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10:00 AM
@LeakyNun 05AB1E, 8 bytes: gGDÀ})QO
@Mayube 05AB1E, 13 bytes: v'`DžK«yå_×yJ
@LeakyNun Ruby: ->s{(1..s.length).count{|i|s[0...i]==s[-i..-1]}}
@JanDvorak we have replies, you can do 2 at once
Yeah, but...
oh well
@DestructibleLemon »α´ vs »´α
10:07 AM
One backtick is the wrong place in the output
@Emigna oh my bad my CMC broke, it's supposed to be backslashes not backticks
I even used ctrl f
aaand I cant edit it now
10:07 AM
I forgot to escape my backslash, so it escaped the 2nd backtick
@Emigna quick fix
you can just change the backtick to a backslash in the code though and it works as intended
@Mayube Doesn't really matter for my answer. Just replace backtick with blackslash
yeah :P
10:10 AM
@ASCII-only It uses Win-1252
Parent logic: Lets me play Borderlands 2/Pre-sequel but won't let me play Overwatch.
@Christopher Seems a bit reversed to me
@Christopher they don't want you to become a hanzo main?
@DestructibleLemon That must be it.
(I don't play overwatch it's just that the memes are everywhere)
10:14 AM
@Emigna Yeah. I know. I have over a hundred hours in 2 and Pre-sequel each
@Christopher but genji needs healing
whats wrong with genji needing healing?
Let's see how fast NewMainPosts is...
@DestructibleLemon he's at 195/200 hp
why is genji specifically the centre of the meme?
10:17 AM
@Dennis I was trying to think of a joke but when my ideas go downhill I just abandoned it.
I guess getting suspended for a week taught me some inportant lessons.
@Christopher I think I have 2-300h in 2, less in pre-sequel. Unsure about OW, but definitely less than B2 :P
CMC: captalize the first instance of a given letter in a lower-case string. If the letter is absent, add a space and then the letter in parentheses. foo "hello", "l" => "heLlo"; foo "hi", "l" => "hi (l)".
@Emigna You have overwatch! I want it super bad. I played a round over Christmas and played a large amount of characters. I did play Hanzo. But had four people in my sights with Mcree. Activated ability. And didn't know to click the mouse to start it for about half the time. 0 kills :(
@DestructibleLemon Genji is one of the most mobile characters, and he's designed to flank, meaning most of the time he's separated from his team, and should be healing himself by going for health packs. However a lot of bad genji players will instead stand somewhere behind the enemy team spamming the "I require healing" voice line, expecting his team's mercy to fly to him, which would put her way out of position and likely cause both her and genji to die
@Christopher It's free this weekend I think.
Next weekend apparently
10:24 AM
I was about to say that. I may download it play it/show my mom and then ask to buy.
It's definitely more appropriate for a young audience than Borderlands is
That is one way of putting it. I really like Tiny Tina :P hoping she comes back for BL3
Her introductory scene is so awesome! One of the best moments of the game for sure
Yeah. I would say what she said but I like my account the way it is.
Q: Rotational symmetry of string

Leaky NunA rotation "is made by splitting a string into two pieces and reversing their order". An object is symmetrical under an operation if the object is unchanged after applying said operation. So, a "rotational symmetry" is the fact that a string remains unchanged after "rotation". Given a non-empty ...

