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3:00 PM
@Deadcode snuck a peek, i think "another change to be chosen" => "another chance to be chosen"
still not sure i understand but i wanna give it another readthrough when i get more of a chance lol
w/o my supervisor breathing down my neck (dont tell them i said that)
crippling golf addiction
Ah, i get it now. thats really clever and cool
hmm the next LDW in 21 hours
3:15 PM
@thejonymyster Thanks. But unfortunately I think my explanation is incorrect... otherwise I'd think 0|($4($3[0-9]![1-9]())!-?()){2,} should work too, but it doesn't.
oh hm
well i think i get the gist at least :P
its also possible theres a bug, or the behavior doesnt generalize up enough due to reasons
@PyGamer0 hype i wonder how this ones is gonna go :-)
3:56 PM
i also wonder; is regenerate capable of dechiper a squashed sequence?
regenerate can take input, and it can do number stuff,
but I don't know if it can transform input directly
like i dont think theres a way to input 1234 and do, like, 1 2 3 4(?<=$~1 but with spaces in it)
i dont know how to verbalize it lol
@RadvylfPrograms I'd take a different conclusion from this: upvotes in the Sandbox are, beyond a couple, meaningless. The Sandbox is primarily a place to get feedback on how clear a challenge is, not if people would enjoy it. Naturally, "is this even interesting?" is a part of that feedback, but once a couple of people say it is, all further upvotes are meaningless
Hello everyone!
What is the version and implementation of K used in most of code golf answers today ?
@TKirishima There are a few. oK and ngn/k are both common
OK! Thank you!
@thejonymyster Pretty sure it can't, but I believe pure PCRE regex can do it (the list of results would be returned as a set of matches).
4:00 PM
looking forward to seeing it
4:31 PM
@Zionmyceliaadamancy yes! I remember the question well
Is there a more canonical reference about numeric type limits than codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/8643?
(it only has 6+1 votes, is why I'm asking)
4:47 PM
@pxeger theres also this?
@RadvylfPrograms Yeah, the vote whiplash is... less than ideal. I probably should've downvoted in the sandbox too. Partially, I was waiting to see if there were any interesting approaches after all... turned out, no, not really. :(
1 hour later…
6:17 PM
@Zionmycella, why'd you change your name?
Probably a question you've been getting a lot, sorry.
It's a reference to a joke I made about mistake I made while writing a Jelly string encoder
Jun 25 at 3:27, by Radvylf Programs
Well my Jelly encoder doesn't quite work yet, unless caird changed their name to ​Zion mycelia adamancy! and none of us noticed
6:30 PM
five star band name material lets be real
6:45 PM
Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for the answer!
7:26 PM
@thejonymyster @UnrelatedString Peer pressure
7:39 PM
@Fatalize I actually spent time on my most upvoted answer, spending hours searching through emoji. My second-most-upvoted, on the other hand? A three-byte FGITW.
Deadcode's Law: The effort you spend on an answer is inversely proportional to the number of upvotes you get :P
@23TuringMachine This did not ping me btw :P
"@Zion" should tho
@23TuringMachine Did a completion suggestion not pop up for you?
> mycella
instead of mycelia
Got to get the latin correct :P
7:50 PM
latinus est stultus
8:09 PM
Anyone with JS knowledge able to tell my why this finds the match while this doesn't?
What exactly does "this" do
Source code?
Nvm found it
inscrutable as always Adám
Who's been code golfing in real life code
Arthur Whitney.
8:23 PM
My that code is so hard to understand
@emanresuA i want to participate in the "my most upvoted answer" game but my most upvoted is +6 :P
i dont exactly play to the desires of the people xd
the real reason i joined the site was to test out my esolang actually and i just couldnt think of challenges to do in it
my most upvoted answer is on the ukraine flag challenge, literally spent like 5 minutes making that answer
now im golfpilled
@AidenChow i can see how thatd happen; relevant flag challenge gets clicks, people see a desmos answer and go "Desmos????" and upvote
@AidenChow Same, but it took ages for me to find the correct emoji
that emoji one is pretty great though
8:27 PM
its kinda interesting how 3 of my answers are all tied for my most upvoted answer lolol
time to go upvote one, neutral one, and downvote one
wait 3 answers tied for my second most upvoted too... LOL
oh one is the tips for golfing
@AidenChow do you think i should edit/fix/delete this tip since i was sloppy and kind of wrong :P
8:29 PM
@Adám What's the part of the code that does the filtering? It's hard to find given the lack of comments and formatting and everything
Oh you've found it nvm
See in html oninput="Q()"
@thejonymyster dont delete it, keep the part about the \prod and \sum, its a really good tip
8:29 PM
@Steffan TIL you can link to specific lines of code
as you can see, the regex encountered http and removed that all
@AidenChow ok imma fix it ty
I did
Ah, interesting
yall seeing this rn
like its all 3 answers lmaooooo
8:30 PM
@Steffan D'oh, thank you!
