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A: What is a Storage Definition Language (SDL)?

Evan CarrollFrom Fundamentals of Database Systems (7th Edition) 7th Edition (pg 39) In DBMSs where a clear separation is maintained between the conceptual and internal levels, the DDL is used to specify the conceptual schema only. Another language, the storage definition language (SDL), is used to specif...

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@SeanGallardy-Microsoft Thank you
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@SeanGallardy-Microsoft Would lock classes qualify? I've always wondered what they are, and why they're useful/used.
> Other Kalifornia only things: you don't have to tell people you gave them AIDS

You don't have to tell people you have any STD. There is nothing special about AIDs one way or another. It's just another STD.

> Using the wrong pronoun for a person will get you fined/jail time

Only if you're their caretaker in a long-term care facility and you do it "willfully and repeatedly". And if you do who cares about you anyway? Seriously, someone says their name is Sue, call them Sue.

> They use more tax money to pay for subsidizes for illegals than citizens
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Good morning everyone.
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@Lamak Evan has a long way to go
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