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12:01 AM
@RadvylfPrograms the other question is of course having enough storage space for that much data, 100 TB worth of HDDs would probably set you back a grand or two
i got a $30 drive that keeps 2 TB
TB stands for Terrible Bytes and GB stands for Good Bytes change my mind
seems like theres some 16 TB hdds out there for about $250, could get 6 or 7 of those for a bit over $1500, and download all of wikipedia
I find it very disappointing that the shortest (non-builtin) answer to the Jelly code page question is mostly just string literals, as they can't be compressed, and any method of code point manipulation is longer than the literal string :/
I've got 219 (currently) in Vyxal
12:14 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

userInterleavable programs (WIP) code-challenge Your task in this challenge is to create programs that can be interleaved. Submissions will be in the form of collections of programs. The score for each collection is 2 raised to the power of the number of programs in that collection, and your total sc...

That was fast
@lyxal Hello
I have this neat approach of replacing any byte followed by a 0x01-0x31 byte with that byte, + that byte added to the second byte's value
There, just by reading that, the chemistry of your brain got changed :P
Fair enough
What's a tag for challenges where you do stuff to the source code?
12:20 AM
uh maybe ?
Ah thanks
theres also , honestly not too sure what the difference between the two are
That task is certainly not restricted source
I think restricted source is more "you can't do X"
IIRC theres a currently active meta post about the difference between and , but I think that is a question
12:27 AM
oh rly? i dont check meta that often
neither do i, but i saw it in that active meta posts sidebar and clicked on it
I came here to link to that meta post
(I read TNB much more often than I join it)
@Seggan I'm experimenting with Google Ngrams as a source – i.e. every word that's captured there
although I've been working on a regex to remove some of the obvious OCR errors from it, as people probably aren't going to be using those in challenges
@RadvylfPrograms I'm working on a golflang that does that – it actually helps a huge amount because you can make every command do two unrelated or semi-related things, one in the value returned and one in the truthiness returned
Oh wow, funny that multiple people here have all had that same idea
@user I don't remember any duplicates for that, but it's kind-of trivial in A Pear Tree – it would stop scaling eventually because CRC-32 is only 32 bits long, but it shouldn't be too difficult to get up to tens of thousands of combinations that work (although it would be a huge pain to verify)
@des54321 You can get quality refurbished drives for about $10/TB, probably, so that's pretty accurate
12:35 AM
@RadvylfPrograms as an example, "numerical equals" and "bitwise or" are the same builtin – the bitwise-or returns truthy values if the numbers equal each other, or falsey values if they don't
it's basically a form of overloading, but based on what the outputs require rather than on what types the inputs are
@ais523 Aww, how would you do it?
@user lots and lots of checksums
@emanresuA 170 in Jelly
interleaving two programs will destroy the checksums of the originals, so, e.g., if you want A, B, and A interleave B to all do specific things, you write one program as A, one as B, and the third program, you split across A and B after a comment marker so that it's reconstructed when interleaved
@Zionmyceliaadamancy How? Jelly SBCS or UTF-8?
12:39 AM
and the A Pear Tree interpreter will find the correct starting point because only one of the programs will checksum correctly
after a while you start getting checksum collisions, but can scale to fairly large numbers of programs before reaching that point
@emanresuA All the characters are in Jelly's code page, so I can just include them as raw characters in strings :P
I can't think of any way to defend against that
@Zionmyceliaadamancy ಠ_ಠ
@Zionmyceliaadamancy Jelly has no escape syntax, so you can't store string delimiters in strings (however, you can write them as single characters and concatenate)
The only golfs are using ØṖ for printable ascii and ⁵Ż+⁽ø9Ọ for the superscript characters from 4 after
@ais523 Yeah, I used ⁾«»⁾‘’⁾“” and took advantage of unparseable nilad outputting
12:41 AM
@Zionmyceliaadamancy I remembered the unparseable nilad outputting but forgot about
It's a shame that the UTF-8 code points of the code page are so messed up, it feels like such a boring answer :/
I just had a really silly idea: radiation hardened pristine programming – if you delete any single character the program still works, if you delete any substring of length 2 or more the program errors
oh wow, that's crazy
I think that might also be cheesable with A Pear Tree? but at least it's more difficult than usual
ah yes, you have two identical halves – if you delete a substring that crosses both you get a partridge, otherwise one of them is intact and is able to check how many characters were deleted from the other
I think these two challenges would benefit from you deleting A Pear Tree :P
12:45 AM
it's weird how one language can invalidate an entire genre of challenges
Well, not really invalidate, just be trivial in that language. If it's still fun in every other language it doesn't really matter (lenguage for example also does this occasionally).
especially when it was created as a one-off joke
I don't think pristine programming is possible in Lenguage
I meant more like lenguage has broken quite a few challenges before, but people usually just kinda ignore it since one language doesn't affect the others
radiation-hardening in Lenguage is sometimes interesting if the intact and irradiated programs are meant to do something different, thoguh
fwiw, every golfing language should have a special case for if the program consists entirely of NUL characters
that's easy to add and won't interfere with any legitimate golfs, and yet it can beat Lenguage at its own game because the language you decode it into is a lot golfier than brainfuck
Wouldn't it take up an extra character on the codepage?
12:49 AM
Not necessarily
well, whatever codepage character is encoded by an 0x00 byte
An all NUL program in Jelly isn't syntaxically valid, so you can encode a number of set programs that way
You can almost always find the least used byte (or one that is syntactically incorrect if it is the only char used in the entire program)
I guess if your 0x00 byte represents a space or something it'd work
0x00 in Jelly is ¡ which is a quick
and thus can't appear at the start of a program anyway
12:50 AM
In fact, almost every quick in Jelly cannot make up a valid program by itself, so there are ~20 different pre-encoded programs you can have, for each length of a program, just by repeating the same character
Too bad Jelly wastes ~20/256 of the program space from the first char alone :P
Brachylog would almost certainly benefit from "putting a metapredicate [the equivalent of a quick] at the wrong end of the program affects the whole program" – I haven't needed that nearly as often in Jelly though
this may be a difference between declarative and imperative programming, or it may be a consequence of Jelly autovectorising
@Bubbler I think there are ~40 characters that cannot appear at the start of a Jelly program :P
some quicks are valid there
although ß, despite being valid, is inherently useless
oddly, © is invalid at the start of a program despite being meaningful
@ais523 Not necessarily; if you have a recursive function, with a ß...? structure
12:55 AM
ah right, you could use µ or something to put the ß inside the scope of the ?
I lost count slightly, but there are around 38 quicks that are unusable at the start of a Jelly program (this count might or might not include Ð, the introducer character for two-byte quicks)
@ais523 it has always seemed a bit odd that © specifically modifies a link to copy its result to the register
@UnrelatedString the situation where it makes a difference is where you're running a monad in a dyad argument (e.g. in a monadic link, something like +U©) – oddly, though, this is a feature that would probably be more useful for things other than ©
still, the fact that +U© and +©U are both legal and mean different things is probably helpful – if © were a normal monad, would never be useful
that is a very good point
so the only fix that's really needed is to allow © (meaning ¹©) at the start of a link
fwiw, ¹ in Jelly is probably also a mistake – in most contexts where you really need a no-op you can find some other way to implement it
1:13 AM
Well, got it working:
A: Compress Jelly's code page

