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5:01 PM
I hate it when I hit enter in the middle of typing
Don't we all.
The US keyboard Enter still gets me.
Q: name me a standard/way of doing sth that is not an official standard but it's very common and i'm probably using it all the time
office documents
the standard is openoffice
I should write an challenge and help you out with a V answer to get more comfortable with it
Right now, I'm looking at the "Add two numbers" challenge to see if I can do it
5:04 PM
Ohh, I think I've already answered that one in vim
Or maybe that was the divisibility test
I'm still going to try :)
user image
I just checked. No vim answers yet. :)
@betseg Me when I was learning Processing. I though I had it all, then I realised that I still had to learnt the various libraries...
@KritixiLithos Are you going to do it in V or vim? Cause vim probably needs at least 8 strokes, but there's a two byte V answer
Wait no, vim can do it in 6
5:11 PM
I'll try vim first, then V
Speaking of DJMcMayhem's challenges, Goodness Giza Golf needs an accepted answer while I'm still eligible for the gold badge. :P
Nevermind, 5
I keep thinking of golfier solutions
@Dennis I don't know... I kinda recently hit a point where I feel like accepting doesn't make a whole lot of sense for code-golf challenges, and I haven't accepted one since
I don't know if that's a permanent thing or just for the moment
:( Bye bye, badges.
@betseg I had a similar reaction when I answered questions on Stack Overflow. The vast majority of questions were either basic ones that could've been answered with better Googling or were questions regarding some popular Python library that I knew [almost] nothing of.
@Dennis oh come on... You can get badges other ways. :P
Accepting still definitely makes sense for other challenge types, like code-challenge, fastest code, or especially koth
5:17 PM
True, but Populist badges account for 29% of my gold badges. They're the only way I have to keep up with Calvin. :P
And it would have been my second Populist on one of your challenges. For some reason my Python answers to your challenges are more popular than usual.
@Dennis This calls for a statistical analysis!
(I'm not doing it though.)
Maybe because they're really good. :)
To the lab!
I think you're missing the eval register
5:20 PM
added it
So input is on two lines?
One thing you can do to shorten it is to build the "a+b" text before deleting/evaluating it.
So Jr+0C
J conveniently puts the cursor on the space
I see
How do you do it in V?
5:39 PM
@KritixiLithos À<C-a>
Register a is predefined with arg 1, and À is equivalent to @a
I get it now
What's the hex value of <C-a>?
@El'endiaStarman That would be like using Photoshop to perfect your hairdo :P
we'll get design with the new year right?
@betseg As Geobits has decreed it, so shall it be.
yay \o/
5:53 PM
@KritixiLithos 0x01
You can insert it into a vim buffer with <C-v><C-a>
@El'endiaStarman impressive how geobits manages to trick people even when he isn't around. ;)
@DJMcMayhem It's really amazing, isn't it?
@DJMcMayhem I recently came into possession of a dr seuss hat, want it? just as a gift
@betseg that's a joke >_<
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ lol i managed to troll one
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ on tf2?
Sure! Like I said, I don't play it very often, so someone else might appreciate it more, but that sounds good to me!
@DJMcMayhem You know mine needs to be chosen ;)
6:06 PM
Huh. You can build a pretty good Redis replacement for low-traffic KVS just using the GitHub API. That's awesome.
@ETHproductions wat, you don't do this?? :P
Does anyone have thoughts on this before it goes to main in 20 minutes?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DJMcMayhemCan I sweep the mines? code-golf grid game Minesweeper is a popular puzzle game where you must discover which tiles are "mines" without clicking on those tiles. Instead, you click on nearby tiles to reveal the number of adjacent mines. One downside about the game is that it is possible to end...

