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9:01 PM
Q: Is there a way to view controller support from my Library?

AlexSome Steam games offer full controller support, some offer only partial support, and some do not offer any support. What I want is a quick way to tell which of the games in my Library have some form of controller support. I recently got a gamepad and I'm wondering which games I should install to ...

@kalina He's AFK.
I'm bored
nn people
My cat has learned where the red dot comes from
No-one is safe
arm yourselves.
9:08 PM
@badp Right in the nostalgia.
Q: It wont let me type in minecraft pe

benI have a Motorola XOOM and it wont let me type on signs IP addresses or let me name maps at all please find a fix

It is so hard to focus on doing work after you give notice.
@StrixVaria It's probably also hard to focus on work if you're currently not working at Google.
@Yuki Right, that's the problem.
I only have 3 workdays here left. Tomorrow, and then 2 days 2 weeks from now.
@StrixVaria Blame your current workplace for not being Google.
9:15 PM
@Yuki This is how I explained why I was leaving, actually.
"What could we have done better so you didn't want to leave?" "Be Google."
@StrixVaria And I remember they agreed.
@StrixVaria At least they didn't leave in a lorem ipsum?
BREAKING NEWS: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.
@StrixVaria So are you going to be working at Google HQ or at a branch office?
@Yuki I'm going to be in the NYC office.
@StrixVaria Dang. My cousin just moved from NYC. There goes my excuse for seeing if I can visit a Google office.
9:21 PM
Supposedly I'll have to travel to the Mountain View office a few times a year, though.
I've never been to California before.
I have 12345!! :D
This is awesome
@James *fixed
I had 12345 :(
9:22 PM
@James This is why you immediately take screenshots for prosperity.
I should still have my 9999 party on MSO somewhere.
Ooh, just found a fixedart amulet
Always a handy one to get that one.
@GraceNote I'm sad that "@Sternold" doesn't ping me.
@Sterno This is why my nicknames for @FAE were always things like @Fall Leaves.
9:29 PM
So I solved twenty sliding puzzles in Wind Waker last night only to discover that the Triforce Shard was in the basement.
New user, good first answer deserving of upvotes: gaming.stackexchange.com/a/133023/3062
Can't believe I forgot that the Shard was there.
On the bright side, I have a ridiculous amount of Rupees right now.
@Sterno Holy crap that doesn't happen often
Once I stop by a Fairy Island, I should be all set for taking on Ganondorf.
@GraceNote Does cooking corpses increase the stat gain from them?
9:32 PM
@SaintWacko That title deserves an actual question.
@Yuki Alright :P
Arqade will eventually be known across the Internet as the repository for all knowledge related to corpse mutilation and consumption.
Q: Does cooking corpses make them better?

SaintWackoIf I cook a corpse before eating it, will the stat gain from it be increased, or am I better off just eating them right away?

I believe that is Step 2 in our seven-step plan for world domination.
@Yuki Step 3 is get rid of four steps
9:37 PM
@GraceNote And should feel bad?
Q: Does cooking corpses make them better?

SaintWackoIf I cook a corpse before eating it, will the stat gain from it be increased, or am I better off just eating them right away?

