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12:00 AM
GM is for them Pathfinder people
PPOD is not a good acronym
I use GM and DM interchangeably.
peapod, it's perfect
unless people interpret it as "ee" instead of "ea"
12:01 AM
Not being a Pathfinder person, I say DM.
@Riker dubious
person but not player
@MitchSchwartz ah lol
this is how players be annoying to the dm, by saying they are not player
peepod? i don't think that really holds water
@Riker the DM might not have a PC but they are still a player
12:05 AM
they are playing a game -> they are a player
@Phoenix I doubt you need them
Well not so much an inner class as an inner enum
Which contains some constants
@Phoenix Use constants instead :P
#define E_OK 0
12:08 AM
@Phoenix why do you need the enum inside the class
@ASCII-only Right, but there's a lot, so I'd rather section them off by categories.
@quartata I'm making a class for the keyboard, so I can do Keyboard.Keys.KEY_SPACE, for example.
I want to learn x windows
Nooo that looks ugly
although I suspect there's a way to get it that way too
12:10 AM
I probably need to learn another language to do that as well ;_;
@Phoenix it's a one character difference
You could do Keyboard_Keys maybe
I think an object expression could work
true, I could have a static instance of the enum.
I think
@Phoenix put them in multiple top level static classes
I don't need inner classes but I think it makes the code look prettier.
And maybe I'm wrong and it makes my code an unreadable mess.
But I think it's for the best that I do it in C#, since I'm working on this project with a group of other people, most of whom having no intrest in learning F#.
Even if it is just the one class.
Emoji Button now hosts the Emoji offsite, so that it doesn't take up 200kb of space.
12:23 AM
Yeah, that was totally worth the extra response time
(It's an ASync call, it'll take at most half a second to load the Emoji, you probably won't notice it)
I totally can't notice 500 milliseconds...
It's not like any sane person is using the Emoji Button anyway, right..?
It will probably be faster for anyone in the americas, where the web host is.
@SimplyBeautifulArt lol, keep 'em coming
@Riker xD
12:27 AM
Also, I'd rather download 200 kb (25 kB, 24.4 kiB) from my hard drive rather than over the network even if the time was equal
I just improve edited 4
Good point, I should probably change it back.
Simply the case that I don't like big userscripts.
I'm confused. Microsoft introduced a new kind of literal (tuples) into C# 7, but you need an external package to use them. Does this mean anyone can define packages that extend C#?
It's a standard NuGet package
@Phoenix Kinda? You can change how Roslyn works
12:37 AM
Oh, Hey Dennis! I outgolfed you!
2↑↑7 = 10↑↑x, but for what x?
Alright, this has been fun, but I'm going to remove the Emoji button from my userscripts.
But whenever I'm on mobile, I'm going to post a single emoji once in a while and observe reactions
12:59 AM
@totallyhuman I have a toddler like that. Constantly trying to push boundaries to see what happens. Never ends well.
@Riker :D
@Dennis ah that's not the first time a comparison like that has been made
Don't ban me on just that though :P
But it's fun observing reactions from a type of people I've never encountered before
I've removed the EmojiButton from the github page, and I'll be taking down the JSON host for those unfortunate enough to have updated before then.
1:18 AM
> unfortunate
Guys I just made a revolutionaly discovery
Err would you care to elucidate
(it's not interesting at all btw)
29 messages moved to Trash
why would anyone star a trashing message
1:22 AM
People see Dennis, People click Star.
@HyperNeutrino Maybe they are greatful of the removal of trash.
