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12:00 AM
yeah hang on
@Rick there you go EDIT: wait still doesn't have 288
@MilkyWay90 those aren't distinct prime factors. those are just distinct factors
@ASCII-only also it's wrong after 1372
@ASCII-only Sorry, distinct factors
@ASCII-only I guess people get it wrong all the time (see the github tag) .
12:06 AM
I don't know what to golf
@Rick Come on, figure out your own algorithm...
@user202729 lol
Well for code golf there's at least brute force...
@user202729 I tried, trying to figure out where I failed.
@user202729 Yeah
12:09 AM
@Rick Note that you need to get the sequence of exponents (for 784 = 2^4*7^2 it's [4,2], and gcd(4,2)!=1)
@user202729 need to?
this is not math chat...
@user202729 Well, this is related to golfing a program to solve something
@Rick gcd is 1 though...
@ASCII-only (is that wrong grammar?)
12:10 AM
@user202729 nah was just wondering what you were replying to
@ASCII-only I know, I think the Wikipedia equation is wrong. because 784 is not Achilles
:49596632 nope, because they even say so in the wiki article 784 and the reason they site is " 784 is not an Achilles number. It is a powerful number, because not only are 2 and 7 its only prime factors, but also 22 = 4 and 72 = 49 are divisors of it. Nonetheless, it is a perfect power:

5 mins ago, by user202729
@Rick Note that you need to get the sequence of exponents (for 784 = 2^4*7^2 it's [4,2], and gcd(4,2)!=1)
is that supposed to be a K, that's the weirdest K i've ever seen
also that 'O' is funky too
You guys still doing the Archimedes number program
Try doing it in a golfing language to make it easy
@user202729 let me try that
@user202729 I think you might be right, will require more testing
12:21 AM
@Riker first one, yes. it's a fancy +. second one, pretty sure that's a k. the things under the + are a and b, and... that's a standard math curly k...
@ASCII-only 576 is wrong
@user202729 you might be right, your approach also says 576 is wrong
@ASCII-only but your really close, I think there might be a side effect your not seeing causing that
it seems to be happening at regular intervals 576 then 1600 1728 and after 3807
12:45 AM
@MilkyWay90 the link is too long to paste
I will try to do the impossible-- making a quine in Turing Machine But Way Worse
@Rick Multiline mesages don't have length limit. shift+enter then paste the link.
That's sorta golfy right
Q: Calculating total work time

jayko03We have job(s), notated as integer, 1,2,3,... so on. Different integer indicates different job. Once job is completed, we must take a break for two hours, indicates _ _. However, you can do other jobs while you are taking break. Work order cannot be changed If all works are done, you don't need b...

I could have changed that round to a shift by 0 >>0
I am going to golfing some more one sec
here you go @MilkyWay90
hopefully I didn't break anything
1:10 AM
@Rick |0 > shift...
or even ~~ or -- (depending on language)
@ASCII-only my bad, ya ~~ would work too. never tried the double negative
double negative is usually decrement so it usually doesn't work
@Rick here
@ASCII-only give me one sec to run it through the function
@MilkyWay90 wat
1:20 AM
@Rick "sorta golfy"
@ASCII-only a --> b, c --> d, 0 --> 1, etc
@MilkyWay90 you should make rules to print "1 ", "2 " etc. instead
then once you have the rules just encode the whole source on the tape
the hard bit will be printing both the rule printers and the source (code & code encoded as data)
@ASCII-only You mean 1 --> "1 "
@MilkyWay90 yep
Also, the thing I just did was unrelated to quining, but I'll try your approach for a quine
@Pavel fizzie on #esoteric wrote a somewhat more portable version: const char main[] = "%0000%HELOPPPPPPT]5Hell1E XP5o wo1E$XP5rld!1E(XP4@4J1E,4@4GPZ$AP_^^^^T^\17\5XX\303"; Needs a linux + C compiler such that string literals end up in executable pages (seems a pretty unavoidable requirement...)
1:28 AM
Pushes " " to the tape
@MilkyWay90 oh yeah you can have another state that pushes just space, then all the number printing states can just set tape to that state afterwards
Actually the linker was a main thing - he needed to use -fuse-ld=gold to make it work on his own computer.
note: all you need is 1, 0, space and newline actually
@ØrjanJohansen what compiler does that though :/
A: Fewest (distinct) characters for Turing Completeness

MilkyWay90Turing Machine But Way Worse - 4 characters 0 1\n (The \n should be replaced with an actual newline) States can be represented in binary and everything else uses a 0 or 1. Spaces separate different parts of a command and newlines separate commands.

Too late
1:31 AM
ah. just mentioning that's all you'll need for a quine
I know
@ASCII-only gcc with that -fuse-ld=gold option, as I understood it.
Will print a byte (in this case, the input since that gets put automatically on the tape) while replacing it with a space character
And it also prints the space character
@ASCII-only you are right all the way up to 110592 I can't check pass that point my function fails. But I have another way to check one sec
1:36 AM
@Rick :|
@ASCII-only just kidding, you da man :)
So it can be used when some bytes need to be removed while reorganizing the tape
I will be replacing it with all 1s
the states
But that may over complicate source code
But it'd be easier for it than using binary (0s and 1s)
Actually, I can use states of which's ASCII values can be easily encoded using a pattern in TMBWW
@MilkyWay90 no
or hmm
yeah i still think encoding each character is still the way to go
Ahh my browser almost crashed because of the NUL bytes in my TIOs output
I meant the characters €Ààðøüþÿ
or replace 1 (as in 0 0 111111 ... to 0 0  etc)
Anyways I got to go see you in a few minutes
2:03 AM
I'm back
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5:22 AM
Q: Masm 615 Assembly language question

sushma patilneed help with an assembly program which does the following: using Masm 615 assemble languahe define an array of 32-bit integers (i.e. DWORDS) .data sarray DWORD 500h, 400h, 300h, 200h, 100h daray DWORD 5 DUP(?) 1) output the sum of elements in intarray; 2) copy sarray to darray, b...

5:56 AM
wait what. my fanatic badge still hasn't reset
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8:52 AM
Q: Nearest hamming cycle period in MD5

Agnius VasiliauskasThis riddle was inspired by that thread. Consider that you are super-hacker and try to break MD5 hashing algorithm by looking for a hash collisions for a given hash string which your friend gave to you. But this is a non-trivial task and you have a migraine disorder so you try to break the proble...

9:45 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

billpgStrike Out, with Money! Write a program which accepts a string containing only ASCII capital letters and spaces. It should return the same string but where some of the letters have been "crossed out" using currency symbols. "B" to "฿" "C" to "€" "K" to "₭" "N" to "₦" "P" to "₱" "S" to "$" "T" t...

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4:33 PM
as it turns out, codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/1965/77964 no longer crashes GCC...
Instead, (once you fix the type names) GCC happily creates the requested function
said function's name is, uh, about 3MB long
haha, the ICE still happens tho
3 hours later…
7:22 PM
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7:34 PM
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11:42 PM
Anybody know how to make a counter in tio.run/#tmbww (every 8 bits, it counts 1)?

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