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12:00 AM
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI with a few adjustments
fun fact: there is a python module that lets you use goto statements
@Wezl That looks really cool
@hyper-neutrino It's vile :P
@hyper-neutrino Nice!
12:02 AM
The absolute abuse of the . operator to make it work is horrible :P
It's beautiful.
Honestly, that's jenius.
The xkcd shown there makes me wonder what the most popular/well-known/shared xkcd comics are
Nominations are now closed for TNB Room Owners. You can see the nominations here.
Most people are familiar with Bobby Tables. Goto is pretty well-known as well, so is "I am a human typing with my human hands". Wonder what else
12:04 AM
comefrom statement >>> goto statement
@hyper-neutrino Couldn't wait for New Meta Posts, eh? :P
@hyper-neutrino That a bitshift?
Very painful to implement
It's around 1kb
12:05 AM
@ChartZBelatedly don't want to pin the onebox anyway :P granted, i could just edit down the onebox into this message
Need to do a final byte count
a proposal: you know how a += b is more or less a = a + b? let's make a >= b do the same with a = a > b
Q: New Room Owners for TNB - Nominations Phase

hyper-neutrinoBy community consensus, we will be having more room owners for The Nineteenth Byte. We will be selecting new room owners via the following process: For one week (lasting until UTC midnight on Tuesday, April 13th), nominations will be accepted as answers on this meta post. Votes here don't matter...

