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12:00 AM
I do
Welcome to Gaming ♪
Thanks! :)
Although it seems you've been on Gaming for a fair bit of time.
8 Monthes
It's my number 4 site.
But you're probably reading that on my profile right now.
@John I'm now picturing you as an eager puppy XD
12:02 AM
wags tail
Whozagoodboy? Yes you are!
Braid PC seriously doesn't have gamepad support?
@Anna And you should know me from Programmers! (right? right? right?)
You lot and your gamepads
12:05 AM
@John Had to look you up, sorry. ;) Post more answers!
Or questions. Whichever.
@ThomasMcDonald I don't have a gamepad
@GraceNote I have a PlayStation 2 to USB controller adapter
@Powerlord It'd be convenient if I had one of those
I bought it for emulation stuff mainly, but there are a few PC games where the gamepad comes in handy.
oh my god the relationship between Recette and Tear is so mind-numbingly cute
12:07 AM
@Manaಠдಠ I think it broke him.
@Mana Are you a girl? (I'm sorry. I just had to ask. I good relationship is always nice.)
ahem I mean yeah, manshoots. Who wants to play Call of Duty or Halo? Add me on ecksbox.
@John It's okay. Actually, I have no gender. You can use whatever pronoun you want! ...Or at least that's what I would say if I could keep that sort of thing up for any decent period of time but I'm a guy.
@Mana Yeah I can tell. Just like I can tell like @GraceNote seems like probably just maybe might be a girl.
Hm. That new common bee enemy is like the size of Tear.
welp, back to Recettear.
12:14 AM
Talking of Recettear, what a day...
@Tom nice!
I assume that's good?
Must... not... be... a jerk... and post... own... profits...
Early on in the game it is, I think. Although I made +15000 on day 8.
28k on Day 14 is pretty good
12:20 AM
@GraceNote You would probably make us all cry
@Mana: Decided not to go to the dungeon and get all those costly items sold by sitting the whole day in the shop, it worked.
I'm usually doing 130% --> 125%; for annoying people 125% --> 120% and for the child somethnig like 115% --> 110%.
@FallenAngelEyes Thanks!
No prob :)
12:24 AM
What kind of game is Chantelise, similar?
Action RPG
very different gameplay, though the same tone and writing (which is a plus, imo)
Braid's music is so nice.
12:50 AM
I hate it when I do a perfect 100 damage against Trash
Ok, does anyone know how to get the last 2 puzzle pieces from the cloud bridge in Braid?
@John Sounds like a question~
Man, I'm so confused. How am I supposed to get 30 000 pix if no one buys anything worth even 2000 pix?
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah I'm just to lazy to write a good one up.
@FallenAngelEyes You forgot your music note. ♪
12:52 AM
@John Blasphemy!
@Manaಠдಠ If you build it, they will come.
@Grace!!!!! buys thousands of expensive wallpapers
Put it this way, if you play your cards right, you should right now-ish be able to earn about 100,000 pix in one day's worth of shop running.
It's like day 11, bro.
Are you sure about that stat?
Yeah, I did mention you'd need like the full day.
1:03 AM
Yeah, but...I can't even sell anything over 3000. How do I...hm.
Okay, this is something I'm willing to figure out myself.
Well, you not being able to sell anything over 3000 is an issue.
It's like when Uplink put a bank in front of me and I realized I could hack it to get so much more money. I screwed up because I didn't quite get how the game worked quite yet a few times and had to restart the whole thing but it was so worth it in the end.
So shall it be with Recettear!
If your customers don't have the wallet to afford your goods, it can be a difficult climb.
Okay, I think I'm gonna start up a second game on the side to experiment around.
I think part of the problem might be that I'm letting myself get haggled too low.
@Manaಠдಠ Why not just go for loop 2?
1:15 AM
@Manaಠдಠ You should try harder.
@Grace True, true. I'm more just curious to mess around at the really early stages of the game.
I see, I see
OK, I think I have at least indicated the Die2Nite answers that are no longer accurate, and updated a few based on the wiki.
@bwarner Thanks man! Sorry, it totally slipped my mind.
2 mins ago, by GnomeSlice ツ
@Manaಠдಠ You should try harder.
1:20 AM
I didn't even realize the game had changed. But I'm now realizing that what I thought were tons of new buildings were actually quite a few existing buildings being renamed.
Still, I like the idea that your available buildings change each time. Makes it less about having everything figured out ahead of time, and more about dealing with whatever you end up with.
@Grace Is there any benefit to beating Recettear on the first loop? I got to the very last pay day, but couldn't meet it. I'm wondering if I should back up a bit and try again, or just continue on with loop 2.
Hey bwarner. You know what that sounds like?
A question. smiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirk
Yah yah... I knew someone was going to say that as soon as I typed it. =)
I'm doing it more as self-deprecation than anything, don't worry. But I was thinking of asking that one too.
Wait, did Arda withdraw his moderator nomination?
1:25 AM
Too many vegetables.
He doesn't want to talk about it.
Also vegetables.
@bwarner You get a cool save file that says "Loop 1"
Also you get to boast about it.
Ah, one of those again. OK, so be it. We obviously have lots of good candidates, I feel kind of out of place...
@GraceNote OK, so nothing I should worry too much about. Thanks.
@bwarner Don't, man. You're a cool guy.
The best part of this is getting feedback from others. Learning more about yourself.
1:28 AM
@Grace Have you started playing the Desktop Dungeons beta yet?
(but becoming a mod would be pretty cool I agree)
@bwarner No
Q: Community Moderator election banner missing from main site

