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12:00 AM
@badp Hey, it was a family photo!
Sort of
@badp Have you played Super Hexagon?
Year before:
@qwertie What little's left of my sanity demands I do not play it
Also an awkward phase...
@RedRiderX Life's hard for shape shifters. Life's hard and no one understands.
12:04 AM
@badp So true.
It was also hard to get that photo, so many people wandered into the shot:
btw if there's something obviously wrong in that photo I'm missing it
I don't even know what this guy's deal was:
also here is one from a few years back:
A possibly even more awkward phase...
so what is wrong with the original photo?
@badp You mean besides the awkward?
@RedRiderX Why is it awkward?
12:09 AM
Hngggh it's a strange positioning and even stranger expressions for some of them.
Q: Can two users play on a Minecraft server using the same account?

Steven HI bought a Minecraft account for my little brother for Christmas, and I'd like to play with him on my server every now and then. If I log in while he's on, however, it kicks him off since we have the same username. Is there any way to change my username so that I can play with him, or anything I ...

@RedRiderX and this was what the photographer finally gave us.
@RedRiderX I dunno, it seemed a little bit awkward but not so awkward to unleash 4chan on it.
@badp Oh well
that's the internet
Should I get euro truck simulator?
12:13 AM
an internet without photos of me
@badp Yes for that I am also thankful.
I find some very small piece of mind in knowing how many photos of myself are on the internet
@RedRiderX a brain droplet?
@badp Eeeh about that
@qwertie tried the free demo?
12:16 AM
@badp no
The game is though
@qwertie I guess that answers it.
@AshleyNunn me too!
@badp I can get the game but not the demo
@qwertie That is silly.

Wherein badp drives a truck over 180 km, a guardrail and a couple cars.

Jul 18 at 22:21, 42 minutes total – 68 messages, 7 users, 4 stars

Bookmarked Jul 18 at 23:19 by badp

I'm afraid this will have to do then.
12:21 AM
@badp Is the game good?
I don't know.
If you're looking for an eye-opening experience about parking trucks, then yes.
@badp But you have played it
I played the demo
It's different.
yaaay, finally managed to get to level 2-1!
One day I'll be not terrible at this game. ONE DAY.
@Wipqozn in what
12:35 AM
@wip just found out about the speed slider
He'll soon have mastered the main menu
Yes. All this time I've been letting the blocks fall slowly, but I have finally learned the way of speed.
Just wait until he finds out about music B
Music B? You mean to tell me there's two song choices!?
you just blew my mind.
there's three!
I think
12:40 AM
I once saw the video that gif came from but I don't remember what it was called
Was it some kind of song?
Q: Turning (redstone) engines

Menno GouwI have several machines next to each other with wooden pipe outputs at the back of those machines continuing down with other pipes. But when i place the engines to power the wooden pipes they turn to each other after placing the first one. I can place the 1st, 3th, 5th, etc tile but not in betwee...

@badp I think it's from a comedy show about two musicians from new Zealand.
It's Canadian.
@Wipqozn Flight of the Concords?
It's from Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job.
12:45 AM
@RonanForman Yes.
@Fluttershy That was my second guess.
So I win!
And now I'm going to leave on a high note!
Understandment Nasa Invisibility Vector Electricity Rings End
@badp no s?
@ktash shut up?
(I was just quoting the video)
1:03 AM
Q: Ways to make easy gold in skyrim?

DovahkiinI have heard of many different ways to make easy gold, hacks, glitches, and rare items. But is there a way where I don't have to glitch, sell one of a kind items, and etc.?

@badp It's Tim and Eric, and they are ridiculous.
Oh, nvm, you already found it.
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! is an American sketch comedy television series, created by and starring Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, which premiered February 11, 2007 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim comedy block and ran until May 2010. The program features surrealistic and often satirical humor (at points anti-humor), public-access television–style musical acts, bizarre faux-commercials, and editing and special effects chosen to make the show appear camp. The program featured a wide range of actors, spanning from stars such as Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, David Cross, Bob Oden...
That is the full title of the show.
Oooo, I think I found today's listening for tomorrow
1:36 AM
Q: Will losing a strategic resource disband units?