oh, that was pretty fast, thanks new meta posts :D
@hyper-neutrino Yes, so long as we can go back to using ≤ and ≥ for less than or equal to and the other one
12:07 AM
@ChartZBelatedly nah, just use !(a > b) for a <= b
"The Jelly way" :P
@NewMetaPosts Posted at 2 seconds past midnight UTC :P
Prolog uses => or something like that
Exactly 1kib :O
@ChartZBelatedly i tried my best ;-;
It's in HTML+JS, too
12:08 AM
@hyper-neutrino "more or less", when is it different?
@ChartZBelatedly in java, a += b is valid when a is an integer and b is a double, but not a = a + b
Wait no it's 1035 bytes :(
@hyper-neutrino Well, that's Java :P
@hyper-neutrino God I hate explicit typing ಠ_ಠ
That first example not returning 5.5 is just bad
12:10 AM
in c++ both work like a+=b in java
@ChartZBelatedly well, it's an int, so it can't be 5.5, lol
@hyper-neutrino Because a += b is a = (int) a + b or something like that, not a = a + b
@hyper-neutrino Should this be tagged now?
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI yeah, it basically force casts it. also btw, i think you'd have to do (int) (a + b)
Speaking of that, I've been meaning to edit the newly tagged posts into the FAQ
@hyper-neutrino For some dumb reason, this doesn't work with > in Scala, but >> is the closest I can get.
12:12 AM
@ChartZBelatedly good point, on the :P
@hyper-neutrino Oh right, operator precedence
@hyper-neutrino you don't need a module for that
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI i mean, it's cuz >= is tokenized into greater-than-or-equal, but >>= is just the standard (binop)= modifying operator with bitshift
i mean sure, but I don't know how to do that myself xd
12:14 AM
fairly straightforward tbh lol at least doing it this hacky way is just patching bytecode
@hyper-neutrino You're right that >= is probably special-cased, but there's nothing special about >>
Also, that adds a lot of overhead to any file wanting to use it, rather than just import goto
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI yeah, hence why >>= works as >> + = rather than being grouped
@ChartZBelatedly a small function > several hundred lines of a dependency
you can always stick it in a module
@hyper-neutrino Yeah
I need to file a bug report to make it more consistent so I can go break more stuff :P
12:17 AM
wait you can just create any infix operator you want without even needing to override existing ones? ???
CMC: What does a "dead fish" (>++>) do in a language of your choice? Try to be creative (rather than say, brainfuck). You can insert it into any (reasonable) piece of code to demonstrate it but you can't "break" the fish
@hyper-neutrino There's no overriding or anything, even + and stuff are proper methods
@ChartZBelatedly Can one define a method or something using the dead fish?
Try and go for the default behaviour, if possible
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI oh I see, that's cool
12:18 AM
@ChartZBelatedly looks up the variable >++>, obviously :P
in APL it is a train that errors as > does not have a monadic form
It does in Dyalog Extended, though, I think
> GreaterThan > 🔶 with TAO; monad: is-strictly-negative/is-visible
12:21 AM
in jelly as a monadic chain, it seems to check whether or not a number is positive :P
Jelly (monadic) would be ((n > n) + n) + n) > n, which is the same as 2n > n
the first > always results in 0 because a number can't be greater than itself, so the two plusses end up making it (0 + a) + a or 2a, so the return value is 2a > a which is just whether or not a is positive
i have been ninja'd
Jelly (dyadic) would be (x > y) + (x + y) > y
Those chaining rules are so complicated
12:23 AM
Kinda :P
oh right, i forgot about the unique 2,2,2-chaining rules at the beginning of dyadic chains
Monadic rules are just "compose the dyads"
Dyadic chains are weird tho :P
i'd say the chaining rules are what make jelly hard and also what make it so efficient because clever manipulation of link order and golfy usage of quicks lets you cut out a lot of stuff other languages need bytes to do with the implicit rules
that, or you have a built-in or three that just solve the challenge
@hyper-neutrino Dennis was scarily good at designing the chaining rules to be pretty close to optimal, especially in monadic chains
CMP: How many of y'all are nominating yourselves (or think you'll be nominated) as ROs?
12:27 AM
I'll nominate myself since I have some chat moderation experience
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI hmmmmm I should nominate myself /s
(off SE)
Every time I go to Area 51, I no longer think our unfixed bugs are bad
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I'm nominated, which will encourage others to get nominated to remove the bad default :P
> ● Analyst × 2 Left 10 comments with score of 10 or more
That's a gold badge on Area 51
> Display name may only be changed once every 30 days; you may change again in 19 hours
Only 19 hours until I go back to caird :P
12:34 AM
yesterday, by Original Original Original VI
Aside: ChartZ should name themselves Lil Chart Z when their 30 days are over :P
@ChartZBelatedly any reason why? (other than it being better)
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I thought about it, but I prefer to stick with one username pretty consistently
Maybe in a few months :P
CMQ: reasons why y'all think I shouldn't be an RO (asking for nomination purposes)
honesty and seriousness appreciated in answers
@Lyxal No offense, but you act a little immature sometimes. That'd probably change if you became an RO, but still
(doesn't apply to you, but it reminded me to bring this up)
One potential con for you is that you have <10k total network rep, meaning that you are unable to handle any flags raised in the room — ChartZ Belatedly 10 mins ago
12:36 AM
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI good I like this feedback
give me more
Note that ROs can't handle flags if they don't have 10k+ network rep, which could potentially be a problem
oh yeah not that it really matters but you do have to have 100 reputation otherwise i can't make you a room owner. just a technicality xD
Not a big deal, but your timezone means you're not here when a lot of spam is posted (read: when I'm awake)
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI ah, but I can handle the spam when y'all aren't awake
@Lyxal You've got a sw**r word in your pfp :P
(Only 90% joking tbh)
12:38 AM
Also, since you love anything with "69" in it, if I post spam containing the number 69, you will be physically unable to delete it.
Yeah, I know, I'm ChartZ, not JoKing, or even 90% of JoKing
@ChartZBelatedly no, you're 0% JoKing. You're 100% ChartZ
Is "frick" a swear word?
@ChartZBelatedly wow I got ninja'd
@Lyxal Get sniped :P
12:38 AM
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I'd make an exception
@Lyxal I mean, I was kidding, but that's good to know
Argh, my typeclass is useless because I need dynamic dispatch
I just wasted the entire day solving a problem that didn't even matter
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI >= and =< to save operators for arrows
Oh, I see, it's just the <= that's weird
if i forget, someone remind me to leave a section on the voting post for room owners reminding people to make sure their votes went through
i'll be copying all of the nominations over to the actual voting post so if you upvote/downvote too many of the candidates you might get your votes deleted for serial voting for me xD
Ah yes, I just opened a chat room to copy-paste something, forgot I wanted to copy-paste that thing, closed the chat room and realised I needed it open.
12:45 AM
classic :P it's the whole walking into a room and immediately forgetting what you need but for the internet
CMQ how many of you have ever opened your phone to check the time, closed your phone, and immediately realized you don't know what the time is because you saw it and didn't actually register it
