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4:01 AM
IN other news, I am watching Star Trek: Nemesis...why I do this to myself?
Q: When you click on the scenery in Hearthstone, does your opponent see it?

bobfet1When you click on the stuff around the board in Hearthstone, does your opponent see it happening too? For example, sometimes there is a church in the top left where you can break the windows.

> Tomatometer 37%
The Conscience of the King is very strange.
@RedRiderX It's entire taxonomies of godawful.
@FrostEngineer ....closet masochist? I dunno.
All the crazy Shakespeareans running around making quotes are quite... interesting.
4:07 AM
Q: What is the logic behind entering Connecting The Pieces Dev Room?

Tan Jia MingTo enter Connecting The Pieces Dev Room, we will need to do something Why is it so? I find myself hard to understand this. ! [ ...

@Lazers I find myself hard to understand you.
....and that sounds TERRIBLE
I am bored. Should I read, or play video games, or what?
@Frank Read!
(I am reading all the computer history books ever)
(well not really jsut the ones the library had)
(one librarian heavily questioned my current interest in books about hacker culture and history)
@AshleyNunn Oh really?
@RedRiderX I was like I JUST LIKE THE BOOKS
but she was like "that just seems odd"
4:11 AM
@AshleyNunn Yes, you strange person you.
@RedRiderX Obviously I am up to no good
What where the strange books you've read then?
@AshleyNunn You go to one of the top tech school in Canada...
how is it odd to read books on hacker culture?
Hmm I wonder if I should get more books about it...
The most I've read are pretty much these:
Not quite hacker culture I guess.
4:19 AM
@RedRiderX Steven Levy's Hackers (for the third time),Spam Kings, a romance novel that happens to have a lot of computer history in it, The Ghost in the Wire, Coding Freedom, The Art of Deception, The Cuckoo's Egg, a bunch of general computer history stuff (Fire in the Valley, etc)
plus some books on the history of Apple, Google, HP, the ENIAC, Linux, etc
@FrostEngineer I have no idea.
I mean the library has them, so I am going to read them because they interest me.
@AshleyNunn Ooh they sound interesting.
@RedRiderX Yes! Read them all!
Start with Levy's Hackers
because that book omg yes
My library seems to have like none of these.
@RedRiderX tbh they didn't even have this one.
hey hey hey
4:24 AM
@RedRiderX do you have an ereader? I might have some of these in epub floating around
@AshleyNunn Well I'll keep them in mind for adding on the to read list
@RedRiderX shiny
Starred for safe keeping
Bridge, I don't know what to do. I should sleep, but I'm too stressed/bummed to sleep. Suggest a thing to distract my brain, if you would be so kind.
@Fluttershy you want something to put you to sleep?
4:34 AM
@FrostEngineer Unsure. I mostly just want something that can shut my brain down.
@Fluttershy mathematics lectures?
@FrostEngineer That would probably just make me mad. <_< I'm bad at math, and get mad at myself.
@Fluttershy Senate Procedural hearings?
blehrhrghghgg I'm so exhausted
what is everyone doing tonight?
@FrostEngineer That would probably make me mad as well. :P I'm very liberal, our government is awful. >_>
4:36 AM
@Fluttershy This is parlimentary procedure
@Fluttershy Hm. Disney movies, gaming (I have been playing a lot of jmtb02's flash stuff which is nice and fluffy and fun), chamomile tea if you have it (knocks me out like that), rain sounds or train noises (now that I think about it the train noises might just be a me thing), a book (if you want something heisty, try Lies of Locke Lamora, its super good, or if you want something lighter, anything Terry Pratchett)
@spugsley decent
@spugsley coding, complaining, listening to trains
@spugsley Pretty bleh. :\
@Fluttershy I'm sorry :(
4:38 AM
Q: Quick save, GTA V - XBOX

hsukWhat is the easiest way to save the game in GTA V ? Is it I have to wait for mission completion to save the game ?

@Fluttershy if I had my mic I would sing you a song and send it to you <3
Battlefield 4....
@spugsley That would be awesome!
Q: Diablo III Play On Linux

Fobos13I'm using the PlayOnLinux program to install Diablo III on my Ubuntu 12.04 OS. I get to a point where it says Please wait while vcrun2008 sp1 x86 is installed... It then stays at this point forever. Do I need to install it a different way? On a side note, when I start PlayOnLinux it gives...