SnakeDocDoes losing a strategic resource make a military unit any less effective, disband them, or else? Or is there no negative effect? I ask specifically thinking about strategic resources I gain via trade agreements. If I get some oil for example for 90 turns from another civ, and I build planes with...

There are some bugs that cause the review queue to fire double.
So you probably reviewed the one before, and the site just figured "Hey, let's review this one, too. I dunno why, but screw this, let's just do it!"
"He's probably a robo-reviewer, let me help his job"
That kind of thing?
Pretty much, yeh.
Q: Why wont my compressed cobblestone craft?

EnderThe Extra Utilities mod allows players to craft compressed cobblestone using normal cobblestone. Only for some reason in my new server it no longer seems to work. If you put the recepie in the crafting table, you can see the finished product in its box, but when you attempt to pick it up from the...

1:44 AM
There's this one guy on youtube who's really pushing the limits of inappropriate content on youtube..
@3ventic It's not me.
There's way more than one, I'm sure
@Unionhawk True
@3ve use the flag button?
Evening all.
OR whatever the hell it is where u are
1:45 AM
It's 3:45 and I just woke up
It's 20:46 here.
Q: Does deconstruction/removal regain used materials?

Doktoro ReichardThe question might be trivial, but I found nothing in the wiki to support it. I have a pair of water wheels constructed. I have a herbalist in a fey mood, and he requires wood and cut gems. I have embarked in a place that is now devoid of surface trees. Due to several reasons, I don't want to br...

Q: Vim adventures level 8 shoot for the moon puzzle

JamesI'm a little stuck on level 8 of vim adventures with the shoot the moon puzzle. I've removed the bottom 3 lines with dG and also done a replace at the top. what I'm left with is "shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll have a land among the stone pill ars." (bold parts are the text to del...

2:05 AM
@Lazers New guy, good question, upvoted.
@ElfSlice Love it :D
Is there a way to remove a flag that you accidentally put on a post?
@AshleyNunn I'm tempted to use it as my facebook cover photo, since it appears to be made as one. =D
@ElfSlice yeah it does look to be set uo and sized for that
> Sleeping Sushi - FacebooK Cover
2:17 AM
@ElfSlice That was pretty cool.
Oh right, that's why I linked it, I remember now
@DavidM I don't think so but don't take my word for it I have been wrong before
Me, too
usugusghdghilrsngd;vuuugh my internet is so bad right now
Just curious. I accidentally douche flagged some guy for it not being an answer. But, it turns out his writing was just atrocious. I edited it, and it turns out there was an answer in there after all.
2:19 AM
Q: TERRARIA exactly how crimson/corruption/hallow spreads, full list of blocks?

guesttitle. I would like an exact full list of each and every single type of block plant or moss that can spread crimson/corruption/hallow. have been having trouble finding all my info on the wikis since none mention mosses but do mention grass, they also talk about it more vaguely than i would like ...

Q: Who is SKIDROW?

RazZ Son Of RomeI have heard this name used in many arguments concerning the distribution of pirated copies of many PC games. I would like to know who or what SKIDROW is?