10:28 AM
@LeakyNun 12 minutes
not good.
@LeakyNun better? ;-)
@JanDvorak better.
Okay :-(
10:34 AM
@DestructibleLemon How much of a bounty do you want
@ASCII-only All of them bounty
@Christopher ???
10:49 AM
@ASCII-only 50 or 100, if you're feeling generous
@DestructibleLemon btw you can shorten to 37 bytes
you what
@DestructibleLemon magic
why did you ask me for quine if you had a shorter one?
@DestructibleLemon No I just shortened yours
10:53 AM
wait I just realised that yes the end part there is dumb yeah thanks
crap i forgot to link in the bounty
@ASCII-only 31 actually :P
@ASCII-only :) thank you for saying thanks
@DestructibleLemon yeah, just realized
kinda weird neither of us realised
# Explanation
A                     α            Assign to a
 ´α´´´A´F´α´⁺´´´´´ι´ι             "α´AFα⁺´´ια"
                        ´A         Print A
                           Fα⁺´´ι  For each character in a, print ´ + character
                                  α Print a
11:00 AM
in case you were wondering I was good at this because I got the experience from my Turtlèd quine.
@ASCII-only will put this in modified a bit
oh btw pls format correctly, add "bytes" after score
Python quiz: what is the default second argument of sum? (Don't cheat!)
@LeakyNun None maybe?
0? []? i have no idea actually
2nd argument of sum is where in the iterable 1st argument it starts. Defaults to the start, so 0
Answer: when I asked the question, I really thought it was 0, until I found the source code... sum isn't a Python function.
So it cannot have a default argument.
11:07 AM
static PyObject*
builtin_sum(PyObject *self, PyObject *args)
    PyObject *seq;
    PyObject *result = NULL;
    PyObject *temp, *item, *iter;
    if (!PyArg_UnpackTuple(args, "sum", 1, 2, &seq, &result))
        return NULL;
    iter = PyObject_GetIter(seq);
    if (iter == NULL)
        return NULL;
    if (result == NULL) {
        result = PyInt_FromLong(0);
        if (result == NULL) {
            return NULL;
    } else {
        /* reject string values for 'start' parameter */
The critical part is:
if (result == NULL) {
    result = PyInt_FromLong(0);
so logically you can say that the default argument is 0, but more accurately, it doesn't have a default argument.
Q: Adding fractions

PrzemysławPWrite a program or a function that takes two non-empty lists of the same length as input and does the following: uses elements of first list to get numerators, uses elements of the second list to get denominators, displays resulting fractions after simplification (2/4=>1/2), separated by "+"s, ...

Delay much?
11:12 AM
@ASCII-only I don't need the plus do i
@DestructibleLemon You need it instead of the brackets (⁺ is shorter than «»)
@ASCII-only is it possible to directly write an integer from the high up numbers in charcoal?
@DestructibleLemon high up numbers?
@ASCII-only the funny unicode numbers
@DestructibleLemon well if you have a number in a variable you can cast () it
@DestructibleLemon directly write?
11:21 AM
can I do I² to write 2?
@DestructibleLemon Just do 2, why cast a number if you can write as a string directly
I know. but I mean is that usable for any number for example
yeah you can cast any number to string, any string to number, and any wolfram datatype to python datatype
@DestructibleLemon if you want to do 6**9 you need to seperate the numbers with ¦ wait that's not what you want
also Charcoal is prefix so it's IX²¦⁶⁹
11:23 AM
actually that is wrong way isn't it :P
brb checking if this can be used for evolution of powers of two
how to make comment?
@DestructibleLemon oh if you want to do a polyglot, use (clear) if you want Charcoal at the end, » (well, any character invalid at that position will do) if you want it at the start
@DestructibleLemon Charcoal has no comments, it's a golflang after all
well. I posted the last answer, so looks like you'll have to post the charcoal one
if you want it in the middle do and then » shortly after
so, again, I was the last person to post, so...
oh wait someone already used charcoal ;_;
@ASCII-only would you like to get a 50 rep bounty?
@DestructibleLemon for what
11:35 AM
make a non-trivial Turtlèd answer to a question
if you answer a decidedly non trivial one there might be 100 rep, but I'm not sure if I do both of those bounties or just one... anyway I guess I'll award the first one done unless a decidedly nontrivial is done at very similar time
no because I'm kinds busy atm (sorry)
anyone else want a bounty?
anyone here good with mathematica?
muahahahhahaha i still have a working emoji button 😂
wait 😈 would be more suitable
don't ban me, i'm joking
i'll make a golfing language with a custom codepage that consists of emoji
11:50 AM
@totallyhuman no the emoji banner(s) are not here
:o so i can use them to heart's content? 😮
wait i just realized i used the same emoticon and emoji in the same message
@betseg programming on mobile has never been easier
@totallyhuman emojicode.org
still contains ascii though
i wonder if we can completely stray from ascii
@betseg haha so cool:)
12:04 PM
aaaaaaaaa your profile picture is a snake
i just zoomed in to see what it was >_>
@totallyhuman it's not really that frightening
@totallyhuman or just click his name
it's true that as a small thumbnail it appear more like a ship in bad weather rather than a snake on rocks
12:22 PM
@DestructibleLemon There is no prejudice against emoji. Mindless noise in any language is unwelcome.
Q: Was this bite mine?

