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1:00 PM
and then call those with if else?
you want to set the alert anyways so no if needed :-)
I'm trying to display this in an HTML div, not in a JS alert
I'd use a tenary
1:01 PM
html = (status == 0 ) ? "<img alertred.png>" : "<img alertgreen.png>";
Do I replace html with my div id?
you change the innerHTML of the div id yes
or add to it.
1:03 PM
But right now I'm still having issues with the numplayers thing
I have this:
                                            var d = JSON.stringify(data);
                                            var t = JSON.parse(d);
                                            document.getElementById('data1').innerHTML = t[numplayers];
but it shows nothing on the page
(in the data1 div)
maybe wrap numplayers in "quotes"?
undefined o_O
like t['numplayers'];?
Then maybe try console.log(t) and show us the output
1:05 PM
hang on
console.log works fine
chances are, there's no numplayers key
I used backticks
there is
scroll up a bit
@Zacharee1 NO single quotes!
@Rinzwind I did it by accident :p
or doubles
1:06 PM
Try t[0]["numplayers"]
@Zacharee1 they one I used worked for me ;-)
@grooveplex blank
@Mateo is that media converter site legit?
@Rinzwind I have to parse dynamically though, because that output will change
Do I need to stringify data, then parse it then display it I think?
I would do l['query']['numplayers'] if l held the output of json.loads(t)
in Python
1:10 PM
lson.loads now?
Maybe that helps
this is JS
I know
idk how to convert :p
But maybe, try t["query"]["numplayers"]
Maybe it works?
1:11 PM
I could try
This is it
hey hey hey
I got 0
It's working for me
I got to go now
If there's something you want me to see, pleae @mention me
1:12 PM
I shall
now I just need to make sure that 0 can change :p
@onebree who knows, was the first result...
Just don't do the ones that request email or any info
it changes!
@Rinzwind is there a way I can make this script refresh itself every few seconds?
@Zacharee1 Sure. easiest is to reload the page(?)
I mean automatically
I suppose it could still inject somecode int the mp3 ;p
1:14 PM
otherwise you need to crate a "timeout"
put setTimeout() around the function?
Doesn't like it
Putting it around this:
                                            url: "https://xpw1.no-ip.org:8443/server",
                                            type: "GET",
                                            headers: {
                                            "X-Access-Server": "ab0a58a5-0be6-4501-9596-c1c9784a356f",
                                            "X-Access-Token": "8f22b1f6-d197-4fc1-8e60-decd6c89c74a",
oh no wait
SetInterval is what you need
OK so I need to wrap that in another function
1:20 PM
then make setInterval run that
I like the way you're thinking
Maybe like this
I did it ! :D
I think you might also like jsonprettyprint.com
I put the code in a function and then referred to the function with setInterval
I might
1:23 PM
That's a way to do it
Now I need to get the rest of the data to display as well
well the data that I want
Then I need to format it :p
I can help you
uh oh
the players elements looks like another array
eh, I'll get to it eventually
Here's the JSON you sent us, pretty printed: gist.github.com/anonymous/51071a558cb773d908277b0f8426c71a
1:28 PM
That's way easier ^^
What kind of data will the players key hold?
so strings
Are you sure you want that to display on your site?
But okay
I think a for loop could help you with that one
well it's in with the setInterval stuff
hang on though
What about we move to our own room>
1:29 PM
Does anybody know why Microsoft SNDS blocks every new IP adres I buy?
@blade19899 they hate you
@Zacharee1 I already know that; still, how can I keep myself from SNDS?
@Zacharee1 be careful with those :)
@Rinzwind well we're doing setInterval now
1:48 PM
> Why is my IP blocked or mail not delivered?
That ^ section
@BharadwajRaju Thanks, reading through everything!
2:04 PM
Q: Login Error Phpvirtualbox

Felipe ValimGood morning people. When trying to login in phpvirtualbox returns me the message below. Could not connect to host ( When I click on details appears as follows: Exception Object ( [message:protected] => Could not connect to host ( [string:Except...

