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12:01 AM
Yeah that was nice
worth the wait
probably not as much as super mario
: super mario, super mario lost levels, super mario sunshine and final fantasy: what a snoozefest
they probably won't be done by tomorrow morning
Is sunshine any%?
@Fluttershy I'm not doing okay how did you deal with the feeling of what kind of person you were after doing the thing we talked about
this feels like the worst mistake I've ever made
12:06 AM
So many races holy shit
and I feel even worse because I enjoyed it and pet of me still wants more
> are you having more fun as Turmp's BFF or Putin's BFF?
@arda I hope all of the questions are "Are you a russian intelligence asset"
@GodEmperorDune I like that for when I want to add a new book but I am too lazy to look it up
@GnomeSlice You know, if you don't provide context, the rest of us will probably imagine a context for what you're talking about
12:08 AM
@murgatroid99 my headcanon is that @GnomeSlice just started savescumming
He has discussed this on the bridge before
@arda Well at least he's not dead.
And I feel he is perfectly in the right if he wants to discuss this with a specific person and doesn't want to state what happened again
@KevinvanderVelden i agree
@KevinvanderVelden Which is fair, but this is also a public room, so there is this implicit idea that others are allow to be privy to the conversation and thus ask
12:09 AM
@murgatroid99 i dont care i just need help
I am not handling this well
@GnomeSlice if it's that serious i encourage you to go to a professional
@Ash true, it was mostly how murgatroid stated it feeling a bit aggressive
Leave him alone he didn't do anything wrong
i dont have to respond to it
@KevinvanderVelden I didn't mean it that way, I just couldn't think of a better way to phrase it
@murgatroid99 aight :)
12:11 AM
Q: Roccat Ryos MK Pro macro manager sets random delay

RomanI'm trying to create a macro, which hits one key and then sets a delay of e.g. one hour. So I create the macro like this: When I save it and then reopen the macro manager, it looks like this: I thought this looks like the maximum delay number, so it should always reset to this delay when I ...

> >We have never confirmed or denied a source.
> From the Dartmouth interview: "Hillary Clinton stated multiple times, falsely, that 17 US intelligence agencies had assessed that Russia was the source of our publications. OK. That's false. We can say that the Russian government is not the source, yes."
> Am I missing something?
(I would have gone with asking for context personally, that to me feels less like "We're just gonna assume terrible things" and more like "I want to help but I don't know what it's about")
@GnomeSlice If you're worried about your inability to handle whatever this is, and you feel like you might be a danger to yourself or others, etc., please please please talk to a professional. We're all friends here, but trust me, professionals have the tools to help you through what's going on.
I'm not in danger I'm just kind of wandering around in a stupor
not getting any work done
12:13 AM
@Yuuki Haha what?
@GnomeSlice You don't have to literally be considering suicide to have grounds to see a professional.
That from my very limited knowledge sounds like the thing a professional would be really helpful for
Fair enough. Even if you're not in immediate danger, therapy is sometimes nice because they're outside of all the things. Friends are great, but sometimes it's a lot easier to talk to people who aren't touching the stuff.
@GnomeSlice the key thing is we want you to be a happy healthy person and these kind of things can escalate and that would suck immeasurably
12:14 AM
@GodEmperorDune Yes this :)
i encourage you to take advantage of your country's generous health resources, your tax dollars are paying for them
@GodEmperorDune Therapy isn't always covered but usually work benefits have some coverage, and there are free/income-scaling options
@Ash thanks for clarifying. I would contrast this with the US system but no need for that rabbit hole
@GodEmperorDune No problem :)
Canada's healthcare is good but it also has some weird holes in it
Mental health is one of those more swiss-cheese parts
@GnomeSlice I handled it in all the wrong ways. You can come back from it, though. Just learn from it and do your best to not let it happen again.
12:20 AM
@Ash mental health is almost always handled poorly =[
@KevinvanderVelden yeah
Bridge, it's 1:22am, I should go to bed right?
@KevinvanderVelden nah
Night chat
@KevinvanderVelden Bed might not be a bad idea
but I am the last person who should be giving advice on when to sleep
12:25 AM
I should probably listen to my body, it's usually wrong about things like this but that's more because it doesn't want to not-sleep I think
@KevinvanderVelden 3:30
@arda how are you still awake
go to bed
I think I'm going to try making sushi tomorrow.
That sounds like fun :D
12:39 AM
@Axelrod Not sure what you mean. Become a state, get electors?
@Yuuki More electors! And senate seats.
@Axelrod Presumably, they reapportion representatives, then just recalculate the total electors
@Axelrod assuming it actually becomes a state, it would get at least 3 electors, with more depending on population
I'm pretty sure the number of members of the House of Representatives has been capped
and 538 would lose all of their branding
12:40 AM
It's got a pretty good population.
So, we would still have 538 electors, just slightly moved around
@Axelrod it might need to wait for a census
@murgatroid99 That's what I was wondering.
@murgatroid99 so you remove 2 from the house to cover the added senators?
> On this date, the House passed the Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929, fixing the number of Representatives at 435.
12:41 AM
> The number of representatives with full voting rights is 435, a number set by Public Law 62-5 on August 8, 1911, and in effect since 1913.
@Yuuki then it would be 435 reps + 102 senators
@GodEmperorDune Oh, right. 540 electors
@GodEmperorDune + 3 for DC
Remember, people in Washington DC don't actually get represented in the federal government
except by the president
Q: What do pulsating gold quality stars mean?

