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12:00 AM
well, can we have cards against humanity game now ?
@Zacharee1 @onebree @whoever-else ?
I'm working on some comparison charts for our VZW plan vs. T-Mobile
i like your avatar @Zacharee1
@Serg not tonight. I am not a fan of the interface. It is not a game that is good to play when multitasking.
Like, if it had desktop notifications, I would be happy
12:10 AM
Can't argue with that
speaking of games... anyone familiar with gifting on steam?
I bought some games on Humble Bundle. Some I have claimed, others not. For ones I have claimed and added to my steam library, is it possible to regift them to someone else?
I don't think so
you need to gift them from humble bundle - or do the "create gift" option from humble
There is no mechanism within Steam to send a game I already claimed to a friend?
so if you redeemed them they are yours
otherwise there would be a lot of passing games around - so gifting with the intent from the start - or buying for yourself from the start
12:14 AM
I could be wrong, but that is how I understand it
speeking of - (edited) Deponia up for grabs ;)
first person that wants it
see edit history in 3 - 2 - 1
i thought you linked to something else. not a gift pager
it works
what works?
12:18 AM
i am not interested in that game
I want to give away games i got from HB and redeemed before they did the gift thing
someone else might, I have the others too if someone sees and wants the set of three
humble bundle has console things now
12:22 AM
I think they did mobile too
o/ @StefanoPalazzo
I'm just curios , how many commands does one need to know for Comptia Linux+ ?
all of them
<.< Ha . . . .ha . . . ha . . .
@Serg literally
all the core
all the RPM
all the DEB
how to do the network configuration steps
the various ways of trimming, filtering, etc. output
literally over two hundred commands
12:31 AM
I wanted to know a number . . .
CompTIA Linux+ is based on LPIC-1
200 eh ?
@Serg Minimum
that's not including chains of commands
or sub commands within a command
so 200 becomes 500 quickly
Well , without chains and sub commands , how many ?
and understanding filesystem structure
and what files do what
structure of core system files, how to restrict access to commands, set up sudo from scratch, set up networking from scratch, all the CentOS stuff, all the Debian stuff...
pure commands, maybe 250?
but it's not just commands you have to know
here. here's a practice test. gnosis.cx/publish/programming/exam101.html
And another (both 101 and 102). And more. And one more.
do it blind
most of LPIC-1 is integrated into CompTIA Linux+
12:36 AM
Which of the following commands can be used to assure that a file 'myfile' exists?

