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4:00 PM
@penreturn lolol
but, i got reply from that kind of messages earlier
@jokerdino okey i can see ur smile :D ( not really in a bad mood)
so i didn't figure out that, it causes annoyance to you
@penreturn :P
@AnwarShah it usually depends.
whether i am doing something else etc
@RolandTaylor I'm back, was silent cos I was afk
4:01 PM
be back tomorrow
cya @jokerdino
Take Care
Q: Ubuntu 12.04.01 Hard Drive Drop In

slafat01I have two similar machines running Ubuntu Server 12.04.01. They are not the same machine, but similar. Can I take the hard drive out of one machine and drop it in the other machine? The other machine has a little bit better specs, but the older machine has the configurations just as I want them....

4:01 PM
A post can't be nicer that this
Q: will ubuntu run smoothly on this cheap destop pc?

Lukasz**please help decide which (cheap) pc destop is best to pick 12.10 smoothly thank you. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CHEAP-DELL-OPTIPLEX-GX520-SFF-WINDOWS-XP-HOME-PC-COMPUTER-17-TFT-FREE-UK-P-P-/110948825501?pt=UK_Computing_DesktopPCs&hash=item19d510b99d or http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/IBM-THINKCEN...

good night dino
@msPeachy lol okay
@jokerdino see ^^ this and sleep
i'm starting to believe it to! :D — uahug 16 secs ago
yeah, now you're in right way to thinking
@AnwarShah hahhahaha ! Trolololo
@RolandTaylor lol
4:03 PM
@AnwarShah aight
Is Jono Bacon the closest thing Ubuntu will ever have as bacon?
what was that all about?
@AnwarShah eek
@msPeachy randomness
@Joshua you can buy bacon on Amazon in 12.10
4:06 PM
@RolandTaylor +1
lol I wanted to +1 you...
sudo buy-bacon
@RolandTaylor Am watching an Al Pacino movie
@msPeachy nice
what's it called?
...And Justice For All
4:08 PM
@AmithKK sudo buy-bacon --fried && consome-bacon | lsflavours
@msPeachy never heard of it
Dick Tracy
@RolandTaylor it's not one of his popular films, it's a courtroom drama
For the Metallica album, see And Justice for All ...And Justice For All is a 1979 courtroom drama film, directed by Norman Jewison. The movie stars Al Pacino, John Forsythe, Jack Warden, Lee Strasberg, Jeffrey Tambor, Christine Lahti, Craig T. Nelson and Thomas G. Waites. It was also 75-year-old character actor Sam Levene's final film. The Oscar-nominated screenplay was written by Valerie Curtin and Barry Levinson. The film includes a well-known scene in which Pacino's character, Kirkland, shouts, "You're out of order! You're out of order! The whole trial is out of order! They're out of...
@msPeachy oh I find courtroom drama to be interesting actually
@Joshua thanks
4:10 PM
@Joshua did you recently change your name?
@msPeachy no I was born with it...
@Joshua LIES
@RolandTaylor you won't be able to find it in High Definition considering that it was made in 1979
You were named after birth
@Joshua I don't mind
I like old movies
Actually I think a lot of modern movies are kinda lame.
ActuallY i don't know that.. I am guessing that my parents knew what they where going to name me before I was born....
So therefore I was born with my name
4:12 PM
@RolandTaylor really, me too. My favorite is "To Kill a Mockingbird"
I don't know either, I was just being presumptuous :D
@msPeachy oh yes I saw that in school ^_^
unfortunately I only remember parts of it
@Joshua I mean here on AU chat?
oh... yes, I was formally known as TheX
or maybe it was theXed, I don't remember exactly...
wonder how <-- avatar born
@Joshua you're TheX!?
4:14 PM
you didn't know that?
@penreturn I think they are mammals...
@Joshua wakakakakkaka
@SirCharlo no... I was TheX
seriously :D
4:17 PM
@SirCharlo did he do something wrong?
What did I do?
@Joshua I knew it. That's why you keep talking to Roland.
@RolandTaylor nah, i just remember him is all
There's actually another Joshua around
@RolandTaylor is my best friend...
4:18 PM
@msPeachy you see, members of the jury, I did not touch that object.
that's a screen shot
@Joshua I'm flattered :D
@msPeachy I don't know of any other "Joshua"
it's a great quality considering it's an old film
@msPeachy O_o she' onto us!
@msPeachy yeah it actually looks nice and clean, quite unlike what I expected.
4:18 PM
joshua rlemon something
no you mean Joshua Robinson
@msPeachy joshua robinson
rlemon == Robotic Lemonade
4:19 PM
i think i'm confused
Robert Lemon