emanresu AVyxal D, 211 bytes (UTF-8) `[^-][-]+`kA`CFGJPQX JKQUV`⌈vF:N+`ci`¨£ovfvI`̣̇`f+ƒYf∑`¡©€Æ ŒÞ ıȷñ %¶° ²%ƁⱮƝȤɓƈɗƒɠƙɱƥʠɼƭʋȥΠ«‘`kPs11ʁ8308+C"Ṡ%λC¦C∑;øṙ Try it Online! Warning: This contains a ton of unprintables. One technique this answer uses is to replace bytes preceding multiple 0x01 to 0x1F w...

for aesthetic reasons it's my go-to for breaking chains up but in those cases you can always just use a nilad, except maybe making a dyadic leading (2,2,2) into a (2,2),(2)
my default for breaking changes is µ but I often have to go and change it to something else :-D
my second default is ³ which is also probably a bad idea
¹Ƈ being useful is less evidence that ¹ is useful and more evidence that we need a single atom that does that
@ais523 Wait so...if it decodes to another program of null bytes, you could nest it :p
@RadvylfPrograms that probably isn't ever useful :-D
1:15 AM
(Alternatively, you could take the boring route and make that run normally, just in case you somehow need an entire program filled with that operator)
ir'd have to be shorter to use a string literal + eval for that, surely? (unless you don't have an eval)
or to add a no-op-in-context in to break up the operator spam
Oh, true
A: "Hello, World!"

aketonObjective-Java*#++--Script.NETnotation.sh, 18 bytes. Hello,\ World!.exe Try it online! How it works: Hello,\ World! # Pushes "Hello, World" to the stack. .exe # Print the top item on the stack. This is a stack-based esolang that I created that uses file extensions for commands.