@Lazers You are too slow!
@ken.ganong Faster than it normally is, as it were.
@GraceNote Clearly, @Lazers has a preference for corpse-related questions.
@GraceNote It did manage to actually beat someone to the punch recently.
9:39 PM
We did tighten the polling interval.
@Sterno You can fix that.
@Yuki I should probably be more concerned that I'm the one answering all of these all the time.
@GraceNote yay!
@GraceNote We shall call you The Corpse Collector.
GraveNote works too, I guess.
Grace note is best note
9:43 PM
@Yuki I shouldn't mention the amount of corpses I have sitting in my basement, slathered in antiseptic to prevent them from ever rotting.
Grave Note actually sounds like a pretty awesome alias.
@GraceNote your tea parties must be quite the social events.
If I felt at all inclined to play another MMO, I might go by that.
Worst note is grade note.
Or Hummingbird Saltalamacchia.
That's a really unwieldy name...
9:46 PM
@badp Those take place on the ground floor, not the basement. I even have a nice table for it.
@GraceNote Duly noted for next neat number hurdle :)
@Yuki Why would you jump spots?
Fibonacci I think? 1 2 3 5 8.. Hmm thats not right..
@James you're missing an 1.
@badp Yeah well I am not going to go back wards so I ignored that one, but I am only 3 points away from 1 2 3 5 8 Sooo its not a good enough hurdle.
9:48 PM
Even though one begins with an o, why does it feel so wrong to use an as opposed to a?
@James That 1 is not accessory! You should totally start bountying all the things!!
@Yuki Maybe because it doesn't sound like it does. I sounds like it begins with a 'w, so 'a' would be appropriate.
Now I need to find some other words that begin with vowels but aren't pronounced as such for conformation.
@RonanForman Most things that start with u.
In fact it never really dawned on me that "one" is one of the most flagrant disregards to every "rule" in the English language.
QWOP is in the mobile bundle now?
9:54 PM
@GraceNote What other things does it do?
I didn't think it could get harder to play.
I now have a shop and a museum
@Yuki a vs an depends on pronunciation, not spelling.
I think ELU or ELL has a nice question about it somewhere.
@FEichinger What I just found confirms this.
@RonanForman It generates a W sound out of nowhere, the O either doesn't exist or is a short vowel when it is 2 spaces away from E/I/Y, and also English is stupid.
9:55 PM
@Yuki Same reason an herb sounds right instead of a herb
@GraceNote I got in trouble with my elementary school teacher when I asked about science when she introduced the "i before e except after c" rule.
@SaintWacko Unless you're British.
@Yuki Don't get me started on that.
@GraceNote Well, yeah, but they don't count
@GraceNote This. So much this.
@GraceNote I was about to say that.
9:56 PM
The i before e rule actually has more exceptions that examples, but most of the exceptions are rare.
It's only I before E when it's a diphthong
waiwai933 on November 04, 2011

One of the prevalent questions on the English Language and Usage – Stack Exchange is about whether a or an is the correct indefinite article to use. It’s a straightforward question, but like all questions, there are subtleties that raise further questions.

General Rule The question of “a” vs “an” is always decided by the pronunciation of the word that follows the article, without exception. Words that begin with a vowel sound, such as apple, egg, or owl, use the indefinite article an. …

That is a thing that exists.
In a hiatus, I before E doesn't apply
@RonanForman You can't have exceptions be rare if they outnumber the valid cases!
The reality is "It's I before E only when it's I before E"! That's all it is! That's all it ever can be!
9:59 PM
@GraceNote Each individual exception is an uncommon word, that's what I meant.
@GraceNote That's the same with a lot of languages, though.
@RonanForman Not really. Many aren't actually that uncommon.
@GraceNote Fine, I'll try again, there are fewer examples than exceptions, but if you only look at common words the reverse is true.
I before E is dumb, because it is not a rule that helps anyone with proper English spelling.
@RonanForman I'm not sure I fully agree with this but it may simply be a lack of matching base betwixt us to define what counts as a "common" word.
Weird, innit?
10:04 PM
@GraceNote My point was that the rule works for primary school because it applies for the words they'll be using.
@RonanForman But what about SCIENCE?
And after that we just know the spelling of words without rules anyway, so we don't need to know the rule.
@Yuki I didn't say there are no exceptions.
Incidentally, I believe I'm going to bold and caps-lock the word SCIENCE whenever I use it from now on.
Q: Map wired 360 controller guide button to windows command?

NaOHIs there a way to map the Guide button on a wired 360 controller in Windows to a command? Specifically I'd like it to run "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe" -start steam://open/bigpicture. I'm assuming there is a little utility or piece of software that can do this. Thanks!

@StrixVaria not without being literally worse than Hitler
10:10 PM
@Sterno Depends on what you're being worse than Hitler at.
@Sterno Well no, because @Sterno will still ping you.
Side note: People who end their sentences with prepositions are worse than Hitler, depending on what perspective you're looking from.
If people I'm talking to comment on how I ended a sentence with a preposition, I just add ", Asshole." to the end
Q: GTA V All my savefiles were wiped

RetrosaurI don't know what just happened, but I know this. I just tried to join an Online game. To my surprise I got in, but what I'm angry about is that before (first time joining Online), I had a 82% completion in Single-player, but for some reason, all my saves got reverted to beginning Franklin. Wh...

