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1:04 PM
I hate it when snows overnight but I didn't know it snowed so I'm going out to my car expecting to not have to brush all the snow off but then because it snowed I do
And that's how you make a really terrible sentence kids.
are you italian
is there a stereotype for Italians having bad grammar? Because if so then I'll say yes
@BlueBarren italians are just all around terrible CC @badp
Q: Notifications not going away

KikiraAngelI've updated the game multiple times - I just recently switch my game to a new phone and Temple Run 2 keeps telling me I have artifacts I have yet to collect coins for. However I've already collected them but the notifications won't go away.

@BlueBarren not grammar. grammar isn't quite the right level
spelling is at letter level
grammar is at word level
this is sentence (cluase?) level
1:09 PM
Either way
I'm just bad
you could say I'm bad...p
not sure what the correct name for it is
1:21 PM
I asked a question on MSDN and they said it didn't belong there because I'm apparently Unit Testing
even though I'm not
Maybe I misinterpreted what the person was saying, for those curious
YAY suicidal plans
@arda um stop?
don't do it?
Why recovery key?
God dammit
> Drive Label: ******* OSDisk
lol reboot fixed it
god dammit
1:36 PM
@Unionhawk Have ๐Ÿ‘ you ๐Ÿ‘ tried ๐Ÿ‘ turning ๐Ÿ‘ it ๐Ÿ‘ off ๐Ÿ‘ and ๐Ÿ‘ on ๐Ÿ‘ again?
Well everything is still broken
Pretty scary that bitlocker can bork itself tbh
Q: Lack of new missions in GTA5

AdeCochiseDoes anyone have any idea how to get around the "lack of missions" in Grand Theft Auto 5 .... I have been stalled after Chop and seem to be just doing pickup journey's with Tonya. So little was going on that I ended up driving around the entire "world" which took hours and was very nice, but not ...

@Lazers2.0 how are you supposed to answer that? The guy can play the game however he wants
1:49 PM
@Vemonus can't believe I used "their" instead of "there". thanks. My brain was thinking its easier to type their for some reason.
Dropped a clothes boat on it
I got one of my... 6 items to fix today done
(by remembering what the name of the TFS server was)
Now I need to wait to hear back from my manager to fix 3/4 left, then wait until 9:30 to get the last one
@Unionhawk sounds like your morning is going to be soooo exciting
It's going OK
This is more exciting than "Hey did you fill out your I-9?" "No because I didn't have my social security card yesterday"
I'm pretty sure I still need to do a federal tax form or something but idk
@Wipqozn Yes.
3D printing in French

Proposed Q&A site for the tools and applications of 3D printing for french speaker

Currently in definition.

2:02 PM
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment there isn't even a french so
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment there's barely enough traffic to the non-french 3d printing site
I think the description is correct: "for french speaker", singular
@badp "The side ham of shame"
2:20 PM
@BlueBarren I'd rant on why I'm feeling this way, but even the fact that I'm ranting (and therefore concerning people) is depressing to me.
@arda if it helps rant, I don't mind being concerned
I love how he describes progress in terms of which items he wants to pick up next
@BlueBarren It doesn't help. I just get some relaxation for a few hours and continue to suffer the very next day.
@arda D:
2:35 PM
Is it lunch time yet?
@Yuuki excellent
@Unionhawk no
Is it lunch time UTC though?
like 2 hours ago
@Unionhawk No, that was hours ago. You've missed it
No lunch for you!
Q: Need help on Terirra on PS4

andreI just need people to play with on PS4 add me BiGBoY99_XXL I've already killed the eater of worlds and eye of Cthulhu many times to gather loot a good armor an weapons an I've just killed scalatron an just started going down in there an i neeed help going in there a looting the place any advice o...

Q: What features have been replaced with paid-for DLC features?

Ant PA number of Steam reviews for EU4 express sentiments like the following: Fun for a while, then once you realise they announce DLCs and remove content that was already in the game/charge for content that should've been in the game from the get-go or in a free DLC, then you realise how far you'...

2:51 PM
Yay, budget shortfalls in Texas because we plan our budgets 2 years at a time!
@Lazers2.0 that name
3:08 PM
man I really don't know what I'm doing xD
@BlueBarren 2017 in a nutshell.
Q: Why does minecraft not open when trying to open it with launcher

India LoaderI have tried redownloading minecraft and java,logging in and out and turning my laptop on and off. this is the error script or whatever. --- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // I let you down. Sorry :( Time: 1/10/17 3:02 PM Description: Initializing game org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not ...

