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12:00 AM
15k+ words already lol :D
@RolandTaylor: ya. basically a self contained part of a plot
I mean, there's a reason teasers are about that long
I know what a chapter is but normally to me a chapter isn't all that long
I see what context you mean "chapter" in now
I am so accustomed to using chapter for novels :P
can someone help me with a postfix problem
12:18 AM
Bounty offered: How can I make multiple displays work properly on my Asus UX32VD? http://askubuntu.com/q/190824?atw=1 #unity
12:43 AM
Don't Panic
/me knows where his towel is
You would panic if you saw what happens in the story at the end of this first part :)
I deliberately left it open
someone told me to use this command to install GCC
sudo apt-get install g++
so what version does it install?
12:51 AM
What ever version Ubuntu uses at the time (for 12.04 I think it would be 4.6)
@RolandTaylor your talking to me, right? :)
@MohamedAhmedNabil yes
@RolandTaylor That command installs the latest GCC/G++ compiler?
@MohamedAhmedNabil iirc
You're better off running sudo apt-get install build-essential though
@RolandTaylor yea i did that now
Thats the latest version fo G++/GCC ?
12:56 AM
g++ --version will tell you what version you have
It will be the latest one available in the repositories
@RolandTaylor I have a problem with code::block too, can you help with that?
Oh? What problem are you getting?
@MohamedAhmedNabil it depends on the problem.
@RolandTaylor In my first program it used to say, Permission denied, and the program doesnt run
@MohamedAhmedNabil do you have a screenshot?
@RolandTaylor how do I take on in ubuntu?
1:02 AM
press prnt scrn
See you all later.
@GeorgeEdison see ya
@MohamedAhmedNabil Did you mark the process as executable in Nautilus?
BTW why are you using C++11 and not C++?
(The C++11 is a newer standard that might be tricky - if I'm not mistaken)
1:19 AM
@RolandTaylor how?, i dont know
@RolandTaylor i know that :), I was going to test C++11 syntax
1:33 AM
Who would even approve that?
@jokerdino dafuq
@MohamedAhmedNabil same feeling bro
anyone knows how to get Clang on ubuntu?
@jokerdino bluexrider did?
1:35 AM
@msPeachy he (approved it and then )rolled back. or else i would have sent an army tank looking for him
@jokerdino lol, maybe he accidentally clicked on approve
i know but it shouldn't happen.
yes, one must read thoroughly before approving edits.
Q: Not letting me post a reply

IshmumI am trying to post an answer about a card reader driver, and many people want it. However, I created the thread and deleted it by accident, so when I try to repost, it says that it is a duplicate. But it isn't because its deleted already. Please help me help you

1:44 AM
> can anyone tell me how to fix this or am I boned
@RolandTaylor still here?
What the heck is that?
it's from this question
Q: installed 12.04 network is not connecting to wire network

ezz9I have been betting my head agents the wall for 6 days now. have read to much about this and still wont work. I have installed 12.04 into a used Hp compaq dc 7100 cmt. plug in lan cable into the computer and it says network disconnected. from what I understand on the things I've read, it's not ge...

