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12:00 AM
I rode around our Ship on a Segway (under my robes, so it looked like I was floating)
Before the end of the game, my character got very tanky. Had enough armour that people could use him for cover against grenades. Lol
@BlackSpike Haha nice
We also had a psyker, and she had a bad habit of invoking the warp, thus causing EMPs, and it was almost always when I was right next to them. After a while my PC (being very logical) he became a little obsessed with her, trying to identify why/how it kept happening
We played a pre-made campaign (some kind of Race-Through-The-Stars, try to get the maguffins before the NPCs!) and I made ALL the wrong decisions ... they all seemed right, and well-thought-out, but NO Book says "Bad Tech-Priest! no Cookie!"
12:04 AM
@BlackSpike I think we played the same one. In that game I was a different version of the same PC - an Explorator. He was notoriously bad at anything tech relate hahaha
meh. psykers. whatya gonna do? Can't shoot 'em. Can't allow 'em to live.
@BESW did someone say Golden Sky Stories? :P
Only thing I know about the (potential) DH game is that the main Inquisitor will be NPC. We are minions, experts in our field
"The ships lost power, life support and backups are running but we're dead in the water. We need to jump start it"
[Checks the power source - cables have been disconnected]
"Uhh… blue to blue... red to red...?"
[Ship completely dies]
@BlackSpike Yeah that's how we played too
@BlackSpike :P just give them something that they can't break XD
12:07 AM
I did have side-line in Percussive Maintenance ... "Praise the Machine God, and whack it with a wrench!" ... obviously a sanctified wrench, coated with ungents, while chanting the Liturgies ...
@Shalvenay "something they can't break" ... you haven't met my players ...
[rhythmic metallic beats coming from the engine room]
"What's he doing in there?"
@BlackSpike (and amazingly enough, it was the French who made said unbreakable thing, back around the time War Were Declared in the whole of Europe, the first time around that is)
(we play quite a few games like that ... NPC Boss .... keeps us in line (sort of) and gives us a reason to work together)
We did play Exalted 3, we broke Creation. more than once, I think
My GM had a rule: If anyone built a dice tower, he'd drop a monster with a CR equal to the height of the tower, multiplied by the number of players into the game. :P
@Ben as in, a stack of dice? (rather than the other meaning of "dice tower" as a thing you roll dice in)
12:11 AM
@V2Blast Yeah
Do you want to lose dice? Because that's how you loes dice!
Apparently it wasn't legit cos it had not d20s in it... so I stacked 3 on top haha
Bonus Credit fro a d4 in the middle! :D
That is my one regret: no d4s in there haha
@Shalvenay what is this "Unbreakable" you refer to?
12:15 AM
The Mle 1914 Hotchkiss machine gun chambered for the 8mm Lebel cartridge became the standard machine gun of the French Army during the latter half of World War I. It was manufactured by the French arms company Hotchkiss et Cie, which had been established in the 1860s by American industrialist Benjamin B. Hotchkiss. The gas-actuated Hotchkiss system was first formulated in 1893 by Odkolek von Ujezda and improved into its final form by Hotchkiss armament engineers, American Laurence Benét and his French assistant Henri Mercié. The Mle 1914 was the last version of a series of nearly identical Hotchkiss...
(and def. watch the video as well)
I'm sure the name has cropped up ...
I'm more interested in the MG42. Need one for a cosplay ...
Although not sure about Safety Rules at Cons ... "It's made of plastic plumbing pipe" = No problem.
"It's a genuine (non-functioning, honest) MG42 machine Gun" ... "wait there please, sir (999)"
@BlackSpike eheheh
I'm in the Land o' Things that Shoot, so while cons are one thing....it would not surprise me if somebody from one coast to another owned a fully functioning MG42, complete with the associated paperwork
I did have the privilege of speaking with Mr Terry English (designer of Aliens and Excalibur armour) and he told me how they worked near a "guns museum" and when they wandered over, asking for a MG42, they said "How may you want? You have to wait while we take the ammo out" ...
