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6:00 PM
Interplay must have just wanted to get a last dig in at Bethesda or something.
It ensures that a huge number of people have the games and won't ever need to repurchase them.
@Sterno Good thing I have no checks.
@OrigamiRobot Same here!
@Sterno Seriously, debit cards are the best thing since sliced bread, especially if they have a chip in them.
yesterday, by Sterno
@3ventic Yeah, but the Brits couldn't get English right, so the US had to take over for them.
@JasonBerkan I barely ever use checks either. But I find it amusing because my parents consider them safer.
> What's needed to create a demand draft? Simply the account number and bank routing number — information found on every single check. Write a check to your 12-year-old babysitter, and she has all the information she would need to clean out your account.
6:02 PM
That's kind of rad.
Using a cheque up here is almost impossible nowadays. You need 3 pieces of ID and a signature in blood before most companies will accept them.
Whenever someone writes "a check" I immediately think of a passport check or something
@Sterno Can you send me a cheque in the mail?
@Wipqozn I don't know what a "cheque" is, sorry.
@Sterno Can you send me that thing you craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy Americans refer to as a check in the mail?
6:04 PM
@Sterno A person I think.
@Wipqozn I can.
From the Cheque Republic
@Sterno Great! Also, if all your money does missing it wasn't me.
I'm Canadian, so I'm too nice to steal.
@3ventic I think you mean a "passport cheque."
6:07 PM
@Sterno hahah, that's great.
A check is something you throw on a hockey rink.
A: How do I gain access to the R&D Lab?

user65463then what? fdsfsdfsdfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

You gotta wonder sometimes why websites bother with a minimum post length check.
@Sterno Because it's next to impossible to evade!
@Fluttershy ...no
@Sterno Should add a check for repeating characters too..
@3ventic You mean a cheque for repeating characters?
6:16 PM
Damnit . . . Am I the only American here to defend our spelling practices?
No, @Sterno is American
@Sterno High five!
So is @OrigamiRobot
I don't really care if people use American English or English English
6:21 PM
I also am an American but I say colour anyway. Natch.
And, while we're at it, Color doesn't need a u!
No, I am a robout.
@DavidM I can't high five you. I disagree with your spelling of "damnit"
LOL @GraceNote
@Sterno It was the colloquial spelling
@DavidM colouquial
6:22 PM
@Sterno I'm trying to figure out how to pronounce "Pflug"
@OrigamiRobot A robout.
@GraceNote The U is silent.
Interestingly, searching for "colour" returns the exact same list. I hate you, SE chat search
@Sterno Yeah, natch.
6:22 PM
@Fluttershy Crap, you beat me to it!
@GraceNote like "flug" except start with your lips together.
The expression on the dog's face is priceless.
@OrigamiRobot That implies that you stand around with your lips apart and then start speaking. LOL
@DavidM which one? The one on the roomba?
@MBraedley Yeah, he's like, seriously people? You're not going to fix this?
6:26 PM
@DavidM When speaking, my lips are apart more than together.
@OrigamiRobot I would hope so
@OrigamiRobot It also helps when eating, too
@OrigamiRobot Just read a big scientific study on that.
@OrigamiRobot what are you talking about? You don't have lips, you're a robot!
@MBraedley Robots can have lips! They just don't need them
@MBraedley You're thinking of chickens.
@DavidM I have no idea what you're on about. What I do know is you don't use proper replies.
What the hell? I just voted in the Community Choice, and the game I voted for isn't even an option anymore. o_o
6:30 PM
Q: COD Ghosts Squad Mode XP Limit

peper757There is most definitely an XP limit in Squads. But does anyone no what the limit is? I don't ever seem to be able to go more than a level up at a time.

