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5:00 PM
FYI, I don't think so that we are the only one raiding at this moment. Heck, I did not even restart any SE for a while. So if its still happening, other SE are also in it.
@Rodolvertice I count, at the very least, 28 people to disagree with you.
Whats so bad about it though?
@Optimizer I am certain other SE's are organizing revenge raids.
@Rodolvertice It's trolling.
5:01 PM
@Rodolvertice Bad sportsmanship?
@Rodolvertice Unprofessionalism.
@John but not only to us. so it has spread now.
Its a game.
@Optimizer heh, wait until the Indians wake up.
Its a widget on a sidebar!
5:01 PM
The fact is, sooner or later, it would have become a game or raid.
I for one would love to see PPCG raided.
@Rodolvertice It's a game, and you've ruined the game for other people.
@Rodolvertice It's like winning a game of soccer by ko-ing the enemy team and scoring while they are out.
@MadaraUchiha you must have your clock all wrong
@john: I'd guess the Meta post pointing to PPCG does that on its own
5:01 PM
I did not take part in the raids
@Rodolvertice 'you' can be plural too.
@Rodolvertice Irrelevant. No one knows who did and who didn't, only that they were organized by PPCG. All of PPCG will take that blame.
I'm not signaling anyone out here, and I personally don't care that much
@MadaraUchiha becuase its late night in India and everyone is about to sleep. So please stop being so racist
But fact is, it became a big deal
5:03 PM
^ Known fact.
btw, this isn't exactly like winning a game of soccer by ko-ing the enemy team, because that's explicitly against the rules of soccer
@Rainbolt I think it was being raided earlier when I joined chat
@Optimizer Racist? It's a population that comprises a significant portion of most of SE's communities, and they, most likely, haven't seen the game yet.
What did you think I mean?
@MadaraUchiha I am not sure what are you talking about. The game went live at around 4 PM by indian time
@Runer112 And if this game had rules, I'm pretty sure "don't be a jerk to other sites" would be in there, too
5:04 PM
so it has been around 7 hrs now.
@John isn't that in the se code of conduct?
@MattGiltaji I believe it is.
@Runer112 Irrelevant. KOing stops the game from continuing to rules. Raiding stops other communities playing.
But its just a game, and the restart button was included for a reason.
5:05 PM
John, stop calling people mean and jerks. I ask this of you politely. I already took my anger out on a moderator in an earlier comment (whoops).
What would the restart button be for anyways?
And why can users go on any SE site?
It is apparently for sites who are performing poorly and want a fresh start
@Unihedro Stops them from playing? No, it resets progress. It doesn't end the game, and there are 24+ hours to take revenge , or catch back up, or whatever. We aren't all on all the time, this just happened at a time when we were numerous in chat.
@Rainbolt Who did I call a jerk? and where?
"don't be a jerk to other sites"
5:07 PM
Guys... it seem to me you guys need a timeout to cool off...
@Rainbolt Alright, who is that calling a jerk?
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ I would agree.
Well, on the bottom line, whatever this April 1st thing was designed for, I'm pretty certain to say it has already failed that goal before the majority of users even had April 1st.
It's implied.
@Rainbolt implication is in the eye of the beholder
If I pointed to a rule in the ToS, you would behold that I was implying something too.
5:08 PM
what's the point of even mentioning it if you didn't mean anything by it
I think its an awesome little widget that was designed to make sites more competitive.
I guess I will ask about my golf-question idea on another day...
And by making them more competitive boost the overall popularity of SE
@randomra No please, a change of topic would be good here, I think.
@randomra Ask it somewhere else unless you still trust this one.
5:09 PM
Is it another Collatz question? :P
@Unihedro On what other site would code golf be on topic?
CR, right ? :P
@randomra shoot away, unless most of the interested people are already chat banned
This April Fool's Day game sure could've used a run through The Sandbox.
In short: write a bijective N -> ZxZ function.
@Geobits Haha that made my morning.
5:10 PM
@Geobits +10000
Hmmm sounds like something which, once somebody gets an optimal algorithm, everyone just ports
probably shouldn't have been tagged with koth as well
@Sp3000 doesn't mean we should not do it.