12:28 AM
@BlackSpike Hahaha
@BlackSpike So do you guys play online, or offline?
Offline. Regular game at my house :) my gf dabbles with Roll20
Rats! Haha.
@MikeQ and I have sort of been keeping an eye out for an opportunity to play some DH haha. In in Aus and he's in the US (I think)
OK, it's OMG o'clock here in uk. Time to hit the sack
Nice to meet y'all
12:32 AM
@BlackSpike [wave] see you next time!
I'll be back!
@Ben Several eyes, in fact.
Some mechanical
I saw "Dimetrodon" and thought that was what they were referring to in this comic. I was mistaken :P
12:48 AM
Ah yes, DIEMETRODON, the sequel to TERRORSAUR.
So... dinosaurs as capricious Greek gods?
Apr 26 at 7:24, by BESW
Welp, Terrorsaur is a free one-page game by Nora Blake, in which you are an eldritch pterosaur who channels death-magic to wreak vengeance on humanity for daring to say you're not a dinosaur.
Right, so what would DIEMETRODON involve? A pantheon of dinosaurs having love affairs with humans? That sounds like a Chuck Tingle novel.
@Rubiksmoose how does Wish use a percentile/d100?
@BESW That last part kinda reminds me of Sauron.
Not Tolkien-Sauron, Marvel-Sauron.
1:08 AM
@Ben The stress effect? 33% chance. Could do that on a d100
@Rubiksmoose Ahh yes. Good idea!
@Ben Wand of Wonder is the one time I've seen an actual d100 used in 5e. To amazing, epic (25-player combat-ending) effect.
@Yuuki what about Soaron ?
Q: Are there any rules for identifying what spell an opponent is casting?

Jorge CórdobaI was reviewing the Counterspell spell in 5e and it is cast as a reaction when "you see a creature within 60 feet of you casting a spell". Obviously the spell is incredibly useful if you actually know what spell is going to be cast rather than just casting Counterspell blindly just in case. Are...

1:17 AM
@nitsua60 Nice :D
1:28 AM
I like that this answer is growing. My initial thought was that it'd be fairly finite (which it is, in the big scale of things), but it's more than I'd originally expected haha.
@Yuuki Marvel has a Sauron?
apparently so:
Sauron is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. An enemy of the X-Men, Sauron is the alter ego of physician Karl Lykos. In his initial appearances Karl Lykos was portrayed as an evil man and Sauron was simply Lykos in a different physical form, but later stories increasingly depicted Sauron as sharing a Jekyll and Hyde relationship with Lykos. He is an energy vampire who resembles a humanoid Pteranodon after feeding. He often inhabits the hidden prehistoric jungle of the Savage Land. == Creation and conception == The character ...
@Ben It's getting to the point that your first sentence isn't particularly accurate.
@V2Blast r🐘
@linksassin Indeed haha
Edited :P
Can't argue with that logic.
@Ben Hahaha. I recall you (or someone else) linking that image here before.
Same. I figured it would be easier to google it - my google-fu is better that my chat-search-syntax-fu haha
1:40 AM
@Ben I feel like we probably should argue with that logic though.
@linksassin Hahaha very good point
Sidenote on the d100 in 5e question: It's not related to 5e, but it is related to the d100, is it worth mentioning, at least in a comment somewhere that there are other systems to function entirely on percentiles/d100s?
@Ben lol
Cartoonish villainy? Check
@Ben It's possibly worth mentioning as an addendum to your answer "But wait... lots of other systems use d100s extensive"
hey there @JohnP
1:54 AM
Anyone happen to know if the site's version of MathJax supports vertical text?
@JohnP how're things going?
Hey there, @Shalvenay
@JoelHarmon how're things going on your end?
@Shalvenay Pretty busy with non-RPG-related things. Figured I was due for a check in.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer (346): Arcane Tradition and Cost Efficiency: Learn spells on level-up, or learn them from scrolls/spellbooks? by rose on rpg.SE (@doppelgreener)
1:55 AM
casts Banishment on the spammer
How do we feel about 1d4chan?
as a"wiki" site?