Josh Robinson is an American football cornerback for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League. He played college football for the University of Central Florida. Robinson earned numerous Freshman All-American honors in 2009, and was regarded as one of the best cornerbacks in his class. He was selected by the Vikings in the 3rd round of the 2012 NFL Draft, with the 66th overall selection. Professional Career Minnesota Vikings Robinson signed with the Minnesota Vikings on July 25, 2012. He recorded his first career interception on September 23, 2012 against QB Alex Smith of...
not sure now, but there is a another joshua
Joshua Bell vs Joshua Robinson
@Joshua lol not that one :P
@Zypher it wasn't me, honest.
4:20 PM
@AmithKK I am Joshua Bell...
If it had been me I'd still be holding the basket...
@Joshua I know
Hello @Zypher
Joshua David Bell (born December 9, 1967) is an American Grammy Award-winning violinist. Childhood Bell was born in Bloomington, Indiana, United States, the son of a psychologist and a therapist. Bell's parents were Shirley and Alan P. Bell, Professor Emeritus of Indiana University, in Bloomington, and a former Kinsey researcher. His father is of Scottish descent, and his mother is Jewish (his maternal grandfather was born in Israel and his maternal grandmother was from Minsk). Bell told The Jewish Journal, "I identify myself as being Jewish". Bell began taking violin lessons at the a...
Good Day/Night to you
Look at that I won a grammy...
4:20 PM
@Joshua No, you're Joshua P Bell
Lol you also got a makeover...
I prefer the original look :/
@RolandTaylor lol
Yeah your right that dude is kinda ugly...
like the hair though
I can arrange a blind date...
Of course the blind part would be where his wife gouges your eyes out....
4:22 PM
looks like...
Rod Blagojevich (born December 10, 1956) is an American former politician who served as the 40th Governor of Illinois from 2003 to 2009. A Democrat, Blagojevich was a State Representative before being elected to the United States House of Representatives representing parts of Chicago. He was elected governor in 2002, the first Democrat to win the office since Daniel Walker's victory 30 years earlier. He is also a convicted felon. Blagojevich, often referred to by the nickname "Blago" in print and other media, was the first Democrat to be elected Governor of Illinois since Daniel Walk...
ohhh mspeachy is a girl \o/
@Joshua LOL
@penreturn um,
late to the party?
@RolandTaylor with THE Joshua Bell?
@penreturn unless she is lying to us...
4:22 PM
@msPeachy yep
THE Joshua P. Bell.
I must warn you though, he has a dangerous pet cat.
@RolandTaylor sorry I am going to have to decline... I am married...
@Joshua I told her - your wife will ensure it's a blind date :D
oohhhh!!! hi mspeachy! hello from malaysia \o/
^ I have a bad feeling about this...
4:23 PM
@RolandTaylor not really, but my pet cat is dangerous...
@penreturn we've been talking for quite awhile and you only say "hi" now?
@Joshua lol
@penreturn Your a malasian?
@msPeachy prepare to be swept off your feet... -_-
@penreturn sees a girl and turns the volume up...
4:24 PM
hi is a pick up line
You guys have no swag...
@RolandTaylor at least @penreturn is creative with his pickup lines...
@msPeachy sorry i just notice its ms... :D
Watch, learn.
@Joshua wahahhaaha
@RolandTaylor LOL
4:25 PM
@msPeachy , hi.
My name is Roland, and I am _the_ man you've been looking for.
@RolandTaylor it is to late for me... I am already stuck in a relationship I can't get out of...
pickup line with underscores
Is it true that SWAG=Secretly We Are Gay?
I can repair your computer at a low price, but I only work Mondays to Fridays and it can't be at night, so here's my business card.
@penreturn I see, np
4:26 PM
@AmithKK -_-
@AmithKK lol
Monday to Friday? @RolandTaylor Do you realize what you just said there?
@RolandTaylor wewwww~
4:27 PM
@Joshua lol no
Friday to Monday would be more feasible...
@Joshua um, I don't think I want to figure that one out...
checkin my swag...
@RolandTaylor oh didn't know I was looking till you told me so
hard to find girl using linux/ubuntu in malaysia T..T
4:28 PM
@msPeachy ouch
Universal Date Line=The line which a boy tells to a girl of any region of the world to get a date
(Suite Life On Deck)
@penreturn you might have to find a girl that uses a pirated copy of Windows
@penreturn lol, that is kinda of funnt
@msPeachy Well, that just goes to show that I am the right man. I let you know what you were looking for before you knew you were looking.
@RolandTaylor ooohhh
4:29 PM
@msPeachy where are you from?
@RolandTaylor i really do hope you're joking :)
@Joshua Philippines
@SirCharlo Points to Transcript
(FOR THE RECORD, I AM JUST SCHOOLING THESE NOOBS - I'm not actually chatting up @msPeachy ;)
sounds like a savage garden song
