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7:00 PM
@Axelrod What do you think protesting their gutting of the ethics committee and calling their senators to do something about it is?
@Ronan Consider this: there's a man who was a Democrat for all of his life until a few years ago -- he's been Blue longer than his opponent was, and was her personal friend for decades -- whose run was egged on by those same people.
Useless and pointless complaining
If you think he's going to do what he says, you haven't been through enough presidential elections.
holds finger to earpiece I'm being told that pressure actually worked to kill that as a thing
7:01 PM
But more to the point, if you think you know what he's said and you haven't looked at full transcripts, you're just as badly off.

Proposed Q&A site for participants of PennApps, and PennApps information

Currently in definition.

@Axelrod His cabinet appointees seem to be painting a relatively clear picture of how he intends to proceed in his term
@Axelrod What? Have you not seen what he's being doing? The things he's been doing are exactly what people were worried he'd do.
@murgatroid99 It's a representation of holding people accountable which uses torture as a device to convey meaning. Where are you from?
Q: Distance walked count with Pokémon Go Plus

K. HoffmannI was wondering if someone can find a statement on what counts your walking distance when using Pokémon go plus. Is it still the phone or the Pokémon Go Plus instead? All articles I can find only state that it is counted but now how.

Q: Marvel: Contest of Champions: Is PVP real?

Distraction ArrestorI was playing Marvel: Contest of Champions game. The Game keeps players' win/loss statistics and displays the stats before every fight. But every player uniformly I fight has the same stats of about 85% to 90% where my win percentage is 89%! I played more than 200 matches and found this very odd...

Q: Mob-Only-Allowed Barriers

ghostwalker13I'm looking for a solution to solve my problem... I am currently in the process of creating a Custom Map, called 'Monster Troubles', where (at least) 2-4 players defend their 'house' from being destroyed. For the mobs to completely destroy the house, one just has to step on a Gold Block where a ...

