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12:00 AM
The last first for Europe.
@kalina You're late
Not according to big Ben
Are there any Newfies on the bridge?
@kalina o/
12:06 AM
There are now!
@OrigamiRobot is that dog in Newfoundland and can he type first at midnight?
@MBraedley No idea.
Then it doesn't count!
12:10 AM
@OrigamiRobot Newfies as in (human) inhabitants of Newfoundland
@spugsley you starved, obviously.
@MBraedley I DIDN'T THO
@spugsley Well, what happened, then?
@spugsley you died because you left caps lock on
"WTF I DIED" for that question title
(I wants reps)
12:13 AM
@Unionhawk I'm going to say you
Q: I had full sanity, health, and hunger - why did I die?

spugsleyIt was the night of my Day 13 survival. I was sitting at my campfire which I just fed with a log (so it was burning brightly), I had just ate to full, and I had nearly full sanity and health. All of a sudden, this giant shadow hand appears and starts grabbing towards my campsite. Without warning ...

The 2014 hat makes my avatar look quite cross-eyed
@AshleyNunn hehe
12:17 AM
Well you are wearing glasses on top of your glasses
Hello from Orlando
@PrivatePansy They mostly cover my avatar's glasses
@spugsley again?
12:35 AM
Poor thing.
Happy new year from the unrelenting silence between this world and the next.
Happy New Year from someone who is going to be playing video games all night like a giant loser!
@spugsley You are not a loser, you are awesome
Actually that sounds fun, I might go do that now.
@AshleyNunn it's hard though idk. I always feel like I should be doing something and that I'm not normal by hanging out at home being a lazy
12:49 AM
@spugsley Im at my parents, watching a local junior hockey team play on tv and eating cheesecake
Q: Can't get MAME to work for Ubuntu

JqmfgI have been trying to set up a computer to use as an arcade cabinet computer, but I can't figure out how to set up MAME and ROMs on it. I have installed MAME with sudo apt-get install mame mame-tools gnome-video-arcade sdlmame sdlmame-tools and I have set up all of the folders and made sure t...

I had plans, but people got sick, so I am here, which is good enough - I can chill online, watch hockey, eat cheesecake
@AshleyNunn Same here. :( Boo for people getting sick.
@Fluttershy But we can all keep each other company!
1:35 AM
Community's Choice vote on Steam has Tomb Raider for only $10 in about 25 minutes if anyone who wanted it was holding out for a better price.
Should I get Ys I?
I did, so I guess it's what the cool kids are doing.

Hardware Engineer - Build the Future of Robotic Toys


MotionFigures is building the future of robotic toys and is looking for a hardware engineer to join our team on a part…

Posted on Careers 2.0 on December 31, 2013

Oh, okay. *buys*
@FrostEngineer Look at all those things I have little to no actual experience with! :P
1:38 AM
@OrigamiRobot I figured but still
@OrigamiRobot You do have an arm, right?
@FrostEngineer I'm happy to keep my embedded design at the hobby level for now, but thanks.
There's something incredibly wonky about my internet connection today
Happy new year bridge!
Happy new year!
1:55 AM
@PrivatePansy ARM = Advanced RISC Machines
Food for thought.
@RedRiderX you're either 2 or 3 hours too late or 2 or 3 hours too early. Unless you live in Iceland or Greenland.
2:26 AM
2:40 AM
all of you Americans are so last year.
@kalina hipster.
Q: My Minecraft 360 got deleted, Why?

DovahkiinRecently I tried to play Minecraft 360 edition with my sister, and for some reason it only gave me the trial version. Which is strange because I downloaded the game a month after it was released on the 360. I do not know what happened, and I would like to know. Can anyone tell me why this has hap...