@ThomasW. I think I need your help with security now
newbie detected
I really should print this out and pin it on my wall:
user image
@Rinzwind me?
@Zacharee1 He means that meta question, probably
2:18 PM
because I am too ;p
22 hours ago, by Serg
@Zacharee1 roses are red, violets are blue, i am a n00b, but so are you
@Zacharee1 how so?
@ThomasW. I now have an API key on my website
it gives access to file deletion
dunno how to hide it or anything
Well I need to go for maybe 20 mins
2:34 PM
@Zacharee1 Nothing I can really suggest on improvement
the question is whether the requestor reaching in has to provide said API key
and if so, then you're limited on options
short of just shutting the port to only IPs you trust
Close/delete this Q, OP asked the same 3 hours earlier and does not really react on the comments requesting information. askubuntu.com/q/787316/367990
That OP... Reverted Arronical's edits and replaces ' (quote) with ` (backtick), resulting in a hideous appearance
Why would anyone actively revert a good edit?
Maybe he can't accept critic and perceives this edit as that?
When asked for info:
> Is that all I can get from you???
Too many people seem to think we read minds
2:48 PM
One little error message from the software centre and this guy is already opening terminals and ttys and running commands.
2016 will not be the year of the linux desktop :\
We need to abstract away
In every case where a GUI error needs Terminal info, apps should have some sort of 'More details' button that basically shows the output of commands that provide said info
Basically the same thing happens, except users don't need to see the Terminal or enter any command
Update manager does this
@BharadwajRaju no
@Zacharee1 no
Gives you the whole terminal if you want to
@Zacharee1 this one
A: help understanding sudo -s

Rinzwind What does the root and # mean in the second command line tag? It means you edit the system as "root". That is 1 more level up than from "sudo" and 1 more up from your normal users activities ... what does this mode allow you to do ... and (almost) all permissions checks are neglected...

2:52 PM
Yes, something like that
@Rinzwind why no?
Expecting to run a full Linux system without ever seeing a terminal seems impossible to me. I think you will need to sacrifice some features and customizability as OSX does and as Ubuntu seems to be going for. At what point down that rabbit hole does it stop being Linux though?
@BharadwajRaju no as in the "newbie detected" see the link ;-)
@StefanoPalazzo Me?
@terdon not true
@ByteCommander yes :)
well no, the guy you responded to
2:53 PM
What would you advise instead?
This might be a good thing and is probably necessary if Linux is to become the default Desktop OS, but I've never understood why that is even a target.
You can run terminals and stuff. That's fine.
@terdon mu mother users Ubuntu and does not need a terminal ;-)
@Rinzwind I said full, as in taking full advantage of what the system offers.
@terdon and here i disagree
2:54 PM
@ByteCommander don't know. It was just frustration talking I guess.
@Rinzwind Sure. And I convinced my ex to as well. I still had to tweak it for her every now and then.
the terminal is NOT a problem. It is the biggest asset we have
@terdon The terminal is never going away. But we can minimize it's need for beginners, still keeping it's power for advanced users
@Rinzwind Exactly.
we need a big ass company
2:54 PM
commericials on TV and radio
This ^
Why should Linux aim to become the standard Desktop OS?
@Rinzwind yeah, with a super rich sponsor, and the cream of the open source community working for them
maybe an astronaut.
2:55 PM
when there is an MS or apple advert on tv instantly have one following with Linux
Not to forget, it's the first African in space.
@ByteCommander Who?
Mark Shuttleworth
good q. I don't think we should or have to ;-)
all we need is a sane model. not even needs to be about money
2:56 PM
The super rich sponsor astronaut behind Ubuntu.
-- Ubuntu founder
Mark Shuttleworth, Isle of Man, United Kingdom
4.1k 1 13 24
@ThomasW. The key needs to be provided, but it's on the site in plain text as part of a JQuery function.
@StefanoPalazzo he aint rich enough
@BharadwajRaju Oh. Hadn't realized he'd been to space.
2:56 PM
Well maybe a company then
Like IBM
redhat and suse are also not big enough
@Rinzwind Yup. It just doesn't make sense to aim for desktop dominance. Frankly, I think it would be a bad idea to achieve it anyway.
Oracle, amirite? :D
and IBM is just a patent troll :X
@Rinzwind No? So you suggest selling it to Bill <Billyboy> Gates? I guess there's more money... :-/
2:57 PM
@ByteCommander there are more
Elon Musk
Never heard.
Elon Musk might be a great sponsor
@ByteCommander space-x? Tesla?
2:58 PM
Linux and GNU are absolutely wonderful, cutting edge, polished, and just work.
Jack Ma?
It's just that silly desktop thing that's broken
GNOME's desktop is simple and polished
@jokerdino he spent gazillions helping others :X
2:59 PM
Though they seem too fond of feature removal
But... but this is the year of the Linux desktop.
As was 2015, 2014, 2013...
I like it how it is now
I like how it is.
3:01 PM
Me too
Let's all switch to BSD.
Only (usable) OS that allows such freedom
@StefanoPalazzo Exactly!
operation dustcloud starts NOW
Case cleaning day?
3:03 PM
Years ago I turned up to the Ubuntu Developer Summit with a MacBook :)
Getting kinda dated, but still worth a read:
You either are very fastidious concerning the hygiene inside your machines, or you produce significantly above-average amounts of dust...
First because my employer gave it to me, but also to make them think :P
@terdon That is a great book.
3:05 PM
@BharadwajRaju Yup. Well, hardly a book, it's an essay.
> "Can't you see that everyone is buying station wagons?"
This describes us:
> Bullhorn: "But if you accept one of our free tanks we will send volunteers to your house to fix it for free while you sleep!"
> Imagine a crossroads where four competing auto dealerships are situated. One of them (Microsoft) is much, much bigger than the others. It started out years ago selling three-speed bicycles (MS-DOS); these were not perfect, but they worked, and when they broke you could easily fix them.

