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2:00 AM
but talk like that is sometimes best moved to private... @spugsley can come too
@Ktash :o how did I get in on this....thing that's happening?
@Ktash you are a very bad man
@AshleyNunn I'm intrigued
@Ktash seconded, you are a very bad man
11 mins ago, by spugsley
@WorldEngineer Mwuahaha
2:01 AM
Aw... I missed an Elfen Lied discussion? =(
@AshleyNunn even more intrigued
I' m installing Torchlight 2 :)
omg please don't ban me for talking about games. I know that's not on topic
@spugsley but.. but.. but.... other things
@Sterno Ack. x_x Had I known you were playing it, I would've warned you. It helps to keep your saves backed up to like... dropbox or something.
2:03 AM
@spugsley no longer has a banhammer
@spugsley Woo! :3
@Fluttershy have you played it? Better than 1?
@spugsley I like TL2
@Fluttershy I found a fix. It's just really stupid that the game has been out this long and it still has the bug.
so I'll let it slide
2:03 AM
I did lose a little progress, but only one scene worth. Which now makes me annoyed that there is no way to skip dialogue
@Sterno Yyyyyeah... That's how I feel about Fallout New Vegas too! =P
@Sterno aren't you a little old and baby-occupied to be online right now?
@Sterno Right clicking should speed through the dialogue.
@spugsley Babies sleep. AND ONE DAY YOU WILL BE OLD TOO
@Sterno I will be old but there will be no babies so I win :3
2:04 AM
@Sterno Never. I am like peter pan
i'm going to china!
that's all
@Sterno also, lies. Babies never sleep. That's just silly
@spugsley I don't know. Babies can be pretty awesome.
@Jin That sounds pretty fantastic :D
@Sterno before they poop
2:05 AM
@spugsley My daughter not only sleeps, she climbs up the stairs and points at the crib when she's ready for bed.
But yes, there are poops.
Q: I deleted my bin folder as long as my minecraft.jar

runtrreSo I was trying to make my own resource pack and I put lots of not needed files in it such as my bin folder and I deleted it thinking it was a bunch of copy's so I tried to get it back but I'm stuck and mad. Please help!

Today I farted and my daughter gave me a really offended look and then started making farting sounds with her mouth for the next 2 minutes. I AM AN AWESOME PARENT.
@Sterno snorts
@Sterno not funny. Just. Nightmares and murder.
2:11 AM
@spugsley I actually found the baby's face scarier.
Bridge is awful quiet tonight
@WorldEngineer Your Face quiet tonight.
Oh buuuuurrrrrrrrrn
@WorldEngineer I am trying to study! Or something! Neeeergh. Economics can bite me.
I'm as hilarious as I am handsome.
I'm also really modest. Awesomely modest.
@Fluttershy It does not seem to.
2:20 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz: How's Shadowrun?
@Wipqozn ......yes that
@Wipqozn I will let that slide because you are an amusing and thoughtful turtle.
WEll, I really should be getting to bed 30 minutes ago. So I'm off! Toodles ladies and gents.
@Brant Suddenly it is so much clearer
2:28 AM
So... The guy that proposed Kerbal Space Program.SE is an Arqade user. <_<
@Fluttershy for serious? oh my dear and fluffy lord.
@AshleyNunn Yup.
Good! Someone who is so passionate about a game that they would want an entire Stack Exchange site dedicated to it is exactly the kind of Arqade user we want.
Bit misguided though. Nothing wrong with not knowing all the Area 51 stuff like we do.
@Brant Thank you for the reframing. :) I appreciate it.
He hasn't asked a single KSP question here. <_<
2:40 AM
UGHHH brb gotta restart. Steam is being poot
@spugsley boooooo hissssss
@Jin oh my god - the bouncy balls and the walking horse are my favourites
1:55 scares me
@Jin I jumped, it was freaky
2:52 AM
Q: Lucia stuck in the ground in skyrim

PlanetJigsawMy child Lucia is stuck under the world in skyrim and if I do player.placeatme its a brand new Lucia that I cant adopt and the other one still exists. I need her out so i can move my family to my new home. Please help.

Q: On Warframe, does the Brokk Hammer Skin count as a new weapon?

Shadow ZorgonI want to make the Fragor. But Recently, I found the Brokk Hammer Skin. My friend says I need to have the Fragor to use the skin, but I do not want make the Fragor, and then realize that I do not need it to use the Brokk Hammer Skin.

