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So close ..
6:32 AM
@MichaelGreen Which one?
7:08 AM
Evening and Morning
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@Philᵀᴹ all starting with "SQL" ...
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11:14 AM
@MichaelGreen 983 here
> The queries are similar, but it is important to plot the requirement: "plot blacklisted frequent travelers travel dates vs blacklist dates".
@PaulWhite was that a comment from the OP?
11:37 AM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Yes
@Philᵀᴹ They used to be AppleForest82 then AppleBook89, if you or anyone was wondering.
11:58 AM
communication nowadays:
> My company phone fell into a reboot cycle. Do you have an idea?
> Your phone has passed 2 years of age 9 days ago, you can have now a new phone.
(happened to a friend, ya know)
12:16 PM
@hot2use Edit reviews
@dezso Woo! Badge party!
A: Import CSV in Postgres with static data in other columns

dezsoAs suggested in a comment already, you will have to create an intermediate table as the target of COPY, and then insert into the final table in the second step. If you don't have to keep the intermediate table (for cross-checking your results, or as an easy retry point), you can make it temporar...

from the CommentConverter department
@MichaelGreen You'll beat me to it ;-)
12:47 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ have i ever mentioned how jealous i am of your ability to just look at a query and see what's wrong with it?
12:58 PM
I blame relational theory and a mathematical background
Also the use of higher dimensions
@sp_BlitzErik Even in queries that make my head explode just looking at them. 7 nested subqueries, a bunch of functions and 3 pages long
yeah, it's ridiculous
@sp_BlitzErik eh, thnx ;)
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2:41 PM
Q: Select mysql results inclusively based on NOW()

SidMy query is following: SELECT total_requests, author FROM db.authors LEFT JOIN db.user_data ON authors.author_id = user_data.id WHERE (date > (now() - INTERVAL 30 MINUTE)) AND user_data.domain LIKE '%example.com%' GROUP BY bidder; It returns all results between now() and last 30 minutes, that'...

I don't get this. Do they want to select data at 00 seconds?
He doesn't want his results to change everytime he does a refresh it seems.
Easy solution: Have the query run only once every minute
3:24 PM
see ya
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5:31 PM
"A chicken is an egg's way of making another egg."

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