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12:00 AM
idk about you, but I always use socks for my puppets. Shoes just don't work that well, and hats are abysmal
Or even a shirt account
@rak1507 People have Red Hat Accounts :P
Glove puppets do exist, though, as do rod puppets
How about hoodie puppets?
12:41 AM
oh is this a sock puppet party now (i am aware i am like an hour late)
CMC: Given a binary function f and an integer n, output the n x n matrix where each cell (i, j) is given by f(i, j) % 2
çþ`Ḃ in jelly i believe
12:58 AM
ah yeah
1:19 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing APL: probably {2|o.aa~iw} (on my phone, so no APL glyphs)
@hyper-neutrino HN, your sock is a mod, right?
Q: Park, Lake, Santa Fe

TaakoGiven a long multi-sentence string, the goal is the count the occurrences of the following words: park, lake, Santa Fe. The words can appear as substrings of other words, i.e, "parked" counts as an instance of "park" since "park" is a substring. The output should be three numbers separated by spa...

1:39 AM
@NewPosts Jelly's string handling is awful ಠ_ಠ
Also, there needs to be a dyad which is a combination of w and
1:52 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing laughs in python's str.count
2:08 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing fuck, the best i can think of is aƑÐƤT, and that's five bytes
(naturally trying to use that for the challenge also comes out a byte longer: aƑÐƤⱮ“£Ḟœ“ċẈ“¡ç1Ḋı»§)
don't think so
I just outgolfed everyone on that, with a builtin that existed at the time of the challenge IIRC. That feels wrong
@cairdcoinheringaahing "Indices of occurrences of sublist y in x", or maybe something like APL's
@Bubbler Yeah, that needs to be a thing in Jelly
2:38 AM
and the existing jelly answer was !Æfċ5
I think w-underdot is still free, might add that to my fork
good idea
3:22 AM
Wow, "saved x bytes thanks to redwolf programs" is something I never thought I'd see on an Arnauld answer :D
Where link?
Jokes on you because I ended up finding it from your comments
@RedwolfPrograms hehe next thing you know you'll be inspiring byte shaves on two answers with one comment
> Don't make a U-turn on a one-way street.
Getting the most out of driving class...
Imagine driving
3:40 AM
i had a driver's ed class like two years ago and i actually couldn't stand it there
I'm doing the not-driving-a-car part of it online
@RedwolfPrograms oh I remember doing that
After a while, the question set becomes so familiar you just sit there somewhat mindlessly clicking the answers
Like I went to do the test to apply for my learners licence and the good majority of it was just remembering which answer is was
As in, I already had seen most of the questions from practice
3:48 AM
So it was remembering which letter instead of the actual fact
@PyGamer0 howdy!
I still sort of can't believe that we're all fine with giving control of giant pieces of metal that can go hundreds of kilometers per hour to 16yos who took a few classes and a test lol
Hey I was 18 when I got my learners
Shut up
3:50 AM
I'm not talking about you :p
I have a license but I don't know how to drive my car
Very relateable
who else hates exams here
Depends on what kind of exams
3:52 AM
exams are by far the least shit part of education in my experience
Exams can be fine, but they can also be very shit
Exams such as maths and essay writing subjects are usually fine
But programming exams are the opposite
Because unlike us, they don't follow the rule of having objective criterion
And you can't VTC the exam questions as unclear and wait for them to use the sandbox
my only experience with programming exams was having to handwrite java for ap csa
Oh no, I'm taking that next year
Hopefully that's not still a thing
> handwrite java
3:56 AM
and that was
but the test itself was so far beyond fucking braindead that handwriting java was literally the biggest challenge
How can anyone even do that
yes i have my geography exam in 15 minuestestsasats
i spent probably three times as long making sure my curly braces were legible alone than i spent actually studying
@UnrelatedString ? just copy the font you are using
that's much harder than it sounds
send me something to write and i will show you a photo of my normal handwriting
3:58 AM
@UnrelatedString just make a square bracket with then middle little outwards
Oh right, I don't like paper tests because I suck at handwriting
but that's
not how you write it
you gotta do a little fuckin
stacked integral signs
@Bubbler i have an online written test
Having to write legibly is awful
Especially with a pen
Especially on an AP test where it's half the score
3:59 AM
me on my way to go attend a lecture teaching html
pen is easier than pencil because it's more of a pain to begin with
Too easy to misread
what the fuck font
^ that is a "curly" brace
@UnrelatedString MS-Paint brush
4:00 AM
@PyGamer0 Like, you can write your answers with your keyboard?
@PyGamer0 i'm relieved
@Bubbler no i have to send pictures of papers that i PHYsically write
Uhh that's horrible
Why do they do that when the test is online anyways
@PyGamer0 wait what?
4:01 AM
until the final exams last years; they were MCQ in MS-FORM
so i had to click a little and submit the paper
@PyGamer0 I had to do that for a few non-CS classes last year and it's awful
multiple? damn
rn i have 10 exams
@PyGamer0 10?
^ does that look like a curly brace?
@lyxal yes
4:08 AM
@PyGamer0 ^
Looks like some sort of optical illusion
@Bubbler how?
I can't explain but it just does
yeah thats bad
ok now my exam gonna start
have fun
4:15 AM
aw, they left
real gamers keep chatting in the tnb during their exams
4:34 AM
that's what I did during my software exam a month ago
Jun 16 at 4:51, by lyxal
Wow y'all having fun conversations while I gotta do Java exam. ;p
because I'm an epic gamer kekw
4:48 AM
definitive photo-taking guide according to my lecture
in my class we are talking about adding even numbers wiht odd number
Even + Odd = Even, right?
Wait no
@Ausername n...no
(5 + 10) % 2 != 0
5:25 AM
5:44 AM
i am back
turns out i had 3 chapters for exam
but i studied 2
i didnt see the 3rd one
5:46 AM
5:57 AM
HOLY: I made the online interpreter for 51ac8 work
now break it
and i cant kill the process lol
@lyxal my parents will scold
parents are overrated
6:16 AM
@user Shorter as full program: 2|∘.⎕⍨⍳⎕
6:31 AM
@PyGamer0 that's how pythonanywhere works
@lyxal i havent hosted it on PA yet
ok tmrw is my chemistry exam
C4000H8002 exists
6:58 AM
@PyGamer0 oh
do you have a kill route in the flask app?
hmm you do
7:12 AM
Is it faster to multiply two single-digit numbers or use a lookup table?
Also what happened to the HW feed?
@Ausername Faster for a machine or a human?
Also is there any difference for larger numbers?
I guess multiply wins over lookup for register-sized numbers and output
and lookup is pointless (you can't store that large lookup table in a reasonable machine) for something larger than that
That makes sense
7:30 AM
A: "Hello, World!"