Timmy JimIf you look closely at the GIF (zoom in if needed), on the top right side of my inventory, there are two Summer Spangle flowers that are of gold quality. But the gold stars are pulsating. I've also seen this on some poppy flowers of gold quality. The Wiki doesn't seem to note this anywhere. ...

@murgatroid99 i thought DC only had a single representative and no senator
@GodEmperorDune They have a single non-voting representative
12:42 AM
@murgatroid99 yes
so that translates to 1 electoral vote
No, they have 3 electoral votes
i thought electors were 1 per senator and 1 per representative
They get apportioned electoral votes as though they were a real state with senators and real representatives, capped by the number of electors that the state with the fewest has
They have 3 because it was the lowest amount allowed for a state.
got it
math is fun
12:45 AM
Did you know that official Washington DC municipal vehicle license plates say "Taxation without representation"?
At least, the police cars do
I'm not entirely sure why they're even separated from their parent state.
They didn't want any single state to have jurisdictional authority over the seat of the federal government
Ah. Sensible.
And it was originally expected that the primary inhabitants of DC would be politicians, who would only reside there temporarily, with their true loyalty being to their home state.
There was no expectation that it would grow into the sprawling metropolis that it is today
12:50 AM
@Ash I'm also going to try making this beetroot-cured salmon and maybe make sushi out of it.
@murgatroid99 did they not think about the support staff?
@GodEmperorDune I think they did, but misestimated by orders of magnitude
It's bigger than Delaware... and cuts out about a third of the isthmus that Delaware resides on. Interesting.
Washington DC isn't bigger than Delaware
Map error!
(Due to user error)
Green boundary, not grey boundary.
12:55 AM
@Yuuki oooh, fancy
@Axelrod I'm guessing you were looking at Maryland
@Yuuki OH SNAP
that looks beautiful
@murgatroid99 Yep. I snapped to the state borders when it had its own green border.
But due to being zoomed in (to be able to see DC) it wasn't easily recognizable as Maryland.
I looked on Google Maps, and if you search for Washington DC, they shade the whole city and label the border
12:59 AM
Bing just does the borders.
(+1 for Google)
Fun fact: Maryland owns the entire width of the part of the Potomac River along its border. As far as I understand, this can be traced back to a colonial land grant from the King of England.
Was hoping there'd be a clip for Maryland from the History channel's "How the States got their Shapes" special.
No luck thus far.
@Yuuki oooh it even looks pretty
Q: My PS4 Controller isn't working correctly

user176692My PS4 controller will let me move backwards and sideways, and it will move forward excruciatingly slowly. It is not the game, my friend's controller works with the game. Is this problem fixable or do I need to buy another controller?