@SirCharlo thanks but I wasn't asking you :-P
4:30 PM
@SirCharlo of course...
serious! they ask question in loco to do assignment... finish assignment > go back to windows T..T
remembers that stalking is generally frowned upon
remembers just how swaggadocious he is
@msPeachy deenggg 2,161 reputation 2922
4:30 PM
@SirCharlo I stalked my wife... eventually she just married me to get me to stop stalking her...
drips charm
@Joshua wow
She is a nice person :O
@Joshua how romantic
She should get a nobel peace prize for her kindness.
but one of my girl interested of using ubuntu \o/
So in my experience stalking is a great way to find a long and lasting relationship...
4:31 PM
@penreturn .... one of?
@RolandTaylor i told u before... ive 2 gf
On the real (this time... I'm not joking) - one girl. End of story.
I didn't hear that before...
@penreturn what does "daengg" mean?
I don't have one right now but when I do that's it.
@penreturn you have 2 gfs? how do y ou keep them from finding out about each other?
4:32 PM
That's just disgusting.
@penreturn are you a muslim?
Or... maybe he is a Mormon...
@RolandTaylor actually they are bestfriend... one got leukimia... so she ask me to take her bestfriend as my other gf
@msPeachy yes im muslim
4:33 PM
@penreturn :'( that is touching
BUT! I would have said no.
That's just me
@jokerdino, about the downvote (i'm at work, so only now i can respond), networkmanager was just a plus, my answer was focused on the terminal wvdial
not crying you down for what you did
@RolandTaylor level 4.. so i just follow what she want
that network-manager was just a bonus
@RolandTaylor depends on whether I liked her best friend or not...
4:34 PM
@Joshua really?
@penreturn yeah well that makes sense
@msPeachy really what?
@Joshua what? really, what?
@Joshua nv
Don't worry it is okay... I don't like my wifes friends...
4:35 PM
If you did, they would suddenly start getting sick one by one...
@RolandTaylor oh you don't have one?
@msPeachy not right now
@RolandTaylor and @msPeachy sitting in a tree...
I do have my eyes on someone - but there is nothing official so I'm not going to discuss that...
4:36 PM
OMG I have been blinded by a giant eyeball!
@penreturn eyes?
the one who got leukimia T..T
@penreturn oh :S
@RolandTaylor okay
4:37 PM
I'm sorry for your pain, I pray she gets better instead of just being taken out
@RolandTaylor is this the same young lady that is on a different island then you?
@Joshua sigoghis
aohfoai, asoghsoghs aohaoishoa dhaiugsoaugoa udgaougsogdaoidoiago iaosgaogsoiagifgaoi aiougsoguiao.
@RolandTaylor what?
@RolandTaylor thanks man
@Joshua Osoghoisho iaugaougsoago asia;sgoigoihoigoihsoighoihsoh duigsogdougaflugsfhpgoishgof.
4:37 PM
:6273953 why do you remove your messages?
@SirCharlo is under a tree
@msPeachy I wonder why that didn't ping me
No need to flag :).
I can see flags ;)
can you?
@AmithKK because it was a reply to a message that you deleted
4:38 PM
10K Powers
that is totally epic...
@msPeachy My name is still there
therefore it should ping me
I want that power... everyone up vote all my questions/answers!
@Joshua you're not supposed to discuss that and we are in the same Island right now :)
4:39 PM
@AmithKK if it didnt, this definitely will @AmithKK
That's all you need to know.
Yeah it did
@Joshua lol
@AmithKK good
@RolandTaylor no need to get defensive... your gf is my gf.... or something like that...
@Joshua er,
I don't have a gf...
So you're in deep shhhhhlalalalalala
4:42 PM
@RolandTaylor good for you, want to ask but you want to keep it a secret, so...good luck.
@RolandTaylor just for clarification that was a joke...
@msPeachy you can ask me, but not here ;)
@Joshua LOL I know :D
@RolandTaylor can I call you?
@Joshua yesh
With Skype because I know how much you love skype?
4:44 PM
Good Night
@RolandTaylor okie dokie
@RolandTaylor how come you've never talked to me on Skype?
@msPeachy cause I'm never on Skype unless someone forces me to use it?
@msPeachy wewww
(I have a feeling I am in trouble now)
4:46 PM
@RolandTaylor so Joshua makes you?
@penreturn lol
@msPeachy yes...
@msPeachy hehehehehe
that's sweet
@penreturn I hire thugs in Barbados to make him get on skype...
4:46 PM
@msPeachy don't listen to him he's lying :D
He finds me on Skype if I'm on, or sometimes gets me to use it to test something
but otherwise I only use it for people who are overseas or something
@RolandTaylor am I not overseas?
@RolandTaylor I actually don't have Skype
@Joshua lol
4:48 PM
/me use skype all day long.. LDR :)
@msPeachy <3
@Joshua so am I
Google + is pretty awesome, hey @msPeachy are you on Google+?
@Joshua no.
lol you two :D

