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8:02 PM
in Discussion between Mego and Peter Taylor, 8 secs ago, by Rainbolt
I was going to try and speak using only messages that have already been posted, but then I realized I can just cheat :-/
@xsot have you tried emailing shinh about changing the deadline for Distance from x 2 so it's the same as Distance from x? i suppose it could be interesting to see how people react to having time to submit after major spoilers though..
@Rainbolt how?
@Optimizer Just post in another room, then link to it in here
I was assuming you'd stick to any message posted before your decision to start using older ones
just like our current policy for languages
8:06 PM
There are no "standard loopholes" governing my chat behavior, unfortunately
there should be, or else you'd end up like Geobits's dog!
What.... happened to Geobits's dog?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

flawrLinear Regression: least squares fit of a line code-golf Given a set of 2d coordinates (x_i,y_i) i=1,...,n calculate paramters m,q such that the sum of the squares of the absolute errors sum( (y_i - m *x_i -q)^2 ) is minimal. Rules (Rules copy pasted from "Hello, World!") Unlike our usual r...

he types anything
I also felt something weird with that :D
half century star
@kirbyfan64sos interesting...
8:12 PM
@Agawa001 Thanks for the suggestion :) I'm not a fan of bonuses in golf challenges - I prefer to have just one challenge and see how the different approaches compare. In this particular question, I wanted the challenge to be about performing the operation rather than base conversion, so I left it open for each answer to use whichever base suits their language best.
Have we had a challenge about Wireworld?
Q: Shortest Wireworld

phase Wireworld is fun for the whole family! Your goal is to create a Wireworld implementation in the shortest amount of code possible. A Wireworld cell can be in one of four different states, usually numbered 0–3 in software, modeled by colors in the examples here: Empty (Black) Electron head (Bl...

We even already have a duplicate :)
All right then.
wow, over 50!!!
are new people coming in just to star Doorknob?
Doorknob is buying stars!
8:16 PM
Nov 14 at 18:28, by quartata
sniff little cheat
@quartata Chat is a great place to find out before putting effort into a question. I only seem to be able to find duplicates for other people - when it's a question of my own I tend to use a different name for something and miss that it's already been done...
@quartata whoah, that was fast!
@Optimizer I was actually going to post it in response to aditsu but it was funnier in response to yours
I didn't even know we had 52 chatters
@trichoplax We don't
Doorknob is using his sock army
2 mins ago, by quartata
Nov 14 at 18:28, by quartata
sniff little cheat
8:19 PM
Nov 14 at 18:39, by quartata
Just like OpenGL my ass
Jun 24 at 0:00, by trichoplax
I thought we'd established that you were all Doorknob's sock puppets?
@trichoplax But what about you?
I mean, I know I am but what are you?
@quartata he's Martin's sock, just like me
@Optimizer That explains the scarf fetish
8:20 PM
@quartata Presumably Doorknob posted that to make me look real
@Optimizer Martin's sock scarf
@Dennis Any moment now someone is going to search for "scarf puppet" and post a picture
Chat reply recursion. I like it!
8:25 PM
@Dennis Not a scarf 0/10
am I the only one who remember's Macklemore and Ryan's "Can't hold us" after reading "And all the people said…" instead of "amen" ?
@quartata That's totally a scarf. Not all scarfs look like this:
@Dennis Martin in Madame Tussaud?
Martin comes with color options?
8:29 PM
@Dennis Don't tell that to Lenny Kravitz.
Is that the guy in your picture?
@Dennis no scarf in his picture, so nope
Yes, that is Lenny Kravitz.
@Optimizer Wrong on both accounts: Lenny+Kravitz+Lenny+Kravitz+Sports+Scarf+BeNmlSdB-TQl.jpg
8:31 PM
I wonder if room owner can disable the tag feature...
okay seriously stop abusing tags
You should know by now that moderator is an anagram of fun police.
@Optimizer Nice try.
8:33 PM
I was just typing the exact same message.
if only I had pinning powers, you cheaters!
Challenge idea: write a program that creates a cypher where moderator changes to funpolice ...
Retina, 19 bytes: moderator\nfunpolice
(wait, that's not reversible)
Hello all!
the r converting to different letters makes it trickier
8:41 PM
What is going on?
Yeah, that was my realization, too
CJam, 35 bytes (works for encryption and decryption)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Yan LiGenerating wildcard that matches only certain strings (puzzle) (I've read this problem long time ago somewhere but I still don't know what's the best solution. So I'm posting it here. I don't remember the original wording so here is all in my own words and may not be accurate. This is not a golf...

