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11:18 AM
@pxger the new terminal's great
@math what's that the output of?
also my name is pxeger lol
python -m rich
pip install rich
first installation of course
In the GitHub page there's something called dev
is that another version?
11:33 AM
@math thats nightly?
@math first one is main no bug release
second one is buggy prerealses
third is?
third one looks like thats for developers who are making builds
ah okay I donotwanna make builds
11:37 AM
ok now i am in 3 github organisms
@PyGamer0 erm
not organisms stupid autocorrect
@PyGamer0 what tf are github organisms anyway?
Creatures that are purely made of commits?
11:41 AM
@lyxal octocat and his kids?
Ngl that's a bit sussy
@lyxal wdym
CMQ: Without going to SO, guess how many bountied questions there are.
bit lesser
even the votes on the bountied questions are pretty less
11:55 AM
@PyGamer0 you're in octocats kids
ooh I almost forgot! The video is it 998mil now!
@lyxal bruh
@math 3e(10e(10e10))
12:53 PM
@math They're a form of self-describing numbers but a variation on the standard meaning
@cairdcoinheringaahing No, he works at MS now.
@Catija Ah ok. Is it just me, or is he shown with a diamond in the sidebar of sites on MSE? (Also appears for me on his network profile)
same here
Thanks. I'll see if someone can figure out what's going on there.
1:15 PM
who likes playing the new google doodle game
@Ausername Oh, is it toggling whenever you hit ctrl + d in an input box? It shouldn't do that, will fix.
@RedwolfPrograms * shift + d
1:46 PM
@PyGamer0 It's surprisingly fun
2:14 PM
I can't believe that this is an advertisement for a actual product
2:27 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Yeah, LucidChart ads are the best. They have a whole playlist of similar ads, if you haven't checked them out already.
@RedwolfPrograms I love the fact that because surreal humor is becoming more common, and ads try to use common humor styles to relate to consumers, we're getting more and more surreal ads :P
Any company that can get someone to voluntarily watch their ads is doing a pretty good job :p
Here goes my day :P
2:47 PM
Fun fact: the SO blacklist for the tag calls us PPCG: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/409407/…
1 hour later…
3:53 PM
anyone know where can I get The C Programming Language in a .mobi format?
1 hour later…
5:11 PM
I'm so stupid
I was wondering why an old rational number library I'd made was so slow, and it turns out I was calculating LCM by just incrementing a number until it was a factor of both inputs
... nice :P
5:26 PM
A new LotM will be happening soon, so a) reminder that ARM is this month's LotM and there's a bounty available for anyone who uses it before the end of July and b) reminder to vote for the LotM you want to see for August.
@RedwolfPrograms What, you mean that's not how you're supposed to do it? :P
Oh no
Another bug in chrome that changes when you log stuff
Actually, I think this is just the same bug, that's somehow appeared in two entirely different things
Hey everyone, I have an idea for a question where the answerer must write the shortest code possible to train a perceptron with n inputs and one output. Thoughts?
I don't know how to ask a question since I'm new, btw.
You'll have a hard time defining objective criteria
... and I suspect "train a perceptron" is unobservable
I could define the algorithm very specifically maybe?
5:38 PM
There's a tag afaik, but you might want to score based on how many neurons are used
Just 1, I think that that is simple for most people, but still fun.
then there could be a follow up question with multiple neurons
Wait, you can make (useful) networks with one neuron?
Not really, but you can do simple stuff, like linear regression (if you aren't using a perceptron neuron) and train your network to simulate logic gates.
Ooh, interesting
5:41 PM
I did it in python several months ago, and I learned a lot
I also programmed something like this on my graphing calculator.
How do I ask the question?
ruby golf is so much fun
Make a Sandbox post and someone'll be able to help you out
sounds good. bye
What task did you have in mind?
thinking of getting back on the site and taking all the rep for myself
5:44 PM
6:12 PM
Q: Train a Single Neuron

Joseph WalkerTrain A Single Perceptron You must write a program that will train a perceptron to simulate the following things: An AND gate An OR gate An XOR gate A NOT gate Inputs The program should take as input training inputs and training labels. Each list of inputs corresponds to exactly one output. Thi...