We have been 70% or more unanimous for like twenty rounds in a row
I hate it when CG questions end up with someone doing all the hard work and then everyone else just making ports
5:11 PM
This is good
Do you write the N -> Z x Z or also the Z x Z -> N?
just the N->ZxZ
@Rodolvertice I always upvote the answer that created the winning algorithm
me too
and whatever answer optimized it the most, of course
5:12 PM
A: When something that was supposed to be fun became not fun

Jon EricsonCode Golf has won the game Yeah. Code Golf is the winner of Stack Egg and can now enjoy the rest of the day basking in the admiration of the Stack Exchange network. We are as surprised as anyone that the game is over even before April 1 reached the timezones of most users, but the facts are unde...

what true victor ?
The one and only.
TheBestOne ?
@Optimizer I would assume it doesn't currently display PPCG at the top
@John Please stop
5:13 PM
@Optimizer Stop what?
Was that rude?
Oh, it does show PPCG.
no. but it was clearly showing hate against PPCG. As far as I know, none of the PPCG users displayed any hate against any other SE
I think I am one of those people who lives mostly of FGITW votes
@Optimizer How is that showing hate?
I said nothing bad there about PPCG
I thought someone told me SO couldn't play. But I was totally wrong lol.
@Sp3000 that's often the case but might be a couple projections which suits better for different people/languages
5:15 PM
@Rainbolt It was turned off on SO for a while, but they turned it back on. Don't know why
@Rodolvertice @Calvin'sHobbies that is mostly the case nowadays, Pyth or CJam might be the winner, but rarely most up voted
@Rainbolt I think it was disabled for a bit shortly after the SE outage earlier.
@Rodolvertice Heh, yeah I meant runner and I thought he said accept.
@Sp3000 and I don't think there is a very simple one
I don't accept any answers because I don't write any questions, I'm not creative
5:16 PM
@John very good point, I'm adding this right now
user image
will be live in a few minutes
Well there you have it. Raiding is now just as much against the rules as KOs in soccer.
The devs of this game have obviously never played Munchkin.
its like "Using GolfScript or CJam for answering code-golf answers is not funny anymore" all over again.
Or if they have played Munchkin, they've never played the thief
An idea! It would just be great if the code golf would go and help other sites win, playing fairly. And I am not saying this sarcastically. It's a good opportunity to show sportsmanship and maturity.
5:18 PM
@John is simply calling a spade a spade. This room has been engaging in malicious manipulation of what should be a fun little game in order to both ensure victory and to "salt the wound". If you feel that other users calling you out for that is uncalled for, then, well, I don't know what to tell you.
@Sklivvz we actually were doing this.
All - no one's saying anyone was being a jerk. We coulda been clearer about where the right line between fun competition and drumming up resentment was likely to fall. No harm, no foul, no judgement. Let's just agree not to deliberately muck up other sites VERY SERIOUS DUMB FUN. :P
@Sklivvz but then you guys showed how to be a sportsman, right ?
ah! its april fools
I had no idea
day wasted
Wow we maxed out
5:20 PM
we've really got the tactics down now
@balpha So the restart option will still be there?
no raiding necessary :)
@Rainbolt Cleric with Divine Intervention, please
has anybody written a script yet?
@balpha I agree that our raiding will make us look like jerks, which is not good for our community. But it hardly seems an "unfair" tactic since any SE can do it. If it's against the rules there needs to be some real impediment against it or people will do it.
5:21 PM
@Sp3000 The group I play with actually refuses to put that card into the pile. And they made up some extra rules for the thief. It's all very confusing.
Yeah that tends to happen, eh :P
@Calvin I think that the new wording implies that people will be banned for clicking on a button that they themselves created.
you restart voter XP
There's no point in this. You don't need the restart button if you want to be a jerk and harm another site's game. — balpha ♦ 46 mins ago
You guys ruined my question :(
5:22 PM
I think it was closed in almost record time
Sorry guy
ha. it was obv. off-topic :D
@TheBestOne As nice of a joke it was, I don't think it's helping. Sorry.
I was just about to post an answer.
Flagging or noise would probably be just as bad and annoying
5:22 PM
Well, look at the bright side. We set records for fastest non moderator closed question.
there have been sub 30 second close
By users?
@TheBestOne Next time have the answer written out already so all you have to do is C&P :P
@Optimizer That's why I gave it the tag.
That's impressive
5:23 PM
by total 5 close votes, yes
I may have set the record for fastest downvoted answer on Meta. I wonder how I could check that... it's a personal record at the very least.
@Geobits Meta.SE is known for being really really liberal with downvotes. I suspect there are faster-downvoted ones.
@Geobits I got -6 in less than a minute.