@Shalvenay not bad today. Kids in baf. Need to go study my Linux book in a bit.
@Ben In what sense? As a thing to cite on RPG.SE?
@BESW Yeah. just providing links to some suggested d100 systems
Why not link to the systems themselves?
1:59 AM
Eh. I'd probably avoid it; there are usually better places to link.
@Ben I don't think I like that idea at all
I haven't really visited that site but just the fact that it's named that gives me a lot of trepidation about citing it for anything
A quick once-over gives me the idea that it's just a wiki site, but again, that's a once-over... more of a quick glance, actually
CoC, DH, RT, UA are my first suggestions :P
@Ben CoC is just BRP.
2:11 AM
It doesn't use a d100/percentile?
It does, but I'd suggest that you recommend the generic Basic Role-Playing system engine rather than the specific Call of Cthulhu game which uses the Basic Role-Playing engine.
It's sort of like the difference between D&D 3.5 and the d20 System, or Masters of Umdaar and Fate Accelerated, or Trail of Cthulhu and Gumshoe.
...or Dungeon World and the Apocalypse Engine.
If the answer is "the Powered by the Apocalypse system," it'd be weird to say "Dungeon World" instead.
2:30 AM
Question for the mods in the room. Can you see who has voted to close/reopen before the vote is complete on a question?
2:41 AM
@BESW Please do feel free to edit my suggestions/links. There's a chance I may have done a swing-and-miss with one or two of them
@linksassin Nope. Not in any obvious way that I can tell anyways.
@Rubiksmoose Rafiki: "Look harder…"
@Ben The "katanas are underpowered in d20" is a guilty pleasure, but it's largely worthless.
Not actually... it just popped into my head :P
@Ben lol
2:45 AM
@Miniman My knowledge of 1d4chan (specifically, lack of) puts me outside the scope of this reference haha
Maybe we should ask Carcer ;)
May 21 at 17:04, by Carcer
anyway, as regards other experience, via dubious decisionmaking in my youth I was briefly an admin for the original wikichan, before it became the well-groomed anonymous, after which I set up 1d4chan, which I've also long since really burnt on paying much attention to and trying to keep a sensible lid on but continue to host out of a misguided sense of obligation
Small world
Or, small internet :P
@PhiNotPi Like "F" or just enunciate the "h"?
@Ben You're probably better off.
3:07 AM
hey there @BlakeSteel, welcome to the RPG.SE lair :)
I have a bit of a tricky personal question to ask
@Ben Go for it.
This weekend, I have a game on, that has been on hold for a while, due to player unavailability.
At the same time, my housemate has a birthday party
Who's scheduled to use the house for that block of time? You or the housemate?
Personally, my relationship with my housemate is "just housemates" but he wants me to be there.
He is, my game is elsewhere.
3:20 AM
@Ben How bad is the time overlap?
So.... tell the housemate you have a prior engagement. Unless there's a logistical reason you need to be present.
Additionally, I'm in the process of moving out
The game is 2-4ish and ends around 10ish, the party starts at 4 and ends when people pass out. I'm actually staying at my new place so logistically it'll be a bit of a nuisance for me
@MikeQ I would, but I left that kinda late. This is happening tomorrow haha
@Ben oh my.
given that you're moving/moved out, I think it's understandable to not show up
@Ben Could you bring the session forward by a bit and try to get to his party around 8?
I think the best way to resolve it without rescheduling the session would be to make time to hang out with the housemate later (some other day) to celebrate
3:25 AM
@linksassin unfortunately not. The player we've been waiting for is only available in this time slot. It's pretty much an either/or sitch
@Ben Can you try to keep the session as short as possible? Get to the party when you can?
The only issue with that is logistics. I don't have my own transport atm, and I don't currently stay there. I've already moved my bed haha
@Ben Ah, thats a bit of an issue. No one else from the game is going to the party?
Nah. Different social group
Then I guess "prior engagement" is the only option.
