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5:01 PM
@Wipqozn That was a rhetorical question and the answer is "ad dollars" and "dislikes count as part of the positive 'channel engagement' stat"
Q: How to disable automatic weapon switching?

user598527When a new weapon or a weapon which has ran out of ammo and is no longer in the inventory (grenade; there may be more) is picked up the game equips the item, the feature is sometimes called as "auto weapon switch". Half-Life 2 doesn't detect cl_autowepswitch 0 command, even though it works in ano...

Why is that whenever I start working on code, it's always something I never expect (that's usually configuration) that bugs out?
I think I have a new record for "time from setup to checked in code"
Woo small changes and woo I worked on this project last year
5:16 PM
@snailplane but that's it, I was talking about how sentences fit together to build a statement
also this room's topic is whatever we're talking about
This is where Arqade users talk about anything, not where any user talks about videogames
Some semi that was too tall rammed into an overpass on the interstate today. Here's a photo of the car that was behind it when debris started falling
why don't you copy, twitter?
@Sterno I thought that was a really creative way to insult a YouTube video.
No matter if I control-c or right-click copy on the "copy this tweet" link, it wouldn't copy
5:21 PM
That wasn't the image I wanted either
That stretch of road looks familiar...
the other shows big chunks of concrete in the drivers side footwell
no idea
I guess it just looks like "generic interstate" and 74 is an okay guess for Indiana since it's in that state
@Unionhawk 465N
the loop around Indy
Several cars damaged by falling debris when the semi hit the bridge. This will be a lengthy closure. @INDOTEast wil… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/818822478747357184
Now it copies.
Bad at Euro Truck Driver
@Sterno ... is that guy okay/alive?
5:24 PM
Damn. That driver is going to be so fired.
Q: Can I remove this laser barrier?

Drew Noakes There's a horizontal laser across the raised platform in the middle of this room that zaps you if you walk out onto it. You can go around it, but there is clearly access down to some other room in the middle. I haven't seen any dogs or vacuum units about that would fit through there. In a la...

I haven't heard of any fatalities but unsure
Part of my wife's job is certifying truckers for the DOT and it's terrifying how many people she says other doctors pass who you would NOT want on the roads
@Sterno I'm gonna wager a guess that that much rebar ideally shouldn't have torn out of the concrete either
Like, yeah, I'm partially blind and my right foot is completely numb, but hey, I can totally do this!
> A malfunctioning car crusher that slammed into a bridge during rush hour Tuesday has led to the indefinite closure of two major traffic arteries on Indianapolis' southwest side.
Oh. Maybe it's Skynet getting started small, then
@Sterno That will wait until there's thousands of self-driving cars.
5:29 PM
Traffic is going to suck here for a few months
Thanks Trump
That reminds me
Inb4 it was a Clinton Shipping Co truck.
Inauguration Day is on a Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday
TGIF party with no TVs.
No. TVs.
7 AM wake up in the morning, gotta go down stairs, gotta build a wall.
Woke up, got outta bed, dragged bound'ry lines across my land.
5:33 PM
@Axelrod Side note: this is what bothers me about the current political discussion. Whenever there's criticism about Trump now, someone always brings up Clinton. Which would've made sense awhile ago, but the election is over and has been over for a full month.
Three years into Trump's presidency, we'll have discussions on "I don't like Trump's plan to nuke Nepal because the Dalai Lama talked about small hands" and someone will reply with "but her emails..."
@Yuuki It might be surprising, but most of the people making a fuss were the kind who were constantly comparing with only half a deck of the cards.
We needed to vote for Mulvar. :(
So a year and a half of that, and it happens.
@Yuuki More like 3 years into whatever comes after Trump (be that in 7 or 11 years), they'll still be blaming him for anything and everything. It's par the course.
I doubt Trump will last three years.
Q: What level of speed is required to make the player twice as fast?

