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12:00 AM
nathan@sf:~$ uptime
 19:59:24 up 533 days,  1:02,  3 users,  load average: 0.08, 0.03, 0.05
533 days wow
Linux uptime, ladies and gentlemen - that's what made it famous
19:03:00 up 1 day, 23:14, 1 user, load average: 0.44, 0.54, 0.63
It is really hard though for me, when the power seems to go out all the time here...
18:04:15 up 4 days, 7:09, 1 user, load average: 0.30, 0.26, 0.33
I sleep with my laptop on
I should check my pi
19:05:01 up 7 days, 27 min, 2 users, load average: 0.14, 0.12, 0.14
for my pi...
must have been the last time the power went off...
because I never turn it off...
12:07 AM
@TheXed you need a backup power generator! can't let that uptime reset!
Is there something like a battery bank for raspberry ?
UPS would probably be sufficient for a pi...
Yup, there are backuo batteries for that, 40$
@RobotHumans thx
@NathanOsman toward a solution that doesn't involve PHP?
@onebree But I have virtual hosts
@onebree and I really don't know how to use that ;P
just something to look into
12:16 AM
I'll see if I can do anything
I just bought 3 of these for the school...
@TheBrownOne is Scales down?
Q: Is it possible to automatically compile LinuxTest.asax on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 , with the dmcs compiler from the mono_devel package in one fell swoop?

FrankIs it possible to automatically compile LinuxTest.asax on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 , with the dmcs compiler from the mono_devel package , ASP.NET , apache2 , and mod-mono-server , in one pass when the web browser HTTP request first hits the mod-mono-server instance? LinuxTest.asax contains C# class s...

12:25 AM
@ThomasW. Do Linux sysadmins ever go into the system-level of programming ( C/C++) , or is it mostly shell and config files all day long ?
@TheBrownOne missed it, weekdays are usually busy...
okay all... Going to leave early for the night (8p). I got more homework than expected done, and am glad.
@ThomasW. you here?
@Zacharee1 and jQuery changing serverside things, and that without authentication.
Well I think I have something, but the embedded PHP script is just displaying as text
12:37 AM
That's no lol matter.
I have no idea how to enable it
jQuery touching anything serverside is bad enough.
I'm not anymore
I have that environment variable thing onebree suggested
so then I have a PHP script embedded in my page that should import the variables.
Then I have JS import the variables from PHP
but the PHP isn't running
12:56 AM
given that we are all proficient users of cat, this is relevant kittenlang.org
what does it mean to remove linux headers?
@Serg Usually sysadmins don't have to do hard coding/development
never hurts to know generally the programming languages
but the people who do hard coding are more or less considered developers
it may just be me, but wanting to be a sysadmin is wanting to be an under appreciated guy that nobody knows exists until the world is on fire
and sysadmins rely more on scripts, shell files, config files, and maybe some scripting languages
@RobotHumans Or, being the person who is silently acknowledged as the IT overlords and experts
because they 'magically make things work'
@Zacharee1 I am now lol
@ThomasW. heh. that too. one of the fellows i was talking to at some conference was somewhat of the opinion "they can't really do much to people here. i mean, if they nuked some city this week, who would keep all their crap working" ;)
1:06 AM
@ThomasW. I can't seem to get nginx to process embedded PHP
btw, i voted for three in the mod elections, and you got one of the votes TW
@Zacharee1 it's not supposed to.
@Zacharee1 nginx isn't designed ot process PHP
@ThomasW. then how can I do that?
you need php5-fpm or a php backend
and need to pass those files to PHP
1:06 AM
though they are typically .php files
I have this there now:
location ~ \.php$ {
                try_files $uri =404;
                fastcgi_split_path_info ^(.+\.php)(/.+)$;
                # NOTE: You should have "cgi.fix_pathinfo = 0;" in php.ini