Raven DreamerCurrently, the main site is missing the banner link to the moderator election page, though the Meta site still has the banner functioning correctly.

@bwarner Basically, I was worried more about the fact that I wouldn't get... aww man, not another "Election banner is gone" post...
@Lazers [status-bydesign-but-also-fixed-apparently]
1:30 AM
@Grace maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
The answer is "Banner on the main site only goes up for 48 hours. Recommended not to reinstate it but you could convince badp or Juan to. The Meta site is the only place it extends the whole duration."
I need more questions about it, only 400 more rep to 10K...
@Grace Will it come back when the primaries/election proper starts?
I just need 80 more.
@Manaಠдಠ Yes, each phase gets 48 hours.
1:31 AM
@GraceNote I bet you can't wait to have mod tools, right?
You passed me with all your Chantelise stuff...
Q: What are the differences between the English and French versions of Die2Nite?

Mana ಠдಠAs Die2Nite is originally a French game called Hordes, the English version was released a while after the French version. The result of this is that those of us who play the English version often get updates pushed to the servers months after the French receive them. I'm interested in knowing wh...

Can we get some more close votes here?
@Manaಠдಠ You got my close vote! :3
@KevinY :)
1:48 AM
Sleeptime, g'night all
@FallenAngelEyes G'night
@bwarner Yeah I did. That blogs hint didn't help me get the pieces in that level. I read somewhere else that you can't do that yet.
@Mana There was a "vote to close your own question" badge you were gunning for there, I bet.
@Nick heh :)
Oh cool! I didn't know you could see what percentage of a rooms posts a certain user has made!
2:00 AM
@John me neither :O
Did I link that yet today?
@Manaಠдಠ You have made %6 of the posts in this room.
Because that's a real thing.
@LessPop Sex...sells...?
@John Oh man, I talk that much...?
@Manaಠдಠ The NY Post is a classy newspaper.
2:02 AM
The part that baffles me the most though... is that they felt it was important to spell 'stocks' as 'stox'.
@Manaಠдಠ Yes. By comparison, LessPop has %3, Grace 4, PowerLord 7, Arda 12.
@John I used to be higher.
I have been absent of late.
Is this a competition?
Can we get much higher sooooo hiiiigh OOOOH OOOH OOOOOH
2:03 AM
Should've expected that from gamers....
Meanwhile I'm stuck down at a measly 0 percent. :P
@Manaಠдಠ You know as well as I do that the only reason you remember that lyric is because Kanye sampled it and not from it's source.
@LessPop actually no I didn't know that :(
@Manaಠдಠ You have made 11950 posts in this room.
Oh man...when you put it that way...just...don't put it that way. :(
What about meeee?
2:05 AM
@Manaಠдಠ You're a Yes fan?
@KevinY You're also at 0 percent with 845 posts.
@LessPop Not really? I'm aware of them but haven't really checked them out.
@Manaಠдಠ Then I don't buy that your point of origin for knowing that lyric isn't Kanye's sample. Especially because you quoted Kanye's version of it.
For reference, the original:
I get what you mean now. I thought you meant the only reason I remembered was because of the act of sampling
