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12:00 AM
and now I'm slightly confused
How did you even do that!?
I'm on a boat
Ah yes
Time to play some chess
Are you also going fast?
12:00 AM
'Cause you done died, traveller.
no I was just spamming buttons for levels
And now look where it's got you
I honestly have no idea what is going on in this game
I just keep clicking buttons
I see
Reading the story text generally helps.
12:05 AM
my nightmares are at level 5 too
Like so?
@AshleyNunn ... Yes, expect her to read. Because that's gonna work.
@kalina Oh my.
@kalina Seriously, though, that's impressively bad. o.ô
more like "mmm it's been three hours since I clicked anything... time for clickings!"
12:05 AM
@FEichinger Doesn't @kalina spend a lot of time in... a chatroom?
@RedRiderX Yes, yes, but that's mostly so she can watch her number of messages grow.
Doesn't have much to do with reading what others write.
Oh I see.
how rude
It's true, though, isn't it? >.>
12:06 AM
Oh my.
not even a little bit
@FEichinger Not really. My Nightmares are at 7 now.
I see.
But I'm not doing many Watchful challenges, so it's roughly static.
@Yuki But Wounds 13?
You die at 8 right?
12:07 AM
I don't remember seeing a message stating I had died
@RedRiderX Well, if you keep losing at chess against the boatman...
Ah okay
@kalina It's more like you close your eyes and you wake up on a boat.
@kalina Well you don't die per say
12:08 AM
so the boat is like purgatory?
Chess is really more of an option for those with good Watchful.
Death is very complicated in the Neath
@kalina Kinda.
@FEichinger Now now, that's not fair. @kalina is very good at reading text that is under a paragraph in length.
12:08 AM
She just gets bored easily.
@LessPop_MoreFizz knows me so well
chat sized text is easy
@LessPop_MoreFizz Well, that's what I was going to say at first, but I figured that even more rude.
once it starts getting onto multiple lines I start drifting off into thinking about something else
Basically, @kalina isn't illiterate, she's aliterate.
I guess I don't get the point of playing something with such a kickass story if you aren't going to read it. What's the point then? confused
12:09 AM
@AshleyNunn Shiny butans. much pres.
@AshleyNunn It's not my fault the game started with me shovelling snow
@AshleyNunn Indeed
and then rats on a string
and then it all starts getting a bit blurry from there onwards
@LessPop_MoreFizz Well they have made the buttons shinier lately.
@kalina Neath-snow does that
A lot
Damn, I forget how to change my profession again.
12:11 AM
@AshleyNunn Go your lodgings and abandon your current one, right?
Q: How can I change my profession?

Ashley NunnMy profession gives me weekly bonuses to my Persuasion skill, but it also mentions that if my Persuasion skill is above 70, it is time to choose a new profession. I am getting close to that point, so I figure I should think about changing my profession. How do I go about doing that?

@RedRiderX Thank you, I was looking for thatr.
@LessPop_MoreFizz heh
so I just keep playing chess until I'm no longer stuck on a boat?
12:12 AM
@AshleyNunn You're very welcome.
@kalina Well there are other options right?
Chess might not be your best bet
Offer a sacrifice
roll dice
play chess
I have watchful 22 and dangerous 21
I haven't died yet, so it's hard to say...
Check the odds on some of them
I have no actions left, so time to do something else
@kalina Your best option is probably to just wait for opportunity cards.
Unless playing chess has a success rate of Modest or less.
Oh gosh now they want me to go steady with someone...
12:14 AM
oh no chess is chancy
Yeah, opportunity cards are usually how I deal with dying
I did just win it three times in a row though
or twice...
wounds are 11 now
@kalina Actually, chancy challenges are a good way to level your stats.
@AshleyNunn Yeah those usually help the most
So if you don't mind staying there for a bit, you might actually be able to level your Watchful a good amount.
12:16 AM
I don't mind at all, since I have no clue what is going on and this doesn't seem all that different from what I was doing anyway
I need to build my Dangerous.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh the irony...
@LessPop_MoreFizz What the hell am I looking at here?
@GraceNote We didn't have video when I was a kid.
2 hours ago, by Unionhawk
I thought we established that already. I'm younger than @kalina by a year and some change.
12:20 AM
In other news, I realized today that when I worked at Subway in high school, I never once took a credit card. They just weren't used for day-to-day transactions back then.
Pacific Rim is a pretty good movie so far.
Q: How do you get pokemiles or battle points from pokemon bank

