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12:02 AM
@Seggan I'm talking about the official SE app published by SE
it's not in the play store anymore though
12:32 AM
@graffe no idea why mathematically but it seems like that isn't uniform
12:43 AM
@Bubbler bubbler to the rescue!
hey @emanresuA!
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

bigyihsuanNot-Roman-Numeral Addition Tags: code-golfmathnumberroman-numerals Write a program or function that mimics the addition in this XKCD strip: Input Two positive decimal integers containing the digits 1,5,0. Output The positive decimal integer result of adding the two inputs together in the manner ...

12:59 AM
randomly found this on discord
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Is This Loss?, Goroawase Numeric Substitution
1:39 AM
Ooh first time I've actually found a good situation to use a binary search and you can definitely feel the speedup
Looking through Jelly's long dictionary over and over again meant it took ages to optimally compress strings longer than 20 or so characters but now it's instant even for full sentences.
wait were you actually using a linear search before
1:56 AM
Well, sort of linear. I had a hashmap for where each letter started, so it took about a 26th as long as linear search, and then I remembered binary search exists lol
@RadvylfPrograms its in alphabetical order?
tbf I rarely sort stuff, as evidenced by my downloads folder
@Seggan yeah
wouldnt that result in a longer compressed string
No, every word is the same length to compress (well, there's two separate lists, but every word in those lists is the same)
oh wait youre sorting it when compressing, not changing the actual indecies
1:58 AM
Not sure what you mean
The dict is in alphabetical order by default, that's what I'm searching though
and the indexes are in alphabetical order too? (i.e. a = 1, aa = 2)?
I...I guess yeah?
i am confused on how the strings stay the same size
Every word costs the same to encode
is it?
2:01 AM
Yeah, it's just arithmetic encoding
Whenever you choose the next word, you modulo n by approx. 200k (or approx. 20k for the short word dictionary) and use that as the index
(or for encoding, multiply by that and add the index)
wait the dict is that long?
Yeah, unnecessarily so IMO
Especially when it's somehow missing words like "and" and "not"
even figs normal dict is only 9.8k
wait there is no small dict in fig
2:07 AM
9.8k seems a bit too small, although I guess it depends on where you got the dict
There were two iterations of Ash's string compression, the dict was about 66k in the first one and a half million in the second
@RadvylfPrograms google frequency list
@RadvylfPrograms (Which is rididulously big, but it was huffman coded by frequency so that didn't matter as much)
@Seggan Ah. You'll still miss out on a lot of important words, but that would be a pretty effective way to compress plain english I suppose
(Which doesn't tend to be what challenges involve, unfortunately)
what do you think would be better
Closer to 50k is a good balance I think, that's still under two bytes per word, but gives you more variety
It depends on your specific encoding a lot though
2:52 AM
Markov-chain-based encoding could be quite powerful
Q: Don't downvote off topic posts into oblivion

caird coinheringaahingRelated Occasionally, PPCG gets an off-topic post or two. Usually, these are closed fairly quickly, and the user is informed that this isn't what this site is about. The majority of the time, the user is posting here because they have misunderstood the point of the site, not because they want to...

3:27 AM
Well my Jelly encoder doesn't quite work yet, unless caird changed their name to ​Zion mycelia adamancy! and none of us noticed
I'll fix it tomorrow o/
3:47 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Feature request?
4:37 AM
@PyGamer0 does anyone know how can i fix this. collatz( should take a mutable argument.
I don't have rust installed, what's the error?
And are you sure you're correctly formatting the result?
@UnrelatedString oh my mut was in the wrong place...
(also note the warning that's still there 😉)
@UnrelatedString I forgot TIO had Rust lol
4:46 AM
yay it works
i don't actually know rust but i assume that mut parameters don't act as out-parameters nor do you want them to here
@PyGamer0 What was the fix?
fn collatz(mut n: i32) -> Vec<i32> {
    let mut res: Vec<i32> = vec![n];
    while n > 1 {
        if n % 2 == 0 {
            n = n/2;
        } else {
            n = 1 + 3*n;

fn main() {
    let n = 3;
    println!("{:?}", collatz(n));
now its time to make something harder..
BF interpreter?
5:06 AM
you know what
i will make a rust room
we should call it "Iron Rusters" :P
@emanresuA sorting lol
what should i call a room about rust?
should i make @Bubbler ro of that room?


