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12:00 AM
Dang that really sucks :(
@WheatWizard Ok sounds good. Finding challenge
Maybe Ubisoft just broke a thing
@Phoenix That would be good/bad. You if they did you just wasted a large amount of time but a simple fix (just wait) but if you broke it that is worse
@Riker Register.
1 hour ago, by DJMcMayhem
Compare dd and "_ddp
Oh my gosh. The computer I am using if I type faster than about three chars a sec it spazzes. Example: This ia n axample of me typing fast at a normal sped I am typing correctly but the keyboard is very slow It goes of and onbut some times random keys don't work
12:06 AM
@DestructibleLemon May have been. Not sure
I'm sure it was
@Christopher Why does newline's register start at 100
Q: I'm not the language you're looking for!

muddyfishIsn't it annoying when you find a piece of code and you don't know what language it was written in? This challenge attempts to somewhat solve this. Challenge You will have to write a program that when run in two different languages, will output the string: This program wasn't written in <lang...

minus the other output text
@ASCII-only Uhh. Simple. I forgot to change it back :P
and also the name of the lang run in I guess
12:08 AM
@Christopher sorry I can't read your code what is the memory model
the stack isn't a stack it's just a number
@ASCII-only Yep. It was going to be a stack but lazy
@Christopher does it actually work like a stack
@Christopher O_O wat but JS literally has stacks built in
@ASCII-only I was lazy about the name not the stack. Changing names is hard.
Numbers is the stack
@Christopher numbers isn't the stack either, it's never popped from
@Christopher find and replace is that hard?
@Christopher I get this kind of thing when I play Town of salem but worse
I never thought non-connection breaking lag would be an issue in that kind of game but it was
12:12 AM
> would be
@DestructibleLemon Reay? (Really)
what happens is it just stops responding, and the amount of characters I typed are replaced with the last letter typed
it's annoying
12:23 AM
Q: Binary Tetris in tweets

ChristopherThere was recently (a few years back) some buzz on programming websites about an implementation of Tetris in 140 Bytes. ... It turns out that although it is small, it is a simplified version of Tetris, and not even a complete implementation. Only the core logic function fits in 140 bytes of Java...

maybe I shall try this
> People who don't install updates are the anti-vaxxers of IT
I turned off my windows update for a while because it kept DOS'ing myself.
Shortly after WannaCry, I turned it back on.
Did it work?
Well I haven't been WannaCry'd yet.
12:34 AM
I mean did it stop DOS'ing itself
But it only does that when it updates.
classic windows
To clarify, the reason it does this is because I'm on an Australian internet connection, and the 1MB/s it uses is most of my internet.
Does anybody know what Dennis's m is?
windows is the only OS where the default behaviour is comparable to a virus
12:35 AM
I'm slowly transitioning to GNU/Linux
@Challenger5 I think its like jelly or something
I'm on inseder preview. I know it's hurting me, but i can't stop or I lose the ability to screenshot a region with win+shift+s
m is closer to J than jelly.
@Phoenix Just download Gyazo, Ctrl-Shift-C
Or, you could probably just make an AHK script for it.
If I was going to be doing something sensible like that I would have stopped getting preview builds a long, long time ago.
@ATaco Are you one of the five people who starred it (and, presumably, know what it is?)
12:38 AM
Nope, but I know what it is.
What is what?
@Phoenix m
oh right
As can be seen from the implementation, it's essentially the Father of Jelly.
12:39 AM
OK. So Dennis gave up on m and started working on Jelly?
M was a derivative of Jelly
supposed to be more math oriented, thus the M I assume
Well, the code page looks the same...
12:51 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AlexRacercode-golf Generating strings of Rs and spaces If a task is to make a string of 16 characters using 2 different characters, it can be done in 2^16=65536 ways. Let's generate them all! Write a program or function which takes a number in range [0, 65535] as input and outputs a string of 16 charac...