Then I edited, hit -8, and deleted.
I'm confused. Did you mean to post this on a different site...? — Alex A. 1 min ago
The funny thing is that I have net positive rep from it. That's seriously wrong IMO.
5:25 PM
we are getting vote split .
@John Yea, I've been downvoted far before, just not that fast. It was less than a minute at -10, I didn't time it exactly.
@Geobits I've always fought that funny, too. But, it's intentional so that people don't take downvotes too hard
Hah. It finally came down to this. My CEO finally reached out directly to me and said "Why are you the only employee who isn't wearing a pedometer and tracking steps?" So I responded "Buy me one and I will. Promise."
I knew that we were few, but I had no idea I was the only one.
whoa, 3 restarts that day
its nice for a company to be concerned !
5:28 PM
I think some people didn't exactly get the memo :/
Yes. I'll do anything if the CEO emails me directly.
@Runer112 I would agree. Comments are still being posted about how people should go raid PPCG
I do the street cleanup every quarter and I represent the company at a marathon like every month it seems. But who cares about tracking steps?
That's the beauty of all this. People are calling us evil and demonizing our tactic, yet emulating it as well. It's like politics :D
we are the minority now
5:30 PM
To be honest, I was rather looking forward to inter-site alliances forming, so that smaller sites could protect themselves from larger ones, etc.
Hah. I'm getting a free pedometer. I feel kind of guilty for some reason.
me too
@Geobits Not emulating it because they like it, they just want revenge.
If more sites thought of it as a capture-the-flag, then this would be way more fun.
As it is, they want separate little games with no interaction. Full interaction would be better.
@Geobits If were built deliberately around stopping other sites, then I would agree
5:31 PM
If there was only a select few flags and we had all of them, then it would be fun to fail at holding on to them
But the low traffic sites would never get a flag
So all of their fun would consist of taking ours away
Which isn't very fun I guess
I agree that something would have to be done for balance on low-traffic sites.
Have we ever missed the vote requirement?
Don't think so
Seems like it should escalate slowly until we fail to hit it
The vote requirement scales with the number of people playing.
You will never miss it.
5:32 PM
Since the number of people playing doesn't just change drastically, it seems useless
just to clarify, since it looks like we're about to restart, what's the private beta strat? top down or alternating?
@Rainbolt That's what I mean. If only 1 person is playing, it will be 1.
I like alternating as well. Just because of the superstition that the two items affect each other.
any particular reason for alternating
I don't think they affect each other
5:33 PM
"superstition" :D
"That's the beauty of all this. People are calling us evil and demonizing our tactic, yet emulating it as well. It's like politics" - it's about numbers and ratios. "You" (as a smallish-site) identified an attack vector, exploited it effectively, and "won out" over a very large population. Then, when that very large population learned the vector, a much smaller proportion of them responded in kind. So, you guys may be 0.01% or so of PCG, but 0.00001% of all the other sites are a lot of people.
superstition = days lost :p
wow the restart voters are really trying hard now
I like the way rofl put it. A small community with an effective attack vector. It sounds way cooler.
5:34 PM
restarts are getting serious
@DigitalTrauma All 5 of them?
now they can restart
Yay. I think I'll leave this round alone
I'm not sure I agree with alternating
Otherwise I won't get anything done today
5:35 PM
it leaves points on the table
@DigitalTrauma Someone dropped a comment under the MSE post on raiding with a link here.
Ok, let's top down again then
Nvm. The other strat is going full already
I'm back on the alt boat
I prefer top down
Next time perhaps?
We only have all afternoon to work on a perfect strat
It does say questions affect answers
So it would make sense to max questions then answers
too few questions
not too many questions
5:36 PM
What if we were rewarded for helping other sites rather than raiding them?
Has that been suggested already?
Something Co-op instead of KOTH?
@Rainbolt I do not think so.
@Rainbolt I doubt they would add a reward though, seeing as there likely isn't any reward at any point whatsoever.
Not a real reward.
Better question (if more controversial): write a bot that plays stack egg (pop-con). — Calvin's Hobbies 52 secs ago
Someone write a script that just presses the button with the highest percentage automatically
5:38 PM
I believe they're starting work on one in The Maid Cafe.
I believe they already have one.
I've been using one for a while.
Some people said it is cheating and won't use it.
Like, we could have a Politics bar. It decreases whenever a user with most of his rep on one site starts causing havoc on another. It increase when we help each other.