@Fluttershy in lieu of that might I suggest staring at pictures of Tom Hiddleston? Always works for me :3
4:40 AM
@spugsley that is a pretty good happy making thing
even better, listening to him talk in an interview
he has an AMAZING voice
@spugsley I feel stupid when I'm dancing!
I look like an electrocuted squid if I dance
Unless someone is holding me tight and slowdancing (aka mostly just dragging me about)
dancing Tom Hiddleston :3 specifically, his 'snake hips' move
though now I'm going to watch this over and over again until I have a conniption fit so good job me
4:46 AM
holy damn look at him
I know. Now you know why I just can't even
@spugsley you are the first person other than my nana to ever say conniption fit in my presence and I love it
@spugsley This is amazing.
@AshleyNunn oh I love it :3 use it all the time :p
@Fluttershy goodness, there are so many videos of his snake hips. I can get lost for hours
That's pretty awesome.
4:49 AM
oh yeah, his impressions
is it sad I know that just from the video image X.x
Velociraptor OMG
and this might be soothing :3
@AshleyNunn omg I know
American Gods is slow.
And strange.
@Frank @IanPugsley loves it
@Frank And amazing. Stick with it. It pays off.
4:56 AM
@spugsley I dunno. I figured I was in store for a great story.
But I'm like a third through, and it doesn't seem all that good.
I liked American Gods, but I read Anansi Boys first so maybe that's why it worked? I dunno. I have super weird feels about Gaiman in general
I just passed the part about Salim and the ifrit. That was sorta strange.
4:59 AM
I also have a sound byte of him moaning during a radio broadcast of Dracula if that's something you're interested in O-o
(I am)
omg what is wrong with me
@spugsley damn, you are awesome. Hook a girl up.
Okay, that just got wierd.
I'm gonna go to bed now.
@AshleyNunn reblogged on tumblr :o
it should be the first thing
@Frank lol it's really not. Have you HEARD this man's voice omg
@spugsley oh my god
I cant
@AshleyNunn my exact reaction
all of that
5:02 AM
Q: Replay Spark introduction to Disney Infinity

NathanI went through the "Spark" introduction at the beginning of Disney Infinity, but I'd really like to be able to see it again, this time with my son. Poking through the menus, I don't see any way of doing that. I've read that it automatically plays the first time you launch the game. Is there an...

5:15 AM
Q: Borderlands 2 - No steam connection, doesn't select default character

Mark KramerI just restarted Borderlands 2, it was working fine a minute ago. When I restarted it, the first thing I noticed was it didn't select my default character, but instead it selected a level 1 Axton as the default character. Then I noticed no one was online, which is wrong, there's always someone o...

5:39 AM
Q: GTA Storage Problem

BigGCould I use two different USBs and combine their space together? I have two different USBs but neither have enough to hold 8gb but together they could. Is there anyway I could combine them?

5:51 AM
Q: Xbox 360 Controller makes device plugged in sound whenever I fire in Dead Space 3

Cole LawrenceWhenever I fire a weapon or stomp, my computer emits the new device sound and disables my controller for a split second, meaning I fire a shot or two on an automatic rifle and then return to stance. This only happens with stomp or shooting while zoomed in. It doesn't happen with running, or strik...

2 hours later…
7:41 AM
Morning Bridge!
Q: Stimpack color and buff

domiSchenkI've found some stimpacks and I know that the red ones give health. as far i saw green, blue, yellow, and red. what are they doing? are there more?

8:03 AM
is there a proper term for a game that has closed and been reopened by other people?
yawn morning
@Meraj99 Never knew about getting games getting closed and reopened, questions do happen to get closed and reopened. There is no special name for that.
@Arperum Toontown for example.
Aside from remake? or fan-made remake in the case of toontown apparently
@Arperum Yeah, (fan-)remake sounds alright.
8:12 AM
@Arperum kinda, but the original game closed o_O
@Meraj99 Mhh... remake would still apply.
@5pike ok...
@Meraj99 It's still a remake.
9:04 AM
mmm caffeine
@kalina mmm tea
This is strange - got given a bounty by the OP but not the tick
Weird, guess he just liked his self-answer.
9:38 AM
Or he didn't know about moving the checkmark?
10:04 AM
who knows
Q: Implement secret badges

Lance RobertsAfter watching the flurry of activity, and people (i.e. myself) trying to do a lot of stuff to try and get some of the secret hats, I realized that it might be worthwhile for SE to give out secret badges. Some criteria and specs: more work than gold ones of the same type shown with some specia...

Q: Who should I give the Magic Healing Beer to?

LessPop_MoreFizzI've done it. I've finally completed a bottle of the magic healing beer Fiz. And now that it's done, I'm confronted with a choice. I can use it to extend the life of the already venerable convenience store magnate Edmund, who has promised me the worlds finest brewing equipment for doing so, or, ...