@Wipqozn So far quite good
@Jin The puppet
He loves that Furby knock-off
Lol Shadowrun NPC: Mr. Kluwe. Somebody famous threw a lot of money at the kickstarter.
3:08 AM
@spugsley Welcome back m'lady
Or should I say...
@Ktash yeah, you're the class A creeper around here.
well done sir
New favorite!!!
@WorldEngineer Yeah, I earned that title a long time ago.
I'm trying to quit, but just when I think I'm out, they keep pulling me back in.
@Ktash you retain that title
I need to stop playing Crusader Kings II.
3:14 AM
@Ktash Oh my god
you chatmer you
@Ktash I would never, I'mma lady
@AshleyNunn I know. That's how you keep doing it ;)
@AshleyNunn is that a chat charmer?
@Ktash ...yes. totally intentional >.>
@Ktash By being a lady?
@AshleyNunn Yes
El Dorado gif's are fun
@Ktash I don't look good in dresses and can't wear heels and I cant do my own makeup
I make a terrible lady
@AshleyNunn I beg to differ. You are beautiful. You are charming. You are a delight to talk to. You cook. You read. You are educated. And most of all, you are so wonderfully you :)
There was going to be a dirty joke at the end of that. But by the time I got there, it was too nice to sully lol
3:26 AM
@Ktash Aww, now I wanna know what it was
Also, thank you for the wonderful compliments
I didn't have one thought up yet. I was gonna roll right into whatever felt right...
eh oh! ;)
@Ktash giggles madly <3
But if I had to do one, it would probably be:
"And you get all the other ladies into bed so nicely"
@Ktash blushes
For spugsley it would have been "And you make all the best :o faces" ;)
3:29 AM
@Ktash Nooooo
@spugsley :P
See, this is why I can't have nice things
So I am not nice enough.....duly noted.
@AshleyNunn Didn't know I had the option to "have" you ;)
... that one may have been too far
3:32 AM
I make a point of never limiting my options?
@AshleyNunn And the "I"s have it. In
@spugsley Would you actually like constructive feedback on this point on your novel, or is it still too early? With only 20 or so pages, I'm figuring more broad feedback is helpful than specific feedback?
NOTE: I have not read but the first paragraph, I'm just figuring out how I should read it
I feel that was important to say so you didn't think I thought it was butts because I haven't even read it yet
Also, I doubt it is butts. The first paragraph wasn't butts
teehee, I said butts
@Ktash hahah general is better at this point. I mainly need to make sure it makes sense to more than just my mind :p
but if there's something horribly off editing-wise, feel free to let me know
K, that is how I will read it then :)
3:58 AM
Q: What happens if you install a Steam game to a removable drive?

UllallullooWhat happens if you install a game to an external drive and then remove it? Does the game just not work if you try to start it? Does it get "uninstalled" according to Steam? Does Steam have serious problems? What if you plug it back in later? Does it work easily, or does it take a lot of work?

Ugh, why does Steam maximize every time I play a game?
@Ullallulloo Science is in progress.
Science is indeed in progress
If this breaks my computer, I blame you.
@Unionhawk :D
4:04 AM
@Ullallulloo Thankfully, I have Super Meat Boy waiting to install. So it shouldn't take forever.
4:18 AM
Bets on their new name?
@fbueckert Brenda
@WorldEngineer If they pick that name, they're even stupider than I gave them credit for.
@fbueckert :)
@Unionhawk I am relieved to not be guilty of computer destruction.
4:30 AM
@spugsley On page 10, but I'm going to start heading to bed. I assure you it is anything but butt
teehee, but butt
butt :p
good night :)
g'night :)
So out of all my downvotes, less than a third have not been deleted. And just over a dozen of my upvotes have been. I'd say that's a pretty good judgement of crap.
4:58 AM
Q: Point of Curly's Panties

CybersonIn Cave Story 3D I went into Curly's room in the Sandzone and picked up the item, "Curly's Panties". They are descriptionless and I could not find any use form them for the 3DS version. Do they have any use at all except for sitting in my inventory, taking up space?