7:02 PM
That's currently what the action plan is
@Axelrod Personally, I'm from New Jersey
@Ronan A different matter entirely.
@Axelrod Yeah, that's what we thought, but we're unclear as to who exactly protesting isn't doing that.
@murgatroid99 You should have heard it before.
It's not about "let's try to pull magic bullshit to elect john Kasich" or anything like that anymore
7:03 PM
@Unionhawk Anymore.
As of... two weeks ago, right?
@Axelrod But that's what we're doing. We're doing the "holding feet to the fire" thing. And you're complaining about it and calling it moaning.
The tears shed could have been used to save endangered fish.
@Axelrod OK. I haven't. Regional dialect differences are a thing
It's about "these policies are reprehensible, we need to make sure congress knows"
@Axelrod lolwat
7:03 PM
@Ronan Complaining about the winner isn't holding them accountable.
@Yuuki Exaggerating the amount of crying done.
Well, maybe not.
@Axelrod Whenever the period of "potential magic bullshit thanks to the fact that the electoral college exists" ended
@Axelrod What, pray tell, actions would you consider "holding someone accountable"?
@Axelrod Yes it is. When they do something bad we make sure everyone knows that thing is bad and why it's bad.
Which ended in the final vote count in the senate
@Axelrod OK, as a mod, I'm saying back off with this stuff about "crying". It's inflammatory and adds nothing to the discussion
7:05 PM
Was just about to reiterate my point about "xd liberal tears"
@murgatroid99 Phrases that are hundreds of years old.
@Axelrod Why do you even care? Different regions have different idioms.
@Yuuki Restructuring the protests to be about issues rather than people. Not reporting petty bull as top ranking news when crap like the aforementioned ethics committee move are done. Actually addressing the problems. It's a start.
@Ronan The winner isn't even in yet.
He's nominated Jeff Sessions for AG
And others
@Axelrod That doesn't mean they're not assigning cabinet positions.
They're still doing things.
7:08 PM
@murgatroid99 And as someone who invested himself heavily in this conversation, I'm sure your own end should be clean as well. Let's keep it above board.
It's not like he hasn't done anything yet because it's not Jan 20 yet and Jeff Sessions is Obama's fault
@Ronan Are there more "No Sessions" protests or more "No Trump" protests?
@Axelrod I was not under the impression that the protests were held because of topics like the size of his hands?
Because there's exactly one Sessions protest going on right now. It features people posing as strawmen allusions to a pro-KKK past.
@Unionhawk pls
7:10 PM
@Axelrod How is the number of protests important? People are against Trump and Sessions. But so far Trump has done more things, so more protests.
Can we not do the "small hands" thing either? This argument is already a little heated; that's not going to help anything
@Ronan So far, Trump has done no things.
@Axelrod Something something would there be "No Clinton" protests if she was the winner of the election?
Dec 29 '16 at 18:58, by Yuuki
@Texenox This is the point of view that I'm somewhat confused about when it comes to politicians. "Wait until Trump does something", do you realize what politicians and lawmakers do? All they do is talk and talk. Once they "do something", that "something" is a law. And now you've waited a bit too long.
@Yuuki We've already addressed this. The answer was "probably not".
@Axelrod I just said he's been appointing people to positions. Those are things.
7:11 PM
@Axelrod Trump has nominated people to the cabinet and they're being confirmed right now.
@Yuuki Right, because Rome was built in a day.
He's taken credit for saving thousands of jobs
@Unionhawk (and protested right now, people keep getting ejected left and right from the hearing)
@Axelrod It sure fell in a day though. /s
What is he up to, like, 10 thousand?
7:11 PM
There's been absolutely no time to go against individual movements. Like pipelines, trade agreements, etc.
@Yuuki It fell over the course of decades.
@Axelrod Exactly. Laws aren't made in one day, but there is a final day, and waiting until that final day is too long.
@Unionhawk And Obama took credit for reviving the economy. Politicians like to take credit for things they didn't do.
I'm just going to leave that one alone
The last one to actually cause the change they crowed about killed millions of native Americans. It's probably better this way.
@Axelrod Do we need to roll the tape on what one of the candidates in this race brought up on the topic of voting fraud and the acceptance of the result of the vote?
7:13 PM
@badp You mean which two? Whose paid supporters were protesting the machines used, again?
"Russians could hack the machines!"
I for one am a proud Hillary shill, and am being paid to do this right now /s
I won't go into the shillery of Hillary. I just wanted to make the point that there were two people complaining: one via sock puppets, the other directly.
@Axelrod You keep on turning to Obama and Clinton whenever you can and it makes feel like you're more concerned about red vs. blue than any sort of other discussion.
oh is this still going on?
7:16 PM
i thought mods were stepping in an hour ago
@Yuuki The comparisons are made for poignancy. Two candidates complained. I bring up those candidates. Two presidents (in 10 days), I bring up a president to make a point about concerns for the presidency.
oh if you guys don't want any more of this we can make it stop
just say the word.
@GodEmperorDune I keep trying to at least make it not about current events/elections and we still move back towards it.
Is the word Friday?
7:17 PM
@badp What word?
@badp It is getting rather tiring
OR you could make it stop by asking.
@badp The bird?
@Unionhawk I'm not telling~
i'm not trying to cast blame here but if you could move it to a side room that would be great
7:17 PM
@badp Is it abracadabra?
that would be too easy.
@badp the word
Scalebound got canceled. Wasn't that a Platinum title?
7:18 PM
@MadMAxJr Yes
Is it "GraceNote, I deleted the room. Pls send halp."?
@MadMAxJr It was in several "best upcoming games" lists.