I need a #9, I have extra #2, #5 and #6
I don't have a #9 atm
I could probably get you a #9
but you don't love me enough to have my on steam
2:53 AM
Eh, I could just sell the extras
Happy New Year, all.
@kalina It's strange, like the new year's event wiped out all my memory
Either I'm in a JRPG or the drinks last night were really strong
I'm so happy to see so many people playing Don't Starve
Also, I need a #9
That's all i need
I have extra 2, 7, and 8
I have 3 eight -.-
sell them on the market for the going rate
they will sell nearly instantly
Wheeee, To the Moon just got a holiday patch
3:04 AM
Holy balls it freakin' cold out!
Don't Starve looks pretty awesome. Is it a stand-alone app or is it played in a browser plug-in?
@DavidM Standalone, although I think there's Chrome version too
I'm on Mac, I see it's supported.
eww Mac
Well I'd like to be on mac and cheese too
3:09 AM
@kalina My primary use for my computer other than inter-webs and email is photo editing, etc.
Mac is better for that
have fun with your ridiculously expensive ibm compatible pc
@kalina Price is amortized over the life of the unit. Most of the PCs I've owned last half as long before becoming obsolete.
Pay 2-3x more up front, computer is useful 2-3x longer.
Since both Macs and "PCs" are the same systems and completely compatible with each other, your argument is fundamentally unsound
the hardware ages at the same rate
And utterly invalid, I might add
3:12 AM
Not really. MacOS is not compatible with PC unless u do a bunch of crap to get it to run.
I can update my OS on Mac and it runs well even on a 4 year old machine.
@DavidM the hardware is what becomes obsolete, the hardware is identical to what you can get for windows/linux machines
@RonanForman :O
Also, eww MacOS
@kalina I understand. But, the OS plays better with older hardware.
@Unionhawk I'm not going to go Linux
And, EWWWWWW Windows.
3:14 AM
Windows 8.1 > OSX
I'm allergic to OSX. It's some sort of condition I have.
Based upon your extensive experience with both or a biased decision? I prefer OSX for my personal needs.
Also I'm allergic to the amount of work required for Linux. Similar condition.
Q: How do I start a New Game Plus in Fiz?

tanwardI've completed the story questline, and I want to start a New Game Plus. I can't for the life of me find the button even though I've combed all the screens. Which screen is it on, and where on the screen? I've probably missed it in my carelessness...

