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12:01 AM
yeah, you are due east. more or less.
Oh, how I love the byobu ppa. Got me up and running again on lucid in about 10 seconds.
skype is Qt based. That's why it sucks. ba-dum-tish
SWT 4 life. ;)
heh...don't say that in front of GE
@amithkk: I'm going to try and live with 10.04 as my driver for the next few months, and just virtualize everything. If I can do that, then I will continue not using 12.04 as long as I can. ;P
the performance issues I get when doing VMs are just horrendous. and 12.10 doesn't solve them either. :(
12:17 AM
did ubuntu drop the certification program?
I think so.
Will unity 6.2 be available for ubuntu 12.04? http://askubuntu.com/q/192973?atw=1 #unity
there was a question about that...
Q: Is there such a thing as a Ubuntu Certified Engineer?

Bruno PereiraI am looking for certification on Ubuntu server technology or possibly Debian (as long as its supplied by Canonical, is that even possible?) which Ubuntu is based on. Is there such a thing provided by Canonical? In what regions are these services available? Can someone get Ubuntu training and ce...

A: Cannot create new folders - Ubuntu on VirtualBox

DennisI hear what some of you are saying but guys (and gals) Windows Explorer allows you to create and delete folders anywhere without all the silly "sudo" nonsense. I think that having all of the nuisance "Security" BS is a detriment to happy use of Linux/Ubuntu. Just my opinion - unrequested but giv...

not an answer
@jokerdino: blah, I need to look at getting a linux cert for both practice and possible work related things. I'd do ubuntu over RH ;p
12:32 AM
Yeah I wouldn't mind either but I don't know what happened to Ubuntu certs.
@aking1012 uh, thats quite horribly run
I know that it exists off the local mailing list
@LnxSlck i see that. but given the timeline of the downvote and the comment from OP, I think it is reasonable to expect that OP downvoted because it didn't work out for him.
1:15 AM
@jrg Andrew probably maybe might not or he might get a Pi depending on the amount of money on hand, which is about $100 over the total cost of the device with all the extras, but why buy a Pi, when you could in fact buy something more powerful for the same price.
Or build your own.
@Flabricorn: o0 what extras?
also, if you order one, go with farnell/element, not RS
@JourneymanGeek He wants the Pi to function like a regular desktop, has no extras of monitors, keyboard, mice, usb hub, etc.
@JourneymanGeek He actually has none of that anyway without it having to be an extra. Not very active computer user, the one thing he has at the moment it an HP workstation running Red Hat from a decade ago, the Bios is locked, and so is the OS.
Somethings are wrong with that computer, and there is no way that it serves a purpose as a home desktop considering his parents are adamant that replacing any part of it is a waste of time because it's to begin with, not a great computer as well as from 2002.
god, even my dumpster diva is newer than that
1:22 AM
Hey does anyone want to buy a G5? It no longer serves a purpose within my computer collection considering I never use it. Ever. It's been months upon months.
@Flabricorn: eh, now I feel bad about bitching I couldn't upgrade stuff ;p
tho a good chunk of it was office hardware that i was worried would fail
is it shiny?
@JourneymanGeek My best video card is a nvidia 5200, from a Dell around '05. I have a 2007 macbook I got from a friend because it was totaled. Loose fan bearings, missing screws and the screen looked like it had been hit with a baseball bat.
@Flabricorn: I have a load of core and c2d era systems
@mateo_salta The G5? Or Journeyman's dumpster diva?
1:25 AM
the oldest thing I have working is a PIII 800 i think
@mateo_salta: the dumpster diva is currently in the cosair case her successor will be in
so she is very shiny, if you mean big black and scary.
@Flabricorn like aluminum
I think I was forced into ridding myself of many of my older computers due to I never used them and they were not a pretty sight I have something from 1994, and a junk pile of older computers occupying the basement I have yet to discover their working conditions.
@mateo_salta Shiny? Not so much, aluminum, yes, but more airbrushed-ish? Hard to describe the way the aluminum was done on those.
so it is one of these?
or the all in one?
The big tower.
1:28 AM
Not a comfy load to carry.
I put 12.04 and used it for a while, but then it occurred to me that there were computers that wouldn't have all of the PPC compatibility issues because of the community supported version.
Over the course of the week I have now saved from whatever I find on the ground enough quarters to go right now and play 63 rounds of pinball.
Because pinball
is cool.
1:46 AM
Q: The Ubuntu Software Center has crashed