theonlygustiIn minecraft, effects can make the player run faster than their normal maximum sprinting speed. What level of speed is required to make the player twice as fast as normal? I don't think that speed 2 makes you twice as fast, even though it's name would imply such.

5:35 PM
@Axelrod That still makes sense though because presidential policies have a lasting effect past their administration.
@Yuuki Tell that to everyone who has anything positive to say about Bill Clinton's presidential run.
His management style is so confrontational and petty that he'll alienate his entire party before long.
@Axelrod More like tell that everyone who has negative things to say about Obama's presidency.
Anyway, we're going places that we shouldn't. The short of it is that you always blame the guy who's in office, unless there was a Republican in office in the last decade.
A brewery is having a 2.0 party on that day
So I'll probably be there
5:37 PM
Brew 2.0?
@Axelrod But (Hillary) Clinton was never in office so blaming her is just a bit weird.
Are there patch notes for the beer?
@Yuuki And positive things? And anything at all until next year, when the final touches land?
Since fancy new brewery
@MadMAxJr new location since their old one was built before breweries could have taprooms in ohio
@MadMAxJr I appreciate that they nerfed hops this patch, but I don't like the rebalancing they did in favor IPAs.
5:38 PM
@Yuuki Her entire shtick was claiming to be the opposite of what she presented herself as for twenty years, then saying she'd put Bill in an economic position. Bill "force banks to give subprime mortgages to anyone" Clinton.
It really wrecks the PvP balance.
PvP beers aren't my kinda thing anyway.
Everyone who's anyone goes for PvP sangrias.
@Axelrod And I'm saying that's a moot point now that she lost the election. Are we going to continue to scapegoat Clinton for every Trump does until the end of time?
Hybrids ftw.
5:39 PM
I like a good PvE stout for the story and hints of coffee.
Since their old location is literally in an industrial park
I liked the church brewery in Pittsburgh. They have a little garden where they grow hops.
@Yuuki Since he isn't even in office yet and there's already been riots, huge rallies, forced recounts, etc.... yes.
Until he's in and actually does something, wave away hot air with hot air.
So now they're moving to north of me
@Axelrod Forced recounts? For one, recounts should exist regardless. For two, I don't think any state is being forced to recount.
5:41 PM
Legal recounts
@Axelrod My MIL is going to the march on the inauguration
Done via the legal process for requesting a recount
Legal and forced aren't anathema.
"Forced" automatically has a negative connotation, so wording it that way is technically implying that it's anathema.
@SaintWacko It's a sad precedent to set.
@Yuuki Would there have been a recount if Clinton won? No.
5:43 PM
Yeah you guys, if the president succeeds we succeed
Because if he succeeds we get a free wall
Would people who vowed eternal enmity with the losing party have fought for her if she had won? No.
@Axelrod If there were legal grounds for a recount to occur, yes there would have been a recount if Clinton won.
And if he fails we get an expensive wall
@Yuuki What legal grounds were there?
so the wonderful people in the C# room on SO just informed me that I should be using OpenXML and not Interop
I've wasted hours on this
5:44 PM
@Axelrod "because a recount was requested"
@Axelrod Yes there would have
@Unionhawk The wall, were it ever to be done, would cost less than bailing out a manufacturer that's shipping all its jobs to Mexico anyway.
"and in most cases paid for by the requester"
@Unionhawk Exactly.
@Axelrod what
5:44 PM
@Axelrod Yes, taking an interest in politics and making your voice heard is such a sad precedent
yesterday, by Jason Berkan
Interop is such a hack.
That doesn't even make sense
@Axelrod What?
The wall isn't here to keep companies in the US
@Unionhawk It was requested. It was requested because she lost. It was inordinate and it was entirely funded... by people who were funded by her!
5:45 PM
@Axelrod So you're telling me that Donald "I will accept the results of the election if I win" Trump would not have requested a recount if he lost the election?