@Sterno Apparently!
Jul 11 '11 at 21:13, by Grace Note
@ArdaXi The last time I sailed that ship, I was using double-synthetic exponential growth to prove that 3x = 68x for some non-zero value of x, reasoning that this was only true by using complex numbers and thus allowing us to shift all the negative counterpart of x into imaginary number space, leaving us with nothing but real, valuable diamonds.
Great, now I have to refresh my memory on when I sailed that ship.
I don't want to binding-close it, particularly because that might look self-serving, but I thought it was worth mentioning here in case you guys are big closers (I don't spend enough time on this site to know).
We generally try to avoid retroactively closing duplicates.
6:38 PM
They're old enough to not really worry about them now.
Happily, they aren't even dupes!
Oh, shoot, I guess they are. Misread that first one.
8 seconds until Canada beats the US at the world juniors!
I'd just leave 'em be.
We're number 1 (in the round robin)!
I don't even know what you're talking about.
6:43 PM
@Sterno Curling.
World junior hockey tournament.
This is a thing that about .1% of the US population cares about.
@Sterno Funny enough, that statement is accurate for both curling and hockey.
> Top Ten Countries by percentage of Unique Visitors/population*
1. Canada 21.26%
2. United States 15.46%
3. Australia 12.56%
4. Sweden 10.38%
6:44 PM
@Yuki Though there are American hockey players. Almost all the American curlers are ex-Canadians.
Ice soccer is just as boring as regular soccer.
how are some people earning the 2014 hat when its not 2014 yet?
@Sterno Hockey.gif
6:50 PM
@Ender It's 2014 where Private Pansy lives. He's granting us early access.
@Ender Because time zones are a thing.
@Yuki That SE ignores.
im aware of time zones,i just dont know where the LINE is
@Ender The international date line.
6:51 PM
@JasonBerkan Clearly, hats are important enough for SE to make the distinction.
@GraceNote yea that
That's where the line is.
no its not. thats the name
It's a name that refers to a position.
@Ender One would assume that the International Date Line is where the International Date Line is.
6:53 PM
That.. didn't work as planned
Can anybody guess what the next Humble bundle is gonna have?
Chrome does not like Zalgo, apparently.
It's somewhere in the middle of the Pacific is the best I can tell you.
If the International Date Line isn't where the International Date Line is, that would just be all kinds of confusing.
@Ufoguy I can.
6:54 PM
@GraceNote that works
Doesn't mean I'll be right.
Just 6 minutes to go
In spite of how, y'know, geography and math work, the International Date Line is not, in fact, a line and actually bounds and zig-zags.
Alaska is near enough to it, and Canada is near enough to that, so really blame @Wipqozn for this.
Oh hey, Awesome Shapes got added to the current IndieRoyale Bundle
That game is really... weird.
6:54 PM
@Yuki Can you tell me your guess
I predict that Dark Souls II will be in the next Humble Bundle despite the fact that DSII won't be released until March.
@GraceNote 'Cept he's almost as far away from Alaska as you can be and still be in Canada.
6:56 PM
I hate Indie Royale. It doesn't have linux games.
Also, Duke Nukem Forever And Ever will be in the next Humble Bundle despite the fact that it is not and never will be a thing.
@JasonBerkan Listen, the International Date Line doesn't believe in matters of math and geography, so I permitted myself the same liberties in assigning blame of it.
And on the off chance it does become a thing, it won't be released until the Rapture.
Does Dark Souls have a Linux version?\
6:56 PM
@Ufoguy GFWL required, so I doubt it
@Ufoguy Mostly likely not.
@3ventic GFWL is being phased out
@ElfSlice doesn't mean all games using it are stopping
@Ufoguy Some of them are linux supported
6:57 PM
@RedRiderX C-c-c-combo!
Although it looks like only 2 in the current one are on Linux
I wonder how many of the games will have Linux support!
@GraceNote I deserve this blame.
1:45 secs to go
@RedRiderX I love goats.
They're such huge jerks. They're great.
6:59 PM
It has a fat face like that of a bull dog
Like Cartman from South Park
17: secs to go
3 secs
@Wipqozn The baby ones are just adorable too. Adorable little d--kwads.
Hahaha, Humble is crashed?
Oh, there we go. Looks like they didn't launch the next one immediately.
7:01 PM
God! Why? Why?
@Ufoguy The current IndieGameStand feature is linux supported, but I haven't played it and can't tell you if it's any good.
Well, I'm off! You probably won't see until tomorrow, so I hope all you guys have a fantastic new year, and a great 2014. You're all fantastic people, and I love you all. Especially Wipqozn. That guy is great.
Luxuria Superbia and Full Bore. Awesome games.
@Wipqozn And so handsome.
7:03 PM
@Ufoguy the Groupees Holiday Helpings Bundle has a couple of Linux games as well, including Gateways, which is like a more sciency 2D portal kind of. Really cool game.
Anyone have Steam winter cards 2, 4, 8, or 9 for 3, 7, or 10?
@Ullallulloo I have an extra 4
@Ullallulloo I have an extra 2 to trade for 7 or 10
@ElfSlice Thanks!
7:05 PM
@Ullallulloo Merry Christmas! :P
EU4 is $10 at the Humble store.
EU4 is great and more people should play it.
do it
7:08 PM
@Ullallulloo super cool
Full Bore is excellent.
It's coming to Steam, too
@ElfSlice I meant 3ventic's card trade, but that looks cool too.
@Ullallulloo sruebksrdjngtsdrlndgf
oooo this looks cool
So, any one know when Humble Bundle is most likely to be updated with a new bundle?
@Ufoguy shrug I don't think they make that information public.
Speaking of bundles, Bundlestars has some cool ones running right now (not much Linux though I'm afraid).
7:11 PM
Did they do this before or is this the first time?
@Ufoguy I think they do this every time.
It will probably be up soonish.
@Ufoguy What kind of games do you like? I might be able to help you find some stuff you'd be interested in.
Okay I'm done.
7:14 PM