@Downgoat Well, now it has the bright flash during load, like Doorknob feared.
6:09 PM
oh no D:
That does indeed look letter than before. The green run button doesn't really combine with the theme though.
i don't want to use PHP to fix though >_>
Fyi, you're violating Twitter's brand guidelines.
i guess that's best solution
@Downgoat That's what it was made for.
6:10 PM
@DJMcMayhem Add .
Just use the request parameter to switch between two served CSS files. That is in fact less code than using JS for layout.
PHP scares me in all honesty
PHP is one of the easiest language to use.
I'm 99% sure it was some originally homework assignment mashed together the night before it was due :P
@mınxomaτ JS is easy but not good according to many people here
You don't have to use PHP. Any language you can run on your server will do.
6:14 PM
A good practice is to include resources into the served pages instead of including dozens of script tags in the HTML. That speeds up page load times tremendously.
@mınxomaτ You mean like inserting JS code into the page just before it's served to the client?
Every request to any server adds latency.
Hmm. Wouldn't even be that hard to do with Django['s templating engine].
Bash ftw.
You can just echo the CSS into the page like this: echo file_get_contents('css/'.(isset($_REQUEST['d']) ? 'dark.css' : 'normal').'css');
6:17 PM
shouldn't I just modify the URL of a link rel="stylesheet"?
that way browser can cache and all
But it will always load slower the first time.
@DJMcMayhem yeah
@mınxomaτ I'll definitely try to keep this in mind if I work on any project with large amounts of CSS or JS.
Can you go online for steam?
@El'endiaStarman The practice is called amalgamation.
Google also uses that on basically any page. Also referenced in one XKCD.
6:20 PM
Caching small files is overrated. TIO Nexus (excluding the language list and DEFLATE) fits in 33 KB (9.2 KB compressed). Any potential speed gain from caching bits and pieces of it is nullified by the additional requests you have to make.
@DJMcMayhem google how to set a steam trade URL and send it to me?
....so, when's the showcase going to be reopened? :P
question: am i doing this best way:
<VirtualHost *:80>
        ServerName vihan.org
        ServerAlias www.vihan.org
        ServerAdmin vihan@vihan.org
        DocumentRoot /var/www/vihan.org/public_html
        ErrorLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/error.log
        CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/access.log combined

        AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .html
There's not really anything there to be wrong :D
Though because many longer requests can be run against your site, nginx is the better choice. But for now, Apache should be fine.
AFAIK nginx + ghost works better too... I should of thought this through better
6:23 PM
You current VHost is pretty trivial. It's basically the same, maybe even less, in nginx server blocks.
wait, how would the server know to serve dark mode?
I don't want to use query params for such
Session variables?
^ no
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Do I need to use scrap.tf?
Nvmd, I figured it out. I sent it to you on steam
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Just got it. Thanks!
Not very true for our site :P
I strongly disagree.
Answers like: <language>, <bytes>, <code> are extremely boring, and rarely get my upvote
A challenge that can be solved in a couple of bytes isn't very interesting.
Also, that.
Golf your code, not your answers.
6:38 PM
@TuxCopter idk not as persitent
Even worse: <language>, <bytes>, <code>, "30 characters needed, you entered 14"
@Downgoat Then cookies
@El'endiaStarman code = answer?
@DJMcMayhem Yeah, consider padding your answer with something interesting, like a permalink or an explanation.
Or account preferences stored server-side
6:39 PM
Or a gif. :)
Um, no, not that.
@DJMcMayhem Thankfully, I don't have to worry about that in C#/Java :D
@Dennis Why not? I golf in vim, where gifs of the program executing are really relevant and interesting
It's not that I don't like GIFs in answers, but I'd very much prefer a link to them than an inlined animation.
@TuxCopter but cookie are hard to use :(
6:41 PM
@Downgoat What?
very difficult to change and all
I did it!!! I figured out why my COW code yesterday didn't work and I fixed it!!!!
Even with JS it's simple
i mean they are giant string
like wat
6:41 PM
And server-side it's generally an hashtable if you use a good framework
who cmae up with this idea
@TuxCopter database = overcomplicated
@Downgoat A smart guy
The format is actually pretty simple
@Downgoat wat?
yes, but it's dumb
6:42 PM
SQL is way too simple
@Downgoat Probably someone looking for a quick solution that would work for now.
@Downgoat ?
9 times out of 10, localStorage is better than cookies.
The cookie format is not dumb
@TuxCopter why is it not object
@Dennis yeah but cant get localstorage on server side
6:42 PM
@Downgoat Well, duh.
Its more like 99 times out of ten
@Downgoat You want to use the data client side or server side?
@DJMcMayhem In your challenge, what's the difference between X and *
Do it clientside
6:43 PM
@TuxCopter both
Client side google 'parse cookie js' and get a stellar answer from Jon Skeet explaining the thing and server side it's usually very simple if you have a good framework
@TuxCopter Downgoat is trying to serve up a light or dark CSS theme based on which the user would prefer to have.
brb importing giant 50KB cookie library labeled "only 25KB gzipped" made by a guy who used w3schools for their JS education
It's quicker and more efficient to put the CSS in the HTML being served rather than loading it afterward with JS.
@Zgarb I just realized that I confused the two. I'm going to take out X completely
Asterisks are known mines now
6:44 PM
:33891299 this exactly fits my given sterotype above XD
A: Javascript getCookie functions

