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Based on the self-answer, the following question is "unanswerable", so I voted to close it:
Q: SQL Server: How to optimize inner join, where Clustered Index Seek is slow, and takes 100% of query cost

samsmithI have two large tables (over 200 million rows each), that when joined give slow query performance even on table INVOICE primary (clustered) key to table SHIPMENT primary (non clustered key), that the clustered index seek to support the join has 100% of the cost. How do I optimize this? I have i...

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Morning and Evening
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Quiet in here tonight
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Could a mod please remove my (at)ypercube morning greeting?
It was a leftover in a browser session.
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like that?
@dezso eggs-actly
Thank you
no problem
10:19 AM
That edited greeting seemed fine, though (amusing and unobtrusive)
@EvanCarroll I'm a Model M man, myself, although my Thinkpad's keyboard is good enough that I don't bother most of the time.
Both of the above are decades-old IBM products (coincidentally?). I used to have some Intellistations at one point as well, although the XW series from HP had much better fit and finish.
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11:41 AM
Hello @ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Did that Cenovis arrive in one piece?
12:36 PM
it's really select [columns] from Requests where requestID=@requestID. No need for the code. — Yevgeni Grinberg 2 mins ago
@gbn Yes. It arrived a couple of days ago.
Closer to Marmite than Vegemite, I think.
1:30 PM
Q: How was this edit approved?

Andriy MThis edit suggestion appears to have been approved single-handedly by a regular user: This is the expected effect of using the Improve button. What seems less expected is that the user did not make any improvements to the suggestion, according to the revision history of the post. These are all...