eergh grammar bothers me lol
So if I have my alarms at 6:00 and 6:02 and I want to change them to 6:30 and 6:32, instead of going up (or down) for both by 30 minutes, I can go down 28 minutes and up 28 minutes to save 4 units of time where each unit is about 0.05 seconds.
Fun fact: Trash is a gallery now so only approved users can talk. Yet anyone can talk there by posting nonsense anywhere else.
1:24 AM
ooh interesting
why is that?
.oO(I've seen quite a few conversations being continued in Trash. That's probably the reason.)
oh i see
@HyperNeutrino And +20 units of time calculating that.
1:25 AM
sure lol
Is this a routine task?
(read hover text too)
ehh why... xD
$(".user-container:contains(Dennis)").find(".stars").find(".vote").click(), A function which clicks the star button on all of dennis's message.
Note, it doesn't actually work, because timeout.
Please don't fix it. The last thing we need is a way to make star spam easier.
@Dennis TBH I was a fan of allowing users to continue conversations in Trash.
1:29 AM
It certainly beats having the conversations elsewhere.
I won't mess with permissions of an SO room though. Not sure if I even could.
Unrelated: I'd appreciate beta testers for tio.run. I'd like to redirect Nexus asap.
@Dennis Hit me up.
Sorry, what do you want me to hit you with?
Seems to be working for me.
Also, that obscure method you described for accessing v2 doesn't seem to have lasted :P
Preferably not a kick
1:35 AM
Not for long, no.
To clarify: by beta tester, I mean just use it for a couple of days instead of Nexus if you remember.
Can do!
Okay I'll use v2 instead of nexus when I'm doing Jelly golfs
If all goes well, you won't have a choice in a few days anyway. :P
This looks delicious, but my mama always told me not to put strange looking things into my mouth. — Mateen Ulhaq 2 mins ago
lol wat
1:39 AM
@Dennis can you make a redirect for things like tio.run/Jelly -> tio.run/#jelly
Yes, that is the plan.
I want to test it for a couple of days before making the redirect.
Not /nexus/Jelly, just /jelly
I uh, Don't think I'm getting my message across.
In other news, Blue doesn't have any stars.
@ATaco Ah, sorry. I could, but that would be an additional pain if tio.run/jelly is followed by a permalink. jelly.tryitonline.net will still work though.
1:44 AM
@Dennis anything specific to look for? Bugs?
Anything out of the ordinary, yes. With permalinks in particular, since that's the most important change.
Any chance we can get CMC formatting in the near future..?
@Dennis arguments aren't persisted when switching between Nodejs and Babel Node
I've yet to have a single answer accepted, even though I've won multiple times.
@programmer5000 OK, that shouldn't happen.
1:51 AM
@WheatWizard What version of Python does Klein run on?
@ATaco python2
curses isn't default with it..?
Apparently not
I didn't realize
its only for a fancy debugger though
so You can remove the imports
It's preventing me from running ;-;
It will run fine without the imports
1:52 AM
I think it's Unix only, tbh.
Oh yeah it is
Alright, I got it to run!
I will try to make a windows version sometime but I don't have windows so I wont be able to test it.
oh wait it's on tio
When you realize you wasted time trying to install and use a language that's on TIO...
1:55 AM
Is it even possible to output character literals in this language..?
@Dennis I suggest you add a "clear" button for clearing the output and debug.
@ATaco -A
@programmer5000 That should be fixed.
@Dennis I also suggest you add CSS cursor styles for the top buttons (eg. cursor: pointer;), as well as anything that can be interacted with the mouse.
cursor: pointer is for links, not buttons.
A: Whether to use pointer (hand) over a button or just the default cursor