GumboThe function from W3CSchool is wrong. It fails if there are multiple cookies that have the same suffix like: ffoo=bar; foo=baz When you search for foo it will return the value of ffoo instead of foo. Now here is what I would do: First of all, you need get to know the syntax of how cookies are...

@DJMcMayhem Ok good
Is that better now?
@Downgoat ^^
6:45 PM
I need setcookie not getcookie
A: Set cookie and get cookie with JavaScript

DanI'm sure this question should have a more general answer with some reusable code that works with cookies as key-value pairs. This snippet is taken from MDN and probably is trustable. This is UTF-safe object for work with cookies: var docCookies = { getItem: function (sKey) { return decode...

@DJMcMayhem Looks good to me.
> probably is trustable
@TuxCopter GPL'd though
this gave me............. renewed assurances about it's reliability :P
6:47 PM
3 mins ago, by El'endia Starman
It's quicker and more efficient to put the CSS in the HTML being served rather than loading it afterward with JS.
@KritixiLithos Not accessible from server
@KritixiLithos the point is we need access from server :P
But you can get cookies from server?
Yes, but not localStorage
localStorage !== cookies
6:49 PM
oh poop then
Cookies are sent with each HTTP(S) request.
cookies taste better than a local storage anyway
I thought that localStorage was the new cookies for some reason
We need to introduce tinCanStorage pls
localStorage is a map of big cookies stored client-side basically
6:50 PM
thats undersattement
Btw the flash is barely noticeable.
> Error during decoding Arcyóu
@Downgoat How this would be different from localStorage?
6:51 PM
it would be tastier
and better
But only goats eat tin cans
It would also bring more diversity into web devopment as goats would eneter the field
A: Make big rocks into small rocks

Gabriel BenamyCOW, 297 bytes MoOMoOMoOMoOMoOMoOMoOMoOMoOMoOmoOMoOmoOmoOoomMMMmOoMMMMOoMOOmoOMMMmoOMMMmoOOOOMoOmOoMOOMOo moOmoOMOOMOomOoMOomoOmoomOoMMMOOOMoOmoOMMMmOomOomoomoOmoOMOOMOomOomOomOoMOomoOmoOmoOmoomOo mOomOomOomOoMMMmoOMMMMOOMOomoOOOMmOomOoMoOmoOmoomOomOoMoomoOmoOmoOMOOMOoMOomoOMoOmOomoomoO MMMOOOmO...

And anyway cookies are tastier than anything
But it knows now that I prefer Dark over Light
6:52 PM
@TuxCopter im sorry is there problem?
why do I have so much time on my hands
Chat mini poll: How many times have you posted in the sandbox? (Hint: Search deleted:1 sandbox on meta)
@DJMcMayhem 53
@DJMcMayhem 7
6:53 PM
@Downgoat Wow
19 here
screw it, i'll just stick with local storage
@Downgoat That's my boy goat!
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DowngoatInterpret a Formal Grammar Given a context-free grammar, and a string, parse the string using the formal grammar and output the matches for the non-terminals. Examples First line is string, following lines are grammar, then is the main grammar to parse, last line is output. 123 n -> any of ...

@Dennis @Downgoat Feature request: Stop decoding Unicode strings.
TIL i still haven't posted this
@Dennis If I don't you'll get weird ArcÀöu
or something weird like that
6:55 PM
Humor me.
Q: Can I sweep the mines?

DJMcMayhemMinesweeper is a popular puzzle game where you must discover which tiles are "mines" without clicking on those tiles. Instead, you click on nearby tiles to reveal the number of adjacent mines. One downside about the game is that it is possible to end up in a scenario where there are multiple vali...