SivamaniI am not able to open Ubuntu software center on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. When I run: software-center in terminal, I received the reply below. Any ideas? Thanks! Note: I have NOT attempted running the application using the GUI. 2012-07-26 20:11:46,897 - softwarecenter.ui.gtk3.app - INFO - setting ...

Close votes --^
2:03 AM
had to share how to have fish #like_a_BOSS
if you wanted another tag to cleanup -
I will not post ever again because my post was edited. I consider this rude. — user1521363 Jul 21 at 20:49
You are missed user1521363.
if it's so old, and so serious, and so simple... why didn't he commit/submit a patch?
2:18 AM
heh yeah.
silly people with silly mentality
it's probably just someone trying to make a sport of trolling...which is why my statement was here and not a comment
quote of the day:
"Life is islands of ecstasy in an ocean of ennui, and after the age of thirty land is seldom seen."
— Luke Rhinehart
i don't know what that means but i guess it is relevant
and well, i put together a list of things that people can do.
and it would be cool if we actually delegate these things.
i do the cryptograms and they're quotes. i post one a day to chat that i find particularly insightful
i'll put it on gist in a sec
i have no interest in being an unpaid delegate sir...
2:24 AM
it's not for you but for everyone.
one day. i'll put on meta
har har on the stop onebox
it took over the chat and i didn't like that.
well in that list, i do tabs on most of the things.
and i don't do it efficiently.
userscript...i'm sure you're not the only anti-onebox
and of course, if i ask someone to help out, they shrink their face and tell me it's not their job to do what i ask them to do.
@aking1012 i dislike when they are too big
and if two or more questions get oneboxed.
i don't mind this:
to this:
double oneboxes, but other than that and an occasional image...it's a bit silly. the image-wars that get started are silly. self control == if you post more than 2 images in 30 minutes take a break
2:32 AM
in case of image wars, i just stay away from chat
there could be a userscript button to turn on and off oneboxing...just saying...
you can turn off javascript
would chat even work like that?
Sup folks!
2:39 AM
@jokerdino how's it going?
Very well. You?
I'm doing awesome! Loving Ubuntu!
Great to hear.
3:17 AM
Q: What is the command or hotkey for stopping a running program in DrJava?

pylerI installed DrJava about a week ago. Its been working fine so far but I ran into an infinite loop and wanted a way to stop the program from running without having to force DrJava to quit. Is there a command or hot key that would enable me to do so?

