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12:00 AM
ada is at the top, davinci is at the bottom
@AaronMiller "How do I use it?" "You don't." Omniman fan?
> I bit my lower lip, knowing the little quiz I was about to ask was going to be a tough one.

“Do you want a beer?” I asked,
that's the curie model
What a tough quiz - how could anyone ever answer such a complicated question?
Step 1: Be Shaggy :P
the babbage model (the second one) is actually a drug addict
it originally started with "yo dawg, I heard you like heroin"
so obviously I rerolled it
12:02 AM
@lyxal Wait, that means it thinks you're the drug addict o.O
"caird coinheringaahing is oohered, and ineioa ooaoaeee. The oreei ooeeaee aaeeaae the oeee eeooee. Inaaoee, the eooeeaee oooaeaae the ooeeoeiae, eo"
generated using curie
Damn, caird has the power to turn AI brains to mush
@lyxal This was generated in one try with davinci.
@user it's really strange how multiple models just absolutely lose their shit in completely different ways
who is caird coinheringaahing? —a father of three, a family man.
12:05 AM
Not yet at least :P
> This does not set the main index to 1
If/when I ever have a third child, I'll make sure to let y'all know by replying to that message :P
Very descriptive
It does narrow it down significantly :P
”Why is Lyxal so Lyxal?” Wouldn't any dweeb wannabe in an insecure late Victorian family, with plenty of money and no religion to make up for it (and a remarkably good command of the spoken word) have done more or less what he did...?"
12:07 AM
GPT-3 is vicious :P
Although, congrats @lyxal on your remarkably good command of the spoken word :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing You'll have to sacrifice it to Davinci :P
Also, congrats on being over 100 years old @lyxal
You really did stop aging for Redwolf to catch up :P
”Why is Lyxal so Lyxal?” Seriously. I don’t need to know “which Lyxal is the best?” (Because they are all fantastic.)
There's more lyxals?
Lyxal: Into the Lyxal-verse
12:12 AM
Why is Lyxal so Lyxal?” “Because the Lyxal is the life force of the entire planet. Rather than a very thin layer covering it like tar, the surface of Lyra covers it with a living skin.”
I'm a noun apparently
Apparently I'm just continuing my species

Lyxal is a Homeopathic medicine indicated for the treatment of the following conditions:


Nausea and vomiting

Nasal congestion

Urticaria and angioedema

Stress & anxiety

Lyxal Directions

Lyxal is available in liquids (solutions) and tablets and is to be taken orally.

The drug is to be taken as prescribed by the doctor.

In the case of children, the drug is to be administered under the supervision of a doctor.
> When a Lyxal worm climbs into another person or another creature's body it makes multiple copies of itself across the host's body
> the Lyxal have been raiding civilization on and off since the dawn of time
> Some of their writing and art is still visible in many places, and they had plenty of technology at their disposal before they began to go extinct. Scientists are still trying to determine why Lyxal went extinct (perhaps climate change or over-hunting) but some think that it may be related to them being too successful or too dangerous for the humans to successfully keep them in check.
> Everyone has a Lyxal.
Okay, this is getting ominous
The first one talks about a Lyxal worm, and the second says that everyone has this worm inside them
12:17 AM
Taking the hivemind to a whole new level
Q: We all know how to SKI, but can you BCKW?

BubblerBackground Lambda calculus is a model of computation using lambda terms. A variable \$x\$ is a lambda term. If \$E\$ is a lambda term, the lambda abstraction \$\lambda x. E\$ is a lambda term. If \$E_1, E_2\$ are lambda terms, the lambda application \$E_1 E_2\$ is a lambda term. The rule of com...

Legend tells of the King of the Lyxal, a great man by the name "Rick of Astley". He is most well known for his timeless love ballad, which has been adapted into the war cry of the Lyxal
sigh those were the days
The reason Rick of Astley was so popular among the Lyxal is that he never gave them up
This is accurate
12:19 AM
Meanwhile: Legendary 95/150
> The current consensus is that this behavior is due to a genetic defect in which the original worm successfully passes on its
@cairdcoinheringaahing ಠ_ಠ Stop changing the maintenance time. @hyper-neutrino Could you change that to "29th July 0/12am UTC, 28th July 8pm EDT"?
Also the BCKW challenge gave a warning of "this question looks subjective" :/
@user What does it pass on?! I NEED TO KNOW
@Bubbler Probably the "can you"?
Prompt: “Am I part of the Redwolf Hivemind?”