Discussion about the Rust programming language.
5:59 AM
ihate wireless keyboard and mice
CMQ: Is O(2^n) different from O(e^n)?
6:31 AM
@emanresuA i think those would be different complexities, although both of exponential complexity
although im really not sure what kind of algorithm would have time complexity thats exponential with base e
6:50 AM
@emanresuA I don't think so too
That wouldn't count as different upper bounds, right?
fricking mobile chat
1 hour later…
8:10 AM
@emanresuA e^n grows exponentially faster than 2^n, by the ratio of (e/2)^n
I guess :P
TIL that webpack works fine with node
Q: Do we delete invalid tips?

Wheat WizardCurrently our consensus is that incorrect solutions should be deleted. However it's not clear if this applies to tips questions. tips questions sometimes they are a bit like regular code-golf challenges, but usually it's more like Q&A. SE sites that are Q&A (to my knowledge) don't have moderators...

@NewPosts This was because of a flag of mine :P
8:33 AM
@emanresuA It was flagged first by someone else.
9:14 AM
A: "Hello, World!"

Unrelated StringPerhaps --verbose, 14 bytes "Hello, World!

@Hello,World! TODO: Halfwit 2, 7 5/8 bytes: `Hello, World!` - long explanation of how Halfwit's encoding / compression / dictionary works
@emanresuA Y'all want me to change to "Zion mycelia adamancy"?
hell yeah
I believe that "translates" to "persistently Jewish mushroom" (or something like that) :P
9:23 AM
I want to make an esolang called "A bridge too far". I have no idea what I want it to be, I just want to make it.
i don't know why but i thought that was the name of an existing esolang
like the name seems familiar but i don't know what it would mean as a phrase
@cairdcoinheringaahing do it
@cairdcoinheringaahing PEER PRESSURE
Happy? :P
I am officially "Zion mycelia adamancy " for the next month
9:43 AM
Perfect! If you set your chat parent to Code Golf again it should force update your chat profile
what does Zion mycelia adamancy even mean anyways ???????
@RadvylfPrograms Your Jelly encoder appears to be working.
6 hours ago, by Radvylf Programs
Well my Jelly encoder doesn't quite work yet, unless caird changed their name to ​Zion mycelia adamancy! and none of us noticed
@AidenChow "Persistently Jewish mushroom"
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

emanresu AFix my FizzBuzz FizzBuzz is where a range of positive integers is taken, and numbers divisible by 3 are replaced with "Fizz", divisible by 5 with "Buzz" and divisible by 15 with "FizzBuzz". I've got some FizzBuzz output here. Unfortunately, it's been shuffled: 4 Fizz 1 Buzz 2 A bit of logic show...

@SandboxPosts is the input always gonna be valid, like nothing like 4 FizzBuzz 1 Fizz 2 ?
9:56 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

emanresu AIs it shuffled FizzBuzz? A twin of this. FizzBuzz is where a range of positive integers is taken, and numbers divisible by 3 are replaced with "Fizz", divisible by 5 with "Buzz" and divisible by 15 with "FizzBuzz". For example, FizzBuzz from 1 to 10 is 1, 2, Fizz, 4, Buzz, Fizz, 7, 8, Fizz, Buzz....

10:12 AM
@Zionmyceliaadamancy yes.
CMC: Word with most consecutive roman numerals
Hint: The one I found had 10
10:17 AM
Is that even a word?
The word only has to contain the roman numerals
Huh, that's not in my dictionary
2 mins ago, by emanresu A
Hint: The one I found had 10
10:19 AM
i hope this isn't a word
Oh gosh what
I had bacillicidic
ahh nice
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

emanresu Axkcd's roman numeral encoding In the hovertext of this xkcd: There's an "encoding" based on replacing runs of roman numerals with their sums. To do this: Find all runs of at least 1 roman numeral (IVXLCDM) Replace them with their sums, as numbers The Roman Numerals are IVXLCDM, corresponding r...