AndroidHustleGoogle has added this differing in hovering feedback to make a visual distinction between navigational elements and action elements in the UI. It's really to distinguish the semantics between actions like Compose a new mail and Open email. So that is basically the strategy behind the behaviour....

1:59 AM
@WheatWizard "Hello, World!"@ seems to be a perfectly valid Hello World.
@programmer5000 Not saying I won't, but where? The interface is busy enough as it is, and it will only get busier as I add more features.
@ATaco Yes, When I had posted the bounty I forgot I added " the bounty will go to the shortest answer not using it.
sorry for that
Bu- But the bounty doesn't say that! D:
(I already posted an answer)
I'll make it up to you, I'll write a quine.
@Dennis Yeah, I think they did that because people were complaining about what happened to Mos there
@ATaco Martin already wrote a extremely short quine
2:02 AM
:?/:2+@> "
run with the 001 topology
@WheatWizard Btw is this intentional?
@WheatWizard It appears to work with an empty argument as well. tio.run/##DcgxEoAgEAPA70AyFsiJkEofY@Ho@P8usuU@73V/…Dennis ♦ 1 hour ago
It's a feature!
@Dennis No, its not, currently the surface is only checked for validity when you move off the edge.
OK. (Asking for my Hello World tests, not for golfing.)
2:05 AM
Can you make it default to 000 topology if an argument isn't provided?
@ATaco No
@Dennis I'm going to add stricter checks, currently I am trying to make the surface system easier to understand.
Could I give you a hello world that requires a surface to work? Would that be better for tests?
Probably. The HW suite will co-function as a kind of mini tutorial though, so they straightforward method is probably better.
Is <@"!dlrow ,olleH" ok? should work on any surface starting with a 0.
2:11 AM
I'll just keep it simple for now. Definitely need more elaborate tests in the future though.
Well "Hello, World!"@ is as simple as it gets
@Dennis So the Hello World suite isn't accessible yet right?
It's publicly available at tryitonline.net/languages.json, but not currently used in the frontend.
@Phoenix Could you accept this answer? codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/118009/31716
Q: Is "(The other day) I met a bear" a duplicate?

isaacgThe challenge (The other day) I met a bear is a kolmogorov complexity question about the text of a song. As can be seen by looking at its edit history, it has been closed three times as a duplicate of We're no strangers to code golf, you know the rules, and so do I . It's been reopened three time...

2:15 AM
@DJMcMayhem Yes
Whoops, wrong app
@Dennis This isn't vary important, but it seems like quine and 99BB suites may be good ideas for example programs (at least a good idea for PPCG users)
@DJMcMayhem I have a similar request. :P
@Dennis You know exactly why I requested that ;)
I don't
2:18 AM
@DJMcMayhem Still missing an upvote though.
Dec 3 '16 at 17:11, by Dennis
Speaking of DJMcMayhem's challenges, Goodness Giza Golf needs an accepted answer while I'm still eligible for the gold badge. :P
What's the badge
er wait
Yes, Populist.
ah ok
No? 10/25 should fulfill it
> Highest scoring answer that outscored an accepted answer with score of more than 10 by more than 2x
2:21 AM
Oh. I thought it was 10 or more
Whats the deal with new tags? Anyone with sufficient rep can make them, so whats with tag proposals on the meta?
Every so often I remove a 1 question tag without a description. Should I not be doing that?
@WheatWizard To gain consensus
I totally got robbed out of populist here
The only question I am eligible for populist is this one where I got way too many votes for a FWITG.
2:32 AM
I have one of those which I got for pointing out the topic is an anagram of my username.
@WheatWizard It's still a decent golf
Plus people like Python
It really isn't. Its the most obvious way to do it. It certainly doesn't deserve 55 upvotes.
@DJMcMayhem Not awarded for self answers, huh?
Now you know my pain!
2:35 AM
Is that because you can choose to accept? Seems like it would be harder to get populist on your own questions.
Yeah, they don't want you accepting a worse answer just to give yourself the badge.
Makes sense, kind of sucks.
That. If you have a self-answer with 23+ upvotes, you can accept whatever to get a badge.
I'm all around not a fan of the accept system. I don't even see how it helps Q&A sites, and I think it certainly hurts us.
I got populist for this: codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/67357/… but the accepted answer has since gotten upvoted more.
@WheatWizard One way it helps is it's a way to show your problem is solved, as opposed to looking for more answers.
2:38 AM
That is true. I feel like a "mark as solved" might be a better idea though.
I don't do much Q&A so I really don't know though.
It certainly makes sense for Q&A sites. This solved my problem is a pretty strong statement when coming from the OP.
Yeah, the thing I don't like is that a lot of times the OP becomes inactive and a much better answer shows up.
It's not perfect, but the top-voted answer is right below the accepted one.
I guess every system has its flaws. But I really don't think it makes sense here
Gold badges are always so satisfying
2:42 AM
Now you're just pouring salt in the wound. :P
But you still have (my gold badges ^ 2)
So I'm not really sorry :P
2:54 AM
@WheatWizard Otherwise they'll likely get nuked and only creates more trouble. In most cases you probably don't need a new tag anyway
@EvilSheep Are not you a bot?
3:29 AM
Q: Strikethrough byte counts in answer headers

MD XFIn code-golf submissions, people often like to show how they golfed their program down, striking out the previous byte counts and leaving the current one unformatted. I've seen this done two ways. The more popular one: C, 78 75 60 54 48 bytes The less popular one: C, 48 54 60 75 78 bytes I t...