“No, not that I know of.”

“Are you part of the Redwolf Hivemind?”

“No, not that I know of.”

“Do you know who is part of the Redwolf Hivemind?”


“Do you know what happened in the hours surrounding the death of Serafino Soro?”

“No, I was asleep.”
well that escalated quickly
12:20 AM
Maybe, the warning doesn't show the "why"
memories to its offspring, but the offspring are not able to fully develop or maintain the memories themselves. Each "copy" of the worm only has a portion of the original worm's personality.

For example, if the worm was a warrior, the copy may only remember the warrior's identity, but not its own. The copy will no longer be able to care for itself, and will have to create a new host. The worm would then place its memory in the new host and repeat the process.

Current belief is that this process is how the Lyxal developed their ability to "Link" with other beings. A worm would "Link" with
@Bubbler The warnings have spoken, time to VTC :P
@Bubbler I should've mentioned this in the sandbox, but any testcases?
@user we call it lyxalitis for a reason, you sussy baka ;p
@user There are infinitely many possible conversions for every input, but I'll provide some examples
12:35 AM
@user @AaronMiller if you're interested, gpt3 generated some text on lyxal society
> The council's goal is to protect humanity from itself by maintaining peace between both races
humans and us
@cairdcoinheringaahing Yes, Scala enjoyers and JS fans
That's ...poorly worded, from a certain point of view
My message or Lyxal's?
12:37 AM
The gpt-3 generated text
> There are currently nine members of this council at present: High Lord Syralidus Ixtua'koshadi, High Lord Tundra Naxa'kiranai, High Lady Orinha Sisanii'kiqi'golqa', High Lady Lyras Sisanii'kiqi'golqa', High Lord Naxa'kiranai Mayshynuqesoqamuqiqatilikii, High Lord Ixtua'koshadi Ixtua'kuhi', High Lady Sisanii'kiqi'golqa Sisanii'kiqi'golqa', High Lord Tundra Naxa'kiranai Ixtua'kuhikipoqatilikii'
@cairdcoinheringaahing it's from a larger sample where it clearly specified lyxal as a race
@lyxal which of ^^ are you? :P
i wonder what it would do if you just gave it normal text but with all whitespace and punctuation removed
@cairdcoinheringaahing done
12:38 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing duh I'm from the lyxal race obviously
High Lord Naxa'kiranai Mayshynuqesoqamuqiqatilikii
@hyper-neutrino :P
@lyxal New username? :P
The Lyxal are a highly intelligent species, with a culture that has been around for thousands of years. Though they have had many names, the most common being "Lyxel" is a word that was created because of their fascination with language. They can be particularly inscrutable when it comes to other species and their cultures, and most other races endeavor to learn as much about them as possible due to this tendency. As such, Lyxal often end up in more contact with non-Lyxal than with each other. This is especially true since the Lyxal are rarely seen as a whole people but rather as individual
> or at least learning how to pronounce their name
Huh, it actually seems to understand what it generated
> Are Lyxals good or evil?