Then we'd all be holding hands while multi tabbing
and a script that auto-presses the restart button on all other sites using multiple accounts
5:39 PM
a vote bot does seem a bit cheaty
We're being restarted
That was close
It isn't me.
Want to help CR with theirs?
You have 4 wins, and we have none, so you'll beat us anyway.
we scraped by on that last vote requirement
Who is "us" and "theirs"? You used each pronoun oppositely in two messages.
Help CR with "ours" because "we" have none.
The problem is that scoring is done by "most wins in a certain period of time (~two days)". Under no circumstances would restarting increase a site's score.
5:42 PM
I think the meaning got through clearly
@Rainbolt You remind me a bit of one of our mods, who edits almost every question on the site.
guys, we're getting nothing'd hard
Someone is raiding us too.
I'm voting top to bottom
With the last two inverted
so wh'd you vote answer then :p
5:43 PM
Wasn't me lol
guys we're literally about to get restarted
I Continued for you.
< Afraid to go eat lunch lol
Users from other sites are attempting to hijack your progress, I think.
5:44 PM
Hold the fort guys! I need a sandwich!
where the hell are these downvote votes coming from
answer is next
so much split
ugh, voted too early
I'm off to lunch.
See you.
5 restarts, raid is getting a bit serious
white other sites are progressing smoothly now
so yeah, PPCG should not raid anyone but its okay to raid PPCG now .
damn right
I think we should learn our lessons here
5:52 PM
Please don't stoop to their level. Honour is more important than winning.
Immediately after Hosdh250 said this, someone(s) started vote-to-reset Code Review's egg.
@Optimizer The lesson I see is: don't start it and people won't hold grudges against you.
A friendly message from your former moderator. ;-)
@John really ? wow
i think PPCG users got the lesson and don't need any consolation from others.
There's basically a call to raid here. I'm guessing that's a part of the current restart idiot brigade
5:53 PM
we have 6 raiders now.
so much for sportsmanship
@Hasturkun So it's "in good spirit" when PPCG does it, but "idiots" when it gets done to PPCG?
and yes, we say raid in chat , its offensive and we get chat banned.
others post answers and comments - all fine
Just let it go. Things will cool off if you let it.
@ChrisJester-Young wow, this advice was not given to other haters
@John: Did you see me advocating raiding anywhere? I think it's idiotic.
5:55 PM
for other haters - "go ahead and raid PPCG, ban their users from chatting and post hate messages"
can someone poke Mr. Adam Davis for me
I don't actually have a meta account
So, yes. Idiots.
@Runer112 Just did.
Q: Build a Stack Egg Bot

TheBestOneStack Egg is a small game recently released by Stack Exchange. To play it, you can click on the "ad" on the right hand side of the page. The goal is to have your bot propel your favorite Stack Exchange site to the top of this leaderboard. The submission with the most upvotes at the end April 1 ...

that's not really what I meant, but okay
5:55 PM
if we got restarted even once, I am pretty much on to raiding patrol again. Please feel free to follow me.
could've said it without heavily implying that we did it with malintent
@TheBestOne I am so tempted to post a joke answer... but I shall refrain.
leaderboard should be the clue
waits to get chat banned
@Optimizer I don't want to be heavy-handed but I don't advise that course of action. We have to be better than that.
@Optimizer Relax, I don't think anyone agrees that chat-banning is the right thing to do here.
5:57 PM
If I catch the flag, I'll be sure to invalidate it, however, you should know that chat flags get actioned quicker, and with more knee-jerk than site flags.
Man, how does Amateur Radio keep doing that
@Optimizer I do agree with @ChrisJester-Young here, though
@ChrisJester-Young yes, we . Not just PPCG
I visited it Meta StackEgg. It was pitiful. Only one person was voting.
@TheBestOne Maybe that's how you actually win
Do it alone
5:57 PM
@Optimizer I agree, but this site is the only community I have a say in.
also, apparently Mr. Adam Davis thinks it's okay to advocate that others raid as long as you don't personally do it
@ChrisJester-Young didn't stopped other 10+ mods to pitch in here and give their opinions, even throw out threats
Oh, something's happening?
I was referring to the reply
5:59 PM
Doorknob, you missed all the fun!
@Optimizer I think you're reading a bit too much into things if you think those are actual threats.
Nothing's happening. We're just, er, discussing a new KOTH!
@Geobits and he wasn't here when we needed you

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