@hyper-neutrino yes
but now I have a watch that eliminates that need
@hyper-neutrino ...I feel attacked :P
This happens to me with my watch too, but it's less of a problem because it doesn't take much to look at my watch again
:57556372 ?
That's an old but funny joke, but why post it here?
if you think you're gonna make me remove my vote for you on the nominations post you're wrong
Added my nomination
12:54 AM
@Lyxal even if I replace mine with a downvote? /s
@Wezl yes
even if you do that
@Wezl plot twist: lyxal's vote is already a downvote
@RedwolfPrograms it doesn't matter than you're not 10k on main BTW
you're 10k network-wide so you can see and vote on chat flags
I know, but beeing able to see deleted posts might be something useful I guess
well, true. not really for RO, but i suppose
I didn't want to have more "reasons for" than "reasons against" :p
12:56 AM
I'm going to nominate myself; are there any reasons against me other than me not being as experienced as other users here?
Nominated myself
We're all tied lol
it's not the voting though
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI do you mean "being more inexperienced than", "not being as experienced as", or am i misreading
Votes on the nominations don't mean anything tho :P
12:57 AM
I'm trying to golf code, talk in chat, and cook food at the same time and it's not going well :p
@hyper-neutrino Oops, I started out writing "not being as experienced" and then decided I wanted to say "more inexperienced than" but didn't remove the "not being as"
@RedwolfPrograms imagine being able to cook
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI no
@RedwolfPrograms Let me guess - it went wrong at the first step
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI Nothing comes to mind, no
12:58 AM
@RedwolfPrograms as someone who can't do any of the three, it wouldn't go well if i tried either :P
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI No I just started it way too late because I prioritized code golf over my family's hunger
Alright, time to throw my hat into the ring, then
@RedwolfPrograms A good choice.
@RedwolfPrograms imagine being able to cook for more than one person
NGL this nomination lineup is more or less exactly what I expected :P
Didn't expect Wezl to, and I still have an eye on a couple of other users to throw their hats in, but generally, this has gone as expected :P
I just voted for everyone :P
1:00 AM
@ChartZBelatedly you actually expected me to nominate?
Wezl got dv'ed
Wezl the surprise challenger
@Lyxal Figured you probably would :P
@ChartZBelatedly i didn't know I would
until I thought I'd give it a go
@OldSandboxPosts Hi!
Oh wait that's not a new user
1:01 AM
@ChartZBelatedly how do you know more about me than me?
No, it's an Old one.
Oh man, now I'm gonna get an email next week from SE telling me to check OSP's inbox :P
@ChartZBelatedly why?
@Lyxal I have email notifications on for OSP in case something goes wrong
OSP needs a pfp
1:03 AM
@ChartZBelatedly curious: what's an example of an email telling you something is wrong?
As in, what do you consider "wrong"?
Feel free to suggest any, I'll change it to one I like :P
oh i have the best idea
one second please
@Lyxal e.g. an automod message telling me that the account was suspended for "bot-like" behaviour, stuff like that
It's more of a "just in case" kinda thing
Or, if for whatever reason, I'm not responding to pings about any problems with the bot, you lot can ping OSP and it'll get through to me. Last ditch kind of stuff
@Wezl ^
I took new sandboxed posts and added an old photo filter
1:07 AM
Put a beard on them
I'm not that good at photo editing
pixels so +1
@Lyxal because it's an old version of New Sandboxed Posts lol.
That filter added grainyness which does not go good with pixel art
@Lyxal ngl, thought it'd have some reference to 69 or 420, so glad to be surprised :P
1:09 AM
> I have a cool and original username, although I'm going to change it back to "user" soon.
I might have to challenge you to a username-off for the coolest and original-est username :P
@hyper-neutrino That's pretty cool
it's probably best that we don't make it even similar to NSP, but i mean, they post in significantly different formats, lol, so it's not like they'd be confused with each other too easily
@ChartZBelatedly thanks, i spent like 30 seconds in paint3d with the pixel pen
OTOH, it's much more "crisp" than NSP, so it looks newer :P
that's probably cuz i shrunk it from 128x128 to 16x16 and cleaned up the background to be solid white and then expanded it to 256x256 without any blurring or anything just to make it visible in chat :P
@ChartZBelatedly oh the irony
@OldSandboxPosts do you like your new pfp?
They've left :P
This is so sad
They join at 1:00 UTC and leave at 1:15 UTC every day :P
Hang on so there's no old posts today?
1:18 AM
None that haven't already been posted
There should be a couple tomorrow
@ChartZBelatedly you go to great lengths to explain quote notation without explaining much on how to reverse the process
@Lyxal Yeah, as far as I know, there isn't a method to reverse the process
fwiw, it has a sky
I like that one, although the sand could be a bit lighter
1:22 AM
Aside from constructing the rational number as the composition of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of rational numbers you already know the quote-notation form of
@ChartZBelatedly but that's the whole point of the challenge. Surely there's some algorithm that exists that does it
@Lyxal Aside from what I already said, I'm not aware of one
I did some deep research into these, I couldn't find any papers on a solid algorithm for the reverse, aside from taking a and b, converting them to quote notation (0'a and 0'b) and dividing them, per the long division algorithm stated in the Wiki article
Quote notation isn't a very widespread concept :P
The answer below mine put no effort in and got +14 :(
They had more space wasted on variable names and whitespace than I had actual code :p
Also how did I get another downvote :/
It's on a question that I actually like, too
Oh that's fun. I just found a mistake in the quote notation wiki
Here, it says "To negate, complement each digit, and then add 1.". What it should say is "To negate, complement each digit, and then add 1 to the final digit"
For example, 6'7.2 = 8/15. By their method, -8/15 = 3'3.7. However, 3'3.7 = 11/30. Instead, 3'2.8 = -8/15
1 hour later…
2:54 AM
Here's a number->quote: tio.run/##TVBhS8MwEP28/…
surprised there isn't a built-in function for it xD
@att That fails for examples such as 8/15, where y is a non-integer
3:35 AM
ah yeah, that's built only for quote "integers"
3:48 AM
I swear, if someone decides to downvote one of my questions now that I've spent a bunch of effort getting back to a multiple of ten.....
@RedwolfPrograms you know the rules, and so do I :)
I just need to be extremely careful not to repcap today
@hyper-neutrino is a full commitment what you're thinking of?
@Lyxal They wouldn't get this from any other guy
oh yeah i forgot it's not yesterday
(wait that sounds really stupid out of context) i forgot the day already rolled over cuz UTC, so i was confused how you could be careful not to repcap if you already had today lol
also, if you repcap, doesn't that keep you at a multiple of 10, since 10 | 200?
3:56 AM
No, because I started today at a multiple of ten plus four, so if I repcapped it'd still be that
ah. well that would be unfortunate then
i don't have a single account across the network with a multiple of 5 as my reputation
4:35 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Redwolf ProgramsOverwrite a string on a tape code-golf string Take the string abcdfghjk. To overwrite it, starting from f, with the string efgh, you would continue along the original, replacing each character with the one from the replacement string. The result would be abcdefghk. Now, consider a string which w...