4:02 AM
So my personal proxy won't allow WebSocket traffic that isn't WSS and through port 443, which I found out the hard way. Which means I spend like, 30 minutes working out that I can literally just bind a WSS to my HTTPS server.
4:31 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Wheat WizardReduce a XOR polynomial Most of us are familiar with the XOR operation between to integers. (^ in python). If you are not here is a brief explanation it is the result of taking the binary representation of the two numbers and xor each digit individually. You can also think of it as adding witho...

5:17 AM
Q: Split me in half

ctrl-shift-escInput: 0 <= X <= 2³² - 1 Output: List of numbers in decimal, after recursive splitting in binary format. Explanation: Example 1: Input: 255 Current Output is 255. Binary representation of 255 is 1111 1111. Splitting it, we get 1111 and 1111, which in decimal are 15 and 15. Continuing the...

6:11 AM
could I get some feedback on this sandbox post? it's been there a few days with no votes or comments
@ais523 I think an explanation of what the elastic tab stop is would be nice in between the two introductory paragraphs, I felt like I had to jump around a bit when reading the question because I've never heard of an elastic tab stop
hmm, the problem is I'm not sure what a tl;dr explanation would be like
I guess it can be vague because it's explained in detail later on
let me have a go at that
Yeah I think a vague idea would make it easier to parse, the second paragraph is vague but a little too vague I think
better now?
Yeah I like that
makes it a lot more readable IMO
7:20 AM
I found a lang that could do the next answer for evolution of powers of two
@DestructibleLemon +1 very good
@DestructibleLemon pls link
@DestructibleLemon then 1. rewrite or 2. complain to the author not us
and 3. don't shout
I'm upset not because the author didn't finish their language, but because I was so close to getting a lang
7:50 AM
Q: Construct a beacon

OkxIn the video game Minecraft, you can obtain beacons and put them on pyramid-like structures to give you special effects, such as speed or jump boost. Your task is to, given an effect, construct the beacon pyramid required for it. There are multiple sizes of beacon pyramids, required for differe...

@NewMainPosts 3 minutes... you're getting faster
8:14 AM
It's quartata how could he
CMC: prepend "Let's" to a sentence and change the last fullstop into an exclamation mark
e.g. "Golf a program." becomes "Let's golf a program!"
CMC: prepend "Let's" to a sentence and change the last fullstop into an exclamation mark
@LeakyNun pls don't doublepost
@LeakyNun Can I assume there are no proper nouns in the sentence
because slicing is not as golfy then just lowercasing in the language I'm using
8:37 AM
@ASCII-only no you can't
@LeakyNun But I can assume the first word is never a proper noun right?
@ASCII-only yes you can
@LeakyNun Charcoal, 14 bytes: SαLet's Pα↧§α⁰
@ASCII-only you forgot the exclamation mark
aw man, jellyfish almost works
8:45 AM
Most upvoted answer on PPCG?
wait a minute
it works!
@LeakyNun Charcoal, 17 bytes: Let's SM←!J⁶¦⁰↧KK
@ASCII-only nice
Does anyone know which answer is most upvoted on PPCG?
@Arjun yeah brb
A: Produce the number 2014 without any numbers in your source code

dansalmoPython (52 bytes) print sum(ord(c) for c in 'Happy new year to you!') Updated for 2015 thanks to @Frg: print sum(ord(c) for c in 'A Happy New Year to You!') Mouse over to see 2016 version: Try it online!

8:57 AM
Q: Evolution of Powers of Two

PhoenixThis is a repost of Evolution of “Hello World!”, originally written by user Helka Homba It should not be closed as a duplicated, due to meta consensus here. The original was asked over two years ago and was last active more than six months ago. I have permission from Helka Homba to post this he...