Felipe Nardi BatistaYesterday, I left my sandwich on the table. When I got up today, there was a bite in it... Was it mine? I can't remember... Problem: Take a representation of the sandwich and my bite pattern and tell me if it was my bite or not. Examples: Example 1: My bite pattern: .. . Sandwich: ##### ...

hang on
are emoticons treated the same way?
The same way as what?
By whom?
12:24 PM
by... this room i guess
Noise is unwelcome, whether that's a series of emoji, or a series of emoticons, or a series of meaningless words.
Using the word "spam" in a meaningful sentence is fine. Posting the word "spam" over and over is not
Note that the new chatiquette does not say anything about emoticons or emoji. It just says don't be disruptive and don't make noise. If several messages in a row are nothing but faces, that's disruptive noise and will lead to kicks.
1:16 PM
What should we do about this new user's post:
A: Play a perfect game of Mu Torere

emericaismNot my best but here's what I came up with. import math import random import numpy as np #we create the network of legal edges global edgeNetwork edgeNetwork = [[0,1,0,1,1,0,0,0,0], [1,0,1,0,1,0,0,0,0], [0,1,0,0,1,1,0,0,0], [1,0,0,0,1,0,1,0,0], ...

Not well golfed, no byte count, no language header.
I think it's Python, but IDK.
> new
@programmer5000 done
@EriktheOutgolfer Delete it?
well, the 48 hours have passed a couple of years ago, so I -1'd, flagged and voted to delete basically
flag = quicker delete, vote to delete = possibility that 3 delete voters will vote before flag handling
It was in the review queue for some reason.
1:19 PM
low quality posts?
I didn't realize at first that it was 2.5 years old
This should also be flagged & VTDed:
Q: How you do Code golf?

Hasindu LankaHow are you Really making those goals from a Text which never could be read by a human? Code golfers are making amazing things from some charter like {⍵≠⊃⊃≠/∘.∨/¨⍺=⊂⍳¨⍴⍵} or qN/W%(~{1$::!\{1a\Te[f.|z}/..^}/W%N* As a VB programmer I'm prety amazed on them. Can anyone help?

no I wouldn't flag here just vtd
Weird that it is tagged
@EriktheOutgolfer OK, there is no flag for low quality Qs.
This is one vote from closing (unclear):
Q: How low can you go? - Signal Limbo

tuskiomiFrom the Sandbox, 6 months in the making. Sometimes we need a low voltage, sometimes we need a high voltage. Let's design a VDC power supply! The challenge is simple, with 2 lines (+5V and GND), Create a Variable DC power supply on a standard breadboard that ranges from +12V (+/-0.1) to 0V. I...

