to 100%, both classes are at their maximum current capacity and happy enough to keep moving in. The warehouses have enough...

Can anyone familiar with that game clue me in?
2:43 PM
@FEichinger 1) It received close votes after it's latest revision. 2) Even by revision 2, it did not seem identical
Or I'm missing the point you're trying to make by linking the revision page
The early revisions definitely make it look, on the surface, like pretty much the same problem.
Is "upgrade a house" synonymous with "advance lab assistants to researchers" in that game?
@Sterno Yes. ... apparently.
OKay, so let me get this straight. I get banned for saying my opinion, but people can insult me in here while I am not around without any consequence? You guys are a bunch of hypocrites. Just sayin. [insults removed] and now you can ban me again. I don't care. But the harrasement on this site is awful.
For that particular situation, at least. (Lab Assistance -> Researchers)
Not for all house upgrades, obviously - but again: that was added in a later revision than the original close votes, so I get where they're coming from.
2:52 PM
@Assylum You can flag the comments you find offensive.
1 min ago, by FEichinger
Not for all house upgrades, obviously - but again: that was added in a later revision than the original close votes, so I get where they're coming from.
And I agree that people need to stop insulting others in here.
Do you really think that flagging him is the best possible course of action, guys?
...what happened?
@Assylum Flag as offensive, or flag for moderator attention if it is a more complex case. Insults are generally not tolerated
@GraceNote Assylum left some comments that people in chat didn't like, and we did what we do in here too frequently, which is basically slam him for them.
2:54 PM
I did just edit out your general insult in this case because I didn't want to remove the entire post.
@Sterno Link?
@Sterno Okay, I'm sorry but that's not really what happened. The only statement made which I think was out of line was the initial one by strix which was just "I hate this guy"
@Wipqozn You are probably right. I'm confusing yesterday's incident with a different user.
Either way, it's something we do too frequently here, specific user aside
Making obervations like "This is the first non-hostile comment I've seen by him" is hardly insulting the user.
Yes, but you can't confuse discussing a problematic user with insulting a user.
2:56 PM
@Wipqozn Actually, I can. There's a pretty fine line.
@JeffreyLin Why, hello there, people finally realising what we've been saying for years.
Unless something constructive is coming out of it, it's just bitching.
Discussing a problematic user usually does tend to get intertwined with insults, it's true.
Either way, it makes us all look like jerks.
@Sterno And I don't see anything wrong with "just bitching". We discuss problems in here all the time.
2:57 PM
@FEichinger I always knew this.
It's how we go about it that is problematic.
@Wipqozn I can probably agree with that.
50 mins ago, by Mechanical Loon
If you have 200 of them, you get a free copy of Half Life 3. Gold has 4 letters, silver 6, 6-4=2+1=3. HL3 confirmed. — Assylum 1 min ago
Looking back now, my "I'm not too fond of him either" would have been better left unsaid, and strix may have been able to use a better statement then "worthless", but my noticing his hostile actions and strix pointing out a trend in his comments isn't a bad thing.
Oh. I wasn't confused. It was comments about the same user yesterday.
Part of how we notice problematic users is discussing them.
3:00 PM
The way you guys went about it was bad though.
@GraceNote Parts of it, sure.
That's really the end of it there.
I guess my issue is that there's very little for us to do about what we might rightfully or wrongfully consider "problematic users", so discussing them is usually not productive. It seems most productive when it's of the "Help me get flags for this really terrible comment" nature, and least productive when it's "look at this stupid thing this guy said" nature
Like I said, the two opening comments weren't constructive at all.
It doesn't matter how much right was done in the exchange. What matters is there did exist wrong.
This isn't a matter of whether the right outweighs the wrong, the wrong still happened.
3:02 PM
@GraceNote Sure, but the wrong doesn't automatically outweigh the right.
Just because it's there.
I just said this isn't a matter of outweighing.
It isn't important whether one was more present than the other. Was good there? Yes. Let's do more of good. Was bad there? Yes. Let's do less of bad.
You even acknowledge there is bad. So rather than try to justify the bad, we work to do less bad.
We don't need to justify bad if we can avoid doing it in the first place.
@GraceNote I wasn't intending to justify the bad.
Does anyone have a snowglobe card number #3 or #10 spare? I can give 3 #1's and a #8 for them.
Honestly, I'm just being defensive. I just got pissed off because reasons.
Best to step and take a breather then.
3:06 PM
@Arperum You could probably sell those 4, buy the two you need, and have money left over
@Sterno I actually had a half mind of mod messagging him because I already cleaned up a bunch of comments of his
@GraceNote Get out of here with your logical advice.
either through deletion or editing
@badp I think you should.
but now I can't because I'm leaving because New Year's Eve.
3:07 PM
@Wipqozn Logic is why I am here. I am an endless barrel of logic.
I'll be in Chiesa In Valmalenco and stuff, so should there be no internets there
@badp I meant that immediately slapping an angry guy with a somewhat valid complaint with a chat ban (which has the side effect of shutting him up) was probably not the best way to cool down the situation.
here's to an even better 2014 than 2013 was!
He does have a trend of hostile comments, trying to curve that off now instead of later is a good idea. Before this results in another super drama user situation.
Ultimately, this is a job for mods and not standard users, IMO
3:08 PM
@Sterno I agree.
So I'll be quiet.
Forever (not really)
In other news, I'm working outsome working son this mod-rec thing.
Working on a post. Trying to actually formulate my thoughts on it.
I'm going to quote one of LessPops awesome posts and everything.
@badp I'll toast to that!
@Wipqozn That's good, because he doesn't do that much anymore. Step up and fill that void!
Because I don't think Mod rec is a situation of "ban ALL the questions!" or even "never ever ban tehm". It's a lot more muddy than that. We can't really come up with any hard and fast rules. It's something we'll need to deal with on a case by case basis.
I still need to figure out a New Year's Resolution
@Sterno My New Year's Resolution: not to make a New Year's Resolution.
3:12 PM
I've never been able to come up with the why before, but I've been thinking more about it and I tihnk I might be able to form some coherent thoughts about it.
@RedRiderX laaaaame. And failed.
@Sterno No I... wait...
Maybe my resolution will be to downvote everything @Wipqozn ever posts.
But if he makes more than 40 posts in a day, he could break my resolution. I don't want to give him that kind of power.
3:13 PM
Your resolution would need to be not to keep your resolution to make the paradox.
one of the things I've been thinking is that mod-rec can sometimes fall under this:
Q: "Can I do X" questions