@DavidM it's fine, I am just bored, I really don't care about what people choose to run as their OS because it doesn't affect me in the slightest
3:16 AM
@kalina Me, too. LOL
I really don't give a crap if people use either. But, I must say, that when I go to the mall, if I need a quiet place to think, the Microsoft store is my first choice. It's uncontaminated by people! :-)
har har
It's contaminated by... I don't even know
Kinect, I think.
@Yuki I got chatbanned for a comment about Koreans eating dogs before, so maybe stay away from that in the future.
@Unionhawk People who think that Bing is superior to Google. LOL
@ElfSlice yes but you're GnomeSlice
@DavidM it is
3:18 AM
Those guys are paid for that
is looking to start a war . . .
@kalina That is not supposed to matter.
also, the Surface is better than the iPad 1, which is the correct product to measure a first entry into the tablet market against
Even @kalina, apparently
3:19 AM
@kalina That's like comparing a new car company's first new car to a Model T.
Funny how that goes.
and Windows Phone is better than iOS
The market is iterative. Microsoft had the advantage of seeing what Apple got right and wrong.
When the newly marketed product is shit, you are only allowed to compare it against the old product's original version, because, hey, it's a first attempt.
@DavidM Apple had the advantage of seeing what Microsoft got right and got wrong
3:20 AM
Win Phone is not a bad product.
When the newly marketed product is good, don't you dare compare it to the original version of the old one!
@kalina And, look what they managed to do with that information compared to MS
Humans are a fascinating species.
@DavidM yeah, they forgot to add copy and paste
@fei is not human: confirmed
3:21 AM
@kalina Have you used a pre-iPad tablet?
@DavidM unfortunately
@kalina I have to use them for work periodically. It is painful!
@Unionhawk Oh, I am. In fact, that is yet another delusion amongst all these delusions that make the human race so fascinating: I may think I can objectively observe and analyze these things, but I really can't.
I have! raises hand it was pretty meh, and not really comparable to tablets of today
Which, I guess, could turn into a paradox the moment I analyze myself analyzing ... Hah.
3:22 AM
@FEichinger It's OK, it's just the matrix telling you that.
@DavidM Don't make jokes about the matrix, it's not unreasonable to think that it already exists.
But I digress.
@Unionhawk Before the iPad, NO ONE got the tablet right. Apple made their mistakes, but they still made a piece of disruptive tech
I am unable to comment on the existence of the Matrix either way
@FEichinger Except that humans are terrible batteries or sources of energy
I mean, I guess you could put it in a category of convertable tablets of today
3:24 AM
@FEichinger If this were the Matrix, we'd all be a bit happier.
@Ktash I never said the matrix movie was factual. But the matrix itself may well exist.
@DavidM humans? happy?
@DavidM No, that was the first iteration. They scrapped that one
@Ktash But, they make excellent soup.
@DavidM That is, quite literally, the end of the first movie.
3:24 AM
@DavidM I wouldn't agree with that. My teachers in Secondary school had Windows tablet computers, and the stuff they do with it, you still can't do it with the iPad today
@FEichinger It was actually proved to not be possible for us to be in the matrix a little while ago
let me find the paper on it
And yes, what @pri said
@Ktash please do, I am most interested in that
@PrivatePansy I'm not saying that they didn't have their good points. I'm saying that the experience was a hobbled version of their desktop operating system
3:26 AM
@DavidM hence Windows 8.1
And, those compromises made it difficult to use.
I'm pretty sure someone did it, let me see if I can track that part down
@kalina I haven't used it enough to comment.
Not... Really. See: convertable tablets
but since the Surface Pro 2 is still only a second generation product, comparing it against current tablets running Android or from Apple is still not a valid comparison
3:27 AM
Which makes me 20x more intelligent than most bloggers, who do it anyway.
A laptop with the option to use handwriting and stuff
@kalina Why does MS get a pass? Are their engineers working with stone tools?
That's what my experience with them are, back in 2008
@Ktash From the quick grasp I took, it argues more from a perspective of "are we kept in a simulation by whatever comes after us" - which is a valid idea, but not necessarily required.
@DavidM for the same reason everybody gave Apple a pass with their second generation product missing features
3:28 AM
@kalina The pass was simple. People used the product and liked it. Sold billions of them
Q: L4D2 intense lag with addons

MegaRodeonMy copy of Left 4 Dead 2 was downloaded during the free download period on Steam (the Christmas Special), so I'm wondering if this is one of the problem. I don't know why, but without addons, my laptop seems to be running the game fine. However, the map loading part is really slow though, took ...