@Yuuki Well, no, we discovered that mods have an undelete room
Their A team makes wonderful things. Their B team makes awful things. Wonder which one it was.
7:18 PM
since @fredley purposefully the sandbox
of course we can undelete rooms
did anyone have any doubt.
I can't keep track of what buttons you have that I don't
@badp I have no doubts, but I have questions. The line between Mod powers and CM seems blurry in a lot of cases.
Which incidentally no longer includes "timeout'
GDQ has Daikatana on the schedule...
7:20 PM
as of like 3 months ago
@Unionhawk You can't timeout the room? You're an RO!
@Axelrod just escalate and if it needs be we'll re-escalate
@badp Look, if there's an issue that needs to bring them in, the problem is systemic.
I mean, not necessarily
Thus why I'm curious where the line is.
7:21 PM
Actual mod abuse requires CM intervention
@Axelrod some things systematically do that, and that is on purpose.
That's probably about it
Mod abuse would be an example of systemic issues, yes.
Well, again, not necessarily
It could just be one guy
Just because a moderator can't hit a button and have an election doesn't mean there's a problem.
7:22 PM
It's not a bug, it's a feature. Like shooting out game disks on redundant handheld devices.
At any rate, everything they do visibly appears to be something mods can do. So the rest of the iceberg is what interests me.
"advanced user deletion" (that actually might be dev), "diamond removal surgery", etc
We should probably stop embedding diamonds in the skulls of moderators.
@MadMAxJr but then how would @ash assume control?
7:26 PM
That control is embedded in cyborg, not in the diamonds
@Unionhawk Can a CM remove a CM's CM?
I don't think CMs are allowed to act on employees
and CMs are employees
I mean I'd assume @TimStone would do that personally
And by @TimStone I mean his altar ego @TimPost
And by @TimPost I mean @TimStone
On the other hand I may be employed via shadow contract to carry out company assassinations. May
@TimStone can you please assassinate Oracle
7:28 PM
I don't doubt that SE has the resources to hire assassins
You can't assassinate Oracle, the licensing costs are just too high.
@TimStone I'm only slightly worried that your sentence seems to be cut off at the end.
Assassination is actually the final step in shadowbanning users
@Yuuki The Super CM is a ninja.
Much like the Tarrasque, Oracle must be reduced to -300 hit points then wished dead.
7:30 PM
@MadMAxJr I wish it dead, so now its hit points must be -300 right?
that's what you just said
And the Super CM Blue / Super CM God Super CM is flashy but no one recognizes them because Hercule stole their thunder.
It's a pre-req. -300hp first.
At least that's under AD&D rules.
You misspelled ADHD
@MadMAxJr It needs to be at -300 HP before I can wish that it dies?
@MadMAxJr but I already wish that it dies, therefore it must have -300 HP already.
@badp It restores itself at an insane rate.
Look if you want to debate rules semantics, we're going to need the ghost of Gary Gygax.
@MadMAxJr does he have -300 HP, too?
7:32 PM
Depends on how many hit dice his ghost has.
Ghosts can't hit dice, you silly
Also you don't want his ghost around, he will make rulings on everything in your day to day life.
They're incorporeal
Also why are you talking like Yoda
Don't poke holes in my nerd game logic.
I am RESPECTING your game logic by treating it as such. You should be honoured!
7:33 PM
@badp they can with a ghost touch weapon
TLDR; Oracle may be a Lich.
@GodEmperorDune are dice ghost touch weapons?
@badp ghost touch is an enhancement added to the weapon, so the dice very well could be ghost touch hit die
man someone doesn't like russian stack overflow
@GodEmperorDune They're improvised weapons though, so you'll have to take a -4 to attack.
@GodEmperorDune so you may be able to touch ghost touch dice weapons, but can you hit weapons?
7:37 PM
@badp yes, the ghost touch property allows them to hit both ghosts and non ghosts
@GodEmperorDune are the ghost touch dice weapons ghosts?
@badp I thought ghosts had no issue hitting corporeal things but corporeal things had a 50% chance of hitting ghosts.
@badp no
7:39 PM
@Axelrod yes, ghosts' weapons are naturally ghost touch weapons
okay, so since you can hit weapons for damage they must have some hit points
How many hit points does a non-ghost ghost touch dice weapon have
Sundering rules are weird.
Alternate caption: "I don't think this is what Ali meant by 'float like a butterfly, sting like a bee'."
cc @Ash
@badp by default, most weapons have hardness 10
hardness == object hit points
@GodEmperorDune how can something with negative health use something with positive health
Doesn't it lead to annihilation and a –290 HP ghost
7:42 PM
@badp that's not how hit points work
negative hit points are not anti hit points
Also a few photons
when a creature drops to -10 hit points they are usually ded
there are some exceptions
like a lich will regen after a time period as long as the phylactery is still good
and some spells let you go to more than -10
and the tarrasque is awesome and can do whatever it wants
cc @GodEmperorDune
@GodEmperorDune We went with the -CON option
@Axelrod yeah i wasn't taking alternate rules into effect
it's much simpler in 5e
7:47 PM
Everything is...
@Yuuki i feel terrible for not getting it
@GodEmperorDune Nana, nana, nana, nana, Batman.
@Yuuki HUE
i never referred to an old lady as nana so that was the missing piece
back to the topic at hand, I think that 3.5 has enough rules that it can outbadp @badp
I just want to see Batman and 4 grandmas take on the Tarrasque now.
@MadMAxJr Has Batman had enough time to prepare?
7:51 PM
@Yuuki no party goes up against a tarrasque without time to prepare
He's got 20 minutes before the bus arrives.
(Side note: I hate the Crazy Prepared Batman trope)
i mean you need a wish spell to kill it
it's not like everyone has one in the utility belt just in case
oh wait...
The Tarrasque may be awesome, but the Squirrasque is perhaps even better.
> The Squirrasque's gullet can hold 2 Huge, 8 Large, 32 Medium, 128 Small, or 512 Tiny or smaller creatures.