                # With php5-cgi alone:
                # With php5-fpm:
                fastcgi_pass unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock;
                fastcgi_index index.php;
                include fastcgi_params;
which contain a mix of static HTML and PHP
It still loads the HTML files, but the PHP inside isn't processed
@Zacharee1 the file that has embedded JS and PHP, what's its file extension
1:07 AM
you just solved your own problem
if I make it PHP, I just get a blank page
@Zacharee1 then your script doesn't work
Ideally, you're not going to be mixing PHP and JS together just to make something work
well this isn't ideal
and quite often it's very VERY difficult to get working properly
@Zacharee1 it sounds like you're trying to do something that is not going to be very 'easy' and will need a developer to make work
I have environment variable stuff and then JS importing those as its own variables
This is the PHP:
                                        $dotenv = new Dotenv\Dotenv(__DIR__);
                                        $sk1-1 = getenv(sk1-1);
                                        $sk1-2 = getenv(sk1-2);
1:09 AM
i'll bet a dollar that your JS isn't getting the variables
@ThomasW. well first off, I don't even see a page
or isn't printing data out
so let's get that out of the way first if we can
@Zacharee1 youare only giving me snippets
entire pages are necessary
you need a developer, not me.
1:10 AM
I'm not a web developer, I don't know PHP well enough or JS well enough to help you.
I can help on the sysadmin/config side
no idea why the page won't load though?
either it's not returning anything printable
or there's an error
and I can't debug either
because i'm on a phone lol
lemme check the console I guess
it's just blank
means nothing to me
fastcgi_intercept_errors on;
put that into your PHP block in nginx. reload/restart nginx. check nginx's error.log file for any intercepted errors.
Where is nginx's error log?
1:15 AM
/var/log/nginx/error.log is the default one
no errors
@RobotHumans Thank you for the vote of confidence! This is only the primary though - trim the list down to 10 candidates, is the goal of it. Still glad that I have a vote of confidence :)
@Zacharee1 Then what I feared is the case
PHP usually expects to have PHP print data to the page
JS wouldn't.
Well the site is mainly HTML
1:18 AM
so, your code doesn't work as you intend it to
doesn't matter
would I need to rebuild this page in PHP?
if you want to use PHP and get it processed, PHP has to be processed through PHP, as .php files straignt through to PHP so it can parse the PHP alongside HTML. Take a look at any existing PHP frameworks - mediawiki themes/templates, phpBB forums, etc.
yes you would
but why you're wanting to do that
without instead taking the security method of doing it the easiest you can and then lock down access via firewall to prevent API key data from leaking
because I need some way to get these variables securely
eludes me.
that's not my point
But I want this site to be accessible eventually
1:20 AM
then avoid using secured API keys
and only make API calls like that from a trusted client
But then I lose the whole point of what I'm doing
11 secs ago, by Zacharee1
But then I lose the whole point of what I'm doing
^ which was never explained
to me, or to anyone here.
so nobody can help you without you trying to explain what you are trying to achieve in the long run
What I want to have are some public stats about each server
and the only people who can really help you achieve your goals are developers
I can't pay for developers ;p
1:21 AM
i'm beyond my level of expertise
i am not a developer; I'm a sysadmin
and a network/system security person
not an applications security developer, nor an app developer.
@Zacharee1 all I can say is: I'd have achieved this a different way, design it so it is not publicly web facing, but behind additional levels of protection
but how
and instead, have scripts on my end that I can execute, query a web-facing API, and get JSON back and report that to me in useful output formats on the console
rather than try and have 'secure api keys' stored in site code
as well as have locked down firewall access so only trusted IP sources I use are permitted in
plus HTTPS on the web facing side to prevent MITM snooping on the basic level of API keys or trusted secrets
I found something
1:26 AM
but there's a lot of builtins in servers I run or utilities I run that can do that for me
Chrome comments out the PHP opening part
Chrome won't show y0ou the PHP
with the $dotenv stuff
the php is parsed by PHP
1:27 AM
that's the issue
you miss my point
no, that's not the issue. YOu are trying to achieve JS environment variables in a secure manner via PHP, which doesn't work the way you think it does.
                                        $dotenv = new Dotenv\Dotenv(__DIR__);
                                        $sk1-1 = getenv(sk1-1);
                                        $sk1-2 = getenv(sk1-2);
JS is processed client side
Something got screwed up
1:28 AM
PHP is processed server side
you need to write everything through PHP, in my opinion
so that the server processes things
I know even less PHP than I know JS
and then outputs the informaiton you want, thereby 'absorbing' the API key such that the end-user clients reaching the page aren't going to see the key or code unless they do some nontrivial things
@Zacharee1 well, I know this:
there's three options:
could I convert my JS to PHP or something and have that run instead? would it be able to replace sutff in divs?
(1) the hyper secure way I approach it.
(2) PHP native
(3) JS native
the first one controls everything in a way that is sane.
I have #3
1:30 AM
the second is also relatively secure. the third is insecure.
#2 could work if I could figure out how to migrate the JS to PHP
#1 is way beyond me
@Zacharee1 beyond the three options I"ve presented, I can't help any further, because I'm not a developer. I also can't explain how to convert code from language to language.
that's the limits of my knowledge on the subject
OK, one more thing
it looks like stuff isn't being passed to PHP
1:33 AM
unless it's in a .php file
it won't be
you don't pass non-PHP to PHP
that's the logic behind the PHP block in your nginx configuration
so if your page contains HTML, JS, and PHP, you use a .php file
whether it's completely PHP or not
then I get a blank page
because the PHP sections <?php ?> will be processed by PHP
PHP is annoying
@Zacharee1 because as I explained three times now, you're trying to achieve something that isn't going to work
you either need insecure pure JS
or pure PHP + HTML around it.
Well now I'm actually trying to fully use PHP
1:35 AM
now it's a case of trying to debug it. There's Stack Overflow though
they may be able to help if you have written something and it's not working.
or Code Review maybe, but IDK what their requirements/needs are for posts.
Code Review only takes working code
@Zacharee1 the more secure code I mentioned?
the one I wrote and developed to report on my servers.
72 hours of debugging, after 360 hours of development
... mostly in Python
... over the course of a year and a half.
yay php
So I took all the PHP out and it still shows a blank page
@ThomasW. I got it to load!
wow Chrome
1:53 AM
yeah nuking your cache usually helps
just use Curl to test things without a cache ;)
run Chrome developer mode (F12) and disable cache while in dev mode ;)
well I had to add a new line to the nginx config
then the php files loaded
I added some PHP to the servers.php file
been a while since I coded PHP :P
glad to see pages load :)
and then it went blank, but this time I saw E500 flash in the console log
I have no idea what's going on
Any network people around?
We got a new modem / combo router that I plugged into our other router and now I can't access anything on the original router.
Connection goes something like this:
[PC] => [R8000] => [Modem/Router] => Internet
I can only reach [Modem/Router] - nothing on [R8000] is accessible.
The PC has been assigned an unusual IP address as well - outside the subnet for [R8000]...
Wohoo, i survived my first car drive since returning to the US. We're now stacked with beer and smokes, so i am not going out anywhere untill we run out again @_@
2:01 AM
It's like [R8000] did some weird dynamic reconfiguration once I plugged it into the other router.
@Serg they will probably run out in a day or two
Yeah, beer will run out fast T.T But thr smokes can last a week or two
@Serg can we convince you to quit smoking? ._.
Nope, probably not
only my gf can do that
Actually she's ok with me smoking. Her dad smokes too ^_^
i am not sure how to ping your gf into AU chat ;)
2:04 AM
This is always annoying:
Yes, I'm not stupid. Yes, I know what I'm doing.
@NathanOsman it is probably meant for idiots like me
Protection from idiots
i would gladly hit the the go back button
Do you think the people you are trying to protect the page from are going to be able to find the router's configuration page anyway? Lol, nope.
It protects the router not the people lol
From their stupidity
2:06 AM
I thought it was condescending, but meh.
yeah it is condescending
dd-wrt @NathanOsman :P
Im not sure I f i should add my update as a solution to a question. The original issue is solved, but there are still problems.
@NathanOsman I think you should stay away then :p
2:24 AM
Time difference between countries is a bummer
I wanna text her and yet not sure if she's busy or not
@Serg if you're in a relationship, shouldn't you try to keep your comm ports open? :p
They're open 24_7
no harm trying, at most you get a 503 error
Ah, the geeky way of explaining relationship stuff. I love it.
that's how we roll here, bruh
2:32 AM
virtual fist bump, place fist on the screen here
@Serg there are black patches spreading across my screen now :p
@Zach did you literally fist bump the screen lol ? I once punched my laptop because of a jumpscare
@Serg xD
2:47 AM
3:02 AM
damn you semi-colons!
@Zac what are semicolons? i use python
im gonna punch your screen
we'll see who's laughing then >:D
3:03 AM
Yaaaaaay! Got upgraded to 5 Mbps! \o/
Public static all the things !!! Im sorry
java heathen
@NathanOsman o_O
3:27 AM
I am supposed to get home internet installed in my rv trailer friday if nothing goes wrong. I have not had internet except on my cell phone for a year and half when I had my heart attack and lost my house
I am excited to get good internet again
@WildMan that will be nice.
it will feel like Christmas
3:45 AM
Except no stockists . . . . And no weird old guy who crawls through chimneys and steals cookies
@Serg very true
@WildMan does this mean we can look forward to even more participation in AU from you? ;)
I do plan on being around more, if that is okay
I usually stay busy where I do not talk much in chat even when I am in the room
4:16 AM
Good night all I have to get up early again tomorrow
Q: Laptop keyboard not found unless if tap on boot