Well, millions anyway
@DavidM must be difficult to sell a product in a market with no competition
@kalina Inventing a new market is not exactly a simple feat.
3:29 AM
ecosystem lock in works in the same way that MMOs do - once you've got enough invested in a platform you don't want to move away from it
Microsoft's second generation products are good, which is why their market share is increasing
Seeing UW != University of Waterloo is weird
@AshleyNunn Seeing UW != University of Washington is weird :P
@Ktash Shush you ;)
3:30 AM
@kalina If MS makes a better product, it will win. People are not that loyal in the days of 99 cent apps.
I would buy a surface 2 if it was good value for money
which is the reason I don't own an iPad (anymore)
So, yeah, if you have To the Moon on Steam, the game should have received an update this morning. Pop into the game's Steam folder and play the short bonus content :P
(they're not good value for money)
It's not like when I used to have thousands of $ software.
@kalina I'm not even a huge fan of the iPad. I own two of them, and I use them primarily to entertain my kids.
One thing I will say about my iPads
3:32 AM
@DavidM Actually, many old brand loyalties are still very strong, and cause massive problems for new comers. Apple being the primary powerhouse here
they held their value exceptionally well
@Ktash From what I read now, they're trying to simulate a universe, and then see if what we're living in looks like a simulation (due to some of the constraints imposed on the simulation itself), huh?
I sold my iPad one for pretty much the price I paid for my Nexus 7
felt like I was ripping the guy off
@Ktash Brand loyalty is different from lock in.
Brand loyalty lasts only as long as people are satisfied. That's why MS got their asses handed to them (in the personal market) when people started noticing Mac again.
@FEichinger Any complete simulation of the universe must itself be able to contain a simulation of the universe...
3:34 AM
@Ktash Ah, yes, that makes more sense, although it assumes the simulation is indeed "complete".
@Ktash How do you simulate that which you do not have a full understanding of?
I'm going to assume that I'm one of the oldest people in this room. I used MS products for over 20 years and switched.
@DavidM you must be old
@DavidM Not quite. Apple marketing has done a good job of avoiding the brand loyalty issue by painting MS as evil. Which, they have been doing since long before the 2000's. They've turned brand loyalty into a hipster movement, which is weird, and still working in their favor. It is considered trendy to not be a part of the MS behemoth. It's all still a game played out on a global scale with people's money
3:35 AM
you've used Microsoft products for as long as I've been alive, and then switched
ah, you're only half the age of @Sterno
@kalina You simulate in isolation. You simulate pieces you understand and work up
@Ktash Marketing did play a big part. But, really, the iPod opened the door to Apple.
if you are able to get to a complete simulation, then you have the correct models
@Ktash Arguably, we're not even capable of determining what a "complete simulation" would be.
Once people saw an MP3 player that "just worked". They looked at what else they had for sale.
3:37 AM
The days of Jobs are over anyway
Give it another decade and Apple will be nearly dead again
@kalina He ran the company single handedly.
Pulled every lever himself.
@DavidM Apple did a good job of creating a new market. Arguably, I think Nintendo did the same thing
We have yet to fully grasp large parts of the universe. And even if we could grasp and represent these currently unknown parts - we could only prove a simulation wrong, if we can prove the models it uses wrong. Since we have to use those very models to do so, we can, at best, prove a dissonance in the models - which would be a glitch to the simulation and thereby actually prove the existance of the simulation. A true complete simulation would be indistinguishable from the real universe.
I use Apple's products because I find the integration seamless and easy.
@Ktash Absolutely. But, MS did a good job of eating their lunch with Kinnect.
But, MS did the same thing years ago. And their trying to again. That's everybodies new goal. It's just a race to who get the right one
3:39 AM
@Ktash Yes.
We are the consumers. Competition benefits us.
@FEichinger You don't need to set your net so wide. We don't understand large portions of our own planet yet.
@FEichinger I haven't read the full paper, nor any scientific responses. It was just in the news around here because it happened at UW. It was like the game fold.it a while back. So, I can't say for sure what proves or disproves it all
@DavidM Yes. It is my favorite thing. And the primary reason I hate webkit lol
@Ktash In the days when MS was the ONLY game in town, they got away with releasing crap product. Win 95, Vista, etc. Many users are still running XP for God's sake.
MacOS will hopefully benefit Win users as much as Win improvements benefit Mac users.