3:30 AM
Tbh not really even my social group. I just lived with him and his girlfriend for 12 months, and he's an old friend from school
You could offer to go over early and help him set up?
@Ben You might want to edit that. "loved with him and his gf" implies a very different relationship.
Hahahahaha whoops!
@linksassin That's a potential option.
@linksassin Ooh, that's a smart solution. Lets you hang out with them and be helpful while still not forcing the gaming session to cancel.
3:49 AM
Just hope he doesn't get too upset about it all
Thanks for the advice though :)
@Ben Good luck! Let us know how it works out.
In other news, there has been talk about Halo recently, referring to some of the whacky things that happened in that game. One such thing for us, was what we call the "Z Stick".
We got a screenshot of it, and basically what happened was the sticky grenade was thrown; missed; then zapped diagonally and hit the original target, and the trail shows a "Z" pattern
single-player or online multiplayer?
@V2Blast LAN play. One of our game nights
ah. interesting
4:03 AM
@Ben ...?
@V2Blast It might take a second to... click...
@Ben I see it
@Ben ...I see it now. Was confused given the context (or lack thereof) :P
Very silly
4:05 AM
@V2Blast Yeah that is misleading hahaha
@V2Blast We had one player that was just a local account (not xbox live or anything), called "Wheezy". If you ask anyone from that group, they'd curse the name hahaha. Didn't matter who used it, they'd always be a thorn in someone's side. Haha
@Ben I see it but I don't understand it. Just why?
@linksassin Context is missing there, too. Haha. I don't know myself, honestly :P
It was a bit out of nowhere
@Ben I'd offer with the early setup, and then ask a player to carpool you to the session
4:22 AM
Yeah :) That's the best option.
4:43 AM
So, just trawling through some of my old posts... and now I'm listening to the MMPR theme, remastered.
@trogdor you'll appreciate this
Oh god
It's starting
I didn't even think any places wouldn't have that at Least
@BESW Thanks!
18 messages moved from Not a bar, but plays one on TV
On a less depressing topic. It's like 2 hours until the weekend and I'm playing D&D this weekend so things are looking up!
5:21 AM
Though I was meant to be playing two games and one of them has been delayed a week.
Still good news that my Drow managed to get out of that mess I was telling people about 2 weeks ago. Not all good but we all survived.
@linksassin Do they have an Australian accent yet?
@Ben Haha no he doesn't. But the half-elves in one of my cities in the the campaign I dm do. I slipped when I introduced him.
"Stevo" the half-elf is now one of my players favourite npcs
Hahaha bloody brilliant mate!
@linksassin Nice!
@BESW "Codex - Dark 2" is this, I assume?
> Codex is the monthly RPG fanzine published by the Gauntlet gaming community! Each issue features a variety of articles organized around a theme, loads of original artwork, and a custom layout.
5:30 AM
Yes. The Dark 2 edition has the Trophy RPG rules.
@linksassin Who is Stevo and what is their story
@MikeQ Stevo is a dock worker in one of my town. He was just meant to give the players and introduction to the city. Point them to the nearest tavern and warn them about the guards. When I accidentally went full aussie when speaking as him my players took it and ran with it.
His still a nobody dock worker but they went out of their way to find him 2-3 times.
@MikeQ I heard Stevo took on a crocodile in a wrestling match and won.
5:39 AM
@Ben Not quite but the players did a few sessions before meeting him.
@kviiri Afternoon!
We had a company party with a 60's theme yesterday
I thought I'd be underdressed with my hastily-collected hippie set up from a recycled fashion shop
@kviiri Oh no that's above par automatically haha
6:08 AM
@linksassin Obviously the next step is to give Stevo an intricate backstory, interwoven into the other plot threads of the campaign
@MikeQ Nah Stevo's just you're average bloke. He does his 9 to 5 then kicks back with a beer in the arvo. Everyone knows Stevo, he's a good bloke and happy to have a yarn every now and then
@Ben I was among the very few who wore anything to the theme :D
@Ben @MikeQ Exactly this. Stevo is one of the few NPCs they have met that doesn't have a complicated backstory. Not saying I won't use him down the line but for now his just Stevo.