Was asking for ^ :P
page not found
it is for a certain rep only?
Huh okay
Weird, didn't know that
... apparently so. Does the message render for you?
the message renders for me
> what da mods doing
SE chat does client-side-ish rendering, so makes sense
@PyGamer0 It is a restricted room. Do you see the lock and diamond next to the Code Golf logo?
10:49 AM
@Mast yeah
The lock says it's a gallery room, only approved users can talk. The diamond tells moderators have full privileges there.
Most of the rooms that look like that have locked out for non-moderators.
Or those with explicit access.
Hello there code review mod 👀 :p
What brings you to this part of the network?
Presumably, me asking about Smokey
10:53 AM
I'm not here in an official capacity, was helping out @emanresuA with Charcoal.
Looking at brainfuck issues.
@Mast I know, we just have a tendency to greet mods from other sites when they pop in for a bit :p
Heh. I used to do that when I was an RO.
Heck, we greeted everybody that popped in.
@Mast you say that as if you aren't listed on the RO list of the 2nd monitor 😛
When I was just an RO :-)
I still am.
Fair enough
11:02 AM
@PyGamer0 iron oxide?
i mean you are technically correct
@Bubbler so you would say that O(n) and O(2n) are different?
They differ by a constant factor. Whether that makes them different, I don't know
@emanresuA that's ambiguous, and I originally parsed it as consecutive sequences of maximal substrings which are valid representations in Roman numerals, rather than as consecutive sequences of characters each of which is a Roman numeral
1 hour later…
12:25 PM
@SandboxPosts i.stack.imgur.com/L5c5c.png @emanresuA
12:36 PM
1:32 PM
2:05 PM
guys guess what
pxeger is actually an npm package
var Pxeger = require( 'pxeger' );

console.log( Pxeger.reverse( 'fo{2,5}' ) );
@Mast Nah, it's cause it got deleted for inactivity
@Zionmyceliaadamancy Technically it isn't deleted, I can still view it.
Technically, not deleted.
Fine, it's not deleted by one meaning of "deleted". By literally all other ways that SE uses "deleted" (posts, comments, chat rooms), I think it's fair to call it "deleted"
2:11 PM
If we can agree that SE uses the term 'deleted' incorrectly, yes.
Yeah, that's fair :P
Hence, technically.
@Mast Fun fact: Mods are currently the only people who can do anything in "what da mods doing" :P
I like how I can star things in "deleted" rooms
A greyed-out room is usually 'deleted'.
But SE has a really weird way of going about it.
2:14 PM
in what da mods doing, Sep 12, 2021 at 13:39, by caird coinheringaahing
no delete pls
that aged well
> A room is considered worth retaining if it has more than 15 messages by at least 2 users.
"Feeds" doesn't count as a user, so I was trying to get the message count up :P
obviously didn't work :p
Then I sort of stopped caring :P
What's the fascination with that room anyway, do you want it back?
I have no idea who the owner was or what its purpose was.
I was the owner, and it was me messing around with feeds
If you enter a user's profile as the feed, it posts every post/comment they make, and I tested that out on the CGCC mods' profiles
2:17 PM
in what da mods doing, Sep 8, 2021 at 20:43, by hyper-neutrino
we finally have the answer to what da mods are doing
in what da mods doing, Sep 8, 2021 at 20:43, by hyper-neutrino
undeleting this room
@Mast FWIW, if it gets undeleted, Feeds will post ~9 months worth of mod activity all at once :P
I don't really mind what happens to it tbh
@Zionmyceliaadamancy Comments too?
I did not know that.
I like it when people break things while keeping it all above board.
Scientific curiosity.
As long as it doesn't break the rules, of-course.
I don't think there's any rules broken here
2:23 PM
@Zionmyceliaadamancy I'm sure that if you ping hyper or one of the others they'll unfreeze it again.
Although one could interpret this as borderline stalking :P
If the tools are provided, is it really? :P
Oh I forgot, welcome to TNB, Zion! Be sure to read our FAQ and post in the Sandbox before posting a challenge btw
@Zionmyceliaadamancy I mean, yeah
Nah, not a fan of the Sandbox tbh :P