@kalina Implement secret badges. Ask questions on meta on how to unlock them.
10:24 AM
Maybe they already exist
@kalina They will devour your very being.
@3ventic they don't
@Arperum they will
Are you sure?
10:30 AM
@kalina How are you so certain, it would be stupid for them to announce it that they are implemented, because that would kill the secret a lot.
because one person would have one by now
and as such there would be much discussion on MSO
everybody has gone into the kitchen to play table football
there's basically only me at my desk
besides, there's already been the hushed Hacker badge
@kalina Time for office pranks.
@kalina They are supposed to be terribly hard.
which may or may not have ever existed
10:31 AM
@badp somebody I've seen recently has that
Oh it's Monday
or had
@3ventic You kids and your fancy holidays.
Did anyone ever notice that the American-made Santa Claus is a fat man, and the original European Saint Nikolas is a tall man?
@Arperum I have a lot of explanations for that. Half of which would get me flagged.
american santa is a personification of capitalism
10:40 AM
@kalina American Santa = Cola Santa
that is basically what I just said
@kalina Pretty much, yeah.
I wonder if Cola also redecorated saint nikolas, they have pretty much the same color scheme (except saint nikolas has a popehat)
@KevinvanderVelden AFAIK they did
Saint nikolas original coat colour was purple.
10:45 AM
@kalina Really?
@Meraj99 this is the default state of our review lists.
Nikolas was, over time, usually presented in the regional bishop's robe.
@Meraj99 sorry, there haven't been many reopen votes to cast recently
It's a good thing they don't show repeated reviews, otherwise it'd just be a wall of kalina
@KevinvanderVelden starred :D
10:47 AM
As a third/fourth century bishop, he probably didn't wear /any/ fancy robes.
@FEichinger true, but the fancy red-robes and bitchin pope hat were there in the 16th century. Even cola isn't that old.
@KevinvanderVelden I had a bug like that once ... it was terrifying.
Though they might have figured out time travel, they're rich enough.
@FEichinger According to the myth/whatever there is around him he DID wear one, since he supposedly threw his cloack over an old beggar in a blizzard.
@Arperum Wrong bishop, I'm afraid.
You're thinking of Martin of Tours.
10:52 AM
@FEichinger Possible. I never had any religious indoctrination at school, so high chance that I'm wrong.
I am terribly disappointed in myself for remembering all of these things.
@FEichinger you should be! You should fill it with useful things like games. Well at least useful by comparison
Right ...
@FEichinger I am one of those people who is part of a totally non-christian family (even my mother's parents aren't baptized...)
did i miss something, or is fbueckert now "Frank"?
10:54 AM
@Meraj99 he didn't want to be called f*ckbert or whatever so he renamed to Frank :(
@Meraj99 Quite slow in getting to it, but yes, he is.
@KevinvanderVelden :P
Q: Problem with installing Forge 1.6.4

glanduini have similar problem as had guy who asked this (Error with installing the Forge source), which is resolved, but i cant find this fml/fml.py file. So please where can I find it?

there's something wrong with the lack of questions coming in at the moment
how am I supposed to rep cap if there is nothing I can answer?
@kalina You're not.
You already messed up yesterday.
10:59 AM
Now it's boring.
yeah but I only need 40 reps to cap today
that's literally any answer I could possibly post
I never played cookie clicker
11:00 AM
@kalina go play it!
"popping a reindeer" sounds awfully indecent.
I'd rather not lose the rest of my Christmas period to answer your question
@FEichinger which is why I put it that way
@KevinvanderVelden Tsk!
I was also debating shooting or killing. But it's popped on the stats screen so I went with that.
11:18 AM
How do I add funds to someone else's Steam wallet?
give them the money and tell them to do it yourself :D
@ThatBrazilianGuy gift vouchers
@ThatBrazilianGuy you should ask it as a question, so I can answer it
@kalina Sure, 1 sec.
don't do that
it already exists
Q: Can I send money to my friend's Steam wallet?

clampI would like to send someone who already has a Steam account a money gift so that he can buy himself some games. Is this possible? If so, how?

Thanks Ms. blue bunn... pon... animal.
11:22 AM
omg kalina
A: Is it possible to take a screenshot from a dialog in Mass Effect 2?

kalinaLaunching Mass Effect 2 via Steam (whether owned on Origin and added to your Steam library as a non-Steam game, or owned on Steam) will allow you to use F12 to take a screenshot via Steam on any screen in the game. You could also use a program like FRAPS or GameCam to capture the screen. Fina...