@thejonymyster Done: Decipher a squashed sequence - should be possible in PCRE too, though even more verbose! And since it would have to return the result as separate matches, it would need to process the entire preceding sequence each time a subsequent number is parsed, using variable-length lookbehind emulated via recursion.
@Deadcode oh my goodness gracious that was fast
there is nothing dead about your code :P
@AidenChow truly you are a statistical anomaly
8:46 PM
thanks :)
@emanresuA Rideo X^D
There are few things more discombobulating than when you're fixing one error and you get a different error message that turns out to be caused by a completely different problem you didn't know about before.
9:17 PM
And even worse is when that error is non deterministic
Oof, yeah
Fortunately the error I and my boss were just running into was a permissions error, so it was very consistent.
When I was modding regenerate yesterday I couldn’t figure out why matches were occurring in random order. There was nothing random anywhere in the program. Then I realised the character classes used a set.
Oh, huh
TBH there's probably a lot of little things in Regenerate that would surprise me. It's been a while since I looked at it.
9:55 PM
we need regenerate 2.0 the poeple demand it (the people is me and im asking politely if you ever get the chance)
jokes aside regenerate is rlly cool lol
Thanks :)
@thejonymyster Yep, it'd really should be able to automatically enumerate possibilities in such a way that they will all eventually be covered no matter what. Then your original try of 0|-?[1-9][0-9]* would actually work.
That's the main feature I was planning to add and haven't gotten around to yet.
@DLosc Oh, cool :-) Do you have a plan for how to do it?
Also, yes, it is really cool.
@thejonymyster 100% agree
@user right, thats my bio now
10:07 PM
@Deadcode Yes. It's closely related to enumerating infinite N-tuples of natural numbers.
I was thinking about it this time last year, as it turns out...
Jun 21, 2021 at 18:20, by DLosc
CMC: Given a simple regex (only alphanumeric characters and *, +, and ? repetition operators), output all strings that it fully matches.
Regenerate, 0 bytes :P
CMQ: should there be an esolangs category for CGCC langs?
like, made by users of the site?
because thatd make every ais523 lang one :P
or maybe a golflang section instead
10:12 PM
@DLosc imo it should be a flag but thats my onion
@Seggan 100% agree with this idea
@Seggan Isn't there a category for that?
Nobody has done calculate golden ratio in Vyxal yet... :o
cmm are we gonna do the announcement thing for ldw the same way lyal is
@aketon iirc kg?
@thejonymyster ig
its in like a night
@DLosc ah
10:14 PM
ive got no sense of time scale :P
@DLosc oh my fucking god nobody make another golflang
@Seggan that shows the formula not the answer, and I meant it hadn't been posted on the code golf question thingy idk how to link things
wait it does
thats the way vyxal stores decimals
oh bruh
10:15 PM
@aketon linking is cool, [text you want to display](url goes here)
@thejonymyster Hmm. It would change the order in which matches are output, which was one of my hesitations. I'd have to see if the code has to be totally overhauled to switch between methods, though--if so, I'd be less inclined to support both.
right fair enough
@DLosc yeah in that case CGCC langs category wuld be a nice idea
agree i just wonder what itd be yknow
or i guess it could literally just be langs made by cgcc but to me that seems weird since very many are 100% not used on the site :P so i feel like it wouldnt be very cgcc-ey
10:22 PM
so in otherwords thats my proposal for the cateogory:
langs made by cgcc users that also have answers in the language
@thejonymyster Seems too specific. I don't think Esolangs needs or wants a category about whether a language has been used here.
You could make your own list, though.
Well then i guess ill just fly away...
or do that yeah
We have this on meta, though I'm sure it's missing a ton of languages.
yea cause its participatory :P someone (more likely "some people") would have to make the list by lookin manually
@Seggan It'd be really hard to maintain and I don't think anyone cares if an esolang has or hasn't been used on CGCC
10:28 PM
I Care
a little
*I don't think anyone cares that much
lol fair
1 hour later…
11:33 PM
if an answer was in language A, would a valid answer be "outputs a program in language B which outputs the answer"
assuming language B had nothing to do with the question
(not that it matters)
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