I think it should just be , because that's it own criterion.
I'm trying to remember this website... It belongs to a big name in software engineering and has a green-ish theme if i remember correctly
can't remember his name, though
1:26 PM
The tag wiki doesn't yet specify what that winning criterion should be, and it might be difficult to narrow it down to just one definition that applies to all challenges:
A: breadboard challenges?

trichoplaxA challenge needs an objective winning criterion If I want to test an answer, I can wire up the same arrangement but may get different results. If however a specific digital simulator is required by the challenge, then answers can be objectively tested, with everyone agreeing on the result. I s...

it's a guy's website
Actually, according to the tag wiki:
> Any questions that involve making a circuit setup on a breadboard with the smallest bounding box or the least number of pins/spaces occupied should be tagged with this tag. Any other challenges relating to breadboards with other winning criteria should not be breadboard-golf because this tag is for golfing challenges.
(Emphasis mine)
> Breadboard-golf is about making the breadboard setup that requires the least number of pins or occupied spaces or bounding box area, depending on what the challenger decides.
@trichoplax OK, but I still don't think we also need code-challenge.
> or bounding box area
1:29 PM
Code challenge seems like something broader than breadboard-golf.
and that's specified in the challenge already
The convention is that code-challenge is used whenever the other tags don't fully specify the winning criterion, but I agree that breadboard-golf seems to also cover that, so maybe it could be used on its own
Either way the challenge needs to specify, so doesn't seem to add anything
@TuxCopter hi.
@trichoplax is the tag used to categorize questions for which there isn't any other objective winning criterion tag, and the criterion itself must be specified in the challenge I think
so no it doesn't add anything over
1:32 PM
I suppose the other argument would be that since breadboard-golf doesn't specify a winning criterion, it should be tagged and and breadboard-golf shouldn't exist as a tag
I don't have a strong preference either way but it would be nice to settle on one or other for consistency
maybe it was stevemcconnell.com
Q: How long is my number: Restricted Version

Beta DecayFind the original challenge here Challenge Given an integer, Z in the range -2^31 < Z < 2^31, output the number of digits in that number (in base 10). Rules You must not use any string functions (in the case of overloading, you must not pass a string into functions which act as both string an...

1:48 PM
Any last-minute feedback on this sandboxed challenge?
Dang 5 upvotes in one day on sandbox
@ETHproductions looks good, go ahead.
looks simple enough to me
@Christopher 7 now.
@Christopher That was in less than 5 hours too
I don't know why it's so popular
1:51 PM
CMC: use jelly and split input at every char.
Split a string into an array of chars, you mean?
I tried ³s1 but it didn't work :(
@ETHproductions We have a new main post bot...
Yeah, but sometimes it's really slow
I didn't let it onebox on purpose
1:54 PM
I'm pretty sure Jelly implicitly converts a char array to a string when outputting, and treats a string as an array of chars for most operations.
You shouldn't need to do that.
I don't want to use strings.
@BusinessCat turbo ninja
@Christopher Why
@ETHproductions Why not?
1:56 PM
@Phoenix Becuase
@Christopher 0 bytes. What do you need it for?
@LeakyNun wait rly
@MartinEnder By 5 seconds ;)
in Jelly, string is equivalent to an array of characters.
As I said. To jelly, a string and a char array is the same.
1:58 PM
@ETHproductions 6 answers in 5 minutes!
Oh wait. Dang idk. Gah.
@Christopher could you describe your problem with more detail?
Competitive C# code? Wow! — Notts90 12 secs ago
Q: How long is my number: Restricted Version

Beta DecayFind the original challenge here Challenge Given an integer, Z in the range -2^31 < Z < 2^31, output the number of digits in that number (in base 10). Rules You must not use any string functions (in the case of overloading, you must not pass a string into functions which act as both string an...