@DavidM Your flag will probably be declined. Check in the flag menu again, is there a way to retract it?
There isn't. Too bad.
Just coined the term Douche Flagged
@ElfSlice ah, there you go. :) Do it :D
@Lazers Huh?
@DavidM ah, those are always great
2:20 AM
@Lazers off-topic; piracy?
@Lazers I know the answer, from a quick google they are someone who uploads pirated stuff, but this is about piracy, so.
Like it isn't asking for pirated stuff, or help with pirated stuff per se, but....ergh, I just kinda want to shoot on sight, which is a terrible gut reaction
How high have you all gotten your Influence in Fallen London?
I still haven't hit the cap they keep talking about having.
@RedRiderX Mine are all pretty low
@AshleyNunn Have you not sent out many calling cards?
@AshleyNunn I swear I gained 50 rep today JUST BY GOOGLING simple answers!
2:23 AM
@DavidM I haven't gained 50 rep in a looong time.
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about people or groups involved in software piracy, not about playing games. — FEichinger 10 secs ago
I was wondering about this new Influence Quality.
@DavidM Yeah, googling definitely gains you some answers, which si fine, it is a thing I have done, but damn, come on.
@FEichinger ah, there we go, that words it nicely.
VTC'ed, with a clear conscience.
@FEichinger Are you able to enter a custom reason? Every time I click on another reason, I only get that it should be sent to Meta
@DavidM Yeah, go to 'other'.
2:24 AM
@DavidM 3k+
Aand, it was answered anyway.
Yes, I'm a lowly 1.2K
one moooore vooooote
@AshleyNunn I don't like the "not about playing games" part, because that is so often used to blanket-ban whatever might not fit, but this just shouldn't be our expertise either.
2:25 AM
@AshleyNunn upvote 7 of my answers and I can! :P
@FEichinger Yeah, its not something we should use like for everything
but sometimes, the shoe fits.
@AshleyNunn Upvote ALL of my posts. LOL
@TrentHawkins Wait, you still don't have close votes? Geez, I didn't even notice.
And the award for weirdest music artist I've found recently goes to alicespacedoll.com
@FEichinger I'm 66 rep off.
2:27 AM
Q: How do I fix Garry's Mod local network browser?

vaneI have 2 laptops on the same LAN, on the same segment. Both are running the exact same version of Garry's Mod. Neither laptop has a firewall turned on or any anti-virus application installed. If I create a local server within GMod on laptop #1 then laptop #2 can see the server in the local netwo...

Good evening, Bridge!
@SaintWacko Evening!
I am well on my way to becoming a Person of Some Significance
Just need to get my Shadowy up
I am a person of no significance
@AshleyNunn Yeah, there should be a flag for "Google it, dumb ass!"
2:28 AM
@DavidM There should not be.
@DavidM I think the downvote tooltip says something about lack of research effort? But it has been a long time since I paid attention
Mind you i keep forgetting to play
A bad question is not necessarily a close-worthy question.
For bad questions, we have downvotes. Use them.
@AshleyNunn I got my girlfriend playing
Man, handful of comments and we already hit Godwin's law
@FEichinger I'm not suggesting a close flag. I'm suggesting a "Nobody help this guy until he helps himself" vote
2:30 AM
@AshleyNunn Colour me not surprised at all.
uuuuugh. The edit on that Skidrow question shouldn't have been approved.
@SaintWacko awesome
@DavidM Which is exactly what a downvote is.
I'm back!
So we sit in bed and use up our actions before we go to sleep, then wake up in the morning and use actions
2:30 AM
It doesn't teach them, though.
@DavidM How does "This guy is a dumb ass." help anyone?
@DavidM neither does closing for stupidity
Also, I am quite enjoying Realm of the Mad God
@DavidM yes it does. It says "you're not worthy of attention until you clean up your post"
Not this guy is a dumb ass. "It's HEY DUMBASS, that's what GOOGLE IS FOR!"
2:31 AM
I mean people already get titchy about closes and such
insulting them isn not going to help
Why is this thing
It's like a train wreck, wrapped in a super nova, wrapped in a bug light. I can't look away!
And now I want to strangle people.
@DavidM Our chatroom is completely public (and also google-indexed), so it would be preferable if you didn't directly insult users in that manner, especially when they're not in chat (or cannot join chat) to defend themselves. It doesn't reflect well on the community.
2:33 AM
@FAE That's never stopped people before.
@ElfSlice This is helping! :D
Why does Doctor Who Legacy have to be mobile only? D:
@FAE It was not directed at anyone specific.
I want to try it so bad
Well that's the most nail-on-the-head statement of the century
(what @elf said)
(aka @GnoASDGKAWGBswgDhvs)
2:35 AM
Walks in with his obliteration cannon at the ready Who wants candy?
Interesting way to say hi
@Sterno When walking into the Bridge, it is best to treat it as a firefight. Just in case.
Candy sucks, but I'll take steak or bacon if you've got it.
@Sterno Bacon wrapped candy.
@DavidM Candy wrapped Bacon.
2:38 AM
@RedRiderX Such a thing does exist!
Candy wrapped bacon wrapped candy?
Too far?
@Unionhawk Well, now THAT is ridiculous. LOL
2:40 AM
@Fluttershy That looks like something licorice-based.
That's candy "bacon"
Mmmmmmmm . . . Bacon
@AshleyNunn Makes maple bacon chocolate bars and shoots
A: What does the 'Sweetness' stat do?