@Hello,World! what is that language name :-D
1:30 AM
Oh hey it's my language
Yes it's beautiful I know
Welcome to TNB!
beautiful is not the word i would use for that name, but welcome to TNB!
@des54321 :pensive:
1:33 AM
@aketon you should finish it
Yeah I've barely done anything on it
Looks good
The I/O is a little looser than I'd expect but it shouldn't cause any issues
I think the example shouldn't start at 1
1:40 AM
best for the first example people see to be a typical case rather than an edge case
Q: Fix my FizzBuzz

emanresu AFizzBuzz is where a range of positive integers is taken, and numbers divisible by 3 are replaced with "Fizz", divisible by 5 with "Buzz" and divisible by 15 with "FizzBuzz". I've got some FizzBuzz output here. Unfortunately, it's been shuffled: 4 Fizz 1 Buzz 2 A bit of logic shows us that this i...

@ais523 Oops, quickly edited
actually the I/O is exploitable, but I think it might be a standard loophole
e.g. V€Ṣ in Jelly solves the problem in three bytes, with sufficiently complex strings for the fizz and the buzz
Yes - one moment
I thought it was unexploitable because there might be no fizzes or buzzes, but that version of the problem is much easier than the version which has them
1:43 AM
JavaScript, 4 bytes: eval - Input a program that generates a left-facing plane for left, and a program that generates a right-facing plane for right. — darrylyeo Aug 30, 2017 at 4:17
I know there were some thoughts about making that a standard loophole, but I can't remember whether we did or not
It falls under taking additional data as input, right?
A: Loopholes that are forbidden by default

Kevin CruijssenWhen consistent and distinct values are asked as input, you cannot input complete or partial functions When I create a challenge and ask for a boolean or two 'consistent and distinct values' I mean it in the sense of a truthy and falsey value. Usually I leave the choice to the ones doing the chal...

Found it
does that have a high enough upvote/downvote ratio to be valid? I don't have the rep to check
1:45 AM
OK, so yes, the loophole saves us
2:28 AM
Aug 17, 2021 at 16:59, by Neil
@Adám One to hold the giraffe and the other to fill the bathtub with brightly colored machine tools.
i beg your pardon?
Pardon granted. You may now commandeer people's dogs.
2:49 AM
@emanresuA is it guaranteed that the input to the fizzbuzz challenge will be a subset of standard 1 to 100 fizzbuzz or will it be to any positive integer?
Any positive integ
I wonder how that hinders
Are you... generating all valid fizzbuzz subsequences?
That is a terrible idea and I love it
Yeah that sounds terrible/great
2:50 AM
@Steffan Þ∞ƛ₍₃₅kF½*∑∴ instead of ₁ƛ₍₃₅kF½*∑∴ for the fizzbuzz subsequences
it's short enough in vyxal that it's actually viable
*now tries to beat lyxal in posting the answer
@Steffan looks like you lost
Woops sort bug
ah set operators, I was trying s?s⁼ lol
I would've had it if it wasn't for that bug
@lyxal I have 15 with some looser I/O
haha I got a downvote lol
2:56 AM
bruh weird
@emanresuA what kind of IO?
@lyxal You can use any values that don't appear in the sequence as Fizz/Buzz/FizzBuzz
That sounds like it's using a completely different algorithm then
Nah, just a different I/O format
Also, some smarter answer-finding
2:58 AM
it fits into the standard FB?
Different I/O format and doing different things where theere would be fizzes/buzzes to get that format
I'mm'a need more of a hint than that
you might be smart enough to figure out how to bend IO but I sure ain't
Mess around with other things you can do with the list [div by 3, div by 5]
There are many possibilities
Maybe later
I'm not really feeling up to it at the moment lol
Can we use [0] for Fizz, [1] for Buzz, and [0, 1] for FizzBuzz?
If so, 16
3:08 AM
17, actually
17 I mean
Nice! 14 with better combinations
@emanresuA *15
Oh :P
20 mins ago, by Steffan
I wonder how that hinders
Well now you know
3:10 AM
@lyxal I'm surprised this is so fast.
It's enumerating 900 sublists to get there, yet terminates in under two seconds
3:48 AM
@Adám done
2 hours later…
5:18 AM
Q: Nest some addition

attLambda calculus is a system of computation based on single-argument functions; everything in it is such a function. Due to this functional nature, juxtaposition is commonly used to denote function application, grouped from left to right. For example, \$(f g) h=f g h\$ denotes what would conventio...