11:24 AM
@kalina because it wanted to reach the other side of the street, duh!
if i knew it was a steam game i could have provided that too TT
100 rep will be missed
I'm bored
I'm Boris
No wait, I'm not.
@Wandang +11 upvotes :(
11:26 AM
take the tour then
@Wandang done that, got the badge
take it again
it has a twist on second read
no it doesn't
i got no badge for tour O_O
you didn't do it properly then
11:27 AM
wha? xD
it knows if you read all the words or not
@kalina XD?
@Meraj99 just scroll to the bottom... you get the badge then
whats the badge name o_O
11:29 AM
nvm im lazy i already got it :D
I can barely contain my surprise out this outcome
@kalina 10/10 would read "whore" again.
11:47 AM
@FEichinger This. I just didn't mention it.
@kalina <3
you're all perverts
So are you!
I did not see it until you mentioned it
cannot unsee
11:48 AM
I was like "wait ... 'adgood'? What ... Oh... Oooooh. Shit."
That said, I gotta go.
I blame @OliverSalzburg
@FEichinger fine, just desert me, all bored here
@kalina Oh shush you.
You know full well there's nothing I could do to un-bore (hah) you.
Now you can call me a pervert.
you're already a pervert, no point in reiterating it
11:52 AM
:P Anyway, I'm out. Later, folks.
@Meraj99 What about no?
@Arperum pwease? :D
My hatting fell behind. I am a failure.
11:57 AM
@Meraj99 Planetside 2 first looks? Isn't the game available since a few months?
@5pike thanks for the view :D
@5pike He was just begging for views on his video...
@5pike idk, i was bored
@Meraj99 Now give @5pike something.
@Meraj99 Now I'm tempted to report you
11:58 AM
can we ban ppl that harass others?
@5pike i gave 5pike a reply? o:
HA, don't worry. I'm not doing anything.
11:59 AM
@Meraj99 I find that a rather miserable "something".
i have some indian guy that invites me to chat and does not talk straight what he wants
@Arperum well, after all, it is "something"
and i see he created a dozen of those chats with strangers and ask them what their real name is
suspicious to me
@Meraj99 True, he would've gotten it anyway, but it is something. The worst kind of something.
@Wandang Mhhh... go to this chat, see what he wants, screencap it - if it's illegal, report it with screenshot
12:00 PM
i am kinda afraid that he will find one that provides him infos he needs to hack him
@Arperum it is "something", and thats what matters.
@5pike well i can provide fake data but will never be sure if he tried to attack that ip
if i do not set up a honeypot
@Meraj99 I still stand my point of it being a terrible marketing ploy. Negative internet points to you.
@Arperum :(
@Wandang Well, you'd at least had something for the mods...
12:05 PM
NO!!!!!! someone disliked my video :(
@Meraj99 If this was the main site you'd be getting a nice -100 reputation penalty right now
just saying
@Meraj99 Don't go all ":(" on me when your evil marketing ploy gets revealed.
@badp For spam/undisclosed self promotion I assume?
Q: In what specific order do I have to put the modules on the temporal communication system?

AssylumVery early in the game you have to put together an Antenna to talk to your people in the future. The cubic modules are supposed to make for one plane Area. I can't quite figure it out. So how exactly and in what order do you have to put the cubes on the antenna to solve this puzzle?

@Arperum is it ok if i do Click here to watch my video then?
12:10 PM
Q: Syntax Error. Open .exe with wine

DrugCrazedRebelSo what i wanna do is load an .exe with wine. Steam.exe, cause i wanna try to install windows game. Its window location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe See what i tried, and watch the learning process unfold. Here comes Terminal screen with my tries... Plz tell me how it should be. A...

@Meraj99 whatever you do is wrong
@Meraj99 That would make it a lot better, since it doesn't contain evil marketing ploys either. I'm not going to click anyway though. Not going to yoube during work hours.
I hear when you get to 1000 YouTube views on a video you post, they send you a puppy.
@Sterno Mhh... they must have run out of kittens
12:16 PM
@5pike Kittens are for 100,000 views
@Sterno i shouldve gotten 2 or 3 by now, in that case
@Sterno a dead one?
@Sterno so cold , much flies
Q: Why does my mod show up as giving a -1 to the Concealment stat and gives no bonuses?

galacticninjaWhat causes the Tactical Stock mod for the Commando 553 rifle to show up as giving a -1 to Concealment and give no bonuses? Don't weapon mods give at least 1 bonus to a weapon stat? Screenshot: My Commando 553 rifle also has the ff. mods equipped: 'Stubby' barrel extension, 'Auto Fire' custom ...

12:31 PM
Wait, there were 3 low quality questions and no @kalina? Sweet
get in there while you can
A: Post game mega stone for charizard still high price

BobSalad is assential when obtaining shrooms

Best answer ever.
@Arperum What the hell?
@5pike Exactly.
I'm running out of delete votes
12:55 PM
@kalina Ask SE to give you more.
you get more by getting more rep iirc
Up to 30-something thousand rep iirc

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