AdaylaI know this is going against the rules (rebel much), but i'm not going to answer your question as i have never played this game. reason i am writing here is because, and maybe it's very obvious but i could not figure out any other way to contact you. i found you through your question about Vivill...

what even is this
2:45 AM
I'm going with SPAM
It almost sounds legit, but I don't care to search through his questions to figure it out
That, my lady, is spam
either way creepy
@AshleyNunn I... I think she's trying to like... meet Robotnik. <_<
@Fluttershy That's what I thought too
It seemed too well crafted for spam
2:47 AM
@AshleyNunn Clearly you've never gotten one of those come-ons in Yahoo chat, etc.
If you call the number 9/10 it's a sex-line, etc.
@DavidM oh, love, I have seen the dark sides of the internet, and all it's chat creepery
@AshleyNunn You don't know the power of the dark side of the internet. LOL
@DavidM Yeah, I am not going to have this e-peen convo ;)
@DavidM Dark Side? She is the Dark Side.
@AshleyNunn I think he was just making the Star Wars joke
2:48 AM
Bows out, because he knows when he's been beaten
@FAE I was.
@DavidM grins, and offers you candy as a replacement prize?
@DavidM The number ain't no number.
That said, it seems genuine.
Which ... makes it all the more creepy.
@AshleyNunn I accept candy.
@FEichinger still NAA
@FEichinger I know, right?
@DavidM Yay! :D
2:49 AM
@FAE Yeh, obviously.
It was either that or cupcakes
@FEichinger Yeah. Agreed.
@FEichinger - It's not even some odd exchange. If she is from PEI, it would be a Canadian exchange, and those follow the same 10 number format as the US.
@DavidM Or you could just ... you know ... read the words around the number.
Like, seriously, it's pretty obvious.
@DavidM It's a 3DS friend code, not a phone number
I don't have a 3DS
2:54 AM
I do, and besides, she says it is, and it follows convention to likely be one
Q: mario cool,luigi cool cool

user65305Can I just say even if people say Mario and Luigi is older than the other I say they are both cool so does it matter.YES OR NO! Can't wait for the action or they can battle monsters and see who comes on top from the other.So think PEOPLE!

oh tonight is special.
I just didn't know that there were friend codes like that 3DS.
@DavidM yep, there are :)
I have accepted it into my heart of hearts.
@DavidM hurrah!
Q: mario cool,luigi cool cool

user65305Can I just say even if people say Mario and Luigi is older than the other I say they are both cool so does it matter.YES OR NO! Can't wait for the action or they can battle monsters and see who comes on top from the other.So think PEOPLE!

2:56 AM
@Lazers oooold ;)
@Lazers Seriously. WTF is that? I mean I understand spamming the site, but that took actual effort to type. Someone went off their meds for a few weeks for that one.
@Lazers [status-hilarious]
@DavidM I like the mass-effect tag
aw, those don't work in this room
I mean I suspect they pressed "m" and stuck with the first one
2:59 AM
@Lazers Cool cool cool.
@Lazers Mario... cool.... Luigi.... cool cool.
@DavidM If I had to guess, a rather young user who stumbled across our fair site and doesn't understand the difference between us and a forum/messageboard/yahoo
@FEichinger I heard that in Abed's voice in my head
@TrentHawkins Why would you post that on a forum or messageboard anyway
2:59 AM
@TrentHawkins This is likely
@AshleyNunn That was the intention, yes. :P
I mean, you not only have to type that nonsense. But, sign up, and check your email and confirm that you are not a robot, etc.
@ElfSlice Because posting on the internet is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

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