Even in real life, it might be totally legal to get a job and house at the same place as someone else and follow them to and from work everyday, but that's still stalking
2:28 PM
@user Yeah, but if there existed a technology that tracked literally everything someone did, and sent that information to you, I'd argue that you aren't stalking someone. The fact that the technology exists isn't great, but that's not on you for using it
e.g. using Facebook doesn't make you bad, but creating it does
@Zionmyceliaadamancy According to the Code of Conduct:
> No harassment. This includes, but isn’t limited to: bullying, intimidation, vulgar language, direct or indirect threats, sexually suggestive remarks, patterns of inappropriate social contact, and sustained disruptions of discussion.
If you start disrupting people and use the tools to do it, the tools could be taken away.
Not sure if I really need to say this but: I'm not using that room to harass or disrupt the mods. I'm not using that room at all
You were asking a question, I'm just answering it :-)
@Zionmyceliaadamancy just because I can generate pictures of Donald Trump and the Queen of England as anime catgirls using tools doesn't mean it's a good idea to do so :p
2:31 PM
@lyxal Strongly disagree, the world needs anime catgirl Queen :P
@Zionmyceliaadamancy That doesn't make sense to me. Machine guns exist. Does that mean it's okay for me to use them? :P
@lyxal I'm just leaving this here: huggingface.co/spaces/dalle-mini/dalle-mini
Monarchs are easier to overthrow if they're catgirls :P
@Zionmyceliaadamancy if you insist
@Mast yeah that's what I made them with lol
@Mast Could you please delete ^^?
Not just the message, the entire room
2:33 PM
Begone, catgirl
it's CGCC catgirl week 2: electric boogaloo
also it's interesting that came out somewhat more coherent than the trump one
@UnrelatedString It is really picky about how you enter your keywords. Can't use it as a google search where it will just figure out what you meant.
2:36 PM
@user that's the most extreme response I've seen yet
hyper's response was
wait where did you post it on discord
and another friend's was simply: no
@lyxal That is also an appropriate response
@UnrelatedString nowhere
it was a special DM treat :p
The Particle Collider deserves to see it :P
2:38 PM
Oh btw could you share the link to The Particle Collider? I left it
It's in hyper's profile
@user the responses are why I made the images - just to see how disgusted anime lovers would be
@Mast perhaps you'd be interested in The Edge of Propinquity, our AI generated content chatroom
Oh dear.
2:44 PM
Yes. Please go there and delete it
oh no radvylf's compressor works
@Mast it's full of GPT-3 autocompletions, inspiroquotes, wumbo dream artworks and DALL-E Mini (Craiyon) stuff
good thing i know about matrixmultiplication.xyz
A technical question...I listen to the radio live using bbc sounds on my windows machine. I just want to delay the audio by 5 seconds. Is that possible?
why do you want to delay the audio?
2:54 PM
@user Are you offended by the room's existence?
@PyGamer0 I saw a show once where a bunch of con men set up a fake gambling room. The TV was delayed by a few seconds, so the con men knew which horse won just a few seconds before everyone else in the room, letting them win a bunch of money. Maybe graffe is pulling the same ridiculous con?
@Mast I am offended by lyxal's messages
The room will forever be tainted even if you remove lyxal's messages, though
@PyGamer0 the TV coverage is delayed by about 5 seconds (actually maybe more) . So if I want the radio commentary to be in synch I need to delay the radio audio
Might as well leave them be then, if there's nothing to be gained.
Humanity will be the better for it if those messages are gone :P
The TV commentary is rubbish
2:58 PM
@PyGamer0 Sports.
Sport commentary is always better on the radio.
Maybe put the radio very far away, and then connect a very long tube from it to your ear :P
I feel it should be possible but I don't know how
@user 300 m/s so 1.5 km ?
Maybe it's easier in Linux?
Q: Can you delay audio output by 5 seconds?