and obs reviewed it
he is boned. bah
1:46 AM
don't really get what he means but I've google bone and it connotes a different meaning
it does
Shopping suggestions can produce results that contain inappropriate images in the preview pictures, and links to items that are clearly not suitable for all ages. There appears to be no easy way to restirct what suggestions are shown apart from removing unity-shopping-lens altogether
unity-lens-shopping (Ubuntu)
Undecided / Confirmed
Well, crap
why is ubuntu so awesome, fast and a million times better than windows
@MohamedAhmedNabil LIES
@msPeachy it is an innuendo
1:49 AM
@jokerdino RawR. It is better ^.^
@mateo_salta i think we all know what it means. don't be explicit and make me cry
i won't
basically he meant that he is "out of luck" @msPeachy
whats the linux alternative for windows.h in C++?
@mateo_salta are your pictures licenced under CC-BY-SA?
i need a new gravatar :D
1:53 AM
which one do you want to use?
I don't know. Anything you like
@mateo_salta Why did you not submit your work for wallpaper contest? :O
@mateo_salta I concur. I've edited it, but someone beat me to it, so I just reworded the title and added a tag
1:55 AM
@jrg he better send his app
@jokerdino Sent it to him, it's up to him to decide what he wants to do. :)
uhm yeah
but he has already done some ground work
though the unity devs might want to do it on the source code level
also true
That is a good idea @jokerdino , I like to do abstract textures and things
1:58 AM
@mateo_salta submitting to wallpaper contest you mean?
you should have done it.
anyway, we still have more releases coming. you can try next time and we all can vote for you \o/
oh, cool, for ubuntu wallpaper. I thought you meant in general. totally missed that, was a bit busy last month
wow, elementary looks so nice
2:31 AM
arg, if i every find my toy dinosaur i'll make you a new gravatar @jokerdino
@mateo_salta lol thanks so much :D
i'll wait for the day to come :D
ill go dig for him
did i ever tell you how awesome you are?
I might not have said it before. You are awesome!
2:49 AM
hello, good morning all
hi @jokerdino
Strange!! How this question be off-topic? — Anwar 1 min ago
closing it as off topic won't degrade your answer. no worries
No. i was surprised by the votes
it's okay
2:52 AM
they might be thinking it's a bug
oh. thanks.
i didn't think it first
people think it is a bug if something doesn't work in unity and you see a big terminal dump ;-)
oh.. :)
you didn't come in the room yesterday
i didn't come for a couple of days
2:56 AM
anything wrong?
taking a break off chat
for a change
hmm.. very great idea & thinking
It's another kind of experience being in the site without chat
2:59 AM
btw, why is there always one or more message from aking in ---> (star zone)
he is too awesome maybe
his sudden messages always attract stars
he is knowledged
i think you mean random message
3:01 AM
but he was referring to the stuff in the question
yeah. but he appeared in the discussion suddenly
oh now i know what you mean
Yay for theoretical tags! If nobody has any objections, I'll merge them tonight when I get home. — jrg Jun 13 at 18:37
They look good to me, i'll tackle those tonight if nobody objects. — jrg Aug 18 at 17:10
jrg never gets anything done.
3:04 AM
user image
i didn't clearly understand
@mateo_salta yay
@mateo_salta nice one.
found him!
Thanks ;*
3:05 AM
<-- saved the image
Changed gravatar :D
Oh. i need to go..
cya @jokerdino @mateo_salta
@AnwarShah bye
later @AnwarShah
hmm, looks a bit too much green @jokerdino to see at the smallest size, do you want it on a black background?
@mateo_salta yeah, that might be better.
if it is okay for you ofcourse
3:23 AM
Ah much better. <3
there, that should view well
Thanks much
Can you answer this? Password problem after creating a new user http://askubuntu.com/q/190959?atw=1 #password
4:12 AM
wish me luck guys
4:23 AM
@msPeachy you rang?
5:08 AM
@RolandTaylor :)
5:59 AM
Q: How do I change the order in which lenses appear in the dash?

GlutanimateApplication lenses seem to be ordered alphabetically by default: From left to right: dash home --> applications - extras-unity-lens-wikipedia - files - music - recoll - video Is there any way you can change this order? Perhaps by modifying the .lens files in /usr/share/unity/lenses? I'd rat...

Q: Email Notification on using storage devices?

karthick87We are running more than 600 ubuntu systems in our company, it is a data centre so we have certain policy's. We have disabled the usage of storage devices in all the ubuntu systems. How ever we would like to configure email alerts, if someone inserts storage devices we should get an en Email Aler...

6:15 AM
Can you answer this? Minimize window with Docky conflicts with Unity http://askubuntu.com/q/190483?atw=1 #unity
@TheInterrupter it is by nature
7:00 AM
Q: Questions about Amazon search results in the Dash in 12.10 are off topic, are we making an exception here?

Tom BrossmanQuestions about Amazon search results appearing in the Dash in 12.10 are appearing here on the site. Example 1, Example 2. Reading our FAQ: This is not the right place for...Issues with the next version of Ubuntu (Ubuntu+1) My question is Isn't this off-topic here? If not why not? I'm...

7:20 AM
conky doesn't work in elementary o.O
gravatar changed
try change own_window_type normal
7:29 AM
@jokerdino why?
its either normal or override
i disliked the previous one?
@penreturn wow works
@penreturn changed from override to normal
@AnwarShah no.
thanks for the update so i can refresh my browser
@jokerdino ;)
bro works at singapore okey ah?
7:30 AM
@penreturn singapore is fine.. is that what you are asking?
hehhe yup... im looking for job rite now ahhahaha
i am not working. still a student :D
and i think the jobs are fine here.
i seee :D feel old already T..T
what removed?
7:35 AM
is it from elementary?
i was tweaking conky yesterday
i took the default conky and edited the settings from what @penreturn gave me.
and added the task list from taskwarrior that i was using already
you can have a conky transparent in desktop
@AnwarShah that is transparent
7:36 AM
you can have a graphical one
the background was blue!
it looks neat
i spent more time getting that todo list
$ cat task.sh