2:07 AM
For every one posts Kevin Y has made, Mana has made over 100...
not the fact that it was in a Kanye West song
Quick Mana, make 100 posts!
makes 100 posts
@Manaಠдಠ Don't bother with the original btw, it's terrible.
Yes is terrible.
@KevinY I don't think he needs your encouragement. :P
2:07 AM
@John You're probably right. :P
@LessPop But...prog!!
@Manaಠдಠ Exactly... Prog.
I just like the way the word sounds. I don't listen to much of it.
@ArdaXi Has made 2 posts per post of @Mana.
2:10 AM
@John ._.
Stop now?
oh man, @lesspop thank you for linking me to a Granddaddy song
Seriously, you're going to make @KevinY cry.
Major nostalgia points.
2:10 AM
@Manaಠдಠ The best Grandaddy song.
@Nick :'(
gotta post more
@KevinY Sorry I didn't realize you were so emotional.
@KevinY Never. Stop. Posting.
Important stuff this chat! :P
@John Important indeed. :P
2:12 AM
So, why can't we just elect ALL the mod candidates?
Instead of needing upvotes to be elected, they should need downvotes to not be elected.
Wait, who withdrew their nomination?
@John Arda did.
@John He of the Mer-fins and the making of terrible mods.
as Arda leaves the room
How coincidental
2:14 AM
Q: Why can't I buy some of the gear that should be available to me in Honor Hold?

BigStuuuIn World of Warcraft, I've reached the "Honored" level of reputation with Honor Hold. I decided to check online what kind of gear I should be able to buy because of that and I've noticed that some of the gear listed here doesn't even appear in the list of things I can buy from the logistics offic...

Whelp, night guys!
Peace John!
Yeah, I feel the same way.
Especially about the auction stuff.
I just won't use it, not a huge deal.
2:22 AM
The things I own shall not own me.
@Nick well, the main problem with always online DRM is that it sucks for people with shitty internet connections
Is that necessarily true? It won't just authenticate every time, you actually have to have an active, fast internet connection when you're playing?
@Manaಠдಠ Or people like me that use a lot of different internet connections.
I'm not sure how many facts there are... vs how much is just speculation
(AKA the reason that I'm not on Gaming.se so much these days. because I'm traveling so damned much.)
2:25 AM
@Nick Fair enough. I was under this impression based on the outcries from other people. I haven't been keeping up with the whole thing.
Speaking of speculation, since we're in the chat Speculation Zone, when should I be expecting to tell my clients that I'm unavailable for a couple weeks?
@Nick re: D3?
I suspect you'll be able to give them a better answer after Blizzcon.
@Lazers I hope he shows up to respond to my request for clarification. I'm pretty sure I know the answer to his question, but until he tells me he's playing a Paladin or DK, I don't want to post it as an answer.
(and really, most likely, until he tells me he's playing a Death Knight.)
@LessPopMoreFizz Yes - but are we still talking this year?
@Nick Who knows. You'll have a better idea after Blizzcon next month I'd wager.
Q: How do I use my iMac as a "monitor" for my xbox and my wii?

