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12:03 AM
Okay, added some checks to my userscript that should make these weird issues less common
It'll now try ten times to obtain what it believes is a reasonable response, separated by four seconds, then if it can't it just errors out
> StackExchange chat is insulated from any such issues [re: Monica etc.] by being effectively unmaintained, which is hardly an ideal defense for your community's main forum.
I mean... yeah
@Adám Do you mind if I "borrow" the "frequently in room" bit for my nomination? I completely forgot that was a thing
@cairdcoinheringaahing i need to get myself onto that. feeling left out as the only mod not there :(
I just made what's quite possible the funniest error I've ever seen but it requires a lot of context to explain :(
Q: Complex Fibonacci numbers

caird coinheringaahingThe Binet formula is a closed form expression for the \$n\$'th Fibonacci number: $$F_n = \frac {\phi^n - (1-\phi)^n} {\sqrt 5}$$ where \$\phi = \frac {1 + \sqrt 5} 2\$ is the golden ratio. This formula works even when \$n\$ is negative or rational, and so can be a basis to calculating "complex Fi...

@hyper-neutrino Clearly the trick is to get JoKing to award over 10k in bounties so that you aren't the only one :p
12:13 AM
ah yes xD
Although, if we're looking at "people who have been mods at one point or another", Alex A is also on page 2
Guess Alex's don't need as much rep to mod as other people :P
my first attempt at the new problem with jelly was 14 bytes :c
Can mods see the edit history of comments? Cause my original comment challenged 15 bytes :P
yes I can, and no your original comment was 12 bytes :P
Ok, well my original code was 15 bytes :P
But that was because I used M, which doesn't have a \$\phi\$ builtin :P
12:19 AM
does 54.99999999999 not count as accurate to within 5 d.p. of 55?
i'm not familiar with the definition; i thought it meant |absolute difference| < 0.000001 or however many zeroes
@cairdcoinheringaahing forgot that existed
I'm not sure, this is one of the issues I always have with f.p challenges
Did Dennis ever give a reason for calling it M?
i hate decimals in general lmao
Given that round(x, 5) gives the correct output, I'll say it's fine
Feel free to clean up my/Noodle's comments
ah okay, thanks. yeah it's always confusing what counts as valid cuz by this definition +0.00001 is valid but -0.0000000000001 isn't so
i hate floating point numbers. life would be so much easier with just rationals or even better just integers :P
12:23 AM
If computers all used rational numbers, I'd be happy :P
how did my jelly answer get 3 upvotes within like 20 seconds of me posting it, lol
@cairdcoinheringaahing i mean, they more or less do, don't they?
just really ugly ones that don't do what you want :/
@hyper-neutrino in my case, I was in the middle of checking my test cases
I was in the middle of making sure I didn't have any wasted votes for absolutely never any particularly good reason
@hyper-neutrino I upvote all valid answers to my challenges (and upvote all challenges I answer)
Answering my challenges is a good way to get rep. Answering my challenges in my languages is an extra good way to get rep, if anyone's wondering :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing can confirm the opposite
Last time i used a language of yours to answer a question of yours I only got 20 rep
very sad
12:28 AM
You should've waited for me to post my deadlineless bounty :P
I just spent an hour writing an answer and realized I'd been outgolfed by 130 bytes in 2015 D:
Ah, the Dennis effect :P
