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12:43 AM
@MartinSmith Thanks. This explains things nicely.
@JoshDarnell This is exactly my use-case. I'll be processing in-coming JSON. I just wondered if there was any advantage to a declare .. shred .. write .. declare .. shred .. write pattern as opposed to ` declare declare .. shred .. shred .. write ..write`. "Not in terms of memory allocation" seems to be the answer.
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4:44 AM
@jcolebrand I take offense to this statement, you're insulting my fragile masculinity.
I can stand up for myself, and I would like to welcome all people regardless of gender to poke fun of me.
So long as they as hate pineapple pizza, don't golf, and haven't donated to #MonicaGate.
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7:22 AM
@mustaccio in this era you can ;)
Morning all
7:48 AM
8:06 AM
I really want to move forward with my open source database of schemas but not sure where to start
@Mathematics what's that you're trying to do?
8:21 AM
@MichaelGreen I want to put all of these into a database - databaseanswers.org/data_models
8:39 AM
@Mathematics you could always address kings with hey. It's just that you now run smaller chances of having your head chopped off.
Which brings me @PaulWhiteReinstateMonica to a valid question. Is using Choppings allowed?
9:07 AM
@Mathematics Ah - a data model of data models, consisting of entity types called "Entity Type". Where would one store the meta data for Meta Data?
More seriously, to what use woukd you put this database? And why can't you move forward with it?
@MichaelGreen correct
@MichaelGreen There could be serveral use cases, one to start with is.... I want to know the possible OR most commonly used columns for Order, and it's associations to other entities e.g. Products etc..
What Michael asked above ^^. Why can't you move forward? Are you stuck in something?
And have you resulted in a data model?
@Mathematics That's a really cool idea
@MichaelGreen fyi
Nov 30 '19 at 8:01, by Mathematics
I want to create a open data database for database schemas
It's been described a while back
I can't move forward with it is because in my head it sounds like a relational graph type database
maybe I can use this to start with - neo4j.com
i am not affiliated with them btw
9:22 AM
@Mathematics there are two types of databases. Relational databases and non-databases. Take your pick.
@ypercubeᵀᴹ in my head i think it's going to be non relational db...
@Mathematics why?
@Mathematics ^
@Mathematics so, not a database. ok ;)
@ypercubeᵀᴹ And the relational databases are further divided into the real database and all the others
the surreal ones are the most fun
9:27 AM
@PaulWhiteReinstateMonica Fishdatabase of Taiwan ?
Oh, I know, this, definitely
I've heard of ScyllaDB. Discussed at the wannabe rival of TopAnswers, about what database to use for the project. Hilarious.
9:38 AM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Not a database of databases
> with a new and improved AUTO SHARTING ALGORITHM.
Who knew there were so many surreal databases!
@Mathematics seriously now, whatever you choose to use, you need a model for your db (of dbs).
@PaulWhiteReinstateMonica I'll see your fish and raise you a duck.
neo4j is perhaps the only nosql product that I have a small interest. It looks nicely documented.
@MichaelGreen Yes but you're quackers
9:48 AM
@Mathematics You still need a data model. Even if you go with Neo you'll have to have a list of the tags you'll use i.e. the entity types.
Any "type" of dbms (relational, document, graph) can model any problem. It's just a matter of what's handled in the DBMS natively and what's handled in user code.
10:23 AM
@PaulWhiteReinstateMonica is there a history in this post? dba.stackexchange.com/posts/154513/timeline
Ah, you edited your answer into mine - and deleted yours. ok
@EvanCarroll I failed
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Good Guy Paul
10:50 AM
true, I think I just need to pick paper and pen and start working on it