CMC: Which chat markdown implementation is worse than SE's?
I'm guessing you have a specific one in mind?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Joseph WalkerTrain A Single Perceptron You must write a program that will train a perceptron to simulate the following things: An AND gate An OR gate An XOR gate A NOT gate Inputs The program should take as input training inputs and training labels. Each list of inputs corresponds to exactly one output. Thi...

@RedwolfPrograms Yup, brand new, from a relatively "mainstream" provider.
I doubt it can be worse than SE chat markdown, right?
6:18 PM
It is. Promise.
@Adám YouTube? It's not chat, nor new, nor really even markdown it's so bad. Tbh I just want to vent about how bad its formatting in comments is. *bold* and _italics_?? WHY? and no code, links, images, or anything else useful?
Links and images would be a very bad idea
I wouldn't count it as markdown though
It's only similar to markdown in that it uses the characters * and _ for stuff related to bold and italicized text
CMC: Take two numbers as input, and do the following:
If the two numbers are equal, print “The numbers are equal”
If the two numbers are not equal, print “The numbers are not equal”
JS: x=>y=>`The numbers are${x-y?" not":""} equal`
@pxeger Wait, I didn't know you could format at all. Google just rolled out the new Google chat, and while Ctrl+I on a selected text adds underscores, pressing it again adds… more underscores, and there is apparently no way to escape markdown, so it is impossible to write ¯\_(⍨)_/¯ because you get ¯\(⍨)​/¯ with an italicised head.
6:24 PM
@AaronMiller I just got access to gpt-3, and this is my first time trying it out. The first line was the prompt, and it generated the challenge. (I replaced “CMC” with “Mini Coding Challenge” so it would know what that meant.)
@Adám that sounds predictably Google tbh. Have you tried using a zwsp?
@pxeger Now I have, same thing.
Wow, really? They go out of their way to remove or ignore them?
Or they just don't have an impact on the formatting
@pxeger what's so bad with *bold* _italics_, other than it not being classic markdown?
6:27 PM
@RedwolfPrograms You probably just get an italicized ZWSP
@RedwolfPrograms oh yeah lol
@pxeger No, the zwsp stay, but have no effect.
@dzaima Agreed, that's what md should have been, but too late now, I guess.
@dzaima that it isn't classic markdown. It's contrary to what anyone with experience using similar systems would ever expect
I don't think I would mind so much a change to md for *bold*
@pxeger I'm fairly sure youtube isn't the only thing that uses *bold*
6:29 PM
@Adám That's a bold suggestion :p
But not being able to escape? That's just crazy.
@AaronMiller That's impiressive, can it generate Mini Polls and stuff too?
Like, what if there's a phone service where you have to press two asterisks, and I'm trying to send that code to a friend‽
@Adám It'd be a breaking change, though
I'd prefer it if italics were two underscores and bold was two asterisks so you wouldn't have to escape * or _ each time
@Adám try one of these homoglyphs? ⁎*
6:31 PM
@user But the idea is that md is readable even when not rendered, and I never found the double symbols very readable.
@user ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Only one way to find out! Right now I’m having it create an esolang from nothing but the name “arrayjump”
@pxeger Yeah, that's going to be just dandy when they copy and paste that into their phone app…
@Adám Mmm, I've never found a problem with them, but I guess it's pretty subjective ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@AaronMiller lol
@Adám PS: "dandy" is a quality word
6:33 PM
@user But to what extent? It'd bold some words people would expect to be in italics? So what.
@dzaima (cause i sure don't know YTs syntax, and I made my non-markdown parser (for an unpublished thing) have *bold* _italics_ because it just makes sense to me)
I kind of like MediaWiki's doubled single quote for italics, because that's really not likely to occur (outside code).
@Adám So people would have to go back and replace the *s with _s, except for escaped *s, which'd be very annoying. Sure, it won't make that much of a difference, but it is a difference
@Adám Even in code, it's not too likely to occur (except for APL, I guess)
In my ideal markdown, I think I'd want ''italics'', *bold*, _underscored_
^ That but **bold** and __underscored__ :P
6:36 PM
'' for italics seems like a bad idea
I like __ for italics, underscores don't seem particularly important
@RedwolfPrograms Why?
Hm, actually it'd have a measure of consistency to use doubled symbols throughout.
^^ It's rarely used
@Adám Thank you :)
''italics'' **bold** __underscored__
One problem I have with md is is intraword formatting.
I don't think _ should ever be special
It is quite unclear what can (or should) work.
6:40 PM
“Chat Mini Poll: What is your” favorite part of this set?