5:58 AM
I don't think it'll be very fun tho
@pxeger lol that gave me an idea for another challenge
> Should I allow output as just the start and end points of the range? I've omitted this because I think it's unlikely that people will want to use it, so it allows me to simplify the rules. But is it necessary?
i feel like there's a good chance it could be useful, but since converting is pretty trivial i feel like requiring the full range could be appropriate as a little nudge toward the intended logic/overall feel
is 66 an ambiguity?
i would imagine 66 wouldn't be legal
6:27 AM
6:38 AM
Correct, 66 would not be a valid input
CMC: Given a function that increments a number in some format, implement tetration.
6:57 AM
can we assume positive inputs or do we have to handle 0
7:23 AM
am i missing something or is that actually impossible without more ways to probe the number format
7:34 AM
I think you need "repeat n times" function too
or a guarantee that numbers can be compared for equality, and zero
@emanresuA Would this be valid?
      2 Hyper 3
      4 Hyper 2
If you wrap it in a function that takes Inc and returns Hyper, then yes.
7:50 AM
Q: Help me design an unfair laundry machine

Wheat WizardThere's a payment machine for laundry in my building which does a few frustrating things. The ones relevant to this challenge are: It doesn't make change. So if you pay over the amount then you are not getting that over-payment back. The second is that it doesn't accept coins smaller than 20c. ...

@emanresuA Initial solution is 38 in APL, but I'm sure it can be shortened a lot:
      Hyper←{⍺ ⍺⍺{⍺ ⍺⍺{⍺ ⍺⍺{⍺⍺⍣⍺⊢⍵}⍣⍵⊢0}⍣⍵⊢1}⍣⍵⊢1}
      2 Inc Hyper 3
      4 Inc Hyper 2
Implementing hyperoperations might help
{⍺{⍺{⎕⍣⍺⍣⍵⊢0}⍣⍵⊢1}⍣⍵⊢1} at 23 works (prompts for increment function).
1 hour later…
9:26 AM
CMQ: What's the time complexity of integer partitions?
depends on the algorithm ;)
That algorithm from SO that everyone uses
Nvm can't find it
Oh, yeah, that :P
1 hour later…
10:35 AM
alright we had computer labs today
and i decided to check the RAM of my computer
"2 GB"
10:46 AM
Mine has at least 3
Mine has 15 energetic hamsters.
11:25 AM
@Adám {⍺{⎕⍣⍺⍣⍵⊢0}⍣⍵⍣⍵⊢1}, You could express this differently with f/⊂⍵⍴⍬ or with hypperators, but I doubt it'd be shorter.
Q: Decipher a squashed sequence

pxegerGiven a string containing a sequence of ascending consecutive positive integers, but with no separators (such as 7891011), output a list of the separated integers. For that example, the output should be [7, 8, 9, 10, 11]. To disambiguate the possible outputs, we add the restriction that the outpu...

