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1:00 PM
@aking1012 that's not the cool way of putting it :P
should take english class from now :3
Hi guys
o/ @smartboyhw
hello steve jobs
@penreturn Hello.
1:02 PM
hey everyone
Hi @aking1012 @penreturn @joshua @jokerdino
@Joshua \o
Also @SirCharlo
hello limit reached
does anyone know how to change the slide show image when we install ubuntu?
1:03 PM
yeah, during UCK remastering you click the "make an unsupported derivative" button joke
hi @aking1012 :)
hi all
@aking1012 :3
@aking1012 My best job is to say hi and lol
@penreturn There is a team for that
@smartboyhw where can i find them>
1:05 PM
@penreturn ubiquity team
change what btw?
No.. Here
@jokerdino hehehe trying to make custom distro
right. the Ubiquity maintainer made a blog post a while ago
@smartboyhw thanks!
1:07 PM
@penreturn :)
@penreturn don't do it...just make a ppa with custom packages and a pseudopackage that pulls them in. custom distros are the bane of a sane existence
@aking1012 ohhh
@jokerdino thanks!
ahhh nice reference !
hey did you guys hear about the new variant of ubuntu?
Q: Running Ubunto from a USB Stick - Can't Locate any Files

TimI just tried running Ubunto from a USB Stick - can't locate any files created under XP - documents, photos, etc. Can't even find the C drive. Am I doing something wrong? Thx,

Funny eh?
1:08 PM
I give you... Ubunto
@SirCharlo LOL
If I can parse through all of the new questions everyday, I can probably find atleast 50% of them duplicates
@SirCharlo obviously its not spelling error :#
@penreturn obviously! it's repeated twice
1:10 PM
@SirCharlo yeah! hahhahhaa
Hi @RolandTaylor
@smartboyhw hi
@RolandTaylor \o 3D guys!
@penreturn 3D?
1:12 PM
yeahh his also 3d maker like me ;D
blender guys
<-- sadly need to switch to windows to work with 3d Max
@RolandTaylor hello young padawan...
Q: How to make my own security policy?

maythuxHow to make my own security policy?! Is it better to start from scratch or from existing one?! What could i use?! What are the advantages and disadvantages of the existing?!

Sounds like off topic --^
SirCharlo the lurking bot.
I have noticed there are few questions that are not edited by @JorgeCastro
1:16 PM
@Joshua He edits about 11% and votes on 13% of all posts
wow, I need to get better!
downvoting without explanation should not be permitted
Why are we starting another age old religious topic again?
@jokerdino Because it is religious:P
1:20 PM
I would downvote that answer just for its formatting @LnxSlck
Hi @Mochan
@smartboyhw Hi ^o^
Hi have a new problem for you peoples... ;A;
I* not hi -.-
Though I usually fix the formatting and remove the downvote after that.
@Joshua hey
@RolandTaylor yo...
1:21 PM
@RolandTaylor same crap different day
So I'm trying to play a .M4A video on the default movie player in Ubuntu 12.04. The movie player says I am missing codecs and spits out some ones to be installed. I try to run them but an error message pops up saying "Dependencies not met". I have a bunch of error text script if you can bother reading it :))
As an alternative, could I install a better movie player no worries?
@Mochan ask that in a question; include your errir messages
hey @msPeachy ;)
@Joshua tasty
hi @msPeachy
@SirCharlo Alright then :) I thought it may have been a small issue
1:24 PM
@SirCharlo hi
@RolandTaylor yup, so how was the funeral>?
@Joshua it was actually "good"
That is good I guess
weird word to use for a funeral I know, but it was
Who's funeral was it?
1:25 PM
my uncle's mother
(my aunt's husband's mother)
Hi @msPeachy
If you are wondering about the downvote, it's because he is talking about commandline and you talk about network-manager and gedit.
@RolandTaylor hello
1:28 PM
(The next time someone thinks they got a random downvote, come to me and I'll see if I can set things right)

can i use this answer?
gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['all']"
@jokerdino he just want to get back the indicator rite?
can't figure out. let me reread it
@penreturn i think indicators are the closest to what he is possibly talking about
@jokerdino so will my answer help?
though by default, those indicators should already be there.
he might have removed it.
@smartboyhw yes, o/
hi dino
1:36 PM
hi msPeachy
@jokerdino yup...
@penreturn don't blame me if your answer is downvoted. it's your responsibility
@jokerdino ahahhahhaha its okey... :p
ive been downvote so many time, dont hv feeling oh! hahahhaha ... from that i can learn more :p
1:44 PM
heh, there's an adblock list for rickrolls
is this really an answer
A: How to prevent WLAN connection from dropping permanently on a Fritz USB WLAN N stick?

MikeI've got a similar issue with the Fritz!WLAN N stick, but the connection will be astablish automatically again after a short disconnection - why is it getting disconnected? It runs perfectly after fresh boot, but when downloading it suddenly begins to disconnect and reconnects until the download...

