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3:00 AM
Now I want Mountain Dew. :(
@FAE Friend could bring the DS to the poster's house?
@FAE I'll have one for ya!


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Canadians are weird.
@AshleyNunn True. I don't know if we can like... really ask the asker questions without being like "ARE YOU PIRATING?! 'FESS UP!"
3:01 AM
Bonus points if you get the reference.
@Fluttershy Want. :(
I remember they illegalized pre-mixed energy drinks and alcohol.
....why is it that if I, as a fat girl, want a bikini, everyone calls them "fatkinis"? WHY THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO HAVE A FUCKING SPECIAL NAME FOR IT JUST BECAUSE I NEED MORE FUCKING FABRIC? breathes
@AshleyNunn Can also confirm that Mountain Dew + 151 rum is a horrible idea.
@AshleyNunn Because people are stupid.
3:03 AM
@FAE Eeeergh, I suspect it would be.
Also, not everyone calls them "fatkinis". I didn't even know that was a thing.
@Yuki is put off bathing suit shopping forver
@AshleyNunn I had not heard of this. :(
Yeah, wat. Why is this a thing?
@AshleyNunn It was hurgleflargle.
3:03 AM
@FAE TBQH, the problem is that Mountain Dew is fucking nasty.
@Yuki Tumblr does, and a large portion of my "plus size bikini" hunting labelled them that....
@LessPop_MoreFizz I like it!
@AshleyNunn No, it's pretty clearly explicitly and exclusively a piracy question.
@AshleyNunn Well, we both know that Tumblr is comprised largely of stupid people that have stupid opinions (you are not included in this group).
@LessPop_MoreFizz That was my thinking. I cannot think of a purely legal reason for anyone to want to do that that way.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Eh, I like it, always have. I don't drink it like I used to anymore though, partly because I can't get it over here, partly because when I got some health problems when I used to drink it at the levels I did at SU.
3:05 AM
@AshleyNunn There is none, really.
@Yuki This is true, I am just frustrated as heck now
Mutant Gangland designs over time.
I used to drink a glass of regular and a glass of Code Red with each meal at the Dining Hall. @_<
@FAE o.O
We just became a Pepsi campus.
@AshleyNunn No, as I read it, he is explicitly asking how he can put the downloadable game he owns and bought for his DS on to his friends DS also.
Which is explicitly and specifically piracy.
3:06 AM
My addictions have gone from coke/fanta to mountain dew
Which... I think the second is worse
I stopped when I found a cyst in my breast and went to campus health and the nurse suggested cutting out caffeine for a month and seeing if it would go away and it did.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Okay, that was my logic train.
@FAE Yay for it going away!
(which is scary as hell at 19)
My current love is Orange Crush. I dunno why.
@FAE I can imagine!
Dr. Pepper makes the world taste better.
3:07 AM
@Fluttershy Especially from fountain.
@FAE How did you find a cyst? Did you just feel an odd growth in the shower one day or somethig?
@AshleyNunn Indeed! Since then though, I'm more careful about my caffeine intake.
@Yuki Generally, you are supposed to periodically check yourself for these things. :)
@AshleyNunn I love all orange soda.
3:08 AM
There's a whole method to it.
@Yuki Regular self-exams are part of women's health stuff in general.
@Yuki Orange soda makes me happy.
Well, tbh, it's not hard to be more mindful about caffeine than 6 glasses ish of the stuff per day
@Yuki Also it was painful, so.
@AshleyNunn I'm singing "Let It Go" right now...
3:08 AM
@Yuki <3 It is stuck in my head!
@Unionhawk 6 glasses really isn't much when you consider how much people often drink when they just have a 12/24 pack sitting around at home.
@FAE True
Now I want orange pop
It is too late to get orange pop anywhere near me :(
I'd send you one through the internets, but that doesn't work
I've tried.
More than once.
I'm sorry, this has to be done. It literally has to
3:10 AM
@AshleyNunn No 24-hour convenience/corner stores?
who loves orange soda?
@Yuki Nope. :(
@Unionhawk I appreciate the effort!
@Ktash I'm scared of saying "yes", because you might have something disturbing to share about orange soda.
@Ktash tentative yes
3:11 AM
@Ktash This just reminds me that the movie Good Burger exists.
@FAE And is on Netflix (in the US)
@FAE I love that movie. :P
@Ktash This is how much I love orange soda :P
@AshleyNunn I haven't seen it since I watched it while babysitting my cousins.
3:13 AM
I watched it a while back.
"Welcome to the Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?"
@FAE I totally hear it in the proper voice.
I have trouble remembering appointments, anniversaries, birthdays... yet I remember that. Why brain, why.
@AshleyNunn hehe
"Pass The Dust I Think I'm Bowie" Great Album Title? Or Greatest Album Title?
Oh god the 90's. A time of... me... being really really young. And not remembering anything.
3:14 AM
@Unionhawk You're young enough for me to have babysat you. :|
@AshleyNunn It's like "Good News Everybody!" It can't be read in any other voice but the proper one
@FAE I can echo so much random stuff (echolalia gets interesting) but names, dates, important stuff, goes out my brain
@AshleyNunn I hate it, because there are Important Things sometimes that I want to remember, but I can't hang onto them.
@AshleyNunn I'm the same way. I remember license plates and phone numbers like nobody's business, but I can't remember important stuff. :(
3:19 AM
I remember a lot of things I hear, like random phrases and junk. It's...annoying, because then it means I remember a lot of unfun stuff forever
@AshleyNunn Yeah, that is awful.
@SochiProblems, Sochi
I'm a mess, and not prepared for you! Our athletes live like Kings!
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@LessPop_MoreFizz Why am I just hearing about this now.
@GnomeSlice Because you don't read the news?
3:26 AM
don't worry guys, I got it covered
@kalina We know.
@kalina Flag more things I need to clear them to beat Fredley.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm sorry but the last time I went on a flagging spree I got in trouble
3:28 AM
@kalina Point.
Is the Olympic village still under construction or something?
@GnomeSlice It's not supposed to be, but....
@LessPop_MoreFizz Nightmare fuel...
@kalina You have way too much time on your hands.
@Fluttershy THE EYES
3:30 AM
@FEichinger well yeah, I'm re-watching Burn Notice
@kalina Huh.
@FEichinger Less talk more reviewing things.
@Unionhawk Psh, it's 4:30am, I'm not reviewing shit.
@kalina I have a suspicion that a non-zero portion of your enjoyment (or at least, your initial interest before you started watching it) of this show is related to it's title.
@FEichinger EXCUSES
3:32 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz actually the entire concept of Fiona Glenanne is awesome, crazy demolitions girl is best girl
@kalina Why am I not surprised?
plus she has a gun fetish
@kalina Actual fetish or just fondness?
@FAE borderline
3:34 AM
@kalina Interesting.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Thanks for that reminder.
@LessPop_MoreFizz what the
I hear "gun fetish" and I think of that scene from The Man Who Fell to Earth.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Wha--?
3:37 AM
I suddenly realise that "gun fetish" could mean something wildly out of line with what I was saying
Yeah no kidding
What the actual fuck
@Unionhawk I think my favorite part of the story is that it was precipitated by "A domestic dispute regarding Space Aliens."
Okay, need to attempt sleep, goodnight, Bridge.
3:40 AM
nn @FAE
@FAE Sleep well
3 mins ago, by Unionhawk
What the actual fuck
3 mins ago, by Yuki
3 mins ago, by Unionhawk
What the actual fuck
Watching Tobuscus play Flappy Bird is hilarious and also like....augh painful.
@Braiam @Yuki @Unionhawk You say this like I'm responsible for this story.
I am merely a diligent reporter of factual information.
3:46 AM
If you have a problem with reality, I suggest you adopt my preferred solution; drink. Heavily if necessary.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't. I gave a general "wtaf" about the story
The music
@LessPop_MoreFizz I already have.
@LessPop_MoreFizz through you are responsible for our acts reactions
3:47 AM
I believe that was Machinae Supremacy
@Yuki Clearly, you haven't had enough then.
Hello, Bridge.
@DavidM Hi.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Magic sky internet!
@DavidM It's pretty rad.
3:48 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz It is, but it directly competes with my natural urge to pass out on airplanes. The minute I hit the seat my eyes start to close.
Especially now that I own a device from which to enjoy it that doesn't require I lower the tray table and spend the entire flight trying to suck my fat gut in.
@DavidM Have you had any magic skyjuice (read: ginger ale)?
@Yuki Nah ... I'm a Diet Coke fiend.
Hm, maybe not.
@GnomeSlice She says yes it was, and that she is heading to bed. :P
3:49 AM
@Yuki No no no the magic sky juice is tomato juice.
@Fluttershy How did she know that
@AshleyNunn Watching Tobuscus play anything is both hilarious and painful.
I can't even find it.
@GnomeSlice Top comment on the YouTube page.
@Fluttershy This is generally truth.
3:50 AM
Q: Why do people on airplanes often have tomato juice as a drink?

