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8:00 AM
I can't edit a question
Q: How to increasable /home directory?

Rayan_skofwHello guys I am novice in Linux my question is How can i increment space /home ? my first space /boot directory was 5G and next I changed to 1G now i confused because then change give me unallocated with size 5.02GiB How can i add this value space ( unallocated 5.02GIB) to /home? please guys ...

"User cannot suggest edits to this question"
There's an edit pending
I'll review it
Thank you
That was a good edit
you can now edit it
8:09 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted username, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: up thsort of advantage and scientific backing a by allegjuriya on askubuntu.com …
@SmokeDetector You're just a robot and this is your job but: good catch! It's the worst "question" ever
Thanks to that bot, spam questions don't last more than 15 seconds
Thank @Undo.
and @ArtOfCode
and @sandwitch
8:29 AM
@BharadwajRaju could you please review my edits? Thanks
Only I annoy people in chat. Noone else shall. -jokerdino
@grooveplex done
@Edity "This review queue has been cleared!"
Thanks, but I still can't edit :(((
I'll try again once more
8:36 AM
@grooveplex I just had a edit review from you and I approved it
Same question too
@Edity what edit have you just proposed!
It keeps on failing
Good Nigh....
It's directory not dictionary
8:38 AM
Ok good night
Maybe because my newfound hobby "embedding images" is too repetitive and the system thinks: "Hey buddy, calm down"?
The edit button disappeared completely for just one question
8:41 AM
no edit button or whatsoever
for me
Review pending on this too
i don't see it
Only those who can review edits (2k+ rep) can see it
SeverusTux just proposed an edit doing just that: embedding images
I approved it but it says "You have already reviewed this item. It needs more reviews from other users to be completed."
The edit you intend to do has been done :)
Just not by you
Oh okay
i got to go
Is this off topic? askubuntu.com/q/787227/530811
but there are too many questions in this question
8:48 AM
:O I almost have 500 rep
and is possibly opinion-based
Q: How should I have made my answer more appealing?

ArronicalIn this question, Command to display message β€œYes” if a particular file exists, Byte Commander and I answered within a few minutes of each other, with very similar answers. The main differences being that his example uses [ while mine uses [[, and we suggested different conditional tests but both...

