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12:04 AM
@Unionhawk turn down for hwat?
12:19 AM
@Wipqozn Drop everything and read WoR.
This is travesty
Also I didn't get any chat notifications from the SE app on my phone today. Thanks Obama.
12:36 AM
@murgatroid99 I feel like I'm going to be the annoying one and make this a thing for chat today...
University of Dayton campus feels collective sadness, from students disappointed in the loss, to the police, disappointed in the lack of riot (and thus we have proven that the UD campus doesn't riot, but rather.... celebrates intensely)
12:58 AM
'Nother Qvestion: is this skyrim question a dupe of this one about followers?
I don't think so
The only qualm I have is the older question doesn't have anything to do with the Console platform. It's only got pc solutions...
@Ben I wouldn't dupe them - one is asking "how do I know who my followers are" and the other is asking "how do I find them when they're lost" which are two different things
@AshleyNunn Yeah, a little while ago I had a similar fiasco, so now I have decided that instead, when I'm uncertain, I'll just come here and annoy yov gvys abovt it instead :P
Two different questions with the same answer are still different questions. Dupes are for exact dupes.
1:08 AM
Nazis' Secret Hideout Found In Your Mom
@LessPop_MoreFizz I really don't find stuff like this funny.
Mar 18 at 12:34, by Origami Robot
Mar 6 at 14:23, by Origami Robot
Jan 14 at 22:11, by Origami Robot
2 mins ago, by Origami Robot
May 7 '14 at 17:32, by Origami Robot
Jan 31 at 19:20, by OrigamiRobot
Nov 6 '13 at 20:57, by OrigamiRobot
Ain't nobody knows how to kill a joke like The Bridge.
@Fluttershy I'm more intrigued by the order of the post times...
Well I guess the possibility of me getting to look after my godmother's cat while she's in sweden is not going to happen now
Apparently he was hit by a car.
That really stinks, he was like one year old
@GnomeSlice Oh, shit, I am sorry to hear that :(
1:18 AM
poor guy
he was not supposed to be an outdoor cat
but her ex-husband didn't really give a shit about him
That sucks so hard.
@Ben The time stamps are relative to that specific post, not the current quote.
@GnomeSlice we moved recently and one of our cats got outside accidentally. She wasn't supposed to be an outdoor cat either, but soon as she got far enough outside, she got lost and never came back...
That's what happens to a lot of outdoor cats who even are outdoor cats
they just don't come home one day
This is why I make sure my cat stays inside
1:20 AM
I suppose it didn't help that she was a stray when we found her either
cats are the gangsters of the animal world, they live violent lives and usually die young and brutally
I am already paranoid and stuff, I can't deal with that worry
Q: Farming in Master League

KesIs it worth it to go and stay in Masters League as a TH10? Currently i'm hardcore farming in Gold II Division but it's getting boring. I want to go to Masters at first, I've been there once but it was just a hit and run. I want to stay and farm there.. Anyone got some info or tips?

yeah no, my cat has always been indoor, and any cats I get in the future will be indoor cats
Same here.
1:22 AM
Street cats in busy cities generally have much more street-smarts than house cats
@RedRiderX Arr. I follow. Bit of a let down there though. I always like accidental system-time muck ups... It allows one to someday hope for time travel
Cats that have been born and raised on the streets, generally know to avoid cars and when to cross streets, whereas house cats / indoor cats generally are protected from all dangers, so when they go out, they get themselves killed
@Lazers Up to you?
her ex husband never bothered to call her and tell her either
she only found out today when her daughter arrived in sweden and told her
@GnomeSlice Wow. Nice. :/
1:24 AM
she never called her either but, well, she's autistic and never calls anybody
@GnomeSlice that sucks so hard
She's only had the cat for a few months, really, but it still sucks ass
I mean she was expecting I would look after the cat while she was gone and by the time she got back he would have been my cat, not hers.
because it's going to be like 2 years
@StrixVaria that Time Clickers incremental seems to have no weapon upgrades after level 500 :/
@Chippies I heard it falls off by then. I haven't gotten that high yet.
1:31 AM
485, to be more specific, for last upgrade
I wonder if it has something like clicker heroes where every x levels you just get a dps bonus.
You should be able to ascend soon, though, if you're that high.
I got to 100 last night, time warped to start over for the double dmg
I'm at 105 now
Seems like the second playthrough is a lot faster.
at 100 you get 10 time cubes, each 10% dps boost
I should probably ascend tomorrow. I'm at level 90something.
1:32 AM
well, twice as fast :P
I'm hoping to get to 40 time cubes before ascending, but it's quite slow now already
they added option to farm the level before boss, which helps
Yeah that is nice.
Does anybody here have Meltdown on Steam?
I want to play it with somebody
@GnomeSlice I own it, but I'm about to afk for 20~30min
speaking of meltdown, I should charge my controller
@GraceNote Do you still listen to trance?
2:03 AM
Are there any MySQLers in the house?
Q: Is there any way to skip Sky Force 2014's intro?