I have a Blackberry phone, and want to start using it for music. Amazon MP3/Cloud player, or Ubuntu One? Or any other alternatives?
2:00 PM
free one \o/
@msPeachy not an answer. there's a pro-forma comment that says something meaning "critiquing or agreeing == comment not answer"
@aking1012 okay, thank you
Hi @AmithKK
Hello all from AmithKK <-- beat you to it ;)
2:06 PM
@SirCharlo hi
If it isn't Ten-Second Howard
@jokerdino What?
@SirCharlo ;)
@SirCharlo /me is an idiot he can't understand
2:08 PM
@smartboyhw You don't have to say hi within the first 10 seconds he rejoins the room.
the hell won't break lose if you don't say hi to newcomers
I think that's what @SirCharlo meant. ^^
@jokerdino I was actually making a subtle reference to 50 First Dates
never mind then
doesn't happen with lack of hello either ;)
2:11 PM
@RolandTaylor sorry had some RHIs
no offense @smartboyhw ;)
@SirCharlo Right. It makes sense :P
@SirCharlo lol
Hi @SirCharlo
2:12 PM
@Joshua np
@jokerdino :/
@AmithKK ?
Did you get your chunkhost yet?
chunkhost is a lie
2:19 PM
silently screams
Just type "chunkhost" in Google and ye shall be informed
@SirCharlo Dude you just won the Internet.
We're sorry to inform you that this user has passed away due to intense stress from certain users' posts.
@SirCharlo RIP
2:21 PM
@SirCharlo wahahhaha
I know I am a little late to the party... but this is the last straw canonical!
They killed the live cd
oh bah
@Joshua lol!
2:32 PM
Get a live usb
hahahahaah DVD size now
> I'm starting to fall in love with Ubuntu
If I could smack @MarkShuttleworth right now I would...
A: Tools for Ask Ubuntu

Stefano PalazzoFor everybody who can't get enough of the numbers, there's now StackStats Great name, I know :P Usage: Download the script from Here and save it somewhere Execute it like this: python /home/username/stackstats.py --site=askubuntu.com --user=41 Where /home/username/stackstats.py is the ...

Does this work now --^
Yay I'm back
I am going to go home and uninstall ubuntu straight away and install Windows 8!
@Joshua Nice knowing you.
@Joshua Why...........Windows 8 is ****
I actually quit Windows 8 to Ubuntu...
@smartboyhw maybe but Ubuntu is a freaking hackjob
Grow up little kid.
2:37 PM
@Joshua Er why?:(
One word, Unity.
@Joshua Can't you just go and install Xfce or KDE or LXDE?
@Joshua LOL!
@smartboyhw yes... but then I would have to actually work to have an acceptable user environment.
2:39 PM
@Joshua what do you mean? It is just sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop...
@smartboyhw then wait 4 hours for it to download, and eat up half your HD space...
@Joshua 1. How much HDD do you have and 2. it takes half hour for me....
Hi @Prasad
@smartboyhw ^^^^^^^
@Prasad LMAO
2:46 PM
@smartboyhw my HD is 1 TB...
This might change my mind though omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/09/…
@AnwarShah hello
hi everyone
@Anwar hi
2:50 PM
hi @Joshua @Prasad
is this OT?
Q: How to access localhost remotely - Wordpress?

MarcappuccinoI have installed a LAMP stack (sudo tasksel install lamp-server) and wordpress (sudo apt-get install wordpress), but now, I would like to access my server remotely, to be used as a home fileserver. For example, my public ip is 82.16.xxx.xxx. Opening it in firefox with the suffix :8080 brings up ...

@jokerdino I think, i had a question on meta SO long time ago
Q: New tag should require more privilege

Anwar ShahI am a relatively new user in Ask Ubuntu site, which is a subsite of the Stack Exchange network. After participating in the Questions and answers in the AU site for a while, I see that, the "tags" are very important in this site. (It is also very important on all SE sites). I often see and feel t...

-5 vote
It's the way you phrase things and the clout you already have ;)
3:01 PM
Can you answer this? How do I make sure that Canonical get affiliate benefits when I buy from amazon? http://askubuntu.com/q/192725?atw=1 #canonical
@AnwarShah i am not gonna do the thinking for you
@Prasad wewww!
Q: Windows virtual machince asks for a CD on boot in Ubuntu 11.04 Server

poorniI have a Ubuntu Server 11.04 and I have created three virtual machines on separate PC with: Ubuntu Desktop Windows XP Windows 7 After completing the installation process, when I restart my server or for booting it for next time, Ubuntu desktop boots correctly but both the Windows OSes asks fo...