Scan report for google.com at 2016-06-15 08:49:30 UTC - VirusTotal
Okay I answered the chromebook question(s). You can close it now :P
(joking, don't close it, edit it if you think it's too broad)
@blade19899 So?
9:03 AM
@StefanoPalazzo "Chromium OS, the open source spyware" lmao
I hope they go for Chrome OS + Ubuntu Minimal via Crouton. I've been doing this for three years and it's, O, so wonderful. I <3 my spybook.
@BharadwajRaju So, what? Just found it to be funny... If we all down vote Google xD
9:18 AM
Hello buddies :D
I am not very much familiar with multiple user accounts.., so I need some help answering to this comment. (does having multiple accounts => multiple home partitions ?)
I have some question I have 2 users, userA and userB then userA have 1G space and userB have 1G space so I need increment sapce userA to 4G How can I do this? — Rayan_skofw 6 mins ago
what does this mean ? πŸ‘† πŸ‘† πŸ‘†
9:32 AM
@SeverusTux Not necessarily. You could do it that way if you like (/home/userA is one partition and /home/userB another) but it seems a little silly to say the least. The OP might also have some kind of quota system in place. More likely, they're confused.
@blade19899 I didn't see it in context (of the ChromeOS answer) :)
[ SmokeDetector ] URL-only title, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body, pattern-matching website in title: www.crazybulksupplements.com/ by rijegaecole on askubuntu.com …
@SeverusTux To your answer, please see my comment. Updating /etc/fstab by checking the UUIDs and reinstalling GRUB are definitely not necessary in this simple case.
9:51 AM
@muru funny topic that mysql one :D
Yeah, when I read the question I wondered how the maintainer could have missed that
then I saw the #
yeah I missed that too at first glance
by the way: the mysql changelog itself missed parts of those changes too :-X
@muru have you gotten the porimary counter script to work? Has anyone else?
@terdon works fine for me
(after adding AU to the allowed sites)
10:04 AM
// ==UserScript==
// @id             stackexchange-election-primary-counter@poke
// @name           StackExchange Election: Primary counter
// @namespace      poke
// @version        1.4.4
// @author         Patrick Westerhoff
// @match          *://*.askubuntu.com/election*
// @match          *://*.mathoverflow.net/election*
// @match          *://*.serverfault.com/election*
// @match          *://*.stackapps.com/election*
// @match          *://*.stackexchange.com/election*
// @match          *://*.stackoverflow.com/election*
But I see nothing when I go to the election page.
I also tried include instead of match.
Visit the primary page I suppose.
@jokerdino I have.
Add one without a wildcard at the end too.
No difference.
Despite what the docs say. for me it works only if I don't have the *. at the start.
10:06 AM
@ByteCommander Yes, but from the screenshot of OP's partitions, there is 1.86GB unallocated space, he might wish to move the /boot partition.
@muru Browser? And could you show me the header you use?
Google Chroome
// @include        *://askubuntu.com/election/*
// @include        *://askubuntu.com/election*
Hmm. That might be it. I'm on chromium
// ==UserScript==
// @id             stackexchange-election-primary-counter@poke
// @name           StackExchange Election: Primary counter
// @namespace      poke
// @version        1.4.4
// @author         Patrick Westerhoff
// @include        *://stackoverflow.com/election/*
// @include        *://stackoverflow.com/election*
// @include        *://askubuntu.com/election/*
// @include        *://askubuntu.com/election*
// @updateURL      gist.githubusercontent.com/poke/9058895/raw/…
10:07 AM
Mine looks like that.
@terdon no functional difference in this case, IMO
@muru Yeah, I tried that damn it. Let me try again.
And by default the table shows up after the initial wall of text
@terdon anyway, it's not like you need it. You're a full 120 points above the second guy :D
@terdon @muru It worked for me after applying that other modification which should make the table show up at the top of the page and not at the bottom.
@muru True, but I can still be curious can't I? :P
10:10 AM
@ByteCommander it works even without that. The table position is just awkwardd
Without this I could not see it either though.
@ByteCommander What modification is that?
in 2016 Ask Ubuntu Moderator Election, yesterday, by muru
var qstatus = document.querySelector('.post-text');
qstatus.insertBefore(table, qstatus.firstChild);
replace the document.querySelector('.question-status').appendChild(table) line with these
10:12 AM
Exactly. That line is somewhere close to the end of the script @terdon
Nope, no difference.
@terdon Use noscript or something like that?
Btw, is this answer of me valid enough to stay there or should I delete it and VTC the question as dupe of the second link. It is not an exact enough duplicate, I think, but the answer is basically link-only and if it wasn't mine I would probably flag it. Opinions? askubuntu.com/a/787261/367990
@muru Nope. And other user scripts work for for various SE sites. I have a few.
@terdon Is Greasemonkey (or similar) installed and enabled, do you see that the script is active on the site?
10:14 AM
@terdon anything in the console?
@ByteCommander Nope. No greasemonkey (I think the chrome equiv is tampermonkey and I can't install it for some reason) it is also not needed. I do see the script as installed and activated in chrome://extensions/
@muru Nope. No errors, no mention of the script, no nothing.
Hmm... No idea, I'm a Firefox fanboy.
I only use Chromium for sites that use an unhealthy amount of resource-hungry JS...
Weird. Doesn't work on google-chrome either.
@ByteCommander I go back and forth between the two every couple of years or so. I'll use one, get pissed off at it, switch to the other. Rinse, repeat.
This Q could need a delete hammer: askubuntu.com/q/787263/367990
@ByteCommander One cast.
10:19 AM
@terdon then I dunno. I have always used tampermonkey
@ByteCommander second
Again, what are your opinions about my answer over there?
7 mins ago, by Byte Commander
Btw, is this answer of me valid enough to stay there or should I delete it and VTC the question as dupe of the second link. It is not an exact enough duplicate, I think, but the answer is basically link-only and if it wasn't mine I would probably flag it. Opinions? http://askubuntu.com/a/787261/367990
It's an accepted answer.. dunno what opinions to have. You can't delete it anyway
@ByteCommander Leave it there and still vtc as dupe
Yay! I managed to install tampermonkey and now it works. Whatever, weird.
@terdon pls..
10:23 AM
pls wut?
surely again wrong box to type in ;)
@Videonauth pls
@jokerdino Pills? Please? Post Legendary Suspension?
@jokerdino your kid sibling on the PC?
You guys don't know the legendary spelling of please? Pls.
10:26 AM
Sure i know it, but is you say pls because it is shorter as please i say no because it is shorter than yes.
isn't plox the only correct way to spell it
Please doesn't carry my emotion as much as pls does.
@edwinksl that would be pl0x
i am ashamed of myself for not knowing htat
A pl0x on both your houses!
10:40 AM
Hi all
Sometimes I see these questions and I wonder why they were allowed on this site when they were posted, like this one askubuntu.com/q/187071/530811
It's over 4 years old, but nowadays these questions would be closed immediately, like did you even do research, and please elaborate on your question since it's kind of short.
The rules must have changed
This would be a bad quality question nowadays, rightly so
Q: How to change dropdown color in Firefox on Ubuntu?