Franck DernoncourtI often reinstall Sky Force 2014. Is there any way to skip the intro when launching the game for the first time and directly synchronize with one's FB/G+ account?

@GnomeSlice do you still care to play some?
@Chippies Yeah! Have you played it before?
@GnomeSlice no
2:12 AM
just run and shoot, right?
pretty much
just make sure you're in online mode
so I can join you
2:27 AM
It's everything I hate about Canada!
@AshleyNunn That... is very terrifying.
@Yuuki Bonhomme is SO frightening.
so is Harper.
Like apparently Carnaval de Quebec is a huge thing but I am just like nope nope nope because Bonhomme is just nope
When will people learn that humanlike mascots are the most traumatic thing for a child?
We always did a unit about Carnaval and Bonhomme in little kid french
and I was like "THIS IS NOT FUN"
Q: I can only play hexxit on technic

user106199I can only play hexxit on technic launcher I tryed attack of the b team blightfall and tekkit none of the work they get to the mojang screen then go back to the technic launcher please help

2:35 AM
@AshleyNunn So many aspects of this photo assault my senses.
@TimStone I know, right?
sends it all back to Quebec to never be seen again
Unfortunately we can't do that with Harper :(
we gotta keep him
I mean...
@AshleyNunn Doesn't he eat babies?
2:46 AM
@StrixVaria Wouldn't shock me
2:58 AM
@AshleyNunn dafuq
Q: If I left an item inside an item container, will it dissapear after certain time?

FabiánIt is known that dropped items dissapear after a certain amount of hours. What if your item is stored in any item container (chests, bookshelves, etc)? Will those dissapear as well? Question is mainly for Baldur's Gate, I'm playing the Enhanced Edition though so I'm not sure if they made a chan...

Q: Playstation Store file compression

MovieCriticHow much does Sony compress PS3 games files downloaded from the Playstation Store so purchasers aren't downloading huge game files that take forever to download?

Q: How do I tag people in comments/questions?

Irishterminator0I've asked several questions already and when someone answers I wan to thank them but I don't know how to tag them in a post/comment. How do I do this?

Q: This is regarding Sequence 3 memory 2

user106203I'm really stuck on this. It says insufficient data to access. Locate memory in world.. But there is no ! icon to start a mission. Except one but that is past the desync wall. I've done every other mission possible so far. I've bought nearly all the buildings, just need a couple of those expensiv...

3:14 AM
@MattGiltaji our esteemed Prime Minister dancing? with Bonhomme, the mascot of Quebec's carnaval
@GnomeSlice I listen to a lot of songs of a lot of types - Trance happened to be the genre of a particular soundtrack I liked. Ergo... hit me with what you've got! Y'know, when you get back.
Q: How do I tag people in comments/questions?

Irishterminator0I've asked several questions already and when someone answers I want to thank them but I don't know how to tag them in a post/comment. How do I do this?

