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12:00 AM
@Ben :D
@Ben Hudson, sir. he's Hicks
@Ben It's game over , man!
It's our go-to whenever anyone suggests excessive use of fire, these days.
@Miniman I don't think we ever claimed Norway .. more to the contrary?
And by "excessive" I mean, anything more than a campfire.
@BlackSpike he's only saying sort of what the comment sounded like
@trogdor I know :) I'm not saying we wouldn't -like- to claim Norway ...
@trogdor but History is not on my side ...
complete tangent: I managed to finally introduce "Brian" (NPC) to our game!
Backstory: one of our players has a tale of when he was GMing back-in-the-day, his players went into a bar, and he had some "major" NPCs, but the players kept asking 'who else is here?' .. oh, erm .. Brian? ... "he's not important, is he?" ... "no"
so since then, all of our games have a Major NPC called Brian, or Brienne, or Bry'arn ...
@BlackSpike It's weird when you think about it like that. Or maybe not so weird, actually - Britain got conquered a lot, which means the people in charge were hereditary conquerors, so it makes sense that they went out and conquered stuff themselves.
@BlackSpike lol fair enough, XD
@Miniman Yeah, we do not consider ourselves a "conquered nation" at all! We had lots of "invaders" (ancient history). But we remember the bit where we went out teaching other nations how to beat us at sports
Lord Brian of Belvedere (Central park, Manhattan, 2080AD). Kind of a zombie ... managed to convimce the players to burn the laboratory that has all of one PC's backstory-secrets in it .. "too dangerous!"
@BlackSpike I still like Tom Holt's explanation - Britain conquered half the world in a desperate attempt to get away from their crappy weather.
12:14 AM
Jun 14 at 6:11, by Ben
@MikeQ Nah Stevo's just you're average bloke. He does his 9 to 5 then kicks back with a beer in the arvo. Everyone knows Stevo, he's a good bloke and happy to have a yarn every now and then
@Miniman And all we found was other bad weather! India? Too hot! Australia? Too hot (unless it was too cold).
@Miniman Ah fair, but not being an ex-British colony does not mean is currently it also includes one that have never been one
"Are you, or have you ever been, a British Colony?"
NSFW warning: Some swearing
12:24 AM
@Carcer I understood that reference!
@BlackSpike It all makes sense now.
@Ben Mitchell and Webb have a series of those explorers :) And they are -so- true!
Of course, I know how "Queensland" came about. It was along the lines of it being the Queen's personal national park. Of course it's also the reason why half the pest flora and fauna species are also protected. Lol
@Ben If The Queen is blessing (funding!) my journey round the world, the least I can do I name a Place after her. It's only polite! :)
(I was brought up in a village that translated as "Queen's Borough")
12:44 AM
All gone quiet .. gonna pitch my "we have recurring NPCs called 'Brian'" again. It's that or spam y'all with pics of my 40k orks
One tack may be that actually explorers never really had any enjoyment in naming places.
@Ben Dunno. They probably had lots of duties/investors.
"Look Captain, land! we found new land!"
"well call it New Found Land! I don't care.. I'm going back to bed!"
"Green Land"
"But captain, it's an icy waste! there's no green here"
"You didn't study Marketing, did you, Ensign?"
(true story!)
Ehh... True is a definite stretch, there's a lot lost and muddied over a thousand years, and a change in religion, script, ++
Anyway, I've flogged my own national history enough for one day. Good Night all!
12:58 AM
@Someone_Evil sleep well.
@BlackSpike accurate haha
what is
Dat's Li'l Miss Stompy :D
@G.Moylan You may be interested in the later books in the Ender's Game series, which feature an interesting ecology. Some plants and animals at first appear to be symbiotic, when it turns out the plant is just the second half of the animal's life cycle.
1:11 AM
40k Ork Stompa (War machine). stands 16" tall (infantry are 1" tall)
OH right hahaha
With full armaments, and hair-braids!
1) yeah, I brought a Stompa! Deal with it!
2) yes, it's wearing a gingham dress. Got a problem with that?
(Best bit, despite any Opponent reactions, was asking my Mum to make the dress!)