After School Social
Halloween Hot Dog
Halloween Cupcake
Halloween Candy Corn
Halloween Pumpkin
Halloween Ice Cream
Halloween Cupcake
Halloween Cupcake
Halloween Cupcake
Halloween Cup
Prompt is in quotes
@Adám imo it should, but there needs to be an easy way to escape it
IMO, _ should be treated equivalently to a letter in all situations (looking at you, URLs!)
@Adám I assume that's why *italics* and **bold** exist, as * can safely delimit mid-word
@pxeger You're such a programmer!
@AaronMiller glad to see that AI won't take over the world too soon... lol
6:41 PM
@AaronMiller Favorite would be Halloween Cupcake, Halloween Cupcake, Halloween Cupcake, or Halloween Cupcake, but it's a tough choice
@Adám yes, and what of it?
Usually I want to underscore a single letter to indicate an accesskey.
@pxeger Nothing, just sayin'.
@user I don’t know, I think I’d have to go with Halloween cup.
My grandma used to make the most delicious cups, but most cups I find in grocery stores don't have that special tangy flavor hers always had
@Adám I'd say most of us in this chatroom are either programmers or amateur programmers :P
Ughhhh it's unbelievably annoying when there's a bug in the programming language you're using that causes the specific thing you want to do to occasionally give you an incorrect result
6:47 PM
Hm, I wonder why…
It's managed to start messing with a rational number library I wrote
i still wish i could reproduce that bug (failed with the instructions there too), i'd have so much fun playing with it :P
7:05 PM
@dzaima (I imagine something like var clobber_tmp=()=>clobber=clobber_tmp; var clobber=clobber_tmp; at the start, and clobber(); instead of console.log(); would work too, and would perform acceptably for spamming until things work)
@dzaima :O reproduced
@AaronMiller That's...surprisingly coherent
Also utterly useless
@dzaima needed to add --sparkplug to the new js flags - chromium --user-data-dir=$(mktemp -d) --no-first-run --js-flags='--sparkplug --trace-opt --trace-deopt --allow-natives-syntax --no-concurrent-recompilation --no-opt --predictable'
@user lol yep. Part of the planned usage that I put on the application was using it for creating esolangs, so that's what I'm gonna do ;p
Nice pfp btw, how'd you make it?
@user looks like their original identicon with a swirl filter applied
7:16 PM
15 hours ago, by Aaron Miller
@Ausername It's not an identicon, it's a picture of me
CMQ: Nicest identicon?
I personally like the color of Aaron Miller's and Neil's identicons
I know who here has the worst identicon
(I do)
That's not an identicon, though, is it?
7:21 PM
My identicon, not my pfp
I'll switch to it, just a second
oo you're right, that isn't great
Maybe you just need to swirl it?
7:22 PM
It looms like an abstract representation of a turtle
It's not that bad
I hate the color of mine, and the shapes just look weird
I don't like gravatar's identicons, they're too complicated. The ones that are just symmetrical 5×5 or 7×7 grids are nice
:( I just got rickrolled very thoroughly
Good, you're contributing to the 1B views
not exactly. I downloaded a game that just played rickroll music
7:29 PM
Is Vyxal the best esolang? Who knows. Maybe one day we will find out. But for now, yes, Vyxal is the best esolang.
Lyxal's corrupted GPT-3
IMO Vyxal isn't eso enough to be an esolang
it's far too usable
Is Vyxal better than Jelly?”