SpaceZoeyGForth 17 Bytes ." Hello, World!"

Register-sized multiplication is 1 instruction and takes at most 2~4 times the time to do a register-sized addition. 2D lookup table takes a multiplication by constant, an addition, and then a memory read. Even if you use a power-of-2 size to replace multiplication with shift, it's at least two instructions, and a memory read can get very slow on cache miss.
7:49 AM
@Ausername It's a feed, so it can take up to 30 mins (an hour?), unlike the bots for main, meta and the Sandbox
I'm used to bots (like hyper) which are instant.
ಠ_ಠ A couple of people suggested golfs while I was asleep. Editing on mobile is a nightmare, and I won't get to my laptop for at least 30 minutes, but chat is fine to use :P
Nice golf @UnrelatedString, it will be edited in soon :P
wanna see if it wokrs
Q: Chess Squad March

Valentin BrassoYou control a chess squad consisting of a king and several other pieces, on a chess board. Your army is placed so that no piece is further than K=8 squares away (horizontally and vertically) from your king. You will receive a destination square for the king and you must generate a list of moves f...

7:55 AM
It's... not running :p
@Ausername click stop
hmm a bug
me when I'm so close to 15k
Oh i see
@lyxal You get to, woo-hoo, protect questions.
Like that's ever gonna be useful
but it's still cool
^^^^^^^^^^^^ looks like a very well-thought-out mess.
8:01 AM
@Ausername I think I might be the only person who's actually made the 15k privilege useful, in that I unprotected all of the questions that Community protected, just cause they got a spam answer :P
Oh true
And now that the threshold for auto-protection is so high, I doubt that'll be needed too often
A: "Hello, World!"

PyGamer051AC8, 2 bytes Kh Try it Online! Finally an online interpreter. A little quirk you have to press Run twice.

@PyGamer0 You can probably just do some trick with promises to get sent the response - have a look at Vyxal's implementation.
@Ausername ?
8:06 AM
A list of all protections on the site
For the request sending to the interpreter so you don't have to press stop
8:17 AM
i updated all the answers to the online interpreter
A: "Hello, World!"