man my usage of chaining is rusty
@hyper-neutrino Just gonna promote my not-at-all finished Recipes for Jelly in that case :P
ooh this looks cool :o i'll take a look :P
12:31 AM
Go ahead, but I do mean "not-at-all finished" :P
I want to do more of the answers to the advanced chains problem, but I know I should probably deal with the easier stuff first :/
Dunno if it'd work for Jelly, but for Ash I'll be making a site with a bunch of puzzle problems where it gives you a program and you golf it
@RedwolfPrograms JHT exercises
> Find the average of the average and median (e.g. f([1, 10, 20, 30])=15.125) Minimum needed bytes: 6
CMC: That. It's doable in 5 bytes in Jelly
For mine I'll make it so that for every problem you solve gives you bytes, and there'd be a leaderboard for who has the most bytes
D: I can't figure out how to use offline jelly
I pip installed it like it says to
but I try doing jelly eu <code>
and it errors
saying jelly isn't a valid command
I recommend having an external Python file and doing import jelly; jelly.main(code, argv, '\n')
@Lyxal Are you on linux or Windows?
12:38 AM
Yeah, those instructions are for Linux (the system Dennis uses)
oh lol
the import method works well
stupid python requests library screwing me over
> C:\Users\steve> py -m jelly eu '+' 1 2
C:\Users\steve\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38-32\python.exe: No module named jelly.__main__; 'jelly' is a package and cannot be directly executed
Well ok then
I was planning to say "hey look I used jelly to execute arbitrary javascript" by doing a get request on a data:text/html, url
but stupid python says "no I don't think you will."
Does SE know about this?
12:44 AM
Stack Overflow in Russian?
@cairdcoinheringaahing ...I thought I understood J trains...
it looks like they have a... translation of QFT? qastack.ru/codegolf/11880/…
For a site that scrapes SE sites, the UI looks pretty nice
12:54 AM
For a minute I actually thought it was a legit Q&A forum
Butter is a dairy product made from the fat and protein components of milk or cream. It is a semi-solid emulsion at room temperature, consisting of approximately 80% butterfat. It is used at room temperature as a spread, melted as a condiment, and used as an ingredient in baking, sauce making, pan frying, and other cooking procedures.
is this a butter moment?
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Count What You See, Sum of two squares, Unique languages
hello there @OldSandboxPosts
@Lyxal i was gonna just delete it, but sure, :P
1:00 AM
@hyper-neutrino very appeasing!
also since when has youtube subtitles allowed for lyrics to be coloured as the video plays (karaoke style)?
usually I wouldn't onebox yt links but I know you wouldn't trust me otherwise
I still don't trust a video with that title.
I think it replaces the entire line of captions each time. if you open the transcript there seem to be N lines for every N words
and also changing the font color doesn't actually change anything, so i think the captions are forcing a specific color and doing this manually
@Lyxal What is this and why did I watch and thoroughly enjoy it
@hyper-neutrino oh so it's specially designed. oh well
@RedwolfPrograms my meme taste
@Lyxal General Kenobi :P
1:13 AM
@RedwolfPrograms if you liked that, you might also like this
just make sure you have 2 hours free to listen to it
My new challenge showed up within my userscript in about ten seconds (it could be a bit less if I changed some settings), its overpowered :D
seconds later, chat crashed and never worked again :p
My new userscript is working!
yay \o/
Q: Overwrite a string on a tape