Bounty offered: How do remove the CD / DVD install as a source for apt-get packages when instal... http://askubuntu.com/q/42441?atw=1 #installation
4:08 AM
goood morning
Who want to ask a question? "I want to be asked for password when trying to mount partitions"
@HackToHell hi
@Ubuntu Ask Dr.Java?
4:34 AM
4:45 AM
@AnwarShah hi
failed to lad gnom session?
@RobinHood Hey
@HackToHell Hello :D
LXDE failed to load terminal/
@AmithKK hiii
@AmithKK no school ?
5:00 AM
Exams Tommorrow
Today is a Study Holiday
ok, not studying ?
Quick Question# I am able to log into and use LXDE desktop, but at the GUI login, when I trying gnome, I get error "Failed to load session "gnome."
@RolandTaylor A pomerian used to be afraid of my cat
5:35 AM
5:47 AM
@GeorgeEdison No KDE?
6:04 AM
Great answer: How to start making a non-free application? http://askubuntu.com/a/191382?atw=1 #applicationdevelopment
7:13 AM
@penreturn most questions on running Virtual Box in Ubuntu and on installing Ubuntu in Virtualbox running in Windows are consider on topic. The closed question asks on how to install Windows - that's why it was considered as off topic.
@Takkat you mind if I asked you a question?
If I had a short answer I dont - but I am at work here so may not have much time. Do ask
Well I'd like to help out this user with his question: askubuntu.com/questions/192721/…
however I can't seem to find updated site for Linux drivers for his Sound Card, best I could find is www.linuxant.com/drivers/s should I suggest it anyways?
@Oyibo I saw this one - no good idea. Looks like a looping system sound.
ALSA sound drivers reside in the kernel. It usually is hard stuff to replace these with proprietary ones.
Ah yeah true
7:17 AM
They may try the audio dev ppa: launchpad.net/~ubuntu-audio-dev/+archive/ppa but this may break things.
@Takkat ohhhh ok thank!
In fact a dev ppa usually breaks things ;)
Unless it fixes one special bug you know you suffer from.
@Takkat yeah I guess I'll suggest that to him with a big DISCLAIMER in caps and suggest he bides his time and waits until a next readily available major update
@Takkat thanks for your advice regarding this! :)
Have a nice day!
@Oyibo yeah disclaimer is a good idea because they blame you for braking their system
@Takkat breaking^ (might as well perfect our english while we're solving problems) but yes agreed, and any advice is better than none, if it does become more of a problem they can back-up before trying anything like that :)
7:29 AM
ohhh... im answering how to install ubuntu , n how to install ubuntu on virtualbox \o/
@penreturn yeah when I'd just joined the site, I answered a Wubi installation question as if it was a regular install Ubuntu question, giving completely irrelevant information haha :P
@penreturn happens to all of us ;)
@Oyibo i was just in the course of editing when my boss popped in to see what I am doing ;P
@Oyibo ahahahahhahaha
community wiki
3 revs, 2 users 89%
@Takkat haha well I'm sure if he uses Ubuntu he'd have approved you helping out the community ;) although maybe not in working hours :D
I made him use Ubuntu just because of that :D
7:38 AM
@Takkat nice! Definitely a good plan ;)
well, I was asked if it was better to install XP or anything else. What should I say?
@Takkat the question was pretty much rhetorical from your boss, XP or "any linux OS" would have had the same answer ;)
7 was in question - my answer was "no support from me then, but there might be a better alternative..."
@Takkat +1
@Takkat a big hint to take the "better alternative" :D
7:59 AM
@Takkat would you prefer I cite you as a source in: askubuntu.com/questions/192721/… ? And have I missed anything out?
Looks good - hope it helps them. No need to quote me btw but if you feel saver no prob.
I often keep my hands off these kinds of issues because they can easily turn into a never ending story...
@Takkat I've put a disclaimer etc, and they know where I've gotten my information, so it's more if you wanted credit seeing as you're the one who helped me give a moderately suitable answer
@Takkat yeah that's why I suggested patience and setting a bounty in a while, thanks for your advice, I'm off, see you later ;)
Q: How to get an email notification when a USB storage device is inserted?

karthick87We are running more than 600 Ubuntu systems in our company. It is a data centre so we have certain policies. We have disabled the usage of storage devices in all the Ubuntu systems. However we would like to configure email alerts. If someone inserts storage devices, we should get an email Alert w...

Do as you thinks is best for you for me its fine anyway. I don't really need to be quoted (but like it when my answers here get linked)
8:38 AM
good day all
8:55 AM
Q: What are the quality standards for posting questions here?

user92780I keep trying to post a question and it won't let me because It does not meet our quality standards. I'm just leaving the tags from my original question because I don't know how to categorize this one. Seriously all I want to know is if there's a program that will rip the songs from my i...

Q: Would it make sense to prolong bounty time limit for large bounties?

JanuaryThere are some annoyances that would require more than just a casual google or from the top of the head answer. Some questions and problems require effort in answering, and the bounty system helps getting these questions answered. However, for annoyances that are really hard to solve, I would be...