Lyxals are not inherently good or evil to humans, but most are neutral with a few being good and a few being bad, but with good and evil often defined by context rather than the species as a whole. Most Lyxals have no idea what "good" or "evil" means, which is why they're so hard to classify.
Lyxal is Chaotic Neutral? Yeah, that tracks :P
12:41 AM
holy crap I'm learning a lot about my kind today
@UnrelatedString @lyxal can you try this?
Huh, it adapts to it (well, kinda)
hey wait since when did kahoot become paid?
apparently you can only have 10 people in a free kahoot
12:56 AM
Time to watch it die :/
the only time people use it is in classrooms
where you have like 20-30 ppl min
rest in peace kahoot
our lecturer was talking about having kahoots for us, but because they don't have a license for 75 people, they can't
Fastest way to kill a service: charge for it when it was free
12:57 AM
i feel like they're banking on schools buying subscriptions but i feel like there is no school the administration of which would pay for that
kahoot is something *individual teachers* use
not something *schools* use
Well, every service needs a source of income
and if there's one class of people that can't pay for that shit it's teachers
@Bubbler Yes, but by charging for something that was free, you'll piss off people who used it for free, and lose their business because they won't pay
Either start charging from the beginning, or find another thing to charge for. Don't move a service behind a paywall
12:59 AM
@lyxal 😮😯😱😪😢😭
ads + freemium to remove them would probably still piss people off but it would at least probably cause less damage (at least I feel like it would)
they could easily charge for just having more versatility added onto the base functionality
Ngl it feels reminiscent of lastpass starting to charge to use mobile and desktop
@UnrelatedString My school district and probably a lot of others probably would, they already pay for Discovery and Brainpop and stuff
It's probably less cheap wholesale
> const double pi = 4;
1:01 AM
@UnrelatedString laughs in my lecturer said he was going to find out if my university would buy a licence
Quizizz is still free, right?
I feel like that's not used so much, though
@UnrelatedString Schools might get it for all their teachers if the teachers ask them to
ig so yeah
No you're serving cookies to make money off me.
@Adám VTC that message as subjective; "nice" is subjective
1:07 AM
I so wish GDPR would actually be enforced.
Also s/awesome/awesome for us money-making/
I was showing off GPT-3 to my family and had my sister give me a prompt, so she gave me a prompt about a squid.
> She looked at me as if I’d asked her something really stupid. “A pufferfish is a fish.”
> She smiled and I smiled.
“What’s a pufferfish?” she asked.
“A pufferfish is a fish.”
@AaronMiller The first paragraph looks like something that could actually appear in a story for toddlers.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Guess she's stupid now huh? :P
1:15 AM
GPT-3 is a toddler pretending to be an AI confirmed
@cairdcoinheringaahing brb gonna go make that my main bio
Do any golfing langs have Python's iter(callable, sentinel) builtin?
A functional programming equivalent is to create an infinite stream and then take until a specific value is found. I guess Husk and/or osabie can do that, though not exactly a builtin
Jelly's # is also similar but different
1:30 AM
⁼1# would be equivalent if callable returned successive integers, but otherwise they're pretty different
Factor's follow is very similar but takes the previous value as input. Also it's far from a golflang
Do you have a use case in mind?
Not really. I seem to remember Husk having a similar builtin, but I can't find it and it got me curious
> Examples
Get random numbers until zero is reached
That seems familiar... :P
actually the "follow" version (monadic callable) might have more uses than a niladic callable, but then you can simply add an overload to the while quick, so if a condition is a nilad, the loop stops at that value
1:45 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Ω or the takew overload of is probably what you're thinking of but they're not that close to iter since they aren't built to work with stateful operations the same way since there are no stateful operations
@lyxal I've noticed over the last like five years that their premium version has steadily stolen features from the main one, and almost all development has focused on it. Honestly not surprised they went in this direction.
2:17 AM
@RedwolfPrograms there's been a premium version for 5 years?
As long as I can remember, yeah
It didn't have any major features until the last year or two though
That's news to me then
Ugh trying to load Text as an unpacked extension keeps crashing chrome
Not only that, but trying to open the choose or save file dialogs doesn't work either, so I have to restart my whole computer
@RedwolfPrograms Danke
2:32 AM
JS is so cursed :/
@cairdcoinheringaahing so then what happens if you have nested functions?
Does arguments refer to its calling function, or only the inner most?
Looks like arguments refers to the inner most function, likely because of JS closures?
That just sounds like context variables with extra steps
2:42 AM
> NaN Stands for Not a Number but if you ask for the type it actually returns a number
Not Number is Number
Blame IEEE764 standards for that
> you’ll need eight symbols, one for each of the usual tic-tac-toe symbols.
> The first player, the naughts player, puts a character at the center of each of the nine positions.
Time to start a flame war in the tic-tac-toe fandom :P
> Pity we can’t use the actual tic-tac-toe symbols, but it’s not really an issue.
2:51 AM
Also, none of those codepoints match the symbol next to them.
Oh lol
It also reuses hearts and spades, but with different code points :P
Like I said:
> Almost every part of this is wrong.
> When tic-tac-toe is first set up, the board consists of nine positions (3x3), and two players.
@AaronMiller Even that's wrong :P
Wdym? Looks right to me :p
> Use a while loop with a condition that will always be true:

var i = 0; while (true) { console.log(i); i++; }
I mean... it does count to 10 :P
Yo @cairdcoinheringaahing gpt3 has a crush on you
two of those work.
@lyxal wdym?
2:58 AM
...Can I date an AI? :P
@lyxal Hmm… It almost sounds like Caird will never give you up, let you down, run around, or desert you.
> Why is Caird so Caird?

Caird is named after the artist Robert Caird. He is also the patron spirit of artists. This is why his spirit shows up here.

What does the Caird spirit look like?

In a picture he looks like a tall man with long hair wearing a white tunic(robe).

How did Caird get his powers?

Caird is very old. He got his powers from other people who came before him. He has a lot of experience.

What does his spirit do?

Caird's spirit acts like an artist. He loves to paint pictures. He also has a great sense of humor.
This is all fact
BTW, can you help with my assessment?
Except "Caird is named after the artist Robert Caird" I have never heard of Robert Caird
3:01 AM
> Why is Caird so Caird?

Because he is.
@Ausername No, but I can help you help yourself with your assessment :P
> Who is Aaron Miller?

Miller has been on the political scene in Iowa for years. He was a top aide to former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, who was Secretary of Agriculture under President Barack Obama. Miller also worked as the Iowa state director for the Department of Agriculture under Obama, and he was the Iowa state director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016.

Miller was also the executive director of the Iowa Democratic Party from 2010 to 2013, and he served in the same role for the Iowa Democratic Party from 2005 to 2009.
@lyxal Hey, stop doxxing me
Aaron David Miller (born March 25, 1949) is an American Middle East analyst, author, and negotiator. He is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, focusing on U.S. foreign policy. He previously was vice president for new initiatives at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and has been an advisor to both Republican and Democratic secretaries of state. He is a Global Affairs Analyst for CNN.Miller worked for the United States Department of State for 24 years (1978–2003). Between 1988 and 2003, Miller served six secretaries of state as an advisor on Arab...
@AaronMiller it's only fair after gpt3 practically gave away everything about my people
3:02 AM
One og these is probably you, but I have no idea which :p
@Ausername None of those are blue-green swirls, so I doubt it
@Ausername I can confirm that at least 6 of those people are not me. Maybe more.
A username face reveal :P
Oh noes!
Apparently we can buy coupons for you: couponbirds.com/codes/aaronbmiller.com
3:08 AM
@Ausername I'd argue none work, as they all use < 10, so they don't count to 10
Welcome to the TNB, where we have a sentient group of subatomic particles, a patron spirit of artists, a wolf, a former Iowa state director, the remnants of a long lost race of intergalactic beings and more
> sentient group of subatomic particles
@Ausername I’ve actually read that article before, because that is no joke my full name.
@cairdcoinheringaahing hyper-neutrino
@lyxal Ooh, what am I?
@AaronMiller Oh lol
3:09 AM
@lyxal Isn't everything that's sentient a group of subatomic particles?
@Ausername I need something more than "A Username" to work with
Try it
In fact, isn't everything either a subatomic particle or a group of subatomic particles
@Ausername I have
@AaronMiller Revealed
@lyxal Oh well
Fine, try my github thingy, chunkybanana.
3:11 AM
@Ausername You seem to have a letter wrong there :P
It always treats "A Username" as if it was username/password
> my username is "A" and my password is "username"
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh oops
> ChunkyBanana is a Youtube personality from Seattle, Washington. He is known for his videos about gaming, comic books, and other pop culture related content. He has been uploading videos to YouTube since his first video was posted on August 23, 2007.
I'm pretty much on the other side of the globe from Seattle
Oh wait no
I'm not
3:13 AM
@lyxal we also have a famous YouTube personality, a Kirby and a string that has nothing to do with any other string
And four bots.
Which is the fourth?
Because there's @NewPosts @OldSandboxPosts @SandboxPosts but I can't think of the fourth
Hyper is a subatomic particle though
@lyxal all operating under a single hivemind too
Because that's what the nineteenth byte has come to
@cairdcoinheringaahing No, everything is either a potato or not a potato.
> What is “The Nineteenth Byte”?