1:20 AM
ugh I really wish I'd used the full CP437 instead of just everything from 0x20 onward for Ohm
i could probably make a version 2 that fully utilizes it later on
maybe that could be a nice thing to do during the summer
in hindsight, I can see what using the full code page has done for languages like Actually
@ConorO'Brien I also haven't done anything with it. >_>
maybe you should make it a more string-oriented language, considering that jelly is already superb at math
1:37 AM
How does one do code formatting on esolangs.org?
The issue is, is that many string functions don't perform well with only Dyadic Inputs.
1:56 AM
can a tacit system be (easily) expanded for triadic functions at all?
like, you can technically have triadic programs in Jelly, but I feel like it's a bit hacky
TacO has Triadic functions, but it's 2D, so it's cheating off the bat.
@ATaco you should name next version of language TacOGoaT, logo opporunity are endless:
@Downgoat +1 for nice drawing
hi I need help with curses
after my curses program finishes running the terminal is all messed up. how to fix?
Question: how to create lambda in java that is just V -> U
2:12 AM
nvm I figured it out myself
@NickClifford you could make a triadic quick
@Downgoat um, how would you make one that is just V -> V*2?
I just want basic predicate subclass that take 1 arg and output 1 thing
basically take the normal way you make lambda and make the expression U
I don't see the difficulty but I don't know java?
@ASCII-only wait you know java right
2:14 AM
I know Java, but I don't know Lambdas.
They go against my religion.
@Downgoat yes
1 min ago, by Downgoat
I just want basic predicate subclass that take 1 arg and output 1 thing
do you know how to do?
@Downgoat predicate?
is that lambda
if is lambda then make class with one method in it (lambda method), declare class name as lambda type
2:15 AM
I dunno java lambda is weird
then you can use lambda as long as it has correct number of args
nvm i can google
interface MylambdaType { MyOutputThing iCanNametheMethodWhateverIWantAndItWillHaveNoEffectOnLambda(MyInputThing thing); }
oh my that is horrible
then you can do thing -> thing.magik();
2:18 AM
@Downgoat only because he made a thing really long
actually I can just use BiFunction
@ATaco which one is that?
Tacoism. I'm not a very religious person.
@ATaco for a second I read that as taoism
and I was thinking "cool" (I realised it was tacoism before remembering the lambda thing)
Even when I'm root, I still by habit run sudo apt ...
@Downgoat I think it kind of means everything is a goat on some level, because nothing is distinguishable
@ATaco me too but only because i have oh-my-zsh aliases
kind of like how saying amount of grains of sand (0 to infinity) are a pile
they probably chose goats because goats
There are atleast a few grains of sand in a pile.
2:29 AM
Question: are switch statement always compile to if
@Downgoat no
hashcode lookup = faster than if
wondering how VSL if should work
for User-defined types, should it call ==(lhs:rhs:)?
@Downgoat it should call tohashcode
is there a way to use curses to read characters it has already written?
just because it means I wouldn't need a list of lists in my program and that would trim it down in the event that I needed to golf it
@ASCII-only so will we have like Hashable interface which defines var hashCode: Int { get }?
2:31 AM
Are you going to compile switch to jump table even if it's enum { x = 1, y = 35920693 }?
won't int overflow on large string?
@ASCII-only actually LLVm has built in switch instruction
@feersum yeah? those are the keys not the jump locations
k thanks. I will find that useful. actually suddenly I don't feel like using that
but it will be useful if I ever use curses again so thank you
:| ok
@ASCII-only Keys? What kind of keys?
Ugh M&TV and SFF are dangerous right now :(
2:56 AM
Q: Math Equation Solver

AlexChallenge The challenge is simple. Using only addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division +,-,*,/ find a way to make an array of integers equal an integer. The array of integers size should not be set to a fix value. The equation should follow usual BEDMAS laws. Only one of the possible ...

Q: Challenge Archery

Riyas RandhavaBackstory N archers are shooting arrows at targets. There are infinite targets numbered starting with 1. The ith archer shoots at all targets that are multiples of ki. Task Find the smallest target that is hit by all the archers. Input The first line contains an integer T - the total no. of...