It's not Microsoft's fault that OS2 and Linux were steaming piles of crap
No, but they didn't have enough pressure to clean up their own product.
I turned on the Ys configuration tool, and suddenly there's a girl staring at me from the middle of my screen
3:45 AM
@kalina Not to sound like an old man, but you are too young to remember when the BSOD was a daily event. And, people's computers used to get so screwed up because they didn't understand the thousands of messages they got asking them to change a setting, etc. etc. etc.
Mac set a new standard of stability, and MS, to their credit, had to stand up to it.
I think MS got stale, and safe. But it is hard for big companies to justify the risk of their whole business. So it's a trade off. If the ships not sinking, it's hard to convince people to abandon ship
ahem excuse me
even if you see the iceberg ahead
@DavidM I, actually, don't agree with this
I think MS got better at crashing because they felt they needed to for their customers
3:46 AM
@Ktash Worse than that. The IT managers had long memories of the last times they upgraded and spent months reconfiguring.
where they really got stale was IE
@DavidM It certainly set a new standard for shininess. Not sure about everything else.
@PrivatePansy Shininess counts.
Yeah, that is MS's current burden. Trying to convince the IT community that upgrading isn't the end of the world. Which is a challenge given configuration options that have to support
@Ktash That hits the nail on the head.
3:48 AM
my understanding is that various portions of Mac OSX are actually from BSD + the mach kernel
so basically, OSX borrowed their stability from somebody else rather than "setting a new standard"
Personally, I'm in the camp that all the OS's are stinking piles of crap. Though I give MS credit for their huge risk with Win8. I think it was a misstep, but they took a step, which I give them credit for
Apple actually has a HUGE advantage there. They make their own hardware, and they don't have to worry about making it compatible.
@DavidM This is really the real kicker
MS is stable, but the hardware variety they have to support, and the varying quality of manufacturers gives them lots of problems
I remember when you used to say "IBM PC" as one phrase.
And, anything else was referred to as a clone.
but I prefer that to overpriced machines and no customizability
3:50 AM
Gather around children . . . I will tell you tales of the old days.
you put spaces in your ellipsis
My copy of Blue is the Warmest Color arrived yesterday, and it's really really nice
@kalina Shit yeah I do!
And you edited mine out of a post once! LOL
@DavidM Heh, I may be young, but I've been around computers my whole life
I also prefer two spaces after a period.
3:51 AM
modern macs are "ibm compatibles" but still get the bonus of very select hardware
if you try and run osx on random hardware it will just die
@Ktash Me, too. My Dad had a terminal in our house in 1977!
really? We've just moved from computing to a general history lesson?
3:53 AM
I know it's New Years Day and all that, but we don't need to go that far back into the distant past
@DavidM I wouldn't be alive for ten more years at that point....
most people in here wouldn't be alive at that point
except @Sterno
You haven't lived until you had a 3270 terminal with a 900 baud modem that was the size of a Hyundai
who would have finished Uni and already be working
@kal you rang?
3:54 AM
I... didn't ping you
@kalina World history?
Punch cards and 8 inch floppies.
hehe... you said 8 inch floppy
Shh pretend there's an @ there
3:55 AM
@kalina If it's floppy and 8 inches, it's gotta be impressive!
@DavidM you'd hope!
Personally, I wouldn't care either way. Not my thing. But, yes . . .
@kalina I'm just surprised you haven't set fire to him yet
so, computing history from 1993 onwards
3:58 AM
OK, so I graduated from High School . . . and . . .
doom was released, cpu speeds were measured in megahertz, hard disks were an actual thing, tapes were no longer in use
Two spaces after a sentence and periods instead of …, I just don't think we're speaking the same language
My phone will physically not let me do space separated elipses, otherwise I'd so it to annoy
Hard disks were more like 1980s
3:59 AM
1980s predates my existence
world was in black and white as far as I'm concerned
Black and white is beautiful
Alt + 0 1 3 3, for mac users Opt + ;
Therefore no spaces in elipses qed
@DavidM It's overrated
4:01 AM
Not to us colorblind people.
Happy new year! (North American first!)
@MBraedley you're a minute late
Well aren't you special
@kalina nonsense
Also, 59 minutes early
4:02 AM
@Unionhawk America has multiple timezones silly
@PrivatePansy Which one tells more story?
4:03 AM
@DavidM the colour one, it has more data in it
@DavidM The second. I'm not worried about the bike sliding backwards, and I can see through the cab windows ;P
@kalina Not necessarily. It started as color photo.
In other news,
Q: Issues with libGL on Fedora 20 - unable to load driver swrast?