@AndriyM fine edited and fine in trash too ;)
@sp_BlitzErik That's a Great Post Erik™
@PaulWhite tell me sweet little lies~
1:39 PM
Well I enjoyed it
you are my target audience
@JackDouglas All right :)
i was so damn surprised that 13 writes could slow things down that badly
i expected to see astronomical numbers
@AndriyM I was wondering how that got through. I rejected initially because it was only a bit of code formatting.
@sp_BlitzErik It's not the tempdb writes that make it slow. Depends how often it gums up.
1:46 PM
right, i had assumed the gum-uppance always resulted in writes
Not necessarily. Can just be awfully slow.
Any deadlock isn't detected immediately either.
No doubt the details are fascinating.
yeah, i warmed her up a bit
@PaulWhite no doubt your nda is too ;)
It's a Great Post because it highlights the severity of the issue with a simple demo.
@sp_BlitzErik It's not an NDA issue, I just haven't looked at your specific test in detail.
it's simple unless you see the number of hints on that query
It won't be long before I have a Stack Overflow database to try these things on.
@sp_BlitzErik Yeah :)
1:49 PM
@hot2use There were two things changed: the keywords in the code snippet were uppercased, and brackets around an inline piece of code in a sentence were removed. Both changes were invalid in my opinion.
You should have confessed that the QO tried very hard to not choose that dumb plan.
you know, i should
Would be the PG planner's first choice of course.
If it had parallelism.
I didn't roll that edit back because I hoped that a mod could do that along with reverting the +2 reward for the editor.
and if they hired professionals
1:54 PM
@sp_BlitzErik That too
@AndriyM It's not eligible for suggested edit reject, for some reason.
Ahh I see.
Perhaps edits approved via Improve are not.
They're not because of the "later edit".
@PaulWhite post updated at the end
@AndriyM Might be because of the earlier rejected edit dba.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/109605
The "later edit" explanation makes more sense for me. But however it may be, we are only guessing, we don't know for sure, do we
2:02 PM
@AndriyM Oh I mean the no-edit bug may be caused by the two suggested edits.
Some dev probably didn't use an ORDER BY clause :)
That would be an embarrassment.
Or the improvement added something that isn't considered different by the diff code.
Anyway, it will be interesting to see what comes of this.
Thanks for reporting it.
2:58 PM
Damn I love SQL Sentry. I wish my version wasn't 8 years old. But still.
@Zane it's so old it's not even sentryone
That is accurate.
I'm like a 4 versions before it was Sentry One
However it turns out all the budget for software went into Tim Sloans pocket.
that must be a gigantic pocket
26 million I think. 36% raise over last year.
I've got to upgrade ours soon
3:08 PM
Pretty good for a guy running a company that was recently caught robbing a bunch of people.
@Taryn you folks have such cool stuff.
@Zane heh, you think?
@Taryn I've never actually upgraded that sort of software before. Fairly painless I imagine?
@Zane I've no clue which is partly why I haven't done it yet.
@Taryn upgrading it is no fun (at least from what i rememeber) -- a lot of struggling to get solo access to the database
3:12 PM
@sp_BlitzErik sigh
It's all super fast with column store now I hear
you can probably do it with one memory of powershell
I'll take one powershell please
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@EvanCarroll that looks clever
sounds interesting anyway
sup my darlin'.
7:29 PM
Can we quit the 'my database is better than yours' game please
7:39 PM
69 messages moved to Trash
But not really
i said funny things in there
that's not fair
@sp_BlitzErik Life isn't fair, out of context jokes don't work, so they went away with the context
Sorry again "eh"
@TomV :( that's pretty sad. Some could be cleaned up but all of it? sigh.
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft It's getting ridiculous/annoying lately, seriously
ban evan
7:44 PM
@TomV No jokes. Got it. What about sarcasm?
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft Jokes and sarcasm are both ok, pissing matches every other day are boring
to me it wasn't a pissing match, just good back and forth poking but ok.
that's quality (kind of) banter
if anyone is serious they should LITERALLY DIE
The only jokes that work every single day either involve Lamak or KFC
I'm neither of those people, so I'll take my leave of the room.
7:48 PM
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft That wasn't the intention and you're welcom, there is just no point in a pgsql<>sqlserver discussion every other evening
@TomV I don't think either of us made that inclination but we joked about different features
IMO, but hey, I won't kick you, if that is what the room becomes I'll escort myself out
@TomV No need, chill here :) I'll go. I don't want to say anything to get moved to trash which in some light could be misconstrued as "X is greater than Y". Nothing personal, bud.
2 days ago, by gbn
Someone ask me if I want to read a pissing contest when i get in.
if i told you i had a potty mouth would you have a pissing contest in it?
7:54 PM
@sp_BlitzErik It'll cost you, mates' rates though coz it's you
woohoo! i'll bring the coors light.
@sp_BlitzErik That'll ensure the piss is clear as water
8:10 PM
@TomV does anyone but you read it as a pissing match?
@TomV I mean, most importantly, does @SeanGallardy-Microsoft?
I don't read his comments directed at me as being of a pissing match.
It's a DB-centered channel for DBAs. We make light hearted jokes about each others' stuff, and each other. I don't actually care if Hekaton was better (though it's probably not, because you know and even if it was, you couldn't benchmark it)....
I'm just saying because if it's not clear to you, or Sean, I don't mean anything I say personally or take what others direct at me that way, and I don't think others are doing so here either.
@sp_BlitzErik just keep in mind what you're essentially saying when you say "ban evan" is "I don't want to see Evan run in any moderator elections for a year" and I know that's not true.
I thought chat bans didn't count. Do they?
@EvanCarroll you're right. every election needs a nader.
@ypercubeᵀᴹ They will for everyone after I personally run with a chat ban in the past year, having had my other bans and suspensions elapse more than a year ago. Don't ruin it for everyone because of me. Don't make them do it!
8:28 PM
Q: Access "couldn't use ... file already in use"

Daniel AndrewsI have an Access 97 database that is used by some software on multiple (up to 4-6) computers (running Windows 7). Once in a while (maybe 1-2 months) something happens where computers on the network can't access the database. The program accesses the database through a ADO/JET driver (the program...

Should I suggest to the OP upgrade MS-Access and Novell network?
@McNets why would that solve the issue?
It might create even more issues ;)
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Maybe not, but I don't think a good idea to use an Access-97 db on Windows7
8:44 PM
I quite liked that version of Access.
@McNets I'd love to. Office 97 was the best. Call me old, but MS bollixed office with that ribbon.
@gbn hummm, OLD!
Whenever I use Office, I set it to save in 97 format.
@ypercubeᵀᴹ hard core
In my company, ppl still use a 20 year old app developed with MS-Access 97, but now upgraded to 2007
8:48 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ No they don't count.
I think that question is on topic here.
I truly forgot about Shared Access Mode
That's how I got started in PostgreSQL, and Perl. =)
My first projects were in PHP/VB Classic, on Access or XML.
it's too bad LibreOffice hasn't gone after Microsoft a bit more effectively.
Base can integrate with SQL Lite.
You can have a totally open source Access-alternative.
9:19 PM
What do you mean with "across platforms"? TOP is not even valid SQL. — ypercubeᵀᴹ 1 min ago
A paparazzi-worthy answer.
9:47 PM
paparazzo, please.
TIL about segment registers, and processor segmentation!

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