Redwolf ProgramsTake the string abcdfghjk. To overwrite it, starting from f, with the string efgh, you would continue along the original, replacing each character with the one from the replacement string. The result would be abcdefghk. Now, consider a string which would be too long to fit, like efghijkl. Startin...

1:22 AM
what does the "M" mean?
I like the uppercase :p
It goes Now -> xM -> xH -> xD
I think I'll add a slightly higher pitched version of the chat ping noise to it
(It'll be disabled by default though)
@RedwolfPrograms but then it won't sound like my fridge
Hmm, actually I'm thinking no noise
did you watch the video i linked?
Which one?
1:28 AM
14 mins ago, by Lyxal
@RedwolfPrograms if you liked that, you might also like this
Yeah, I saw the first few minutes of it
I wonder if I can get the userscript to send desktop notifications
I'm not adding tags to it for now, since I like the simpler UI and I don't think they're absolutely necessary
possible to edit a bounty?
don't believe so
I love it when rain just starts falling heavily for no good reason
Like I'm just sitting here doing code golf and all of a sudden loud rain
and it wasn't raining before, either
1:39 AM
@Wezl well, I don't have a bounty to test with, lol
oh actually i remember i did try to edit one once. no you cannot edit a bounty
if there's something majorly wrong with it you can ask me to cancel it
all of my bounties are just perfect thank you :P
@RedwolfPrograms xD
btw why is the bounty message optional, but there's a minimum length if you add it?!? >:|
another complaint: I used NBSPs and SE still squishes them
Turns out writing my own question was the easiest way to get a bunch of answers to test my userscript with :p
I want to see how the CSS handles overflow, then I'll reload the page
I've updated it so that it'll check more often for the first ten seconds, meaning it'll detect new posts faster
1:57 AM
10 seconds wasn't fast enough for you? xD
I might try 500ms if 2.5s feels too laggy
If it can be faster why not :p
That's an extra 7500ms to FGITW stuff review new challenges to ensure our site maintains an appropriate level of quality
@Wezl your bounty on the jimmy question is already claimed by Stax without regex
2:14 AM
but there are still ~7 days left
CMQ: Have you ever accidentally competed to outgolf one of your own answers, in the same language, without realizing it was yours?
No, I always check who posted the answer so I can be sure not to waste time trying to golf it if it's written by Arnauld :p
@Deadcode no because no one else uses my languages lol ;p
@Deadcode I've written the same answer to the same question repeatedly before :P
2:29 AM
@NewMainPosts scratch answer coming shortly
just gotta do the write up
as in that means I have the program working i just gotta generate sb syntax
CMQ: What's a funny three letter word with unique letters?
@RedwolfPrograms Link please? :P
context: I need parameter names and I want to make it somewhat funny
@Lyxal watch me be a 10 year old: sex :P
(sorry, couldn't resist)
2:31 AM
that might break Scratch TOS
idk tho
@cairdcoinheringaahing Haha cool, which one?
@RedwolfPrograms I edited the example in your challenge; it took me a few readthroughs to understand the example because you reused the f
@Deadcode Oh, I don't keep track :P It generally goes "This looks like a cool challenge, can whip up a short Jelly answer. Oh, look, I also got a 5 byte Jelly answer, let's see the other answer... oh, right"
2:47 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Coming soon! Just doing a bit more testing and adding some features and customization.
@RedwolfPrograms I'm happy to bug test if you need a tester :)
Here's my current version, just go to codegolf.stackexchange.com/posts/new and it'll list new posts as they're made
Did you basically just commandeer a 404 page for this? :P
@RedwolfPrograms Is there any way to see new activity when not on the tab?
(Like how the active page shows (n) for n newly active questions)
Never mind, Lyxal just answered that :P
2:54 AM
Did it work? I happened to close my laptop right as it got posted :p
Yep, got a (1) in the tab icon :P
I think I can overwrite it before the first paint actually, so you can't even see it flash the 404 page
3:13 AM
Okay, that works now
Only annoyance is that Chrome caches the title, but it's the 404 one so you still get a split second of "page not found" before it gets fixed
Hey caird can you stop controlling my phone's battery? It was on 69% and I was just about to say here "haha my battery is 69%" but as soon as I wrote 69 it went to 68%. The way it changed is as if caird knew I was referencing the funny number.
Did you not hear? I've taken over all electronic devices in an attempt to rival Redwolf's hivemind :P
doesn't that mean redwolf's taken over all electronic devices?
No, just all of their user's minds
Nah, the username change was a way to confuse the hivemind enough to escape it :P
3:25 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing yeah but you didn't have to ruin my joke :p
are weasels part of redwolf, or are they safe for now?
It's safer to be a part of redwolf
it should be opt-in though
Heck, my github account states that I'm part of redwolf
@Wezl no it isn't
You don't get a choice
@Lyxal Its very possible I'll be part of the "fun police" soon enough, I need to get practice ruining jokes :P
3:26 AM
@Wezl I've explained this before
Everyone is redwolf whether they like it or not
right, but does everyone include weasels?