That is my problem :P
A‘lĊ doesn't work :(
with more detail
1:59 PM
Are you giving input as '5'or as 5?
l is a dyad; you need l⁵
I think it should be A‘l⁵Ċ instead
I am trying to split the input number into an array of numbers and get the height of the array
@Christopher that isn't what you're doing with your code
@LeakyNun Well the code I linked was different
2:00 PM
@Christopher you didn't link to no code
I think converting the number to a string and finding its length counts as using a string function and not allowed anyway.
@Phoenix I think so also. I was not trying to make it a string but just an array.
But jelly don't care
@Christopher you asked about string
Even if strings and char arrays were different, it would still be considered a string function, because char arrays are just a form of string.
and I still don't know what you're trying to ask
2:04 PM
Same here :P
I think you'd be better of taking log 10
@Phoenix That is what I did. Thanks to help from Erik
(He fixed me codez)
Increment, log 10, ceiling
Is all that needs to be done
abs, inc, log10, ceil
Check for negative
2:07 PM
Yeah abs first
Does Jelly have a builtin for log 10?
So sad :(
Isn't log10 much more useful than ln
rly dennis
2:09 PM
To be fair the language I'm working on doesn't have it either...
Trying to use Jelly for ETH's challenge (I know an answer was posted already) and the first thing that came to mind was head and tail atoms. I haven't quite wrapped my head around the links yet but I figure it has got to be something like ḣ‘ṫ
what's wrong with my thinking
@BusinessCat No. In higher math base is is better
I meant for programming. I know in math ln is much more common
Q: Remove character at specified index

ETHproductions(heavily inspired by Element of string at specified index) Given a string s and an integer n representing an index in s, output s with the character at the n-th position removed. 0-indexing and 1-indexing are allowed. For 0-indexing, n will be non-negative and less than the length of s. For 1...

@KritixiLithos I'm traveling abroad now, and can't access my server right now. I'll return tomorrow and try to restart the server then.
2:14 PM
@programmer5000 ^^ that's why
2:28 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Satan's SonWhat colour is this? code-golfimage-processing You are to golf a program that will take a filename as input and you must output what color the file is. The file is all one color and can have any of the following extensions .jpg .png .svg .gif And now to the classic layout due to my OCD. I...

2:59 PM
@DJMcMayhem ikr
that comic is amazing
I've seen it before a couple times, always heart wrenching
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

marcosmDownload the whole Internet Your task is to write a program or function than can theoricaly output or save all public/availabe web pages. Inspiration came thinking if it was a posible solution to this challenge code-golf internet

Hello. My question was closed, but nobody commented why; and I've gotten no feedback in the sandbox that says that it's an otherwise unclear question
which one?
@LeakyNun you here?
Q: How low can you go? - Signal Limbo

tuskiomiFrom the Sandbox, 6 months in the making. Sometimes we need a low voltage, sometimes we need a high voltage. Let's design a VDC power supply! The challenge is simple, with 2 lines (+5V and GND), Create a Variable DC power supply on a standard breadboard that ranges from +12V (+/-0.1) to 0V. I...

3:07 PM
looks fine to me
yeah.. I'm not sure what is going on
@programmer5000 ?
@Mayube what?
Why was the above challenge closed?
@Mayube It was unclear, but I think it can be reopened now.
Just reopened.
3:12 PM
.. Nothing changed about it?
why no comments from VTCers to explain what was unclear?
I may be talking myself into a hole, but i'm super curious.
got to go
@orlp just say it
3:32 PM
ugh I have 4 bytes left to allocate in Ohm's new code page and I am at a complete loss
i wrote a quine in go
and then added three imports so the code could be printed multiple times
@NickClifford Of what characters to use?
@BusinessCat yeah, here's what I have so far
How about ∩ ∪ ⊂ ⊃ for set operations?
@BusinessCat sounds great, thank you!
3:52 PM
@LeakyNun CMC: model this chaotic system (at 2:37)
@orlp interesting
4:14 PM
I've been thinking about the never-ending controversy over dupes, and I'm looking for reactions before writing up a full meta post.
What do people think about the following rule of thumb: for static questions, if you can't write a reference implementation which is shorter than the shortest output of gzip and bzip2, it's not interesting enough to post.
Well, we can compress pretty much everything better than gzip or bzip2, as they are automatic and we are making it ourselves, which means we can make it much shorter.
If that were true, Dennis wouldn't have bothered making Bubblegum.
Can you give any instance where bubblegum wins?
2 random downvotes on old questions that haven't been bumped
something is amiss ;p
4:24 PM
@SimplyBeautifulArt you had to take up all my edit reviews at 2 hours into the UTC Day >:U
And on codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/71471/194 it's only beaten by a Mathematica built-in
@WheatWizard is your username a reference to something?
4:32 PM
Is there a meta post where we define "deterministic" or require answers to be deterministic by default?
I think its a loophole
I think not. But "guaranteed to succeed" is required.
I don't think its defined though
This is the closest loophole I can find
A: Loopholes that are forbidden by default