I think I only comment on grammar errors when they make the sentence unintelligible. Or when I want to make a bad joke.
Or at least I try to do that.
10:19 PM
@Yuki It has been proven that bold-italics SCIENCE gets 50% more upvotes than just "in-game evidence".
Scientifically proven, at that
I don't think I've ever answered a question without any such science. I'm almost certain all of my answers (except maybe a couple answers on YG questions that boiled down to "read the fucking wiki, it's actually really good.")
Huh. That's interesting. Teraria is frozen, since it's out-of-focus (there's a slime in mid-air), but the torches are still flickering. Weird. (this is why I hate having ADHD)
@Unionhawk I decided to FOR SCIENCE the veracity of your assumption, and am amused that the first investigative point is about Overkill pants.
@GraceNote Heh. And, yeah, it appears that is entirely false. However, I'd be willing to bet that the majority of my rep comes from SCIENCE answers
10:34 PM
@Unionhawk That's because SCIENCE is where the best rep should come from.
@Sterno You could solve that by changing your name.
@GraceNote This is true.
snorts overkill pants...
56 mins ago, by StrixVaria
@Sterno You can fix that.
@GraceNote Oh, well excuuuuuuuuse mee princess
28 mins ago, by Sterno
@StrixVaria not without being literally worse than Hitler
10:38 PM
...huh. I accidentally missed that redirect but it's exceedingly hilarious where that ended up pointing at.
@Wipqozn Oh, good. That's just an image. Not a video link.
Woo my Golden Knight ate a tree so now she's resistant to cold~
There. That's better.
Although I need to crop out the stupid motivational.
Yay, working headphones!
@GraceNote Ice Ent?
10:40 PM
man colors were terrible in 80s cartoons
@SaintWacko But of course.
I've been running into a lot of Ents on hunting missions
None have dropped corpses, though :(
Oh, I now have a museum and a shop
Ent corpses are great. Good source of resistances, decent stat bonuses, and they are great for sacrificing.
Okay, so for my bard...
I kill bards on sight
10:41 PM
@SaintWacko I've been waffling on setting up a shop. I probably should but... effort. I even passed on a Master Thief just to serve as a shopkeeper (but I have better options now anyway).
Thinking I'll be focusing on Warrior (atk up) and Peace Ballad (tp recovery) first... then move onto other things. I'm not sure what.
@GraceNote I just bought a rogue warrior slave
I might do echoing rondo (awesome healing) and combine it with healing lullaby. Depending on how it goes I might swap out my medic.
or I might respec the medic so he can cast poison or paralyze.
but that won't be for awhile.
I'll be level 32 when I max out warrior and peace. Peace needs me to dump 5 points into Eerie Chorus (remove positive buffs from enemies) to unlock.
Q: Is it possible to hace the Corruption and the Crimson Biomes in the same world

Memor-Xi was reading in the wiki how there is a chance that the Corruption will be replaced with the Crimson i am wondering if when you get a world where you have the Crimson is it possible to also have the Corruption if you bring over corruption seeds from another world and use them or would you just ...

I'm nt sure how useful eerie chorus will be. It's TP cost is really high.
10:43 PM
@Wipqozn Enemy debuffing is something you'll learn to be very valuable.
@GraceNote Okay, in that case it isn't going to be a waste of 5 points. Excellent.
The TP cost is still really high though. It's 40TP for the level 5 version, which is what I need to unlock Peace Ballad.
40TP to remove 2 buffs per enemy.
Well by the time I hit 32 I'm sure I'll know how much I'll want debuffing. I can always put points into it to lower the cost. I think I can get it down to 25 at level.
I assume it'll reset to 40 at level 10 for 3 buffs.
Q: Technical know-how, lacking resources

ZBowmanI have an idea for a website involving the gaming industry. A decent amount of work has already been put in to developing the site and the idea as a whole. I have been doing the work solo. Recently I was married and have some college/wedding debt, so I am forced to work constantly and am unabl...

well for the time being I'm just going to continue hoarding Bard skill points and wait until I have enough stocked up to do some testing. I'm not sure if I want to go for Warrior or Peace Ballad first.
Actually it's about time I started getting a better idea of what I want to do with my main party. Scumb decisions, needed to be decided.
I have no idea what I'm going to do with my protector.
I'll need to figure out how effective her defense up skills are. Defender is, I assume, very good.
A quick google search suggests defender is a % reduction to damage, which is nice.
But that's for the original game.
Man, I feel like @badp right now. I'm just talking to myself in chat about a game.
You've got to be kidding me.
Can someone help me with this question?
Q: Experience Multiplier in War of the Roses?