Well we will never know if a recount would have happened if he lost will we
@Unionhawk No, we know
So let's assume good faith and assume he wouldn't :)
@JasonBerkan I remember you saying that but in my defense you never told me not to use it
give it a chance guys
5:46 PM
@SaintWacko No, riots and giant protests over an election is a sad precedent. Going as far as the people have in this to try to throw a wrench in the workings of the nation is a sad precedent. And now you can expect it every election, because this system never ramps down.
He's not even been president yet :)
Everything will be fixed and nothing will go wrong
@Axelrod I'm not exactly sure how to follow this statement. Are you saying "would people have vowed to fight the Democratic Party on everything if Clinton had won? No."?
If so, have you paid attention to the Obama presidency?
@Yuuki Since that was the initial intent of his run, probably. But remember: one man said he wouldn't accept a loss and everyone cried foul. Thousands of people are refusing to accept a loss now and that's A-OK.
@Axelrod Not sure where you're getting riots. I also don't think you actually understand why people have a problem with the current president-elect
@Axelrod The difference is that those "thousands of people" weren't running for president.
5:48 PM
@Yuuki Would Jeb, Gary Johnson, and Marco Rubio have demanded and funded recounts?
I'm still confused how Jill Stein tricking people into giving her money was Clinton funding recounts
Would they have led demonstrations and riots?
If the wall becomes a thing, can we put some shelving on it? I need a place to put some old game boxes.
@BlueBarren True. My bad. I would avoid Interop if at all possible. Aspose is awesome if you have the budget for it.
@Axelrod Maybe not literally those people, we can't really say who would or wouldn't have called for a recount in a hypothetical situation.
5:49 PM
@Yuuki Name a time Clinton did her own dirty work and you'll have an argument.
@Axelrod And that's actually the point. If one person thinks there's a problem, it might be that the person is the problem. If thousands of people think there's a problem, there might actually be a problem
@Axelrod we will never know so this is a silly rhetorical exercise to assume they wouldn't
Especially considering there are people who said they would
"on November 9 I'm voting for trump, on the 10th I'm grabbing my musket" or whatever
@Axelrod So are you implying that Clinton is paying off each and every one of these "thousands of people" to protest the results of the election?
That's apples and oranges.
But who knows maybe Joe Walsh had planned to go to the range that day :)
5:50 PM
@JasonBerkan can't I just use OpenXML?
Recounting the results is not the same as "not accepting the results". If the original result was accurate, a recount won't change anything. A recount is just verifying the accuracy.
@Axelrod people on both sides are doing this. people who said they were going to riot if trump lost are now complaining about democrats protesting
@Axelrod WHAT?
@BlueBarren Most likely. I've never used it, because I needed to access pre-XML files.
@SaintWacko I say X people wouldn't ask for a recount, you reply with random unnamed people saying things.
5:52 PM
@Axelrod Oh, no, that was in reference to you saying Trump supporters wouldn't have protested/rioted
Apples. Oranges.
@JasonBerkan pre-XML files? So nothing with an x on the end like .xls or .doc?
I suspect trump would have filed for a recount
@GnomeSlice There's no doubt about that
@SaintWacko They wouldn't have. They didn't riot when Obama won. They made a huge fuss, but they didn't riot.
5:52 PM
or actual XML files?
he did say he was going to exercise his legal right to challenge a "questionable" result
@Axelrod Who's rioting now?
Trump probably would have. Directly.
@GnomeSlice He said he'd accept the results of the election if he won
He said he would challenge a questionable result
5:53 PM
@BlueBarren Yes.
Man, we are so bad at not discussing politics in the bridge
What do you want me to do?  LEAVE?  Then they'll keep being wrong!
this isn't even politics
@GnomeSlice What would you call it?
I don't know but we're just arguing about who wood or wouldn't have contested the election
who cares
he's in now so I guess we just hope for the best
If it weren't for the fact that it's going to affect me, and probably hurt a lot of my friends, I'd be looking forward to the next four years just to see the regret from people who voted for him
5:56 PM
Hope for the best and pressure your senators (I mean if you want to I guess you can also just go with it)
@SaintWacko How will it affect your friends?