In any case, it would still be better than the current state, since it just displays unknown now.
oh crap
i did a stupid >_>
question: what is SBCS?
Single byte character set.
FYI, @Downgoat make the "Run" button fixed so that it will always be there and not disappear on scroll
7:00 PM
What font is used on GH?
> ion GH
@KritixiLithos ok working on that ATM
51 mins ago, by Dennis
Fyi, you're violating Twitter's brand guidelines.
@TuxCopter system fonts
You can't use Open Sans to display @Try_it_online next to the Twitter logo. It has to be Helvetica Neue Pro, 75 Bold.
huh, domain transfers are less painful than I thought.
7:04 PM
^^ What
tfw ur cow answer has more upvotes than your perl answer
Would really like some more opinion on this one
Q: Having a single tips question for all things ES6+

Optimizertldr: Now (a while ago) that the structure of how ECMAScript features are classified into versions has changed, does it make sense to rename and re-purpose the Tips for Golfing in ECMAScript 6 for ES6 and above? At the time of creation of my ES6 tips question, ECMAScript versions used to be ma...

I wonder if something special will happen when it drops below 1,000,000 seconds. Or at any point other than 1 second.
7:17 PM
plz halp ;_;
click anywhere and pray
It don't work with (width*height-discovered_cases+number_mines)/(width*height-discovered_cases) chance
@Dennis i will change if i get notice because tbh its extra load time and all for another font
@TuxCopter k i solved it
thx anyway
7:21 PM
@betseg In the middle, where you have 3 1 1 1 going down the side, you can click the one directly next to the middle 1 safely. If there was a mine there, the first 1 would have to be a 2.
@betseg throw tin can at keyboard and hope for best
@Downgoat and what if he don't have a tin can?
@El'endiaStarman i clicked next to the 2 on middle right side vertical thing
rip betseg
accidently put 5 flags around 4
is this possible?
7:26 PM
Minesweeper is great for codegolf challenges
@DJMcMayhem change the 2 at lower left corner to a 3, add a mine at lower left corner, and its impossible
test case 4 you
Cool, thanks
do we have minesweeper KotH
How would it work? nvm singleplayer koth >_>
7:29 PM
@Downgoat Just turn it into an image.
then it won't be scaleable into larger size
will look bad on hidpi
Get an SVG of it somehow?
hm i guess
will do then
is there nay language on TIO where "..." should not be highlighted as string?
And brainflak for that matter
ah true
7:33 PM
Minkolang, ><>, and Befunge also.
You're not guaranteed that strings are horizontal in any of those language.
@Downgoat Make sure you take escaping into account. "\"" for example.
Querstion: is position of run button better or worse than before?
7:35 PM
Oh no, please don't waste vertical space.
hm :/ question: is there any rule that prevents me from doing: Polygot (bash, dash, mash, sh, bsh, csh, dsh) etc.
why no monospace ;_; i.stack.imgur.com/UTzT2.png
Either in the sidebar or in the same container as the text fields (either above or below them)
wait what
@Downgoat What's a nay language?
7:37 PM
@mınxomaτ I was thinking of adding sidebar on right which has run button, and input fields, and also shows byte count. That way entire center can be code
@Dennis >_> crap i mean any
@Dennis any, probably/ninja'd
@Downgoat That's fine, too.
@Downgoat Add Jelly to the list.
probably wouldn't work on mobile tho :(
@Dennis I was about to object that Jelly doesn't use standard quotes, but then I realized that you could put standard quotes in Jelly strings, and those shouldn't be highlighted.
7:39 PM
@DJMcMayhem question: so are ()[]{}<> only valid chars in Brain flak program and all other are comment?
Generally speaking, yes
But @\a\a are debug flags
hm :/
should those highlighted?
A: Tips for Golfing in Brain-Flak

Wheat WizardUse Debug flags You might not know it because we haven't written it anywhere but Brain-Flak has debug flags and they are really useful. They can be placed anywhere in the code and will run when the command line flag -d is present. Here is a quick rundown of the debug flags. Most flags come in...

Lines starting with # are real comments, so those should ignore brackets and debug flags too
hm :/ ok
7:43 PM
If anyone has time, please give this challenge a quick check to make sure I haven't left any holes in the spec
@DJMcMayhem is does (\n) still evaluate to 1 where \n is newline
Uhhhhhhhhhh... Yes? I'm not positive though
ok better question: should it?
ok thats harder to syntax highlight so i'm just gonna skip it
7:45 PM
nevermind I can't read
ok this seems hard
@El'endiaStarman Also, " and ' are quicks and do something entirely unrelated.

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