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12:56 AM
Q: A program that flips n bytes

smileycreations15This program should flip n bytes from stdin, and write the result to stdout. Example: Before: Hello World After (n = 2, 2 bytes flipped): Hello wOrld

1:11 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

smileycreations15Byte flipper This program should flip n bytes from stdin, and write the result to stdout. Example: Before: Hello World After (n = 2, 2 bytes flipped): Hello wOrld

1:59 AM
@mınxomaτ I'm curious whether those are supposed to be variations on greek letters or just... symbols
the upside-down trident thing confuses me, but not more than the horiz line with a vert line through the middle
2:15 AM
@Riker "horiz line with a vert line through the middle" --> +
2 hours later…
4:06 AM
I wonder what guest271314 did to get a 5 year ban...
4:39 AM
asking questions, hilariously
4:52 AM
@FrownyFrog how do you know O_o
@Riker most of them are capital english letters in case you couldn't tell :| one of them is lowercase a and most of the others are greek. in fact, the first paragraph tells you what each type of symbol means
5:35 AM
80k rep banned for 5 years?
@primo 80k? O_o
6:04 AM
it's 1 now, but the rep on SO alone was over 80k at the time of the ban
yeah but... how can you tell
maybe he voted for trump, and the mods found out
questions / answers / comments all seem spotless, unless they've been scrubbed in a way that i'm too low rep to see
4 hours later…
9:49 AM
looking at chat, it seems there was a lot of accusing people of being white supremicists
and using very confusing terminology while being very pedantic about everyone elses
I'm not too surprised. Whenever I looked at his profile, he was suspended from at least two stacks, or banned from chat
well, I was going to guess something more benign e.g. his real age was discovered to be too low or he'd requested the suspension because he'd become addicted to SO
10:04 AM
when solving edit distance using dynamic programming, you can think of it like solving a shortest path problem, right?
yeah sure, each type of edit is a path, each state is a node
cool.. I was wondering how hard it would to find all the shortest paths
from the top left to bottom right
with a view to a ppcg challenge :)
finding one is sort of a textbook exercise
It's weird, guest271314 says that race is a myth, followed up by When people use the term "standard" and "non-standard" and "common", that is a signal to suspect them as being white supremacist practitioners. That actually explains a lot about my interactions with him
10:11 AM
that's a surprising thing to write on ppcg :)
nah, not on PPCG
but it's still weird for a chat on etymology
what about my question directly related to coding! :)
sorry, it was related to an earlier discussion
i mean, finding all shortest paths isn't too much different from finding just the shortest
@JoKing oh ok.. so what do you about it as a ppcg challenge?
if you have a limited amount of operations, it's just a breadth first search
10:14 AM
maybe even to draw them on an ascii version of the dynamic programming table?
hmm, i dunno. It would depend on the format. Try posting a draft to the Sandbox, and see what responses you get
thanks.. I might not as I don't know how to make examples :)
we need a sandbox request for volunteers
where you pose questions and ask for volunteers for examples :)
10:59 AM
wow, that dude is a nutter
11:14 AM
You're not supposed to talk about people's suspension...
@Anush Just backtrack to get all cases, although there can be exponentially many shortest paths.
@user202729 sounds good
@user202729 I guess if you are drawing them on an ascii representation of the dynamic programming table then you never have too many edges
Even if there's not a lot of edges there can still be many paths.
11:34 AM
I am against migration of people... Each one goes in his or her how country if want adjust something... If you want ban me for this: Free
In his her own country in above phrase
i'm currently an immigrant to my country of residence, and also to the country I resided in before this
there are legal channels for immigration, and I think these laws should be enforced
i disagree with a "you were born here, you die here" philosophy
I disagree above: In the country someone born in that country he or she has to die
sometimes people disagree
The problem is that what globalization or export problem is not the right way of resolve problems... Yes possible I wrong on this (and I drunk something) but is my politics position
Problems has to be local not global
11:50 AM
@user202729 right but if you only have to draw the edges the output will not be too large
possibly a troll?
some people just like to get attention by being as outrageous as possible
@Fatalize that was meant to be in reply to this comment
@Fatalize :)
maybe he should be committed
in case it didn't translate :)
Local Man really Feeling it
12:43 PM
@Neil :P I think that's only a thing on PPCG. plus usually they don't have anything near 80k rep on SO
1:20 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Kevin CruijssenLay out the Carpet code-golfascii-artstring Inspired by this SO question. Challenge: Input: A string \$s\$ A character \$c\$ Output: Create a diamond-square ASCII art of the string in all four directions, with the first character of the string in the center and going outwards. Which is i...