Anyways, we're seriously veering off of my original point. Which was "why on earth are people bringing up Clinton in Trump discussions when she lost the election a month ago?"
But I have a lot of friends who are members of groups which Trump and his party and his cabinet have specifically targeted
@SaintWacko I wonder if I'd be concerned if I was American
And things are not looking good for them under the incoming administration
@BlueBarren I would hope so
5:57 PM
@SaintWacko "people who are not cisgender heterosexual white males" is pretty broad
@Unionhawk Yep
Dead and dying hard drives all around me
I mean, seriously, we stopped talked about McCain and Romney after Obama won his elections. We stopped talking about Kerry after Bush won. Why are we still bringing up Clinton after Trump already won?
@SaintWacko I would to and I think I would since I care about the politics of my own country and it's not like I don't care what happens in American politics I just don't have to as concerned as an American.
After the election, I felt like I needed to apologize to anyone I saw who wasn't a cisgender heterosexual white male, because I felt like we had failed them
5:58 PM
@Yuuki bc #lockherup
@Yuuki And the response was "because it's been a year and a half of everyone and their mother taking swings at him while raising her up on a pedestal". You don't turn off the comparator whenever the complainant wants.
@Axelrod You're joking, right? It's been a year and a half of everyone making a massive deal of an email issue that wasn't actually an issue, while someone being okay with everything he has done
Well, not everyone
It's been split pretty 50/50
@Axelrod If you paid attention at all to the election, very few Democrats were raising her up on a pedestal. It might have only seemed that way relatively because they were digging a ditch for Trump.
@SaintWacko Wasn't actually an issue?
Go into SO and ask anyone with a clearance if it wasn't an issue.
@Axelrod Yes, based on multiple investigations
6:00 PM
Ask them. Don't assume.
I don't think the emails are why she lost
People lose their jobs and rights to clearances for far less.
who knows though, it was pretty close
@Axelrod Now they do. At the time when this was happening, it was standard practice
@SaintWacko Standard practice... in her department.
6:01 PM
Are least we dodged a bullet by preventing California from selecting our president
Multiple FBI investigations found that while she had been somewhat careless, she had done nothing criminal
@SaintWacko "Somewhat careless?" Read the release.
@Axelrod Sorry, extremely careless
It's a bashfest.
at any rate if the best thing you can say about your candidate is that he's better than a criminal you're not off to a good start
6:02 PM
And then no indictment because "it wouldn't hold up in court"?
Anyway, this is going nowhere productive
@GnomeSlice Absolutely. America lost this before the primaries were done. Two sides with the worst candidates available.
I'm going to go get lunch
But now it goes to people fearing for anyone who isn't a white straight male when the guy who won 90% of the counties in the country wins.
@GnomeSlice And once the criminal charges came out, even that went out the window
6:04 PM
Did you think they were populated entirely by white, straight males?
Hysteria helps no one.
@Axelrod That's not really a meaningful statistic, when you consider the relative populations of those counties
Q: How do I un-tame a wolf through NBT?

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TIL population density isn't a thing
And he didn't win 100% of the population of each of those counties, just like he didn't win 100% of the votes in the states that he won
@Axelrod That's very misleading
6:06 PM
Sessions is in his confirmation hearing right now pissing on the VRA, the VAWA, the DACA, saying police are being unfairly treated, etc. The concerns are relevant. shrugs
How many confirmations are we doing today? 5?
Or is that tomorrow?
His whole cabinet selection is just so... slimy
Full of campaign donors rather than people with any experience
I think we're getting past the point of polite political discourse
6:08 PM
@Lazers2.0 That should be relatively straight forward
@Unionhawk How so?
@murgatroid99 Yeah, I'm actually going to go get lunch now and let things cool down
Back in a bit
4 mins ago, by Axelrod
But now it goes to people fearing for anyone who isn't a white straight male when the guy who won 90% of the counties in the country wins.