There was a competing bicycle dealership next door (Apple) that one day began selling motorized vehicles--expensive but attractively styled cars with their innards hermetically sealed, so that how they worked was something of a mystery.
That's the best bit :)
> volunteers to your house
That's the AU community
@Zacharee1 And that's visible on the source of the page?
I don't have it uploaded yet, so it isn't public, but it will be once I do (of course :p)
3:11 PM
Hello and good afternoon ! :)
@cl-netbox morning for 49 more mins here ;p
@Zacharee1 so : good morning to you ! :)
And it's night here (8:41 PM)
@BharadwajRaju so : good evening (night) to you ! :)
3:12 PM
What we need to wish is "Good time" instead of "Good <morning|afternoon|evening|night>"
@BharadwajRaju we could make an if statement with a prompt
@BharadwajRaju In UGT (Universal Greeting Time), it's always morning when you enter and evening/night when you leave.
From one of my projects
3:15 PM
@ThomasW. annoying ping
@Zacharee1 why?
@Zacharee1 Alright, what do I need to do to my MC server before using curl on your script?
@TheBrownOne you need to do the curl first, then move your server
@jokerdino wasn't sure if he got my reply to him since I didn't use a ping
I see.
@TheBrownOne I'll tell you what to do. Are you ready to run the script?
@jokerdino not the best choice of words, sorry
3:21 PM
@Zacharee1 Then you need a different way to do it
or lock out access to the page entirely
is there?
i'm not a web developer
go ask one
@Zacharee1 Wait, move it? Move it where?
@TheBrownOne When I create a server from the panel on the node (Scales instance) you set up with the script, it'll create a pp-serverna-randomchars folder under /home/. You need to put the server stuff under /home/pp-*-*/public/
Or, y'know, make a symlink
3:23 PM
Save my SSD some write cycles.
@TheBrownOne that too
You'll have to symlink the public folder though, not the pp- one
unless you mirror the structure
@TheBrownOne run this:
sudo bash -c 'source <(curl -sSLk x-p-w.tk/auth/remote/deploy/…;
Hi @jokerdino ! :)
it doesn't matter if people see it; they don't have your hostname ;p
@jokerdino Can you please delete askubuntu.com/questions/719901/… ? :)
3:26 PM
/dev/fd/63: line 1: !DOCTYPE: No such file or directory
: No such file or directory
/dev/fd/63: line 3: Phantom: command not found
/dev/fd/63: line 4: html5up.net: command not found
/dev/fd/63: line 4: $'@ajlkn\r': command not found
/dev/fd/63: line 5: syntax error near unexpected token `('
/dev/fd/63: line 5: `   Free for personal and commercial use under the CCA 3.0 l'cense (html5up.net/license)
@cl-netbox done
I think something is a little broken.
@jokerdino Thank you very much ! :)
The curl returns the x-p-w.tk homepage in html
I know because I tried it :) (Curiosity)
3:28 PM
@TheBrownOne uhhh
sudo bash -c 'source <(curl -sSLk pp.x-p-w.tk/auth/remote/deploy/…;
Try that @TheBrownOne
you'll have to edit the config