A. cp myfile /dev/null
B. touch myfile
C. create myfile
D. mkfile myfile
so the 101 and 102 tests are your basis
@Serg I can't guarantee anything in quality
Answer is B , but touch creates the file if it doesn't exist
how about you just go through
and check answers yourself :)
that's what i am doing
@Serg well if you try to copy a non-existent file, it won't work. I think it's A
12:36 AM
that would assure it exists though
if it doesn't exist, it creates it, thus it then exists
@Zacharee1 exactly , A is what i'd choose , but the site says it's B
there are curveball questions ;)
Oh wait, "assure"
Not "check"
stupid syntax
@Serg how would you make absolutely certain the file exists
assure that a file exists . . . .wow. . . . ok . . .
12:37 AM
well, I would use touch
@Serg exactly what I figured when working on my LPIC-1 cert
there's oddball wordings and such
designed to throw you off
double tsk
infinite tsk.
tsk tsk one could say
@ThomasW. you asked for it
time to make a JS while loop that prints tsk on a blank page forever
12:39 AM
with respect to all, that's not oddball wording, just formal wording, which tests tend to have. assure means what it means
@Zacharee1 while (true) { print 'tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk \n\t';} do;
@chaskes yeah, but I feel "assure" tends to be synonymized (I know it isn't a word) with "make sure," which is generally understood as "check"
(I don't know JavaScript well :P)
@Zacharee1 well... let me ask you a question
We need a document.write() function there somewhere
Python is easier
while True:
12:41 AM
@chaskes so if you don't think about it very much, A is the answer most people would probably pick
 print 'tsk'
@Serg to print to a web page?
I am creating a Python file. I must open a file for reading in data. I don't know if the log file exists, or even if I can write to that location. How would I assure that the file exists to open it with read permissions first? And secondly, how would I be absolutely certain the file exists to open it?
okay, night all. Gonna read and stuff
@Zacharee1 assure in that sentence can only mean make absolutely sure. you're not going to win (against the test, I mean) by getting into that kind of 2nd-guessing.
12:42 AM
while (true) {
@chaskes Accurate statement is accurate
@chaskes Just trying to justify why it's a bit of a trick question
well, we could use os.path.exists() i think or os.stat()
that's the file exists portion
@Zacharee1 <php print "The End Is Nigh"; print [obfuscated JS code] ?>
@Serg that's checking again
12:43 AM
obfuscated code
@ThomasW. uh
everyone run away
@Zacharee1 Well, it just isn't a trick question.
assure the file exists . . .so create it beforehand
12:44 AM
Is it possible to listen to WMA files on linux
@Serg Give the man a medal.
if so how or what program
with open('somefile.txt') as file:
yes, it's why you drop a query before creating one in sql since create will fail if it already exists. same principle.
@chaskes Tests sometimes have questions designed to make sure you're paying attention. If that question is deliberate (which I believe it to be), then it's one of those questions.
12:45 AM
@Serg Or, an os. command which will create the file. I have a whole logic for this in my personal RotatingFileHandler for log files
@Serg but that's the basis of the question, it's deliberately written to make sure that you are realizing they want the file to exist
not just check
(By the way, I don't like how quickly the chat system prohibits me from posting for 30 seconds - can a moderator see if there's anything up in the system with that?)
(Or, should I be poking the god-level mods?)
@Zacharee1 Please accept that this is not a case of me being contrary to tweak you but that it is simply a straightforward question. I am old. I have taken lots of standardized tests. GRE's for example
@chaskes my teachers put these questions in their tests, so that just makes me think that other tests would have them too
And @ThomasW. saying that the test will have questions designed to confuse makes me think that even more
There's more than meets the eye to those questions, i see
Though it be madness, there's a method to it
12:47 AM
can I listen to WMA files on linux? if so how?
@Serg angry face
@onebree uh
I've gone through the test (though I haven't taken it officially) Saying the questions are meant to be confusing is youth talking. That the questions have a depth and facets you may have to ponder before answering just means it is a difficult test.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mc3man/gstffmpeg-keep sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg
i need all that crap? ugh
@chaskes designed to make sure you're actually paying attention?
12:49 AM
I'll just play it on my phone... And if all else fails, then windows
no. designed to be difficult.
@onebree or XBMC
@onebree you just need the restricted extras. there's lots of questions on this in the site :)
@Zacharee1 i don't have an xbox
@chaskes if it's designed to be difficult, it's designed to make sure you're paying attention :p
12:49 AM
xbmc is now kodi
@chaskes i was hoping to was some simple package install like ~vnc~ VLC or whatever. never mind.
and had not much to do with "xbox"
o/ @Mateo
12:50 AM
hi @ThomasW.
@onebree maybe VLC
@Zacharee1 ok, you made me grin, but better to say pay attention when you take it cause its hard
@Zacharee1 your face is always angry, what are you talking about ?
@Serg o_O
how do you know
I know of kodi.
12:50 AM
@Zacharee1 he stole my book of voodoo magicks
I hacked your webcam
@onebree just installing vlc might actually work since it has its own codecs. idk, give it a try
@ThomasW. ahhhhhhhhhh
i always thought xbmc was xbox media center... which always got me confused on android forums :P
@Serg my webcam is hardware-disabled
@onebree sigh
12:51 AM
Okay I will try.
what he didn't find is the Forbidden Spellbook of the Doomsday
you mean , scotch tape over the cam ?
Professor decided to email us a recording in WMA. I feel like asking him to send me an mp3 or whatever more "universal" instead
12:52 AM
those spells... computers will burn under them heh
NOW bye for the night
@ThomasW. actually , i only want your LPIC notes, hehe, you can keep the spells
Q: Is there a free option for playing WMA files?

dbraneAny free codecs out there to get my WMA files playing on Rhythmbox? (11.04)

@Serg Sorry, the notes are in my brain
to get them out, you have to cast a Level 16 spell from the Doomsday spell book
12:53 AM
and there's evil things
well publish your brain as a book !!! you'll make good fortune !
That usually gets everything playing.
also that
@NathanOsman though I have better luck with VLC than anything for Windows-codec playback
Except totem doesn't play WebM files for some stupid reason.
Gotta use VLC for that.
try something like this really fast @onebree media.io online converter?
12:54 AM
@onebree I suggest either installing ubuntu-restricted-extras, or use a converter, or just use VLC which "just works" with WMV files on Linux/Ubuntu
@Mateo what even is that sentence?
@NathanOsman there's no holds on my ability to post is there?
The command 'ps -A' displays an ordered list of all running processes, with the right-justifed process ID in the first space-separated field. Suppose you would like to display to screen a list of the five most recently launched processes (those with the highest process IDs). Which of the following commands will display the desired items?