Q: Why do Pokษšmon evolve so quickly?

TheBestQuestionAskerDoesn't evolution take millions of years? Wouldn't it be more realistic for the player to wait millions of years for one Pokษšmon to evolve (who cares if they die waiting)? And why does the Pokษšmon ITSELF evolve?!? I thought the generations after an organism would evolve!

@Yuuki for sure
Man, I cannot wait to play WoW today
3:13 PM
@SaintWacko My friend, on the other hand, is not excited.
If the patch changes are as stated, Demon Hunter is going to drop hard in the damage rankings.
@Lazers2.0 because it's a game? It's not real, it's not science, sherlock holmes was a book character
Which will also screw over our Mythic+ group.
@Yuuki I just started a DH, but they're currently a lot of fun
I hadn't looked at their changes
Ele shaman is getting buffed, though :D
@Lazers2.0 Also: what the hell happened to your "é"?
@Lazers2.0 I like how the user's name is "TheBestQuestionAsker" and the only question he's ever asked has -9 downvotes and is closed
3:16 PM
@Arperum it evolved
@SaintWacko Theorycrafting says they're going to be bottom 4 DPS.
Surprisingly quickly even!
@KevinvanderVelden Clearly
Bolstering week is going to be "fun".
We can barely manage timers on Bolstering +10 as it is because between him and me as Frost DK, we can output some really good burst AoE.
@Yuuki -1, not enough Pokษšmans
3:24 PM
@SaintWacko I actually did the math last night for how long I actually played WoW back when I played. I want to try playing it again, but then I remember that number, and it makes me rethink things. :P
@Fluttershy I feel like Legion is a lot more grind-tastic than previous expansions too.
But at the same time, the content is good.
Seriously not a fan of the current legendary system though.
Why?? Why do I live in this frozen country?
Because you're too lazy too move
It's that or Trump
Free healthcare?
@Sterno flegged for being meab to trump :(
3:31 PM
Free healthcare ain't all its cracked up to be. And I could move to a warm, non-US country.
@Sterno there are places other than Trumperica
@Yuuki Yeah, the legendary system is annoying, but the Legion content is amazing
@KevinvanderVelden Not after January 20 no
@Unionhawk it'll take a while for him to take over the world
@Unionhawk I've been practicing my Russian in preparation
3:32 PM
@KevinvanderVelden The senate is working hard on this already
I mean sure, he'll have access to a military larger than the rest of the world combined. BUT DETAILS
(actually is that true? I'm not sure)
@SaintWacko Side note: do you has an open slot for a DPS for raids? :D
@KevinvanderVelden Who knows what China has
And India's army is not inconsequential
Oh no, 42.8% of spending, not >50%
3:33 PM
If anything US plus Russia could become a thing
@Unionhawk that would be 50.0%
The group we've been talking to about teaming up for raids has been incommunicado for awhile now, though we're currently chalking that up to holiday stuff.
(russia is 3.6%)
@Yuuki I'm not sure about the main Alpha group, but we do in the Omega group
3:35 PM
Okay fine, then we'd just have the largest combined nuclear arsenal by like 6000
@KevinvanderVelden You're saying that 42.8 + 3.6 = 50? What math are you using?
That way we can focus on the important things: eliminating Jeff
@SaintWacko How long do your raid nights go? I usually have to drop out by 11p.
@Yuuki That hurt my eyes.
The Omega group is a more laid-back raiding group. It started out as sort of a training group, but everyone liked the atmosphere so much that we all stay in it, despite the fact that Omega is just barely behind Alpha in progression
@Yuuki What's your local time relative to server time?
3:36 PM
@Yuuki Holy hell. More grindy? Don't get me wrong, I love a good grind. It's why I play Destiny, FFXIV, and stuff like The Division, but damn... I've already spent 2,892 hours in Azeroth grinding for gear that was outdated on day 1 of a new expansion. I don't think I want to invest more time there.
@Fluttershy That's a lot of hours
@Fluttershy It's grindier but at least it's less of a daily grind.
@Yuuki This. There's a grind, but it doesn't feel like a grind
Daily quests aren't really a thing in this xpac. You have emissary quests every day, but you can hold three at a time so you don't have to do them every day.
If you're not a fan of dungeon grinding, you can just do one high-level Mythic+ dungeon and get good gear from a weekly chest.
I mean, if you're pushing bleeding edge progression, you're still grinding Mythic+ dungeons.
But that's for 1% of 1% of 1%.
@SaintWacko Although if you're like our tank who still hasn't gotten a legendary on any of his characters, it sure feels like a hell of a grind.
@Yuuki Ouch
It took me a long time to get my first legendary
But I have two on my ele now
3:40 PM
@Arperum no, I'm saying that 42.8 + 3.6 + 3.6 = 50
@SaintWacko My first legendary was a pretty darn good Blood ring back when I was planning to be our secondary/off tank.
Because you have to subtract it from the global as well, not just add it to america
@Yuuki I'm looking forward to opening my chest today. Finished a M+8 a couple nights ago
@SaintWacko Very nice.
We only barely missed out on completing a +10 Arcway last night.
@Yuuki I have the third and fourth best legendaries for my spec
@Yuuki Volcanic can go straight to hell
3:41 PM
Had the last boss at 4% and then my router died.
@Yuuki Waaat
Yay always connected gaming \o/
They weren't able to finish it without you?
I mean
@KevinvanderVelden ...It's an MMO...
3:41 PM
Wait I thought you were talking about diablo 3
No WoW
@KevinvanderVelden Haha
Now you look like quite the fool
I'll allow it
3:42 PM
@SaintWacko As melee, I don't really notice Volcanic. Teeming and Necrotic can f--k right off though.