@linksassin XD
@kviiri Aww shame haha. It does remind me though of a party I went to, dressed as Slash
Even I thought I looked good haha
Besides I already sprung the "surprise deep backstory" on them when they let a guy die. His orphan child and his sister who now raises them were devastated to hear the news from the party.
6:15 AM
@linksassin Ohhh plot twist!
Speaking of, @V2Blast had a game yesterday, where a player voluntarily felled themselves. Came out of nowhere and surprised everyone!
@Ben First time I made my players cry. Was a proud DM moment for me. Now they try to save everyone because they know I will emotionally guilt trip them for it.
@linksassin Tick that one of the DM bucket list haha
@Ben As in suicide?
@linksassin Yes and no...
To be fair, we were in the realm of the dead retrieving another PC's soul... and we saw that the other PC was fine, so the player figured she'd be fine (though it meant our demigod NPC companion had to revive two people instead of one).
6:18 AM
@Ben Strewth!
Makes ya want to skull a stubby from the slab, aye?
@MikeQ Aww mate, some days, I tell ya.
@Ben There's something strangely liberating about dressing up, isn't there?
@kviiri Very much :) It gets you out of your own skin for a bit haha
@Ben This exactly! i would otherwise be a bit shy to take out my mouth organ in the public just for kicks but if I'm already dressed as a hippie, it's just a part of the show
@V2Blast Hmm... dying on the plane of death is always a tricky one.
I've seen people rule that if you die there you are dead for good so that was a risky move.
6:23 AM
@linksassin It certainly was haha. the DM was a bit lost for words at the act haha
@linksassin It'd have been bad if her spirit form died there - but our NPC companion brought the rest of us (besides the dead wizard we were there to retrieve) there in our current bodies, so apparently it worked out
@V2Blast Lenient DM :)
@kviiri Awesome :D Sounds like a great time
@V2Blast Death puzzles (or similar non-combat challenges) are hard to implement when the system generally assumes that not dying is priority
@MikeQ We were in combat... The DM had expected that we might find out how that worked naturally as a result of dying in combat (we'd just finished a difficult fight and were low on resources), but he didn't quite expect a party member intentionally killing herself.
6:38 AM
@V2Blast What was the motivation? For the lol? Or to get somethign?
@linksassin The motivation for what? Us going there? Our party member died, and our NPC demigoddess companion (a servant of the Raven Queen) took us to go get him back ourselves.
@V2Blast For the voluntary lobotomy lol
@Ben Well, you'd have to ask her, but ostensibly because we were low on resources and health, and she saw that the spirit form of our dead wizard seemed perfectly healthy and capable of casting his high-level spells
@Ben Go listen to the episode yourself! ...Or watch the VOD on Twitch (it's not on YouTube yet)
@V2Blast Yeah for the voluntary death.
Fair enough haha. As I mentioned in the chat during the stream, I was sort of in and out, and I just heard her say "kill myself" and thought I'd missed the context of it. Turns out there was none haha
6:43 AM
Lol, yeah. The context was we were in a fight, our dead party member's spirit was there with all his resources, and we were all low on health (and spell slots, for those that had spells)
@V2Blast How does the roll for attacking yourself go exactly?
This isn't unheard of. When the DM suggests that you're in a place where the rules of death work differently, a curious player may ask "so what happens if my character dies here?" and test it out themselves
@linksassin I don't remember, I think he just had it auto-succeed
I think he just let it happen. He basically just asked how she does it, and it happened.
Hence "voluntary lobotomy" lol
In one game I was in, a PC realized that the rules of the observable universe didn't make sense, so they jumped off of a building to prove they were in an illusory dimension, and break out of the limitations imposed by the dimension's extradimensional architect.
6:47 AM
@MikeQ reminds me of Inception... how'd that go?