Lesson: Use proper PSI for chrome.
Low PSI means you can cover it, but it doesn't go on evenly.
1:12 AM
@Frank chrome as is something that's not the browser?
Chrome as in that stuff.
@Frank ahhh, this for models?
@Memor-X Yep.
Going for a mirror chrome finish.
@Frank what if the PSI is too high?
@GodEmperorDune Cobwebbing.
Which results in a very rough texture, and your painting starting acquiring cobwebs.
1:16 AM
@Frank oh
that's no fun
@GodEmperorDune Learned that one the hard way.
But it can have it's uses; it can give the color a sort of, "burned" look, which can be used things like electrical fires, or rougher, more rushed paint jobs.
If that's what you're going for.
@Frank like a battle damage sort of thing?
@GodEmperorDune Yeah.
I lucked out; I got lots of that unevenness on older kits, and people like it because it looks battle damaged.
Even though that wasn't anywhere near what I was wanting.
Q: In galaxy on fire 2, how can I use a ship in my cargo hold?

Ujjwal DugarI'm playing GOF2 and I made the ship from the void crystals but it's transferred to my cargo hold. I want to use it but I dont know how.....

We went from - 12 to +4 so everything is rainy and slick and wet and tomorrow it's supposed to all freeze again. Getting to work tomorrow will be an adventure I suspect
1:36 AM
severe thunderstorm warning in January in Ohio
(and indiana)
1:56 AM
@Unionhawk lucky
i sleep better in a storm
I was out in the rain a fair bit today. So very cold.
Q: How to test for a player boosting with a firework while flying with elytra

JaetFor a map I am making, I am trying to detect when a player boosts with a firework. I've searched all over and cannot find anything. I tried to do use /scoreboard objectives add [name] stat.useItem.minecraft.fireworks to get a player to a score of 1, then make a repeating command block that...

Q: Do different wall material have different insulation properties

TheBird956I am trying to find ways to build more effective freezers. I already know that creating thicker walls help to reduce heat dissipation, but are there better materials in term of insulation? Which one?

2:27 AM
Glossy black bases look so gooooooood.
2:38 AM
@Frank pics
After gloss comes the chrome. And looks like this:
2:56 AM
@Frank ooooooooo
Q: How do you copy heads

NARNIAHow do u copy heads in a minecraft server head shop

The finish on that piece didn't quite turn out the way I wanted; it's rougher, so it's not quite mirror chrome.
I'm gonna try buffing it with an old t-shirt or something; see if that might smooth it out some.
Still pretty awesome looking, nice work
Hmm... we should set up a board game night featuring Secret Hitler or something next week, or this weekend or something
user image
3:12 AM
No I'm not watching Man in the High Castle and that's how this came up
(spoiler alert: that show contains trace amounts of Hitler)
3:26 AM
There's a great tabletop mod and also secrethitler.online
@TimStone Thanks! I'm seeing if I can turn the whole kit into chrome.
Ah yes
RIP to all fallen soldiers in the war on christmas
Also, why would you put words on the part of socks that you walk on?
Because those socks would be too embarrassing to wear in public with them anywhere else
though tbf if you pay $7 for what appear to be cheap socks
3:52 AM
Q: GTA Division I dont get it

yamahaSorry I know I'm late but when you're in Social Club what is the division supposed to mean? Like is that your rank in the club? via example: 6-20 division.

