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11:13 AM
A chairde - Morning all!
1 hour later…
12:13 PM
Q: If more users could vote, would they engage more? Testing 1 reputation voting on some sites

CatijaTL;DR: We are interested in finding 2-3 Stack Exchange sites willing to volunteer to test lowering the reputation required to upvote and downvote to 1 so that we can understand how this change impacts participation on sites. This test will be run with direct communication between the company and ...

Only just noticed that became public
it's hard enough getting users who can vote to vote
12:46 PM
The only really good answer there is from a Community Manager they sacked
there are a lot of answers
which one are you talking about
Link added
As you will know, I don't care very much about SO the company at this stage, but it does seem like they only have simple ideas and look to implement them in the most simplistic way possible.
sort of like apple post-steve jobs
quite so
I probably agree with the idea of removing the rep penalty for downvoting though
The system is stupidly skewed towards upvotes.
Post enough average-ish content and you'll acquire high rep in no time
don't talk about me like i'm not here
12:56 PM
I think we all know I was talking about jacuzzi dolphin
oh you were being generous with average-ish
Average is an insult in NZ
Like "ordinary"
Like if I say the weather is p average today, you'll know to stay in
Anyway, what I said is likely out of date. Hardly anyone votes now
"standard edition"
> In-Memory OLTP initialized on standard machine.
That used to say low-end
Perhaps I just have more memory configured these days
1:13 PM
the new meme i'm going to push is that every time you double memory, pageiolatch waits will be cut in half
1:23 PM
@PaulWhite true, pretty standard guy I hear...
Nothing wrong with having standards
i have very high standards for other people
1:46 PM
Consistency is key
wow, that vote change is going to be terrible
not if you set the correct success criteria
I really need to set my standards lower, given cloud and AI these days
we'll be Reddit in no time
> we are having an issue installing SQL Server 2019. It was previously working but stopped working. We reinstalled SQL 2019 but now are not able to install it.
1:51 PM
So like... Schrödinger's installation?
It's both installed and not installed?
migrate them to postgres stat
imagine if someone said that about starting their car
I can't fathom these people being in IT
Did everyone retire and it's just the dregs left?
1:53 PM
seems like
I guess they had a problem with their SQL Server and tried reinstalling but it failed
If it helps, it's on "Windows 11"
there used to be a starred message by a young and handsome consultant about quality
although the "Windows Server 2025" one made me laugh
"tomorrow's problems, today"
Yeah, that person doesn't live in reality
1:56 PM
or they're bad a number pads
Sep 14 at 14:00, by Erik Darling
has anyone else noticed that the quality of everything seems to be going down
well....this seems like a troublesome change
oh god what now
yup, that means that you'll need another resource to have internet on your VM, which obviously will cost money
internet tax
1:59 PM
@SeanGallardy hey, not everything AI related is bad
I rest my case
not that I care about Azure, but doesn't that say a default outbound IP will be assigned so everything will continue to work?
@Lamak solid... meh.
@PaulWhite only for current VMs, the ones created after that defined date won't
I see
Still don't care, but I do see
thinking about the 1 rep user votes
is this an admission that the bigger voting buttons were useless
2:02 PM
ha ha
@PaulWhite Said the blind man?
to his deaf wife?
rough crowd
I smiled slightly, if that assists at all
It does
@SeanGallardy I have a deaf wife....I'm not blind yet though
It wasn't meant to be representative of anyone, just jokes
2:04 PM
my wife pretends to be deaf quite often
Until she hears even the smallest noise, when convenient?
@Lamak is there spanish sign language?
@SeanGallardy naturally
Just wanted to make sure it was a universal trait
very selective hearing
2:05 PM
@ErikDarling yes. Though we speak chilean sign language
I bet there's a version of Wordle for that
there should
if i were deaf i would only type in emoji to mess with people
I learned yesterday that English is not an official language in NZ
I've recently been able to answer most questions on Teams with a response which is just a link to a blog post I wrote. Is this some sort of new level?
2:07 PM
Sign language is
@PaulWhite It's not an official language in the USA either
@SeanGallardy Is that right
That makes some sense since none of you can speak or write the language properly
> The United States does not have an official language [...]
according to the gov't website
2:08 PM
Probably wrong then
And cost a fortune
like all of gov't
blind leading the deaf
Natural progression when you're 90+ years old
my wife actually appears in the official chilean sign language dictionary
but where
2:14 PM
somewhere there
i'm disappointed that "cejas" isn't in there
what?, that's it, I'm getting a divorce
4 hours later…
6:06 PM
@PaulWhite It's the second official language in Ireland!
@Vérace What's the first?
@J.D. Really? You have to ask?
We all know it's Gibberish as their first language
I mean, really J.D.
6:27 PM
@SeanGallardy Amadán! :-)
7:07 PM
@Vérace I have been known to paralyze people
7:38 PM
Wordle 837 4/6

8:05 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Where's the URL for the Wordles?
Wordle 837 2/6*

Lucky start today.
@SeanGallardy lol
@Vérace ¡si señor!
@J.D. Have a stab at it!
8:49 PM
@Vérace Gaelic?
don't you love when you go to add a feature to something and realize it's already there
time wasted
no way
i saved like an hour
it's like a present from past me
who probably had way more time on their hands
@J.D. No, it's Irish. Gaelic is a term describing a group of closely related languages (Irish, Manx and Scots Gallic).

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