What is going on?!
8:43 PM
see above
@Dennis Nice :)
@aditsu huh?
any bets on the final star count of the pinned message on this Sunday UTC 0000? Closest one wins!
What is the prize?
8:46 PM
free pass for abusing stars for a month!
@Optimizer 9001
> The questions Where? What? When? are themselves answers by replacing the W with a T.
@Optimizer sure, I'm throwing in a free 30-day chat suspension as well.
BTW, since I put a lot of effort into my Seriously answer for gamma function golf, I will post it even though I do not know if it works. That is the only way to get Mego to anyway help and get advice from others who knows the language.
@MartinBüttner What's a bet without a risk and a thrill?
8:49 PM
@TanMath The other option would be to post it in chat, no?
@Dennis I already did..
Nobody said anything...
And Mego in chat?! Hahaha.
@Optimizer 55
@TanMath ?
@TanMath I'm not sure what you're getting at. He's online all the time.
@MartinBüttner he will never respond
Sorry, 2^(6.5±1)
8:51 PM
@TanMath he seems to be one of the most active chat users recently
oh, Dennis already said that
@MartinBüttner @Dennis you guys don't know? @Mego blocked me...
also, are you aware of this recent meta discussion? meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/7448/8478
@TanMath oh okay.
So I cannot post it?
@MartinBüttner is there a leaderboard for chat messages I didn't know about?
there is (sort of) but I didn't consult it
8:53 PM
Is this question ready for main?
@quartata chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/info/240/the-nineteenth-byte --> "frequently in this room", the small numbers in the lower left corner of the user panels
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

SuperJedi224The Death Of Low-Resolution Pixel Art (Or, Draw That Death) code-golfgraphical-outputkolmogorov-complexity This is an Irregular Webcomic! themed task.* Death is a rather extensive orginization, and, although Head Death has had no trouble telling his employees apart, certain other entitie...

@TanMath of course you can, but maybe you shouldn't
@MartinBüttner OK. So what do I do? I am sad that I wasted so much time...
How the heck is Rainbolt higher than me
Wait is that list all time?
0_0 how am I even on that list
8:57 PM
What do I do?
@quartata he's been around for much longer
and he used to be more active
So that list is all-time most active?
@TanMath what's the issue with the code? what language is it in? surely someone other than Mego can help sort it out?
@quartata yes
@MartinBüttner no.. It is in Seriously.. Who else knows Seriously?
@MartinBüttner holy shit I'm 8th on that list and I've only been here a month
I need to reevaluate my life choices
9:00 PM
A: Square side pinpointing

Thomas KwaSeriously, 11 bytes A port of my TI-BASIC answer. Calculates mean(X)+i*(X-mean(X)). ,;Σ½;)±+ï*+ Explanation: , Read input ; Duplicate Σ½ Half the sum (the mean) of the top copy ; Copy the mean ) Rotate stack to the left Now there's...

You know what... I'm posting it.
I have more messages than Doorknob.
This is wrong.
@quartata !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See a doctor immediately.
@feersum ...is it me or do those exclamation points look purple to anyone else?
9:02 PM
You should see a doctor as well.
@El'endiaStarman I assumed it was my filthy laptop screen.
A couple of them do look purple.
No purple here.
in Seriously, 21 hours ago, by TanMath
in Seriously, 21 hours ago, by TanMath
does that work for seriously gamma function golf? it is a translation of the c++ answer... I can't get it to run.. maybe takes too long.. it says error, but no error message. Whar could be wrong?
Anybody know why?
@Rainbolt lmao
I'mma make one for Dennis.
@El'endiaStarman no purple!
9:08 PM
Q: The Death Of Low-Resolution Pixel Art (Or, Draw That Death)

SuperJedi224 This is an Irregular Webcomic! themed task.* Death is a rather extensive orginization, and, although Head Death has had no trouble telling his employees apart, certain other entities connected to the orginization have had trouble keeping track of them all. Thus, your task here is to, given ...