1:34 PM
ppcg has latex support now?
I thought the idea had been soundly rejected
@primo they came to a curious compromise about $s
@primo \$n\$ instead of $n$
by making it a little more annoying to type the math they can ensure fewer people do it :)
hah, somehow i doubt that was the primary motivation
@primo Shhh, otherwise they'll make it require even more dollar signs and escape characters
aha, too many languages use $ as sigils, makes sense
1:58 PM
@primo :)
@Veskah good point!
2:11 PM
Perl and PHP would be unusable if $ was the delimiter
@Mego That sentence suggests PHP is usable in the first place ಠ_ಠ
@J.Sallé It's usable in the same way that a knife embedded in your arm is usable
Q: Multiplicative persistence

SQBMultiplicative Persistence Multiply all the digits in a number Repeat until you have a single digit left As explained by Numberphile: Numberphile "What's special about 277777788888899?" Numberphile "Multiplicative Persistence (extra footage)" Example 277777788888899 → 2x7x7x7x7x7x7x8x8x...

Does anyone here know about stenography?
2:41 PM
@user202729 Was interested in it at one point but never tried it
It is possible better not to eat cheese... Not eat cheese if don't know personal the sheep 🐑 produce it... Because dioxin can be in what sheep eat and concentrate in milk (nei grassi)
I dreamed of my grandmother telling me not to eat meat and even cheese , some time ago...
I don't know if this can be right out of Italy my nation ... Possible in us or australia cheese is ok
2:58 PM
@NewMainPosts Re conjecture: I see nothing that limits the number of steps, except finite computation power.
3:19 PM
argh! My some key combination I have just made the font size in gmail tiny!
anyone know how to revert that?
ctrl-+ rescued me :)
ctrl-0 is even better
what does that do?
I am scared to try it :)
It just resets the zoom
that would have been super useful
1 hour later…
4:46 PM
what does it mean for a positive integer n to be powerful but not a perfect power?
5:19 PM
@Rick iirc, a powerful integer n is one such that, if a prime p divides n, then also divides n. Perfect powers, on the other hand, are numbers whose prime factors are all the same. So, 8 is both powerful and a perfect power, since 8=2³ (perfect power); also 2 is the only prime divisor of 8 and also divides 8, so 8 is a powerful number.
@Rick @Rick from wikipedia: "A powerful number is the product of a square and a cube", so perfect powers (k^p, p>1) are powerful but, for instance, 72 = 2^3 * 3^2 is powerful but not a perfect power
Ah yes, there's that caveat that a²b³ always produces a powerful number
(for a, b≥1)
Q: Japanese Multiplication

BeefsterThere's a visual method for multiplication that is taught to Japanese schoolchildren [citation needed] that uses lines and crossings to get the answer. Image Source Your task is to implement this in ASCII art. You will be given two numbers to multiply. The output should be the corresponding A...

