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4:05 PM
Q: How can I get rid of the scarecrow?

PhilippThe scarecrows appears to be stationary and unable to harm me directly when it notices me, but they seem to call nearby hunters to my location when they notice me. They seem to be quite impervious to damage, and when I try to run away they seem to stalk me by teleporting to my location. How can I...

Q: What does each character specialize in?

YukiI know that whatever job you have does not affect stat growth, so clearly each character has some specific base stat distribution and innate strengths and weaknesses. So, which characters do best in which classes? For example, does Tiz do better as an AGI-focused class compared to, say, Edea or A...

user image
looks at the star list
What the hell is going on in here?
4:21 PM
@SaintWacko This is a pretty accurate description of every Bridge star list ever.
@Yuki Yeah pretty much
Just unlocked the Thief job in Bravely Default!
Ugh. I messed up my back this morning and I'm home along with a daughter who constantly wants me to pick her up when I can barely walk.
Also, TIL @Yuki thinks I'm your Lord and Savior.
@Sterno Or just really, really old.
4:28 PM
@Blem "properly lucked"?
@Yuki ofail on the translator
danish word for locked is lukket
Hm, Bravely Default is on 3ds?
I should get it
4:50 PM
Q: Using "so" and "very" for ungradable adjectives

LouelWe generally use modifiers such as "so" and "very" for gradable/normal adjectives (water can be quite/so/very HOT, but not quite/so/very BOILING (an ungradable/extreme adjective). Yet would you say the following sentences--which, I'd say, are quite commonplace in colloquial speech--are grammatica...

So gradable. Very grammar.
That's great
@SaintWacko It's fun. The one thing I dislike about its job system is that the jobs are unlocked through sidequests and story, not through advancement in other jobs.
But, I guess that cuts down on the "grind, grind, grind" aspect at least a little bit.
hi @spugs
hai :3
4:58 PM
Ugh, I have a program that I need to write due tomorrow.
And I have absolutely no motivation to start.
And the stupid thing is that I think I pretty much know how to write it.
@spugsley o/
Q: Why cant i connect to a modded lan?

Pokemonster2115I am trying to join my little brothers modded lan world i have all the mods and all but one problem is i cant connect. I did the whole Windows+R thing and typed cmd checked the internet ip tried connecting and all but for some reason it still wont work HELP PLEASE!!!

@FEichinger hi :3333333
@spugsley O_o
5:01 PM
@FEichinger I am She Who Has A Thousand Mouths and you are....the recipient of said mouths
wow that's bad
I will just assume this was a Freudian slip. o.ô
@FEichinger fair enough
@Lazers every time I see the word 'lan' I think it says "Ian' and I'm like "A modded Ian? I'm interested in this!"
@FEichinger Or is it?
@Yuki Wouldn't make it any better, really.
5:03 PM
@RedRiderX awww is that supposed to be me?
@spugsley Hmm
@spugsley "We can make him better that he was before. Better... stronger... faster..."
I don't think so
Who the horse or the god?
@Yuki Oooooo ;)
@RedRiderX the god
5:04 PM
Or the mummy
it needs more mouths
I seriously can't handle the horse. I'm laughing way to hard at this
@AshleyNunn @RedRiderX @Yuki I have invited the three of you to a private dinner
Oh my.
How interesting.
5:05 PM
@rezoner Hey, how do you unpause Qbqbqb on Android? http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/155366/how-do-i-unpause-qbqbqb-on-android
I'm not sure how I feel about this music choice.
@GnomeSlice Oh hey thanks
@Yuki That thing is gross.
@spugsley No ... just no. Bad image.
I was laughing the entire time. I'm a horrible person.
5:07 PM
I wish I had an eagle.
I just think they'd make really good pillows. Like their feathers are probably really soft and silky
@RedRiderX Have you seen Rezoner's current project? Looks pretty cool. jameson.rezoner.net
@spugsley And their talons and beak are just so... cuddly.
@Yuki and cute :3
@GnomeSlice Oh hey seems neat
The music in qbqbqb is so rad
5:10 PM
So I bought that android game bundle
Shuffle puck is really well done.
Though the alien pole dancer is kind of... odd
That game looks pretty good.
And also very... jiggly.
Apparently it's based on some classic game, which is similar.
I want Sunless Sea
@GnomeSlice This is the last day to get it in the bundle.
5:11 PM
You can also get it on Steam and Desura
@SaintWacko Haha
@RedRiderX I'm gonna have to pass.
@SaintWacko I feel your pain D:
5:12 PM
Oh god, just seeing that cat soar through the sky spread-eagled with completely incongruously happy Japanese music in the background is too funny and I'm a horrible person for reacting this way.
Fract is what a videogame by Kraftwerk would probably look like http://bit.ly/1fyIb0Y
@Yuki It's funny because it's so incongruous.
It's kind of that shock value funny
"Omg, these BASTARDS can't own "CANDY"!!!!!" *minutes pass* "You put PIPES in a game? BUT THAT BELONGS TO NINTENDO!"
@GnomeSlice Oh hey I think I remember hearing about that.
Seems kind of nice
@RedRiderX Seems amazing.
5:17 PM
@GnomeSlice Eh I'll have to see it when it's done
How long can they keep that gimmick/type of interaction interesting?
probably forever
@RedRiderX Also duangle.com/nowhere
This sounds super ambitious
I urge you to watch the video
@GnomeSlice Honestly, that's not an appropriate comparison, but I understand the point (s)he is trying to make.
Can't at the moment.
5:19 PM
@Yuki Yeah, I know.
But "a psychedelic rpg" does sound interesting.
Watch it when you get a chance.
I'm not sure they're going to be able to pull it off with just two of them.
5:33 PM
5:48 PM
HELP ME! I'm in the dangerous part of amazon again :(
Tale Spin is on DVD
As is Darkwing Duck, Chip and Dale, and Gargoyles
so many nostalgia feels
Oh my god. Street Sharks is on DVD
I didn't even remember that show existed until now
@Ktash I had street sharks toys!
I had the monster car, the hammerhead guy, the blue and pink guy, and some drill faced thing
5:52 PM
Funny thing I don't even remember watching the show.
I just had toys from it.
I know I've posted this before, but all of Reboot
Da-da-danger's out to find me
Somebody stop me
I want to but I can't because ReBoot.
6:07 PM
Fine: Swat Katz, Digimon (the good seasons), Beetlejuice, and Catpain Planet
Attn: I found my Blizzard authenticator.
@badp I can't decide if it is good or bad you are finding another use for those Ashley grade Web cams.
@Ktash :O
Must... resist...
@ktash you are a terrible mean.
6:10 PM
@Sterno yaaaaaaaay
@spugsley but Yay you will have business cards!
I'm in that dangerous part of amazon where I can hit every nostalgia feels for any generation
Good morning people!
Q: I can't move in mcpe external