But anyway
Ignoring subjective qualities like sliminess, the real quandary is that we are pushing an unprecedented number of confirmation hearings in a relatively short period of time with an equally unprecedented number of appointees that don't have OCE clearances.
I'm sure Jeff Sessions will be a great AG. He looks like the kind of guy who supports voting rights, and has never lost a Voter fraud case in his life
I can't remember if this is the first time since the OCE has been established that we've had appointees up for confirmation hearings without getting clearance from the OCE.
6:11 PM
@Yuuki i read that only betsy devos doesnt have the report yet
the other fast track ones have been released
But I'm also not sure if "report released" == "cleared by OGE"
The letter from the director of the OGE states "several nominees".
@murgatroid99 It's entirely a meaningful statistic because this was never a fight for the popular vote. Ever. The system was entirely created the way it is to prevent a few highly populated counties from deciding everything.
@Sterno @badp? :o
6:14 PM
That's not even how the system works
@TimStone Which way is he going on that? I can see valid points to police being given too much and too little leeway.
@Axelrod [Citation needed]
@Axelrod counties don't have electors. States do
The county map is literally meaningless
6:16 PM
The state map at least means anything
<insert "we need to decide whether the US wants to be a government of people or a government of states">
@Yuuki its too late we are a hodgepodge of both
@GodEmperorDune We're a horribly-designed hodgepodge of both.
6:17 PM
But also like if you're going to weigh elector count by state population at least weigh it evenly
@Yuuki it worked for 200 years, that's better than anything i've ever designed
Instead of giving some states up to 4x the voting weight per person as California gets
> The electoral college is also part of compromises made at the convention to satisfy the small states.
@Axelrod Considering that the word "county" appears zero times in that article, I'm not sure how that's supposed to prove your point
i'm not seeing where counties come into this
6:20 PM
That's because they don't
@Unionhawk California's 55 is actually less per unit population than they deserve. 39 million people is 12% of the US pop. They should have 64 electors.
Q: Vanilla Skyrim Sound Issues

TerryRecently I purchased the original version of Skyrim on steam, and although it is a fantastic game, there are a few annoying bugs. The main issue for me is the volume of NPC voices When looking straight at the person speaking the volume of their voice is often quiet. To resolve the issue I have ...

@GodEmperorDune Technically, it failed after 48 years with the election of 1824.
@Axelrod That's what happens when they only take the census once every 10 years
@murgatroid99 You're quibbling over a detail that has no significance. The states are made of counties. States themselves face a microcosm of the issues facing the country at large: if they have huge, densely populated cities, they are in a small fraction of the land and the rest of the state goes unheard if there's no method to give them voice beyond winner-take-all direct votes.
@murgatroid99 He was saying they get 4 times the vote they deserve. They're getting less than they deserve.
6:22 PM
@Axelrod But, at the state level, the electoral college is a winner-take-all direct vote
(in most states)
States are made of people, and every state except 2 assigns electors as a winner take all of the state popular vote. Regardless of the county count
@murgatroid99 That's not spelled out, and in fact is a product of the two major parties solidifying their dominance.
Counties don't play any factor other than allowing the states to divide election boards
Laws that weren't meant to exist are no yardstick for a 240 year old system.
@Unionhawk And choose representatives.
6:23 PM
@Axelrod "Laws that weren't meant to exist" is a very interesting phrase. Clearly, any law that does exist was meant by someone to exist
Well, no
@Axelrod So in an "ad absurdium" argument, you would support a system where you have one elector per county and in a particular state you have one county with 99% of the state population (huge, densely populated city) and multiple counties with only one person living in them?