Let say I will use this database to help begginers create simple CRUD databases using a UI, how does that sounds like ?
@Mathematics I feel like you're going down a rabbit hole there. Who is the target audience?
@George.Palacios rabbitdb.org
11:16 AM
@George.Palacios programmers
@Johnakahot2use I recognize the symptoms now. This is nothing to do with politics. Somebody has hired a narcissist into a key position at Stackexchange and they have been allowed to surround themselves with syncophants. This phenomenon is known as empire building and I've seen it elsewhere. All the dogma and talk about toxicity is that person using rhetorical devices to suppress dissent and eliminate threats to their hegemony. They may or may not even believe it themselves.
11:29 AM
@AndriyM If my database is complex does that mean it has an imaginary component?
11:56 AM
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Ha, yes, that's exactly how it works
12:08 PM
trying to learn python is slowly boiling my brain
saw this yesterday and felt seen twitter.com/mycoliza/status/1217201852300742656
@PeterVandivier packaging on windows is a joke
When I first saw nuget I thought "oh shit, they've brought python packaging problems to .NET"
Yeah, if you learning python, don't start with packaging.
12:53 PM
to be fair, packing isn't my current problem, it's regex
not... you know... figuring out the match pattern, just figuring out the syntax to make python accept it
regex sucks in any language
@PeterVandivier we could help if you showed us the issue
fair enough :p
so - i'm extracting postgres ddl with sqlalchemy, but the sequence object for SERIAL isn't bound to the table, this is documented
as a quick hack for a demo on monday, i want to regex match the name of the sequence from the CREATE TABLE string i get from the CreateTable() method and the go back to the metadata for the sequence
	id INTEGER DEFAULT nextval('foo_id_seq'::regclass) NOT NULL,
	bar VARCHAR(100),
	baz VARCHAR(100)
should get back foo_id_seq
matching on "nextval\('([^']*?)'\:\:regclass"
when you define this in python, you use
1:05 PM
p = "nextval\('([^']*?)'\:\:regclass"
p = r"nextval\('([^']*?)'\:\:regclass"
which of the two do you use for the pattern in python?
tried both, couldn't get a hit on either
2 sec, tidying up good copy-pasta to show you the python i've used thus far
do parentheses and : have a special meaning in regex?
not sure, but r"" should protect against that i thought?
i can get a match back when i use that pattern in powershell
p = r"nextval\('([^']*?)'::regclass"
try this ^^
pvandivier PS> $tbl = @"
>> id INTEGER DEFAULT nextval('foo_id_seq'::regclass) NOT NULL,
>> bar VARCHAR(100),
>> baz VARCHAR(100)
>> )
>> "@
pvandivier PS> $pattern = "nextval\('([^']*?)'\:\:regclass"
pvandivier PS> [regex]::Match($tbl,$pattern).Groups[1].Value
pvandivier PS>
1:10 PM
the r"" is to protect from backslash hell
no joy :'(
crap, sry, formatting trubs
in any case, using p = r"nextval\('([^']*?)'::regclass", print(re.match(p, tbl)) returns None
been dicking around with re.MULTILINE, tried splitting the str(CreateTable()).split("\n") and matching line-by-line
no joy anywhere
uh, did my regex invoke the smoke detector? :-p
1:25 PM
you've got tiger's blood
match only matches the beginning of a string
weird that .search() still returns a match object
1:27 PM
search matches anywhere
yea, but i was trying it on for line in tbl.split("\n"): as well
it's working now
don't look a gift r̭͚̼e͖̣͝g͎̱͍̙ͅe̹͉̘̰̗̰x͈̹͇̥͈͍̫ ̲̗̫͙͚i̝̩̰͢ń ̠̟̟̠͟tḥ͞e̢̘̭̜͍̗̜͔ ͖̩̫̣̠̘͞m̪̼̳̣̙ͅo̯ͅu̺̦̖͎͚̺̦͝t̝̘͈̻͖̙͇͞h