5:19 AM
Bridge, I can't decide if I'm sleepy or not
@spugsley the Magic 8 Ball's sources say that you are not.
@TrentHawkins yeah it's looking that way
Hmm, UPS lists my delivery status as "Exception", with the latest activity being "Package data processed by brokerage. Waiting for clearance." >.> I get the feeling customs is going to screw me again.
@OrigamiRob gets pizza.
5:39 AM
@Ullallulloo Hah. Wesley - someone watches Clone High.
6:25 AM
morning people
@Blem \o
@spugsley The 8 ball lies!
@Blem Nope I'm here :p
I'm being a horrible person
and reading fanfiction
@spugsley fanfiction about what?
lol that's my secret :3
6:32 AM
oh, dirty fanfiction
I just mean, it's silly lol
@spugsley OMG
@spyder :o
where is @AshleyNunn when I need her? She'd stick up for me!
she is not here, caught this video of her before she left!
7:32 AM
@blem it's both. wonder woman x slab of stone
7:44 AM
So there I was, in full military garb standing in a book store in a crowded shopping mall looking for comic books about small, candy colored cartoon equines
@PrivatePansy sounds about right
How many odd looks did you get? =p
Not as many as when I got onto a crowded train and took the comic out to read
Q: Is there a date set for the official release of the Evil Wizard?

Panagiotis PalladinosOk so I thought I'd be the first to ask a question about this great little game which is still in closed beta. The Wizard is already open for those who paid money for blings but is there an estimated date set somewhere by ubisoft on which he will be unlocked for the rest of the beta testers? ED...

A: Where can I find the Fat Man in Fallout New Vegas?

jimmyjjohnMy boyfriend and I are kinda going through a rough time I guess but I think it's mostly just because I'm a little unhappy right now. I'm not gonna lie. I reeeeeeeeaaaaalllly want to be married and have that commitment especially since now I'm 34 weeks pregnant and I'd really like my daughter to g...

@PrivatePansy hah, bet they just figured "oh, he's picking it up for his daughters", hard to think that when you're reading it.
7:47 AM
I have to say, this is one of the odder pieces of spam this site has gotten
@KevinvanderVelden I don't know, 19 year-olds don't tend to father children
@PrivatePansy indeed =/ flagged it
@PrivatePansy not usually, but they dont know your age. And its perfectly plausible to have children at that age, add a few years :)
8:02 AM
not like you can see how old an asian person is when they are between 18-50
I've met @PrivatePansy, I can confirm he looks like a dad
@BoltClock Oy
@PrivatePansy I went to Orchard Road for that MLP Friendship Day event on Saturday
Go on...
Well, let's just say it was both overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time
8:11 AM
I presume it's not something official
Probably is, considering it was organized by Hasbro
Funny, I never seen those toys in Singapore before. But maybe I wasn't looking hard enough
Hmmm, Firefox is updating its logo again and (*gasp*) removing support for the blink tag
@BoltClock Singapore celebrates a different Friendship Day from the rest of the world. April 12.
I think it's celebrated on different dates in different countries
So much for an International Friendship Day
I'm not aware Friendship Day is a thing that exists
International Friendship Day is a day for celebrating friendship. The day has been celebrated in several southern South American countries for many years, particularly in Paraguay, where the first World Friendship Day was proposed in 1958. Initially created by the greeting card industry, evidence from social networking sites shows a revival of interest in the holiday that may have grown with the spread of the Internet, particularly in India, Bangladesh, and Malaysia. Digital communication modes such as the Internet and mobile phones may be helping to popularize the custom, since greetin...
8:27 AM
I'm not friends with friendship day
But you can be, on Facebook!
@PrivatePansy The "introductionary text" is, as far as I can tell, from theLoveLogic forums. Just the usual "copy & paste random paragraphs of text from the internet, add my spammy link at the bottom" automated crap.
"love logic"?
8:55 AM
@badp Subtitle: "Relationship and Dating Advice". No idea, really. I just used Google to find them.
9:15 AM
To be honest, the new logo looks kinda ugly on my taskbar
I think I'm going to replace it with the old logo
@PrivatePansy It's not your taskbar, it's the logo.
PSA: fw_lego_v6 is a waste of your time
if a server you're connected ever changes to it: change servers
Firefox logo evolution in 2017+
9:32 AM
@PrivatePansy I'll be waiting for Thunderbird to receive a new logo
@BoltClock I thought that wasn't in development any more?
@spyder Looks really accurate, let's hope they don't see it now or they'll start using it already...
Sort of. No more new features, see where the community takes it eventually
new Aurora logo is ugly.
@spyder -1, gradients
1 hour later…
11:11 AM
So quiet
@spyder starts stacking TNT what? It's the opposite of quiet
Q: VIM-Adventures Level 12 LeChuck Text S-Bug

waeltkenOn Level 12 in VIM-Adventures i am stuck with the "S"-Bug in the LeChuck Text. Obviously i should delete the whole text above the capital letter "T" for example by pressing "dgg", leaving just: Then things really got ugly. But the stupid bug is in the way and since you can not edit that text,...