3:09 AM
CMC: Without reciting the entire alphabet in your mind, which letters comes directly before and after j?
@Phoenix ik
@Phoenix wait you need to recite the entire alphabet?
k, l
Is this a dupe of this?
I voted yes
3:15 AM
Because other than the strict I/O formula, it doesn't add anything to the challenge.
how do I make it that curses doesn't write keypresses on the screen?
its a thing for making terminal animations and stuff
I'm also pretty sure it's been Copy Pasted from something.
3:18 AM
ok. yknow, its not that I'm too lazy to open the docs, its just that ctrl f is hard to use with these things
@DestructibleLemon ctrl+f "input"
this is one of the times when my google-fu comes in handy
@DestructibleLemon You do know I've linked to the function you want right?
yup. just making excuses as to why I need your help
3:30 AM
how can I do the python equivalent of this
try {foo} catch e {raise e}
(basically I need the ability to raise error after handling it)
try{foo}catch(Exception e){throw e}
thats not python
Oh, you want the python version.
> how can I do the python equivalent of this
3:32 AM
except e as WhateverException:
  raise e
Why would you want to do that though.
Leave off the as WhateverException if you don't care about the type and you want to be a Pokemon master
Seems redundant.
@Phoenix well, if you must know, the error message is hard to read without curses.endwin()
@Mego my program don't like
Gotta catch 'em all!
3:33 AM
But all you're doing is catching an exception, doing nothing with it, and raising it again. You might as well just not catch it and let the exception pass through.
@Phoenix I am going to add code before hand buddy
@DestructibleLemon Are you using Python 3 or 2?
I'm using this as a template
@Mego 3
And if you're using 2, why aren't you using 3?
What's the problem?
3:34 AM
@ATaco catch (Exception e) is bad, and you should feel bad.
I can cast later ¯\_(惄)_/¯
it was backwards I think
@Mego WhateverException as e
@ATaco I smell JS...
3:35 AM
@ASCII-only Oh right, duh. I have the reference open right in front of me and I managed to type it backwards.
@Mego Don't know what you're talking about... šŸ™„
Well, I was reffering to ATaco's Java code. Specifically the RPROGN interpreter.
Actually, it might be the ReRegex interpreter, but I remember the rProgN one as being particularly messy.
You just don't like how I implement by functions...
I do not.
@ATaco That's a paddlin'.
3:40 AM
make a function that returns a function that throws exception
import rprogn.callables.Callable;
import rprogn.callables.CallablePrint;
import rprogn.callables.CallablePushVar;
import rprogn.callables.CallableWrite;
import rprogn.callables.arithmetic.*;
import rprogn.callables.bitwiseoperations.*;
import rprogn.callables.constants.*;
import rprogn.callables.flow.*;
import rprogn.callables.logic.*;
import rprogn.callables.misc.*;
import rprogn.callables.reg.*;
import rprogn.callables.stack.*;
import rprogn.callables.string.*;
@DestructibleLemon Except currying in Java is godawful.
you thought that was a serious idea?
@Phoenix oh god packages exist for a reason why @ATaco
Those are packages.
3:41 AM
@DestructibleLemon ()->{()->{throw Exception;};}
I think I did Java lambda syntax right
-> not =>
Java Lambdas are ^
@Phoenix Those are files. If they were in a package absolutely 0 imports would be needed
@Phoenix you better believe that's a paddling
3:42 AM
@ASCII-only You think I store my code on the same level?
@ATaco I'm running out of paddles
@ASCII-only callables.flow is a package with I think 2 files in it?
@ATaco No, I'm saying you should use one package for all of RProgN
I'm thinking of something else then
3:42 AM
Are you sure you're doing OOP right? Because it seems like you're using classes for what should be objects.
Although they should be objects, I hate Lambdas.
I'm not saying move the files I'm saying make them part of the same package pls @ATaco
All those callables better be implementing/extending something
ok for some reason curses is being slow as
3:43 AM
@ATaco ... you don't need lambdas
public class CallableBitwiseAnd implements Callable {

	public void Call(Interpreter interpreter, Scope scope) {
I'm pretty sure you're doing OOP wrong, and not just because you're using Java.
They each have two methods in them, one of which is a description that should be a doccomment or something, and the other is what that function does in rProgN, which should be a lambda.
public class CallableRegPop implements Callable {

	public void Call(Interpreter interpreter, Scope scope) {

	public String describe() {
		return "Pop the top value of the reg stack";

@ATaco make them anonymous classes and put them in one file instead of a billion
On the plus side this is the most interest anyone has taken in RprogN in some time.
3:44 AM
It doesn't even need to be a lambda. You can have like this:
Method names should be camelcase
that would be because your code is awful
@Phoenix I need to fix that, That contains a fair bit of redundancies.
@Phoenix 0/10 lambda is java 8 = not 100% support
Fine, not a lambda, but certaintly not its own file.
3:45 AM
public class CallableRegPop implements Callable {

	public void Call(Interpreter interpreter, Scope scope) {

	public String describe() {
		return "Pop the top value of the reg stack";