That's representative districts not counties
Representative districts are not the same as counties
@murgatroid99 naah, it's really weird. Sometimes you just turn around and there's a law there when you would have sworn there wasn't one before
6:25 PM
@Yuuki I mean yeah what gives almost all the country the right to tell everyone how to live
@KevinvanderVelden I mean, that happens all the time, but I usually assume that someone put it there while I wasn't looking
@murgatroid99 I thought so too but there's always this weird chanting
@murgatroid99 As did the prohibition ban. Should we base all decisions on 1920s American society?
And then a feel of dread as I turn back and check there's no one in the room
@Axelrod I honestly have no clue what point you're making now
6:26 PM
@Axelrod Technically, it's the other way around. Two major parties solidifying dominance is a product of a winner-take-all direct vote.
@Unionhawk The rural/urban divide is closer to 50/50 than you realize.
@Yuuki Except it wasn't, when they arrived.
@Axelrod And not 90/10, as you seemed to be implying earlier
@Axelrod did you read his ad absurdam argument for "why County count doesn't make sense"
Nevermind, this is getting silly
The Rep and Dem added laws which solidified their position. Minimum previous election votes to turn up on a ballot, winner take all switches. These were done specifically to marginalize any newcoming parties.
Yay, copious amount of r/aww has made me not sad
Or at least hid the sad, close enough
6:28 PM
@Unionhawk I mean, he has been consistently ignoring me unless I directly reply to him, so probably not.
@murgatroid99 The 90/10 was area. That half the country lives on 10% of the land is merely a byproduct of the collapsing manufacturing industry nationwide.
@Axelrod And why should land area have any relevance whatsoever to political representation?
I'mma go get lunch.
@murgatroid99 Because people live there. And the minority deserves to be heard just as much as anyone else.
@Axelrod yes, not more because they take up more space
6:30 PM
Funny, this is kind of an argument you always hear from the very people who are trying to stamp the electoral college out.
Exactly as much as anyone else
One person, one vote.
@KevinvanderVelden Which is effectively 0 in a direct winner take all majority race.
When the gate swings the other way, you'll complain that the minority's voice isn't being heard.
@Axelrod than fix the winner take all race part. Don't make some people more important
There should not be any sort of "well you live in a small state so here have more voting power :( poor guy"
Which is currently how the Electoral College works
6:31 PM
The electoral college isn't perfect, but it serves the purpose it was designed to do: stop tiny, highly populated areas from deciding for the whole of the country.
@Axelrod And yet, the election was probably decided by Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Detroit
@KevinvanderVelden Regale me with your tales of a direct democratic system that doesn't end up leaving the losers with nothing.
@Axelrod pretty much any democratic country that isn't america
@Unionhawk Except it doesn't. At all.
@KevinvanderVelden Do tell.
@Axelrod Yes it does
Wyoming has 1/4 the voters per elector compared to California
6:33 PM
Tell me all about how England is better when they are facing a differently labelled version of the same issue.
Or how Sweden doesn't marginalize its minorities... uh... where are those minorities, anyway? Hello, minorities in a largely monolithic and homogenous country? Where are you?
Blah. Access and SharePoint do wodgy things together.
@Unionhawk And do you know why that is?
@Axelrod Because Wyoming is the least-populated state
Because the electors need redistributed.
Even after they're redistributed, Wyoming will still have 3 electors
It will still have a greater ratio of electors to voters than any other state in the country
6:36 PM
Why? They need 1, if CA if to be ~60.
You are assuming a redistribution that doesn't fit the population.
Every state, and Washington DC, each gets at least 3 electors. That's how the system works
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The number of electors in a state is just Senators + Representatives. DC gets a freebie because they don't have any other representation in the federal government
That's how it benefits smaller states. It's the same way that the Senate itself benefits smaller states, but to a lesser degree because it counts representatives too
That's an ad hoc fallacy. DC has 3 because Wyoming has 3. Wyoming has 3 because it had that much of a proportional population during the last redistribution.
6:42 PM
@Axelrod Senators + Representatives is literally the official calculation for number of electors
DC got the same as the smallest state. That was the metric.