Well, I guess I do notice Volcanic when the healer and ranged DPS just died and now we're screaming our heads off trying to reset the boss before he wipes the rest of us.
@Yuuki My problem with it is that as an ele shaman, I'm used to volcanoes and lava everywhere. It took a couple runs to train myself to be concerned about it. The healer got so annoyed at me the first time I ran a volcanic M+
Silly @KevinvanderVelden, tricks are for kids
@SaintWacko Yeah, we have an ele shaman on our group. He also despises Volcanic.
Add that to the fact that ele shamans don't handle high-mobility fights all that well and it's a mess
The new Icefury build will help with that a bit
@SaintWacko Preaching to the choir. My DPS drops like an anvil on high-mobility fights because of Icy Talons.
3:44 PM
Gives some more effective instant casts
Gaaah I want to go play so badly
To be fair: You were talking about demon hunter and he's in diablo as well
Oh, you never did answer, what's your local time compared to server time?
@SaintWacko I am Central Time, so...
@Yuuki Oh, perfect!
Raid time is 7:45-10:30, then
I'm Central, too
I couldn't remember where you lived
I can typically hit 300k on most boss fights, I've almost broken into 500k on stationary fights like Xavius when I don't get hit with debuffs. But on fights with high mobility, I can barely break the mid-200s.
3:45 PM
Wednesday and Friday
Losing Icy Talons stacks huuuurts.
@Yuuki I was usually doing around 313k in that +8
Generally I'm closer to 350k
So I don't get hit quite as badly
I've gotten good at stutter-stepping between casts
What is Icy Talons?
@SaintWacko It's the BIS first tier talent for Frost DKs. Whenever you Frost Strike, you gain a buff that increases your attack speed by 10% (stacking up to 3).
It lasts for like 5 seconds.
So it's really hard to keep up in high-mobility fights.
It was even worse when I didn't have the artifact trait that increased the range of Frost Strike.
Right now, the range is like 12 or 18 yards, it used to be melee-range.
@Ash This is my problem with the whole respecting people who disagree with you in politics. I respect someone's right to have a different opinion. I don't respect someone's right to hurt someone based on their differing opinion
@KevinvanderVelden WHere did that second 3.6% come from?
3:50 PM
@SaintWacko This would be so much easier if we could flag Donald Trump tbh
@Unionhawk Donald Trump has been banned for 1460 days
@Arperum I just typed out what I was doing and realized I am indeed mathing wrong
This is terrible, I blame @Wipqozn
@KevinvanderVelden You're just all sorts of wrong this morning! :P
@SaintWacko I'm apparently doing my @Uni impression
Now all you have to do is go "NO WAIT I'M AN IDIOT" which apparently passes for starbait these days
3:54 PM
I hate people :)
Pretty nearly 100% of all awful things have been done by people
I'm too bothered to see what this conversation is all about but I'm just going to assume there's drama and ban @Unionhawk
oh this is about Trump
I mean
Mine was about people in general.
I literally jut saw @Unionhawk saying he's not an idiot and assumed drama
wait I misread that
3:56 PM
Why would you do that
Man I blame society
@Wipqozn is this about trump?
Ah I see
@Unionhawk I just don't think you're an idiot
Oh wait yeah 3 messages of it is
3:56 PM
@KevinvanderVelden What isn't these days tbh
But @uni saying he's an idiot wasn't related to trump, that was a different conversation
I'm so confused
but I need to go
@KevinvanderVelden Just regular old facts.
Oh god the old version of this tool was a piece of crap lol
@Wipqozn farewell turtle o/
3:59 PM
unhandled exception when double clicking on items in the list
I'm glad I didn't develop this
Some application I was forced to learn for a semester at school crashed when you doubleclicked between row headers in an excel interface
So everytime I tried to autosize those...
This was also software where the first lesson was "Well the developers haven't supported this for years and don't want people to use it. BUT WE'LL LEARN IT ANYWAY"
I hate people even more now.
At least the acronym for the class was dutch for BOAT (BOOT)
4:03 PM
Anyone offended by avatar changes should blame @KevinvanderVelden for this one
And, really, just, know my avatar set by now
@KevinvanderVelden So you could be safe while everything around you ended up sinking?
Because I haven't uploaded a new one in like a year and a half
@Unionhawk If anyone blames me I'll also change my avatar
@Unionhawk Going back to one you used for a long time is harmless, multiple links to a person are possible.
Good, well, while caching is a thing... eh nevermind it should be fairly obvious
4:05 PM
Refreshing it brought the boat out for me already
Well there you go
@fredley pls
why would anyone do this
@Unionhawk because it wasn't a thing
tbh something closer to Desert Bus would be having to press down exactly once loosely every ten seconds
4:17 PM
current mental image: dessert bus
Is it lunch time yet?
Hmmm dessert bus
Q: Do you see a bus that drives around giving dessert or do you see a bus made out of dessert?
See that's the thing, I'm wondering which it would be
Probably the first, right?
Or like, a bus that takes you to super local dessert shops
You know, like a brew bus
Except with chocolate
@fredley I just completed the challenge in about 1 second. Granted, my control key may have been pressed at the time...
This is clearly an untapped market
@Unionhawk And icecream!
4:21 PM
@Unionhawk Lunch time is over.
@BlueBarren Ah, ok.
@badp We need to take it into VR. Desert Bus: VR edition, wherein you have to sit there and hold the wheel, tilting it slightly once every ten seconds, for 6 hours per trip.
With your foot on the gas.
Yay, my Aeron arrived!
@Axelrod ... there is a vr game jam coming up
@KevinvanderVelden Also, 8 hours*
4:39 PM
Q: How do I land my plane without crashing?