I like Amnesia, Rochard, Half Life
Dustforce, Edge
@Ufoguy Rochard is so good. Those are three wildly different games.
Dustforce is fantastic.
Mar 19 at 14:45, by OrigamiRobot
@RonanForman It's a classic.
I wonder if we'll see Valdis Story on a humble bundle.
That game is so good
@RedRiderX I know, I posted it because I loved @OrigamiRobot's reaction.
7:15 PM
@ElfSlice Yeah, Rochard was just amazing. I especially like physics in it.
@RonanForman It's so @OrigamiRob
Throwing the boxes at the fat guys was amazing.
@Ufoguy Yeah that game was a lot of fun
I preferred that to shooting
disappointing ending, but forgiveable I suppose.
@Ufoguy Also, this:
7:17 PM
@ElfSlice If Rochard Then Whatever that rouge-like version of Rochard was called?
@RedRiderX I think you're confusing it with another game.
@ElfSlice It was very similar to Rochard.
With the drilling and the boxes and the space.
@Ufoguy If you liked Rochard, I'd recmomend Trine, which is on sale for $1, but it doesn't look like it supports linux.
Give me a minute or two.
@RedRiderX Pit-something?
@Ullallulloo Sword of the Stars: the Pit?
7:19 PM
Pitman is nothing like Rochard
good music
@Ender Yesssss
No think Rouge-like-like
felt a bit like Rochard but proc-gen rooms
@RedRiderX Oh. Cargo Commander
7:20 PM
@ElfSlice YES
That game was actually pretty fun
For a while.
Got bored with it after a bit.
@ElfSlice ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Hi Bridge!
7:21 PM
@Ufoguy I have a feeling you would really enjoy Gateways. And it's available on Linux!
Happy New Year!
@Minsc Hi!
I think I saw Gateways in one of the bundles some one posted.
@Ufoguy groupees.com/hh This one
You get to pick and choose which games you get from the bundle.
There's a minimum of two and there's two linux games.
Gateways and Gentlemen!
Gentlemen is awesome, but you need somebody else to play it with.
$1 if you want those two games.
Gateways really deserves more attention.
7:24 PM
How does the price work? I don't get it
@Ufoguy You choose which games you want. The more you have, the higher your 'minimum' price is. For two games you have to pay at least $1
If you add a third you have to pay at least $1.50
50 cents per game
Which is unreal
There are some dope games in that bundle too.
QUBE, Ethan Meteor Hunter, Driftmoon, Gateways
@Ufoguy I also really recommend Full Bore.
Very well put together game
How much time do they generally take to update the Humble bundle?
@Ufoguy shrug
Couple hours maybe.
Maybe they're waiting for the new year
Wouldn't be surprised.
7:30 PM
So, what time is it now?
Where you live that is
It's 1:02 AM here
2:31 PM
December 30?
Jan 1
I liked Night Sky too. I'm a fan of story based physics games.
I hated it when the gun could shoot bullets in Rochard. LOL!
7:34 PM
Night Sky never really grabbed me.
It was okay I guess.
@Ufoguy Check out Volt
@Ufoguy And Type:Rider
@ElfSlice These games look like pimped up Nightsky versions. LOL!
@Ufoguy Type Rider is similar in a lot of ways, yeah.
Volt is pretty different.
@Ufoguy Also The Story of Xid, although it appears to be Windows only
@Ufoguy Have you played/enjoyed Super Hexagon?
@Ufoguy Oh, also definitely check out Luminesca
It doesn't seem to have puzzles or story or physics.
7:40 PM
@Ufoguy Super Hexagon? Indeed not.
Super Hexagon, I mean
@Ufoguy Gateways has all of those things.
It seems to be good.
Full Bore has puzzles and story, but no physics.
Puddle has physics and maybe puzzles, but no story.
Inverto is a first person puzzle game where you manipulate gravity to get around. Seems like the developer is having trouble though, it hasn't been updated in some time now.
Wow, so there seem to be a lot of games for Linux too.
Thanks to Unity 3d
7:43 PM
@Ufoguy I am really into the Indie Game scene, so if you ever want recommendations, just hit me up in chat. =]
@ElfSlice is so into the indie game scene, he is the indie game scene.
@Ufoguy Oh, oh, also, Megabyte Punch is an awesome game. It's a physics platformer with combat like Super Smash Brothers.
Also it's on Steam now.
Huh, got flagged.
Bye guys.
I honestly didn't see that as terribly offensive, because (1) I'm Asian and (2) I've eaten dog meat before. It's really gamey and not tasty at all.
Oh come on people enough with the flagging, I'm trying to drink here.
@Ufoguy Grimind
7:47 PM
@Yuki I intentionally flagged it because he asked for it.
We'll flag what we want!
This is why we can't have nice things
@Ufoguy Intrusion 2 has some cool physics, but it's mostly a shooty platformer.
I am a nice thing.
7:49 PM
@Ufoguy If you really love physics in games, you need to play Cortex Command
@Sterno in Soviet Russia, I flag you! And since I'm Putin, it is binding. For ten years.
@OrigamiRobot Me too!
Insert obligatory "flagged as" joke here?
@ElfSlice I tried Cortex Command, but I gave up in the training level itself. I guess pixelated retro and physics don't go very well for me.
7:52 PM
@Ufoguy Once you get the hang of it you can have a lot of fun with it. But it's definitely hard to get into.
I can't speak for everyone but personally I'm holding my breath for the Expansion Pack for FTL
@elfslice How was Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf?
@Sterno Unique.
I couldn't beat the final boss
@Sterno Here's an entire playthrough of the game:
It's like 3 minutes long.
7:55 PM
You should have keyboarded harder
Soo ... why did @Yuki get an hour?
Cactus should get mental help.
Ah, I didn't know until I saw that in-game logo that it was a play on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles name
@FEichinger Becuase you get d6x15 minutes ban.
@RonanForman ಠ_ಠ
7:57 PM
@FEichinger Are you suggesting there's more logic than that?
It could also be a 2^d20 ban, which would explain where the year long ones come from.
@ElfSlice I've never been high but I imagine it's something like that game
@Sterno I hope so.
@Ufoguy Have you played Waking Mars?
@Ufoguy Also KRUNCH
8:13 PM
Yeah I am currently playing Waking Mars. It's amazing
Bought it from Humble Store