I mean people FROM Barbados who go overseas for a period of time :P
4:48 PM
Oh... Okay..
Can anyone here tell me, What ports samba where using??? I need to allow it in firewall..
she tried to join G+ and it crashed saying:

"You are too good for us. Leave us alone!"
@RolandTaylor never tried it on Ubuntu. I used it before when I was still using Windows but that was a long time ago.
@msPeachy appluaso
10 points
@karthick87 445?
If you are setting up a firewall, you need to know what TCP and UDP ports to allow and block. Samba uses the following:
Port 135/TCP - used by smbd
Port 137/UDP - used by nmbd
Port 138/UDP - used by nmbd
Port 139/TCP - used by smbd
Port 445/TCP - used by smbd
@msPeachy It works really well in Chrome... But I guess you shouldn't be surprised by that
@RolandTaylor I don't have anyone overseas to talk to so so haven't installed it yet
@Joshua I should think it works well on any browser
It works well on Firefox... most of the time.
Sometimes Google does things to break G+ in Firefox.
Which is rather childish.
I see
4:53 PM
Roland you are the only one that believes that nonsense.
I believe surrender to webkit is inevitable...much like surrender to the borg
And the vampires.
@Joshua Actually, no I'm not.
if you were using an xmpp notifier on a handheld, would you want the ability to enter the full [email protected] address or a dropdown so there was less keyboard required(but a limit to whatever domains were pre-configured)?
When they introduced drag and drop to upload, it wasn't available on G+ in Firefox for over a month.

Believe it or not, Firefox already had support for Drag and Drop to upload at that time, and it was working just fine on other sites, but G+ would only show the feature when using Chrome or something reporting as a Webkit browser.
4:57 PM
Drop down I hate typing on my mobile.
optimally, I would want both.

The second would be preferred, but if the domain is not available I'd want to be able to type it.
Q: Registering on to Ubuntu Forums

John MartinHow can I recover my log in details to the ubuntu forums. Been successful once. I believe! However ALL attempts with various combinations keep exhausting the five permissable opportunities. This is extremely frustrating. I have feedback for the designers of the apps. that I use. If I could even f...

@AnwarShah +1
@aking1012 you're too correct. just edited another ubunto question
BBL power down :(
@RolandTaylor are you on Gtalk?
4:59 PM
jeng jeng jengggg
krik krik krikk
@msPeachy yesh
@RolandTaylor okay
empathy wasn't signed in (I thought it was)
@msPeachy are you?
@Joshua not yet, can't get on
5:05 PM
Oh... That's convenient.
I'm on.
Oh. That's awesome I guess.
hehehhe josh jelly?
Jelly? I like grape jelly...
wheres joker? BRB supper
5:10 PM
@penreturn sleeping
@msPeachy ohhh so early...
Ugh... Chrome keeps crashing on my iPhone.
@penreturn his wifi connections goes poof at midnight that's why his not around after 12
o..O u know him very well
he's the first person I've talked to here on AU so I know a little bit about him.
5:16 PM
ohh! hehehehe okey then!
Poof you say?
Better then poop I guess.
it is better
5:18 PM
What time is it there anyways?
it is 1:19am here
same timezone
Hmm so 11 hr difference.
yes, same with dino
5:19 PM
@RolandTaylor I get my car back today, fixed... :-D
Roland is probably eating lunch
@RolandTaylor hey how's the job hunt going?
needs close votes
Q: Default Choose OS Screen

JeffI liked the original purple choose OS screen. I installed Gnome-shell to try it and it changed it to the stars background that says Debian. Is there any way to change it back?

I am out of votes
5:29 PM
@JorgeCastro no shock...
5:46 PM
good night everyone
@SirCharlo nowhere lol
@msPeachy don't leave meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh
@Joshua nice!
Wait, I come back, and everyone starts leaving?
No I'm not..//
I bored @msPeachy to sleep...
@JorgeCastro I am out of close votes too.
Hello @msPeachy @RolandTaylor
@devav2 hey
5:52 PM
what are you guys up to ?
@RolandTaylor im sorry to hear that
I see how it is...
lets go >..<
@penreturn where to?
sleep \o/
5:57 PM
Oh.. I can't go to sleep right now.. my boss would frown upon that...
ahahahaa... cant help others coz i dont know how to answer that question... 2 days without rep :D

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