@MikeQ I did that in DH (sort of). Being a very logical character, I kept trying to discern the reality of it the place we were in. Each time I did I gained Insanity points haha
@V2Blast The character was really struggling at first, especially since the DM and players were in on the secret, so that the players could play exaggerated versions of our characters. Once the PC realized that they had a magic reset button, they were able to solve everything else quickly.
(This was in our ridiculous Evangelion / DH campaign)
@MikeQ Ah, nice
@MikeQ Evangelion? Interesting!
@Ben It was a long campaign using Adeptus Evangelion v2.5. The system is absurd and mechanically unsound. The campaign only worked because the DM concocted a very complicated story that we absolutely wrecked.
6:52 AM
@MikeQ So like, a homebrew system using the DH system as a base?
It was community developed by one of the something-chan sites, and not well tested nor proofread. The DM had to houserule so much that we often lost track of how certain mechanics were meant to be resolved.
Embrace the chaos, rather than question it :P
To be fair, is that not what Evangelion and DH (or parts thereof) are all about?
Aug 21 '18 at 16:23, by Mike Q
This is the game where my character's #1 objective is to meet as many eldritch horrors as possible and make them join his friendship club, which is a result of me remembering to meet the tentacle beast from beyond space and time, but forgetting why
@Ben Thematically yes, but mechanics like balance between the different classes, or just the swinginess of certain numeric progressions, really broke the game at times
6 of one? Haha
For example, the barbarian-ish career can cheaply upgrade its attacks and damage to ridiculous numbers. At mid-tiers it gets the ability to consume enemies to get more free upgrades.
Meanwhile, my character's career's options were so weak and circumstantial, that I'm pretty sure the "commune with tentacle monsters" feature was a consolation prize
There are also like 3 different implementations for moments where the EVA goes berserk, possibly gaining magic powers. And it had positive feedback loops, so for some builds, any amount of insanity incurred would consistently result in godlike powers within a few rounds. Even when it didn't make sense thematically.
Anyhow, I'm sure there are better systems for kaiju/mecha combat.
7:14 AM
@MikeQ I would be interested in this
A propos, I've been eyeing a hex combat game called Talon for myself. It looks so cool
It's spaceship combat though, not mechs, but uses hexes (which I think is somewhat atypical of space combat games?)
I've fallen into this GMT games trap where I get interested in a game, then download its rulebook to study it before buying, and then I've sunken costs towards buying it anyway :-)
7:33 AM
@Ben There's a handful of Fate modules for it. And I do think that a mecha/kaiju system could use elements from DH, like locational damage, but it would need to implemented and tested carefully. Many DH elements didn't translate well into mecha-scale combat.
@kviiri Hex grid seems an odd choice if you're trying to simulate space combat, which is often assumed to work in 3D
@MikeQ Haruhi Suzumiya: The Game?
@Ben Free: Pilots of EDEN from the Fate Codex on Fate-SRD. Not-free: Kaiju Incorporated from Evil Hat on DTRPG. Also not-free: Mecha vs Kaiju from Johnathan Wright on DTRPG.
There's also mention of a thing called "Kaiju Patrol" but I can't find a source to buy it.
And those are just the Fate drifts I know of!
I think CthulhuTech has mecha-vs-kaiju options but gosh who'd want to play that?
Nice :D
7:49 AM
The flexibility of the Fate system is mainly why I think it would work for mecha-kaiju battles. These scenes usually involve lots of working parts, like city defenses and small-scale units, which got really annoying with number-crunchy systems.
e.g. The way Ad Eva 2.5 is designed, there are mechanics for detecting an incoming Angel in advance. Then there are mechanics for spending resources to set up defenses, as well as dynamic resources like giant power cables. Then, when the Angel finally shows up, you have to resolve the rolls for all of them, most of which were ineffective anyway.
Yeah, the fractal can do a lot of heavy lifting for those scenes.
Compare that to Fate, where you can just create aspects of various city defenses, and invoke them when appropriate. Easier to run, and probably feels more worthwhile.
@BESW What do you mean by fractal?