A. ps -A | tail -5 | cut -f 1 -d " "
B. ps -A | tail -5 | sed 's/[ ]*[0-9]*//'
C. ps -A | head -5 | nl
D. ps -A | tac | head -5 | cut -b 1-5
if you as a mod can tell
just suggesting that there are converters
12:54 AM
D , because it's not just list of most recently launched items, but a list in order of recentness
there might even be a converter in the software center
A is just list of last 5
@Serg don't rely on just one practice test either
I suggest using multiple :P
@ThomasW. Here in chat?
can we have comptia.stackoverflow.com ? It'd be popular
12:56 AM
would be funny if the teacher drm protected it ;p
@NathanOsman Yep, every 2nd post, 3 - 10 second block/wait
sometimes sooner
Nothing wrong with your account.
@ThomasW. how quickly are you posting?
Must be connection issues.
12:57 AM
@NathanOsman Dunno, 'cause the timeout / wait period is system-triggered
Isn't it like a percentage of the current chat that sets a limit?
not lag
@ThomasW. Yeah, I get that sometimes too.
@ThomasW. maybe lag is making it send multiple times
It's just a universally applied backoff AFAIK.
12:57 AM
i think that needs relaxed a little
I've also seen really slow connections trigger it.
my opinion.
1:24 AM
Which Linux file can be used to configure the default bash shell behavior for EVERY users on a system?

A. /etc/skel/.bashrc
B. /home/.bash_profile
C. /etc/profile
D. /etc/passwd
@TheBrownOne ohai
Answer is C
yes, so says the site
my complain about that is only that /etc/profile is for login shells only
it doesn't set the behavior if it's in GUI
Shouldn't it be A?
1:25 AM
Hello. On break in class
well can you run the script?
That's what i thought . . .A
@Zacharee1 you can email it to me. Don't like ssh on my phone
Well the problem is that it expires after 15 minutes
So I have to generate one, which gives me a curl command to give you
.... y doe?
1:27 AM
You can ask the developers of PufferPanel
Of course, you could do it manually, but it's probably worth the wait for automation
Then give me about 2-3 more hours
Give me about 15
@Serg I think you're supposed to assume it's not a gui environment
Because that's 11:30-12:30 for me
@chaskes triiick questionsss :P
I wish there was a list of what we're supposed to assume
1:29 AM
@Zacharee1 Not a trick, but the exam parameters :)
But were they listed?
Trick question
@Serg You need a guide book or look on the linux institute web site
already have some books. Will be digging through them this summer
problem is that they're e-books
How's that a problem?
@Zacharee1 only for accounts you create that are new
and b is for single user only I think
tho its 'wrong'
I can't underline or write comments on them . . . and over the past few years, i've figured that i prefer physical books . . .
1:36 AM
B doesn't exist
We just bring em to a print shop and print/bind if needed
adminx@L455D:~$ cat .bash
.bash_history  .bash_logout   .bashrc
@Serg yeah, hence the 'its wrong' . I only caught that a moment after I wrote that
only two options would work, A or C . A would place a specific config into .bashrc of every user that gets create on the system , so that's also default behavior . . .
1:39 AM
Anyone know why 3.7 package installs 3.8 mercurial? bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mercurial/+bug/1591748
has anyone tried snapcraft?
I created a Hectane snap a while back.
It was a Go app, so it was a fairly simple process.
Which reminds me. I think I need to update the snap.
Lemme see if I can find the link...
@James yeah...
So, can I do snapcraft to deploy new versions of my web app?
In theory yes.
1:47 AM
um. sorta.
In reality, I don't think it has quite the same tooling as Docker yet.
snapcraft packages snaps. You can do snaps to update your app.
(The concept is similar.)
It's still very unbaked in my experience.
yeah well docker doesn't have tooling that's easy for a team of 1 to use and grok just yet.
1:48 AM
Hey, you should see what I'm doing for a current customer...
I've got a massively complex docker-compose setup with 5+ containers...
Links and volumes all over the place.
i just can't wrap my head around it... :\
maybe i'm dumb.
It takes time, you're not dumb.
well, i've been trying to wrap my head around docker for a few months now, on and off.
i get how to make containers, it's updating them that i get stuck with.
Just rebuild from the Dockerfile.
Then stop the existing container, destroy it, and recreate with the new image.
ah, so no zero downtime.
1:51 AM
Not without redundant containers, no.
that's (unfortunately) a requirement from the overlords.
There was an interesting GitHub project I found the other day...
It had a web interface for live-routing requests to redundant nodes.
I wish I could remember the name...
did you star it?
so my ideal deployment would be what i have now.
docker build
something push
behind the scenes, it would push to the registry, migrate the database if required, phase out old containers at the LB, add itself and move on.
@James Possibly.

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