9:10 AM
Bounty offered: How to get an email notification when a USB storage device is inserted? http://askubuntu.com/q/192331?atw=1 #email
9:36 AM
gangnam? LOL!
"Hey, careful with the magic"
10:18 AM
Any moderator here?
I have given a close vote to this question accidentally
@AnwarShah don't worry. Marco's question will never find enough other people who vote on close. Your vote will then disappear over time (as a benefit you then will also not be able to close vote on this q again forever) ;)
10:35 AM
Then give a close vote to this question
makes more sense to close ;P
I was giving vote to that one
Worst that can happen sometimes is creating a dupe close loop :D
Close both as dupe from each other.
10:41 AM
you can't
It happened in the past.
the system prevents it now.
That's new then - good thing!
it shows up an annoying popup saying this will create a loop etc
but it only happens on the fifth vote
btw. I have now an answer with more than 20 votes
10:42 AM
good job
<-- has never seen that because he always takes care where to vote
but i think, there was a badge for it
@Takkat no i saw a screenshot. don't look at me like that.
@Takkat ha ha
@AnwarShah only at 25
10:44 AM
Oh. it needs 25 votes
it is very hard than some other badges
Need to go to meta
@jokerdino really?
if you are annoyed, then probably yes
@AnwarShah silver badges can be hard at times.
annoyed may not be the right word there
but i think, the requirement is a bit higher on the answer badges
@Takkat izx only joined recently
10:47 AM
@Takkat two more days \o/
> This badge can be awarded multiple times.
274 and counting
that annoys me @anwar
10:50 AM
was a reply to Takkat.
you tagged me in that
<-- pulls out the secret (unremove) weapon
i am tired of people getting annoyed because of silly virtual almost useless badges
seriously, it's just a badge. you ought to be in this for more than just shiny badges.
10:53 AM
7 mins ago, by Anwar Shah
annoyed may not be the right word there
@AnwarShah you should be in this for more than just badges.
@jokerdino Thanks for that
badges can be considered incentives. not the main motive.
<-- back to work :(
anyway, i am going off for dinner.
10:54 AM
going to set a record
Hello All!
hello Prasad
11:23 AM
hi @badp
11:53 AM
woahh.. i tot loading forever to get into this room T..T
hi all \o/
\o @jokerdino
wheeewwww this and this one
Three same posts sir.
12:01 PM
no wonder honey such a nice name become dino ^..^
wait, what's that supposed to mean?
you mean i became dino because of all of this?
hi @deva version 2
yeah ... dino character = rarrr
honey = wewww
@penreturn i never thought of it that way.
i was dino all along. I was honey for like two days.
12:03 PM
@jokerdino yea? but 1st we chat u using honey rite?
@penreturn yeah when you joined the chat, i was honey
Correction: I was honey badger
Hello dino
what is all this honey/rarrr/burr ???? @penreturn @jokerdino
12:13 PM
hehehhe nothing :P
@devav2 He is saying I am evil
And he likes Honey.
wakakaka demmm u! hahhahaha
hahah.. uh?
Great answer: How can I remove Amazon search results from the dash? http://askubuntu.com/a/192270?atw=1 #dash
12:17 PM
@TheInterrupter dupeeee
@penreturn it's the same question
oh no... the same question
oh @JorgeCastro question :D
okey i cant find any question on my level ...
ohh stackapplet didnt work on my gnome
Use from ppa
12:26 PM
ohh.. its work, but not on upper panel
12:54 PM
if a blog post or article has the words "Daily PPA" in it, users shouldn't be using it. if you're one of those blog-news sites people, I know who you are... STOP. crowd laugh
(i'm sorry, every time someone says PPA thats what I think of)
jrg has gone maniac
Linux Forcibly Installed On Congressman's Computer In Act of Terrorism http://bit.ly/UUxQnm
You know I dislike slashdot right?
(I only learnt that I dislike it a couple of hours ago)
12:56 PM
i see
Why are they messing up with the image of Linux now?
Because Ubuntu aint Linux
Nice move from the Ubuntu's part. They were expecting things like this
Hi guys

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