@MartinBüttner see? Nobody knows about it..
That's not just an issue with the language though. It's a pretty hard challenge.
@Dennis it is just a translation! I translated from the C++ answer...
Oh well...
Hi people
Ah.. There comes the blocker...
9:20 PM
Hi @Mego
@TanMath I added a !help command to my bot now
@SuperJedi224 good.. Let me try!
@TanMath Thanks
Hey @Calvin'sHobbies !
Today is slow
@Calvin'sHobbies proof that you're David Carraher's sock.
9:28 PM
Go eat some oats
What do I do? @MartinBüttner
I had oats this morning
They were totes delicious
> Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey
@TanMath Well, I don't really know. If you're not on good terms with the only person who could help you, I guess that's bad luck? Or you could try coming to terms with them and ask nicely if they'd be willing to help you after all?
9:33 PM
@MartinBüttner how? He blocked me...
	public static String[]groups(Matcher m){
		String[]out=new String[m.groupCount()+1];
		for(int i=0;i<out.length;i++){
		return out;
	public static String replace(String source,String regex,Function<String[],String>sub){
		Matcher m=Pattern.compile(regex).matcher(source);
		StringBuilder out=new StringBuilder();
		int a=0;
I'm not sure this is working.
Any help?
The method defined there doesn't seem to be working right. I'm not sure why.
@SuperJedi224 what is it for?
It's going to be part of the StringUtil class in the next version of my library
9:37 PM
@SuperJedi224 oh...
It's supposed to work like String.prototype.replace(regex,function) in javascript
@SuperJedi224 but this is Java?
I guessed it!
I know how Java looks like!
Wait, nevermind
I just realized that the problem was in my test script, not in that method
So, as far as I know, the method works
9:51 PM
Sounds like you need a test script for the test script
yo dawg
@TanMath I don't see a stop condition for your while loop. Wouldn't a for loop make more sense here?
hey gaiz I just wrote a python function that renames all functions in a module with names longer than 3 characters as 1 character function names
10:06 PM
flags as offensive :P
it needs some golfing, but I think it could shorten some longer python programs
@quintopia writes a module that has 27 functions
@El'endiaStarman good thing I've got 52 potential names!
A: Is a code golfing library legitimate?

Peter TaylorIt's one thing to use standard libraries and another to roll your own. I think it risks turning into a game of "Who can write the most advantageous library?" rather than "Who can find a devious way to use the language?" (Which isn't to say I don't understand the desire: I often find myself wishi...

And thus, Pyth Junior was born.
10:09 PM
@quintopia *53 :P
@quintopia I've noticed you've got quite a portfolio on esolangs! :) (assuming you're the same quintopia)
@El'endiaStarman it's enough names to get all the long-named builtin functions named
@MartinBüttner I am he. Did you get my message about the rot13 thread?
I vaguely remember something about ROT13 popping up on my radar, but I sometimes read notifications when I'm half asleep, trying to wake up by reading, fail, and then forget that I ever read that notification.
I find it hard to believe the pinned message got 51 stars without socks being used to cheat the system
There's an old thread I linked for basic rot13 with no accepted answer. I was asking if you'd turn it into a catalogue, add the code snippet and formtting rules and so forth
10:14 PM
@Mego I promise I didn't use any socks. Not sure about others. :P
I have a drawer full of socks. But none of them have Stack Exchange accounts.
@Doorknob Well since we're all @AlexA.'s socks, I think we can blame him
@AlexA. that's sockism
@Doorknob I permit them to create SE accounts, but thus far they've chosen not to. It's one of their rights under my terms of indentured servitude.
All socks are equal. Except Alex's, they smell bad.
10:16 PM
@quintopia Oh right... I'll have another look at it, might be a good candidate.
I'll add it to the list on meta at least.
@MartinBüttner I support this
how likely is that
Q: Draw the national flag of France

steveThere have been many other flag challenges posted, but not the national flag of France. Seems a most appropriate time this week. Produce as SVG, JPEG, PNG, GIF or ANSI (in which case width has to be 78 characters) using the fewest bytes possible. Wikipedia: Flag of France

Q: Flaming Doorknob Keyboards!

kirbyfan64sosWell, turns out Doorknob's username on GitHub, Reddit, and other sites is KeyboardFire. That gives me an idea... The task You work at KeyboardFire Inc., a company that makes special keyboards. And, by "special", I mean that, whenever you press a key, something in your house lights on fire! With...

@Dennis there isn't any for loop in Seriously... I don't know whether there is an explicit stop condition for while loop... bascially, it stops when it becomes zero
10:18 PM
I guess I'm pretty much obligated to grab the first answer on @kirbyfan64sos's question :P
@Mego btw the snippet I wrote is not a library. it's an actual piece of code you'd put at the beginning of a python program you are trying to golf, hoping it will shorten the result down the line. I'm not trying to create a new python dialect
@NewMainPosts Wow, so many comments with questions.
@TanMath I can't seem to figure out how it works, but M should be a for loop.
@quintopia so about esolangs... the list of interpreters on your user page. is that just a list of all python interpreters for esolangs you found, or did you actually write those?
@Dennis there is no for loop command AFAIK..
@Dennis you should ask @Mego
10:27 PM
A: 1, 2, Fizz, 4, Buzz

MegoSeriously, 36 bytes 2╤R`;;3@%Y"Fizz"*)5@%Y"Buzz"*(+;I`Mi Explanation: 2╤ push the value 10**2 (100) R pop a: push range(1,a+1) ` start function literal ;; duplicate the top of the stack twice 3 push the value 3 @ swap the top 2 values % pop a,b: pu...

