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12:49 AM
@ASCII-only tio.run/…
What is wrong with this program?
@MilkyWay90 can't you use the remainder
I am trying a test program to push )( to the negative tape
@Rick There is no built-in division
@Rick It's basically an actual Turing Machine that supports I/O
It doesn't even have addition as a builtin
It's a tarpit
@MilkyWay90 so no division and no mod correct
@MilkyWay90 what arithmetic operations do you have access to?
12:52 AM
@Rick Moving around the tape, replacing bits in the the tape with either 0 or 1
its a sample program that prints "Hello, World!"
1653 bytes
I think ASCII-only made a 1300 byte one
My guess is that it could be golfed to 700 bytes at the minimum
this will require some higher abstraction
@Rick Exactly
And I don't think the negative tape even works as expected, as shown here
It should print )(, but it prints just (
we can use bit operations to keep track of the bits
o wait
@Rick 3328 bytes for that
And that counts upto 255
And that's just to keep the number in memory (in the states)
can you use methods like Binary, Hanoi, and Sierpinski
12:59 AM
@Rick Sierpinski wouldn't work
It's a one dimensional tape, where all the memory is
I'll give you a tutorial
Did you see the Turing Machine video I sent you?
Okay, so you know how Turing Machines work, right?
Or do you need clarification?
Because the whole programming language is basically a Turing Machine
hence the name "Turing Machine But Way Worse"
with "Way Worse" meaning "Supports Input And Output While Supporting Halting"
researching it right now.
Turing Machines?
Or the programming language?
@Rick There is no documentation other than the source code for the programming language (because I was too lazy), but Turing Machines are well-documented
well the rules seem simple, can you move back and forth or just one direction
1:05 AM
@Rick Back and forth
There are a few simple changes in TMBWW (Turing Machine But Way Worse)
and the only information we can store is 1 or 0 binary right
At the beginning, the input gets stored into the tape like so:
do we have any memory, you mentioned 8 bits
01101000 and 001101001
So the tape is ...01101000001101001..
@Rick You can encode memory on the states
but the common way is to store it on the tape
just for clarifications, we can store this many bits 01101000001101001 separate from the tape
1:09 AM
@Rick No, only when the input is hi
h and i are 01101000 and 001101001 respectively
then you concatenate the two strings
but can we store anything, do we have any memory
which makes the tape <insert infinity 0s here>01101000001101001<insert infinity zeros here>
@Rick Yeah, the tape is the memory
the robot can modify bits in the tape, right
then move left/right
ya but we can't store anything to use as a reference point right
@Rick No
But you can move along the tape then detect the exact string that the reference point is (for example moving right until you find the bits 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1 in a row)
Then that can be your reference point
Since being able to simulate a Turing Machine is the literal definition of a Turing Complete programming language, TMBWW is Turing Complete
but how would you know that you crossed the second 01 vs the first 01
1:13 AM
@Rick You have to find those bits in a row
for example
in TMBWW psuedo code
lets say its at the beginning of the reference point: 0 1 0 1 0 1 and the bot is at the first
*first zero
If bit == 0 and state == 0 move right (this is the first bit of the reference point)
Else bit==1 and state == 0 this is not the reference point, 0 is the first bit of the reference point, not 1
Then once you've moved right
(assuming that the bit is 0)
If bit == 1 and state == 1
move right
(this is the second bit of the reference point)
Else if it is bit == 0, this is not the reference point
do we know the indexes as we are moving along the tape
not the program, no
but its in the debug info
ASCII_only included a debugger
Set me set an example program
so the index is apart of the information
1:18 AM
The program does not know the index
you cannot use it in a program
theres no way of getting it
unless you make a counter variable to keep track of the index every time you moved
ok so in essence there is really just a graph with pointers
to the next element
yeah i guess so
Let me pull up a truth machine in TMBWW
A: Implement a Truth-Machine

MilkyWay90Turing Machine But Way Worse, 139 bytes 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 2 0 0 1 2 1 1 3 0 0 1 3 1 1 4 0 0 0 4 0 1 5 0 0 0 5 0 1 6 0 0 0 6 0 1 7 0 0 0 7 0 1 8 1 1 1 7 1 0 8 1 0 0 8 0 1 7 1 0 Try it online!