don't look a mouth regex in the gift
u nasty
I am well aware
1:47 PM
@TomV-TeamMonica upping my game w/ .findall()
print(  re.search(p, table).group()[9:-11]  )
to isolate the sequence name
oh, findall() does that for you more nicely
FYI - looks like this is handled in alembic, just not sqlalchemy github.com/sqlalchemy/alembic/commit/…
and.... based on that i think i'm just go whole hog and blow out the full match and replace the whole mess with SERIAL
2:08 PM
@PeterVandivier your knowledge of internet memedom is second to none.
2:21 PM
@TomV-TeamMonica rextester.com/CFLK35913
darn, couldn't edit it fast enough, meant to post this - rextester.com/TLAF36579
@PeterVandivier Not very good
u smrt cookie
BIGCEREAL sounds tasty
But why do you want this?
It looks like it could break.
2:30 PM
SERIAL / SEQUENCE behaviour changed somewhere between 9.6 and current version. It might change in the future, too
oh yea, it's not meant to be "good code"
1 hour ago, by Peter Vandivier
as a quick hack for a demo on monday, i want to regex match the name of the sequence from the CREATE TABLE string i get from the CreateTable() method and the go back to the metadata for the sequence
You could have a sequence now for example that its values are used in many tables.
yea, i thought of that
the alembic handling is more resilient
but it's more plumbing than i'm willing to do on a friday afternoon
and i'm sure i'd want to stress test even the more resilient solution
does the "owned" flag change after certain ddl operations for example?
so in lieu of doing it right i'll just do it fast and be okay with my mediocrity
plus the in-house DDL footprint here is super small, so handling well for general case problems can safely be procrastinated for some things (like this)
and if it breaks i'm the one who has to clean it up anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Do you use alembic so far? Or just planinng to use it?
HALLO @ypercubeᵀᴹ!
glad to see you on this glorious network.
2:40 PM
on this wonderful day.
@ypercubeᵀᴹ just poking it with a stick as yet
in the start of a magnificent year.
only been writing python in earnest for like a week and a half
On the most spectacular day of the week.
@PeterVandivier die-in-a-fire.gif
wow, that is SUCH A GREAT VIDEO.
I've never seen that one. Will check it out on mobile.
literally cannot watch something like that on my work pc, lol.
@MaxVernon It's sfw if that's what you mean
2:49 PM
no, it's just that I can't use sound :-)
ahhhh. yeah that matters lol
look at this nonsense, the shog9 bandwagon on meta, bans me and then just runs their mouuffff
no shame.
@George.Palacios wow, that is much funnier
i demand an apology.
directed to "The Great and Mighty Pan" and written in the blood of an innocent Christian child
oh btw @MaxVernon - i was just talking to Tim in NYC & he isn't ghosting you, just has some internal shit he needs to button up first
2:54 PM
@PeterVandivier lol, I was wondering. Thanks for the update. I started to wonder if I was really that terrible.
but no big deal either way really.
haha no, i'm sure all will be revealed in time
I hope "button up one's internal shit" is a colloquialism
3:02 PM
presumably if one's internal shit were literally unbuttoned, it would quickly become a situation with metaphorically unbuttoned shit as well
@PaulWhiteReinstateMonica Buttoning up external shit sounds ever weirder
A: Database Engine Tuning Advisor drops index automatically on SQL Server 2016?