Much nicer.
@ATaco still in its own file = 0.001% nicer
Callable callableAnd = new Callable {
   * Javadoc here
  public void Call(Interpreter interpreter, Scope scope) { /* whatever */ }
You do not want to see Jalapeño's source code.
@ATaco No, I think I do not.
@Mego You forgot the parens on new Callable() {}
3:47 AM
curses is being really annoying to me right now...
@DestructibleLemon another problem?
ba dum ch
@ASCII-only I don't care enough about Java to get the syntax 100% correct :P
@ASCII-only yeah. I'm trying to get it to respond to key presses
3:48 AM
But at least I'm working on making it less ugly
DAE think }else{ should be } else { ?
@Phoenix Depends on if I'm golfing
@Phoenix me
Besides a Stack implementation and sugar.txt
3:49 AM
@Mego idk python code style so i have no idea how bad Charcoal is, but I'm pretty sure wolfram.py is pretty bad
@ATaco +1 best
[too lazy to find relevant challenge link]
3:51 AM
Q: Convert braces to Right Hand Brace (Sad Brace)

ATacoRight hand brace is a style of code bracketing in which curly braces and semicolons are all aligned to a single point on the right side of a a file. Generally, this is considered bad practice, for several reasons. The Challenge Take a multiline string through any method, and convert it's bra...

@ATaco Somehow that bothers me but Python's block formatting doesn't
@ASCII-only What's wolfram.py?
ok so now my program is not crashing but also I can't control anything...
Oh, I found it
3:54 AM
@Mego it would bother you in python if there was cruft at the end of every line that was incredibly syntactically important
@ASCII-only It's not too bad. The only really glaring issue is all the blank lines.
@DestructibleLemon That's true.
wtf this is just annoying now
The gif?
wait I figured it out it was my own stupidity again
3:58 AM
@Mego hmm ok
@Mego looks like you have not seen ESMin source code :P
@Mego Basic wolfram language implementation (I know, it's a bad idea)
@ASCII-only why not use API
@Downgoat because mathematica is paid
There is free online notebook however
4:09 AM
@Downgoat needs internet
i mean there is mathics as well i don't use it because too big but that is probably bad excuse since it is faster
@ASCII-only btw for VSL can u do a poll on init vs className
For constructor
Q: How to simplify ternary expressions in Javascript

Steve BennettI have an expression that could be expressed as either of : a += (A ? B ? x : C ? y : D : D); a += (A && B ? x : A && C ? y : D); where A,B,C are expressions of 5-10 bytes each, and x and y are single character literals (3-4 bytes). D is another chain of ternaries (without the branching pro...

Mathics is also a free python implementation of the Wolfram language but it good.
@Downgoat you do pls
@Phoenix yeah i know
@Downgoat sure
BTW, it would be great if there was a way to make it so you can't create instances of a class that felt less hacky than a private constuctor.
4:18 AM
@Phoenix static class
That means something else though.
For inner classes
@LeakyNun It's probably best if you don't answer questions meant for SO here, to prevent people making a habit of it.
And especially don't answer in the comments
Who has migrate question permissions?
'cause I know that's a thing.
Only diamond mods
4:24 AM
Not a lot of those.
classes that only you can instantiate (in a specific way) are the use of private constructors.
We usually don't migrate many questions to SO because most of the SO-esque questions we get would be closed on arrival on SO.
The last time anything was successfully migrated was July 21, 2016, and that was to Meta. September 26, 2015 was the last successful migration to SO.
Both questions were eventually deleted
@JanDvorak I wish there was a better way that.
4:28 AM
Better [than] that in what sense?
Less verbose.
Less verbose anything in Java? Haha no.
We're talking about VSL and how it can improve over Java
Q: Why is my python code creating multi dimension list even though I have declared a 1D list?

user69441I am trying to write a python code using OOP cocept to append elements to the list after each iteration. The problem is i am getting a multidimension list as output instead of a 1D list. Actually i need a 1D list...Please help me to solve the issue. Below is my code class test: lst=[] ...

Q: print the given number pattern

Jackie JasoGiven a number between 1 and 9 inclusive, print the pattern as shown in the example below. If the input is 5, print: 1 1 12 21 123 321 1234 4321 1234554321 Scoring This is code-golf. Shortest answer in bytes wins.