Ilya NovojilovStrange behaviour on Lenovo Yoga x240 laptop. I must repeatedly press anykey on keyboard immidiately (actually .7s) after select item in boot menu. Otherwise neither keyboard nor trackpoint will not work. Touch screen works. ubuntu 14.10

@WildMan cya around
I've got the PHP/JS thing working with callback functions
I just need to figure out how to make the JS work when it's in its own file, and then I can copy it to the rest
should I bother trying to get document.write to work from an external JS?
4:31 AM
Well, the ping is still nice and low.
And we now have full IPv6 access \o/
You really only just got 5mb/s? Why?
i am surprised vancouver has shit internet
I'm not in Vancouver.
I used to work in Vancouver and they have excellent Internet.
However, I live in a distant suburb with horrible prices.
I should really sleep
4:51 AM
@NathanOsman not so busy now, is it? :p
You were remarking on how busy the chat was a while back
No, it's not now.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title, link at end of body, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body: Play The Sport To Build Muscle Mass? by cambhellfr on askubuntu.com
yay, I'm up late enough to see the spam!
4:57 AM
We must be waaaaaaaaaaaaay past your bedtime.
it's 1AM here
Okay. Fine. It's 1am there.
That's fairly normal for me.
I consider it an early night if I'm in bed before then.
5:21 AM
^ literally how my eyes are because of fatigue :p
I really want to get this to work, but I need to sleep
I think I'll sleep
@ThomasW. Ha! I did it!
gloats in a corner
6:04 AM
@fossfreedom when is your membership IRC meeting?
I'll be there if I am able.
He added himself to the list June 2 which would have been the day of the meeting.
I think he's going for the next one.
Also, if he was accepted, I think they would have removed his name from the page.
6:47 AM
in Root Access, 3 mins ago, by Edity
For my next computer build I will RAID 24 SSD's
7:03 AM
@Zacharee1 how's the Jquery going?
@SmokeDetector You restarted?
what the fraq
@SmokeDetector Lets do some work. :D
7:04 AM
reviews are up at 300.
@Rinzwind he restarted.
Every time I reflash CM, it takes Android nearly half-an-hour to "optimize apps". And people wonder why I dislike Java...
no that was towards the wannabemods :=)
reviews went from 600-ish to 280 during the election period >:)
@NathanOsman wow it took me 2 minuits
You have 137 apps installed?
7:09 AM
Then it's not a good comparison :D
I just you know reset the mobile device...
I see an easy solution >:) dont flash CM
@Rinzwind I'm on the nightlies so... doing it often is kinda the point.
Anyway, it's nearly 12:15am here. Time to head to bed early.
7:12 AM
or is it am?
@NathanOsman Good night (or morning)
@NathanOsman no you will stay and keep us company
@Rinzwind everyone needs a good nights sleep
@Edity no. he is a mod. mods need to work.
@Rinzwind what if mods don't get sleep? They become a under-slept zombie. Do you want that?
hmm, that'll be fun yes :D
7:20 AM
@Rinzwind If you don't sleep for 2 weeks you will die.
I am almost there. Haven't slept a good night since last friday
@Rinzwind What I will recommend to you: sleep now. and until tomorrow.
OMG you guys
what did my eyes just read
"Everything except Earth should now be fixed. Earth is being handled separately, and will hopefully be refreshed soon."
That means: Issue 596074 in chromium: The repository is insufficiently signed by key 4CCA1EAF950CEE4AB83976DCA040830F7FAC5991 (weak digest)
is fixed!
7:31 AM
@grooveplex put more digestive juices into it
(get my joke)
@grooveplex google finally got its shit together
ha ha
ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha
I'm so excited to try it out
@edwinksl what was google thinking, making a deal with CM $1bil
"BOOM! Rejected!"
@Mateo looks like I'll have a convergence phone too :)
(Sorry! Stupid comment removed!)
I have a question: How can I delete my stackexchange profile?
@Edity Use the contact me link under the page, or if you haven't voted on that website, there is a link in your profile settings
thx. I'm thinking of saying adios and goodbye
7:46 AM
Q: How can I delete my account?

SauronHow can I delete my Stack Exchange account(s) and what happens to content I've posted when my account gets deleted? For more information, see "How do I delete my account?" in the Help Center. Return to FAQ index

welp, after 2 months I kiss stackexchange goodbye

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