4:15 AM
The only problem with my recent interest in Warmachine is now I want to buy ALL the trollblood models forever and ever
user image
Aww :-)
I'm watching FF1 on AGDQ.
4:34 AM
@snailplane which one? NES? GBA? PSP?
@Yuuki until i enlarged the image i thought the baby was actually just some needles and a peeled off snout
@Memor-X NES
@snailplane urrrrg, i gave up on the NES version when after 100 battles just to level up, beating Garland and moving across the fixed bridge i realized it would take me even longer just to level up again
GBA version is better but the PSP Version has a new Superboss outside the Soul of Chaos Bosses
@Yuuki The tiny prickly squishbean I caaaaan't
@Ash Especially given that he's all "HEY, LOOK AT ME!"
@Yuuki Yessss
4:44 AM
@Ash squishbean has been added to the words i have stolen
@GodEmperorDune Excellent :D
Wow pony island was a good game.
I was worried when some people said that some of the puzzles got too hard but I didn't find that to be the case.
Also a highlight for me was @Sterno calling me a PATHETIC FOOL
But I did call him a poopy head
@RedRiderX now that was uncalled for. poop head maybe but poopy head? you crossed a line there
5:02 AM
Q: In The Witcher 3, Where can I find the Blacksmith from Silverton?

kaylaI'm trying to retrieve Gwent Cards.. But cannot seem to find this none "Blacksmith" from "Silverton".

5:31 AM
@GodEmperorDune Only because it's awful
David Tennant is voicing Scrooge McDuck in the new Ducktales. Why am I only hearing about this now?
@Fluttershy I'm hyped
@Fluttershy i can just imagine it now thanks to having seen episodes of Doctor who recently with him in it
5:48 AM
@Sterno 1-800-GET-REKT
@Yuuki is this real?
@Memor-X In that is is art that someone drew? yes. In that Corsola evolves at all in any official games? no.
6:06 AM
Q: Why does my Minecraft not load with mods

KateyxyzI have just installed mods on minecraft 1.11.2 and it was running for a wee bit. Then I went to dinner and I came back and I couldn't open it again. When I load the launcher it works but then I click play and it opens with the game output. I have tried to re-install and everything but it won't wo...

6:17 AM
Q: How can i invite a friend to my single player world on Minecraft?

Rebecca.pHow can i invite a friend who lives in a different country to my single player world on Minecraft? I have tried going on YouTube to see if i could get help there but there was no luck it was too confusing. please help me.

Q: What's the best way to maintain Fortresses

BraytonFortreses are vital in Tempest. So if you complete a parlay quest which grants control of the fortress, you hold control until you are defeated in battle at the fortress. Usually it isn't very long until Fomorians attack, so an ungarrisoned fortress does not last. Having many fortresses could re...

6:39 AM
Q: Is this eyelash enhancer safe

heardsjuriThe parts are as follows get a silky lotion with a citrusy-y scent that slides over your epidermis, serving to to masks the signs of Vegalash cellulite even as ambitions fat cells and a trio of contouring algae work to empty and firm and flush away fat, leaving dermis extra taut. It feels and ...

6:50 AM
Q: How do you hack Spectres?

SentryVery early in the single player campaign I saw a hint in one of the loading screens that I can hack enemy Spectres to fight on my side. I faintly remember to have read somewhere that I have to get behind a Spectre (preferrably using cloak) and use my data knife, but that never seemed to work. Th...

7:32 AM
Q: Why did we get so much XP in this dungeon?

Lasse V. KarlsenI'm of course not asking for anyone to go dig into the game logs to figure out exactly why we got so much XP but here is the situation. My friend and I decided to do a dungeon, we're both level 50 at this point, my friend in the low 20's of champion points and me in the 120's. This is the first...

7:51 AM
holy crap the apple watch is bulky as heck
It's even thicker than a Pebble Time.
2 hours later…
9:38 AM
@RedRiderX ikr!
9:59 AM
Electronics & Appliances

Proposed Q&A site for asking and get answerd about Electronics & Appliances, how can i use them, from what they made, who made them, what diffirence between this and this and every thing related of them

Currently in definition.

10:22 AM
jesus, this is stupid
I got an amber alert on my phone who got lost 4 (4!) days ago
so much for emergency!
10:34 AM
Q: Minecraft: I lost all my items

esttloveeSo a creeper blasted my chests and all of my items are on the ground and unfortunately, I did not have wood to make new chests so I left them on them on the ground to get wood. 34 jungle woods collected later, all of my items are gone. Including my armor and diamond sword. Do items disappear when...