@MikeQ The Bronze Rule was previously called the Fate Fractal: In Fate, you can treat anything in the game world like it’s a character. Anything can have aspects, skills, stunts, stress tracks, and consequences if you need it to.
Ah, you know what? I bet with Fate, you could represent locational bodypart damage (at least to the mecha/kaiju) as stress tracks or conditions.
I'd probably use conditions: the kaiju can soak stress from an attack by crossing off conditions that give it access to abilities.
Like crossing off Wings and now it can't fly.
But I haven't actually read any of the existing kaiju write-ups.
8:05 AM
Hmm. For mecha, they'd also need conditions for the pilot.
Also need to consider whether the system also supports personal-scale interaction
...Which doesn't matter, because everything is treated like a character anyway. Right.
[looks through books]
Kaiju Incorporated can have mechs, but it's more about the people in the mission room.
If I wanted both, could I scrap parts of Kaiju Inc with other Fate stuff?
Fate's very interlock friendly.
I'd also recommend looking at Atomic Robo; it has rules for stupidly giant monsters.
Pilots of EDEN uses AR-inspired mechanics.
8:38 AM
Q: What uses does D&D 5e have for a d100?

Joseph KarlAfter many years I've finally got around to buying a couple of d100s, because I think they're great fun, and percentage die are for wimps ;-) I am also in the middle of a 5e campaign, and I wondered if you'd ever have a reason to use a d100 in it. My GM said there was one shapeshift spell that ...

@Theik for a lot of pages on DDB you can perform the search and then from there copy the link address to the page (instead of clicking it which redirects you to a buy-said-content-page). Sadly English page numbers are not included in the information that is shown in the search, so sometimes it is not reliable (or convertible for those of us who use the none English books).
8:55 AM
Q: How to link D&D Beyond without owning the related resources?

darnokAs someone who asks a lot of mechanic-related questions, I often get edits where links are added to D&D Beyond. I would love to do this myself but I am not a fan of D&D Beyond and thus have not purchased anything on the site. So my question is: Are there ways to link to the related articles wit...

backing up what @Akixkisu said above :)
@MikeQ Is it, though? I've played many games that have space combat, and while 3D would certainly make sense, most of them represent it in 2D
Out of strategy games, the only non-2D one I've played was Ascendancy (and that's a computer game)
So while 2D wouldn't really make much sense without some hand-waving or so, it seems to be a pretty common convention
9:33 AM
> Did you know that you can just put it in your rules? "When X happens, the session ends." Even Blades doesn't do that. Groups come up with ways to find an ending within the system, but the rules don't tell you how long you should play. (Dee Pennyway, Twitter link)
> here’s a thought: early on in your design, try making a 200 word prototype. Or at least something short that fits on a couple pages. How much fun does an extra 200 pages really provide? (Takuma Okada, Twitter link)
> Suspicion: in a 200 page rpg, folks only ever want ~20 pages - but the pages differ depending on the person. The trick, therefore, is grouping things so that folks can grab their pages and run. Corollary suspicion: PbtA popularity is partly powered by this. (K Lam, Twitter link)
9:55 AM
Q: How temporary are comments that ask for clarification of a post?

AkixkisuAll comments should be temporary. However, I regularly browse questions which are years old and have a substantial amount of comments that ask for clarification of the question which has not been provided by the querent. Are comments that ask for clarification not temporary until they are resol...

10:23 AM
@BESW This is absolutely true. And why I believe every section should contain all the relevant rules for that section. Even if it means duplicating content in some places.
@linksassin cf: Lady Blackbird.
@BESW Great example. Summary rules on every page/character sheet is great
10:37 AM
Q: What happens when a ghost uses the "Possess" action on a victim of an intellect devourer?

LumenbeingThe intellect devourer's Body Thief action states that the Intellect devourer "takes control of the target's body." We know that the victim's body is still alive and counts as a creature. The ghost's Possession action states "The ghost now controls the body but doesn't deprive the target of awar...