PyGamer051AC8, 2 bytes Kh Try it Online! Finally an online interpreter. A little quirk you have to press Run twice.

@Ausername well locally i dont
So, TIO links have the format https://tio.run/##<whatever> such as https://tio.run/##y0rNyan8//9RwxzjhztaE49Mtz46@dDu//8B. For some reason, the SE app changes the # to %23 whenever TIO links are included in comments, which breaks them: tio.run/%23%23S8vJLEjKLPn/…
what on earth is happening :/
8:39 AM
@JoKing Just thought I'd let you know that I beat the previous Hello World in Lost by 1 byte.
@WheatWizard Nice!
@cairdcoinheringaahing But why?
I am Bach btw
9:10 AM
@WheatWizard ... and I beat that by another byte now.
Let me guess: A flag prints characters, Q tests it?
Yeah, Q is for Quiet Quiz, V is for Verbose Verification.
What a language.
Just warning you guys, my next character to change cop is going to be hard.
Probably going to make it a bit bigger before I post.
9:53 AM
What happened to my meta pfp on puzzling?
Ik about the email hash thing, but I've only been there for a month or two...
10:43 AM
rip wikipedia
What's happened to it?
Question: Does the image in this make this less or more confusing?
it's down, that's all
Looks up to me
10:47 AM
not for me, nor for these people:
it seems to just be overloaded
Why that language option?
> Check the status of Wikipedia in other countries
it's not a language selector
10:52 AM
But why "Russian Federation"
because that's Russia's official name
If you want me to look anything up for you I can
I was about to quote from wikipedia to tell you why it's called that lol
Oh great it's down for me now
11:09 AM
Works for me, but had a brief outage for me earlier.
Do you guys think Vyxal silently erroring during parsing counts as erroring?
Because if you run it offline, it actually does error
If a program errors in the woods and no-one is there to see it, does it really error? :P
Oh true
@cairdcoinheringaahing and it outputs nothing
Like the output box is empty
The online version is a bit funny when reporting errors
11:12 AM
Try `` vs ;
@lyxal I don't understand why though...
Because it's wrapped in a try except block online
That's why
Just go SYNAX EROR in the except block then :p
"Synax eror"
Brb gonna go open a new PEP to make python change from syntax error to synax error :p
11:17 AM
synax eror
Stupid autocorrect
@lyxal New lang idea: Pythn, which is just Python but with a bunch of spelling errors :P
wiz opin('file.txt') az fyle: whell 1: [chur(x + 6) four x inn vareabble]
prant("henlo wrld¡")
11:27 AM
imprut itretouulz az veariaibbbblle
mop(lemdba x: x + 1, rongue(1, 69))
daf fanktion(): perss
retorn evel(impot()) * 2
May 15 at 23:31, by A username
pablik claz man{
    tatik man(stwig[] argz){
      siztem.owt.pritLin('Hello, world!')
impart meth
impart nempi az np
11:34 AM
fer eye innn renge(10): pronk(eye)
inpront tihs
[x far x en rauge(ant(anupt())]
@cairdcoinheringaahing pythen
lanst(mop(strrr, ragne(1, 500))
@PyGamer0 *pithyn
11:37 AM
closs Objict: daf __innit__(shelf): parse
ok dataypes: ant, flat, toophle, lyxt, dekt, buul
ranse SynaxEror("wait thos istnt oython")
@Ausername o/

Cod gerlf

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keywords: glass, dof, retrun, Troo, Felsa,
I might actually now add autocorrect to my cursed fork of Python
11:43 AM
@pxeger or maybe add more replace( to this
11:54 AM
@lyxal lol what was that conversation
@user pythn
@WheatWizard woah neat! i was experimenting with it when you updated it a couple of days ago, and I thought of using three quotes but didn't think of using a third line
obvious in retrospect if you're using a plain !
12:09 PM
@WheatWizard 40 bytes
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

tail spark rabbit earSmileys Triangle (with input) Taken from shinh's problem. Given an input of positive integer \$n\$ output a triangle smiley triangle whose size is \$n \times n\$. Can be either a function or a full program. Can have any trailing LFs. Can have trailing spaces (0x20 in ascii) after any of lines. N...

i think it may be possible to reuse the ? in place of one of the (s?
or maybe the @ in place of the <?
12:30 PM
> Thanos-oriented programming

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