All that's missing are flail pigtails haha
@BESW I've searched fro a Mr Flibble. Can't find one the right size, that I like
1:21 AM
@BlackSpike It looks kind of like Tom Servo cosplaying as Gingham!Rimmer
"Mum, I've got a bolt of gingham cloth. Can you make a dress?"
"erm .. sure ... for you?"
"no, for my toy soldier"
"oooo kaaay ... not sure if that's better ..."
@BlackSpike It's not worse
(aside: they are called "toy soldiers". any attempt to 'gentrify' them with terms such as "miniature figurines" will be met with raucous laughter. )
@Ben spot on!
1:44 AM
@Ben fantastic
@BESW heh heh heh heh heh heh
Greetings everyone. Just popping in for a quick question ... I'm wondering if it's okay to post more than one answer to a question ? My first answer already is the accepted answer but I wanted to rework it and answer it even better ... should I edit my initial answer or make a new one ?
@Catar4 I'm too n00b to answer that. Initial thought is , if answer had been accepted, don't edit it, make a new answer ... BUT: let wiser minds guide you
thats what I'm thinking too, I think we got the right instinct.
my thanks.
2:00 AM
@Catar4 I'd say if it's substantially the same answer, then edit. If it's a new line of thought, then another answer might be appropriate.
@JoelHarmon Pretty much
@Catar4 What they said.
Agreed. Once again, thanks.
Thank you for asking! I'm glad you felt welcome to.
And what he said as well. Welcome to the site!
2:15 AM
bed time
@BlackSpike Good night!
And good morning, Min!
@JoelHarmon Hey! Sorry, I'm in "occasional phone checks during compiles etc" mode.
@Miniman I'm very familiar with that particular mode. Also, I didn't fully ping you, either. No worries!
@BlackSpike ciao for now
Well, @Miniman knows when he's being pinged... regardless.
Feb 13 at 3:25, by Ben
Or when autocorrect misspells your name like @Minimal
2:25 AM
@Ben I mean, sometimes.
Although Min is definitely the real @Minimal ping XD
And also not to be confused with @Miniman, either :)
@Ben [yoink]
2:39 AM
Maximumble is the artist for this comic, just FYI.
@Ben oh man good times XD
@Catar4 I agree with all that was said. For comparison, here are a few examples of questions I can think of that I've answered twice: rpg.stackexchange.com/q/69064/23970, rpg.stackexchange.com/q/71888/23970. In both cases I think the answers are substantially different, and merited people being able to vote on them severally. (In the second case it's two different answers, in the first it's the same "answer" explained two substantially-different ways.)
In another 400 or so cases I've edited answers to improve them, rather than re-post.
3:01 AM
Did a similar thing here.
I'll admit my answer was not different enough to warrant a second answer ... but still it changed the accepted answer substantially since I went deeper into the 'how' it could be done with more precise context.
and different suggestions. Editing the accepted answer felt like I would be cheating or something :P
@Catar4 Eh, I think I know what you mean, and I've been there before. If the TL;DR wouldn't change and you're just fleshing out/explaining better, I wouldn't generally post anew. Sure, you're "changing" the post under the votes: maybe an upvoter liked a concise version and wouldn't once you've expanded it. But I just assume those things live at the level of noise and just trust that me trying my best to provide a useful resource for people will work out in the end.
@CTWind Yeah--it's not super-common, but not unheard-of, either. I like what you did there, putting a pointer in the one answer to the other. I do feel like "this author thinks there's a better/different way to understand this" is a good bit of context to have when reading an answer.
hey there @Catar4, welcome to the RPG.SE lair btw :)
3:18 AM
"lair". This feels like an adventure now !
Please roll for initiative
@Rubiksmoose That's better than our game of bad happen the other day.
oh man, was it here in chat?
(found it)
3:21 AM
@Rubiksmoose I think so, pretty sure we got bad happen 5/6 rolls.
Jul 10 at 4:51, by V2Blast
Bad happen times
I dont have any weapon !
I checked ...