Side note, Puerto Rico and D.C. have higher populations than Wyoming, IIRC.
And the smallest state gets 3 because they only have 1 Representative
Citation: archive.gov
Poor Puerto Rico.
6:44 PM
And if we really wanted to preserve minority vote, then we'd have a straight "one state, one vote" system. I wouldn't even be angry because at least we'd be consistent.
@Yuuki Right, but the 23rd Amendment caps DC's electoral college votes at the number that the least-populous state has
That makes sense
Good call whoever did that
That's already represented in the senate.
Thus the 2 bonus electors.
Well then the question becomes this: does the President represent the United States of America or does (s)he represent the people of the United States of America?
Though why the senators should be included is debatable.
@Yuuki The united states. Not the people.
6:47 PM
@Axelrod Then one state, one vote.
We were never meant to have a direct hand in his voting.
Our representatives were.
Thus no one state, one vote.
Electoral College is an unneeded abstraction no matter which way you look.
@Axelrod One thing I don't understand: why this insistence on what was "meant"? The original rules are almost 200 years old. The world has changed.
Unneeded how? Do you think half the country deserves to not be heard?
6:49 PM
@Axelrod so why did we still get Trump? 🤔
People were all like, "there will be blood in the streets if Trump doesn't win"
@Axelrod The Electoral College does not provide for this nor will it ever.
@Axelrod Changing the voting method really just changes which half gets heard
@badp Because don't forget about the 62 million who voted for him
@Yuuki Any why not? Because you deny it does?
Because you're sore about losing when someone took the majority of voting Americans outside California.
6:51 PM
@Axelrod Because you still only end up with one winner? So by definition only the winning party gets any power.
A state which, mind you, has a quarter of its population perpetually unheard?
The electoral college and popular vote have only split twice (*meaningfully)
@Axelrod If you're going to talk about fallacies, you should avoid ad hominem attacks. Calling someone a "sore loser" is not a valid argument
@murgatroid99 The impetus is self-representing.
6:52 PM
2000, and 2016
2000 by thousands, 2016 by millions
@Axelrod I don't know what that means
@murgatroid99 The background of the debate is entirely driven by one side's denial of an election because the system didn't work the way they wanted.
Taken to levels that weren't seen for centuries.
@Axelrod Consider that you are speaking to someone who lives in the complete opposite situation in Texas.
@Axelrod Nobody's denying anything. Everyone here accepts the reality that Donald Trump is the President Elect of the United States. Believing the system should work differently is not denial.
@murgatroid99 Wishing it weren't true, cowering in fear for people because you took the propaganda bait, and holding huge demonstrations to show distaste is not "believing the system should work differently". It's demanding it work differently.
6:55 PM
Nobody is demanding anything at this point
The electoral votes were counted in the senate
Tell that to the protestors.
It's over
@Axelrod Why is it my job to tell that to the protesters?
Tell that to the guy who's worried for everyone because he thinks the elected person will turn on 65% of the country, despite 35% of those people voting for him.
Oh yeah I'm sure they'll be fine
Jeff Sessions is one hell of a guy
6:57 PM
@Yuuki Because you've put your dog in the pit.
@Axelrod I wish it hadn't happened. I wish a lot of things hadn't happened. That's not denial. Being afraid for someone's safety or well-being is not denial. Protesting something you find distasteful is not denial
@Axelrod My dog is safely at home and I have no pits in my backyard so you're going to have to clarify that idiom.
@Yuuki You've invested, you've pushed back, you get to deal with it.
@murgatroid99 "#notmypresident"
I feel like we're in "xd liberal tears xd" territory
@Axelrod There's no actual requirement that a politician does what the people who elected them tell them to do.
6:59 PM
@Unionhawk I hope we can move past the point where people are bemoaning the person and get to the point where we hold feet to coals to get what we want.
@Axelrod I don't think that sentiment started with Trump winning the election.
@Axelrod I don't understand that idiom. Is it supposed to imply torture?

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