10:58 AM
"Make America Great Again" is a campaign slogan used in American politics that originated with the Ronald Reagan campaign of 1980. Donald Trump subsequently applied for and received a US service mark for the slogan. == History == Created in 1979 when the United States was suffering from a worsening economy at home marked by stagflation, it was first used in Ronald Reagan's 1980 presidential campaign. The slogan was also used by former President Bill Clinton in his 1992 presidential campaign, although he later claimed the statement was a racist dog whistle during the 2016 election. == Use by... ==
TIL that trump stole that slogan from Regan
I wonder if @Sterno remembers when Regan ran for office
@Wipqozn He probably still remembers when the first people arrived on the american continent.
11:42 AM
Q: Is there any advantage to holding on to multiples of mods?

technikfeIs there any advantage to holding on to multiples of mods instead of selling them? I have a ton of multiples of mods any reason to not sell them?

@Arperum Probably
12:03 PM
how the internet works https://t.co/DPk48RfM6l
just came from work, checked PC and I see this:
Onebox pls
I never asked for this
@fredley You need to remove the query parameter.
@arda wat
@Chippies luckily you have an opt-out button
12:05 PM
Mobile twitter pls
@fredley pls
@badp thx
@badp I mean, it's not really opt-out if it got installed without asking me, even if it's not enabled by default
I'm assuming the adobe acrobat reader plugin got changed to an extension and that's why it was installed, but still...
12:07 PM
Also this where date is stated. 07.01.2017, sigh.
In other news
Overcooked is a lot of fun
Was playing it with some buddies last night
twitter.com/kayipalarmi/status/819119554773270528 date also visible here. It's a weird way tbh. IIRC there is already a protocol for Amber alerts they could probably implement, but they decided to just send SMS messages.
@Wipqozn Yeah, unfortunately it's a lot easier with fewer people.
@Ronan Your - wait fuck
I shouldn't make those jokes anymore. Especailly since that specific one would be exactly the ones that offned ash. I blame society. but, mostly, I blame @Ronan.
but yeah I was playing it with a group of 3 (including me)
We were 3 starring them until the wacky levels happened
Also, I gotta say, Steam Cloud best Cloud.
Same, I was playing it with my 2 brothers, but then one had to leave and it got a whole lot easier.
12:14 PM
So nice that you can install your gameon another computer and have all your saves
I think it's just that the number of points you need to get 3 stars is too low with only 2 people.
@Ronan yeah the star requirements go a lot lower I assume?
@Ronan that doesn't surprise me
The game is likely designed for a group of at least 3
Heck if you play solo you get two chiefs to control
It looks like it's designed for 4, lots of the kitchens have 2 sections.
Q: How can I build things in Ark which are too heavy for me?

OddDevI need to build a Stone Dinosaur Gateway. To build it I need about 280 Stone 140 Wood 100 Thatch. These materials are far too heavy to be in my inventory. I can carry about 150 units and need about 250. How am I supposed to build it? Do I really need to wait 10 levels and put every single point i...

So I'm trying to buy a discounted metro card, and holy hell, the requirement for the image is scary. It's as strict as passport pictures. I bet they'll use it to track my face. /tinfoilhat
I'm too lazy to translate, but look at that amount of requirements, holy hell.
12:24 PM
@Ronan yeah they do
I don't think I'd play it with less than 3 people
4 would be ideal
iirc the last kitchen we did was the one with the rats
which was basically a mirrored
It's still fun with 2 players, but a different kind of fun.
@arda the sad thing is that I can quickly translate this with my mobile
but the same would be quite annoying from desktop
12:41 PM
lol @Sterno
grrr the corner of my mousepad won't stay down >:(
Q: Can I tilt the camera more?

FedericoI recently started playing Rome II - Total War. One thing that bugs me is the low camera point of view, both in the map and in the battle setups. I have tried all the standard commands (mouse-wheel, page-up/down, WASD, arrows) but it seems to me that the highest point of view is quite low, whil...