graupTomato juice seems to be a favorite drink for many travelers to have on board an airplane. I've seen this on almost every flight I've been on, but I have never noticed this same trend at ground-level. What are the reasons for that? Is there an origin of this trend?

@LessPop_MoreFizz noooooooooo
@Fluttershy Doesn't make it true.
@AshleyNunn only on airplanes.
Tomato juice is awful under all other circumstances.
It is gross every day.
It's not listed on their site.
3:50 AM
No matter what.
@GnomeSlice It's not from Machinae Supremacy, but it's the same people.
@AshleyNunn Have you ever had it on an airplane? It literally tastes different at high altitude in a pressurized cabin.
like, there is SCIENCE! behind it.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I have a giant dislike of strongly tomato-y things.....
@LessPop_MoreFizz I disagree. The key is adding lemon to it.
3:51 AM
It's true. I hate tomato juice, but quite enjoy it in flight. :3
@AshleyNunn Yes, and the thing about being in an airplane is that it doesn't taste as strongly tomato-y
And I have been on an airplane only twice, and was MASSIVELY nauseated and dizzy and miserable
(My brainmeats DID NOT LIKE the whole flying bit)
@AshleyNunn Your brain meats are not of the garden variety, though.
@DavidM No, and I suspect that likely had something to do with the terrible feeling.
@AshleyNunn Strikes me as fairly likely.
3:54 AM
Stupid CSF being all....not drain-y
@AshleyNunn Yeah, that.
@GnomeSlice Hubnester Industries is who it's credited to I believe, and that is a production company owned by 3 members of the band, so same composers. Sleep for real now.
So I mostly was like "lets not put things into my face that might reappear at any moment" but now I am SO CURIOUS about the tomato juice
Yawn and shit.
Airplane ... making ... me ... tired ...
But ... paid ... outrageous ... fee ... for ... wi-fi ...
@DavidM My trick is to get really drunk before I fly. It makes the whole experience more tolerable.
And it means that I have an excuse when i regret overpaying for the wifi and then using it to post things on the internet that I will regret later.
3:59 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I quit drinking years ago . . . Did nothing for me.
and it also means I can easily just pass out and sleep on super long flights.

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