The truth is accidentally leaked

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Look, don't fight it. Embrace it
As I told original original original vi,
We have cookies and decent health care
What more do you want?
@Lyxal I'm not getting that
@Wezl you don't want health care?
What the frick is wrong with you?
I'm saying I'm not currently getting that
3:30 AM
Everyone wants free health care
@Wezl oh
We have cookies! The tasty kind!
Well under the hivemind, it's complementary
Submit to it and enjoy the benefits
@Lyxal I prefer to die like a real man: of easily preventable problems :P
3:48 AM
Lol both of my tabs on my mobile browser are tnb
There's no escaping the chat for me
Like, every tab are tnb?
Two tabs
Both TNB
Ok, so I think I've found my second favourite userscript @RedwolfPrograms :P
Any ideas for potentially useful features?
11 hours ago, by Wezl
my friend just showed me my new favorite PPCG userscript: ((d,e)=>{e = d.createElement("style");e.innerHTML = "*{ background: radial-gradient(red, green, red); }";d.head.appendChild(e);})(document)
this is still the best
3:53 AM
@RedwolfPrograms I'm not sure how often it "clears" the new posts, but having it do so every 15 mins or so would be helpful
I'll add that, good idea. I'll make it customizable, so you can decide how long a post sits in the list before being discarded.
Also, just because it fits with the SE style, I'd change M to mins or maybe m
I'll make the text that displays below customizable as well, I like the M but I'll make it default to m I guess
@RedwolfPrograms Have you added tags to questions? There hasn't been a new one since I downloaded it
No, I'll add that too. Should it use SE's normal tag styling, or just plain text?
3:57 AM
If you can use the normal styling, that'd be best
Also (tell me if I'm suggesting too much), if each new answer is supposed to stay for however long, having a score/votes would be a good idea
That'd be cool, but it might cause problems with API quotas since I'd probably have to query it for the votes
I could use the sockets maybe
I might add that in a later update
Finally (and I think this is my last idea): what about including the language (and maybe score?) in the answers? So Jonah's recent answer would be "J, 31 bytes". Perhaps scan for <h1> in answers?
How'd that be formatted? Would it be the link text, or maybe two links on the line?
Maybe like the following?
Overwrite a string on a tape
2M : Jonah (16,225) (J, 31 bytes)
If there's no <h1> element detected, then leaving it blank would work just as well
That looks good, I'll add that
4:08 AM
if I want to add an answer to a post and i already have a deleted answer on it, is it fine to edit the new one into the old one and undelete it or should i add a new one
unsure of if we have a policy/general practice for this
@hyper-neutrino Depends on the language imo
if you answered then deleted a Python answer, then want to answer with Java, create a new answer IMO
ah, okay. makes sense
@RedwolfPrograms You might want to include mod diamonds when mods post :P
> Overwrite a string on a tape
Now : hyper-neutrino (27,818)
Not sure if there's a way to do that without another API query, let me check
Oh, there is
this is close to one of the most beautiful things I've ever listened tp
4:15 AM
i'm glad deleting rooms prompts for confirmation cuz i almost deleted the sandbox lol
@hyper-neutrino well done
I'm not at all worried by that :p
@Lyxal in my defense, delete/move messages and delete room are right on top of each other
@hyper-neutrino Just contact a staff member if something goes wrong :P
> 18000 messages deleted
I think I can just undelete the room myself lol...
4:16 AM
Just...uh...scroll past any of my questions if you see them :p
@hyper-neutrino Delete TNB :P
this is talking about the chat room sandbox not the meta post in case it was unclear lol
TBF the same applies to both
also i assume SE wouldn't make it so easy to cause damage by just misclicking by a tiny bit but who knows
since when tf can't i have leading 0s on my numbers in python?
4:18 AM
it was used for octal in python 2
Since always
i'll be more careful and aim for the right side of the "delete/move messages" link cuz it extends past the freeze and delete options so if i miss by a bit i'll click the blank space xD
Python's very "by the book Zen"
I'm so used to using SE search I googled "API docs" and expected it to give me what I wanted :|
4:39 AM
Okay I just did a bunch of reformatting to make the code easier to customize
I just realized I also deleted a major feature of it
@RedwolfPrograms What major feature?
It was the (1), (2), etc.
I made it so that you can use functions to customize the formatting, but forgot that was handled in the old function that managed that
That is a major feature :P
Now I just need to wait for a new post to test it
Some of the features (like tags and the preview thing) aren't implemented yet, but it should be much easier now