FortuInn_CookiezI deposited and taken out some pokemon but when i go to pokemon link it says no data! how do i get the rewards?

Sometimes you come home, look at the tabs open in your browser, and wonder what the hell your spouse was looking for while you were at work.
@unionhawk all of it.
12:22 AM
He is the digital prophet.
He will lead is into the digital world to come.
What the fuck does that even mean
@AshleyNunn D:
Pets chat gives me some of the best animal gifs.
Duly noted
12:26 AM
@Yuki #noonesproblem
@LessPop_MoreFizz This would almost make sense if this guy was around 20-30 years ago
And then it still wouldn't make sense.
@Unionhawk it means he has seen the Digital Future and he has come to bring us there. The Digital God Has Ordained It So.
7 mins ago, by Unionhawk
What the fuck does that even mean
For lo, he is his prophet.
ergh... This PC I'm fixing is pissing me off. New everything, fresh win 7 installation. Freezes without any error message after 5-10 min. Memtest and checkdisk report no problems. Swapped out various parts for known working ones, no difference...
12:31 AM
@Unionhawk It means that I am going to unfollow you on twitter.
@TrentHawkins: could be cursed
You don't follow me on twitter. And if you do, then why I don't use it
I'd hit it with a SMART test for the hard drive
@AshleyNunn is that the one with the fighting robots
12:32 AM
1 min ago, by Unionhawk
7 mins ago, by Unionhawk
What the fuck does that even mean
@kalina mhm
@Sterno It means I don't use twitter, but I have an account?
mhm you say?
@Unionhawk But that stament don't sense make
@RedRiderX Well, your face doesn't make sense.
12:33 AM
That's true it really doesn't
The moustache looks like a mouth.
And the beard is simultaneously everywhere and nowhere.
But hey the face wasn't the strong suit of this avatar
@JourneymanGeek I'll give it a go, but does it produce any meaningful information when the entire system locks up?
@TrentHawkins: if the drive errored around that time, you know its the drive
assuming you haven't tried swapping it
@RedRiderX Where is a good spot to level Dangerous?
also, what sort of lock up? does it just freeze or something else?
Hmm other then the docks/watchmaker's hill?
12:36 AM
like, freeze in place or go dark
oh, I have two moves I can make
@JourneymanGeek in place, nothing responds.
I don't know of to many specific good spots my Dangerous isn't really that good :P
I just spammed stuff at whereever it tells you to go to get dangerous
it seemed to work
I got bored around level 20 though
But once you get into the black ribbon society you can build it up quite a bit there.
12:38 AM
I've tried updating all the drivers, but some (like graphics) take so long to install that it locks up before it finishes.
@RedRiderX The what? :)
@RedRiderX That's my highest stat at the moment
@AshleyNunn Shhh, it's a secret.
@AshleyNunn Have you got to Wolfstack docks yet?
@RedRiderX yeah
Have you gotten into any class warfare?
I havent played much lately. I don't think so.
12:44 AM
Ah okay
@AshleyNunn Watchmaker's Hill -> Wolfstack Docks -> The Labyrinth of Tigers
Have to wait for my actions to reload, then I will check out those places
@TrentHawkins: tried safe mode?
12:56 AM
@JourneymanGeek Safe mode works fine (but the graphics driver installer doesn't like safe mode)
I can kinda see why it got shut down
@AshleyNunn Oh yeah, definitely.
I'm just surprised that they didn't contact Mojang at all, with all their experience, you'd think they'd know better. Kinda baffled at the whole situation.
We were talking about it earlier when the tweet came up from Notch.
Yeah, I am surprised they didn't check first then do the kickstarter
Like that is a large step from "creative license"
@AshleyNunn After working on it "for nearly a year"
1:06 AM
@Coronus Oh ffs, seriously?
@Coronus Oh wow I didn't read that
Oh man
I think that's what I heard in the video.
@Coronus Something like that, yeah.
Somewhere in there should have been, "Hey, maybe we should talk to Mojang about this."
@Fluttershy Have you been watching the "Mabel's Guide to..." videos? They're kinda cute
@FAE The comments on that article make me weep for humanity.
I mean, Notch clearly qualified with "without deals in place", so he's obviously okay with half-million dollar Kickstarters so long as they get permission first and work something out.
1:13 AM
@AshleyNunn Yeah, there it is, right after the (admittedly awesome) trailer video. 1:51- "For the past year I've been developing this movie."
@Coronus Oh, I missed hte movie thing.
@kalina high five
I guess that's a perk of being popular on YouTube (or really anywhere), you get rabid fans that are willing to defend you no matter how obviously you screwed up.
@John o/
@TrentHawkins sounds like drivers to me
1:21 AM
Q: Getting a command from a command block to tp me if my score is min and near coordinates to different coordinates