Sorry, made some typos :P
3:14 PM
you can explain why my reputation stopped growing if you want
191 Offered bounties for 22,550 reputation
since I've offered more reputation than I currently have. :)
Oh yes.
i dont understand that question :p
your exam is over i guess
@AnwarShah yesterday
gnome shell ?
3:19 PM
@Prasad yup
that's different...is that an extension in the left?
@Prasad i think its just mockup
That's cool...
@Prasad yeah...
/this xapian is gonna fry my CPU
3:24 PM
Q: If Ubunto is installed along-side of Windows, can it later be deleted?

TimIf Ubunto is installed along-side of Windows, can it later be uninstalled?

@JorgeCastro :) Dropped that in the post.
@penreturn yes or no question
@msPeachy ubunto?
edit it
it was edited to Ubuntu by devav
3:28 PM
@penreturn lol
deva version 2
sed -i 's/Ubunto/Ubuntu ... *spell it properly* .../g' questions.xml
Who can approve edits in the new beta review system?
3:29 PM
you can
@msPeachy +1
yeah, i know.
minimum rep?
today ive found two Ubunto.. + this one = 3 \o/
3:30 PM
well, there's a big backlog of wrong ubuntu that i have to fix
i saw some edits approved which should be improved instead
someone might be farming edit rep points...just saying. asks hundreds of questions with mis-spellings so he can get edit poitns
@AnwarShah yes, some
@aking1012 ahhhhh
@aking1012 lol
3:32 PM
how do i get more rep :D
@aking1012 editing own questions?
no. most ubunto questions are by 1 rep users
@RolandTaylor what ads?
@msPeachy lol it's a joke
3:33 PM
I'm talking about the approver. they should instead click on improve
@RolandTaylor what is a joke?
@Joshua the ads
@RolandTaylor i see
Need to go bye
3:35 PM
@RolandTaylor that.is.hilarious
@aking1012 :D
@Prasad cya
Oh yeah, ads are inherently evil! how dare a company try to convince someone to buy their product/products!
er, i'm kind of mixed bag on this one since MOST of Ubuntu is not created/maintained by employees of Canonical. Not a discussion to even begin though.
@Joshua I agree!
@aking1012 lol
does chrome support web extensions.gnome.org ?
3:40 PM
@penreturn what?
@penreturn I don't remember off hand but I think it doesn't
before this, i cannot use on/off button on extensions.gnome.org using chrome
but works great on FF
Q: No buttons on extensions.gnome.org

Het ShahThere are no buttons in extensions.gnome.org website. So I am unable to download shell extensions. I have already installed gnome-shell in ubuntu 12.04. My GNOME screen looks very pale.

These just appeared on my desk:
It works via a Firefox Addon
3:42 PM
@Joshua wewww
@Joshua can I have one?
I wonder if they are poisoned....
someone is trying to off me!
3:43 PM
its work now :D
It might be @msPeachy
@Joshua lindor's truffles are AWESOME...except that i haven't had one in years. give one to the neighbor in the next cubicle and wait an hour or so. if they're fine, you still have 2
Meh...I think @msPeachy likes me...
@aking1012 good call
no, she is jealous of our friendship
3:44 PM
Oh... well she has an odd way of showing jealousy then...
she wants you for herself
(yes, I am feeling suicidal today)
(it's all part of my elaborate plan)
Don't do it man...
(frame msP for trying to kill Joshua so I can get taken out in a fit of rage by msP)
3:47 PM
hmmm suicide by @msPeachy
a lovely way to die :D
(my writer side is showing :P)
I wouldn't know... I have never died before... So I don't know how the various forms compare...
can't believe it exists, but it does
@aking1012 +1
3:51 PM
Its Japanese, no explanation needed..
@msPeachy is very silent O_o
the hell?
@aking1012 that link will trigger an alert here >_>
i am gonna get hordes of staff visiting me tmrw!
Did it answer the question? if so then upvote!
@jokerdino sorry. it was sort of on topic i think...
3:53 PM
@Joshua i'm not sure
Hopefully, they overlook it among other things
too late to delete it anyway...unless someone with mod powers wants to <-- which would be fine by me
not sure, why i replied :P
Q: Volume level changes by itself

uahugMy volume level changes all by itself,without me touching physical buttons or the indicator or something at all. It usually decreases the volume every 30 seconds or so,but sometimes it mutes it completely. I can change the volume back to the old level and i get a notification bubble,just as if i ...

ghost in machine?
I think, there is a ghost in your machine :P — Anwar 14 secs ago
3:56 PM
@AnwarShah wahahhahahhaha !
as long as it's sgt-mjr i'm fine with it and batou doesn't come knocking
@penreturn please don't flag that :)
Dinner time. BBL
good night @jokerdino
hahahaha ive post to my fb! kahkahkah
but i was annoyed coz of the single question mark
i hate standalone punctuation marks
especially a ?
3:59 PM
Oh. sorry for that. i'll remember it
^like this?
yes like that
(i didn't think, you weren't in good mood)
you thought i was in bad mood?
3:59 PM
@jokerdino please change to honey please

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