MegoGenerating a random stream of output when a specific output is required For example, if a challenge requires you to output 4, you can't output an infinite stream of random digits, and say "4 is in there somewhere!" You must output 4, and no other number. This is similar to this other loophole.

I'm wondering because of this answer, which isn't deterministic
@WheatWizard just 2 random words?
4:37 PM
Random yes, independent no.
I like the alliteration
@mbomb007 I don't think it should have a constant score though
Scores need to be constant. That's kind of how the site works
Yeah, I feel like this needs some meta post
CMC: Determine the length of a gene in a given RNA sequence: a dna sequence contains the charracters UCAG. Every three letters represent a codon. The length of the gene is the number of codons between a valid start codon (AUG) and a stop codon (UAG, UAA, UGA). Test case: UGA AAA UGC AUG CCG GAC UGA UAA GGG -> 4 (Spaces for clarity, will not be present in input). Multiple stop codons may exist, only one start codon will exist.
4:38 PM
@WheatWizard Creating one...
I think you mean RNA not DNA
U is in RNA
There are quite a few non-deterministic answers to that question
@Phoenix Your definition of gene isn't quite right... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gene
4:43 PM
Doesn't matter for the purpses of the CMC
@mbomb007 That answer also has the problem of (on average) decreasing over time.
@WheatWizard what are the 12 distinct surfaces?
in klein
cool name btw, prolly the best esolang it could have gone to
@Riker 000, 001, 010, 011, 100, 101, 110, 111, 200, 201, 210, 211
^25 bytes
4:48 PM
Does it include the start and stop codon in the count
How does it work? You don't seem to be dividing by three anywhere
000: Torus
001: Klein Bottle
010: Klein Bottle
011: Projective plane
100: ???
101: ???
110: ???
111: Sphere
200: ???
201: ???
210: ???
211: Sphere
... oh?
Ruby, 43 bytes: puts gets[/AUG(...)*?U(AG|AA|GA)/].length/3
4:50 PM
I think y'all forgot that it needs to start at a codon
I mean, the frame is already determined
if that is what the OP implies
Normally the coding region is framed by the start codon
Wait, yeah, forgot there can be an AUG that spans two cosons
@JanDvorak yes, but the OP implies otherwise
no, he doesn't
The test case.
4:53 PM
closes Phoenix's CMC as unclear
And... I can't put (...)* in a lookbehind.
you just need to use spaces in your input
as implied by your testcase
Then put it in the lookahead
4:54 PM
@BusinessCat you need ^
Ruby, 64 bytes: puts gets.sub(/(...)*(?=AUG)/,'')[/(...)*?U(AG|AA|GA)/].length/3
Q: How do we define "deterministic", and is it required by default?

mbomb007We seem to have implied restrictions that code submissions should be deterministic, but this doesn't seem to be well-defined or explicitly restricted as a loophole. The closest loophole is this one. See this comment, which provides an example where the forbidden loophole would've been used to pr...

I wonder if there's a mathematica builtin for this.
I think this is the first time I've ever used sub and not gsub
CJam, probably badly golfed, 42 bytes: q3/_"AUG"a#>"UGAUAAUAG"3/:aW$f{\#}W-:e<)<,
@WheatWizard you haven't picked names, or you don't know what to call them?

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