DominikTalked to some colleagues. One really ran the Tuning Advisor without knowing that this caused the problem

@EvanCarroll I'm never sure quite how serious you are.
yesterday, by Paul White Reinstate Monica
Maybe someone really is running DTA against production
@PaulWhiteReinstateMonica HA
3:04 PM
@George.Palacios The world never ceases to surprise me
@TRiG I've never not been serious in my life.
"Closed as too localized"
@TRiG oh he's they're serious, Evan just doesn't actually expect anything to be done about it.
that was almost a CoC violation.
/slaps self
@George.Palacios "This post was returned to Stack Overflow"
@PaulWhiteReinstateMonica I think that's gotta be a feature, no. I mean who want's those indexes to actually stay around, lol.
3:09 PM
@TRiG i think we can nickname you "fake news" for accrediting that post to me.
@EvanCarroll My memory was definitely at fault, yes. Apologies about that.
;P cool let's all get back to rejoicing at what a great network we have then.
1 message moved to Trash
The writing style is, perhaps, in some ways similar. Both of ye tend to be acerbic, but often accurate.
And I'm not important enough to be purged.
purges TRiG
for comedy value
3:12 PM
i agree, we need to keep the purge guns pointing to the same target.
i'm crossing my fingers.
super user needs fixing.
@EvanCarroll I mean, you know that's you right?
I was wondering why there was an answer from Your Common Sense in here
hahahah yea right, I believe Stack Overflow wrote me an apology that said "you were right about everything, he's gone" but I haven't checked my email box to confirm.
I get the feeling Evan is experiencing no misconceptions about reality.
3:15 PM
who among us understands reality
i know it's a torus, youtube tells me so.
For Real, I, Ty.
Ah so we're all running on TorusOS
You should ask some questions about that on Super User
@EvanCarroll I heard it's a hypercube
According to the moderators, Super User is just a site for whatever the moderators and their friends want to do with it, and it doesn't have actual topicality.
which is why the whole network views it as a dumping ground for bad questions.
3:18 PM
@EvanCarroll In fairness SO isn't much better
Sounds like making the case for merging Super User into Stack Overflow yes
@EvanCarroll Are you just chat banned on meta? Or suspended on the meta site itself? I forget.
@EvanCarroll have you tried expert sex change.com?
the hyphen site
at least i can conceive of a question which is mostly on-topic on stackoverflow without stretching into abject absurdity. For example, all questions on using Rust.
3:22 PM
closed as a duplicate
For superuser, I think to be mostly on topic there you have to ask questions on Windows, or cross-platform non-web applications targeting end users, where the subject matter of the question is useful to the "average user" and the products in question are versioned and stated by their developers to be in production.
there we go.
@EvanCarroll Or ReactOS?
Isn't that a synonym of TempleOS?
good point, in addition you have to have the support of a highly capricious and irrational moderation community.
@PaulWhiteReinstateMonica both.
3:25 PM
we should feature that comment for a maximum of 24h
@EvanCarroll thx
@PaulWhiteReinstateMonica That's always been the rule, right?
@George.Palacios always!
every rule currently in effect has always been in effect, and will be in effect for the entire future. Unless it's deprecated, at which point it never existed.
It's the neatest way
@MaxVernon Or always existed
Very Quantum of them.
3:28 PM
it's really unfortunate to be banned from SE at this time.
@EvanCarroll Weren't you always banned from SE?
@EvanCarroll for them.
i can't bask in the good decisions the company has made, and support them.
It's pretty easy to get suspended on meta.se right now
Especially if you're a moderator elsewhere
which i think everyone knows, I would otherwise be doing.
3:29 PM
pretty much yeah
their own loss...
part of me is curious about exactly what you would write on meta
they finally do exactly what I was asking for, and they won't unsuspend me so i can throw my MASSIVE clout in support.
wtf, right?
you know how much not-trolling i could be doing right now?
3:31 PM
@EvanCarroll so much
the world is a very unfair place
unless you're a billionaire. then you can mold it to your every whim.
where do I sign up for that
@MaxVernon I mean, there are people that says that billionaires should maybe start paying taxes...how unfair is that?
@Lamak Ridiculous! They'll just move somewhere they don't have to pay taxes!
(Rinse, repeat)
3:34 PM
@Lamak so so unfair. I mean how would they then have enough cash to keep their offspring controlling the world for eternity.
@Lamak I prefer them to pay with their life.
taxes always seemed like such a moderate compromise
@EvanCarroll did anyone ever call you a bolshevik? Asking for a friend.
Usually bolsheviks.
good one
@MaxVernon They'd just colonise a new planet. Like Mars, to choose an example entirely at random.
3:35 PM
@PaulWhiteReinstateMonica hahah. I love it.
"entirely at random"
wow can Eminem spit lyrics. does he even breathe?
I suppose I shouldn't pick on Elon, there are probably worse billionaires I just can't think of them
@PaulWhiteReinstateMonica Zuckerberg?
yea, because even has a pot of gold that could solve world hunger and says, "I would rather buy the Salvator Mundi"
@George.Palacios Obvious now you say it
@PaulWhiteReinstateMonica ha yeah
3:42 PM
I see Google is "worth" a trillion freedom dollars now
@EvanCarroll I'm not sure above "Solve", but certainly make a huge impact on
@PaulWhiteReinstateMonica Freedom credits*
The national debt of the United States is the total debt, or unpaid borrowed funds, carried by the federal government of the United States, which is measured as the face value of the currently outstanding Treasury securities that have been issued by the Treasury and other federal government agencies. The terms "national deficit" and "national surplus" usually refer to the federal government budget balance from year to year, not the cumulative amount of debt. A deficit year increases the debt, while a surplus year decreases the debt as more money is received than spent. There are two components...
@PaulWhiteReinstateMonica Ellison, Bezos come to mind.
@PaulWhiteReinstateMonica it really is incredible how that debt has grown since 2007.
and still petrodollars are the shiznit.
numbers lose their meaning at some point
the usdebtclock.org is informative. it's incredible to see those numbers rolling by.
3:47 PM
makes one feel better about the credit card
doesn't it though
A: What is the difference between Stack Exchange Users and Customers?

George StockerThis answer is going to go places, because seeing the whole picture is necessary to answer the question you're asking. There are four customers right now: 1. People that buy the Teams product (SaaS or Enterprise) 2. People that buy Ads. 3. People that buy Job Ads. 4. Venture Capitalists (VCs...

Interesting post I hadn't seen before
Oh and crikey...
Q: Change in roles for Jon Ericson

Jon EricsonIt’s a bit surreal to be writing this post—not many people can say they left their dream job twice. Today is my last day as an employee of Stack Overflow. I’ll be joining College Confidential as their Community Product and Operations Manager doing many of the same things I’ve been doing here but ...

> I made this decision in December and it's not correlated with the recent CM team changes. These are just an unfortunate coincidence.