Abby T. Miller ΨI ditched cable a long time ago and have been making do with Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes for my television needs. The displays on the new iMacs these days are big enough and high enough quality that I think they should be perfectly adequate for my gaming purposes, too. I will be upgrading to one of...

2:32 AM
@LessPopMoreFizz You're right. It's blizzard. Anything can happen.
Good news everybody!!!!!! I'm getting DSL internet on monday!
whoo, no longer stuck with a horribly bad wifi connection that barely reaches my house!
New fancy ADSL2+? or just regular 'ol?
regular 'ol
Six upvotes on each of my Recettear questions...so why isn't Chantelise this popular?
Maybe because Chantelise hasn't been offered as a $5 game on Steam yet. I got mine for $5 with four other games thrown in.
2:44 AM
Oh man, Charme is such a harder fight with only the default equipment Louie has on.
Q: What do these weird icons next to my health and magic bars mean?

Mana ಠдಠWhen grinding away in a dungeon as Louie in Recettear, I noticed that I have these weird icons next to my character picture: But...I don't really get them. What are they supposed to indicate, and what sort of different icons are there in the game?

Q: Gheed is abusing my addiction, Gambling in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction

RapidaSo, I've just picked up D2 again to play with a friend, and we both have been giving that jovial fellow Gheed the majority (read: all) of our money for the chance of decent items. What is the chance of getting rare/set/unique items from the various gambling merchants throughout the acts?

@Manaಠдಠ I don't know at all.
This is gaming.se but I don't know how to game the system at all.
(perhaps this is a good quality in someone running for a mod position)
Hm. So I took a picture of my latest day's haul.
3:00 AM
So, I know LinkedIn buttons are part of the standard SE chrome and all, but they feel really out of place on Gaming...
Even if they have been pixellated to fit our design
@LessPop o_O
@LessPop_MoreFizz wut.
Thanks for that.
still trying to look away from the .gif
@LessPop claps
Some people just want to watch the world burn.
Big Dreams.
3:33 AM
yibe, Japan
101 1 1 1
Does anyone find anything kinda weird about this?
@Manaಠдಠ What, the use of a blank white image for an avatar?
Visited the site consecutively for 100 days; hasn't done anything?
Some people do that
@Manaಠдಠ He's active on several other SE sites.
He's a lurker. He likes to read. Leave him alone.
And on that note, I'm off for the evening to go Live De Life. Later all.
@LessPop Okay, okay. I was just kind of curious.
Peace bro.
3:42 AM
Q: My customers can't afford to buy the items I'm trying to sell. What do I do?

Mana ಠдಠIn my first playthrough of Recettear, I've got a bunch of great items to sell, like Parade Armor and Parade Helmets...and a bunch of customers who are too cheap to afford them. Any time I try to sell an item for over 3000 gold, it fails miserably. I've tried selling expensive items at even 70% of...

4:08 AM
Holy... one of the stars in Braid requires you to play the same level for an hour and a half? :O
Yes. They are...not nice.
@Powerlord Stars? Doesn't Braid have those puzzle pieces?
@Kevin There are also secret stars.
Obviously I haven't played Braid enough.
I was looking at a guide to getting the stars.
I got the first one, the one where you need to line up two pieces of puzzle 3 with the house background.
(Which, I might add, you can't do if you assembled puzzle 3 already)
4:52 AM
Q: What is Leona's Secret Passive?

Raven DreamerWhile I was aware of the Inverse Ninja Law reducing the base HP of Akali / Kennen / Shen when present on the same team, I have recently discovered that they are not the only such champions to have a "Secret Passive". Nidalee, Cougar that she is, grants younger men lower level champions 5 bonus X...

5:15 AM
@Lazers Nice, I was just wondering about that
5:28 AM
Q: Where are Caillou's items?

sjohnstonCaillou is looking for Charred Lizard, Bat Wings, and Slime Liver. I've never seen any of these items for sale or dropped by monsters. Where do I get them?