3:37 AM
3:51 AM
Second interview tomorrow. Guess who can't sleep again?
@AshleyNunn Me!
@GraceNote I'm enjoying this: cosmicleaf.bandcamp.com/album/excort
Not a huge fan of the first track but the rest are pretty good
Anyway it's nearly midnight.
So I'm off.
@origami you are bad at guessing.
Oh :(
@AshleyNunn So you know @OrigamiRobot can sleep???
4:00 AM
@AshleyNunn I sent you some Steams and you're not even gonna see em!
@AshleyNunn extra grats on making it to second interview!
must be those magical unicorn cupcakes :p
(or the fact that a company finally realized how awesome you are)
4:16 AM
@AshleyNunn Wow! That's awesome! And so soon which is crazy!
@origami they'd be on my computer, I am on my phone, so I would see them eventually!
@MattGiltaji it'd be part time, and it's Best Buy, but I will take it.
@AshleyNunn part time is better than unemployed
@MattGiltaji precisely.
I like making money!
@AshleyNunn honestly, when I was working part time, there were times I ended up with just as much/more hours than the full timers. Overtime and what not
not every week, but sometimes
Yeah, I figure if I am just like "sure whatever I will do the things" I can make something out of it for now at least
4:22 AM
right :)
How's the commute? Will it be far from your house?
Some money is better than no money and if I keep working at applying to things I will find something awesome. I am sure.
It's not too far, like 45 min by bus? Maybe less. I took a weird route today because Sunday buses are strange.
I've heard best buy pays pretty good too :)
@AshleyNunn oh that's not too bad :D
@spugsley honestly Ontario min wage is better than nothing (it's actually pretty decent...) but I am not going to argue if they wanna pay me more than that
@AshleyNunn :)
I mean ideally I wouldn't work retail (at least not in sales) but I don't care right now.
Someday I will have a stable job that isn't temporary or part time! :p
4:30 AM
And it will be a job worthy of your awesomeness!
I hope so, I am pretty great.
I think the fact that I had like a 2 hour nap today is screwing me up but I was so tired then! Now I am awake and thisclose to making cinnamon toast. Because I am hungry.
But that would mean leaving my warm blanket nest.
Screw it I want toast.
@AshleyNunn this is the right answer because mmm toast
I have an addiction to this bread.
I need to get some omg
You really do. Like it's absolutely bonkers how good this stuff is.
4:44 AM
I want this except not ugly
also I want people to get it
so I don't really want it
5:06 AM
Ted Cruz Announces He's Your Mom
5:42 AM
Q: Minecraft forge 1.7.10 quit working

GreennyyBeen building a modpack using technic, a personal thing. It started out working and running well when i played it with lucky blocks(the rainbow block edition) and orespawn. but after adding in a few mods, it will no longer play, or even launch. The modpack selection screen disappears, and a few s...

Q: Can Necromastery be purged?

whitehat wannabeSince SF's third skill is considered a buff, would purge work to dispel it? If yes, will it reset the souls or just disable it for some time?

6:22 AM
Q: Will my game hold a save even without a battery as long as the system's still turned on?

LeeSo I've been wanting to back up my old Pokemon Red game (or at least save my team) and I'll have the means to do so within a few days to a week. The save battery still works fine, but I'm a little paranoid that it'll decide to finally die on me before I can make my backup. I know that save files...

6:40 AM
Q: Do I have to do all 50 waves in 1 go for it to count? -Gears of War 3

JakeMy friend and I have been doing horde on insane but we do sets since I can't stay up late. For example, we did waves 1-16 first playthrough. Does this mean if we keep our pattern up we won't get anything for completing all 50 waves?

1 hour later…
8:00 AM
Morning @bridge
Hello @5pike.
8:33 AM
Q: In a clan war how is the recomended target determined?

CeleritasIn a clan war, how is your "recommended target" determined? Also is there any significance to the numbers? I was in a clan with no particular rules for the war and got kicked out because I only got 1 star when I attacked. But it was a difficult target (higher town hall) than my recommended . So ...

8:48 AM
I sort of just want to ask badp's suggested question in "what is a cheat?" in meta, just to see the two parties battle it out.
9:09 AM
Q: Minor design updates

JinJust want to give you a heads up that I pushed some design tweaks to our dev server. The changes will go live after our next production build. Visually it should "feel" the same as the old site with slight layout adjustments. We are moving the site's CSS to a newly refactored LESS system, so tha...

10:04 AM
Q: Possible to join GTA V Heist without high-end apartment and/or less than level 12?

Lasse V. KarlsenThe requirements for playing the heists are plastered all over the internet: Need a high-end apartment with a planning board Need to be level 12 However, some places says you need to be level 12 to host the heist where as other places says that heists unlock at level 12. What is correct? A ...

10:15 AM
@StrixVaria I might wind up doing that, once I get back into it.
Oh my. It looks like the Lifehacks mod actually did delete this. Good job. I honestly didn't think it would be closed.
Q: How to locate pinhole cameras planted in a room?

kenorbI've heard that in some places (such as small hotels, guest houses, or rental rooms) some people are installing spy cameras (e.g. in form of fake smoke alarms). This problem affect people who're travelling a lot to foreign places and are worried about their privacy. Here is one reference (Holida...