That looks like a for loop.
@Dennis what does?
@MartinBüttner The former. I was collecting them with the intention of writing a universal esoIDE someday
ah right... you know such a thing exists? (in .NET ... with about a dozen interpreters currently)
yes, but I wass thinking about making my own anyway :P
@Dennis M is map
10:30 PM
@MartinBüttner Oh, didn't Timwi make that? I seem to recall reading about it.
@Dennis i asked @Mego and he never told me about a for loop cmand.. He said there currently isn't any
basically, I figured that the method for editing should vary with the language, since a plain text editor doesn't do it for many languages. A piet editor should let you draw codels, a Spiral editor should let you type along any direction, etc.
@MartinBüttner Does he keep it up to date in terms of adding esolangs as they arise?
So each language should have its own menus, editor layout, and visual debugger that it loads from a file when you load the program
10:32 PM
@quintopia yeah that would be ideal (and I talked to Timwi about it before... he's added some really neat language-specific debugging features and a few language-specific editing tools since then, but the code is still text based)
@AlexA. not that regularly, but he added both Hexagony and Labyrinth and he finished up Mornington Crescent when I started using it.
That's awesome.
Do you have a link to it, by chance?
I think I've only written three interpreters total in pythonw: SELECT. , ResPlicate, and now Aubergine
@AlexA. he's definitely taking pull requests though
@quintopia 2 more than me :P
if I find some time I might add Brian & Chuck myself
10:35 PM
I used to talk to Timwi. He has very specific ideas about the way things should be.
haha, I know what you mean. I find those ideas usually have a good reason though. ;)
@quintopia Used to, implying you don't anymore?
Yes. I haven't in a couple of years. It was back when he was developing Funciton most actively.
Ah, okay.
He stops by in chat on rare occasions.
I took some liberties and spruced up the flag challenge because it didn't seem the OP was going to:
Q: Draw the national flag of France

steveThere have been many other flag challenges posted but not one for the national flag of France. This week seems like an appropriate time. Produce this flag in the fewest bytes possible: The height of the image should be 2/3 of it's width. Your image must be at least 78 pixels wide. The stripe...

10:37 PM
@Calvin'sHobbies thumbs-up
Oh, but I guess I invalidated your text answer because I wasnt certain of author's intent :/
Nah, my text answer is still valid
Well, you did take out the ANSI part
I'm not sure it is
I was assuming he meant displaying it using text and ANSI color codes (what I did)
10:41 PM
Hmm... now I'm not sure 22 is the right # of lines
@TanMath The `...`M part. But I was wrong; it's actually a map. Still, since you're computing a product, you could use map, then reduce the result with π.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

VoteToCloseWhat time is it again? popularity-contestdate-time The challenge is simple: output the system type in any way you see fit. This includes using any standard loopholes or joke answers - whatever you want. Rules (limited they may be): The only standard loophole you cannot break is the new langu...

@Mego I readded it.
@Calvin'sHobbies Thanks
10:44 PM
There, now the dimensions are right
@Mego What ANSI color codes does your use so I can be specific?
@Calvin'sHobbies Blue, white, and red, all bold.
34, 37, and 31
WOAH. Blitz 3D is now totally free AND open source!!
It was $100 when I got the full version something like 6 years ago.
10:50 PM
Yeah I paid a whopping nothing for it last night :P
@El'endiaStarman your submission is now invalid after @xnor required exactly 78 wide (which seems to be original intent)
It'll be tough to beat my Python answer :P Only gs2, Pyth, and CJam really have a chance
@Mego Well, there was a free trial that had all the capabilities of the full version except that it had a 16k source code limit (which I've only surpassed like three times) and you couldn't make executables.
So is the other answer I guess
@Calvin'sHobbies I copied the example exactly.
10:53 PM
Right, but the example is not 78 by 52
It'll save me a few bytes though.
(which I agree is confusing)
A: Flaming Doorknob Keyboards!

Doorknob Ruby, 229 bytes ->s,m{c=m.flat_map.with_index{|x,i|x.size.times.select{|j|x[j]==?D}.map{|y|[i,y]}} s.chars{|h|x='1234567890qwertyuiop*asdfghjkl*zxcvbnm'.index h x,y=(x%10)*2,x/10 a,b=c.min_by{|a,b|(y-a).abs+((y%2>0?x+1:x)-b).abs} m[a][b]='F'} m} Not very good, but I just had to get the first...

oh, i missed the "at least" before
i'll revert that
10:54 PM
Yayyy my answer is valid again! :P
@Dennis I don't understand.. What do I need to edit?
Actually it looks like the guy was only concerned about width 78 for text submissions, but w/e

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