I posted a new one guys!
I wrote sux underneath riker before, but then realised I shouldn't waste bytes like riker did.
@ASCII-only Thanks! :)
@ASCII-only Salet's pasta
@DestructibleLemon yes :P
@ASCII-only let's smij kk
idea: programming language like beatnik except somehow you have to check sentences are grammatically correct
9:14 AM
CMC: output the source code sorted (must meet the requirements of a proper quine except the rule that the output is the source)
sorted how? By charcode?
:| Charcoal doesn't even have a quine yet
by position in program
unclear. What definition version?
9:15 AM
@ASCII-only I might be able to help!
let me read charcoal docs
@ASCII-only where can I get me some charcoal docs
@DestructibleLemon the wiki on github
´ is the most important in a quine (it escapes commands so they are printed instead)
there wouldn't happen to be a bounty?
@DestructibleLemon no official bounty but if you want a bounty then sure
can you assign a string to a variable?
@LeakyNun PHP, 229 bytes <?php $a="PD9waHAgJGE9IiMiOyRzPXN0cl9zcGxpdChzdHJfcmVwbGFjZShjaHIoMzUpLCRhLGJhc2U2NF9k‌​ZWNvZGUoJGEpKSk7YXNvcnQoJHMpO2VjaG8gaW1wbG9kZSgkcyk7Pz4=";$s=str_split(str_replac‌​e(chr(35),$a,base64_decode($a)));asort($s);echo implode($s);?>
9:21 AM
@DestructibleLemon yes, A + string (no delimiter) + lowercase greek letter
@DestructibleLemon see "Commands" on CH wiki
I got this probably
if BG had a sort function I could probably do it in like 50 bytes, hmm
@ASCII-only that's acute character to use!
9:23 AM
@DestructibleLemon pls stop it with the wordplays >_>
Alright, I wanna talk about the RPRogN2 Looping quine for a moment.
{`{.¶}{ in RProgN2, is a pretty-much valid quine.
Q: Selection of two rectangular sections

Mickey JackBackstory The world is looking for a new living planet, where we can find a new generation of life and settle there. A decade ago, they found a planet called HOMESTEAD, which is 1 lakh billion light years away from us. Our scientists had explored that planet from last many years and had sent var...

But I'm not sure if it is technically cheating, because it relies of some flaky abuse of the source code.
When RProgN2 encounters a {without a matching }, it loops back to the second command in the function (Due to a bug that became a feature), as such, this first makes a function, then runs that function, with a single character.
This would keep looping, if ¶ didn't stop it.
A stranger abstraction would be if RPROGN2 theoretically pushed the function that consists of the rest of the program, and otherwise behave the same, because then {... would push the function, then run it's contents, so you have the correctly named function without any extra effort.
It's almost just reading the source code, however doing so by making it a function literal.
But obviously { alone can never be a true quine, as two rules of quines are broken. It's just a single literal, not doing anything to it, and it's a single command.
9:29 AM
Should I increase the bounty to get more answers?
But {p might be considered a valid quine, because it encodes {p, then uses a different part of the code, which just happens to be a subset, p, to output it.
hmmmmm this is harder than I suspected
mostly because I can't have more than one command covered by ´
Q: Rotation-safe quine

Leaky NunWrite a proper quine whose every rotation is itself a proper quine. For example, if your source code is abcdef, then: abcdef would output abcdef bcdefa would output bcdefa cdefab would output cdefab defabc would output defabc efabcd would output efabcd fabcde would output fabcde abcdef would o...

@ASCII-only if I wanted to write a single character of a string variable, how would I go about that
@LeakyNun Can I output an Array/Stack?
9:35 AM
@ATaco alright
RProgN-2, 9 bytes. {`{.S§¶}{
The looping quine is U N B E A T A B L E
(I had to stackify the Source-code, because sort is broken for strings)
@DestructibleLemon § string index
@ATaco did you steal charcoal's codepage
@ASCII-only does ` ` move the cursor right?
(a space)
this is important info
9:48 AM
CMC: given a non-empty string, output the highest order of the "rotational" symmetry of the string
e.g. abcd gives 1, abab gives 2, dfdfdfdfdfdf gives 6
CMC: given a non-empty string, insert a backslash (`) before every non-alphanumeric (a-zA-Z0-9`) character
Ah c'mon, we aren't done with Leaky's CMC yet

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