That's closed now too1
Man, I'm a hero.
11:25 AM
I should not be so stressed about today, but I am.
@MBraedley What's going on today?
11:36 AM
Oh hey, it's a movie based on that story that mushishi chapter was loosely based on.
My word. 100% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes. that's rare.
Ooooo, a new Studio Ghibli film?
@PrivatePansy Newish.
2 years old, but looks like it only got a US release last month.
@Wipqozn gearing up for trials today
@MBraedley I'm not sure what that means... code testing?
@Wipqozn and to illustrate the scale, we have a crane in our back parking lot
11:44 AM
@MBraedley My word
Q: What do these numbers across the skills mean?

StrixVariaWhen watching other players play Smite, the UI sometimes looks different from what I see. For example, in this screenshot, there are extra numbers across Anhur's 4 skills: I know that the top numbers correspond to the keys you press to use the skill, and the numbers centered on the skill show ...

12:07 PM
Holy whitespace Batman
12:31 PM
I really wish that Zenimax would fix their ESO launcher. I've been fresh installing for over 5 hours by now, and it still needs to download 4.6 GB. It's downloading at between 0.5-1.5 MB/s consistently, while my connection is rated to 150 Mbps
There's a strange problem in the site's layout
The top tabs are misaligned by 1px on Firefox and IE, but aligned properly on Chrome
Can confirm.
Okay, I see the problem
Chrome aligns the tab on half pixels, while IE and Firefox rounds off
Wait, let me check
Yeah, correct
how good are your eyes o_O?
I took screenshots, then lined them up in PS and used the ruler tool :P
12:43 PM
Man now that you've pointed out the excessive whitespacing I really want the site to be about 50% more slim.
Least concerning issue of the ones mentioned, though, I feel.
I think that's correct. Is it?
No wait, I'm wrong
It's not a half pixel difference
Was about to say, that's a whole one.
Hrump. I thought it was unit rounding that was the culprit, but it's not
12:47 PM
113 and 114 to be precise.
Maybe it is rounding and for shits one browser rounds down while the other rounds up.
I've inspected the elements, and they both seem to be the exact same dimension and have the exact same position properties
@PrivatePansy Is the sign up et cetera also moved down one?
The recent achievements icon seems off already.
@No.7892142 Oh, that bug has been around for a very long time
Nice, that game is great
Puppygames rock
12:59 PM
Oh where, oh where can my flatbed truck be? Oh where, oh where can it be?
did you look in your pocket yet
Must be under your bed, duh
The longer it's not here, the more time I get paid to twiddle my thumbs.
@MBraedley Is your KSP let's play more or less blind or actually methodical and you know what the fuck you're doing?
@No.7892142 The second one (that I've silently stopped making)? More or less blind.
The first one was relatively methodical.
1:05 PM
@MBraedley idk just popped into your profile and read about it
Yeah, I can't see which one I linked to in my profile.
Oh, I think the flatbed's here. Have to go.
Have any of you see astrobasecommand.com?
Looks pretty neat.
Not sure I like the way they're doing interaction.
Apparently most of it is done through this little computer thing
so you like sit at the desk and have a little computer to interact with to do stuff?
1:22 PM
Q: please help.. CS GO error this game requires steam!

nischal soniI have downloaded counter strike global offensive from utorrent and installed everything and when i open the csgo.exe it says this game requirss steam! i did everything i can do i opened the properties of csgo.exe and ticked the windoes xp (service pack 3) and ticked run as administrator but now ...

@Lazers piracy question ahoy!
is it just me or does the close thing have a new style
4 hours ago, by Sepia Lazers
Q: Minor design updates

JinJust want to give you a heads up that I pushed some design tweaks to our dev server. The changes will go live after our next production build. Visually it should "feel" the same as the old site with slight layout adjustments. We are moving the site's CSS to a newly refactored LESS system, so tha...

I missed that.
1:39 PM
Q: Bridge Movie Night 3: The Search For Popcorn

YuukiBridge Movie Night is just getting bigger and bigger. As I haven't heard any complaints so far, I think we're going to stick with the same format. This meta will open for voting and discussion for about two weeks or so, then a decision will be made regarding which movie to show. Now I realize tha...