Looks like it works, I forgot to include some CSS though
Feel free to ping me when you've got an updated version :)
4:56 AM
It's late here so I'm probably done working on the userscript for today, here's what I've got right now. It's untested, so if anyone here downloads it don't expect it to work
5:43 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Go right ahead. Not for nothing that I mentioned you too.
> 1 hours ago
Damn pluralisation bugs :/
6:25 AM
so following ovs' clever golf on my python answer to the new string challenge, i did some testing and apparently you're allowed to just do this: tio.run/##Tc3BCsIwEATQc/IVc0whFGtvgmC/…
yeah apparently it basically just loops through and does <left side> = <current value> which makes sense but lends itself to some really silly things and clever golfs (arguably the same thing)
@RedwolfPrograms Is there a way you could extend it to meta? Would it need much changing?
2 hours later…
8:04 AM
CMQ: what is the weirdest hobby you have?
8:23 AM
@Lyxal habit or hobby?
how have i repcapped already, it's not even 9AM UTC ;-;
@Wasif either will do
@hyper-neutrino imagine repcapping
well, more progress towards my Epic badge :P
Made by rarely repcap gang
Seriously tho how do you rep cap consistently?
i don't repcap that often either lol, i just got lucky with my python answer to the string tape challenge getting +10
8:28 AM
@Lyxal made by never repcapped in my life gang
What's the secret to fast rep?
and also i wrote four answers within UTC-today
ah.... I want to get the experience too...
Scratch just doesn't pay like it used to
Uh anyhow unrelated question: does SEDE cache data?
yes, and I think the cache refreshes on sunday
8:32 AM
So Sundays are when I should rerun the monthly Elo rankings
Got it
Someone answer the weirdest habit CMQ
If someone answers it then I will have courage to post my habits
@Wasif my answer would be putting pegs on people/things
For example, there stands a tree in my yard with a peg on one of its branches
And when I see my grandmother, I put pegs in her clothes
I challenge you to beat that.
Uh... I have even weirder habits
@hyper-neutrino do you sleep? I've noticed you've been here pretty much all day
And uh I know that timezones means it's probably night in Canada
Or early morning
@Lyxal nope. it's 4:40 AM here
i might go to sleep within the next hour
8:38 AM
@Lyxal I think audio notification is his alarm
@hyper-neutrino do I need to bully you into sleeping? :p
Because I've persuaded many to sleep
@Lyxal I even sometimes unconsciously put cloth clips (Do you mean these by pegs) into my teeth and lick them
I do mean cloth clips
And that's perfectly understandable
@Wasif no judgement here from me
8:51 AM
@GoranSiriev Apologies for the suspension from the flag validation. The site you linked is totally off-topic in this room. Assuming you are asking for legitimate help or seeking a legitimate request and it isn't spam, this is not the room for it. You'll probably be able to ask around on a relevant room like The DMZ on Information Security.
13 messages moved to ­Trash
@Lyxal nah i'll sleep soon enough. probably
speaking of which, do you plan on changing your PFP (since you're in the RO election) or are you fine keeping your uh, "frick" pfp lol
@Lyxal Wandering through random coding challenge sites and solving random challenges in random languages
@Bubbler this dosen't seem too weird :P
@Wasif Well, imagine solving things in BF, Haskell, Factor when the "main" languages on the site are C/C++
@hyper-neutrino "frick" all the way. Why should it matter?
It shouldn't :P just curious
9:02 AM
If mods are allowed anime pfps then I'm surely allowed to say a funny word
i'm writing up the voting thread ahead of time so i don't mess up anything on the day of and have dead links / links pointing to the wrong user
and unfortunately PFPs are not under a URL by user ID and when a user changes their PFP it just changes the URL, it seems
if your pfp were a problem you would've been asked to change it a long time ago :P was just curious if you wanted a different pfp given you mention immaturity in your nomination post itself as a counter-reason (not that i find it immature myself)
Memes aren't necessarily a sign of immaturity
I more meant I've spammed in the past when I didn't know better
i agree, and more importantly i think acting (appropriately) immaturely in some situations doesn't indicate if someone can maturely handle a serious situation, which is what actually matters
9:18 AM
So...We have only 1 answer posted in Vim this month, and got 32 answers in Factor last month.... Are there any active Vim users around
No no sorry 54 Factor answers
@Neil @cairdcoinheringaahing And with the 3 votes on my answer to Complex Fibonacci numbers my tag badge has come to pass!
10:13 AM
Q: C++ array minimum and maximum with name displayed, descending order also