user68886When I join into mine craft pocket edition external I can't move and I alway return to where I spawn Please help me please

Q: cant get to multiplayer on pe 8.1

jeffI have read that on the game menu it will show "server is visible". Mine does not. How do I add that on to the menu? My daughter and I have the same version of pe and are connected to the same wifi. We would like to get in to each others worlds. Help!

@ktash I am glad my lack of job can prevent me from following you down that particular rabbit hole for now
6:16 PM
to Ghostbusters and more (message was too long with links)
@badp ...wat
> 2 new from $645.95
@Ktash "Catpain" Planet?
@Yuki He was demoted
6:26 PM
@Ktash Presumably for animal cruelty.
Demoted to "catpain"? That's horrible/
(I am imagining this as Captain Planet being turned into a cat that is in pain. Poor kitty :( )
On the topic of "catpain"...
@Yuki ...what
... spoiler, they aren't
6:28 PM
@Unionhawk I thought you were here when I posted that before.
Unless that was @RedRiderX
For some reason, I get you and him confused a lot.
@Ktash classic...
@Lazers might have been here. You might have confused me with him.
People do that, apparently.
@Unionhawk No, I know I tend to confuse you and @RedRiderX for odd reasons.
Raisins completely inexplicable to me.
I could see it.
So you're saying I could play Fallen London and confuse the absolute hell out of you?
6:31 PM
Clearly THIS is how you ask players to review your game - http://www.jonathancresswell.co.uk/dungeonkeeper/
@Powerlord It's funny because that's pretty much exactly what Dungeon Keeper is doing on Android.
@Unionhawk I know. :P
I started downloading that game so I could give it a 1. Then I stopped downloading it.
If you keep pressing the negative buttons in this version, eventually it ends up on a page with just a 5 button. :D
@Yuki What?
@Yuki wat
Oh my
6:35 PM
It's probably because you both have a lot of yellow in your avatars.
@Yuki @Unionhawk has just yellow
And white, I suppose
btw, for those of you who run TF2 servers, don't upgrade to the latest SourceMod 1.5.3 builds. Something they changed for CS:GO is now breaking TF2.
@Powerlord The best bugs are cross game bugs.
@Powerlord I think @3ventic mentioned something about Shadowplay?
Probably unrelated though.
@Powerlord Ahaha this is awesome
6:40 PM
@Yuki Eh?
@spugsley I assume you're making them for yourself...?
If so, then I'd say the fact you even need business cards is an excellent sign of your growing success .
6:43 PM
@Wipqozn yes. I need them for my show
there are going to be gallery owners there O_o
MY word.
How impressive.
I want to put an image on one side because yay photography but idk which one and I really want a verticle business card and Ian is like NO THAT IS AGAINST CONVENTION YOU CAN'T DO THAT ARGGHHHH
Oh, apparently the issue with SourceMod earlier is that they built the Linux version against GLIBC 2.7, which a lot of distributions don't have yet.
@MBraedley yes, that is a google search for business cards?
6:47 PM
glares at Red Hat / CentOS
Just thought I could help :P
(For the record, versions of Ubuntu from 2012 come with GLibC 2.15)
Dammit, I keep getting rep on SciFi and I'm not happy about it.
@MBraedley Why?
Because it's SciFi. They do everything wrong.
6:55 PM
Hehay I've got 30 influence now!
@spugsley Just say "I'M AN ARTIST I DO WHAT I WANT" - that'll probably work.
And if it doesn't work, then I can't help you.
@MBraedley They upvoted you, so that's something they've done right.
> Welcome to Arqade! Since this answer doesn't add any new information, it'll probably be removed. Check out the how to answer section of the faq for more information on how to write great answers! – fredley♦ 3 mins ago
I just find it amusing that you used "probably" here.
It made me chuckle.
@Wipqozn Yes
They all say probably
Just felt like sharing.
probably means 'definitely and immediately' in this case
7:02 PM
you should update your canned comments :P @fredley
or was the ones from the mod-tools?
@Braiam They're mine
Probably makes it softer
@fredley Oh snap
I like the introduction.
@Wipqozn Went to see Peter Grimes the other day
Blew me away
One of the best operas I've ever seen, and I've seen a fair few
I've never seen a diamond in the flesh.
I suspect it would.
7:04 PM
