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8:00 PM
well, not for any sensible pirate at least.
TV sucks when you can't skip commercials.
@Sterno Very tempted to star that
@Frank How can you be a proper summoner with your current lack of zippers?
@RavenDreamer I don't quite have all the Summoner gear yet.
Just a few parts.
8:08 PM
Q: What are these weird games in my steam library?

Raven DreamerI was cleaning out my steam library today and noticed something weird. Dozens of games of the format, SteamAppXXXX, which don't seem to do anything. Given their... questionable nature, I haven't tried to install or run them. What's going on here?

@Wipqozn An eye spontaneously exploding is the worst that can happen?
@Frank It wasn't spontaneous.
@Wipqozn Than I seem to be missing something.
@Frank Look closer at that eye.
@Frank The speech bubble
8:10 PM
@Wipqozn Oh, he ran into the speech bubble.
on the third hand:
in Ask Ubuntu General Room, 9 mins ago, by hbdgaf
too much success? yes it's possible http://www.macrumors.com/2014/02/09/flappy-bird-removed/
@DavidM Yes, I supported at the physical version level even.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I have this on DVD!
Q: Launch Arcology Achivements

MichelI launched my Arcology, but I can't figured HOW do I get these achievements: Here is my Arcology What am I missing? I don't know How to use Arcology, for me (atm) is just a place, like an monument ... I'm not even sure if the "benefits" are coming to my cities ...

Volt is currently being featured on http://IndieGameStand.com, where you can pay what you want for the game.
8:17 PM
@Braiam this is why side loading apps needs to be a thing. I hadn't downloaded it, but now I want to try it.
@3ventic not found for me
@DavidM Also check out Haunting at Cliffhouse and ASA
@3ventic Yeah no.
> We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.
8:18 PM
@MBraedley I tried it yesterday. Nothing special.
Play Badlands instead.
Is it like tiny wings at all?
It's a bad game anyway, go play something else
@3ventic Hahahahahahaha what the hell
Dawn of the Plow is best android arcade game.
It's cheaper to buy it on indiegamestand though, and still comes with android
(and steam if/when greenlit)
@3ventic Oh reskin industry...
I also recommend Pitman.
Cc @RedRiderX
I can still see flappy bird's store page though. i.3ventic.eu/20140209202245266.png
8:25 PM
"Omg, these BASTARDS can't own "CANDY"!!!!!" *minutes pass* "You put PIPES in a game? BUT THAT BELONGS TO NINTENDO!"
@3ventic Wow, if that is anything like the original, maybe I'm glad I didn't get it
@MBraedley It seems like a straight copy with some of the textures changed
Space Run looks pretty fun.
8:28 PM
> i like sheper he dosnt afrade of anything
A developer sent me a lawsuit threat over the Indie Ego, claiming libel. You'll all note that NOBODY was mentioned in that editorial.
@fredley Hey, I can read it now!
@3ventic Look with your special eyes
> Indie fans who say things like “go play Call of Duty” are essentially telling the millions of Call of Duty players that them and their money are something indie developers can do without. On behalf of the indie developers who you did not consult when saying that, kindly shut the fuck up, please.
8:32 PM
@3ventic Oh, Jordan, you're an idiot.
@Unionhawk That's news?
Most of his videos that I watch bring a smile on my face though
@3ventic Nope!
..and I just recently realized I've been watching his videos from his old channel...
> So now, you see a lot more people with that artsy, pretentious, “nobody gets me” personality. Thanks to Indie Game: The Movie, many people believe the scene is dominated by this type of character. It’s not.
8:34 PM
Goddamn, some of these kids in the olympics are younger than I am. What the fuck an I doing with my life?
Q: With Steam officially supporting Ubuntu, is Lubuntu similar enough to work just as well?

Geesh_SOIt's great news that Steam supports Linux, and will surely help with gaming on Linux. I've heard that Ubuntu is the distro that Steam officially supports, so it follows that you'd have the best Steam experience on Ubuntu. My question is this: Would any of the differences that make Lubuntu what ...

@GnomeSlice Hey! Thanks for the recs. Both look awesome, but sadly no Mac love!
@DavidM ;_;
I love my Mac until something like that crops up. And, I have Win 7 on my other laptop running VMWare, but it's clunky.
8:44 PM
@DavidM lol...
@GnomeSlice I know, right?!?
> There is no such thing as the “Indie Ego.” The majority of indie developers are down to Earth and humble, while indie fans are normal gamers just looking for ideas off the beaten path. I wish the perception of the scene was more in line with reality. Yes, some developers are egotists who insult fans, throw tantrums, and sniff their own farts. Yes, some indie fans are obnoxious, elitist, uptight dorks. But they are not the standard bearers for indies, and gamers need to know that.
Q: Xlib: Extension "GLX" missing on display ":0" on PlayOnLinux (while loading a game)

user2905333So, this is what is happening, i've downloaded a game that is supposed to run in playOnLinux perfectly, however, when i'm trying to play, it gives me an error "Shader Version 3.0 is not supported", it does not matter if i configure the lowest settings or not, it gives me the same error, my graphi...

