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3:43 AM
Jesus Christ.
who stole all my unicorn points
4 hours later…
7:34 AM
Good morning
2 hours later…
9:11 AM
@EvanCarroll John Bolton?
9:59 AM
I lost some 80 points too.
> This removal occurs whenever a user is deleted, unless that user had a very high reputation score. Because high-reputation users have usually cast a great many votes, removing all of them could be that much more disruptive to other users. In such cases, the staff use a special deletion that preserves the votes, resulting in no reputation change for those who had been voted on by that user.
So he wasn't a high reputation user.
10:31 AM
I lost 110
Seems like just about everyone lost some
As @EvanCarroll said: Unicorn points
10:49 AM
A: Massive user removal in one night?

animusonThere's no such thing as a database cleanup that would affect reputation, because we don't automatically delete profiles that have voted. One or more users deleted their profiles, and there's really not anything further we can discuss about the topic for privacy reasons.

I got -50
2 hours later…
12:50 PM
@jjanes congrats on gold badging in Pg!
1:26 PM
@EvanCarroll they finally found your sock puppet account?
I would never hide with a name like EVAN CARROLL
@EvanCarroll an anagram of Carnal Lover 😱
2:00 PM
2:18 PM
Very generous voter apparently
3:06 PM
@AndriyM Were you by any means affected?
3:44 PM
@hot2use On DBA.SE only, -175. My activity on SO has been very sporadic the last several years, and almost non-existent in the few others where I've got an account.
4:37 PM
I don't think I got any change
1 hour later…
5:49 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Says -270 for you dba.stackexchange.com/users/993/…
6:08 PM
@PaulWhite why not name drop? why do you feel you have any obligation to say what user removed his account?
I mean, that's not the desire of the user in question -- it's a SO policy.
@EvanCarroll what?
I literally cannot parse that
And that's literally in the old sense
Before it came to mean metaphorically
I saw you say you knew what user deleted his account, but you were holding back
I was simply curious to know... why?
Given the context that user is awesome, and he/she should be know for their historical contribution to upvoting and later discord (lol)
@EvanCarroll It's the why what that I'm having trouble with. Are you asking why I don't name the account?
Because it would violate the moderator agreement I signed
6:12 PM
you didn't figure it out with user resources.
ok that makes sense.
I figured you inferred it or some such thing.
No doubt the information will make it's way out in due course
It usually does
Yep yep, I thought you were the first one to crack it.
But it's really not interesting at all
If you want to hint me off, 281.901.0011 (signal enabled!)
Except by virtue of the fact of it
Heh heh heh
6:13 PM
"the fact of it" the only reason why anything is ever interesting.
Well I suppose that's true
But there could be an awesome conspiracy or something
A hitherto unsuspected Jeff Atwood sock or sthg
You pretty much nailed one major conspiracy theory angle with the HACK idea
I think that was you?
Jeff is a silent fan. The Jeff theory has merit.
It's a shame a saw his tweet about your previous meta question after it had been deleted
I imagine it was a good read
I do not think it would be hard to find out. If the user.,as it seems, is someone with lots of acrivity and rep.
100% of my posts are always a good read.
6:18 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Certainly lots of votes anyway
@EvanCarroll Uh huh
5 hours later…
11:31 PM
Q: User was removed -- lose 810 points

Rick JamesWow! I answered or commented on someone who was so bad that he eventually got removed. He must have posted hundreds of Questions? Was I that much of a sucker to "help" him dozens of times? (It's only 2% of my Reputation, so I am not hurt too badly; just curious.)

I lost 955.

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