@Catar4 Roll 2d6 to see what kind of weapon you get. (Just type 2d6 as a message)
3:24 AM
maybe I can run
@Catar4 Bad Happen: You thought you found a rusty dagger. But it's broken.
better than my usual luck
3:26 AM
Jul 10 at 4:04, by BESW
"WHAT HAPPEN," an RPG Powered by Apocalype. #ifyouusethewordthethegameinstantlyends
^ For context
hey there @Rubiksmoose, how're things going?
I now get it. The perfect system.
3:27 AM
@Shalvenay Well clearly I just found this so-so sword. So doing better than @Catar4!
clearly you didnt spend enough time admiring it for me to steal it from you. I actually try, stumble, then fall into a deep chasm.
3:28 AM
As you fall I grab your money pouch and all of your valuables. And whip out a witty one-liner.
my next character wont die falling down a dark pit in his trousers, I swear it.
"Normally it's not until the second date that people fall for me."
lol, good one.
3:30 AM
@Rubiksmoose doing alright here, was wondering if you'd be available for a game this Saturday night :)
(the Fellowship demo)
@Shalvenay This Saturday might be rough. I have 3 birthday parties and a bachelor/bachelorette party and a bar crawl. It is going to be a harrowing experience lol
@Rubiksmoose aah, no worries then
To be entirely fair though the birthday parties and bachelor/ette party are combined into one.
But will likely occupy my evening unfortunately for RPG things
@Shalvenay I feel like every time you ask me I have something very specific conflicting on that day that makes me sound much much more social than I actually am lol
3:34 AM
@Rubiksmoose LOL
@linksassin i read that as "see what kind of happen you get"
So I have just discovered that the US centric nature of SE sites is more of a problem on other sites than I have seen it here. Asked a question over on money and got a high voted answer that was completely useless because they don't understand the market here.
@Ben Fundamentally the same thing in that situation.
@linksassin yeah, one of the big frustrations on DIY is getting people to specify their locale
fortunately, for the stuff I deal with the most on that site, I can pretty much sort folks into two bins: North America, and everybody else
@Shalvenay I specified it, but they openly say in their answer "I don't know the australian used-car market but in the US you can..." and yet got upvotes.
@linksassin I had a question once about repairing RPG peripherals, that got multiple answers which challenged the frame of the question by assuming it would be easier and faster and cheaper to get new bulky items shipped to me than to repair the items I had.
3:45 AM
@linksassin I suppose that supports the "other users may find this useful..." knock-on effect of an answer, but it's understandably frustrating and useless for you.
@BESW oh dear. If only, right?
About to stream our D&D 5e actual-play podcast in about 15 minutes: https://www.twitch.tv/events/DvEOfNa8S0yWJPwjmixShQ

In a universe adjacent to our own lies a world known as Runia. This world, once peaceful and idyllic, is now threatened by a monstrous being from its prehistory. A group of adventurers known as Whiskey Company have risen up to do what they can to fight this entity known only as Nagat. They have trekked far across the mortal realms in search of the shards of Barrinoth, the Titan of Justice, in hopes of returning him to his full power.
@Rubiksmoose An even more egregious example was a question that specified the querent had access to Internet only once every week or two, and almost every single answer just couldn't believe it was possible for someone to post a single question on the Stack Exchange without having constant reliable Internet access.
@BESW Yeesh.
@BESW Far out. I don't like answers that just straight up ignore things that the OP mentions. Or tries to tell them they are wrong about things.
3:59 AM
I'm all for a good frame challenge, especially when rules are being used in social situations, but that's... not this.
"good frame challenge" being the key part. Not "you're wrong".
@linksassin psh, "no u" is the best frame challenge
We're live!
4:21 AM
@V2Blast no ur live XP
Ever play a ghost as a PC?
What system?
Any system where it's not intended
I heard rumor of someone after their PC died in grups or something deciding to just play their own ghost from that point.
D&D 3.x had a handful of "undead version of yourself" templates for exactly that purpose, deliberately created with low or not level adjustment.
4:37 AM
ah; must have come up a lot then
There's also a setting... [rummages]
Ghostwalk! D&D 3.x, unique setting where player-character races' spirits don't just fade into the afterlife, they've gotta hike to a specific spot to pass over.
And obviously there's all kinds of non-D&D material like InSpectres and Morts where undead player characters are possible-to-normal.