jflory7Firstly, before I explain my problem, I have referred to the question previously asked on Ask.Fedora about the libGL error, which can be seen here. I have been trying to play the game "FTL", and I have been running into problems where the graphics perform extraordinarily poorly, and the sound ke...

@DavidM Data is still being discarded when it is converted to JPG format. In fact, because it is not lossless, in theory, you could lose data with every save :P
4:07 AM
True. True. But I work in RAW then export.
And CC @AshleyNunn about the snow. You like that, if I remember
Haha, you're throwing away a lot of data then ;)
@Ktash You remember right! IT IS SO AWESOME
I need to improve it
Its snoooooooowiiiiiiing
Who needed those damned pixels!
4:09 AM
So, professional curiosity is getting the better of me @DavidM. Do you use Photoshop? And are you part of the CC?
@AshleyNunn It is m'lady
@PrivatePansy Instagram is overrated. Fine B&W is not.
Eventually, I want to make it so you can make wind go through and blow the flakes around, but I haven't got there yet
@Ktash I mostly work in Lightroom. But, yes I'm not an aperture guy.
@DavidM Nice. Lightroom is great. I haven't had much time to play around with it, but I hear nothing but good from other photographers
CC = Creative community?
4:11 AM
was just curious
CC is creative cloud
Ah. Yes. I had a full subscription, but downgraded to Photoshop/LR only.
I wasn't using the other apps.
Yeah, for photographers, that's a lot of times a much better deal
@Ktash That would be so neat!
If you're interested.
@AshleyNunn Yeah. I've got an idea on how I want to make it happen, just haven't yet
@DavidM Yeah, I saw that the other day. It's good. You're certainly very talented :)
4:13 AM
I am technically a professor, so I got it for $29US/month. But, the downgrade was $9
@Ktash Thanks!
Yeah, the education deals are really good, imo
Yeah! I have a BS prof appointment at a Medical College. Gets me big discounts!
heh, nice
2013-12-30 12:53:59, Error                 MOUPG  CSetupManager::Execute(355): Result = 0x800705BB
2013-12-30 12:54:03, Error                 MOUPG  CSetupHost::Execute(204): Result = 0x800705BB
2013-12-30 14:52:07, Error      [0x08039d] MIG    Cannot add mapping for user profile C:\Users\Jeffrey. Error: 1009: Win32Exception: The configuration registry database is corrupt. [0x000003F1] __cdecl Mig::CIndirectKeyMapper::CIndirectKeyMapper(class UnBCL::String *,struct HKEY__ *,class UnBCL::String *,class UnBCL::String *,int,int,const Mig::HiveLoadRetryOptions *)[gle=0x000000cb]
4:18 AM
@Ktash I assume you have use for the rest of the software. Much more useful for web design, etc.
Why do I get this when updating to Windows 8.1
@Ktash Lightroom is a game changer. LR 1 was myeh, but from LR 2 on it became a reason to barely ever open PS.
Q: Why do I get error 0x0070004 when trying to update to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8?

Jeffrey LinSo, I'm trying to update Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 via the Windows Store, but every time I attempt to, the update downloads properly, but then I get the error: Windows 8.1 This app wasn't installed - view details When I click on it, it says: Something happened and the Windows 8.1 could...

4:29 AM
@Fluttershy why
Because reasons. That's why.
@Fluttershy And raisins.
I have one leg, the waist, and weaponry left for my last model. I've been spending too much time building these, I think.
Also, I definitely need to paint the gold bits; its clear plastic with a gold foil on top of it. Sanding kills the foil, making it look rather unsightly.
4:44 AM
I wish I could hide images on mobile chat
Now my mom wants to know why I'm looking at My Little Pony
because chat is why
@ElfSlice Why don't you say "because people are posting My Little Pony pictures"?
I mean, that explanation is fairly straightforward.
I guess that came out kind of rude, wasn't my intention
post ponies if you want
One hour...
4:57 AM
@Yuki Yeah, that would work.
@Ullallulloo an hour and a half, if you mean since it's been 2014 on continental North America.
@MBraedley It's 11 p.m. where I live.

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