graffeI listen to the radio live using BBC sounds on my windows 10 machine. I just want to delay the audio by 5 seconds so that it is in synch with the TV coverage when I am watching sport. Is that possible by some technical/programming means?

I think you should be asking that on superuser, actually.
Too broad for SO.
Since you haven't specified a programming language or anything yet.
But I'm not an SO mod, don't quote me on that.
We'll see.
SU more deals in getting the most out of your OS.
@Mast good idea
Let's see what happens
The problem with SU is not enough users
3:08 PM
A question every few days
But I will try it in a few hours if SO doesn't do anything. Thanks
I know Equalizer APO can delay sound, but I don't know by how much.
Ooh.. How would I feed the live audio into it?
What I used to do, back when I did things with audio, was use 2 outputs. Route 1 to the input, listen on the other.
Anything on the input of your PC, you can modify.
Doing that in software can be a bit of a hassle on Windows, that's why.
3:24 PM
Does that require two laptops?
No, it used to require a dedicated soundcard and a piece of audio cable.
Do you think I can just plug the audio out into the microphone on a standard laptop?
That's more or less what we did, yes. You just need a second output to pipe the result too.
Could be bluetooth, but I don't know how to trick Windows into allowing that nowadays.
It seems you can record sound coming from Windows using e.g. stereo mix
@Mast Just stand 1700m away.
3:30 PM
@pxeger Have you calculated what the sound output at the emitter would be for that to be a convenient level at your location?
this method is infinitely and easily adjustable if you need to change the delay
it also requires no additional software installation
It does require some hardware and lack of neighbours though.
@Mast about 115dB(A)
measured from 1m away
That's to get 50dB when you're 1700m away. I think 50dB is about the typical volume of human conversation right?
That's about right.
You'd need festival speakers for that. Multiple.
Very grateful for all the practical advice. Probably easiest if I set up a major music festival first
3:37 PM
Glastonbury's on right now, just go there
just run a 5 lightsecond long headphone cable
1,498,962,290 meters.
good bot
@graffe Well, if you find a way to do it in Linux, you can use WSL. Might be overkill for this but if you're going to do any programming it might come in handy later
If you decrease the temperature of the air, the speed of sound through it will decrease as well.
3:44 PM
@pxeger smart thinking
So with enough liquid nitrogen it might be possible to get a delay without requiring something the size of a festival terrain.
If you run the headphone cable through the entire length of your blood vessels, it would only need to be wrapped about 16 times.
@Mast Can't you just use two phones and call one from the other?
Oh wait, that won't give you a delay
that wouldn't be impractical enough
Ask your friend on the ISS to turn on the radio and call you :P
Ah, I've got it! You simply need a frame change. Why delay the radio when you can speed up the TV? Simply distort time so the TV is 5 seconds in the future
3:47 PM
If you ask someone on the other side of the world to set up 18 phone lines, and you set up 19 phone lines, and connect them all to each other, you can get a 5 lightsecond headphone cable which will have already been setup by the phone company
If the broadcast is at night, you could do an EME moonbounce at 432 MHz.
That would give you a delay of right about 2.5 seconds.
So, just do that twice.
Problem solved.
Actually, instead of adding delay to the audio, you could remove the delay from the video: go and sit in the BBC commentators' box
You could, of-course, watch a recording of both.
And start the playback of once 5 seconds earlier than that of the other.
But this is a serious problem.
You could learn sign language, and then watch the signed version of the commentary. BBC sign language interpreters tend to have a delay of about 5 seconds
It's just that the world keeps changing so we need different interfaces every so often.
3:58 PM
@user that would be cool
@graffe last time I listened to something on BBC sounds there was a "back 20 seconds" button. maybe the code behind that allows you to go back 5 seconds?
@graffe I don't know how advanced you want to get, but apparently VAC still exists.
It's a pain to set up, but it works.
If you can get VLC to play BBC sounds, I think you can get VLC to delay the audio
but BBC Sounds might be too DRM'ed to work in VLC
I don't think I can play it directly with VLC. The question is if I can redirect audio out to vlc
@Mast yeah I just noticed that, but would you need radiodelay as well?
4:06 PM
@Neil good find!
@graffe oh, I think VLC can do that actually, but I don't know if it would then be able to output to the same source at the same time
@Neil Only if you have the tuner in your PC, I think. That's what I linked to here.
@pxeger ok...small steps in the right direction though
Honestly, it has been over a decade since I tried this with consumer hardware.
@Mast I'm thinking you create a virtual audio cable, make the radio app output to it, then use radiodelay to listen to the virtual microphone and play it back 5 seconds later to the actual speakers
@graffe looks like @Mast found it first
4:08 PM
@Neil it's cool but I don't know how to do it yet
4:24 PM
@emanresuA I want to credit you in the Pip readme for putting Pip on DSO. Should I credit you as emanresu A or as chunkybanana?
4:40 PM
Gave up on SO and am trying SU now
5:04 PM
@Neil Rust is named after the fungus, not iron oxide
@Neil O(n) and O(2n) are the same, because thats just a constant factor, but the difference between O(2^n) and O(e^n) is not a constant factor, i think its more similar to the fact that O(n^2) and O(n^3) are both polynomial time, but are still different
@pxeger This is an incredibly cursed and underrated suggestion, +1
@DLosc I can't speak for them, but it may be safer to refer to them as emanresu, because I referred to them as "chunky" and "chunkybanana" a few times and they were not happy :P
5:33 PM
> linux has no bugs and it has medium support. However linux has 1 vulnerabilities
> It has a neutral sentiment in the developer community.
5:49 PM
Argh, I liked caird's old name better
CMQ: Should I write "Operator A is lower precedence than operator B," or "Operator A is lower-precedence than operator B"?
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