5:01 AM
@BESW Isn't that how WoW works?
@MikeQ Yeah, but in Ghostwalk you have to walk from your body to the graveyard and there's only one graveyard in the whole world and you can be ganked again on the way.
@BESW I don't kbow what I would do with these but I like them so much
@Ash I'm like "Who do I know that I can make these for because I know I won't wear them myself but I HAVE TO MAKE THEM NOW?"
Especially the bird-of-prey mask, that's so awesome.
5:06 AM
I would wear one of it was a dragon
(I can't find an actual pattern for that one.)
Then I don't have to wear one
I would totally do it though
5:13 AM
@BESW I don't know where I could wear it but I would
Where I could wear is also an issue
5:42 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer (87): Multiple player movement by Undead-bedhead on rpg.SE
@SmokeDetector I think that's the first smoke detector I've seen that wasn't straight up spam or swearing.
They're rare, but they happen.
6:10 AM
I'm not the only one that thinks that movement question is a rant right?
There's definitely a lot of frustration about an abstraction that leaks in a way the querent doesn't want.
@trogdor oh snap
It's odd because it reads like they understand the rules but then the question implies they don't get them at all.
I read it as incredulity at what they perceive to be an obvious failure of the combat abstraction which they find completely breaks their suspension of disbelief.
6:26 AM
That's probably accurate but it makes it not much of a question.
A charitable interpretation would be "Am I really understanding this because it seems very weird to me?"
We do get those sorts of questions. I've asked some myself!
@BESW "charitable interpretation" - I like that phrase.
They might be asking for alternate/homebrew rules recommendations.
That's how it's phrased at the very end, but in a weirdly belligerent way if that's really their goal.
That's what I thought they were asking but their comment says otherwise.
yeah, it seems like a "confirm I have understood the rules correctly" question but the querent is also angry about it because they don't like what they have correctly understood
6:50 AM
@trogdor a dragon wearing a dragon mask? Sounds very Michael Myers-esque :P
look, if I want to be twice as beautiful and amazing and awesome as I already am that's my business
True. I mean, given the opportunity I'd dress up as Spiderman
I've never seen Spiderman and myself in the same room... But that's a different story
I've never seen me and Batman, or Superman, or Thor, or Ironman in the same room either
Well that's just cos they're all scared of dragons :P
6:56 AM
Thor definitely seemed scared of dragons
7:51 AM
"Knife Theory," by jimbaby and iveld. Knives are essentially anything that the DM can use to raise the stakes of a situation for your character.
8:05 AM
@trogdor To be fair, he's gonna be killed by Jörmungandr.
@BESW but that's not just any dragon
but fair is fair
@BESW Ooooh
Sadly limited to mostly English-language fiction, though there's at least one French author in there.
So no gong'an figures like Di Renjie or Bao Gong, though I'm pretty sure they were being written at that time.
8:45 AM
I just found out that the tag existed
@V2Blast Oh, that reminded me of a question of mine that got closed because I phrased is as leaning more towards idea-generation than to player-techniques.
I wonder if it's worth a try making a rewrite and asking for a reopen (experience says no because such rewrites tend to be uphill battles; curiosity says maybe).
@vicky_molokh I mean, the worst that'll happen is that it'll get closed, so it's really up to you whether the effort of rewriting it is worth it. I think you could run the rewrite by meta first if you wanted... Though I guess that might just be redundant because at that point you may as well just do the rewrite on mainsite directly...
@V2Blast Yeah, it's mostly a matter of effort and the chance of it providing a reward. I ran a rewrite of another question by meta recently, achieving a reopen only to (a) make the only answerer-candidate no longer able to answer it and (b) have it re-closed almost as fast as the first time. So I guess my expectations of payoff have been lowered.
1 hour later…
10:04 AM
Spam question, please flag:
Q: How to check zong balance

Anam PrincessHi Here is the answer of question how to check zong balance? if you want to the answer so please much check it out the answer it here.

They're getting cannier.
the first strong AI will evolve from spambots trying to figure out how to shill products surreptitiously
11:04 AM
@V2Blast This was a great question for its time, but I think it should get a historical lock now; there's no problem it's trying to solve. Should I take that to meta, flag it, or...?