Wow, that downvote was fast.
This is fantastic movie, but I ended up watching this last week on Netflix, haha, so I don't feel like watching it again so soon, hence my downvote. — Wipqozn 15 secs ago
@Wipqozn I figured it probably had something to do with Netflix.
some flagged "wtf"?
Just thought I'd post it up since... well, it's on Netflix.
1:43 PM
My Bloodborne pre-order got delayed because they tried to bill my old credit card that I had to cancel due to fraud :(
Evil Dead imo.
If anything, I'd've flagged the one that actually looked like a personal attack.
Now I'll have to get started not-playing it a day later :(
A: Bridge Movie Night 3: The Search For Popcorn

WipqoznGoing to repost this suggestion made by @Krazer from last time. Movie Suggestion: The Tale of Princess Kaguya The Tale of The Princess Kaguya is adapted from the 10th century Japanese folktale "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter," by Studio Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata (you may know him from G...

cc @ʞɹɐzǝɹ
The rest of these just have no chance of validation.
1:52 PM
@Wipqozn It might get put on some streaming services now that it's been nominated for an Oscar.
@Yuuki Here's hoping
Currently writing up a suggestion for my personal pick.
@fredley success! We're currently talking about your avatar
@KevinvanderVelden Hahaha
Bridgers best conversation derailers
in Game Development, 1 min ago, by Kevin van der Velden
Naah, the diamondification of moderatorship is a well known phenomenon
1:54 PM
Manos: The Hands of Fate is available on Amazon Instant video. Just saying.
@Wipqozn I almost fell asleep just reading that movie description
Upside Down (French: Un monde à l'envers) is a 2012 Canadian-French romantic science fiction film written and directed by Juan Diego Solanas, starring Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst. == Plot == The film starts with Adam telling the story of his two-planet home world, unique from other planets or planetary systems as it is the only one that has "dual gravity". This phenomenon of dual gravity allows the two planets to orbit each other in what would otherwise be impossibly close proximity. There are three immutable laws of gravity for this two-planet system: All matter is pulled by the gravity of...
we should watch this
except the ending is weird and dumb
@Sterno you fall asleep a lot, though. You're old.
A: Bridge Movie Night 3: The Search For Popcorn

YuukiMovie Suggestion Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, Song of the Sea is a traditionally animated film based on the ancient Celtic myth of the selkie. Ben and Saoirse live in a lighthouse by the sea. Ben tries his best to be a good older brother to Saoirse after the death...

My choice.
@gnomeslice I don't know of it is the tiny screen on my phone or what but I keep reading the name on the movie poster as "upsidenmoo"
2:07 PM
@AshleyNunn The DOWN is upside down
HAha I see it now in the wikipedia thumbnail though
Description's not the best, but that's because I haven't actually seen the film.
Can never unsee
Q: Do you find keys without cheats?

VianCan't find golden keys in game.

@Lazers wat.
@Lazers I assume this is Borderlands 2?
2:11 PM
Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday!
I actually just came out of my bed after the party I threw yesterday.
@Yuuki It could also be the original Borderlands, I think.
Or Pre-Sequel now, perhaps.
A: Bridge Movie Night 3: The Search For Popcorn

GnomeSliceMovie Suggestion: Upside Down Ever since Adam (Jim Sturgess) and Eden (Kirsten Dunst) fell in love as teens, their bond has faced astronomical odds. The pair are separated not just by social class and a political system bent on keeping them apart, but also by a freak planetary condition: they ...