Q: Borderlands 1: Beat Brick as Lilith

user1165499I recently bought this game with my friend and we really enjoy duels however I can't find way to beat him. What would be the best way and build to use against Brick? His berserk seems to be unstoppable with mass HP. I'm focusing on SMGs with my character(Lilth), however we're both on level 18, so...

Q: Must I upgrade each level with seals in Fable 3?

RenderFor example, if I skipped the first chest for Magic level 1 or Melee level 1, and went directly for chest level 2, do I still get the benefit out of level 1 ? Does that mean I can save seals doing so ? Or does each chest increment the level by 1 ?

@KevinvanderVelden TNT is so weak. Use RDX, Composition C-4 or A-IX-2 ;)
11:26 AM
@spyder Cant I just put a barrel of hydrogen on a barrel of anti-hydrogen?
@KevinvanderVelden antimatter torpedo?
@spyder pretty much :)
Though part of the hydrogen will probably explode in the regular way first
.. which might make the problem worse because the antihydrogen would be spread much farther very fast :o
And what kind of barrel would hold the anti-hydrogen? ;-)
@MadScientist anti-barrel
A highly magnetic one :)
At least, I think anti-hydrogen is magnetic?
11:30 AM
Someone tried to sign up to us - our first organic customer! Sadly the site failed at exactly that point >.<
Quick tag question: for http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/126739/is-there-a-date-set-for-the-official-release-of-the-evil-wizard "The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot" has a long name - longer than a 25 char tag - so the OP gave it the tag "tmq-for-epic-loot" which seems confusing with the first part acronym'd and they want a better tag - I agree that it needs it.

On the official site, in their page title, they go by simply "Mighty Quest for Epic Loot", but the tag just hits 26 chars (doh!). I was thinking of just [mighty-quest-epic-loot]. Thoughts? Better ideas? Policies I missed since
Dungeon Robber is pretty awesome.
runs away and hides
11:42 AM
@badp That's what I said.
@skovacs1 Great minds think alike. Edited
but the game is in closed beta, is it ok to ask questions about it?
@badp It's clear in my mind and as long as the tag wiki lists the full name, there should be no concerns.
@Blem I was actually looking into that. It doesn't seem completely closed, but I do think the question's bad. The question is specifically about the release schedule for the beta which is not only dated as beta and launch progress, but asking developer intention.
I was edifying the user about tag changes. I wanted to let them know how to go about it before I voted to close the question.
@Blem Yes.
Q: When is a game publicly available?

ayckosterI have posted this question and it seems that a bunch of guys in the chat have decided that a game has to be publicly available to be able to ask questions about it. Considering this is what the community really wants: When is a game publicly available? Obviously: When the game is released. W...

11:57 AM
of course the question was about a future update, so it's OT anyway
@Sterno The issue isn't exactly that it's in closed beta, it's that it is asking, "is there an estimated date set somewhere by ubisoft on which he will be unlocked for the rest of the beta testers" which reads to me as asking developer intentions.
All the same. 'tis 5 in the morn here on trash day so I must be off. Good seeing you all again.
@skovacs1 That is indeed a different problem.
12:13 PM
This tag wiki is horrible.
The excerpt and the first paragraph in particular.
Well, it's a wiki. You know what to do
I'd rather leave that to someone a little more involved in the tag and/or meta.
@Blem Rule of thumb for closed betas: If someone who is not a member of the press or the company making the game or the industry has to sign an NDA to play the game, we probably don't want questions about it here.
If you're in a beta that you could get into by signing up for a website and you didn't need to do an NDA to be in said Beta, then go nuts.
The first rule of closed betas under NDAs is that we don't talk about closed betas under NDAs.
Except really that should be more a guideline for the asker than those of us who might vote to close, because we aren't in the best position to know whether or not an NDA was required.
aaaand, I wrote it as an answer because I don't like the other two enough.
A: When is a game publicly available?

LessPop_MoreFizzRule of thumb: If a game can be played by people who are not members of the press/industry without signing an NDA, than it's fair game, with an exception for things like event-previews; i.e. we don't want Q&A's about the PAX Floor Demo of one level of Hot New Shooter #37. If you're in a closed b...