What. The. Hell. Seriously. By the definition of Baleful Polymorph, it must keeps its extraordinary abilities, and this is the way the ability was written, so it can do this. It still can't grapple worth a crap, but maybe it doesn't need to. Helpless foes can't really oppose grapple checks, now can they?

So let's imagine a camp of, say, nine Frost Giants, each at 15 feet in height. One is keeping watch, the others are asleep. A little squirrel waddles into the camp, and the giant i
@Yuuki that's why most DMs disallow polymorphs to a different size category
8:00 PM
Oh hey, I feel like it's appropriate to repost this (warning: Inception spoilers)
@GodEmperorDune That kind of ruins the point of polymorph.
There's plenty of shapeshifting things that do that and more.
@Yuuki This was an awesome story.
Depending on version, there may be standardized wording for swallow whole. If so that probably has a clause stating it cannot devour things unless it is one size category smaller than itself or smaller.
But a squirrel that can devour two older dragons is amusing, yes.
Basically the squirrel from perhaps one of the most bizzare moments of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure.
It has to make a successful grapple check first.
And its STR is garbage now, so that's basically a nil point.
But the sleeping part? Maybe.
@MadMAxJr Swallow Whole has a different RAW for Tarrasque.
8:11 PM
Don't you wake up if attacked? A squirrel biting you should do it.
The Tarrasque "grapples" via improved grab. Biting the enemy.
The party uses the squirrel as a trojan squirrel.
@MadMAxJr A valid tactic, if you can handle the swallow damage.
Is the squirrel also a pocket dimension or something so it's just normal sized?
@Unionhawk Its a polymorphed Terrasque. Which has all it's feats and inherent abilities.
I see
8:24 PM
@Frank Wait, doesn't it also get reduced in mental stats to that of a squirrel?
A trained Trojan squirrel.
Wear gloves when handling
@Axelrod It made its will save.
So it knows it was a Terrasque.
Now it's a pissed off squirrel that can swallow you whole.
@Frank If you're helpless.
Otherwise, it's probably not making that grapple check.
@Frank Do you still play FFXIV?
The squirrel disembarks 32 troops inside the fort.
Or 30 troops and one large supply wagon.
What would amuse me is if the squirrel also retained the mass value of the tarrasque.
Squirrel hops down from the tree, leaving a fair sized crater.
You'd be facing Real Life Superman issues at that point.
The squirrel collapses and dies of its own weight, but because it's a Tarrasque it regenerates over and over.
this discussion is still going?
8:35 PM
@GnomeSlice blame @badp
he didn't understand how ghost touch works
my battery died like 40 minutes ago
@badp Car? Phone? Positronic brain?
not telling
@badp is that 40 time cube minutes?
it's 40 not-watching-AGDQ minutes
8:37 PM
40 cycles.
@Yuuki Havent for a while.
Too much else to play.
3 hours of pokemon emerald yesterday was too much AGDQ
We could have had Pepsiman 3 times
I think the awful games block is overnight sadly.
But tonight should have a Doom 2016 run.
8:53 PM
HMCS Esquimalt was a Bangor-class minesweeper that served in the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War. She saw service in the Battle of the Atlantic and in the Battle of the St. Lawrence. She was sunk in 1945, the last Canadian warship to suffer that fate. She was named for Esquimalt, British Columbia. == Design and description == The Bangor class was initially to be a scaled down minesweeper design of the Halcyon class in Royal Navy service. However due to the difficulty procuring diesel engines led to the small number of the diesel version being completed. The ships displaced 592 long...
So I'll be working with the survey team whose job it is to locate this wreck. Note the last sentence of the article.
Well @Yuuki has joined the team
who wants to take bets on whether or not he lasts to the end of the mission?
If I want to watch other people play video games, and it's not for MMO raiding, I'm watching Game Grumps. Preferably from the Jon Tron era.
@Wipqozn Ooo, what's my specialization?
@Yuuki rookie, so meatshield for now
8:59 PM
@Yuuki getting shot in the face

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