“Not really.”
I can agree with that :p
Is Vyxal better than Jelly? No.

Is it worse? No.

It's just different.
7:30 PM
*not at all

(disclaimer: some bias may be present)
super consistent instructions for me:
Is Vyxal better than Jelly? No.
Is it worse? No.
It's just different.
Key difference: Jelly is not transparent, while Vyxal is.
Jelly is kinda translucent at the right angle :P
What is the best esolang?

This page updates monthly. Scroll to the right to see the current rankings. How the scores are calculated.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

Language brainfuck Created by Urban Müller
@hyper-neutrino ask caird, she's bound to be even more unbiased!
@AaronMiller wow that is amazing
7:34 PM
I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with this :)
ask it for the worst esolang!
"Is JavaScript good?" I think so. Is JavaScript used by good people? I sure hope so.

So prove me right.

If you like this post, you’ll like the conference talk that it’s based on. Find it on my professional web site.
What is the worst answer to this question?
@AaronMiller I know JavaScript is used by good people because it is used by me and I am the best person
I'm sure every JavaScript programmer starts out good, but the language just corrupts them...
@Adám This is.
7:37 PM
@RedwolfPrograms And the most humble.
No, I'm by far the most humble person here!!
I'm the humblest person in the world. I've got a giant trophy for it, too.
I'm so humble that I've been ignoring this whole conversation!
@RedwolfPrograms hey that's just my joke but better! :(
It is hard to be humble when one is as great as me.
7:38 PM
@pxeger I hit enter before yours showed up for me :p
@Adám luckily, one is signifcantly greater than you, so I have no difficulties being humble :)
I'm the bestestest person in the world!
@Adám Ha, I am humbler and greater than you because I remain humble despite my obvious greatness! Loser
@RedwolfPrograms CMC: Calculate lcm(a, b) without using lcm or gcd builtins
What is the worst esolang?

While each esolang was designed with a specific idea in mind, some languages fall short of their intentions and are less pleasant to work with than anticipated. Which esolang is least fun to work with? Be sure to compare against brainfuck.

brainfuck is the obvious choice here.
So I guess brainfuck is both the best and the worst? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
7:41 PM
@AaronMiller Ego, BF is the only esolang.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Scala: a=>b=>0 to a*b find(x=>x%a+x%b<1)
@Adám Oh, that makes sense.
@Adám There are tarpits smaller than bf
@Adám Ergo?
7:42 PM
Pedanti (/s)
@Adám So the smallest tarpit would be the least pleasant to work with, not bf, right?
@pxeger Yes, but in retrospect,"ego" fits kinda nicely.
I suppose haha
@AaronMiller Can you ask gpt what the question to life, the universe, and everything is? (and the answer too?)
@user Works on APLcart, fwiw.
@user Dotcomma has only four commands and a queue instead of a tape, so it's definitely more eso (though probably not the esoest) :p
7:46 PM
> Meaning of life (short)
Hmm, I wonder how you could shorten that and still output 42 :P
@dzaima it seems it depends on the typing in itself - the "eager evaluation" option in the console. @RedwolfPrograms did you ever encounter the issue outside of executing code in the console manually?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Jelly, 7 bytes ọẠ¥ⱮPTṀ
@user I don't think you can, without adding any literals.
Oh, is that why all three of them are so weird?
7:48 PM
I was wondering why it wasn't just 42
What is the question to life, the universe, and everything?</h3></section><section><h3>What did we just do?</h3></section><section><h3>How can I participate?</h3></section><section><h3>Thanks for helping!</h3></section>
@dzaima No, so eager evaluation could be the issue
@user One is the traditional one, the modern one uses the exact same algorithm, but golfed, and the short one is the golfiest while keeping the same rules.
@AaronMiller "What did we just do?" "42"
instructions with less manual work:
7:50 PM
That's an odd issue
@RedwolfPrograms eager evaluation + the new sparkplug compiler. i'll add a comment on the bug report with my findings
I... I don't... what?
Prompt: What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