I meant f/0,⊂(⍺×⍵)⍴⍬ or something
can it run Doom?
well no but
It can output something
I can get a 0-byte answer
Thanks SE
Same ;)
Probably reversed downvotes
thanks for rubbing in the fact that I missed out on 8 rep
@emanresuA it's a repcap
12:02 PM
@mathcat I'm gonna post it lol
I know, I has repcapped
I got downvoted ealier but lost 8 rep of an upvote
this is so sad
Yesterday I gave pxeger a hug (100) but still hit the cap at +200 worth of upvote
@mathcat dang my oven doesn't let me do that type of stuff
12:08 PM
I wish I had a microwave :/
12:29 PM
@mathcat ᵒᐟ
now you do
is that supposed to be your head or a microwave
a micro wave
the second character doesn't show?
no it renders correctly
dumb autocorrect
now, what should I do?
okay I'll try to program it
Maybe I forgot what a microwave looks like but that does not look like a microwave
wait a second
I got it!
12:37 PM
0 bytes gooo
im excited to see whatever this is
y'all ever just speedrun a game to get a screenshot for a challenge you want to sandbox?
because I am
that's exciting i hope its not a huuuuuge spoiler :P
only minor :p
12:42 PM
the scene I want to screenshot doesn't come up for like another 10-20 mins though lol
what game by the way
next you'll say, "deltarune"!
nut dealer
also known as undertale 2
undertale 2 is a different game
TIL deltarune is a permutation of undertale
12:45 PM
@unrelated is a permutation of undertale as well :P
holy shit i never noticed that
ooh didn't notice that
@thejonymyster must be a lightner then :p
new username: Undertale String
hyper-neutrino is a permutation of anime
12:48 PM
Had an idea for a code bowling challenge, I doubt it's immune to all of the standard attacks but i'm curious which ones it is most susceptible to :?
something along the lines of "there are some challenges / tasks, and exactly one subsequence of your program's bytes can solve each"
was thinking of adding a "no-overlap" rule to prevent solutions that are just decode(encrypted program)
so they can't use the same decode, but if you add more than one, then multiple subsequences solve the same challenge/task
i wasn't sure if i should have there be like, a set number of tasks, or having some task which could be extended to arbitrarily many
- solve these specifically curated tasks
- each program should output a number from 1 to 100
- each program should output a number
woo yeah got my screenshot
challenge writing time
yeah, woo, yeah, woo
thank you for your dedication. screenshots are good
Screen recordings are better.
I put one of those in my other sandboxed challenge
idk if my answer is allowed lol
1:01 PM
because it doesn't display 1:68, 1:67, etc
if it did there could be an argument to say it's allowable
but it doesn't hence it doesn't even answer the question lol
uff I forgot about that
I don't like android anymore
but I'll not give up.
1:16 PM
Can people please give my unary ECMAScript Regex answer to "Numbers with Rotational Symmetry" a look, please? And if you don't consider it to be worth an upvote, please tell me why? It's an interesting problem for unary ECMAScript, I've put days of work into it, and there's probably nothing left to golf down in it. I don't understand why it has only got 1 upvote, and this is really disturbing me.
It's bad enough that nobody else is writing answers in this language (Grimmy and H.PWiz were fantastic at it for a short time, but then they stopped) but if such answers won't even get any attention at CGCC anymore even when given a full explanation (when they used to get plenty of attention), well, I don't know what to do.
@Deadcode I think the problem is just that many answers don't get seen, and quickly get buried
I try not to get too hung up about it, and just enjoy writing the answer for its own sake.
If it doesn't get as many upvotes as I think it deserves, it's not because it's a bad answer; it's only the readers' loss for not seeing it
@pxeger But I've been working on it for days, which means I keep editing it, which means it keeps going back to the top of the index. So I don't understand how it could have not been seen.
In the active questions list, when a new answer is posted, people only see the question, not the answer
so, if it's not a recent (or "hot") question, then whether it's a good answer or not doesn't really affect how people might see it
The average score on a late answer to an old question is much, much lower than the average score on an answer to a new question, especially a FGITW answer
So, posting it here has gotten it some attention, thanks! :-) but I feel kind of dirty bringing attention to my answers by posting them here. Should I not feel that way? Is it okay to post something here if I feel it hasn't got enough attention?
I think it's ok as long as it's not like "gib upvotes plz" and there's a good reason for it
1:26 PM
@Deadcode I’ve spent days on some answers to get a few upvotes, and my most upvoted answer (500+) is a 0 byte answer…
^ now with single byte dyads
@Deadcode …I just checked your profile… you use regexes all the time for fun? Why inflict this to yourself?
@Deadcode Can x$|x{8}$ be shortened to xx{7}?$?
Ok, looks like it can't. New question: Why can't x$|x{8}$ be shortened to xx{7}?$?
@Fatalize LOL. Well I just find it fascinating. As for unary regex I even think of it as a topic of research with many unanswered questions.
@pxeger xx{7}? is only valid in Ruby. In everything else it has to be x(x{7})?.
1:33 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

lyxalSolve a Card Suit Puzzle Warning: Contains minor Deltarune Chapter 1 Spoilers Within the Forest section of the first chapter of Deltarune, there are a few puzzles that consist of entering playing-card suits in a certain order to move to the next section. Below is an example of such a puzzle: The...