ArryI've updated Firefox recently, and the background color of the suggestions dropdown menu has changed from white to dark-gray (desktop theme default). How do I change it back to white? I've created a userChrome.css file in the `chrome' subdirectory of the profile directory, with the following co...

can we migrate this over to meta please? askubuntu.com/q/787286/522934
10:57 AM
> find /some/dir/ -mtime +1
@grooveplex Not really. A lack of research was never a reason to close a question, it's a reason to downvote it.
^That command does not display a file that is over 24 hours old?!
The file in question is - now - 26 hours old
Anybody know how to 'fix' it?
@blade19899 find /some/dir/ -mtime 1
   -atime n
          File  was  last  accessed n*24 hours ago.  When find figures out
          how many 24-hour periods ago the file  was  last  accessed,  any
          fractional part is ignored, so to match -atime +1, a file has to
          have been accessed at least two days ago.
Or, find . -mtime +0 which is probably what you want.
Q: How to correctly use *blockquotes* in questions/answers?

ipse luteIt seems I can't manage to use blockquotes correctly in my answers. There's always an extra empty row in the blockquote. I thank the editors for their patience and perseverance in correcting my answers. This situation is beginning to haunt me. I use the > sign to begin the blockquote, but I fou...

11:20 AM
@terdon Thank you!
Does anybody else know how I can recover a users ftp credentials?
12:03 PM
@jokerdino can you nuke the tags on askubuntu.com/posts/787286/revisions?
@muru Done
Q: how to stop .bashrc editing itself

GrolloSince using ROS I found myself wanting to run a specific command every time I started the terminal: source ~/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash so I looked for advice on how to do this. The thing to do seemed to be editing .bashrc, so I just added the line to the end of it. But after a while I notic...

so all you mod wannabe's. 282 items to review.
@blade19899 from a backup? >:-D
12:20 PM
Q: Execute custom script when wireless NIC connects to SSID

SgtmulletI have pieced together two scripts that will serve to execute a custom script when my wireless NIC connects to an SSID. Firstly, I will add the following (notice the post-up section): auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp post-up /usr/local/sbin/my-custom-script Secondly, this is the script ...

Is anyone here good with JS?
and JQuery
I like javascript
but are you good at it? :p
I earn my living coding in JS
well then I think you can help
12:28 PM
still no qualification though ;-)
you're probably better than I am
Rinz lands a knocking punch.
So I have this JQuery script that queries my server manager for some data. It then returns that data in the console log. I want to take just one piece of that data and display it on the web page. Currently, trying to show the raw data just gives me [Object object]
Here's the JQuery and such
                                            url: "https://xpw1.no-ip.org:8443/server",
                                            type: "GET",
                                            headers: {
                                            "X-Access-Server": "ab0a58a5-0be6-4501-9596-c1c9784a356f",
                                            "X-Access-Token": "8f22b1f6-d197-4fc1-8e60-decd6c89c74a",
Let me get what it returns
"Currently, trying to show the raw data just gives me [Object object]"
If that is the case you probably need to add a .value to the object.
Hang on
I need to go slowly with this :p
The most I actually know how to do in JS are some alerts, prompts and if else statements
wrong thing
That's what I get back (terribly formatted). There are a few things missing, but I'm mostly interested in showing numplayers, players and whether or not the server is online (which I think is another query I need to run, so not relevant yet)
@jokerdino can you delete the Object {... message? I want to reformat it
Object {status: 1, plugin: "BungeeCord", query: Object, proc: Object}