Nice, I made the emoji button let me just press <c^e>(Text I want to search)<enter> to add that Emoji.
4:34 AM
@ATaco oh god no!
Is there a way to stop Youtube from recommending me videos I personally have downvoted?
@JanDvorak I think that is intentional
Oh well. I guess I'll start loading one page per recommended video just so that I can weed them out.
@ATaco Have you pushed
Not yet.
4:50 AM
Q: print the given number pattern

Jackie JasoGiven a number between 1 and 9 inclusive, print the pattern as shown in the example below. If the input is 5, print: 1 1 12 21 123 321 1234 4321 1234554321 Scoring This is code-golf. Shortest answer in bytes wins.

@Dennis @MartinEnder eleven?
Now I have!
How acceptable would it be, were I to clarify his post for him?
I vote go for it
roger that
@ATaco šŸ‘
4:57 AM
@Phoenix @ATaco retract?
close vote, of course
I didn't even vtc that one...
It looked like you were making a comment on the emojiscript
5:15 AM
why has nobody posted any answer there?
Q: Count the numbers without consecutive repeated digits

Mickey JackAsha loves mathematics a lot. She always spends her time by playing with digits. Suddenly, she is stuck with a hard problem, listed below. Help Asha to solve this magical problem of mathematics. Given a number N (using any standard input method), compute how many integers between 1 and N, inclus...

@Dennis Easy ways to pad an array to a certain length in Jelly?
@HyperNeutrino try zā¶Z
5:46 AM
oh come on
a bunch of my work just disappeared
oh wait there it is
it was the tab changings fault
Q: challenge Toepliz Matrix

Rahul TanejaBackstory There is a mathematics class going on in a school and many of the students in the class are really fed up of formulaes and theorems. The main task of the teacher is that she wants students to engage in mathematics activity and thus wants to bring back the interest of the students. So, ...

ahh I'm tired of developing this game now
6:42 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Leafy LenBoxes N boxes are lined up in a sequence (1 ā‰¤ N ā‰¤ 20). You have A red balls and B blue balls (0 ā‰¤ A ā‰¤ 15, 0 ā‰¤ B ā‰¤ 15). The red balls (and the blue ones) are exactly the same. You can place the balls in the boxes. It is allowed to put in a box, balls of the two kinds, or only from one kind. Y...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Martin EnderFix my notation for lists of matrices, part 1 code-golfarray-manipulationsyntax Sometimes, I have lists of constant matrices in my code: [ [[1, 0], [0, 1]], [[1, 0], [0,-1]], [[0, 1], [1, 0]], [[0,-1], [1, 0]] ] That's a terrible use of screen real estate. I'd much rathe...

What is brian-chuck @MartinEnder?
What if there was such thing as an OOP lisp?
7:03 AM
What do you guys think is the most elegant language?
7:13 AM
@MickeyJack Check this for an idea of what it is.
Every programmer in this room had developed its own language for PPCG@Emigna
I'm yet to
I started one, but never finished it, so I'm an exception as well
@Qwerp-Derp Haskell or Ruby
I am new to this community @Emigna I want to create a similar one where Do I Start?Any suggestions?
7:23 AM
Similar to Brian & Chuck?
Yeap .
@Emigna Well mine will never be finished does that mean I'm an exception too? :P
@ASCII-only No, yours is good enough to use ;)
@MickeyJack You could probably get some inspiration from the github page. Maybe how to structure the code to fit the model you're going for
@MickeyJack What kind of language is it? If it isn't stack based or tacit you'd need to write a basic parser, otherwise it isn't too hard
@LeakyNun Please don't answer off-topic questions in the comment section.
7:44 AM
@Qwerp-Derp you could make it easily
with lisp macros
and stuff
7:55 AM
a-ta.co has changed webhost, let me know if everything's broken
8:13 AM
@MickeyJack Brian & Chuck is Brainfuck with dissociative identity disorder.
8:31 AM
ok but seriously how many websites are there that just copy and paste wikipedia
8:42 AM
@Qwerp-Derp probably prolog or something
also lisp
too bad I can hardly find any learning material for lisp
1 hour later…
9:43 AM
@ATaco why is the citation needed part not a link
CMC: n-th digit of e^2 (built-ins disallowed)
@DestructibleLemon What would I even link to..?
9:59 AM
Q: how to align data while printing in python?

pavanI have written a code to print names and ages in different columns. The names and ages are stored in separate lists. The issue is, data gets aligned improperly while printing. I want data to be aligned properly in every column.Please suggest how do i modify the code to get proper output. name=['...

@ATaco that xkcd?
@Downgoat Your userscript styling is off
@WheatWizard I won't be on for about a week so the duel is on pause

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