task -askubuntu minimal > task.txt
tail -n +4 task.txt > tmp.tmp
mv tmp.tmp task.txt
sed -i 's/        //g' task.txt
i have a cron running generating the task for me
very nice
that one is avant, right?
7:39 AM
it's plank from elementary
hmm... need to return to previous hobby
i never customized things on my own.
i just grab conky online and put it on desktop.
that's not true
first time messing with conky ;)
you edited the codes there
i mean, generating the task list
that's awesome
7:41 AM
want to waste some bandwidth?
put some rss :P
lol too much :P
7:42 AM
ha ha
i had to stick with blue wallpaper.
or else, my conky won't be readable
it's still loading here..
changing text colors?
that was Ubuntu hardy..
well, white is neat
and i didn't want to spend too much time on conky ;)
7:44 AM
need to go for lunch
@AnwarShah cya
i am using Ubuntu font ;D
Ubuntu font is default
not for conky
i think, the experience will not be good
sans is better for these things, imo
7:45 AM
or Droid sans
yeah that's what i was looking for
Ubuntu fonts are too roundish
droid sans
ok. bbl
8:00 AM
oyeahhh i get my quadro run back on ubuntu \o/
8:21 AM
@joker got another new dino
mateo got me a new gravatar.
@jrg - that's pretty awesome
6 hours ago, by jrg
@aking1012: https://lists.launchpad.net/unity-design/msg09969.html
aking o/
8:28 AM
<-- what about this?
I actually like this new gravatar.
it's neat. it just didn't scream anwar...anything dino related screams joker so i have to notice
what epic @penreturn ?
@AnwarShah his caion gravatar
8:30 AM
my avatar :D
@jokerdino hahhaaha
but i can see more from up here:
user image
@penreturn :)
@aking1012 WHAT
@jokerdino you got one friend like you
Your Wubi host drive (in this case, D:) should be mounted on /host. — izx 39 mins ago
answer in comment
8:31 AM
me taking the op
i always answer in a comment and then kick myself when someone answers and gets lots of rep.
i wonder if they're going to borrow lenstoggle or if they're going to re-implement in some other way
and when i answer the question, no one actually upvotes it. grr
@aking1012 i am thinking the latter
inside the source code or something
@jokerdino don't blame me on the latest one.
I didn't notice your comment before my answer
8:33 AM
which one?
the power was down, and as soon as i see the qn, wrote the answer
oh i see
then laptop went off
hello all
@jokerdino probably. would be a little amusing to see it re-implemented
8:34 AM
@AnwarShah ah, the tour question
you know what, i get 50 rep on that..
it's alright. i got used to missing out on worthless virtual credits
heh, you got an upvote from me. get to 10k rep soon!@
@aking1012 i think it will go into gnome-control-center
@jokerdino (:):)
8:37 AM
i just checked the proposed design screenshots. yes
oh, i didn't check out the design
wow, that actually looks nice
lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
looks like they're going to query the lens file for a description and icons. mine was more minimalist...like "i wants to turn them all offz pleeeeze"
interestingly, they have a "home lens" on the left. they must be making some change to something if you can toggle that on and off
8:43 AM
probably which lens is queried in home
or it could just be a dummy design
now excuse me while i email a bunch of people whether they are interested in ubuntu development
possibly... if they're going to do a home toggle they'll probably make a small modification to the unity code to check for a n actual .lens file/folder instead of having it be a built-in
@aking1012 i don't know. they can tweak the source for that matter
wait what? what are you trying to get built?
@aking1012 i joined the dev advisory team out of boredom
I don't think this should be considered a duplicate of either of those (and at this point, Anwar might write a separate answer to this that addresses the differences). See discussion starting here. — Eliah Kagan Sep 16 at 16:10
Do you agree with Eliah Kagan?
8:48 AM
Does it matter?
Actually I first gave vote considering it as a dupe.
but, he convinced me that, even if the answer is same, the question isn't
it's borderline. if you can reinstall windows at all, the original(other) gets you passed re-installing grub. so the ubuntu related part is duplicate. how many ways can we ask how to re-install grub and how much windows problem is going to get handled on an ubuntu QA board
who approved that?
8:54 AM
shakes head.
Tom Brossman.
someone is trying to bump the question
the OP
Ever used Kubantu?
8:58 AM
don't be funny
i like the answer... read this source file...hehehe
Colin Ian King is a kernel dev ;)

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