bwarnerThis question seems problematic to me. Not because of it makes the site look immature (though I think it does), but because it seems to be a class of questions that causes some problems. The basic formula is to think of something that would be "cool" to do in a game, find a game that is very ...

A "Can I do X" question which is closed can't be magically fixed if switched over to "Is there a mod that does X?".
So I think this applies to it as well, and has some similar problems.
Which itself ties into "Is there an actual problem to be solved?"
@Arperum I think I have a 3
Looking at the questions agent linked:
Q: Is there a mod that lets your kerbals move inside of their pod

jeremyIs there is a mod that lets my kerbals move inside the Lander-can, Hitchhiker, or Command pod? Thank you very much.

I think the question of why he wants to move around is important information we need.
@ElfSlice Too late :) I followed @Sterno's advice and now have 10 cent leftover.
3:17 PM
Not going to say one way or the other if that should be closed or not, but I do think it represents the kind of situation I'm talking about.
A: Can I use PC controllers with my XBox 360?

Togapenis is da best answer just try the penis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

flags for everyone!
Just because you want to do something in a game doesn't mean a question asking for a mod for that thing is automatically on-topic.
@kalina NO U
so grumpy
3:19 PM
.... xD
A: Do the starting abilities actually do anything?


And I do think Billy had a point with some mods just being shopping rec in disguise. Asking for a mod which converts Oblivion to an RTS isn't the kind of question we should be answering.
The dancing numbers in the Google Doodle are somewhat hypnotic.
do not star this message
3:19 PM
I just spent five minutes staring at them.
So expect a lengthy post from me at sometime in the nearish future once I've worked some of this stuff out more.
~~ Neariiiisssshh Fuuuuutuuuurrrrreeee ~~~
@kalina Your message is in a star sandwich.
@kalina AND A HAPPY CHRISTMAS! wait...
@Sterno at least people were obedient and didn't star it
I am impressed
Your reverse psychology won't work in here!
3:21 PM
no psychology going on here
If I really wanted a star I could just mention something like how I have spent the morning so full of meat
and that now that I'm walking wobbly I'm going to spend the afternoon filling myself with alcohol
I approve of this plan.
Alcohol is wonderful.
you are an alcoholic
Am not.
are too
I am a connoisseur of alcoholic beverages.
3:23 PM
that's just a fancy way of saying you're an alcoholic
I consume them in wide varieties, but relatively low quantities.
Q: How to set a command block with a command inside using the setblock command

UserDoes someone know how to set a command block with a command inside using the setblock command? I have created this code /setblock <x> <y> <z> command_block {TileEntityData:{Command:"testfor @p[_=1]"}} but it doesn't works. Do someone know how to do that?