Q: Is it bad to keep Caillou waiting?

sjohnstonCaillou put in his order for Charred Lizard, Bat Wings and Slime Liver. My Advance Order Summary shows no deadline for this order, so I assumed I had as much time as I needed to find this stuff. Then he came into the store and complained that I hadn't gotten the items yet. Does it hurt me in any...

Dear @sjohnston - please stop asking Recettear questions so I can go to sleep. Thanks!♫
They'll be here tomorrow :)
Gnite, Gaming!
6:04 AM
Q: What shot rotation has the best dps output for MM Hunter with T12-4 set bonus?

SerithAS - Arcane Shot CS - Chimera Shot KC - Kill Command SS - Steady Shot [Cataclysm] 4.2 Marksmanship Guide With T11-4 set bonus i had CS glyph and used CS-ASx3-SSx4 rotation which had exactly 9 seconds duration and sometimes used one SS instead of AS to balance focus. With T12 i have 12.93% ha...

6:33 AM
@John It's what cool kids are doing. I blame @arda.
7:14 AM
Q: Playing gun bros on Andoird with iPhone friends

MeLightI have Gun Bros on my Android device (Nexus S), and my pal is playing it on the iPhone, I followed the ingame instructions to add a friend to the brotherhood, but it doesn't work :-/ Is it even possible to add friends from other platforms to your brotherhood? If so, how would I go about adding o...

2 hours later…
9:03 AM
I just finished reading the article about that I-can-barely-run-20-meters to Look-mah-on-one-foot-backwards-blindfolded-for-30-mins iPhone app
I still don't understand what the appeal is in running. It's... inefficient! I could be biking and covering much larger distances with much less effort.
...and covering much larger distances makes the experience more rewarding, personally.
It's the effort that is important. I guess. Challenge. No matter what form it takes?
9:26 AM
I lost my AWE progress
I am not impressed
9:53 AM
Q: How can I manipulate Anomaly Warzone Earth savegames?

badpI'm experiencing a serious issue with AWE: the game is fun, it works well, then for some reason the game doesn't close cleanly and I lose ALL progress I ever made in the game. When this happened after unlocking the 3rd mission, I didn't mind it too much, but this time I lost the entire first cha...

I cant get a Merchant to spawn
You've got a house and 50 silver?
also good afternoon all
I had to approve the excerpt to make the long blurb appear, but I still don't like it. Can you improve it?
@FallenAngelEyes yeah, and that's whats confusing me
10:05 AM
@ThomasMcDonald I had trouble with getting some NPCs to move because of pathing to the house
@badp The excerpt or the blurb?
I think the blurb's okay.
Yeah, blurb looks good
Woo! Finally broke 10k!
Enjoy your mod too--wait.
10:19 AM
On the plus side, I finally have a 10k account that is not Meta Stack Overflow
@ThomasMcDonald if he still hasn't spawned send me a screenshot of the room
@GraceNote I now have a 3k account, it's not as impressive though
I somehow managed to hit the rep cap yesterday. This doesn't happen for me often.
goes around voting to close everything!
Closing all the things, I see
WTF why is arda a tag?!
10:22 AM
Did we come to a consensus on whether we wanted tag wiki excerpts to be encyclopedia style or dictionary style?
@FallenAngelEyes What's the difference?
@ThomasMcDonald ??
I still prefer the latter. Writing up the Chantelise one?
Adjusting the Recettear one
@RonanForman You don't repeat the tag name in the latter, you just specify the meaning/utility of the tag.
10:23 AM
Q: How do we prefer to start our tag wikis?

Grace NoteThere's two general approaches to how one starts a Tag Wiki Excerpt. The Dictionary Method, in which we obviously believe you know what the word you're looking at is, so we don't repeat it. We just go straight to defining it, often as a fragment. The Preface Method, in which we treat it like a ...

can we put n/. in all of them
as some of the tags are abbreviated, surely the full tag name is necessary
@RonanForman Got attacked by a skeleton in association with a mother slime
why are you italic?
Strikethrough fail!
I'm kinda sad that @Mana got no comments
10:26 AM
He's a room owner
I want to fix that, but I also want to avoid saying "What's wrong with your face."
@badp Maaaaaan, I'd hate to sk.... pffffffffffft
Q: World of Warcraft Install problem

Craig PilgrimI was wondering if anyone else out there is having problems with the WoW installer, I recently signed up for an account so I could take advantage of this play the first 20 levels for free promotion. I've registered fine but I now have the downloader client up and it just doesn't seem to want to ...