Young GuiloIn War of the Roses a standard execution gives 160 exp. However after reaching level 5 prowess on my Archer I received 320 exp for every execution. This only lasted for one game though which makes me believe this wasn't a reward for reaching level 5. When I searched there didn't seem to be any re...

10:54 PM
@YoungGuilo Are people still playing that?
@Wipqozn the feeling I've got lately is that Grace returned being active after I stopped being as active
clearly she's been avoiding me!
I remember taking a look the servers were really empty.
@Wipqozn yeah it has over 100,000 people online
Framing Frame, day 1, was doing it solo stealth to science the "do broken lights help?" question on day 3, and there was an extra guard.
Who knows what shady plans she is scheming behind my back!
10:55 PM
@YoungGuilo Holy snap crackle and pop. That's quite an improvement.
Q: How to counter knife attack

NovargAs the topic says. How can I counter the knife attack? I've read about it somewhere and saw a video, but I still can't figure out how to counter the knife. Like to the video: ...

@badp I've noticed a drop in your activity, although I wasn't sure if I was just being crazy.
@Wipqozn what do you mean?
@YoungGuilo The game looked like it was going to just die off for a while there, due to lack of players.
@Wipqozn yeah, I've kind of got a day job now and sometimes it turns into an evening job too when I feel like it :P
10:57 PM
@YoungGuilo I have no idea, but have an upvote.
@Wipqozn umm thanks, just want an answer though ;)
@badp Oh my. A working man now.
good news is this madness is temporary and will end in February-ish
@badp If your work drives you insane, can I have your diamond?
@Wipqozn you don't have to ask me!
you have to ask just about everybody :P
11:00 PM
@badp Nah man, pretty sure modship is something you can juts pass around.
@badp Awwww, you're leaving us so soon already? :P
@FEichinger I know! Time flies!
Good news is you will be able to stop being invisible after that, so that there are no chances I can possibly stumble into you
@Wipqozn I'm pretty certain that'd be the kind of scenario where both characters get their italics removed and a recorded laughter sound is played at our expense
@badp Italics is for room ownership, you silly goose.
@Wipqozn I'm just trying to put it in terms that are easy to relate to.
like if I were to remove your italics right now!
11:03 PM
ta-bum dssssh
recorded polite laughter sound
I can resume viewing deleted messages!
oooo, provoke. I see.
It only makes me 100% more likely to be targeted.
Maybe I should put those points elsewhere.
Provoke is something you'll learn to be very valuable.
ASsuming it stays the same stat wise.
Debuffs and binds ftw
@GraceNote In that case, maybe I will keep it.
11:09 PM
@Wipqozn If you haven't yet, start paying attention to what causes the yellow drops from monsters.
@Sterno Until he rolls FAE or I into the party, he ain't got binds I don't think.
That leads to better gear
It seemed valuableat first, but since it seems like it's only a 100% increase I wasn't sure how helpful it would be. PLus I assume as I go deeper in the dungeon there are more attacks which hit multiple party members.
@Sterno Is there someway to figure this out?
The only one I know if is insect eyes, and that's because the game told me.
@Wipqozn Observation. Sometimes guys in the bar will tell you
Or, googling
@Sterno Okay, I'll need to talk to those bar people.
I talk to them every so often
11:10 PM
Experimentation I find is most fun.
But the general rule is "kill them while they have some status effect on them, or kill them with a certain type of damage"
That sounds pretty cool
The most part is "Kill with an element", "Kill without an element", "Kill with status", and "Kill with bind", for whichever elements (physical or magical), statuses, or binds are applicable.
For a lot of them, if it's damage-type based, it corresponds to what they're weak against
Or what they're strong against.
11:12 PM
Maybe in EO1. In EO4, I can only remember one enemy type that you had to hit with what he was resistant to
Well, for protecter I think I'll focus on front guard for now, since I already have 5 point into provoke.
Yay, got my modmic put on my headphones!
@Sterno It's pretty even in EO3, though also in there is "Just whatever makes sense for the enemy type". Usually, though, it's bosses that you have the "HAHAHA TRY TO SUCCEED DOING THIS" resistant-to-element ones.
Now for my Ronin (aka @Sternold) I think I'm going to respect, and then just level up Upper Stance and Swallow Strike.
Ooh, on that note - do you have to activate stances or are they sticking to it as a passive?
11:17 PM
@GraceNote You have to activate them. They last for 3 turns by default, but can reach 5 turns (I think) by leveling to 10.
@Wipqozn Hwargh.
So back to the original. Bother.
They've added turn limits to everything. Apparantly the bard buffs lasted forever in the first game, but now they only last 3 turns.
They had turn limits before, as did stances.
It was 5 turns before, though.
Okay, so that one post I stumbled across was horribly, horribly wrong.
@GraceNote 5 turns at level 10.
There is a skill to further increase all buffs as well I think.
Which I might get.
Though the special song in EO2 I think that one had no duration on it.
11:23 PM
ACtually not sure what to do for my Ronin.
Either overhead stance or peerless stance.
Why not poke @Sterno for his grizzled advice?
OVerhead increases atk/def, and Peerless increases atk/def/hit rate/turn speed/evade rate.
Peerless is more expensive, but I'm assuming each bonus is lower.
Oh wait, right. I need to dump 5 points into overhead to get the skill I want anyways.
Well sterno, I think it's time for you to take a rest.
Better now than later.
Although, before I do, testing
I would've been amused if you ended up with @Sterno retiring before you even finished the first stratum.
This is...weird.
Sterno can't use any skills.
I forgot to put his wepaon back on. Derp.
Actualy hm, looks like Horse slash might be more cost effective.
Less damage per strike, but a lot cheaper.
11:34 PM
Huh. Can't seem to connect to Steam.
Gonna restart my computer real quick. "When in doubt, off and on."
Horse Slash seems to do 60% of the damage of swallow strike, but only costs 3TP where as swallow costs 10.
Q: Heist preparation always fail