11:19 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (347): Is there a vampire/population ratio stated in the books? by Marie Forleo on rpg.SE
@SmokeDetector I can't decide which is better, "at the snack of my finger" or that vampirism is now spread through WhatsApp.
@Carcer Obligatory XKCD
11:35 AM
@BESW I'd say a short Meta if you feel up to it. But a flag will work too.
@BESW 1, I disagree. It's about rpg design. "Does a game have to be fun" is perfectly stackable, imo. especially within the scope of creating one.
additionally, the British "noughties" for 2000-2009 makes me a little uncomfortable? I assume because of its homophone "Naughty"

I'd prefer "oughties" myself.
oughties is dangerously close to eighties though
noughties has less potential dialectal ambiguity]
first of all, no such thing as "dangerously close" to the 80s.
they should be so lucky
how about just "oughts", then, which is what I think I've said when I don't just say "2000s"
hey there @LarsBosteen, welcome to the RPG.SE lair :)
to be honest I just say 2000s as well
I don't think I've ever personally heard someone say noughties, only on tv and that
11:45 AM
@goodguy5 If it were asking that, I might agree. But body text take precedent over title text and the body text is asking for essays on the nature of reward in game design. Guess I should write a meta.
@LarsBosteen Hi!
11:59 AM
sick and working from home and watching the baby is hard.d...
@Carcer We lack a good word for it so I occasionally use "early 2000's" but it's ambiguous as heck
I enjoy linguistic flexibility and would happily use any neologism, were there any non-awkward one in our language, but we don't have anything as convenient as noughties
you should just convince everyone to speak english instead
much more convenient
The License to Kill Years.
12:14 PM
there are several ways that could be interpreted
@Carcer Too mainstream
@kviiri How about "the zips" or "the nadas"
There's an amusing bilingual Chamoru pun that could be used, but that wouldn't really help anybody else.
The License to Kill Years.
1. The group of Years that are known for a "permission to commit murder"
2. The permission that allows one to commit murder on years
3. The range of Years that go from the "License Years" to the "Kill Years"
4. The group of Years that are known for their range of "License" to "Kill"
5. A range that is a subset of a sequence in which "The License" and "Kill years" are elements
There's some more, surely
A license for killing people with the name "Years"
12:35 PM
The "double-ohs" or "double-oughts" or "double-noughts," any of those work.
12:53 PM
Q: Should "Do role-playing games have to be fun?" be closed?

BESW"Do role-playing games have to be fun?" was a nice question in the early days of the site, very typical of early-beta-site questions generally. Then it went quiet for five years until a (totally reasonable) tag edit brought it back to the surface today and I got a chance to look again. Looking o...

@BESW I raise a motion to adopt "ruh roh's"
@goodguy5 motion seconded
Finnish has really abysmally long decade names except for 80's and 90's that have common short forms that are actually short
better or worse than french
1:08 PM
@JoelHarmon Now that you mention it I remember that in Speaker for the Dead but I had forgotten about it until now
@Carcer Hm, I wonder if French has shorter form names for the decades, but if they're just "Années <year exactly as otherwise>" I guess French might win
@kviiri That's it, for example "les années cinquante" for the 50s, and "les années deux mille" for the 2000s
really though I think we can lump the years 2000 to about 2004 as the extended 90s
1:50 PM
@PierreCathé Is that unambiguous for the first decade of 2000's, or does that mean the entire millenium too?
I present ye seitsemänkymmentäluku (seventies) for Finnish. Although outside formal contexts people often shorten it to seitkytluku.
@kviiri I guess it could mean both depending on context but most often it's just the first decade
I learned a new finnish word yesterday
2:05 PM
oh yea?
seems less like a new word and more like a new product.
it was a new word to me
from my 2 minutes of googling, it's akin to saying you learned the word "Zagnut!"
but then most finnish words are
2:08 PM
It's a portmanteau, from "kebab" and "kepakko" (stick)
mostly the language discussion reminded me of the video so I found a cunning way to seamlessly segue into linking it
iirc, portmanteau is itself a portmanteau
I do not recall correctly
I'm such a cynic and have a hard time trusting that these actually go where they're supposed to.
my concern about that at the moment is just where exactly that money is supposed to go right now anway
2:16 PM
@Carcer that too.