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11:52 AM
^ Alright, so, a Ghost possesses a human, then an Intellect Devourer chomps the brain, making it a corpse, then a Dybbuk hops into the corpse. Body Party!
@Rubiksmoose if I didn't say it, congrats on modship
oh, hai nits
@goodguy5 resolution is handled by ditching D&D and starting a game of Everyone is John
I love everyone is John
I haven't played it in 4-5 years, but oh boy, what a time
Anyway, I'm off to paint myself with metallic latex, ingest a bunch of rare earth magnets, and get my MRI
be back in a while.
I lied. my appointment is 9, not 830. so you're stuck with me for another half hour
12:17 PM
Hey I wanted to make a custom spell based off one from a video game
The spell was called blaze what it does is it knocks back the initial target, deals damage to any enemies along the path and makes a small neutral element explosion at the end of its path
I want tips to justify and balance it
My dm is fine with just about anything as long as it can be justified and isn’t op.
(I think you may want to add what system you are using... ^_^' Are you talking about D&D?)
right 5e homebrewed world
Are groups philosophy is make it up as we go along
He says we’ll build the world once everyone has their ideas together
So it would probably be good to explain how it works and why I have it.
What level spell would you like it to be?
It sounds it might be a bit powerful regardless if you want it to be a cantrip, but I think you could already have something working along those lines as a L1 spell.
Fairly low. Something that does that much at once is to complex to be a cantrip so I’m think 1 or two
A good comparison point is the L1 spell Thunderwave, which deals 2d8 damage and a 10 foot push on a 15 foot cube (half damage, no push on a successful save)
12:28 PM
thunderwave is a good point of comparison
First of all it’s going to require a melee weapon on bare hands. So if I made it do regular melee damage on the first and at explode in a sphere at the end of the push how would that look.
Well my Wizard played just like I had hoped and was a ton of fun. One at the table was annoyed and kept making suggestions to me to become more powerful but whatever
We almost TPKd, but we didn't
The idea is to make it either a cleric or Druid spell that channels divine or natural energy into a point.
Biggest challenge was we were fighting fire elementals but I didn't know that at all at the start and prepped Burning Hands and my main damage cantrip is Fire Bolt
So the damage would probably be lower than a wizard warlock or sorcery spell
It basically channels divine energy in your weapon, injects into in the enemy, the forces it out shortly after.
Is that to complex for a low level spell?
12:39 PM
... Let me clarify - are you thinking of a "magical" projectile "shoot" from your weapon, that travels a fixed distance before exploding and is NOT blocked by the first target that it meets?
The energy is forced into the enemy you hit at melee range the intital target is knocked back a fixed distance and the energy is forced out of the original enemy when they land
Deal divine damage in a small radius
Wherever the enemy lands is where the main portion of the damage is deal
The initial hit counts as a basic attack
Hold on lemme grab the link the the spell I’m basing it off
The video in the upper right corner will show you it’s animation
ok, understood what you meant now.
It’s not a piercing projectile for lack of better word
Or even a projectile at all
yep, I saw the video. Basically, the "projectile" is the one that first get hit.
It basically turns the enemy into the projectile yes
12:53 PM
since, based on the animation, when he stops he produces a small concussion wave that hits all other targets in a small area
I wonder. I don't think this is the case in the original game since videogame almost never have that (at least if we talk about JRPG games) but since you plan to convert it to D&D...
Have you though of the potential of "friendly fire"?
Yeah that would exist
Explosions are indiscriminate
Just like fireball the explosion hits allies as well
Since the distance is fixed unless it hits a wall or other obstruction
A useful comparison may be with Ice Knife then. Make it melee range and add a knockback before the AoE and you get what you want
Thanks I’ll do that
12:59 PM
I'm not entirely sure removing the range and adding a knockback are a fair exchange but I think it is a decent starting point at least
Seems overpowered to me for a level 1 or level 2 spell
How big should the explosion be and should is use the same damage okay
You're enchanting a weapon, causing a knockback, and causing aoe damage
Yeah that’s what I was thinking

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