1:05 PM
@TrentHawkins it was more the second answer i was looking for. if it was real i was wondering what the relationship is between the pokemon that would make Corsola look fightened
@Wipqozn my Internet Explorer can't handle any of that
@Wipqozn All I see is a blank page. Should I blame caching the workplace web filter?
You can blame @Wipqozn too
@BlueBarren your problem is IE
@MBraedley ^
1:13 PM
Speaking of IE, I should probably call about how I don't have software center on this machine shouldn't I?
(since that is both how critical security updates and google chrome are installed)
@Unionhawk i have something similar called an Application Center which is meant to download Windows and Program Updates.....though it never works. all the updates "failed" but i can just run the Windows Update through control panel just fine
and generally we can just install what we want/need
so i downloaded and installed Chrome....not that Windows is making it easy to use since ever since an update in December Windows has gone back to forcing IE 11 to be the default browser despite the fact i change it to chrome (yeh, like that's a bug)
@Memor-X it always is
@Wipqozn given that it's not on the NYT site but on behance, which is basically a portfolio site for this kind of thing
I'm guessing it's the latter
Because it's really easy to redesign something when you don't need to worry about making sure it actually works in practice
I'm not even sure that was an English sentence
1:28 PM
@Unionhawk fairly sure it's "that's my thinking" with a "oh shit I have capslock on, let's add 'caps lock for truth' somewhere" thing
That doesn't magically excuse @Wipqozn's crimes
No, it just goes to show that @Wipqozn is worst mod after ronny and @badp
"A cross between monopoly, trivial pursuit and game of the goose" NONE OF THAT IS MAKING ME WANT TO BUY IT
the fuck is "game of the goose"
The Game of the Goose or Goose game is a board game with uncertain origins. Some people connect the game with the Phaistos Disc (because of its spiral shape), others claim that it was originally a gift from Francesco I de' Medici of Florence to King Philip II of Spain sometime between 1574 and 1587. In June 1597 John Wolfe had attested that the game existed in London. It is thought to be the prototype for many of the commercial European racing board games of recent centuries. The game is mostly played in Europe and seen as family entertainment. Commercial versions of the game appeared in the 1880s...
I don't know if there's a better english term but that game
(the original text was dutch so)
No idea
I guess just a term for any game in which the goal is to reach the end faster than your opponents or whatever
Also this pokemon run lol
1:32 PM
It's a specific game
(I'm watching VODs since I can't watch live)
@KevinvanderVelden WELL FINE
It's also much worse than what you're describing given that your option could be interesting depending on how it's played
I blame "European" from the lead of that article
Game of the goose is literally "roll die, move pawn, move whatever it says on the tile, repeat"
Although a game with N dice N pieces where you all keep rolling and moving might still... be really stupid
1:34 PM
Yeah, you do it in turns
It's like a less interesting version of snakes and ladders
Oh god
I didn't even know that was possible
@KevinvanderVelden yes
In snakes and ladders at least there's the chance for sudden upsets, in game of the goose all the texts are move like 5 steps back/forward
1:36 PM
That type of board game is still really dumb
It's even dumber then monopoly
I don't have audio, but I assume the entire audience was just going "WAH" the entire time during the pokemon run, right? (the mudkip was named "Waluigi" and I know how GDQ works)
@Sterno Next time Enemy Within goes on sale I think I'll buy it and actually finally try Long War.
well the switch presentation is tomorrow, anyone excited?
I was probably always going to get one since ZELDA
1:49 PM
Q: I'm trying to find the name of a Ps2 game

Brandon Bullmy question is to try and find the name of a game i played years ago and i can't remember the name of the game. i can describe the game however. it is one of the only games i have encountered that you can hack into PC involving a little mini-game which is kind of similar to pack-man. i believe th...

@wip neat
@Unionhawk don't have a Wii U?
@Unionhawk same.
@BlueBarren It's... out of service
I could probably take it to somewhere to get it fix
But it crashes a lot
Consistently too, for WWHD
(crash upon spin attack)
@Unionhawk what did you do to it?
1:58 PM
I bought it refurbished from Nintendo and I never got around to sending it in for a warranty
I think the ticket might still be open but
I feel you
who wants to put in the effort to return something you probably play once every month

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