Beni have a problem. Here is what I want. A command that does /tp @p with the args -a certain coord location -with a decent radius near it -only if the score of Death is at least 1 ----teleports you to different coordinates here is what i tried /tp @p [x=359,y=64,z=769,r=10,score_Death_min=01]x=-2...

I am pleased I recognized Gipsy Danger = Glados in terms of voice.
Baby Panda in the snooooooow
@Yuki Yeeeeah...
@Lazers I'm not editing that from my iPad. Not going to happen.
@LessPop_MoreFizz So much weed
@FAE Cue @kalina ...
1:31 AM
@JourneymanGeek I think I might have solved it - disabled amd cool and quiet.
@FEichinger She doesn't smoke anymore I thought
not officially
@FAE nobody's perfect
@kalina So un...officially?
@kalina How exactly does one consume "officially"?
what can I say, I'm intermittently weak and it's available
I only quit because of my stupid house mate who lets me live here for free
so that he had somebody to emotionally abuse
1:34 AM
Oh my.
I should play some video games, instead of watching someone else play video games.
Who has time for that?
@HackerNewsOnion, Mountain Dew, CA
A Hacker's Finest News Source
94 tweets, 17.8k followers, following 2 users
This account is amazing
@TrentHawkins ahh, AMD. That explains half of it.
A gorgeous, opinionated JavaScript microframework hand-delivered to your door every month
Heroku is the Open Mic Night of Web Applications
Great stuff
1:51 AM
There's nothing on right now. But I will be watching the moguls tomorrow.
Opening ceremony on here
@Unionhawk live on tape. NBC is bad about mentioning that.
Well, yeah, I know that.
@MBraedley Yeah CBC is like putting it all online too right?
1:53 AM
Which is why I said "here"
Yeah, but so is NBC. If you subscribe to cable
Well I don't
So I'm glad CBC isn't doing it like that
At least NBC is trying?
Olympics apps are so weird.
Hmm... so you're saying I can pretend to be in canada and then not have to ask UD for my TWC password?
1:55 AM
@MBraedley Eh, I guess
Why would you get an app for a thing that lasts like a month?
I think I downloaded the CTV app last time.
Shut up don't judge me also got the X Games app
Yeah CTV had it last time around
@Unionhawk Yep
Now I'm wondering if I should get it and see...
Hah CBC even has a Win8 app
Or is it win mobile?
Awesome! I'll get on pretending to be Canadian then... eh
Okay I'm stopping that before it starts
@Unionhawk Come stay with me :D
1:57 AM
@Unionhawk Yes, thank you.
@AshleyNunn As long as I can still keep my "GO USA" mittens :3
@Unionhawk Sure. I will wear my Canada ones :D
@Unionhawk No you have to wear the old 2012 Canada ones.
We have so many lying around.
I do hope that CBC doesn't screw up the online stuff. CTV killed it with the online the last two times, and so I have high expectations.
@RedRiderX don't you mean 2010 mittens?
Oh wait
those ones
I'm bad with dates
2:04 AM
Ffffff Pacific Rim was a gooood movie
@RedRiderX I was about to say, "2012 was summer London..."
3 mins ago, by RedRiderX
I'm bad with dates
@AshleyNunn yet wasn't nominated for visual effects.
@MBraedley Because people are lame.
2:06 AM
...nicely done, initial starrer. I approve.
@AshleyNunn and the Lone Ranger was nominated.
@Unionhawk o/
@MBraedley That hurts my brain
Nevermind I take it back
2:07 AM
Out of context star in the Bridge? Always expect it was me.
@AshleyNunn at least we have something like Star Trek to give some legitimacy to the category.
There is that I suppose
typing with mittens is difficult
in case anyone was wondering
@AshleyNunn Like all action movies it had its flaws and its cheese... But yeah I have to say still do not regret buying it :)
2:09 AM
@James It totally did but I loved it
Gravity, The Hobbit, and Iron Man 3 also probably deserve to be there, but so did PacRim
Do you know what I learned recently?
NASA Space Suits are not air tight
They have a constant rate at which air escapes from them which
@James it's only constant because pressure is kept constant. Otherwise it would be exponential decrease (constant time halving)
Better to let earth air escape a bit than for space air to rush in through the cracks and suffocate you.
Q: A New Source of Stalhrim: Baldor Iron-Shaper just keeps saying "Terrible times"