@Deadcode Next you’re gonna tell me you have a Ph.D. about regexes
@Fatalize Haha, probably would, if it existed!
@pxeger It's because the ? marks the repeater as non-greedy but doesn't work like a normal ?
Well I’m sure there’s some research opportunities on that
@mousetail Oh, I didn't know that worked on {} quantifiers as well
1:35 PM
For the same reason you can't use a ? after a + or *
Definitely not a topic I would have chosen personally
@pxeger It's kinda useless if you specify a single value instead of a range but it works for consistency
Fun fact: in python []{}()[] is a valid regex that matches any single bracket of any type
@mousetail Right. ? after an non-quantified expression is a quantifier that means {0,1}, but after a quantifier, it changes the quantifier to be lazy/non-greedy. Even ? can be followed by ? making it a non-greedy.
speaking of regex, do yall think this regenerate would be a valid answer to print all integers?
i think not, but i just want to be sure :P
@Deadcode Couldn't someone have a PhD involving grammars?
1:38 PM
@thejonymyster I don't think so
Sounds like it could totally be a thing
although I reckon you could probably modify it somehow to actually work
i was trying to think about how but i dont really know how this lang works and the readme isnt super helpful :P
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

mathcatSquash it ... again! If you put the positive integers together without spaces and read two adjacent numbers at the same time, you get: (A136414) 12, 23, 34, 45, 56, 67, 78, 89, 91, 10, 1, 11, ... However, if you squash that sequence again, you get: 12, 22, 23, 33, 34, 44, 45, 55, 56, 66, 67, 77,...

^ I'm very uncertain about it
1:42 PM
12, (22 repeating)
thats the sequence after infinitely many iterations
12, and then infinitely many 22s
@thejonymyster The problem is that it's scanning the possibilities from left to right, so it never progresses to a first digit other than 1... if the language allowed doing that from right to left, something like ^0$|^-?.*$(?<=^-?[1-9][0-9]*), maybe that could work...
@thejonymyster no you'd have to print it after n iterations
ohhh i misread lolol
1:46 PM
laughing out loud out loud
i reckon its totally possible, i strongly doubt the sequence is uncomputable :P
@Deadcode yeah i hate that it does a depth first search seemingly :P itd be cool if this lang were designed to actually try to get all outputs lol.........:)
@Deadcode also i dont think regenerate has ^. we need a community remake of regenerate. For the people!
or i guess patch
pull request? idk
@thejonymyster Well, a redesign. It wouldn't be compatible with previously written programs.
thats the word
thank u lol
btw since you look at regexes all the time; does the tetris effect exist for regex
@thejonymyster Hmmm, oddly enough, it doesn't seem to have done so for me. On the other hand, Worms Armageddon has a strong tetris effect for me. I'm always thinking of backflip-parachuting up people's faces when watching shows.
2:01 PM
@thejonymyster This is a start: Attempt This Online!
Does all the positive integers
oh wow :D
can anyone clever find the highest scoring questions with exactly one answer?
does it count if that one answer is split across 6/7 posts?
@Mayube what do you mean?
@graffe Highest voted question on CGSE ever. Only has "1 answer" split across 8 answer posts
2:11 PM
lol very clever
@Mayube :)
Q: Build a digital clock in Conway's Game of Life

Joe Z.Your task is to build a Game of Life simulation representing a digital clock, which satisfies the following properties: The clock displays the hours and minutes in decimal (e.g. 12:00, 3:59, 7:24) with a different state for each of the 1,440 minutes of the day — either the hours will go from 0 ...

how about where it is not split?
@mathcat that's great. Can you list the top 5?
2:13 PM
^^ lol
ninja'd two times
@mathcat woohoo! thanks
2:26 PM
@thejonymyster I did it! Attempt This Online! Should I post it or would you like to?
its all you :P nice work >:)
Thanks :) and thanks for the idea!
excited for the post so i can finally learn what ! does as well lol
@thejonymyster Yep, I had to look in the esolang's source code to see what it did
In the main docs it's only listed as a character that needs to be escaped.
elif regex[0] == "!":
        # Like alternation, but stop trying other options as soon as
        # we find one that works
2:51 PM
@thejonymyster Print all integers - is this a sufficient explanation?
will read once im on my break :P
@graffe Interestingly, #5 (this), actually has 16 answers, but all but one are deleted as invalid :P
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