12:24 PM
@Sterno SE isn't bound by the NDA, so "it's an NDA" is irrelevant to us anyway. It's been a problem because people bitch "NDA" on Stack Overflow whenever there's an iOS beta but 1) it's not SE's problem 2) deleting those questions only hurts the large amount of people that are using the new xcode
@BenBrocka My issue is how we are supposed to know whether or not the beta has an NDA when viewing the question and deciding if it should be closed.
As long as we err on the side of "leave it open" without overwhelming evidence that there is an NDA, I'm happy
Don't give a shit about NDAs! It doesn't matter since we're not bound by them anyway
@BenBrocka Then argue with LessPop, not me
While we don't care about NDAs themselves, I think it is a pretty good guideline to separate "real" betas from the now rather common marketing betas
@MadScientist This this this this this.
12:26 PM
Beyond that, it's just a matter of being consistent with our other policies regarding illegal content. No, SE is not party to the NDA, but SE also isn't party to the EULA on a multiplayer game, and we don't allow questions about breaking those either.
@OrigamiRobot Rules we're not bound by are not by any definition, rules
Not to us anyway
@BenBrocka And yet, we don't allow questions about violations of EULA's.
12:29 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Not really relevant. They've already broken the NDA and we're not teaching them now to do so
A: Should moderators enforce NDAs for software vendors?

Shog9 Is it the job of StackOverflow moderators to enforce these agreements and delete these posts? No, it isn't: But as a general rule, Stack Overflow exists to spread knowledge, not to give smug people the chance to play petty censorship games. The value of the diffusion of knowledge by far...

@BenBrocka We'd be facilitating it, though.
@BenBrocka Regardless, it's also a nice clear bright line between 'Betas' and real betas of the sort we don't actually want questions about.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I think the distinction is more subtle. The stuff we don't allow is usually in the EULAs, but the reason we don't allow e.g. multiplayer cheating is not because it is prohibited in the EULA, but because we just don't like that kind of behaviour. I'd have no problem with allowing questions that violate parts of the EULA I consider extremely stupid
@LessPop_MoreFizz There's a difference between questions about breaking the EULA and questions that break the EULA themselves.
@MadScientist It isn't that subtle - we don't allow questions about WoW private servers, for example.
12:34 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's because it's pretty much piracy and we don't like that.
@BenBrocka And that pretty much fits what I was saying... whether or not we even have the responsibility to keep them from breaking the NDA (we don't), we aren't in a position to know if there is one
Q: What do I do if I believe there is serial down voting going on?

Young GuiloI think someone is going around and purposely down-voting my questions and answers. When I logged on today it said I had lost over 24 reputation to down-voting. It's not just on one question which would make a little sense. It's questions that have been inactive for 6 months or so. How can I repo...

Though I guess extending that, we're not always in a position to even know if there's a beta, so by my argument we should never answer any questions!
I'm hereby going to stop caring about an issue that is relevant about 4 times a year.
@Sterno But what about identify this NDA?
@Sterno If there's a beta, we probably know.
12:39 PM
@badp depends how private it is, really
@BenBrocka If it's that private, then it might be a problem.
@SepiaLazers Maybe your questions are just stupid.
Q: Meaning of ladder points

AtlasEULast night, we had a discution regarding promotions on the ladder. One of the issues where wether the points have influence on promotion or not, and neither of us can find legit facts to the points on the ladder. We couldent find any facts regarding the points at all, besideds it ranks you on the...

