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5:04 PM
hmm.. I see there are lots of annoying ways to try to get round the question.. maybe I will let Arthur pose it :)
Does an empty command line argument add any extra bytes to a program?
what do you mean?
you wanted to solve the logic gates thing?
no, i'm just wondering if it does
5:07 PM
@Okx I'd assume it does count as bytes
I assume 3 bytes each...?
for space+""
because otherwise you could just have unary but with empty command line args
also I've asked Adnan about that weird number thing with 05AB1E with empty program and no args
Yay! Finally, I have found a good GUI lib for Python: Kivy!
Thanks @muddyfish for your help!
@Arjun wait, what did I help with?
5:19 PM
@muddyfish Regarding modules. I wasn't able to get Kivy working. With your help, I did it. :) Thanks!
ah, the pip thing?
How Jon Skeet earns rep:
1. He hacked SO database and stole all passwords
2. He serially upvoted all the top reputation holders' posts
something doesn't seem right
5:31 PM
3. Mods asked him whether he made another account to upvote his answers and whether he wanted the accounts to be merged
4. He got the accounts merged
Makes sense, doesn't it? :P
@Arjun Someone likes Conspiracy theories
the other possibility being that he stole all passwords and then he did one upvote from every account every hour...max 20 upvotes per day
@Okx o_O
5:33 PM
Couldn't he just grant himself a couple billion reputation points directly after step 1, having hacked the database?
It would make sense if we wouldn't know that JonSkeet is a pure genius
I know this because @JonSkeet told me!
@Phoenix no because rep recalc
(will he come here because of the ping?)
CMC: Given N output a square where each row ascends the ints. e.g.
N = 1:
N = 2:
N = 3:
etc. up to N = 9
5:35 PM
@Arjun Bad choice! Better delete the comments :)
@EriktheOutgolfer Oh fine, hack the database and add a chronjob that constantly causes someone to upvote 20 of his answers per day.
no that's serial voting...unless we modify serial voting too
@Phoenix That makes far more sense
@Mr.Xcoder Really?
@HelkaHomba Jelly, 4 bytes: ẋ€⁸Y
5:35 PM
@Arjun No, kidding
Actually, wait, we've hacked the database, just modify the rep recalc
Maybe, he will reply to me. That will be awesome.
sorry but you can't ping him from here...
Because he never came here?
5:37 PM
He hasn't been in the room in the past 2 weeks
He has come here once, I think?
@Phoenix I don't think he came in the last 2 years :)
Although mods have ping-anyone powers.
@Phoenix huh?
5:38 PM
I wish I had at least 20k rep on any SE site.
who doesn't?
but please make it 200k rep
@EriktheOutgolfer Mods can ping any user on the SE network, regardless of when they were last in the room.
I can invite any user to any room I've joined though...
...even if it's not mine
Then, maybe I should ping Dennis to ask him to ping Jon Skeet.
But you can't ping anyone.
5:40 PM
I don't think mods can either...otherwise if Martin pings Dennis you don't want to know how many Dennis-es will be pinged
Why not do it and see?
@HelkaHomba 52 bytes - Python: Try it online
Well, I've seen Dennis do it once, some long time ago, and I asked him about it.
Sure can be golfed a lot
@EriktheOutgolfer Mods can indeed superping anyone I believe (with two @@'s iirc)
5:42 PM
@@121917 does this work?
@@HelkaHomba does this? (i.e. do both the @s get highlighted?)
@@EriktheOutgolfer does this work?
oh wait...nothing is highlighted
yet I was pinged
@Lembik about to post your question...
Q: What is a 'superping'?

ᔕᖺᘎᕊI've seen the word 'superping' be used across SE meta sites. What does it mean? Is it just a synonym of the word 'ping' (ie. using @ followed by a user's name to give them a notification in their inbox).

@Arthur go for it!
5:43 PM
Just ask Dennis or Martin :]
@HelkaHomba 05AB1E, 4 bytes: L¹×»
@Arthur yay your first post
@Okx way to tie that jelly!
@HelkaHomba is the output allowed to be a list
5:44 PM
> Moderators can grant access to users < 5 rep to join chat, and superpings work for such users.
No, that would be too easy
where does it say that???
@EriktheOutgolfer I, once, saw TJ Crowder's post on an SO question. He had 318k rep at that time. I had only 307. I left a comment saying "You will have more rep than me even if k is removed from it" and cried (exaggeration).
5:44 PM
This means that if you have a chatbot, you can ask a mod to grant it access without needing to get rep on it first.
@EriktheOutgolfer The superping meta post linked above
In a comment
@EriktheOutgolfer thanks!
lambda n:[i*n for i in range(1,n+1)]
Q: Fastest algorithm to take the product of all subsets

ArthurGiven n numbers in an array (you can't assume they are integers), I would like to compute the product of all subsets of size n-1. You can do this by multiplying all the numbers together and then dividing by each one in turn, as long as none of the numbers is zero. However, how quickly can you ...