“Does a cat have a soul?”
“How many podcasts does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”
“Would Fatbeard’s prisoners continue to be imprisoned even after he’s gone?”
“Is a dragon a mammal?”
“What’s your leg made of?”
“How many aardvarks would a tamed aardvark eat if aardedvarks eat aardedvark.”
“What’s the best way to get to Carnegie Hall?”
“Why wouldn’t you trust a pirate with your boat?”
Some of those are vaguely XKCD-y
> aardedvarks
@AaronMiller The answer is another question?!
7:53 PM
this might be my new favourite word
how juic aardedvado pls halp
What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?”

“The answer to life, the universe, and everything,” he said, “is no.”
8:10 PM
Apparently gpt-3 knows python.

"Write a python program to find the product of two numbers."

Answer: Python Product (Lines)

a=int(input("Enter the first number: ")) b=int(input("Enter the second number: ")) print (a*b)
Oh nice lol
Huh, did y'all know that we had a different logo before the blue speech bubble thingy?
That "CG" next to their usernames was our logo
Blue speech?
@user Y'know the beta site logo where it's that blue rectangle speech bubble thing with letters?
8:21 PM
Huh, never knew that
@cairdcoinheringaahing Where's this picture from, btw?
Huh, interesting
Scroll down on this. Do you see two-digit-numbers?
8:30 PM
No, why?
I got a memory error trying to run that
Probably too many of us running it at once?
Ok try this
in Vyxal, 6 hours ago, by Aaron Miller
I was trying to crack @Ausername's cop on the "change a character" CnR, and discovered this: Try it Online!
It's specifically something to do with that divmod command
8:48 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A usernameHow effective is compression? Vyxal has a very simple format for compressed integers: a base-255-encoded string of characters wrapped in «. With base 255, the number to be compressed needs to be 10000 or greater for the compression to have an advantage against ordinary numbers, as with 1 characte...

9:45 PM
Are challenges like codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/179998/sing-baby-shark still welcome? I have an intro of a song in mind which has some unorthodox repetitions which I think would be cool for a challenge (if so, I'd sandbox it first)
We have dozens and dozens of kolmo challenges about printing song lyrics, I'm not sure if there's much to add with new ones
@ihavenoidea Song lyric challenges are generally discouraged. Either they're highly repetitive (like that one), or the optimal answer will be one of these answers
Either way, they're nothing new
10:03 PM
@ihavenoidea Thank you for asking first.
10:20 PM
CMP: Most ridiculous starred message in TNB's (or any other chat room's) history?
The one about abusing stars, or "waffles"
too many to choose from...
@rak1507 Any one is fine
Jun 27 '17 at 17:05, by New Main Posts
That aged like milk
Apr 25 '16 at 4:34, by Dennis
Killing goats is allowed by meta consensus.
Wait, was HighlyRadioactive a sock of Lyxal?
10:34 PM
They're named "null" now
This conversation looks very sus
Also 2x-1/Third-party chef/whatever
@RedwolfPrograms Didn't they say their account got hacked after going on a vandalism spree on the LotM nominations page?
Wait what? I don't remember any vandalism on the LotM nominations
Check the revision histories of some of them
I think my Add++ one got hit
Just looked at that one, it seems fine
@user Might have been the Whispers one, I can't remember
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I can't see deleted answers anyway, probably for the best
Edits, not answers
It was the nominations post, actually
Aug 30 '20 at 14:05	history	 edited	null	CC BY-SA 4.0
deleted 5968 characters in body; edited title
Yup, caird's linked that above :P
10:53 PM
The worst ninja is the one you don't see
The real ninja is the friend you made
All of the current undeleted posts were posted after the edit spam - null also vandalised some of the answers, all of which are now deleted
Husk, Forth, Vim, Rust; MUMPS, Julia, Bash, MIPS (nominated, never LotM). Plus one answer
Any feedback? (especially the ones with zero score)

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