Proposed Q&A site for writers, video game designers, movie creators

Currently in definition.

RIP 2013 2006-2011
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment PROTIP: Stop making planets that are all something (all desert / all forest / all city). It's boring.
@Ullallulloo that's a good top answer. Now General Mills needs to change their slogan to "Silly rabbit, Trix will kill you!"
8:29 PM
@MBraedley The one where the kids rob him of his box of trix that he legally purchased was the worst.
A: What is the cost per level progression in the game?

rbf2000The values for floors don't start according to a formula until you get to floor 12, which costs 12,150. Once you reach that floor, the formula is: 150 * (Floor # - 3) * (Floor # - 3) So, for floor 12 (which is actually the 10th floor you build) , you'd come up with: 150 * 9 * 9 = 12,150 For f...

This is a bit unnecessary
8:50 PM
Oh hey, I'm back.
hi peoples
Aren't first offenses supposed to be 15 minute bans or something?
Also, oh god I got chatbanned. Am I turning into @ElfSlice?
@Yuki what did you do? O-o
@spugsley I posted an image that, in hindsight, was probably pretty offensive.
@Yuki ah ok
8:52 PM
@spugsley To paraphrase:
1 hour ago, by Yuki
I honestly didn't see that as terribly offensive, because (1) I'm Asian and (2) I've eaten dog meat before. It's really gamey and not tasty at all.
@Yuki yeah I scrolled up and saw it
I'm just kinda slow lol
Yeah, I got an hour-long ban for that. Which surprised me, since I thought first offenses didn't ban you for that long.
Well, I guess when I screw up, I seem to do so very badly.
I thought it was 30min
The other odd thing was that when I was banned, it first read 30m and then (when I refreshed) it jumped to 1 hour.
A mod probably changed the duration then
8:59 PM
Mods can change a ban length after the fact if they feel it's the right thing to do.

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