@totallyhuman Cannot produce a list
@HelkaHomba Neim, 4 bytes: 𝐈𝕣_ with -n flag
5:47 PM
@Arthur Beware the nitpickers :)
@Mr.Xcoder why not?
Off topic but is Martijn Pieters avatar from a show or something?
@Okx - "@HelkaHomba is the output allowed to be a list", @HelkaHomba: "no"
but the output isn't a list?
Wait the backticks broke it
5:49 PM
Also yes it does output a list so nvm
@totallyhuman that looks like a list, you'd need to join with newlines
lambda n:'\n'.join(`i`*n for i in range(1,n+1))
@HelkaHomba In the language I am currently creating (Python-based), it would look like this: ƒ∞Æ):«†N+1)*Æ)
looks a bit long for me
5:54 PM
14 bytes with its own code-page, if I ever do one.
@Okx Problems with String conversion
If I fix them, It will be 5 characters
Ideally, it would look like this: ƒ«N*Æ
music I wrote last night/this morning: soundcloud.com/phinotpi/fjord2
@PhiNotPi Fantastic, it makes me cry (I'm not joking)
thanks, I think I still need to work on some of the transitions, and find a more conclusive ending
6:10 PM
@HelkaHomba Thanks for the CMC; reminded me to add a few functions into my language
6:27 PM
@PhiNotPi Which software do you use for playing it?
Finale with (I think) Garritan instruments
Isn't that paid?
6:40 PM
@HelkaHomba Anyfix, non competing: ""R«x«s€⁷«j»Y
that looks too much like Jelly...
@totallyhuman lambda n:'\n'.join(`-~i`*n for i in range(n))
@HelkaHomba Trying to figure out how to do this in Tomato
@LeakyNun you don't need -~i, i+1 is more readable...
6:52 PM
that's because you enclose in ``, a type of bracketing, so it has highest priority
@HelkaHomba Ruby: ->i{i.times{|o|$><<(o+1).to_s*i+?\n}}
@EriktheOutgolfer lol a lot of it is identical to jelly though jelly is probably done better
1 hour ago, by Erik the Outgolfer
@HelkaHomba Jelly, 4 bytes: ẋ€⁸Y
exactly :I
for example right now I need to do explicit R
6:55 PM
and it's stack-based so I need to duplicate TOS twice
but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ each language has its own downfalls
05AB1E has Ð i.e. triplicate
So where did the TIO CMC feature request go?
brb copying that from 05ab1e
6:56 PM
@HelkaHomba Cheddar, 34 bytes: n->(1|>n).map(i->"%d"%i*n).asLines
@HyperNeutrino basically duplicate twice
In my functions.py that would just be lambda x: splat([x, x, x], force = True)
I might also want to make a lambda x, y: splat([y] * x, force = True)
ToS is x or y?
6:58 PM
so '_': lambda x, y: y - x
then you should also do lambda x, y: splat([y, x, y], force = True)
Hm. As in, copy ToS-1 to top?
basically ...y x -> ...y x y
Hm. Okay, I've added that; that looks like it might be useful.
also you should do ...z -> ...[(ToS - z)'th item from top of stack]
e.g. a b c d e 2 -> a b c d e c
or 3 if 1-indexed
7:06 PM
Hm. Interesting. That would require something like lambda *a: [a[a[0]]] + a[1:] to access the entire stack.
And since it would also be useful to have a command to cut not copy, which would be lambda *a: [a[a[0]]] + a[1:a[0]] + a[a[0]+1:] or something
Also, 1-index or 0-index?
Nothing I've done so far has required me to consider that yet
@HyperNeutrino like 05AB1E's @ huh?
actually I have... I've already done 1-index :P
7:08 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer yeah
@HyperNeutrino link?
@LeakyNun not yet implemented, i'll send you a link when I implement and test it
GolfScript, 14 bytes: ~.,{)`1$*n}%\;
7:26 PM
Ohm, 4 bytes: @┼·á
Is there some reason I'm missing that this can't easily be done in 3n operations?
hm y it no work
oh wait it's because lambda *a: a gives a tuple
but the copy-not-cut still fails ಠ_ಠ
7:35 PM
Ooh a Cubically quine might not be as difficult as it sounds
@MDXF why not?
Because of how easy it is to print numbers. 3%45 is so close to a quine because it prints 3645
ooh i see
Yeah, but it'll still be pretty hard to properly manipulate the numbers to get the required ASCII values
I see
7:40 PM
Well, there goes 1k rep for me, unless I figure it out first :P
yup :P
Q: Make an error quine!

nneonneoYour challenge: write a "program", for a language of your choice, that causes the compiler/interpreter/runtime to produce error output when compiling/running your program which is identical to your program's source code. Rules: Your program may be specific to a particular version or implementa...

oh wait that's not an error
7:43 PM
@HyperNeutrino Dibs
It follows all the rules
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I wasn't going to anyway so go ahead :P
A: Make an error quine!

MD XFCubically, 94 bytes Notepad: 0 000 000 000 111222333444 111222333444 111222333444 555 555 555 Leading and trailing newline. (Cubically automatically dumps its memory to STDERR when the program finishes.) Try it online!

I count 92 bytes.
> Leading and trailing newline
ಠ_ಠ to me
7:50 PM
ಠ_ಠ to StackExchange not letting us put arbitrary newlines in code blocks
0/10 to me I had an unclosed bracket in my Readme
@HyperNeutrino ಠ_ಠ after all the times you bugged me about it :P
lol and it took me like 15 commits to realize ಠ_ಠ
7:59 PM

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