An indie dev suing an indie critic in an article that didn't reference him, in a section of the editorial that didn't have him in mind.
FOR FUCK'S SAKE! The word I in English is ALWAYS CAPITALIZED!!!!!!!!!!
Alright, with that ran i am out . . . <------ See what I did there?
8:51 PM
@DavidM ಠ_ಠ
> For his part, President Putin has been dismissive of the complaints, today calling the hotel guests “babies who cry.”
Drat, the women's snowboard slope style stream is buggered. I guess I'll just have to look at the results and ruin it for @Unionhawk
Jan 30 at 20:45, by Unionhawk
I hate each and every one of you.
@MBraedley It's probably on TV.
@GnomeSlice Not yet, probably. It's on Primetime here.
8:56 PM
@GnomeSlice right now? Maybe, but I saw a headline earlier that makes me think no.
And so was the moguls
Ah well, at least Hannah Kearney's run was pretty obviously not a gold medal run from the start.
So I forgive you for that.
Man, those Canadian girls are hot
Why is this question deleted? (10k link)
@GnomeSlice Lol
No comment.
8:58 PM
@3ventic I don't know, it goes against the agreed policy
Oh, it is on. But it's already the second run.
@3ventic We also can't undelete it because some of the people who voted to delete it before are now moderators.
It seems like a useful question and the answers still apply to other products
@GnomeSlice Yeah, that's why I brought it up
I wonder if that should be posted to MSO
9:00 PM
@3ventic yeah
lobby one of the mods to undelete it
@3ventic Given the number of people who voted to delete it (and my vague memory), there was probably some conversation in this room around it.
Omg Jessica Nigri as Charizard is ridiculous
@GnomeSlice wat
er wait
Maybe I shouldn't post that.
@GnomeSlice I... oh my
9:03 PM
Q: When to repair Bhakti

user68904I am on my first play-through, in Oerba, I have all the parts to repair Bhakti but am unsure if I should repair him now or wait, as I am pretty sure I havn't held every item/weapon in game. Should/can I wait? Or will he give me titles twice?

I should have ponied up to meet her at popexpo
Oh well...
@GnomeSlice I can't believe one of the first comments on there is telling her she should do more exercise and tone her legs. :(
@FAE Don't ever read comments on things Jessica Nigri posts.
They are terrible.
@GnomeSlice Probably a good idea.
> Don't ever read comments
9:05 PM
@Unionhawk was half way through typing that
@kalina INB4
you didn't actually inb4 me
I, for one, love Hippocrates. He was essentially the Father of Medicine. Don't understand this kind of hatred. http://t.co/LVUYDBBtH0
@kalina I did though.
due to my lack of committing to pressing enter
9:06 PM
@kalina you are pink again
I wouldn't have if you didn't say you were about to say that.
@FAE I got bored of being pinged 20 times a day asking me why I wasn't
Aug 1 '13 at 14:30, by Fluttershy
Should we delete this? The highest upvoted answer doesn't answer the question, and it's outdated anyway.
@StrixVaria correct
We agreed not to delete things that were out of date
The fact it got deleted before 2 months was up was a bit stupid as well
@FAE So many gross comments on all her stuff.
9:07 PM
Aug 1 '13 at 14:31, by OrigamiRobot
@Fluttershy It's closed as OT. It should be deleted anyway.
@GnomeSlice I'd imagine so. :/
@RedRiderX loooool
@StrixVaria I don't agree with it being off topic, either
but, oh well
@kalina Did we ever have a consensus when "too localized" was a thing on whether things that were obsoleted should be deleted?
I think that maybe the question should haven't been deleted, but since it's deleted why not leave it that way since it doesn't help anyone any more anyway.
Too localized was thrown out the window at that point already
9:09 PM
@StrixVaria we keep questions for internet based games that no longer have servers
@3ventic The same close reasons still would apply; they would just have to be written into a custom off topic reason instead.
Things that used to be "too localized" are not magically valid questions since that close reason is gone.
I'm biased anyway
If the question got undeleted, I'd gain 300 rep
Many of the questions deemed too localized were valid questions, though
and the other guy would probably gain much more than that
The other guy's answer is a link only answer and the link is now broken
9:12 PM
@3ventic Which makes it pretty useless, no?
@AshleyNunn That particular answer, yes
@3ventic Yeah, that was all I was referring to
I mean I think the question is better off deleted because, well, that particular case doesn't occur anymore, and it is not really anything that is going to particularly help the internet at large.
But the thing with the question is that Dota 2 is just an example there, the Steam gifts is the main thing, which is still very much a thing.
@3ventic I disagree.
@AshleyNunn in general terms, not only is the question still useful but my answer is still valid
9:13 PM
It's not even tagged with dota 2
@kalina It is speaking to a specific event with a specific problem. I get that a whole "what can I do with a thing I don't want" question might be viable, but I don't think this one is it.
Are you going to undelete it if I post a dupe of it without the dota 2 example?
I am not sure why that is necessary (the undeleting)
I'm just making sure before I post the question
that question is interesting for another reason though
it detects it was deleted by a mod
9:17 PM
@3ventic Making sure of?
@kalina What do you mean?
even though it wasn't actually deleted by a mod
@AshleyNunn if I cast an undelete vote, I get an error stating "this has been deleted by a mod and cannot be undeleted"
while on the flipside
Because some of you were elected
@kalina Ah, yeah, that isn't surprising, considering the diamonds got appended onto everything we did.
delete votes that you guys cast before you were mods didn't instantly delete stuff after you were diamonified
so there are instances where one of you guys is like the first or second delete vote, but the question was deleted after you were mods
@kalina Because the action never got finished.
9:19 PM
lots of little things like that
At least, that's my understanding.
I wonder what would happen if
you cast a delete vote
get a diamond
and then cast another delete vote
since your first vote isn't binding, and your second vote should fall foul of the check that determines if you've already voted
I can spell voted, 100%
@kalina I know there have been cases where a person shows up in the list of close voters or the like twice, if my brain is cooperating.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 8 hours ago, by Shadow Wizard
@JanDvorak no, nothing get auto deleted like that. But if a question got 1 delete vote from John while he was ordinary member, then John became moderator and then Bob (ordinary user) cast the second delete vote, that vote would insta-delete the post.
interesting that this exact conversation occurred while I was sleeping
9:21 PM
@3ventic O_O
user image
@kalina crossposting!
@Braiam You say that as if she cares
nope, no care was given on that day
9:32 PM
@kalina cares, she's american after all D:
@Qwertie Soon to be replaced by Heavy Bird.
9:34 PM
I still have the .apk on my laptop
@Yuki A basic inversion of the concept? :P
@Qwertie too late D:
2 hours ago, by Yuki
@fredley I wonder how much money I can make if I just flip everything and call it "Heavy Bird".
I think I need to get some pants on. I need some food.
Pretty much, yeah.
9:35 PM
@Yuki Nice :P
mmm food
@MBraedley VSDC Video Editor is not very user friendly at first, but it seems pretty powerful if you can get the hang of it. It's apparently something called a non-linear video editor.
I've also heard very good things about PowerDirector, and it's relatively cheap.
10:13 PM
@GnomeSlice it is a bug but i cannot push the update for technical reasons - I will check if I can fix it next weekend. Thank you
But rad that you got the response
@RedRiderX I know things about indie stuff.
Wow, Little Racers Street has fucking Steam exclusive bonus stuff. Like a bus.
@RedRiderX @GnomeSlice is big in the indie world. Mostly because he is a time-traveller.
Oh man
I wish I were a time traveller.
10:21 PM
Because I'm totally not
Don't worry about that
Because I'm totally from this time period
Q: Is it possible to transfer my save to the Steam version, and vice versa?