New battle cry: "Prepare for mild to severe discomfort!"
I wish there were more operas and what not around here.
...I REALLY need to get this song out of my head
Except I'm watching the music video on Youtube too...
@Wipqozn London's opera scene is amazing
If I ever visit a big city I intend to go see a nice opera.
@Wipqozn The best thing is you can usually get very cheap tickets. I saw Grimes for £20
7:06 PM
Very nice.
@Wipqozn Glyndebourne does £30 tickets too. Cheap opera is the best.
alright guys
a poll
vertical business card: yes or no?
@fredley Didn't the developer of popular game go "I can't do this anymore. No more popular game."
@Unionhawk Yes, hence open source clone
@fredley I wonder how much money I can make if I just flip everything and call it "Heavy Bird".
7:11 PM
@spugsley If there's a good reason, yes
@Yuki Hahaha
@spugsley No.
@fredley I have a vertical photo that looks amazing on the card and can't find a horizontal one that's comparable
@spugsley I think the back of my business card is vertical, but the front is horizontal
@fredley This is the worst.
And I know that, because I do that, too.
@fredley oh, that's acceptable? I was told this was a no no
7:12 PM
7 pipes on clumsy bird, beat that!
@spugsley I have no idea. I don't think people care that much...
@FEichinger Why?
@fredley It usually looks ugly and makes people turn and flip the card like mad. It's bad for usability, if you will.
@FEichinger Therefore, you are the worst QED
@FEichinger that's what Ian said
@spugsley Tell him I said hi, then. :P
@FEichinger :p
7:14 PM
@spugsley Do it vertical then
You're a creative, screw what people expect
Business cards are meant to one thing. Give people information to call you. If you do so creatively, and you get their attention, you win.
So, basically, do whatever you want, so long as people can still call you from it :)
Aye, what the diamond chop said.
@Ktash sounds good to me :)
now to just commit. That's the hardest part. I've been working on this for days
@spugsley If I were you I'd print them on old-school photo paper, the stuff with watermark logos in the back (hell, just print your own watermarks on the back). Photo on the gloss side, deets on the watermark side.
Memorable business cards best business cards
@fredley a cool idea but perhaps too fancy for me to make on my own and have it still look good? I've never had business cards before :3
7:18 PM
@fredley False. Edible business cards, best business cards.
@Yuki yum. I'll make cookies and write my website on them
@spugsley Not too hard to do, just some very light text rotated 45 degrees would do it
@fredley Actually, make the contact details as the watermark.
@FEichinger Could do that, but print them legibly too!
@fredley Well, yeh. If done properly, it'd look awesome.
how rude
@Sterno that is one nice business card though
It doesn't fit in a rolodex because it doesn't belong in a rolodex.
heh yeah
@Sterno It belongs in a trash can.
7:42 PM
so full of himself
@kalina That seems to be a key personality trait of pretty much every self-help guru out there.
@3ventic Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!
7:44 PM
@3ventic Joff-tchoff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff!
@Powerlord I prefer this cover, personally.
Looks like crap? It is crap.
Skyrim time
@3ventic You know, I saw kalina's reply and I still clicked -.-
Q: Can you select multiple players in a command?

James Of Da PeachWhen you use a command like this: /effect Tisajokt 1 30 1 You can give the IGN Tisajokt speed. Is there any way to list off multiple people in a command like the above, without scoreboard objectives?

Q: Mekanism and Open Peripheral

Daniel DariusI've got the methods from open peripheral for a Mekanism teleporter in a computer and i noticed a "set" command. I think that is for setting the address of the teleporter but i dont know how it works. Can you help me?

7:50 PM
Things that make me laugh: people who label their song covers as "<insert song title>: The Good Version".
Clearly there is something wrong eith me
I have begun my journey to be a proper summoner!
dat horn
Is that a hat?
@RedRiderX Yep
7:57 PM
Hmm okay
@MBraedley Are Morpheus, Grokster, LimeWire, or Kazaa still things?
@Yuki No, perhaps not.

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