izzyrobTrying to figure out how to get the minimum and maximum arrays with the names displayed next to them. Also trying to have them in descending order. Thanks for the help! #include #include using namespace std; int main() { int sum = 0; int myScore[2]; string myName[2]; int i, k; int avg; int max ...

@NewMainPosts Sounds not so good for SO, but perfect for Noobs (a hypothetical site, in the sense of SO : Noobs = English : ELL)
10:26 AM
Q: Find the Factorial!

Kevin BrownCreate the shortest program or function that finds the factorial of a non-negative integer. The factorial, represented with ! is defined as such $$n!:=\begin{cases}1 & n=0\\n\cdot(n-1)!&n>0\end{cases}$$ In plain English the factorial of 0 is 1 and the factorial of n, where n is larger than 0 i...

10:42 AM
CMC Given a small positive integer n, output how many syntactically valid programs there are length of n in Jelly (or your favorite golfing language)
let's start with n = 1,2,3
Is it ok to downvote answers if they're rubbish? (as in, could easily be 70% the size, and plenty of shorter answers already exist)?
I mean, as opposed to letting them wallow in their loss
Depends if the answer has given a serious attempt or not
For example, what if it's an exploration of a different approach than other shorter answers?
I can promise you it's not interesting in the slightest
I know I've kept a long answer once or twice for the sake of algorithm differences
@Anush Should be easy for BF.
10:46 AM
@pxeger in that case, next thing to consider is if the person doesn't know about possible shorter solutions
@Anush Syntactically? It's tricky to define the boundary between syntax and semantics in many languages. Maybe just say "that compile without error"?
$$\sum_{l=1}^{n}256^l$$ ???
Hey mathjax is not working here
it doesn't work in chat AFAIK
@pxeger what answer is it?
@Wasif never has
A: Find the Factorial!

StackMeterPython - 54 bytes n=int(input()) j=1 i=1 while i <= n: j*=i i+=1 print(j) This calculated n=125 very quickly. so I'm confident it works. Multiplies the return value of j (why am I saying return lol) by i as i ranges from 1 to n, and can even do 0!

10:48 AM
Someone should make a userscript to enable mathsjax in chat
Given that 256 possible characters can appear in a jelly program
Q: The Squaring Sequence

FlipTackEach term in the squaring sequence, \$x_n\$, is created by taking \$x_{n-1}\$, squaring it, and removing all but the first four digits. The sequence always begins with \$x_1 = 1111\$. Squaring this yields \$1234321\$, so \$x_2 = 1234\$ The first few terms are: 1111 1234 1522 2316 5363 ... The C...

@pxeger except for removing 4 spaces, I don't see how it's a bad answer
@Lyxal well, if you remove the 4 spaces (and there are two more bytes to be saved without changing approach) it would be a near-exact duplicate of an existing answer
10:51 AM
However the byte count is incorrect
@pxeger ah so it's not adding anything new
@pxeger sounds good
I have fixed that answer with correct byte count (59) and TIO link
@pxeger Then I'd leave a comment saying there's a duplicate answer and hope that provides incentive for the poster to delete the answer
@Lyxal That just feels unnecessarily mean for a new user, though, which is why I asked about it
10:54 AM
@pxeger which is why you say it in a kind way
"Hey, welcome to code golf! Unfortunately, there already exists an answer that uses the same method as this answer. <link to other answer>. It's perfectly fine to have made this mistake, so don't feel bad for doing this"
Something like that
(if you're going to use that, reword it a bit and perhaps change the grammar too)

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