Yeah that gives a bash script
What are you installing on my precious little Lubuntu box? D=
a nodejs instance with npm
it's the server control backend
Just to be safe run curl -sSLk http://pp.x-p-w.tk/auth/remote/deploy/c4e93a6b-6dfd-4d8e-93ca-b7d170461887 and inspect output
Ubuntu is officially pasing out the old comercial store (paid deb's)
3:33 PM
In favor of paid snaps? :P
@Zacharee1 Alright, ran the script, says scales has started
cd /srv/scales
and sudo ./scales stop
Changed the ports in the config
@BharadwajRaju yep :)
OK. You also need to change the URL to pp.x-p-w.tk @TheBrownOne
As in, put pp. before it
3:35 PM
I guess anyone that tried the store will see an email
Both URLs, right?
@TheBrownOne yep
don't see a site post yet
now, ./scales start
3:36 PM
scales has started
I sees it
Now I'm going to make a new server
How much RAM should I allow?
This box has 4GB, but my start.sh for spigot is only configured to use 1
> In order to make it a good and consistent experience for users
and developers, we will be phasing out the existing commercial
Ubuntu Software Center store (which uses debs). The main Ubuntu
archives will of course continue to work, but commercial apps
should all be delivered as snaps.
@TheBrownOne I'll do 1GB for now then
Spigot 1.9.4? @TheBrownOne
3:38 PM
@TheBrownOne OK, look for a pp-stem-* folder under /home
look at the directory structure and then do your symlinking
It's there
Server files need to be under public/
Alright, do I need to rename my .jar file to server.jar?
I made the exec spigot-1.9.4.jar
3:42 PM
Link is made, then
Lots of errors. Do you have perms set?
Sorry, link was owned by root
Should be good now
target files need to have access too
OK it looks like it's working
Should all be owned the right user, now.
3:47 PM
So, now what?
it started
Can't seem to connect
you have 25565 forwarded?
I should...
Oh wait, do I need to start my server?
no I did
3:48 PM
you manage it from the server manager now
@jokerdino yesh
What hostname are you connecting with?
@TheBrownOne the node one: mc.browntech.space
Let me switch from my AWS tunnel to my home tunnel
Yeah, it's forwarded...
Q: Force login through ssh only

frarugi87I have a small problem. I have two accounts on a PC. One is used for "normal" operations, usually through the graphical interface, the other is only used for remote management (upload files through sftp, execute through ssh) Now, I'd like to disable the local login for the second account and all...

3:50 PM
Let me see if it's an iptables issue
@Zacharee1 try again?
still refusing
I just did the worst thing ever and iptables -I INPUT -j ACCEPT
Should work.
might be something here
what's the local IP?
3:54 PM
For my MC server?
Did that work?
There's something wrong with the panel or Scales
can you restart Scales?
3:58 PM
Something's screwed up
I'll change things around with my ports, make it match what your config said

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