Relative to whom?
tonight I am consuming large quantities of whatever is fed to me
Relative to most people.
@Kalina I call this plan "white person in a Korean restaurant" it worked well for me last night.
3:28 PM
My god, so much trouble just trying modify 3 lines of code.
And it's not even a radical change.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I call this plan "kalina wasted and dribbling on herself at 2am"
statistically it doesn't end very well
Oh hey, new hat.
Kinda early though.
Like 14 and a half hours too early...
@kalina If you know it doesn't end very well, maybe you shouldn't do so?
@Arperum I will just play the peer pressure card, like always
Silly @Arperum. Since when have bad consequences ever deterred @kalina?
3:31 PM
@Yuki The first hat, and other time related hats are achievable the second one spot off the earth fullfills the time requirement.
@kalina peer pressure is overrated. Just don't follow into it.
@Arperum So I could have gotten this hat five hours ago?
@Arperum C'mon, follow peer pressure. All your friends are doing it . . .
@Yuki 3 1/2
@Yuki I think so. At least a couple hours ago.
3:32 PM
@kalina LIES. I don't.
> Insert Giant
> Multilined Message
> So Everyone
> Can See
> My New
> Hat
It's surprisingly tiny.
@LessPop_MoreFizz @kalina Definition of alcoholic - Someone you don't like who drinks more than you do . . .
@Yuki I want's it too :(
3:34 PM
@Arperum There, you should be good.
@RonanForman Ugh it's the wrong time of day to think of logical jokes. :P
@RedRiderX Mid afternoon is the best time.
@Yuki I will see how a terrible fit it is once I get back from my new years eve party thing.
My new years resolution is going to be to eat bacon at least once a week
@RonanForman Like I said wrong time. :P
3:35 PM
@kalina Mmmmmmmmmmm Bacon
Let me suggest bacon wrapped dates stuffed with Reggiano Parmigiana . . .
let me suggest NO
@David but @kalina likes me. Therefore, I am not an alcoholic. QED.
who said that I like you?
@Yuki It's sweet, salty, smoky and meaty. It's awesome!
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm not here to referee. Just to provide a list of the rules.
3:41 PM
@DavidM Well, considering that NO isn't solid above -263 degrees Fahrenheit, it'd be kinda tough to wrap it in bacon and eat it, thus the weird suggestion.
@DavidM I don't drink at all, so I guess that means you're all alcoholics.
@Yuki Just got it after my comment. LOL
@Wipqozn So you don't like anyone? Even me?
I was up late last night . . .
@Wipqozn I don't really drink at all, either. So, HELLZ YEAH!
@OrigamiRobot well, yeah, you're the obvious exception, but I didn't want to single you out!
3:43 PM
@OrigamiRob, @wipqozn is a misanthrope.
I'm a lycanthrope.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Well, @OrigamiRobot isn't a (hu)man, so that explains things.
@Yuki Bacon is imbued with so many magical properties, it likely could make NO a solid at room temp . . . But, I'm just guessing. Haven't been to cooking school or Chem class in a long time.
@Wipqozn I am excempt from the hate! Yay!
@Arperum Now you're the focus of all my hate.
3:46 PM
@Arperum Don't worry, it doesn't take up too much of your free time. A weekend a month, max.
@Wipqozn Hate more. My house should be warmed by your hate.
@Wipqozn Feel the power flow within you . . .
Aha! My hat is bigger than all my villagers'! I win!
ok, I already have the 2014 hat now, you don't need to avoid starring me anymore
also I am now pretty much AFK until some time next year
so... merry new year
Also, Isabelle has given me this cup of sparkling wine... which I just finished
Ah well, better to get drunk before the new year than after
3:49 PM
@PrivatePansy She's trying to liquor you up so she can throw you in the ocean and take over the town.
I thought its never ending, which would be awesome
Mildly disconcerting to see my new year's party hat clipping through the parasol
The 2014 hat should not be given out in 2013.
@Decency The Internets are serious business
3:59 PM
@Sterno It's 2014 somewhere.

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