@Bubbler Thanks!
Q: Truncate continued fractions

BubblerRelated: Cleaning up decimal numbers Background A continued fraction is a way to represent a real number as a sequence of integers in the following sense: $$ x = a_0 + \frac{1}{a_1 + \frac{1}{a_2 + \frac{1}{\ddots + \frac{1}{a_n}}}} = [a_0; a_1,a_2,\cdots,a_n] $$ Finite continued fractions repres...

5:22 AM
@ChartZBelatedly tio.run/…
This one should work for all rationals
The third term tracks the decimal point
Can't really think of a more elegant way than adding the Boole[n>0&&x!={0}] term to correctly handle numbers with nonnegative nonrepeating decimal expansions
6:12 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerGolf your finger-strokes in Flow Free: Warps code-golf grid Background Flow Free is a series of puzzle games whose objective is to connect all the same-colored pairs of dots on the grid. Flow Free: Warps introduces the "warping" mechanic: a line connecting two dots can go through the border of th...

@NewSandboxedPosts Fun fact: I've solved well over 4000 levels in the game, and my finger strokes are still not optimized.
@Bubbler speaking of games you play, I've found myself frustrated more than once at failing to properly swipe a match in Match Land
(Also, if you like similar kinds of puzzles, you should definitely try it. It has one of the most creative level designs and its line control is very smooth)
I've played my fair share of Flow back in the day
@Lyxal Lol. I make mistakes there too, except that it's usually not about finger misses, but mistakes while executing planned moves
6:18 AM
@Lyxal of course - why do you think I spent so long writing it all for free if not to help out our boy Scott Morrison?
@pxeger helping scomo is a very good cause
@pxeger lol
Joe Biden? #notmypresident
1 hour later…
7:25 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

okieDetermine Circles code-golfmathgeometry Giving n(any amount) of points (x,y). What's the minimum amount of circles required to cross every point given? For example: (Improving) 1,2,3 points will always need 1 circle only to cross them out. but 4 points may need 2 circles, or 1 (Determined by wher...