@badp send him a picture of myana cat
10:27 AM
You mean this?
Jul 23 at 17:33, by Ronan Forman
user image
I sure do!
I never realized those were horns until now. I always thought Mana was wearing hairclips.
I feel like applying for mod with just that picture and seeing how well I do...
...wait what
I just woke up and I have +140 reputation for Gaming today.
@GraceNote what what?
10:29 AM
@RonanForman that what.
Is it all on one question or answer?
I've got what
@Wipqozn Two answers (I think)
I could look at the breakdown, but then that'd be looking at the breakdown, tautologically speaking.
I was shocked when I was pinged, because I forgot I actually said something l o l
I looked at it when you announced getting 10k
10:31 AM
I feel bad for Raven because I smashed his answer despite both upvoting it before I got any votes, and coming in after them.
And I'm only going to make it better by including pictures of all the little girl icons.
@GraceNote I swear you've said that before...
At what time of the day does the rep cap limit rollover?
It seems to be different than when the day rolls over
@FallenAngelEyes 0:00 UTC
And it is the same time
Oh man, that was almost so cool if it was at all planned
I just slid into a room (due to an earlier slick track), turned to the side and shot one enemy to my right with two arrows for the kill shot, then triggered a tuna trap while shooting a ghost that decloaked behind me, stunning it long enough for the tuna to kill it while I continued to slide between the other two tuna to go around me.
...and I only just now remembered that this is really not a stage sequence I wanted to replay with Tielle.
10:41 AM
I wonder how big the average dictionary used in password attacks is.
I think this guy got scared and left
@GraceNote As in, dictionary attack. You have a text file containing the X most common words in the English language and you try all of them.
Ah, that's what I thought.
It just saddens me to realize that people do use dictionary words as a password
I was doing the math on that xkcd comic.
10:44 AM
Q: XKCD #936: Short complex password, or long dictionary passphrase?

Billy ONealHow accurate is this XKCD from August 10, 2011? XKCD 936: Password Strength I've always been an advocate of long rather than complex passwords, but most security people are against me on that one. (at least that I've talked to) However, XKCD's analysis seems spot on to me. Am I missing someth...

Four consecutive dictionary words would take just as many tries as brute-forcing it, for a dictionary with only the 2048 most common words.
So assuming you pick at least one uncommon word, it's a LOT safer that way.
Of course my passwords are closer in the range of 2^120 tries.
I was scrolling through a question I answered, and I couldn't find my answer. Then I realized I was looking for an answer with my old avatar, not my new one.
Just thought I'd share, since I'm sure you're all interested.
@ArdaXi It's annoying we're taught to make stupid passwords like that
@Wipqozn I've shared even less interesting stuff with just as much a null reception. Worry not! ♪
It's funny how often times Cogs' 10 move challenge mode is much easier than the main mode
I run into annoyances in the main mode all the time. "OMG EVERYTHING IN PLACE BUT THAT ONE PIECE GAAAAAAAAAH"
10:54 AM
"A Japanese RPG released by EasyGameStation in 2007 which received greater Western visibility when Carpe Fulgur localized it in 2010. Your goal is to pay back a debt that your father accrued via running a shop which sells to your typical RPG adventurer. Capitalism, ho! " <-how's that sound?
@badp Yeah same
@badp I've never played the challenge mode, I might try it.
@FallenAngelEyes It sounds awesome
I really need to play that game again, and actually beat it this time too.
@FallenAngelEyes Approven.
Or should I say... Yayifications!
Looks good to me

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