@GnomeSlice That's a big poster image.
@arperum Yay for birthdays. By the sounds of it (because you are getting up when I am) it was a good birthday.
2:16 PM
I like how somebody downvoted it 10 seconds after I posted it so they didn't even read it
Morning, Bridge
@AshleyNunn It was! I went to the Netherlands for a mini-festival thing. And got a tracklist of Wintersun!
@GnomeSlice they could have recognised the poster as one they didn't want to see
@GnomeSlice It's also entirely possible that they've seen the movie before and didn't like it.
2:18 PM
Haha yeah I know I'm not actually upset
flag flag flag
@fredley somebody is abusing flags in gamedev again
flagging every message by @KevinvanderVelden
@arperum that does sound fantastic
Sounds like a GameDev mod needs to go smack that flagger or something.
Well I guess that's gamedev ruined.
The only other chatroom I frequent.
2:24 PM
Someone flagged the timeout message...
Timeout is boring, I wanna talk about raycasting
flips tables I hate everything. I am going to have to call/go to Service Canada to get my EI sorted out because my bitcoin job is screwing everything up.
2:31 PM
Ah =[
They didn't file something or other?
Pretty much. Because I was a contractor they are saying technically they don't have to.
And yet the relevant people obviously disagree ><
I did squeeze a tax form out of them, which helps for taxes, but not for EI.
Oh yeah, Service Canada is like "you should have the thing"
@AshleyNunn that doesnt make sense
why are they such dicks?
2:33 PM
@MattGiltaji contractors have to file taxes on their own income probably?
@MattGiltaji they're saying because I was contracting my services and not employed by them as an employee they have no onus to supply a record of employment to service Canada.
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah the taxes I don't care about, I knew that. It's the record of employment for my EI that I care about.
@AshleyNunn but if you are responsible to provide that, then you could just make up whatever forms and claim that you were working at X as a contractor
@MattGiltaji Yeah, I suspect I will have to do that, it's just not part of the online application so this just delays things.
And I have to figure out how to do that.
I would love things to stop being complicated any time now.
Sorry. Don't mean to complain. This is just frustrating on top of having to deal with my current job screwing with me. At least I have that second interview today, hopefully awesome stuff comes from that.
Everyone needs somewhere to complain, and internet peoples are also acceptable for complaining with =p
Unrelated, but @wipqozn I am half way through my goal of 75 books for the year as of last night. :D
2:39 PM
You're missing out on the mod party!
zomg its a se celebrity!
sorry I moved your cheese
@Jin Put it back!
We need our cheese!
2:41 PM
@KevinvanderVelden no, i didn't buy any lactaid yet... :(
@MattGiltaji I'm saying Jin should eat it
I'd say, "poor mouse", but that's one smart cat.
"it's like i'm watching you, all the time"
@Jin fake
2:43 PM
@GnomeSlice uh uhhh. it's so realz
A: Bridge Movie Night 3: The Search For Popcorn

GnomeSliceMovie Suggestion In 2074, when the mob wants to get rid of someone, the target is sent into the past, where a hired gun awaits - someone like Joe - who one day learns the mob wants to 'close the loop' by sending back Joe's future self for assassination. Trailer | Official Site | Amazon | Rott...

I almost gave you guys a meta laser shooting mothership in case of EEEEKS
> This movie is rated TV for titties and violence. Plus a lot of cursing.
I kinda want to point you to a request on GDSE, but I don't know if that's appropriate =p
2:45 PM
@KevinvanderVelden what is it? i'm going to convert GDSE to the new LESS soon too
@Jin well, it's for the chat, the link colour is really hard to distinguish from the regular text. It's happened multiple times that people posted a descriptive link and people wondering where the link was
@KevinvanderVelden the actual chatroom? the new LESS change won't impact that since it's a different css file. but I'll ask our chat dev to fix it
@fredley just so you know, that mick guy from gamedev is using a sock to get around his chat suspension
@Jin You should also have one of your minions draw my blog header image because I tried and failed/am lazy. :(
I tried praying to SVG gods but I think I didn't make the right sacrifices.
@Jin yeah the actual chat room, meta.gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/1624/… is asking about it
If you can, awesome :D
2:48 PM
@AshleyNunn You're aware that we aren't even close to being halfway through the year yet? Also: that's amazing.
@Jin There's a chat dev? TIL
@fredley well, chat is more or less on a maintenance mode right now. Ben is our chat dev who created the chat
@GnomeSlice What account was the sock?
@fredley jesus.exe
he just admitted to it as well, but I knew it was that because that's his name on soundcloud
@arperum Haha, yeah, I know. It helped that at the beginning I had a lot of commute time and now I have a lot of not-working time.
2:51 PM
@fredley fwiw I suspect that's who was flagging too.
@GnomeSlice I suspect so too
Anyway, just thought you should be aware. His suspension is up now anyway, but he evaded it.
@fredley well, he did say he was flagging wardy before switching to me
@GnomeSlice I think you've showed me this before. or that background is just commonly used
I might have showed you i tbefore
2:54 PM
I wonder what the longest possible ban is
doesn't matter. still good
@evilfredley, come here
Poor @evilfredley, RIP
@Jin Opacity on the flag screen on MSO needs some tweaking.
@KevinvanderVelden :(
2:56 PM
@Frank you mean negative voted stuff?
right now downvoted block is set to opacity: 0.5
@Jin Oh, it's supposed to be visible?
It does funky things if it's over top of a non-negative voted post.
@fredley I remember someone saying you could add a limit of numbers in the banned time box, but if you removed said limit through html modification, you could go higher.
@Arperum So you can
> This user has been temporarily suspended by a moderator and cannot chat for 669467 days.
You've banned your sock for 1800 years.
2:59 PM
@Frank We can go higher
@Jin Chat isn't developed anymore?

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