Now I’m not leaving Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange entirely. I still plan to be a user of the sites and to apply to get my moderator diamond back
in fairness jon was a pretty decent guy
never had a prob with him
kinda sad to see that one leave.
he said he left before shog9 got canned.
maybe he'll reapply in light of the news.
I get the feeling you didn't like shog. or, perhaps more likely, he didn't like you. Although I couldn't imagine why.
couldn't stand him.
don't know, 100% sure it was mutual, but I wouldn't have banned him 100 times without reason. total abuse of power.
there are plenty of people on this network I don't like and disagree with. I've used it for more than a decade.
but about 99% of the time, we can have a professional relationship.
i couldn't be in the same space as that dude.
4:03 PM
I was being sarcastic. Although, there is no way for anyone to know that via chat.
even when i get banned here it's different. i actually kind of like @PaulWhiteReinstateMonica
and his weird obsession against caps.
btw, ban yourself.
you've got it coming.
disappears in a puff of contradiction
4:11 PM
just bear in mind the moderators here (past and present) never troll
they follow in my very, very large footsteps.
clown shoes?
Oh. I missed Edge is out of beta: microsoft.com/en-us/edge
ahh dafaq, they don't support it on linux.....
4:24 PM
@PaulWhiteReinstateMonica thank the lord. I need more edge in my life. lol.
4:35 PM
@MaxVernon Not edgy enough already? You mustn't be spending enough time on Meta.
@TRiG I try to stay out of that cesspool of hate. It's worse than Stack Overflow which is saying something.
4:50 PM
it's not quite as bad, anymore ;)
for you.
@MaxVernon It's a weird collection of stuff there. Lots of passion. It certainly isn't entirely horrible.
sort of:
1 hour ago, by Paul White Reinstate Monica
Interesting post I hadn't seen before
though I read the twitter thread afterwards
5:56 PM
@TRiG there's enough horribly toxic stuff (comments, mostly, that I won't get into) on there to make it something I would never engage with. Sadly.
6:18 PM
Yeah, after reading through that thread earlier this morning and some introspection, I closed out probably 20+ tabs each on my home and work computer of SO questions I was interested enough in answering.
6:50 PM
I imagine many will feel the same
@billinkc introspection….you?
how I've missed your humour
@Lamak How else can I make sure I clear all the belly lint out? And there's plenty of belly to inspect
@billinkc you have a point
spheres have no point
but they do have a belly button
in other topics, are you going to the summit?
6:59 PM
@Lamak I so want to do that this year.
@Lamak No longer an mvp
@MaxVernon are you going?
@billinkc do you work in Microsoft now?
@Lamak Nope, just didn't do enough to qualify. I work with weather data now, until my ramblin' ways lead me back to consulting
@billinkc aaaw...should I cancel the flight, then?
Just schedule a stop at MCI on either leg and you'll be ok
Well. you'll be eagerly anticipating the stop but the departure will leave you wracked with tears so bittersweet
7:11 PM
@Lamak I don't have firm plans to go to PASS, but am thinking about it, assuming nothing drastic happens.
@MaxVernon ah, I was asking billinkc about the MVP summit, sorry for the confusion
would like to go to PASS, but I won't be able to
Houston ought to be a few hours closer for lexmark and much longer for the distinguished gentleman from Canada/England
Can't remember, born in England or did you say you had relatives there
@Lamak ahhh, I was nominated in 2019 but they declined. oh well.
probably a good thing lol
@billinkc me? was born there, and have relatives there.
not sure about the distinguished gentleman bit, though.
but thanks for the kind words
@MaxVernon Yeah, couldn't remember the details of our conversation with James L at the Summit N years ago
7:24 PM
@billinkc oh right. That was a fun time.
hard to believe that was 2015, over 4 years ago.
7:39 PM
@MaxVernon you need to be in a third world country
7:53 PM
@PaulWhiteReinstateMonica Speak for myself why don't you :p
Manitoba is a third world country
@mustaccio it sounds like you've been here
@EvanCarroll Good. :p
@EvanCarroll Fair. I just want to make sure that things don't get out of hand. Sometimes poking fun at you can spill over to others. By asking them to limit A I can hopefully work to limit B, ya know?
God forbid. I've read enough in the news.
ahh, ok. It's actually quite nice here for about 4 months each year.
8:23 PM
Interesting. I didn't realise that third-worldness had periodicity.
8:34 PM
This too, shall pass, @mustaccio
On a yearly basis, I presume.
9:05 PM
Right now in Winnipeg
It's not so bad
that's gorgeous
2 hours later…
11:24 PM
@jcolebrand thanks!

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