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12:01 AM
Q: Morse sudo-ku-de

connectyourchargerHehe, see what I did with the title? Anyways... Your job is to create a sudoku solver that accepts input in Morse code and creates output in Morse code. Here's the Morse code numbers for reference: 0: ----- 1: .---- 2: ..--- 3: ...-- 4: ....- 5: ..... 6: -.... 7: --... 8: ---.. 9: ---...

12:28 AM
@Mego Noperz.
@ASCII-only Printf is fine with it
Unfortunately, a type cast won't work in this case since I have it in a templated function, that can take various format strings and floats
12:54 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

zeveeDraw these shapes Given: a width, a height, and a set of sets of points. Output: An image where each set of points is connected and colored in (like a shape). Each shape must be a different color from all of the other shapes. Examples //the code here has nothing to do with the actual chall...

I'm trying to find the code snippet where you have a C program that's char *main = "some_stuff_that_makes_this_print_hw", can anyone help
1:32 AM
Hm I think we have that in a bot on #esoteric.
@ØrjanJohansen you mean on IRC
@Pavel const char main[] = "AXAYAZA[A\\ATX-pppp-0```- ///P^VTXH10XP4>40PZ414>P_\x0f\x05XATASARAQAP\xc3Hello, world!\n";
The bot also has const short main[] = {18517,58761,49201,49801,49407,51081,3816,0,18432,27749,28524,8236,28535,27762,8‌​548,24074,3762,1295,15536,-207,1295};
I didn't test them to see if they've bitrotted.
1:48 AM
Both segfault :/
Oops now I did and the string one didn't work.
The other worked on the bot.
This is obviously not portable code :P
1 hour later…
3:08 AM
anyone know what this does?
i'm guessing former is actual class, latter is JButton? so returns true only if it's the actual class, not a subclass?
@DJMcMayhem yeah because that's C's printf... it's very hacky
@Pavel ez, just decompile
3:26 AM
wait... you need the string too :/
(see this)
oh well
4 hours later…
7:41 AM
@PhiNotPi Grats. My Ph.D. supervisor was from there (a long long time ago)
6 hours later…
1:25 PM
Q: The Digit Triangles

Kevin CruijssenChallenge: Input: A positive integer \$n\$ Output: Create a list in the range \$[1,n]\$, and join it together to a string (i.e. \$n=13\$ would be the string 12345678910111213). Now we output a triangle using the prefixes or suffixes of this string, in one of the following four orientations ba...

My math teacher wanted us to do prime factorization and show all the steps (tree of the factors)
So i just programmed the ti-84+ i was given to show me the steps.
1:38 PM
The absolute madman
1 hour later…
2:45 PM
....and i wasted all that because i forgot how to use said factorization to solve for the square root
gg me
now i have to run off to tutorials next period for help haha
2:57 PM
After all this time developing Brachylog, I wanted to check how programming a non-guessing sudoku solver (the classical constraint logic programming problem) with it went. 34 bytes (not golfed) and 5 minutes of development is all it takes
@Fatalize what's Branchylog written in?
looks up
@moonheart08 Prolog
i need to bother learning prolog properly sooner or later
could give me some nice insights
3:14 PM
@Fatalize So this just sets the constraints for a solved puzzle, and Prolog does the rest?
@Adám Pretty much
`{0∧9≥ℕ₁|}ᵐ²` -> transforms the 0s into unknown variables between 1 and 9
`.≠ᵐ\≠ᵐ` -> all rows and all columns have different elements
`ḍ₃ḍ₃ᵐ²zᵐcᵐ²c≠ᵐ` -> the 3*3 blocks have different elements
`∧.≜` -> find values for the unknown variables that fit these constraints
@Adám (still waiting for you to learn it :p)
@Fatalize What does the performance look like for very hard sudokus?
@Adám The one in the test case was evaluated as "hard" by a sudoku solver and it solves under a second so I guess it's ok
Considering I didn't write one byte of code explaining how to actually solve a sudoku
@Fatalize google "worlds hardest sudoku"
@moonheart08 halve the exponents of all prime factors :|
@moonheart08 pls. Not sure if it's given me insights though. I guess I haven't really done logic programming with it yet
@Adám I'm sure performance would get way worse with matrices bigger than 9×9
@Fatalize try with this maybe
@moonheart08 10/10 name, branchy log :P
3:31 PM
Congratulations! You have completed the Sudoku
Yeah it found the right answer
Kinda funny how some of these people spend months working on a solver then you just sit down for 5 minutes and have a solver that solves even the hardest known puzzle quickly enough
But I guess Prolog itself is pretty heavily optimized
2 hours later…
5:31 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BeefsterJapanese Multiplication code-golf ascii-art math There's a visual method for multiplication that is taught to Japanese schoolchildren [citation needed] that uses lines and crossings to get the answer. Image Source Your task is to implement this in ASCII art. You will be given two numbers ...

6:18 PM
@ASCII-only It does have Pro in the name
6:57 PM
@Veskah that's my argument for why provolone cheese is the best
7:47 PM
@Poke Please. Muenster cheese is obviously best cheese.
Y'all have obviously never had Gouda
Dang, now I want some cheese and crackers
Muenster and peanut butter sandwich. Nom.
Sounds odd but might be bretty gud
Parmesan is the best cheese, naturally. And every variation of it too.
8:48 PM
Q: What color is your web page?

John GnazzoA business owner wants to create a website home page, whose background color dynamically and linearly changes with the time of the day based upon the following: Midnight: Black Between Midnight and Noon: lightening grey scale between black and white Noon: White Between Noon and Midnight: dark...

9:17 PM
Gonna unlock site analytics soon :D
@J.Sallé Saying Parmesan is the best cheese is like saying Jelly is the best programming language. Parmesan is the best cheese for it's use-case (sprinkling onto spaghetti and other kinds of italian food) but I wouldn't say it functions as well as a general cheese
@Pavel Wait, so you're saying you don't sprinkle jelly onto spaghetti and other Italian foods?
I guess I'm the weird one
@DJMcMayhem Now hold on, where in my message does it say that
I was reading between the lines
I have previously recreated the above photo
9:25 PM
Is that cheerios and marinara sauce?
And... Hot dogs?
I think that's spaghetti-os
I used the curly kind
Ketchup and gelatin
I can't say I ate more than a very small amount of it but it was a great laugh
9:44 PM
@DJMcMayhem more like the kind of "sausages" they put in sausage rolls...
@Pavel what are the things on top? tampons?
also... how does one eat that o_o
@flawr ...sausages
tbf they don't look like they've been outside the freezer for very long
9:49 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer It's ketchup and gelatin. One doesn't eat that.
more like a big waste imho
@Pavel was this for a fear factor competition
@Rick It was a meme
"Guys lol look what I made"
10:08 PM
I think I found the worst way ever to describe a language grammar: drive.google.com/file/d/…
...and after a few lines they lost me
10:59 PM
I haven't been on PPCG a while but are we still doing the thing where we mark answers using features made after the challenge as non-competing
11:15 PM
@Downgoat No
11:31 PM
@mınxomaτ it's bad?
I think we should either proceed with or delete Best of. The latter sounds like a better option to me right now, tbh.

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