7:42 AM
woah woah woah ... you can check vote breakdown from search results?!?
oh that is so cool
8:02 AM
So you can see challenges posted in the sandbox in the nineteenth byte?
That's nice.
8:29 AM
@math A bot does this after a few minutes challenge is posted
8:49 AM
Q: The Game of Cat And Mice | With Matrices

mathChallenge This coding challenge is to figure out how many rounds the cat can live. In a \$4\times4\$ matrix, there are a number of mice and exactly 1 cat. Example: $$ \begin{array} {|r|r|}\hline 🐭 & 🐭 & 🐭 & ⬜ \\ \hline ⬜ & 🐭 & ⬜ & ⬜ \\ \hline ⬜ & ⬜ & 🐱⬜ & 🐭 \\ \hline 🐭 & 🐭 & 🐭 & 🐭 \\ \h...

9:32 AM
hi all
hi anush
9:46 AM
1 hour later…
11:15 AM
great conversation guys
@rak1507 hi
CMQ: how many unread emails do you have?
I've got ~10k on one account lol
on my main email account I have 122 unread in my inbox and then 605 unread in a separate subfolder which is a mailing list I'm on that I never bother reading
@Lyxal 135
Actually, that's email threads wiht at least one unread email. Problem is that every single one requires some non-trivial action from me :-(
I have an issue with allowing unread emails, so 0
@Lyxal I've got 39718 just in my biggest account
11:50 AM
@Lyxal too many
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

l4m2Computer Tree Consider an infinite amount of same computers building a tree, running same program. Each computer has infinite memory and infinite pins 0 to Infinity, where pin 0 connect to its parent, or the IO we see for the root; and pin 1..Inf connect to its childs. Each connection is bidirect...

12:26 PM
When does the bounty cap increase beyond 500? I expected it to happen when I reached 5000 rep, but I've reached 5001 and I'm still maxed out at 500-rep bounties.
@Lyxal 0
@Deadcode Bounties are always capped at 500, no matter your rep
@ChartZBelatedly Oh. Some open bounties are listed higher than 500. So would these be broken up into multiple bounties to multiple answers?
Or multiple bounties back-to-back on the same answer (does the site allow that)?
@Deadcode Yeah, you can award as many 500 rep bounties as you like on a question
(Only 1 at a time though)
There is a good chance that I will hit 10k today!
I think you can go 50, 100, 200, 400, 500, 500, 500, etc. on a single answer if you want to award amounts less than 500 to begin with
@RedwolfPrograms Good luck!
12:41 PM
As long as I don't repcap or get downvoted and have a screenshot of 9998 or something :p
@Deadcode Congrats on 5k by the way!
@Lyxal only 78
I have 4 unread emails but I already know the contents of them and just choose to ignore them because it means I have to do work
I have almost almost 0 actual people mailing me, just mailing lists and gh notifications
@ChartZBelatedly why didn't you tell us you published a jelly tutorial?
12:42 PM
@Lyxal Because I haven't published it yet, it's still in progress :P
Did you know you can change the parent site associated with your chat user? Is this new?
@ChartZBelatedly Thanks! It's going to be a long haul to 10k though.
@pxeger Nope, been around for years
@RedwolfPrograms just 40 rep left
Don't get your voting reversed, I saw those three upvotes :p
12:44 PM
I only do 3 at a time
I'm not that stupid
Also, (nobody snipe me), can I get an upvote on this? I want to make a synonym of
@RedwolfPrograms Other way around maybe?
@RedwolfPrograms just two votes away from 10k
So close
is on 8 questions, is on 21
I think encoding is a better name, though
12:47 PM
@RedwolfPrograms agreed
Having the tag be a verb is kind of weird
There's also
@RedwolfPrograms congratulations on the 10k!!!
well in that case it probably should be
Yay! Now I can see deleted posts!
12:48 PM
Wow, yeah, congrats @RedwolfPrograms!
Enjoy the Sandbox :P
Welcome to the club!
@RedwolfPrograms let me get the guacamole question link for you
You actually have a link to that? Why?
12:49 PM
context for us <10k plebians?
@RedwolfPrograms now you can see the cringe I've deleted over time too
I just really hope SE doesn't screw this all up
lol what
It became a meme back in 2015/2016
12:51 PM
I gotta go to school now, be back on in about half an hour
I'm off to bed.
Ok, should , and be made synonyms of each other?
Which should stay?
I mostly stayed up to see redwolf get 10k
12:52 PM
@ChartZBelatedly I can suggest both as synonyms of encoding, if you want
At least, when SE realizes I have a tag score of 6 and not (some number below 5)
Just save one for me so I can get synonymizer :p
I wish to speak to the manager. Why is it snowing at a time that personally inconveniences me?
I have a score of 15 in , but only 1 in and zero in :/
@pxeger Because the UK has stupid weather

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