VemonusAfter beating the game, you are able to unlock the Regalia Type-F (spoiler tag for those who haven't seen it yet and want it to be a surprise): When taking off for the first time, I was warned that failing to land it properly would result in a Game Over. The instructions seemed fairly straight...

Dessert Bus is just DLC for Desert Bus, it places a dessert on the dashboard.
I has a yubikey VPN token
No, nonce
4:51 PM
Q: Is there a (cheaty) way to cross oceans?

DeFazerCrossing oceans in Dwarf Fortress in adventure mode is a tedious and unrewarding task. There is no fast travel, so player has to guide his adventurer across several world map tiles (which are HUGE) manually under the constant threat of advancing ice walls and aquatic predators, while experiencing...

@Lazers2.0 I like how he puts "spoiler tag" after the actual spoiler
Why does it even need the picture?
@badp Grammar is how utterances fit together, both above and below the word level. Grammar can be broadly divided into syntax (above the word level, how words and larger pieces fit together to make sentences) and morphology (below the word level, how words are formed from smaller pieces).
My first message in The Bridge, and I'm already off-topic :-)
I joined on the off chance there was some GDQ chat going on.
@snailplane pedanticism is always on topic on the bridge
Woo hoo!
4:56 PM
And not currently, but there are several people here who view it
Oh hello @snailplane
Hi there :-)
Myself included when I'm not at work
@Unionhawk because he hates himself

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