oscilatingcretinWhat can I do to keep Baldor Iron-Shaper from repeating "Terrible times" rather than advancing me to the next stage in the quest?

2:17 AM
@StrixVaria I don't think you understand the concept of pressure...
@StrixVaria Indeed, and it compresses to negative pressure values.. We all know this.. Maybe @MBraedley is just a little behind ..
night all
2:27 AM
@kalina g'night
@yuki I found my headset! So when I am home again (hopefully some point tomorrow afternoon/evening) we can set up Mumble and everything :)
@Lazers please give me more details in order to help you
@AshleyNunn Yaaaaaaay!
I realize that I have probably been really annoying about this Mumble stuff the past few days.
Sorry about that.
I have this tendency to get really excited about stuff and pester people to no end.
No I am totally excited too!
I just couldnt find it!
But now I have!
2:35 AM
I so want to like Sonic games, but I just....find them so frustrating
@AshleyNunn I have not! I didn't even know they were a thing.
@Fluttershy OMG, let me hunt them down for you
I shall view them!
@FAE ಠ_ಠ
2:48 AM
@FAE cc @badp
Even though I think he's in Germany now, right?
@Yuki I know I haven't learned my lesson, because I look at that and still think "... well maybe" :(
> A fill of energy for an explosion of pleasure!
... whyyyyyyyy
@Unionhawk I... I don't know
ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ
This hurts my brain
2:51 AM
@FAE They must be collectible, because I'm guessing most of the people preordering won't be needing them.
@GnomeSlice lmao
@GnomeSlice slowclap
@GnomeSlice I was gonna say same, but I was late to the party.
@AshleyNunn This is just too cute. (cc @spugsley since there's Loki)
Three part comic, btw.
2:54 AM
@GnomeSlice Well done indeed
@FAE They'd have my vote.
@Yuki teeheehee
@Yuki So cute.
@FAE I'd vote for them.
@AshleyNunn Likewise!
2:56 AM
Alright, heading out to my parents, don't break too many things while I am gone :P
@AshleyNunn Have fun!
@DavidM Pluto isn't a real planet!
Okay, quick, break ALL the things
<gets splattered by paintballs>
@Yuki It isn't though.
2:58 AM
@Yuki Not anymore it ain't!
@AshleyNunn breaks all the things
Obligatory relevant xkcd.

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