NovargI'm now preparing for one of the heists. Right now I gotta get 4 Gauntlets and mod them. The problem is: I'm playing as Trevor and I only have $11127. I got into a Gauntlet and the mission started. I should drive it into the Los Santos Customs: If I hit anything the mission fails with words:...

In that case, I'll stick with Horse Slash for now. I'll do some testing again somewhere around level 30, when I have more TP, and see how much the damage difference is then.
@Yuki WHAT?!
Q: I need an anwser about a dlc

thatnigg7If i download a dlc on one of my ps3s will it be copied onto my other playstation 3, they both share one profile. I havent tried anything because i dont know what to do help please.

11:44 PM
Huh. A lot of you are playing Terraria.
Is there an Arqade Terraria server or something?
@Yuki I have no idea what I'm doing. I've literally just started playing it yesterday
@Unionhawk From what I remember, it's like 2D Minecraft with more boss fights.
@Lazers Edits to the rescue!
Also pretty sure that's a dup.
I should set up the server, I'll ask whoever was working with one how they did it.
Gonna grab dinner. One in my own actual kitchen, and one that decidedly doesn't involve corpses.
11:47 PM
It was @3ventic.
@Yuki It just got a major update yesterday
@GraceNote Aww, but no stat boosts, then!
@SaintWacko I figured, but I was wondering if everyone was playing on an Arqade server or if it was all on your lonesomes.
@Yuki Oh, I think there's a server that a few people play on
I'm playing on a server with my girlfriend
A few people are playing on their own
@Yuki I'm doing a singleplayer right now, if only to figure out what the hell I'm doing here (it's a lot like minecraft in that sense too)
@Wipqozn I'm not entirely fond of the user's name. But I could be reading too much into it.
11:50 PM
@Unionhawk Terraria has one thing that Minecraft could really use: The Guide
I was just wondering if I should jump on Terraria instead of Monster Hunter or something.
@Fluttershy I didn't even notice his name until you pointed it out, but I'm assuming it's intentional.
@SaintWacko Oh hey, he does give more useful advice than just "here is how to craft". Okay, this makes a whole lot more sense
@Unionhawk The most useful thing is the showing him an item
@Wipqozn It's a moderator's problem now.
"WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I NEEDED ADVICE ON THINGS EARLIER?" "Standing right next to you." "...crap I feel dumb" "Yep."
Simulated dialogue between me and The Guide
@SaintWacko All food boosts some sort of stat. Corpses are primarily only good for STR/CON (special corpse bonuses not-withstanding)

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