I don't attribute any malfeasance on the part of whoever organised the fundraiser but at the moment it's just raising money to no properly defined end or purpose.
Though I'm not surprised. KyoAni are well-loved and this is honestly quite shocking
@Carcer seems fun
@kviiri if they amuse you I would also recommend their prior show citation needed youtube.com/playlist?list=PL96C35uN7xGIo2odDuuPeYtb7BtQ1kBhp
which is basically the inverse, Tom looks up a random wikipedia article and then quizzes them about it awarding points for facts they get right
I got to attend a couple of the filmings for seasons they did with a live audience
good fun
I love these kinds of games IRL, with the right company of course
@NautArch it would be pretty foolish for Sentai Filmworks to just try and pocket the money - people would immediately know, and they are not a Mr Nobody that can just hope to disappear and never been heard of again. That said, it is pretty evident that the money can only hope to help buying back lost infrastructure and hardware - won't bring back anyone who died in the fire.
2:25 PM
@Carcer Oh, that's neat!
@Derpy As I said, I'm just a cynic. My lack of faith in humanity is showing.
@NautArch I'm cynical in a different way, I just have a problem with everyone using microfunding platforms such as gofundme for anything they don't have the $$ for. A tragedy such as this is slightly different, but there is a limited amount of $$ that I have to apportion, and it's pretty much already spoken for.
Lentokenttä just means airport though, but I guess it's also the proper noun for the district of Vantaa that has the Helsinki airport (yes, it's not in Helsinki!)
@JohnP It's also unclear that they need the money. I mean, odds are KyoAni has insurance. More money is also good, but they should get some insurance reimbursement.
@JohnP Obligatory xkcd : xkcd.com/871
2:31 PM
@kviiri yeah don't worry they establish that it is literally airport
@NautArch Also an estimated revenue of $2M. No idea if that is gross or net, though.
@Carcer oh yeah so it seems :D I was a tad hasty
Helsinki also has an area called Eläintarha, or "zoo". It's never had a zoo.
@kviiri Korkeasaari doesn't count?
@NautArch There are conceivably good purposes you can put that money to. KyoAni is probably insured for the property damage but it's less likely that everyone who died has life insurance and this could mean considerable financial hardship for the families of those who died
oh.... I can do that too...
2:36 PM
@Carcer True, but doesn't mean that's where the money goes (especially if they don't say that.) If this was specifically creating a fund to help those families (like the 9/11 funds), then that's another thing. But now we're making assumptions about where the money goes.
I'll just go ahead and change my name to Debbie Downer.
@NautArch yes, this is the kind of thing that I'd establish personally before I started raising money or throwing my money at anything
I dunno, the arson happened not even 24 hours ago, starting up a GoFundMe right now feels... almost emotionally predatory for some reason.
Plus, I don't like the idea of these sort of things being set up by unrelated persons.
@NautArch And there are existing 9/11 charities that you should be donating to instead of a sketchy GoFundMe.
Or at least I'm pretty sure there are.
There are also potentially existing organizations that may be helping those people that you can donate directly to (You just gotta find 'em).
alright I just tried answering a question for a game I do not play. I'm pretty sure I got it right but we'll see :P
I don't play the game, but I do happen to have a copy of the rulebook
@JohnP It's not in said district
The zoo was originally planned for Eläintarha, which got the name from that, but then it was relocated to Korkeasaari and the name stuck :p
2:52 PM
how exactly do tag synonyms work?
One is decided as a standard and the synonyms are mapped/replaced with that
ah ok. And tags can't nest, like say the editions tags aren't children of a D&D parent, right?
I think so, but I'd need an example
oh, I get you. No,
like Dungeons and Dragons being a parent to dnd-5E
ah ok
hmm. I'm trying to figure out the real purpose of the tag. it has no wiki, but I can find a meta from about a year ago asking fi ti should be deleted
is not related, programatically, to
2:59 PM
there are 15 questions with the tag, but only 5 of those don't have a more specific edition tag attached
theoretically one could be asking about the links between the 40k and fantasy universes and if there are any
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