The Nineteenth Byte is the final episode of the first season of the Popcorn Taxi Podcast. It is a short one, but it is a good one. It is the first episode where we get to talk about an old movie, and we chose one that was on my list.
3:18 AM
So this is all a podcast
Yep, a single (short) episode of a podcast.
10 years is "short"
> Why is ChunkyBanana?

For an explanation please check out this blog post.
@AaronMiller I suppose that makes sense
> Prompt: Why is ChunkyBanana?

I love bananas and I love cream

Is ChunkyBanana safe?

Yes we have checked thoroughly for yucky stuff. We even had to swab our bananas with cotton wool!

How many bananas are in a jar?

3:23 AM
It says four like it's really proud that it managed to squish another banana into the jar
lmao yeah
I honestly found that challenge because Shaggy was bragging about the same thing
Next time you judge my language design decisions, remember that the legacy 05ab1e version does this: Try it online!
I’m judging your language design decisions. Why doesn’t Vyxal make a snake?
New builtin?
I'm just going to go through that list and try to beat everything on it
3:27 AM
øs (any a) = turn a into a snake
øc (any a) = turn a into a convertible
What do y'all think of my new elements? :p
I think your alignment is off, and it's annoying me...
øa (any a) = turn a into Rick Astley
That's impossible
You can't just go recreating our king like that
!!/run lyxal
3:30 AM
@lyxal When you say “our”, are you including me in that?
1 message moved from Vyxal
3 hours ago, by caird coinheringaahing
Legend tells of the King of the Lyxal, a great man by the name "Rick of Astley". He is most well known for his timeless love ballad, which has been adapted into the war cry of the Lyxal
Does that mean I’m a Lyxal, too?
3:31 AM
Are you the last of your kind...
@AaronMiller Unless you want to be...
@Ausername supposedly not
> The matter of fact is, most Lyxal scholars are still working on these theories. For now, though, it seems that there are a significant number of Lyxal still alive in some of the more remote pockets of Earth.
> Who is 2x-1?

I won't tell you.
@AaronMiller which order of society are you in?
3:34 AM
What language do the Lyxal speak?
@AaronMiller that seems accurate to code golf lore
> Lyxal speak a language that is similar to English that has evolved over time through human contact (since they were once human). It has its own grammar but feels somewhat similar to English speech in some ways especially because it shares many words with it.
Oh yes
@lyxal No idea; I only just learned that I am a Lyxal
> Lyxal is the first and only form of injectable vitamin A that is being introduced into the Australian market.
> Australian
Oh no
Welp, who wants to go commit arson with me
3:38 AM
> Why is Lyxal?

Lyxal is the one who can save us.
Apparently Lyxal is good for remembering.
Some of these are taking up a lot of space, could gists be used for the longer ones?
Which is Lyxal?
@Ausername Me and Aaron so far it seems
For some reason, no matter what the context, GPT-3 is adamant that Lyxal is either a medication or a medication company. :/
i mean it's not like it's not a drug brand name sounding kinda thing
3:44 AM
(Pronounced "licks-it-all"? :p)
Must be Lyxitol for a xylitol derivative
Isn't xylitol an artificial sweetener?
Lyxal is apparently good for memory, weight loss, acne, shampoo, skin care, diabetes treatment, antiseptics, infection prevention, etc.
> Which is Lyxal?

The truth is that I don't know.

I have no idea.
I took Lyxal and after just four weeks, I lost 40 pounds, remembered every event which has ever happened to me, my skin started literally glowing, and every microbe within ten feet of me dies when I look at it.
Apparently it’s also a perfume line that’s, quote, “all about exploring the world of emotions and sensuality through perfumes.”
3:55 AM
@AaronMiller this is just NGE dialogue
@RedwolfPrograms that's the lyxal worm working its magic
It looks like K's gonna be the next LoTM :p
@Razetime NGE?
neon genesis evangelion
3:58 AM
i would assume neon genesis evangelion

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