Here is the syntax of TMBWW
let's try to classify this graph. is it directed or undirect
0/1 <an char> 0/1 0/1
^ ^ ^ ^
If bit == 0/1 and state == <an char> replace bit with 0/1 move left/right
@Rick I don't understand what that means
Sorry, I only just got to Algebra 2
no worries, you don't really need much math. concepts are quite simple
1:24 AM
I'm sure @ASCII-only could explain better, but he/she's not here
yea probably best to wait for ASC
,I might end up confusing both of us lol
I'll just give a TIO link
For the syntax
I could've sworn I gave an in-depth explanation to somebody else, though
@Rick I'll try finding it
Although I forget whether it was on TNB or warzone.com
Oh wait, nationstates.net
but check t his out, I turned ASC Achilles python to Js and fixed a small duplicated error
However, I think ASC is still shorter
1:34 AM
Be right back, have to eat dinner
sorry that link was broken this one works ^
@Rick how would it be undirected
@Rick ew.
1:52 AM
@ASCII-only ew! ew! you mean "omg this is amazing "
it's badly golfed :|
@ASCII-only how is it badly golfed, its the exact same code you had
im back
@Rick it's badly golfed
you can't just port Python to JS
and expect it to be golfy
@ASCII-only seconded
@ASCII-only The debug tape is 00000[0]00000000000111100100000000
Yet it has the lines:
0 13 1 0 14 0 0
0 15 1 0 16 0 0
And when you look at the debug tape from -8 backward, it's all 0s
1:59 AM
@ASCII-only that is a very confusing statement. python and js are so similar I don't think the techniques really matter that much. maybe if you were using Haskell .
@Rick There are much different golfing techniques in JS and Python
i haven't even finished golfing...
. . .
And you can just remove the indentation, right?
But I've only coded in JS for a month
@ASCII-only I can convert that exactly one second
3 years ago
2:01 AM
also... i didn't even golf the python one
@ASCII-only do your worst! I triple dog challenge your golfyness :)
@Rick Ooooh is a golf war going on?
like... there's a useless function in there
also i was writing it for performance not golfiness
@ASCII-only bring it on. Code wars!! XD
“Golf! ”×1000
"Hold my Jelly!""Hold my 05AB1E!"
2:06 AM
but no outside libraries
how does your JS thing sort it
ASCII-only uses base-250 compression. It's super effective
Rick uses eval assignment. It's not so effective
Rick has fainted!
ASCII-only has won!
@ASCII-only muahahaha I'm not using any libraries I'll tell you that much
But wait..
Rick turns his Python program into a Pyth program! It does critical damage!
ASCII-only compressed his entire program to 2 bytes!
Rick uses the -5389349085309480983rweaflfnmgsFl flag to golf his code to 0 bytes
ASCII-only downvotes his trivial answer!
ASCII-only uses a JQuery plugin to golf his code to -1 bytes
Rick makes negative protons to reduce his code to -2e100 bytes using code-bowling!
But Rick already fainted, oh well
@MilkyWay90 anti-protons
2:12 AM
@Rick Oh so that's the name
I forgot it
I thought I saw the term in a YT video, though
@ASCII-only aren't you proud of winning the match
I take that as a yes
accidentally refreshed so i had to redo it, but... 271 for now
@Rick ^
Scroll to the "Semi-Turing Machine"
@ASCII-only this will take me some time, I'll be back!
the post is made by "Ashanara", my nation in nationstates (the flag is the same as my codegolf.se icon)
@MilkyWay90 will read
2:20 AM
@Rick It doesn't explain the I/O of TMBWW, since it is about another program I made, but it will give you the basics
@Rick 244
Anyways got to go now
Do @MilkyWay90 for any clarifications you need
2:35 AM
@ASCII-only ok, your not trying to make it any smaller than this right.
for now, no
cool, but this is really small. I might have something in a day or two.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

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3:34 AM
Why is ais523 showing up as user62131 for me?
3:48 AM
@MilkyWay90 Because he deleted his original account.
4:42 AM
Q: What does 5! mean in different languages

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5:01 AM
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5:19 AM
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2:05 PM
@ØrjanJohansen oh, ok
1 hour later…
3:28 PM
Q: Tips for golfing in Turing Machine But Way Worse

MilkyWay90What are some tips for golfing in Turing Machine But Way Worse, a language made by MilkyWay90? Tips should be Turing Machine But Way Worse-specific and not be trivial (For examples that you shouldn't post, removing unnecessary whitespace or using shorter state names).

3:47 PM
Wait a minute, why the downvote?
I'm guessing it's because there's not many submissions
and it lacks documentation
4:46 PM
Using systems of equations, my question got +1 and -1
4:59 PM
5x - 2y = 3
x - y = 0
@PhiNotPi oh, cool
Tech question for tech people:
I recently acquired a new laptop. It's very nice. It came with linux installed, but I want to dual-boot windows on it, so that I can run certain programs and games that only work on windows. It's not a "gaming laptop" but I do want to at least attempt to play some resource-demanding games on it, since my previous laptop simply couldn't. Memory/storage wise, it has 32 GB of RAM, a 250 GB NVMe SSD, and a 1 TB hybrid drive. How should I do my partitioning/memory management?
6:14 PM
100 GB for Linux, 200 GB for Windows, 700 GB for everything that isn't OS-related, maybe?
@PhiNotPi Seems good enough to run a Windows virtual machine, right?
6:26 PM
@MilkyWay90 VMs are the worst option when performance is a concern
Let's say that I wanted to play a 60 GB steam game. For best performance I feel like that is something that should be running from the SSD, right? The main thing I don't quite understand are the requirements as to which OSs can install programs on which partitions, vs read/write media on which partitions.
@PhiNotPi Linux can access all partitions natively. Windows can only access NTFS and FAT partitions natively (though you can install kernel drivers for ext4). I'd suggest 100 GB SSD + 100 GB HDD exclusively for Linux, 150 GB SSD exclusively for Windows, and the rest of the HDD to be shared space.
To do that, you'll need a 100 GB ext4 partition on the SSD, a 150 GB NTFS partition on the SSD, a 100 GB ext4 (or NTFS, but ext4 would be better) partition on the HDD, and the rest of the HDD as NTFS.
Then set up your Linux volumes so that / is on the SSD and /home is on the HDD, and set up Windows so that C: is on the SSD and your home directory and all of your library folders are on the HDD.
This laptop came with linux (Ubuntu-derivative) preinstalled. There's not a separate /home partition, right now there's just a 240 GB filesystem partition, and swap/recovery partitions.
6:39 PM
It looks like it's not too complicated to move it. But then I think your plan should work... my goal would be to have linux programs on the SSD, other linux data on the HDD, then most windows programs on the SSD, then other programs (remainder of game library) and data on the shared HDD partition.
Thanks for your tips.
You're welcome
7:34 PM
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8:31 PM
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9:25 PM
10:01 PM
@Riker oh man, that's so cool:)
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10:28 PM
@Riker That subthread was amusing but the parent thread/post was fascinating.
10:42 PM
Done with the hard part
I am trying to N(e(s(t))) a string

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