@badp Equip he GOTTEM
12:41 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I honestly wouldn't be surprised if those are only two or three downvotes per person.
@FEichinger yar.
@badp There's a Wildstar beta right now. It's comprised of people who signed up on the website and got a random invite. There is an NDA and the Wildstar team aggressively shuts down leaks. I wouldn't want to see a Wildstar question here.
@LessPop_MoreFizz It's the asker's problem, really.
The top answer on that meta about NDAs is kind of interesting in regards to YouTube actually exposing itself to liability once it tried proactively policing it's content.
And the answerers' too
@badp I'm of the opinion that since the only people able to answer the question aren't able to do so legally, it's just a hanging invitation for speculation.
12:43 PM
Which just makes me think that the legal system is stupid.
I suppose if someone is dumb enough to ask a question that reflects actual gameplay experience and not just "What is the Mechari racial ability?" we can leave it open, but.... yeah.
@LessPop_MoreFizz do we have to be in the beta to know when somebody is making stuff up or extrapolating from other games?
(btw downvoting is, luckily, anonymous)
I don't think questions about "real" betas make any sense at all. The only reason we're not prohibiting all questions about betas is that the term "beta" has lost all meaning
also why are you guys downvoting that meta question of Guilo's?
It's a perfectly legitimate question. On its own.
12:45 PM
@badp I doubt anyone is saying we should be acting on a hunch. It's more of an 'if we know there is an NDA, let's murder it'.
@badp Probably because it shows no research effort.
@LessPop_MoreFizz "When I logged on today it said I had lost over 24 reputation to down-voting. It's not just on one question which would make a little sense. It's questions that have been inactive for 6 months or so. How can I report this?"
You can't do more research effor than this as a regular user
I actually searched for "serial down vote" assuming it would be a dupe on meta but turned nothing useful up
@badp Half of them have Guilo-style horrible titles. I would've downvoted them, too.
12:49 PM
@badp The one from 8 minutes ago is me. It is a dumb question, and not a serial downvote.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Can you elaborate more on what you mean by beta becoming meaninless, or "marketing beta" as mentioned above. I'm not really sure what you guys mean.
@LessPop_MoreFizz oh, right, that was one line a little too tall
@Sterno Minecraft.
@badp Looks a bit like someone trying to evade the algorithm, but might also be harmless
I think it's easy to agree that the rest stinks though
12:50 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz And almost every MMO ever.
@MadScientist The voting page shows trouble, but I don't think I have the full story so I'm just sending this to the team
@LessPop_MoreFizz Okay, that makes sense. I thought you guys were kind of talking it in the other direction, where "beta" was being applied to things too closed to really be considered a beta
@badp Let's also not forget that almost every question from that user looks the same: Random phrase with a question mark for a title, one line for the body, no explanation, research or other info provided. It's a pattern, and we sure as hell want to discourage that.
@Sterno No, the issue is that we used to just say "NO BETAS AT ALL", but the problem is that lots of games that are basically released and widely available had a beta tag slapped on them because dumb reasons, so we need a new standard that keeps out truly bad pre-release content.
@FEichinger You might've missed the part where I don't think I have the full story so I'm just sending this to the team
12:52 PM
@badp I'm just giving what I think may be the reasoning behind the downvotes.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Okay, I get what you're saying now. I have a fundamental disagreement that "real" betas shouldn't be discussed, but I think I at least get your point now. And I just remembered, I don't care about this issue anyway!
I can definitely see someone combing through those 100+ posts of his, systematically evaluating them for that pattern.
(yes I do, but I shouldn't)
If someone really hates his question titles that much, editing them would be far more useful.
@badp Yeah, this is the problem with the serial downvoting automation is that sometimes a user deserves to be downvoted a lot.
@Sterno Not really; the questions themselves are just as bad as the titles.
@LessPop_MoreFizz and sometimes you don't have to be the person who gives him all of the downvotes he deserves
12:54 PM
No point in putting lipstick on a bunch of pigs
because by doing so you inevitably expose yourself.
@Sterno It's a pattern we shouldn't fix anymore. A new user, sure. But someone who's been here that long? No friggin way.
@badp No, but 6 of them does not seem to be an inappropriate number.
@FEichinger Or downvote and fix. Because if they're not getting closed, it just leaves that trash on the site.
@LessPop_MoreFizz There are multiple signs of trouble with the data I have, causing varying amount of alarm in me
I do not have the data to say "okay this is definitely abuse by this person" though
12:55 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz You can't actually hit the serial voting script without targeting a user (with the rare exception of a user posting a lot of questions in very quick succession). If you only vote on the bad posts of that user you encounter organically, you won't hit it, only if you go through the user's profile, and that is something that should be discouraged by the script
@Sterno That's what I've been doing for a while. But after repeatedly telling him not to post like that, we shouldn't be doing the patching up for him anymore. He won't fix it himself if we do it for him every time.
@FEichinger Or maybe he just won't do it himself. Ever.
Yes, going through an user's profile to check all the things and downvote what needs to be downvoted is not a wise idea
@Sterno In which case bombarding him with downvotes from multiple people by leaving it be isn't all that bad.
especially if your "final verdict" is "they all deserve downvoting"
12:56 PM
@MadScientist I sometimes go through a users profile to see what else they've posted. Sometimes I am horrified by what I see and want to downvote several of them.
@FEichinger We're going in circles! That's why I said downvote and fix
@Sterno No, no fixing anymore. He's had enough chances. Now it's time to make him feel the blow.
@Sterno But that just encourages future visitors to get angry about there having been a downvote on his behalf, encouraging a sympathy upvote, and the cycle continues, but he has an ever increasing amount of reputation and power.
Hell, even with it looking shitty, he's going to get sympathy upvotes.
The fact that he has gotten edit privs now (while hardly managing to post a decent question himself) is disturbing, to say the least.

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