GnomeSliceLittle Racers Street is now available on Steam, and I've redeemed my Steam code from Desura. While I'll most likely keep my DRM-Free copy around so I can play with my Dad, the Steam one sounds like it has some added perks, namely some exclusive new vehicles. I don't really want to have to start...

@RedRiderX Well, if you're sure about it, I guess I'll believe you.
Wooo, I asked a question.
@GnomeSlice you have asked 155 ×_×
@Braiam In like 3 years.
I've asked barely anything in months.
Oh, yeah, I guess I tried to ask some about Risk of Rain a while ago.
slow clap
slower clap.
Sorry, my competitive nature got the better of me.
slowest clap
10:37 PM
slower than @Yuki clap
claps so slowly, his hands literally don't move
no clap
Is this the part where I say "FIRST!"?
10:39 PM
@FEichinger No clip?
@Unionhawk That was either @Yuki or @FEichinger
/res @John
is revived
10:44 PM
goes back to the big bang ages, start clapping
@Braiam Cheater!
I thought @RedRiderX was the only time traveler around here.
Who told you that?
That's totally not true
@GnomeSlice did.
10:45 PM
He's a time traveler too.
is dead
@Unionhawk COPYCAT
@John doesn't care
@RedRiderX I play to win :P
10:47 PM
And how
@Braiam But you shouldn't go splashing your ability everywhere.
People might get suspicious.
Just do what I do.
Act natural.
A 17th century poison case disguised as a book. #histmed http://t.co/jDBbZzRYan
Wow, those were the days
When you had more hardcovers big enough to pull that off.
@Braiam That's not necessarily a slow clap, just an old clap.
@RedRiderX And fewer people capable of reading.
And even fewer willing to read.
@Yuki Well if the first clap was at the beginning of time and there hasn't been the second one yet...
@RonanForman Yeah, but if I clap so slowly such that my hands don't move and I haven't made a first clap yet, does that mean my clap was slower?
@Yuki mind explodes
@Yuki Is a clap with no claps in still a clap?
10:57 PM
20 secs ago, by Unionhawk
@Yuki mind explodes
@RonanForman If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to see it, does anyone give a ****?
Q: What is the fastest way to get candies?

Joe PerrinCurrently I am grinding/farming candies at the Castle Entrance using the Boots of Introspection the Scythe and the Merchants Hat. I Squeeze then Jump using the Pogo Stick to the end of the quest and sit at the very end where the Knights spawn. The Scythe quickly kills the Knights (1 per second) a...

@Yuki Well I do, it landed on my goram house!

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