	version:"Spigot 1.9.4"



OK. I need to display numplayers, players and status, but I have no idea how to interpret the data in JS
@Rinzwind is this possible without a whole lesson? :p
12:39 PM
sure :-)
You just need to use more JQ... oh, wait.
how then? What function/keyword/class/etc do I need?
@terdon sigh
Sorry, couldn't resist.
You'll be good as an AU mod :p
BungeeCord is the object name ..
$( "#BungeeCord")[ 0 ]
gets you the 1st element
12:40 PM
Does sudo cat /var/log/ufw.log | grep TCP | grep BLOCK | wc -w show how many times TCP was found in a BLOCK rule inside the ufw log?
and I am not too familiar with jquery but this might work too...
$( "#BungeeCord")['numplayers' ];
let's try it and see
idk how to display it though :/
i big n00b w/ js
alert ( $( "#BungeeCord")['numplayers' ] ) ;
you claimed you know how to do alerts >:=D
12:43 PM
Well I forgot I can just print functions :p
and do you understand google's f12?
And I know Arduino.... tsk tsk to me
@Rinzwind using it rn
@Zacharee1 then you should be able to just point and click at the object? :-)
12:44 PM
@Rinzwind yeah, but I want it to show on the page instead of the console
same thing >:-D
idk what you mean then
The Dutchman is being weird again! (whiny voice)
if you know what the object is and know its element ...
put it into a string with html tags and use innerHTML to put that string in a span
seriously, noob
ok you have a object yes?
12:47 PM
this stuff returns a bunch of expandable data in the console log, but trying to display data just gives [Object object]
literal output
and that is JS telling you you are looking at an object and not an element of that object

The most logical answer is that you need something behind it.

so then data is the object name
$('test') will show [Object object] if you alert($('test'))
$('test').value will show the VALUE of test
12:49 PM
well let me test that out
what lost you already?
What about JSON.stringify(data)
data will need to be an array
I have raw data printed to the div now
So that's something
{"status":1,"plugin":"BungeeCord","query":{"hostname":null,"numplayers":0,"maxplayers":20,"map":null,"players":[],"plugins":"","version":"Spigot 1.9.4","type":"minecraftping","time":1465995112192},"proc":{"memory":2018476032,"memoryInfo":{"rss":2018476032,"vsize":43944729640960},"cpu":0,"cpuInfo":{"pcpu":0,"pcpuUser":0,"pcpuSystem":0,"cpuTime":0}}}
that is json alright :=)
12:54 PM
var t = JSON.parse('{"status":1,"plugin":"BungeeCord","query":{"hostname":null,"numplayers":0,"maxplayers":20,"map":null,"players":[],"plugins":"","version":"Spigot 1.9.4","type":"minecraftping","time":1465995112192},"proc":{"memory":2018476032,"memoryInfo":{"rss":2018476032,"vsize":43944729640960},"cpu":0,"cpuInfo":{"pcpu":0,"pcpuUser":0,"pcpuSystem":0,"cpuTime":0}}}');
and done :=)
might need help with something following this :p
But let me get this in first
well if it is about maxplayers ...

12:56 PM
no :p
I want to make it so if status is 1, then I have text saying Online in the div
and Offline if it's 0
easy :=)
And then I need the player list, but that I can probably figure out
oh and an image is prettier (offline red alert and online green alert)
<span id=alert>...<span>


$('alert').innerHTML='<img ...>';
and set it with the status you need

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