1 hour later…
6:46 PM
Does anyone know of a way to remove an infinite trailing run of elements from a t
n infinite list in Husk?
@J.Sallé would you say for a positive integer n to be powerful but not a perfect power, would it be safe to say the decomposition of a that number whose gcd is = 1 for example 36 [2,2,3,3] and it's gcd is = to 1
7:03 PM
@Rick I'm not sure you can generalize it like that, but I'm not the best reference for maths. There's a bunch of people here who could answer you for certain though
2 hours later…
9:29 PM
I think the problem might be too hard.
2 hours later…
11:31 PM
@Rick 36 is a perfect power though?
@Rick hmm? most golflangs have builtins for factorization
@ASCII-only Yep, every real golfing language must have that as a builtin
@MilkyWay90 no...
@ASCII-only It was a joke
:49596243 i thought you wanted it to not be a perfect power
@MilkyWay90 stenography isn't steganography btw
@ASCII-only brain fart, your right 36 is not correct
11:33 PM
@ASCII-only Typo
@MilkyWay90 they're asking about stenography
Oof I accidentally deleted it
72 would the smallest first value
then 108
then 200
@MilkyWay90 stenography: openstenoproject.org
then 288 etc..
11:34 PM
@ASCII-only Oh. Which one would be hiding plaintext in images
Aw man
I don't get to do any cryptic looking things since fake-cicada
I do get that "4d5 3d6 5d4 2p5 3p4".split() would be part of an electron configuration for every element in the string
@Rick That's a large number
@MilkyWay90 that's 5 numbers...
11:38 PM
@MilkyWay90 they are called Achilles number and Wikipedia says this is the equation min(a1, a2, …, ak) ≥ 2. If in addition gcd(a1, a2, …, ak) = 1 to determine if such a number is valid
I was talking about
@Rick Cool!
@MilkyWay90 me too...
no that's just the sequence of appearance
here is up to 5000
@ASCII-only Oh okay, I didn't realize those were 5 different numbers and instead thought that it was an actual number separated by commas.
72, 108, 200, 288, 392, 432, 500, 648, 675, 800, 864, 968, 972, 1125, 1152, 1323, 1352, 1372, 1568, 1800, 1944, 2000, 2312, 2592, 2700, 2888, 3087, 3200, 3267, 3456, 3528, 3872, 3888, 4000, 4232, 4500, 4563, 4608, 5000
11:40 PM
Please excuse my misunderstanding
@Rick a1, a2, ak?
An Achilles number is a number that is powerful but not a perfect power. A positive integer n is a powerful number if, for every prime factor p of n, p2 is also a divisor. In other words, every prime factor appears at least squared in the factorization. All Achilles numbers are powerful. However, not all powerful numbers are Achilles numbers: only those that cannot be represented as mk, where m and k are positive integers greater than 1. Achilles numbers were named by Henry Bottomley after Achilles, a hero of the Trojan war, who was also powerful but imperfect. Strong Achilles numbers are Achilles...
@Rick Nice! Do you have a program to generate those?
however, i can't get the equation to work I think I'm misunderstanding the wiki equation
@MilkyWay90 I'm trying to write a function to verify if it is valid.
11:43 PM
@Rick I will make a Python program to calculate whether a number is an Achilles number
Just because I'm bored
@MilkyWay90 not powerfull
but an Achilles number
@Rick Oh
Aw man I've been ninja-ed in Jelly
@MilkyWay90 wikipedia says this is the solution min(a1, a2, …, ak) ≥ 2. If in addition gcd(a1, a2, …, ak) = 1, but i implemented it and still not getting the correct answer
@Rick Oh, what are you getting
so for 72 i get [2,2,2,3,3]
i pass that to my gcd and get
which is correct
11:50 PM
@Rick Can you send the program via TIO or pastebin
I pass 784 I get [2,2,2,2,7,7] pass that to gcd and I get 1 which is incorrect
@MilkyWay90 ya might take a min or 2 never used that before
@MilkyWay90 close
@ASCII-only O_O
@Rick You should use TIO for answer submissions, it's easy for the reader to access
@ASCII-only I think those are wrong I pasted the first up to 5000
11:55 PM
@Rick He/she said "close" which indicates that it is not correct
@Rick wait wat
@MilkyWay90 Oh I did not know that
@ASCII-only sorry I missed read close as closed
@Rick Okay
@Rick where is it wrong tho
@ASCII-only you don't have 288, 392 ect..
this is what you need to get 72, 108, 200, 288, 392, 432, 500, 648, 675, 800, 864, 968, 972, 1125, 1152, 1323, 1352, 1372, 1568, 1800, 1944, 2000, 2312, 2592, 2700, 2888, 3087, 3200, 3267, 3456, 3528, 3872, 3888, 4000, 4232, 4500, 4563, 4608, 5000

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